dakeranyone can open the website ? ubuntu-manual.org ?09:29
godbykdaker: it timed out for me. let me look into it.09:30
godbykthe server itself is online.09:30
dakersame for me09:30
godbykI can ssh into it.09:30
godbykdaker: can you access http://kevin.godby.org/?  it's on the same server.09:32
dakergodbyk, yes i can09:32
godbykdaker: me, too. it's on the same machine.09:33
godbykstill poking and prodding.09:33
dakergodbyk, O.o09:34
dakerDomain ID:D158475795-LROR09:34
dakerDomain Name:UBUNTU-MANUAL.ORG09:34
dakerCreated On:28-Feb-2010 10:45:13 UTC09:34
dakerLast Updated On:12-Jul-2010 00:11:18 UTC09:34
dakerExpiration Date:28-Feb-2011 10:45:13 UTC09:35
godbykdaker: seems like it's back up.09:35
godbykis it up for you now?09:35
godbyknot sure what the problem was.09:35
godbykI didn't do anything.09:35
dakergodbyk, Expiration Date:28-Feb-2011 10:45:13 UTC09:36
dakerit's going to expire the next month09:36
godbykI see that.09:36
godbykI think Ben's the registrant.09:37
godbykWe'll have to see if he wants to continuing renewing it or if we need to find someone else to step up.09:37
popeyis the build process for the developer manual broken at the moment?15:19
popeyi successfully built it some time ago, but just checked out latest and it barfs during building on the same machine15:20
dutchiegodbyk: ^^15:49
ChrisWoollardwhich packages to you have16:57
ChrisWoollardfor the dev manual you now need the upstream texlive packages16:57
ChrisWoollardinstructions for installing the toolchain are located here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/10.10/DeveloperManual/Toolchain17:03
ChrisWoollardI'll be back later if you have further questions.17:03
godbykHey, popey. Did you succeed in building the dev manual?21:03
c7phey godbyk21:39
godbykhey, c7p. how's it going?21:42
c7pgodbyk:  nice we are updating the get involved pages with Patrick these days21:43
c7pregarding Tex Live, we should replace the Tex Live 2009 with Tex Live 2010 right ? or are we waiting for 2011 version ?21:45
godbykthe 2010 version came out just a few months ago. and the 2011 version won't be out until much later this year.21:45
c7pok nice21:45
godbyk(they usually aim to release in the summer, but it ends up being late fall before it happens.)21:45
c7pAlso another question21:46
c7ptake a look on http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors,21:47
c7pon the Tex part, the minimun collections are those that are listed on page, right ?21:48
popeygodbyk: no, only tried once21:49
godbykc7p: I think so.  But the install-pkgs.sh script should catch any that were missed.21:49
godbykc7p: be extra sure to enable the create symlinks option.21:50
godbykpopey: okay. well, I pulled the latest from bzr and ran 'make' and it worked okay here.  if you're seeing any error messages, let me know. I'm happy to help you troubleshoot it.21:51
popeygodbyk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551245/21:54
godbykpopey: I think you have an old version of the csquotes package.21:54
godbykpopey: are you using the tex live from upstream?21:55
popeyi think so21:55
godbyk(if you're unsure, run 'which tlmgr'. if something shows up, you're using upstream.)21:55
popeyone mo /usr/local/bin/tlmgr21:56
popeyso i setup this box when the udm was first announced21:56
popeynot updated from upstream at all21:56
godbykpopey: cool.  okay, run 'sudo apt-get install perl-tk'21:56
popeydont know how21:56
godbykthen run 'sudo tlmgr --gui'21:56
godbyk(Because, hey, who doesn't like a Tk GUI?)21:57
popeyits a remote box21:57
godbykoh, okay.21:57
godbykwe can do it on the command-line, too.21:57
godbykone sec.21:57
popeyi can ssh -x if thats easier?21:57
godbykrun 'sudo tlmgr update csquotes'.  see if that works.21:58
godbyk(I never use the command-line version, I guess.)21:58
popeythats doing stuff..21:58
popeythanks godbyk21:58
popeyThe release version of the installation source and the installation media21:59
popeydo not agree: source: 2010, media: 200921:59
godbyklooks like 'sudo tlmgr update --all' will update all the installed packages. you should do that at some point, probably.21:59
popeyPlease fix your location http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/sites/ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet at /usr/local/bin/tlmgr line 4205.21:59
godbyktry the --all option.  see if that works around it.21:59
popeysame error from --all22:00
godbyk'kay. can we give the gui a try?  (It does most of the behind the scenes.)22:00
popeyya, one mo22:00
popeybah, give up on that machine22:10
popeywill install on my desktop instead22:10
popeyor I'll just cron wgetting the manual from someone else :D22:12
godbykI think they're going go release draft PDFs regularly.22:14
godbykyou might also try 'tlmgr update --self'. that'll update tlmgr itself first.22:14
godbyknot sure if it'll get over the 2009/2010 transition though.22:15
godbyk(I know the gui can, not sure how to do it on the cmd line right off.)22:15
c7pnight all22:27

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