micahgchrisccoulson: congrats on figuring out the ubufox issue :)01:18
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chrisccoulsonasac - you're piling the work on me today ;)10:34
asacchrisccoulson: heh10:38
asacchrisccoulson: i received complains that i am sitting on bugs10:38
asacso i thought i gave them to you ;)10:39
asac"throwing bugs rather than sittin"10:39
asacmost of them should be closed most likely ;)10:39
asacchrisccoulson: how do you feel?10:40
asacchrisccoulson: still bullish about not having a RC yet ;)10:40
asac(4.0 beta 15 )10:40
chrisccoulsonheh :)10:40
asacin hardy cycle i was still quite optimistic at this time ;)10:41
chrisccoulsoni'll go through those bugs next week and see which ones are still relevant10:41
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm still holding hope ;)10:41
asacjust assume the worse ... so you wont get disappointed10:41
asacdamn problem is that translations are often at failure10:41
asacfor beta10:41
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gnomefreakis it just me but i cant get my prefered apps doesnt work. i set chromium as default but firefox b7 opens, happens no mattere what i set. update-alternatives has chromium as default also12:46
fta2asac, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/chromium/translations/trunk/converter-output.html  \o/14:10
fta2more translations landed upstream14:11
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asacfta: nice ... so how does contribution to that go?18:49
asaci mean: translation contributions ... is each translation pushing? (unlikely) ... or is chrome pulling?18:50
asacs/translation/translation team/18:50
asacoh gnomefreak was there ;)18:50
asaci thougth about him yesterday! and wondered if he is still active18:50
asacbut seems at least he is eventually joining here18:51
ftaasac, did you read the initial announce?18:51
ftafrom dpm18:51
ftaasac, i'm not sure i understand your question18:52
asaci read it ... but i forgot18:53
asaci thought it was not clear how the upstreaming really works18:53
asacbut you could have answered still by just saying "pushing" or "pulling" ;)18:53
ftaasac, for now, upstream lands my patches18:53
ftabut i should be able to land them myself soon, once i get commit access18:54
asacso we push centralized (through you!)18:54
ftathere's still codereview in the middle, everything needs a +118:55
ftabut on the ubuntu side, it's all automatic, no manual action of any kind18:56
ftaasac, and in case you didn't notice, i now have a blog18:57
ftapeople seems more interested when i speak about the kindle 3 though :P18:58
fta6 times more than ubuntu18:58
asacyeah i saw your blog!!19:00
asacgood move19:00
asackeep on going19:00
gnomefreakim missing a channel :(19:02
gnomefreak.:14:01:11:. <      gnomefreak+> the "preferred applications" still uses  firefox b7 even though i have chromium set as  default. update-alternatives is also set for  chromium. but it doesnt matter what browser  you choose  :/19:03
* gnomefreak fixes channels19:04
micahggnomefreak: that was fixed with an upload today19:05
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks i just did a few but this mornings didnt have it19:06
micahggnomefreak: upload was around 15:00 UTC19:06
gnomefreakmicahg: preffered apps dialog box reset itsself to use firefox so i changed it to chromium however now email is set to evo and no choice for any other email app19:30
micahggnomefreak: ok, the update is supposed to propogate those changes back to gconf so they work19:31
micahgidk about evo19:31
micahgoh, maybe we need to add something to the thunderbird .desktop file for GSettings?19:31
gnomefreaki have 3 email apps isntalled and only evo shows up.19:32
gnomefreakand it looks different than before (dialog box)19:32
gnomefreakok seems browser choice is fixed :) thanks19:34
* gnomefreak cant seem to fix my kernelsnor my gnome-panel bug19:36
gnomefreaks/kernelsnor/kernels nor19:36
jcastrofta: hypothetical question for you.21:01
jcastrohow difficult (or trivial) would it be so that when I choose the "put icon on desktop" thing when making an application shortcut in chromium to put the icon in the unity launcher instead of the desktop?21:01
ftajcastro, iirc, it's just some C++ creating a desktop file21:04
ftano idea what unity needs21:05
jcastroI'll ask them21:05
jcastrowe're sprinting next week, it would be nice if they just made it so app authors didn't have to do anything21:05
ftajcastro, http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src/chrome/browser/shell_integration_linux.cc21:10
jcastrothank you sir.21:10
jcastrofta: You'll see why I am asking in a blog post later. :)21:10
ftathe UI is there: http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src/chrome/browser/gtk/create_application_shortcuts_dialog_gtk.cc21:12
ftai mean dialog21:13
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