BLZbubbais there an easy way to convert an mpeg .ts to a regular program stream?15:33
BLZbubbalooks like it is buried in libdvb-dev, but you have to install the source and build the dvb-mpegtools directory15:53
BLZbubbawhy wouldn't they just build those tools and put them in a deb in the repository?15:53
ernstpWhen I upgraded my mythtv from Lucid to Maverick my M$ remote control started behaving strange17:03
ernstpit works, it's just that the buttons have changed to a very bad configuration17:06
superm1BLZbubba, i'd file a bug against that source package.  surely that can be done17:09
superm1#ubuntu-bug libdvb-dev17:09
superm1that should do it for you17:09
superm1ernstp, check and make sure lirc is still installed.  it might have reverted to the native support that's available if lirc is no longer installed, or if it's not working properly17:10
superm1if lirc is installed, make sure lirc-modules-source isn't17:10
superm1there's been problems reported on that17:10
ernstpright, thanks superm117:10
ernstpI'm guessing something like that because the volume keys are picked up by the desktop17:11
superm1eventually the native support will be used instead, but we're not there yet17:11
ernstpwell lirc was installed17:12
ernstpI did dpkg-reconfigure lirc17:12
ernstpsuperm1, think that helps?17:12
superm1it could potentially, dpeending what the root cause is here17:12
superm1lirc-modules-source isn't installed right?17:13
ernstp * Loading LIRC modules                                                                                                          [ OK ]17:13
ernstp * Unable to load LIRC kernel modules. Verify your17:13
ernstp * selected kernel modules in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf17:13
ernstpcorrect, it's not installed17:13
superm1then are you running a non-ubuntu kernel perhaps?17:13
superm1or like a mainline kernel?17:13
superm1hm, okay, then check out dmesg for errors about lirc17:14
superm1it should say why they couldn't load17:14
ernstpis there special lirc work in ubuntu kernel?17:14
ernstpperhaps they were already loaded...17:14
superm1yes there is a special patchset in the ubuntu kernel that wasn't in mainline at the time of 10.10 launch17:14
superm1it's there for 2.6.37 though now17:15
superm1the module name is 'mceusb' and 'lirc_dev'17:15
superm1so look for errors in dmesg about that17:15
ernstpsuperm1, it works now!17:16
ernstpthough now there's superfast key repeat17:16
ernstpnice with key repeat though! it's just too fast17:17
superm1it might still be picking up the native support17:19
superm1are the keys working outside myth still?17:20
ernstpsuperm1, oh I see17:21
superm1look at "cat /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols"17:21
ernstpand I get two keypresses17:21
superm1if native support was disabled it would look like this:17:21
superm1rc5 nec rc6 jvc sony [lirc]17:21
superm1that's what the lirc init script does these days17:22
superm1it loads the kernel modules, disables native support and then starts lircd17:22
ernstpcat /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols17:22
ernstp[rc-5] [nec] [rc-6] [jvc] [sony] [lirc]17:22
ernstpso not17:22
superm1yup all still enabled17:22
superm1/etc/init.d/lirc stop17:22
superm1and then17:22
superm1/etc/init.d/lirc start17:22
superm1should hopefully reset all of it17:22
ernstplsmod  | grep lirc17:23
ernstpir_lirc_codec          12859  017:23
ernstplirc_dev               19232  1 ir_lirc_codec17:23
ernstpir_core                26452  12 ir_lirc_codec,rc_tt_1500,rc_rc6_mce,ir_sony_decoder,ir_jvc_decoder,mceusb,ir_rc6_decoder,budget_ci,ir_rc5_decoder,ir_nec_decoder17:23
ernstpdmesg  | grep -i lirc17:23
ernstp[   14.514441] lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 25017:23
ernstp[   14.526469] rc rc0: lirc_dev: driver ir-lirc-codec (mceusb) registered at minor = 017:23
ernstp[   14.526473] IR LIRC bridge handler initialized17:23
superm1you might want to add a 'set -x' in the lirc init script17:24
ernstpit had the wrong module name17:28
ernstpit was looking for lirc_mceusb but it's only mceusb17:28
ernstpsuperm1, now the init script runs without errors, but it's still not working17:30
superm1that's weird it had the wrong module name though17:30
superm1the dpkg-reconfigure should have fixed that17:30
superm1so check out the lines where it's trying to disable all the other types, does something look out of wack for your setup there?17:31
ernstplooked for that... how does it look?17:31
superm1well it should be calling "in_kernel_support" "disable"17:32
ZinnSorry I don't know about17:33
superm1you can try running that stuff manually in your own shell script, but it's pretty straightforward...17:33
ernstpsuperm1, oh, there's no /sys/devices/virtual/rc/ directory :-)17:36
superm1how's that possible...17:36
ernstpsuperm1, did I mention I continued to natty after maverick?17:36
ernstpsuperm1, so it's 2.6.3717:37
superm1yeah i think you conveniently left out that part :)17:37
ernstpsuperm1, oh! :-)17:37
superm1so modify the init script to use the new directory, which i'm guessing is only in /sys/class or so17:37
superm1and please get a bug filed about this against the lirc source package17:37
ernstpsuperm1, well the original problem happened when I upgraded to maverick17:37
ernstpamd we17:37
ernstpand we're still solving a real problem :-)17:38
ernstpyes, of course!17:38
superm1i'm glad to hear of people in myth* community actually testing natty early, that's great17:38
ernstpls -l /sys/class/rc/17:38
ernstprc0 -> ../../devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:12.0/usb3/3-2/3-2:1.0/rc/rc017:38
ernstprc1 -> ../../devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.4/0000:03:07.0/rc/rc117:39
ernstpyeah your HTPC is not a system you want to upgrade when you've got it working17:40
superm1on maverick, it's17:40
superm1lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 0 2011-01-06 11:21 rc0 -> ../../devices/virtual/rc/rc017:40
superm1yeah that's unfortunately the problem that we see, people dont upgrade until like RC17:40
superm1and then find all sorts of bugs at inconvenient times to fix them17:40
ernstpcat /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols17:40
ernstp[rc-5] [nec] [rc-6] [jvc] [sony] [lirc]17:40
ernstpernst@dront:~$ cat /sys/class/rc/rc1/protocols17:40
superm1or worse, they dont upgrade at all, and we dont find out until new people do fresh installs17:40
ernstpsuperm1, you part of the mythbuntu team then I guess?17:47
kb3ienjust installed mythbuntu.. i need to configure my network devices, but i'm not sure what the mythtv passwd for sudo is...17:50
tgm4883kb3ien, it's the password you set during install17:50
ernstpkb3ien, the thing with sudo is that it's your own password17:51
kb3iendoh. didnt see myself setting one....17:51
kb3iennevr mind, i did. something simple...17:51
kb3ieni'm trying it with roku for a front end... wish me luck.17:52
kb3ienvi is installed but it's got issues...17:55
kb3iensudo xterm helpd lots.17:56
superm1the vi installed is part of vi-tiny i think17:56
ernstpit's vim-tiny or something right?17:56
superm1there is a full one in the archive17:56
ernstphehe :-)17:56
ernstpsuperm1, #69820817:58
superm1bug 69820817:58
ZinnBug 698208 in lirc (Ubuntu) "lirc init script doesn't disable other methods on natty" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/69820817:58
ernstpsuperm1, patch attached17:59
superm1thanks, i might muck with a little more based on what j-rod said, but i'll attribute you for the original18:00
ernstpwhat did j-rod say? :-)18:01
superm1ernstp, http://pastebin.com/w5MvxNwJ18:05
Zinn[pastebin.com] === modified file 'debian/changelog' --- debian/ch - Supermario18:05
superm1can you give that a shot?  it's an adaptation of what you said mixed with what j-rod was recommending18:05
ernstpfind /sys/class/rc/ -name protocols doesn't work18:07
ernstpfind doesn't follow links18:07
superm1oh i didn't use your whole path18:07
ernstpthat's why I had rc/*/18:07
superm1okay so putting in your path instead, is everything else good with that?18:07
superm1my bad18:07
ernstpyeah, looks good18:08
ernstpassuming echo "lirc"  works, not familiar with the interface...18:09
superm1that's what j-rod said should work18:10
superm1since you're already on natty, i was hoping to use you as a guinnea pig to double check.  i've only got it in VM's at this point18:10
ernstpsuperm1, I can check tonight, busy for a while18:16
ernstpsuperm1, back, let's see18:46
ernstpsuperm1, it works18:49
superm1ernstp, spectacular, thanks20:09
kb3ienso far so good. I dont recall setting a mysql password at install time, mythbuntu-10.10 is there a set password?21:11
rhpot1991 /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt21:11
rhpot1991will have it21:11
kb3ienphp.roku is now generating http 200s! woo!21:16
kb3ienall i need are some shows. can i make file shares available easily to mythtv?21:16
* kb3ien eyes a stack of dr who cdroms...21:17
rhpot1991kb3ien: look at mythvideo21:18
kb3ienlooks kinda like what i want. storage groups are needed to share the content from the backend to the front end?21:25
rhpot1991kb3ien: thats the best way to do it21:25
rhpot1991you could share stuff out yourself with nfs but thats more of a pain21:25
kb3ienits a case of wanting the roku to get the nfs shared files via the back end...21:27
kb3ienif i put content in /var/lib/mythtv/videos it should become available on other front ends too?21:34
CNLiberalSo i'm trying to boot into the mythbuntu 10.10 32 bit CD...it loads just fine, but on reboot, it just sits at the Mythbuntu screen (with the 5 dots)23:39
CNLiberaland just sits there...i can do a CTRL + ALT + DEL and it reboots fine23:40
tgm4883CNLiberal, if you hit esc, does it say what it is waiting on?23:40
CNLiberali tried hitting ESC, and it stays on the MYTHBUNTU screen23:40
CNLiberalon a couple boots, I noticed an IVTV error23:40
CNLiberalTVEEPROM cannot autodetect tuner or something like that...so i removed the PVR 250 and 350 cards23:41
CNLiberaland did another reinstall...same issue23:41
CNLiberali have even tried the install from the "Try MythTV" live distro23:41
CNLiberalstill no go23:41
CNLiberali'll try rebooting and hit the ESC sooner23:43
CNLiberali can hit CTRL ALT DEL and it reboots fine...like it's a good reboot23:43
CNLiberalThat didn't do any good...let me try unplugging the second SATA drive i have in there...it's formatted as JFS, maybe myth hates that23:45
CNLiberalsame result...23:47
CNLiberalso now I'm stumped...I'm gonna try to install the 10.10 full ubuntu23:47
CNLiberalis that recommended or not?23:47
CNLiberalAny other ideas guys?  or should I try my full install idea?23:52

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