pleia2we have a meeting in a few minutes, anyone about?22:56
pleia2not loving this silence :) anyone here for the meeting?23:00
pleia2we have a lot of things to go over, but several people have already said they couldn't make this time slot23:01
pleia2hi there IdleOne :)23:01
IdleOnebut if nobody else is around probably better to move the meeting23:01
pleia2yeah, I tend to agree23:02
IdleOneIn the NEWS: LibreOffice PPA http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/install-libreoffice-in-ubuntu-from.html23:03
IdleOnefor 10.04/10.10/11.0423:03
pleia2add to http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN-Ideas please :)23:03
pleia2ty \o.23:03
IdleOneoh, pretty new menu items added :)23:05
pleia2on the pad?23:05
IdleOneno, in my App > Office menu23:06
IdleOnefrom LibreOffice23:06
jasonoHello everyone.23:06
IdleOnehello jasono23:07
pleia2hi jasono23:07
jasonoHi pleia223:10
jasonoMeeting at seven. Is that correct?23:10
IdleOneMeeting is now actually but I not many people around23:11
jasonoMight have been miss understood. My Google Calendar tells me 7, and I subscribed via the Fridge.23:12
pleia2the fridge looks correct23:12
pleia2showing it as now for me23:13
pleia2well, if you're here for the meeting, that makes three of us, so I'll tackle the agenda and see how it goes23:13
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 23:13. The chair is pleia2.23:13
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pleia2[TOPIC] General updates23:14
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  General updates23:14
pleia2the status of ubuntu-news.org and fridge.ubuntu.com is still hanging out there, nhandler and I intend to follow up with canonical to see about the new site they installed on the servers, but there is no progress to report on really23:14
pleia2but in the meantime we're still updating the active ubuntu-news.org like always23:15
pleia2an issue of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter was published on Monday covering all of December, which is mostly what we need to talk about at this meeting23:15
pleia2[TOPIC] UWN - Ideas on alternate format for Team Reports23:16
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  UWN - Ideas on alternate format for Team Reports23:16
pleia2in our survey (results here: http://akgraner.com/?p=820) it was shown that the team reports (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports) were not particularly popular and some people said they made the newsletter too long23:17
pleia2any comments? format changes? maybe we just link to the report rather than including the full thing?23:17
IdleOnemaybe just ask the teams to submit one or two of the "big" items they would like highlighted in the news letter with a link to the full report?23:18
pleia2tbh it's hard enough to get teams to write the basic reports23:19
pleia2we could just arbitrarily add the first two items23:20
pleia2but that might be confusing23:20
IdleOnewell then just a link would make it shorter to read but at the same time the teams who do work hard and make sure the team reports are done would lose exposure23:20
pleia2yeah, it's tricky23:21
pleia2ok, let's keep your idea around and bring it up when more people can comment :)23:22
pleia2[TOPIC] UWN - Rotating Publishers23:22
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  UWN - Rotating Publishers23:22
IdleOnesounds good to me23:22
pleia2it was discussed at the last meeting that we have rotating publishers since it was a big job for just one person every week23:22
pleia2the day of training never happened, but nhandler and I muddled through over the weekend23:22
pleia2so I think we can train each other as we go along, the documentation was pretty solid, just a few holes that we'll need to follow up with akgraner about23:23
pleia2I think we want to go ahead and formalize rotating publishers, since I don't see any super-energetic person rising from our ranks to take leadership here23:24
pleia2volunteers to become editor? :D23:24
IdleOneagree on rotating publishers unless someone wants to step up and take on the job (full time)23:25
IdleOnenot volunteering at this time23:25
IdleOneI'm new here so I think I want to learn a little more before going for the head position23:25
pleia2ok :)23:26
pleia2we'll ask around the team post-meeting to see what shakes out, but I think we'll end up agreeing on this team-wide23:26
jasonoYou need a head position?23:26
IdleOnejasono: I usually keep it just above my shoulders :P23:27
pleia2jasono: that's what we're discussing, our editor in chief stepped down last month and we're trying to see if she should be replaced or if we should share the load23:27
jasono:( How much load?23:28
pleia2historically the editor in chief ends up spending at least 8 hours a week on preparing UWN for publication, not counting the work they put in throughout the week to gather articles23:28
IdleOneso figure 15-20 hours a week23:28
IdleOnethat is a lot of work for one person23:28
pleia2I don't know how john and amber did it :)23:29
jasonoI wouldn't mind taken the job, but I spend 11 hours at school everyday.23:29
jasonoCan do weekends and Fridays.23:29
pleia2jasono: maybe you want to pitch in as one of our rotating editors then?23:30
jasonoNo problem.23:30
pleia2if you feel confident that you can put in the sufficient time each week, maybe we can go back to having a single editor in chief23:30
pleia2I think I'm going to wrap up the meeting, there are other things hanging out there but w/o any other fridge editors around I think discussing them at this point is moot23:31
pleia2we should put a poll out to the list for a better meeting time (this one is during my work day, I was fortunate to have the time today)23:32
pleia2thanks everyone :)23:33
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 23:33.23:33
IdleOnepleia2: thank you.23:36
jasonoNo problem pleia223:36
nhandlerSorry for missing the meeting. I'll read through the scrollback now.23:52
pleia2np, we need one when more people are around :) especially UWN people, I'm just a fridge editor (never had plans to be more!)23:54
Pendulumoops, sorry I meant to be here too and I've done a bunch of UWN stuff :)23:55
nhandlerI think we should consider changing the date/time of the meetings (especially since many people are in different Time Zones now) to try and get more people . I can try and send out a doodle poll this weekend23:56
pleia2thanks nhandler23:57
nhandlerI'm also thinking more and more that an editor in chief is not necessary. We have people who specialize and work on different areas. i.e. pleia2 is very active with the Fridge. If a decision needs to be made about it, we should get the opinions of the people with knowledge in that area and just make a decision. The main duty of the editor has been publishing UWN, and that can go away with the rotating publisher schedule. ...23:59
nhandler... Big decisions can get voted on at meetings23:59

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