MarkDudewe had a troll come into #severedfifth03:15
MarkDudeTried to insult Jono, by saying the university he went to was not very highly rated03:16
MarkDudeSwearing about it and everything.03:16
akkThat's a pretty lame way of insulting someone.03:17
MarkDudeThe general reaction was like, hmm, really- you went to a university?03:17
MarkDudets cool dude03:17
MarkDudeI know03:17
MarkDudeespecially considering what his job is, and he makes loud music03:17
akkI guess I could sort of see someone taunting an academic, like a theoretical physicist, with that (though it would still be lame).03:18
* MarkDude realized it might have been damaging to say he studied all the time, played sports, and did not associate with scandalous women03:18
akkFor most of us, whether we graduated from a top-ranked school is so irrelevant.03:18
MarkDudeakk well yes03:19
MarkDudejono is my friend, but academic, no.03:19
MarkDudethat would ahve been a better insult03:19
akkI was just reading an article in today's Slate about how the phrase "Harvard-educated" shows up massively more often in the press than "anywhere-else-educated"03:19
akklike you don't see "Yale-educated" or "Stanford-educated" let alone "Cal State East Bay-educated".03:20
* MarkDude <<< Community college dropout03:20
MarkDudeIvy league is a great phrase that folks *slip in*03:21
* MarkDude actually dealt with a fair amount of academia at UCSC a while ago. People used to say, he wont talk to you unless you graduated from ***** talk to this person - they ignore parts of academia03:23
akkGoogle has a reputation for being like that -- caring which school people went to.03:29
* MarkDude has heard that also03:29
* MarkDude had an option to enter sideways to UCSC, and decided - that the main reason I would do it was for the paper, not the knowledge03:30
MarkDudeand that would take another more deserving persons spot03:30
akkIt's expensive, too, if you don't care that much about being there.03:32
akkThough it seemed cheap at the time (I ended up at UCSC after leaving a more expensive school).03:33
akkNow CSU is more expensive than UC was then.03:33
MarkDudeYep, I would have prolly partied my way out of school03:38
MarkDudeIf you have a good enough idea, academia will help, just need to find the right person. Once i knew that, I was good03:39
MarkDudepanoramas from the 7Live show04:15
MarkDudeand a couple of animated gifs04:16
MarkDudepleia2, the pic of Beth Lynn is pretty good in the audience. Some of the folks were going nuts04:17
pleia2haha, we are so excited :)04:19
MarkDudeI know - Beth Lynn almost too much04:22
MarkDudeChristian is doing the fist pump04:22
MarkDudeTeh teacher next to Beth Lynn looks like he is at a revival04:23
pleia2no wonder they asked if we'd been drinking04:23
MarkDudeI have seen the light, and it cam from a Penguin04:23
MarkDudeI know04:24
MarkDudeThat and it was hella dudes04:24
MarkDudeI think one or two were drinking04:24
MarkDudeI made some other gifs- one of Sunshine, and more of the crowd, but, i figured call it good04:25
MarkDude3 are covered under fair use, much more - not so much04:26
seidosanyone have experience with favicons?17:08
jledbetterMaking or including in the html?17:11
seidosincluding in the html17:12
seidosso html is necessary?17:12
seidosi thought just put it in root folder of site and done17:12
jtatumcan do that, or can be linked using <link rel="shortcut icon">17:13
seidosah, that's the thing.  i got the favicon.ico file in root, but it doesn't work right.17:14
seidosi don't get the link syntax.17:14
jledbetterI link to it17:14
seidos<link rel = $path>?17:14
seidosand does it have to go in every page that is called?17:15
seidosin order to show up?17:15
jtatumlink overrides favicon.ico17:16
jtatumwikipedia article is good if you haven't seen it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon17:16
jtatumespecially note the browser support section17:16
seidosback to the grind17:16
jledbetterjtatum, You and your wikipedia17:17
seidosjtatum, actually, the wiki had the code i needed.  thanks.18:24
Scuniziseidos: I've found if there is a directory for a theme then the favicon has to go in there (active theme) .. look for the current favicon18:58

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