twbI just got bit on the arse by a permission change on vmlinuz files (kernels) on my netboot server.00:07
twbJust to rule this out: was there any change in lucid where new kernels are supposed to be (say) r-------- instead of rw-r--r-- ?00:08
twbNever mind, I can demonstrate the problem is not in ubuntu's code00:21
twbWait, no I can't00:22
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/103860/ is what I'm seeing00:22
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mrrothanyone know if thier any type of thing like drobo raidz system for ubuntu or linux02:05
mrroththa tis open source and free02:06
mrrothbut works that ssame way02:06
JanCmrroth: what's drobo "raidz" ?02:07
mrrothdrobo is the nas, that allows you to add disk of diff sizes02:07
mrrothand still hav redunency02:07
mrrothand allow the raid array to grow is size02:07
twbIf by "RAIDZ" you mean ZFS -- no, you can't have a good ZFS on Linux.02:08
JanCit's some sort of RAID 5 it seems02:09
twbI've seen RAIDZ before sold as "ZFS uses RAID5, but fixed to be more gooderer"02:09
JanCbut different02:10
mrrothwhat does drobo call it02:10
mrrothso drobo is bassicalaly zfs02:10
JanCactually, it might be similar to btrfs02:10
twbWell, ZFS *is* similar to btrfs :-)02:11
mrroth"Data Robotics BeyondRAID solves these two critical issues, delivering flexibility without downtime. Built on an advanced storage virtualization platform, BeyondRAID chooses the correct RAID algorithm based on data protection needs at any given moment. Since the technology works at the block level, it can write blocks of data that alternate between data protection methodologies."02:11
mrrothI wanted to see if I could bulid a ubuntu server that had the same features02:11
twbUbuntu cannot guarantee no downtime02:12
twbThat's, uh, technically impossible02:12
mrroththat what thier website said02:12
mrrothit seem illogical02:12
JanCdrobo can't guarantee that either  ;)02:12
mrrothbut at least the feature to keep adding new disk or replacing smaller disk with a bigger one02:13
mrrothto achive more space02:13
mrroththey offer that, I wonder if it was just some repackage opens ource stuff or maybe there was somethign in the Open source community that did the same02:14
twbI would say: buy two 2TB disks and put them in a system that can take at least three disks.02:14
JanCyou can do that with normal linux software raid, but the smallest disk will decide how much of every disk will be used then...02:14
twbRAID1 them.  At upgrade time, buy two nTB drives and migrate to a new RAID1 of those.02:14
JanCyou can always move from RAID 1 to RAID 502:15
twbThis is a simple, predictable and comprehensible solution.02:15
mrrothso at upgrade time, just copy data from the mirror, to the nTB biggersize disk02:17
mrroththen remove the two smaller nTB disk02:18
mrrothand mirror the Second nTB biggersize disk02:18
twbmrroth: you add the new disks to the array, wait for the sync to finish, remove the old disks, then tell mdadm to grow to the new disks' size02:19
mrrothoh so I can remove disk from the raid 1 array02:20
JanCthat will allow you to do everything without downtime02:20
mrroththat acutally good idea02:20
mrrothand mdadm will expand disk to new disks ize02:20
mrrothbut I would have to have four bays right twb?02:21
twbTechnically you can do it with only two bays02:21
twbIt's just a little less fiddly if you can put all four disks in at once02:21
mrrothhow do i get to add two more members to the array02:21
mrrothor I remove one smaller disk02:21
mrrothadd the bigger one02:21
twbmrroth: you forcibly degrade the array02:21
mrrothand when it done synching02:21
mrrothoh so you degrade by removing one of the smaller disk from the raid 1 array02:22
mrrothput bigger one, it will synch and have same space as smaller disk02:22
mrroththen remove smaller disk, add second bigger disk02:22
JanCalways make sure you have backups of important stuff when you do such things though  ;)02:22
mrrothrebulid the array02:22
mrrothand then use mdadm02:22
twbJanC: well, the backup is one half of the array you degraded and removed :-)02:23
mrrothIS THIER A  ubuntu based NAS applaince?02:23
mrrothyea because it mirror02:23
mrrothbut always have a offsite backup02:23
mrrothraid is not backup :)02:23
JanCthere are several Debian-based ones02:23
twbmrroth: probably, but Ubuntu itself is a generic OS, not a NAS OS.02:24
mrrothoh thier a debian based one hmm02:24
mrrothJanC which debian do you recoemnd or I can google Debian  +nas02:24
JanCI think FreeNAS is now Debian-based?02:25
twbmrroth: normally one would roll their own setup on top of Ubuntu or Debian to get a NAS02:25
mrrothoh http://www.debonaras.org/02:25
mrrothfreenas is what I was using02:25
twbA NAS is not a very complicated thing02:25
twbJust install ubuntu-server and then install (say) samba and nfs-kernel-server.02:26
mrrothOH I see02:26
JanCwell, the nice thing about some NAS OS'es is that they automaticly detect additional disks etc.02:26
mrrothbut I would need a frontend webbased management right02:26
mrrothoh they do hmm02:26
mrrothI like drobo but it 600 bucks02:26
mrrothand NO disk02:27
mrroththe NO disk part is fine, but the cost is huge02:27
twbUnless you're handing the system on to idiots, a CLI is the Right Thing.02:27
mrrothtrue that true02:27
mrrothand I can use ubuntu software raid02:27
mrrothI want three thigns, ssh (sftp), samba , NFS, and a webbased torrnet client, to download linux ISO02:28
twblinux isos my ass02:29
JanCmost commercial home NAS boxes have torrent clients already  ;)02:29
JanCeven many home routers have that nowadays, if they have an USB port02:30
mrrothyea but no redunecy :(02:30
mrroththanks dude02:30
JanCI have a 4-bay Netgear device which costed about 300-350 EUR without disks IIRC, but I think it was an end of series or something  ;)02:31
twbmrroth: two USB sticks, then :P02:31
jformanmrroth: if you want a file server with backup, try what i do...raid-1 between two disks that export via nfs and samba, and use rdiff-backup to copy that data to a 3rd hard drive on the same machine02:31
mrrothJanC does it allow extra APPS, or is it just for samba02:31
mrrothright now I have three 500 gig disk02:32
JanCit runs some sort of minimal Debian-derivative and there is a toolchain available02:32
twbjforman: not rsnapshot? :P02:32
mrrothone USB encoulser02:32
jformantwb: never heard of it.02:32
JanCit has a SPARC CPU though, so not exactly mainstream02:32
mrrothI would like to mirror both disk, and just use enclouser for backup02:32
twbjforman: it's a perl shim for cron+rsync+cp -al02:33
jformantwb: yeah, thats basically what rdiff-backup is02:33
twbYeah, I thought so.02:35
mrrothJanC is your 4-bay Netgear device fast (throughput)/02:35
twbwho cares02:36
JanCit's certainly not the fastest, but in general fast enough I guess02:40
Mark_Hi, i just installed a server with lamp to find PHPmyadmin wasn't included. then ln'd it from my usr/share/ to my www. But now i get error code 1045 anyone know what this means?02:46
Mark_nevermind i needed to install mcrypt02:52
JohnFuryahoy... people of ubuntu03:36
JohnFuryanyone who successfully created a ubuntu image for openstack compute?03:36
thewrathhow does one get on the ubuntu server team?03:47
blueyedI wonder why this build fails:03:47
blueyederror seems to be: Zend/zend_stream.c:239: error: 'PROT_READ' undeclared (first use in this function)03:48
blueyedI am basically using a mashup of the Debian/Ubuntu packaging and the PHP 5.3 snapshot.03:48
blueyedThis worked for 5.3.4 snapshots some weeks before, but now fails.03:49
JohnFuryhello... anyone who successfully created a ubuntu image for openstack compute? Please...03:51
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blueyedThis is somehow triggered by the apache2filter package, where HAVE_SYS_MMAN_H is undef because of "checking for sys/mman.h... no" during configure.04:29
JohnFuryhello... anyone who successfully created a ubuntu image for openstack compute? Please...04:34
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JohnFuryhello... anyone who successfully created a ubuntu image for openstack compute? Please...05:02
JohnFuryhow did you guys do it? any documentation that tells the steps?05:02
twbJohnFury: I do not know what an "openstack compute" is.05:05
theamazingbeathi is this the channel to be for openssh issues05:13
c0nv1cttheamazingbeat, it is the channel for server issues, just ask05:25
theamazingbeatokay So I have a sshkey dilema05:26
theamazingbeatyou can follow up: #ubuntu-beginners-team05:26
theamazingbeaterr wrong link05:26
theamazingbeatthere you can follow up^05:26
theamazingbeatanyway I have tried basically everything to set this thing up and it simple just wont work out the way I want05:27
c0nv1cttheamazingbeat, you should be able to just copy or append the key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server side and it should work05:34
theamazingbeatwell when u use puttyGen doesn't it edit the key and change it05:34
c0nv1ctassuming /etc/ssh/sshd_config allows for RSAAuthentication and PubkeyAuthentication05:35
theamazingbeatbetter question, should i generate a key on my windows machine, or should i take the key already generated on my ubuntu machine05:35
theamazingbeatthey are and PasswordAuthentication is not allowed05:35
twbMy NFSv3 server is using 10% of the CPU just for lockd at the moment.05:36
c0nv1ctit really shouldn't matter, you should be able to import the private key into putty or export the public key to the server05:36
twbThat's a bit excessive; how do I "restart" lockd (it's a kernel thread)?05:36
twb10% of a quad-core Xeon, that is.05:36
c0nv1cti don't use putty that much, i use SecureCRT on the rare occasion i am on a windows box, so i cant help  much with that05:36
theamazingbeatshould i edit the authorized_keys with VIM editor or text editor? or does it not matter05:38
theamazingbeatcuz i hate VIM editor anyway05:39
c0nv1ctlol it shoudlnt matter, and you dont need an editor really05:40
c0nv1ctunless you have more than one key, you can just copy the public key over and rename it to authorized_keys05:41
theamazingbeatokay i have 2 files in my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.... one named: aithorized_keys.swp and one named .authorized_keys.swo?05:42
theamazingbeati fixed05:43
c0nv1ctthose other two look like temporary files from having an editor open to me05:43
theamazingbeatlol for some reason my authorized_keys file got put into my Home folder05:44
theamazingbeatso all i did was move it to the .ssh folder05:44
c0nv1ctlol, there ya go05:44
theamazingbeatand BAM05:44
theamazingbeatdude i have been working this since thursday05:44
theamazingbeatalmost 1 week05:44
theamazingbeatcuz I am brand new to ubuntu05:44
c0nv1ctlol, i've been using rsa key auth for years05:44
c0nv1ctit took me a while the first time too05:44
theamazingbeatwell now i know how to do it05:44
theamazingbeatPersistence pays off05:45
c0nv1ctnow the trick is not to lose the private key ;)05:46
theamazingbeatya ima triple backup that file05:46
theamazingbeatWhile I have you I just have one more question. How do I basically map my laptop (windows box) to my linux so if I am not home I can access both drives via SFTP05:47
theamazingbeatmap my laptop drive*05:48
c0nv1ctbest bet for that would probably be cifs05:49
c0nv1ctjust basic windows file sharing05:49
c0nv1ctthough for a server you should really have the laptop map a drive off the server instaed05:52
theamazingbeatBasically what I want is if both my machines are at home, I go to a remote location, I connect to my linux box, how do i get to see my laptop drive as well at thew same time05:56
c0nv1ctyou can just share a folder in windows like you normally would and map that to a directory in linux05:57
theamazingbeatya how do i do that in linux?05:57
c0nv1ctcheck out both the samba server and client info ubuntu offers05:58
c0nv1ctdoing a client on the server is a bit more complicated because it is all command line05:58
JohnFuryhow did you guys created the image of ubuntu for Openstack?07:10
JohnFurythe one that's on this site: http://wiki.openstack.org/RunningNova#Get_an_image07:10
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twbI have ipv6 disabled at the kernel level.08:38
twbHowever, getent hosts (DNS) still returns IPv6 entries.08:38
twbCan I tell nsswitch.conf that its DNS resolver should ignore AAAA records?08:38
WinstonSmithhi ppl :) made myself an udev rule so that it loads my usb-wifi-driver. works well but i have to replug the device if i reboot. could anybody tell me where i have to make a udev rule so it runs at startup?09:11
WinstonSmithor is there a better way?09:12
twbudev shouldn't care whether the device was inserted at boot time09:28
WinstonSmithtwb, so there is no udev rule i could create that checks devices at boot time? so it would be easier to just use rc.local?09:37
noaXesshey all.09:47
noaXessto install de_CH locale i need just the package language-pack-de and it's dependencies, right?09:48
andolnoaXess: Well, at least as long as you want the de_CH UTF-8 locale. These are the locales setup by that package - http://paste.ubuntu.com/551004/09:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #698028 in backuppc (main) "Please merge backuppc 3.2.0-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69802809:51
noaXessandol: yeah.. thats what i want :).. and if iso?09:51
noaXessandol: how you checked that?09:53
andolnoaXess: Not sure if there's a package which will setup that for you, but you can always stick a fiile yourself, under /var/lib/locales/supported.d09:53
andolnoaXess: you can check available locales by running "locales -a"09:53
noaXessandol: do i need also language-support-de?09:53
noaXesslocale -a ;)09:54
noaXessw/o s09:54
noaXessäh no.. not need language-support-de cause that will install.. openoffice.. uaaa09:54
twbnoaXess: -base09:56
twbnoaXess: or you can simply request a specific locale... "sudo update-locale de_DE.UTF-8", IIRC09:57
twb        chroot $template_dir locale-gen ${LANG:-en_US.UTF-8}09:57
noaXessdo i need restat anything after installing language-pack-de?09:57
twb        chroot $template_dir update-locale LANG=${LANG:-en_US.UTF-8}09:57
twbThat's what I do, it provides only the locale I ask for09:57
twbNote: I only use CLIs, so it may not be appropriate for a desktop09:57
noaXesstwb: i don't need change the language.. de_CH is just for the correct deciaml and tausend seperator of numbers.. also for date's..09:57
twbnoaXess: just set LC_DATE and LC_NUMERIC, then09:58
noaXesstwb: we are in ubuntu-server ;)... so no desktop09:58
twbSorry, LC_TIME not LC_DATE09:58
noaXesstwb: set it in /etc/default/locale?09:58
twbIt's all in the locale(1) manpage09:58
twbnoaXess: in your .profile, unless you want it to be system-wide09:58
noaXesstwb: hm.. maybe just for one user.. that runs a specific server application, openerp09:59
twbIf you want it to be system-wide, try "update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LC_TIME=de_CH LC_NUMERIC=de_CH"09:59
noaXesstwb: thanks.. but i will test it just on that specific user.. is there also a command to do it just for a specific user instead of do it manually in .profile?10:00
twbnoaXess: not that I know of10:01
noaXesstwb: so manual way..10:01
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azizLIGHTSis it advisiable to put a template for joomla first, then install virtuemart or its ok to do in any order?13:24
zulhggdh: can you see if the test rig is unbroken today?13:27
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shaggy2I have a problem: trying to install vhcs and got thisE: Package 'proftpd-mysql' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Unable to locate package libmd5-perl13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'libperl5.8' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'php4' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Unable to locate package php4-mcrypt13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'php4-mysql' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'php4-pear' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'libsasl2' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'apache2-common' has no installation candidate13:42
shaggy2E: Package 'libapache2-mod-php4' has no installation candidate13:42
pmatulis!paste | shaggy213:42
ubottushaggy2: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:42
shaggy2do I need to paste to that now that it's there?13:43
pmatulisshaggy2: no13:43
shaggy2ok ummm just noticed I have php5 installed, thats trying to install php4 would that cause errors on my server?13:44
pmatulisshaggy2: how are you installing vhcs?13:45
pmatulisshaggy2: pastebin your sources.list file13:46
shaggy2ok gimme a sec please13:46
pmatulisshaggy2: also note that this forum post is from 200513:47
shaggy2I understand that, but it's the most recent that I could find for ubuntu, I don't trust any tutorials that are not on ubuntu forums as I found a few that tryed to open security holes, as informed by a few people in the #ubuntu irc13:50
shaggy2pmatulis: u still there?13:53
shaggy2pmatulis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551072/13:53
pmatulisshaggy2: well downloading a shell script and letting it do whatever it wants on ubuntu is just not supported at all13:53
shaggy2say what???13:53
pmatulisshaggy2: do you have any idea what it's doing to your system?13:53
pmatulis(wget http://www.siemens-mobiles.org/vhcs/vhcs.sh)13:54
shaggy2well vhcs is ment to make easy manage for a webhost13:54
shaggy2no no no no I never went for that opt... I went for the other option to install manualy13:54
shaggy2I didn't trust the as it wasn't coming from ubuntu or the creators (vhcs) website13:55
shaggy2I would never using a shell script13:56
shaggy2pmatulis: ok so can I continue with that tutorial or is it unsafe?13:58
shaggy2pmatulis: keeping in mind I am not using the shell script13:58
pmatulisshaggy2: i would drop it.  you are trying to install stuff in a non-standard way on ubuntu.  simply put, there is no vhcs ubuntu package13:59
shaggy2just like there is no cpanel for ubuntu either, webmin does not have the features that these other 2 have14:00
pmatulisshaggy2: webmin is not supported either14:01
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:01
shaggy2witch it did being the reason I removed it14:01
shaggy2so is there a system manager that is supported and can manage a Vhost?14:02
pmatulisshaggy2: i don't know if the ebox framework can do what you want14:02
pmatulis!info ebox14:02
ubottuebox (source: ebox): common library used by eBox platform modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 529 kB, installed size 3528 kB14:02
shaggy2from what I find on google ebox is for ubuntu and xbox 36014:04
* shaggy2 confused14:04
shaggy2google search = ubuntu 10.10 ebox14:06
shaggy2top result = [ubuntu] Xbox Live and Ubuntu 10.10 - Ubuntu Forums14:07
pmatulisshaggy2: anyway, you'll need to either take a different approach or risk the use of unsupported s/w + deal with the install problems14:07
shaggy2ok but where could I find help on the different approach?14:08
popeyshaggy2: http://www.zentyal.org/ - ebox is now zentyal14:08
azizLIGHTSwhat is the apache user and how do i chown /var/www/joomla15 to it14:50
cortex|skazizLIGHTS: sudo chown www-data:www-data -R /var/www/joomla15 ?14:56
azizLIGHTSis that a answer? r question14:58
azizLIGHTSgoing to try it14:58
jformanazizLIGHTS: you can find out the user who is running your web server by running 'ps auxww | grep apache'..the first column is the user running the process14:59
azizLIGHTSyoure right thanks14:59
azizLIGHTScortex|sk and jforman14:59
zulcan you run puppet and puppetmaster on the same server?16:02
gobbeyou should be able, but im not 100 % sure16:04
RoyKwtf is puppet(master)?16:04
gobbeconfiguration tool16:04
gobbeand central management16:04
RoyKah - that one...16:05
* RoyK forgot16:05
gobbehowever i dont see point to run puppet on puppetmaster16:05
RoyKfrom http://bitfieldconsulting.com/puppet-tutorial <-- it should be pretty simple to run both on the same machine16:06
gobbeyes it should16:28
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning16:34
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto16:34
guntbert!askthebot > mrroth16:36
ubottumrroth, please see my private message16:36
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS16:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #698210 in tomcat6 (main) "package tomcat6 6.0.28-2ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69821018:07
azizLIGHTShow do i do this command "sudo mv ~/VirtueMart_1.1.6_eCommerceBundle_Joomla_1.5.22/ /var/www" .... it makes a new dir called VirtueMart_1.1.6_eCommerceBundle_Joomla_1.5.22 ... but i want it to dump directly to /var/www18:29
gobbeyou want to move data from ~/VirtueMart_1.1.6_eCommerceBundle_Joomla_1.5.22/ to /var/ww?18:30
azizLIGHTSi want to move contents of that dir virtuemarket18:31
azizLIGHTSand subdirs as they exist18:31
gobbego to the directory ~/VirtueMart_1.1.6_eCommerceBundle_Joomla_1.5.22/ and then sudo mv * /var/www18:31
azizLIGHTSinto /var/www and not /var/www/virtuemarket/18:31
SpamapSwoot PPA stats19:00
SpamapSclint@clint-MacBookPro:~/src/lptools$ ./get-ppa-stats cassandra-ubuntu stable19:00
SpamapSkirkland: seen the PPA stats feature yet?19:01
lifelesstiming is everything19:01
RoyKazizLIGHTS: the easiest way is to create a redirect from /var/www19:05
RoyKor you could change the apache setting for that virtualhost19:05
seniorgregorHello, I am experiencing frequent system crashes with ubuntu-server (8.04, kernel 2.6.24-28-openvz) on many production servers.  The system hangs.  Is there a kernel guru around?  Here is a syslog extract of the bug: http://pastebin.com/P5pmLw2k19:09
gobbeare you admin of openvz-environment19:11
gobbeor buying your machines as virtual machines19:11
gobbei would checkout your NFS and openvz-environments CPU usages19:11
seniorgregorit always happens on the same vz guest, always apache httpd.  CPU and NFS usages are high since it is a very busy website, but they are stable..  nothing out of control.19:15
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deadsmithanyone know when grub 1.99 will go into the installer ISO?19:50
genii-arounddeadsmith: Probably April with Natty. apt-cache policy grub2 shows: Candidate: 1.99~20110104-2ubuntu119:55
AndyGraybealis there an ubuntu image specifically for virtual machines?20:16
gobbeyes there is20:19
gobbesorry, there was20:27
gobbecannot find it anymore20:27
RoyKAndyGraybeal: there is a kernel for virtual machines, and there is minimal install from the boot menu for small VMs20:37
RoyKAndyGraybeal: but the old JEOS has been abandoned20:37
RoyKAndyGraybeal: under which hypervisor are you planning to run these VMs_20:38
gobbeyep, jeos was the thing i wass looking for him :)20:41
RoyKit's available from the standard install disk20:42
RoyKpress F4 IIRC20:42
BrixSatwhat permissions should have /var/www so that www-data user and proftpd user can write and read and execute?20:52
AndyGraybealRoyK: kvm20:54
AndyGraybealjeos yes20:55
AndyGraybealbad ass thank you guys.20:55
harrisonkanyone here know how to turn on dynamic DNS in the service easydns?21:08
harrisonkRoyK: were you talking to me?21:11
RoyKharrisonk: there are several dynamic dns systems out there21:13
harrisonkRoyK: I know21:14
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sparchey, is there a Cobbler analog for Ubuntu?21:54
sparcwhere something can pxe boot, and get added to a list somewhere21:55
sparcand then have an installation profile applied to it, so it can provision itself?21:55
kirklandSpamapS: we're actually working on cobbler for ubuntu right now21:56
kirklandsparc: ^21:56
sparcaah ok21:56
kirklandsparc: we do have something called "uec-provisioning", which does the pxe booting magic, etc.21:56
sparchmm ok, that's cool21:57
kirklandsparc: but we're abandoning it in favor of getting cobbler working21:57
kirklandsparc: we should have something alpha quality in ubuntu natty next week-ish21:57
sparci have PXE boot working now, i followed the automated install pdf directions21:57
sparcmy boss likes it wiehn i can prsent pretty guis and things21:57
kirklandsparc: pointy hair?21:58
sparci'm fine with just running tftp and dhcpd21:58
sparckirkland: haha21:58
ideamanCan anyone tell me a good PCI Wifi Card for that is linux compatible out of the box?21:58
sparche's technical, but his boss has the pointy hair21:58
ideamanusing Ubuntu server21:58
sparcideaman: the orinoco and the aironet have had support for 10 years or so21:59
RoyKideaman: there are several - most chipsets are supported21:59
ideamanI was just checking Amazon and all the name brands said nothing about linux so I wasn't sure21:59
sparcyeah, they don't mention linux in the marketting :(21:59
ideamanwhat about PCI/PCIE for desktops/servers, same ?22:00
ideamansparc: same story for a PCI slot on a desktop/server?22:04
sparcyeah, PCI and PCI-e work fine in my servers22:05
ideamanon either of those brands?22:05
g-hennuxi need someone with pam+ldap expertise22:23
g-hennuxpam_groupdn, will  this have to be a posixgroup or groupofnames or what?22:23
g-hennuxbecause i have set pam_groupdn to some group and this seems to be just ignored, i.e. any user can login22:24
yann2thanks for reopening #ubuntu-virt btw22:46
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