Myrttishouldbt try to op with irssi on my mobile, but...00:00
Myrttilistening to snoring is boring00:01
Myrttithat root doesnt bode well...00:11
h00ker, no, it doesn't00:13
Myrttisaw the hostname?00:14
h00kroot (~root@rikskriminalpolisen.com)00:14
h00kNot sure...what that domain is. Let's see how Google translates it.00:15
Myrttiits not real, but i bet theyre counting on confusion00:15
Myrttistate crime police00:15
Myrttito be real it should be .se, .no or .dk00:16
h00kit redirects to a .se, anyway, but I see what you mean00:16
Myrttiwell, cant do anything yet00:16
Myrttijust wait and see00:17
h00k<head><title>301 Moved Permanently</title></head>00:17
h00kwhen you curl that URL00:17
Myrttieyes peeled... until i drop00:18
h00kmine as well, until the LoCo meeting in an hour and 40 minutes00:18
h00kand inbetween learning some ruby00:19
h00kI'll be honest, I probably won't eb watching too close, I need to get my irssi-notify back.00:25
IdleOneI sorta remember letsgo67 being told before about not abusing the bot02:04
IdleOneno but not that long ago.02:05
IdleOneleast I think I remember that02:05
ubottuIn ubottu, Chandrageetha said: which is the best tool for movie making on ubuntu 10.1006:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:23
Jordan_UOrangePeel: Hi. Is there anything we can help you with?07:24
OrangePeelI need to be unbanned from an irc network and the only way to is to change Mac Adress.07:25
OrangePeelWhy... So I can be unbanned because some asshole used my name and trolled his ass off for 6 hours on my name, they think I'm him and Ked me07:25
OrangePeelsorry for language07:25
OrangePeelI have repeadedly tryed to contact admin staff on site but no one will type back07:25
Jordan_UWe can only help with bans in Ubuntu core channels.07:25
OrangePeeloh wow07:25
OrangePeeldidn't know you were her....07:25
OrangePeelIt's not from this server or any you would think of unless you like plants07:26
OrangePeelThat's the only reason I'm trying to get unbanned07:26
OrangePeelto get back in to talk ot the admin myself07:26
mneptokOrangePeel: we cannot help you.07:26
OrangePeelWell, I'm saying, if someone can, thanks....Don't ban me though for asking07:27
OrangePeelThat's why I"m here, to not ban me for asking....07:28
Jordan_USee #ubuntu for some context on that.07:29
Jordan_UAny idea what's up with "linux" in #ubuntu?07:54
ubottuakshatj called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (AndIrc_8)07:59
dholbachshould #ubuntu-az be an invite only channel?08:02
Myrttiprobably not. Azerbaijan ubuntuists ... wow08:04
rwwunless there isn't an Azerbaijan LoCo and it was closed to stop -us-az people joining accidentally08:04
* rww has no idea08:04
dholbachthe loco seems to be a bit inactive, but there's also a ubuntu-az@ mailing list which suggests there at least were plans at some stage :)08:05
Jordan_Udholbach: I don't see #ubuntu-az in the list of Ubuntu channels on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList so it might just be that someone on a whim "created" (joined) the channel and made it invite only.08:08
rwwnope, it's registered by vorian/stalcup08:09
dholbachJordan_U, alright08:09
Jordan_Udholbach: Well, my theory was just shot down by rww :)08:09
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rwwJordan_U: Judging from bantracker, JackOfHearts is marcusdavidus ban-evading. I'll let you deal with it, since you banned him last ;P08:13
dholbachJordan_U, rww: is there anything that should be done about that channel?08:14
Myrttiif it is owned by irc council then its easy08:15
rwwdholbach: Speaking as a non-IRCC person, if nobody wants to use it, I'd leave it. If someone does, /msg Steve and ask him to transfer foundership, and ask IRCC if he doesn't respond.08:15
dholbachok - it's really hard to know if anybody wants to use it if they can't join it :)08:16
rwwJordan_U: If/when he ban-evades again, I think I'll try freenode $x ban syntax. Will be a new and exciting experience.08:25
Jordan_Urww: Not familiar with that.08:26
rwwhttp://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtm . I think +b $x:*!*@*neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl#Cpt.Jack oughta do it.08:26
rwwsince they're on some sort of dynamic hostname ISP, but their realname stays the same.08:27
rwwor I could be completely wrong about the syntax. We'll see ;D08:27
Jordan_UWhat I'm worried about right now is that I suspect that JackOfHearts gave malicious "advice" to MAGIK_NINJA in PM. I've already PM'd MAGIK_NINJA warning him, so I guess there's not much else that can be done :(08:28
rwwugh. didn't notice they were PMing :(08:29
Jordan_U"00:09 < JackOfHearts>  come on querry /private chat/" in #ubuntu08:31
marcusdavidussrsy chill down with bansticks ppl09:00
rwwStop violating freenode policy by ban-evading, then.09:01
marcusdavidusviolating? i just make one rm -rf/ joke09:01
marcusdavidus pff09:01
marcusdavidus chillut09:01
marcusdavidusif some oen is sutpid enought to type sudo /rm -rf / his foult09:01
marcusdavidusnot mine09:02
rwwActually, looking at our bantracker, you were first banned for trolling and bad language, insulting an operator when he asked you to stop, a few counts of ban evasion, and then giving out dangerous commands as you just mentioned.09:02
rwwNone of these are acceptable behavior.09:03
rwwand that's just the stuff from this year :(09:04
rwwIf I were you, I'd take a break from #ubuntu for a week or so without attempting to change your hostname and join as a demonstration of good faith, and then come back when IdleOne's around and talk to him, since he set the first of your series of bans.09:06
Myrttimarcusdavidus: so, you could return here later.09:41
rwwGuest55352: Fix your internets ;(09:43
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Jordan_U02:27 -!- YouKay [~Aryan@unaffiliated/rocket16] has left #ubuntu ["Salutations to mother Indenia! Victory to the Aryans!"] << Any idea what that's supposed to mean?10:31
rwwIt means that rocket16 needs another talking to about the appropriateness of his race-related comments :(10:31
rwwHe previously found it amusing to combine open source and Nazi slogans :\10:32
Jordan_Urww: Are you going to deal with it?10:35
rwwIf I notice them online, I'll give them a PM about it, yes.10:36
Jordan_UDoesn't merit a ban forward?10:37
rwwnot imho10:39
marcusdavidusor i just  start to use proxys and play in :ban me if u can10:42
rwwSomeone else feel like taking this? I'm about to go to sleep.10:44
rwwmkay then10:51
rwwmarcusdavidus: As I've already mentioned, continuing to ban-evade wouldn't help matters for you at all.10:51
marcusdaviduswhatever. is notlike im here to gain help im actually tryng to help. and trolling ubu n00bs is always fun10:52
popeythat's not what we consider acceptable behaviour in our channels marcusdavidus10:54
rwwuh huh. Is there any particular reason you rejoined, or can I go take a nap now?10:54
marcusdavidussrsly ?? may i start  to cry now ?10:55
marcusdavidus ror i just go emerge something10:55
marcusdaviduson real distro10:55
marcusdavidus:P cheers10:55
rwwwell, that's that. he's persuaded me. time to switch to gentoo.10:56
rww'night all10:56
jussi!staff | marcusdavids threatening to ban evade.12:08
ubottumarcusdavids threatening to ban evade.: hey Christel, Dave2, Gary, KB1JWQ, Levia, Martinp23, Pricey, SportsChick, VorTechS, jayne, jenda, marienz, nalioth, niko, nhandler, rob, stew or tomaw, I could use a bit of your time :)12:08
nhandlerjussi: Has he actually evaded yet?12:36
jussinhandler: not as yet, (that i have seen)12:37
Myrttii though he has12:37
Myrttijust before coming here12:37
Myrttirww removed heaps of bans that were uneffective coz of ip changing12:38
gnomefreakMyrtti: if any were mine, thank you12:42
Myrttiwubi for ubuntu server...12:59
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knomelol, that should be forbidden :P13:14
IdleOnenhandler: right now my logs show 4 different hosts for JackOfHearts/marcusdavidus14:07
IdleOnebut I think the latest ban might be working.14:07
MyrttiI'm so tempted to say something about "you clearly know what you are doing so why are you asking for help14:47
IdleOneto who?14:51
IdleOnehas no clue what he is doing, probably look at fedora forum and trying to install stuff on Ubuntu14:53
Myrttior "you clearly must know what you are doing since you've decided to ignore all the advice given to you, so why are you asking here for help"14:54
IdleOneI am just not going to help him. I gave him two links to the proper way of installing java and libre office and he insists on using .bin files and rpms14:55
ubottujuk called the ops in #ubuntu (Sonic)15:43
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from Sonic)15:43
alabdGood day all , IdleOne , hello , you have asked ops's to check my behavior in #ubuntu-ir , is it checked ?15:43
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from sangyara)15:52
IdleOneHello Visuex, how can we help you?15:54
Visuex#ubuntu has had some people causing issues...cursing at users and talking off topic and basically being evil. (chanserv banned some of them somehow) but the channel seems to be unmodded15:54
Myrttiit's not unmodded15:54
ubottuIn ubottu, Sangyara said: that is right!15:55
Visuexoh I see...didnt notice you were a mod...my bad15:55
Visuexthanks for taking care of that Myrtti back to channel :)15:56
Myrttihold on.16:00
Myrttithat's the problem maker from yesterday16:00
IdleOnearen't you supposed to be skiing Pici ?16:03
PiciIdleOne: I'm in Vermont at least16:03
Tm_Tno excuses16:03
IdleOneget off the interwebs and go play16:04
PiciI'm watchning my brother play Wii Fit16:04
gordgreat entertainment16:04
Myrttidifferent ip address but same ident16:11
Myrttiand same annoying attitude16:11
Myrttikeep an eye on sx@78.156.198..bredband.tre.se16:12
Myrttikeep an eye on sx@78.156.*.*.bredband.tre.se16:12
Myrttineed food, blood circulation gone from fingers, can't type16:12
Myrtti!enter > tino16:15
alabdIdleOne:  hello , am back16:24
Myrttijoined with a new nickname that starts with By_16:26
IdleOnealabd: at this time I don't have more info but you can email the IRCC and ask them of the status of your appeal.16:49
PiciI banforwarded ka1ser to ##fix_your_connection and sent a pm and memo about it.17:00
LjLhe seems to have stopped doing it though, i have him in #android17:03
PiciYeah, it said he read his memo.17:04
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Aishiteru` appears to be abusive - 4.5)17:28
alabdIdleOne: this ? irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com,17:30
Myrttiyes, that17:30
gnomefreakwhy is #ubuntu-irc-helpers invite only?19:12
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Jordan_UThe !list factoid has been popular recently.20:34
rwwnhandler, jussi: Yes. Search BT for neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl, and note that all the (Removed) bans from this year were removed /after/ he ban-evaded them.23:02
rwwso that's what, four? but yeah, latest one seems to be keeping him out.23:02
IdleOneJordan_U: seems it is a lot of users from .it doing !list23:08
rwwI don't remember the last time it wasn't a .it user :\23:08
IdleOnewell I didn't want to blame just one group of people but yeah.23:09
IdleOneit is .it23:09
gnomefreakbut !list doesnt really give you much it seems to just be a list of plugins for bot23:20
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »23:23
rwwAnyone have thoughts on !libreoffice is <reply> Current stable releases of Ubuntu use OpenOffice.org, and do not have supported packaging for LibreOffice. Ubuntu developers are working on packaging for Ubuntu Natty and backports for 10.10 and 10.04. See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-January/032298.html for more information on progress and an unstable, unsupported PPA.23:23
IdleOne+1 from me rww23:23
rwwgnomefreak: It used to be. Got changed to what ubottu just said because it was pretty much only used by people looking for filesharing bots :(23:24
tonyyarussoworks for me23:26
gnomefreakrww: ah ok23:27
rww!libreoffice is <reply> Current stable releases of Ubuntu use OpenOffice.org, and do not have supported packaging for LibreOffice. Ubuntu developers are working on packaging for Ubuntu Natty and backports for 10.10 and 10.04. See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-January/032298.html for more information on progress and an unstable, unsupported PPA.23:29
ubottuI'll remember that, rww23:29
rww!openoffice =~ s/For.*$/User help available in #openoffice.org./23:30
ubottuI'll remember that rww23:30
gnomefreak18,345 emails and still downloading more :(23:33
gnomefreakare they compatible with each other?23:36
rwwOO.o and LibreOffice? Nope, you need to remove OO.o before installing LO. The email I linked notes that.23:36
rwwah, no, it notes the other way around. hrm.23:37
gnomefreakoh ok. im still waiting for page to open23:37
IdleOneon 10.10 the install of LO removes OO23:37
IdleOneI just did it a few minutes ago23:38
elkyis it worth requesting a removed timestamp do you think?23:38
rwwit either removes them or you get dependency errors and it doesn't install LO. Either way, it doesn't break things.23:38
gnomefreaki just hope they have same features and supported extensions23:39
IdleOnegnomefreak: http://www.libreoffice.org/features/23:40
gnomefreakIdleOne: thanks23:41
rwwThere shouldn't be much difference other than whatever bug fixes specifically went into LO. Ubuntu's OO.o packaging already includes Go-OO, aiui.23:41
IdleOnerww: there is also a #libreoffice23:41
IdleOnehere on freenode23:42
rwwhrm. is it a support channel or a dev channel?23:42
IdleOneasking to make sure23:43
rwwIn completely different news, #ubuntu-s banlist is back to about 50% full. Might be a good milestone to review bans set in there ;)23:44
gnomefreakyay another channel to play in :/23:44
gnomefreakMyrtti* did that earlier i think23:45
IdleOnerww: from #libreoffice23:46
IdleOne<kohei> nah, this channel is not for end user support, in general.23:46
IdleOne<kohei> at least we don't advertise it as such.23:46
IdleOnemore of a dev channel but they do help if someone is around and they feel like it.23:46
gnomefreakthan where does support go to?23:46
IdleOnekohei> we generally route those questions to users@libreoffice.org mailing list.23:47
rwwIdleOne: best leave it off the factoid, then. I don't think sending users of crack PPA builds upstream is a good idea anyway.23:47
gnomefreakmakes sense23:47
gnomefreaka PPA would be great for testing at least for me23:48
IdleOnekohei is @ in there btw23:48
IdleOnegnomefreak: there is a PPA23:48
IdleOnesee !libreoffice23:49
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rwwgnomelogger: :(23:49
gnomefreaki havent read the ML post yet23:50
gnomeloggerit happens at times23:54
rwwTIL: those numbers to the left of bans in irssi change when you remove a ban :\23:58
IdleOnethat makes it harder23:59

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