reya276Anyone of here use KDE recently?01:13
gidimanunakiI love me some GNOME.01:18
govatenti used kde a few releases back. its been awhile. did you have a question about it? 01:38
govatenti always find more reasons why i love working with nix02:01
reya276oops sorry dude I was away from my pc02:14
maxolasersquadmhall119_: Ping13:27
mhall119_maxolasersquad: pong13:33
maxolasersquadI can't reach your tracker.  Would you mind checking it?13:33
mhall119_try it now13:37
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reya276Morning Everyone14:01
maxolasersquadmhall119: Sorry, yep it is working now.14:17
reya276oh oh for some reason I can use or mount any USB flash drives14:22
reya276*I can't14:22
reya276I keep getting a MSG about not having permission or that External is not the correct drive???14:23
itnet7Morning, anyone testdriving Natty Alpha 1 using the desktop disk and experiencing Unity freezing up?15:38
itnet7s/desktop disk/desktop iso15:39
reya276nope I'm stuck on a system wide Hard Drive mounting error15:39
dantalizingitnet7: it was flakey for me ... i've quit using it since ...15:39
dantalizingi got random freezes or screen redraw issues15:39
itnet7Thanks dantalizing, sounds similar15:40
itnet7reya276: what has changed on your system?15:40
reya276nothing, I think what happen was that the external drive I had before broke so I replaced it and now it is malfunctioning15:41
reya276could be because the ID changed15:41
reya276so now even when I try to mount a USB drive it fails15:41
itnet7have you tried to update /etc/fstab?15:41
reya276so I can't create a startup disk or anything15:42
itnet7with the correct id?15:42
reya276no, want to help me with that15:42
itnet7Sure, give me a sec15:42
reya276I would not even know how to obtain the ID15:42
reya276I actually need to fix it that drive so that I can re-start backing up my system15:43
reya276I also wanted to partition that new drive so I can install Kubuntu 10.10 on it but I can due to this issue15:44
reya276so I'm totally stuck15:44
itnet7so run this at a terminal: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid15:44
itnet7does it show your new uuid?15:44
reya276total 015:45
reya276lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 2011-01-04 11:53 0b0dae67-1f57-479a-b6bb-f9d40b83e5ef -> ../../sda515:45
reya276lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 2011-01-04 11:53 2394e4e2-7306-4f5a-8358-21750566d7f8 -> ../../sda315:45
reya276lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 2011-01-04 11:53 99ce2e41-a8a0-47fa-930e-3b1546c6ead6 -> ../../sda115:45
itnet7let me check something15:45
itnet7Is the external drive connected?15:46
reya276right now the HD seems to be mapped to a Directory called External15:46
itnet7what happens when you type: sudo fdisk -l15:46
reya276I have an external SATA connection15:47
reya276one sec let me pastebin this15:47
itnet7can you thanks15:47
itnet7and this too if you don't mind... : mount15:48
reya276mind, you are helping me dude15:49
itnet7sorry no colon just mount15:50
itnet7reya276: can post the output of the mount command without adding the colon, so just mount all by itself15:52
itnet7s/can/can you/15:53
reya276itnet7: Here is the content of my /etc/fstab file as well http://paste.ubuntu.com/551127/15:58
itnet7reya276: just trying to see if I can narrow down what you need to do in order to fix it so give me a few bbiab16:10
itnet7reya276: one more pastebin... output of: cat /etc/mtab16:16
itnet7I would try commenting out the last line in your /etc/fstab16:25
itnet7the one that says /dev/sdb1 /External16:25
itnet7do a quick dmesg command before you plug in the drive16:25
itnet7then do dmesg again and see what it reports after plugging in the drive16:26
maxolasersquadTotal fail.  Received an e-mail from my company about the dangers of flourscent bulbs, immediately followed up with the snopes article debunking it.16:39
reya276itnet7, I did what you said but nothing changed17:07
* MichelleQ just signed up to do a session for User Days.17:34
maxolasersquadMichelleQ: Woot!17:44
MichelleQwhat possesses me to do these things, I'll never know.  But here goes nothing!17:44
itnet7reya276: no change to dmesg after commenting out that line in fstab and unplugging and replugging it in?18:53
reya276Hey does anyone know how many concurrent connections does SQL Server 2000 can have?19:10
reya276itnet7, it does not seem like it but then again I could be wrong since I'm not a linux pro19:11
itnet7reya276: pm?19:11
itnet7I was just thinking we could pm to continue19:12
reya276oh sorry dude I had to change my Yahoo IM due to porn chics trying to contact me, the new IM id is reya1027619:12
zushi guys, been awhile.19:36
RoAkSoAxitnet7: dude!! I drop my N1 to the toilet19:54
RoAkSoAxitnet7: i put it in rice for a couple of days and seems to be working just fine19:57
itnet7RoAkSoAx: OMG, you're lucky19:59
itnet7hey there zus !19:59
itnet7zus: I was going to be in you're area sometime soon taking a certification exam20:01
MichelleQRoAkSoAx: dude, don't text from the can.20:01
zusfinnally got the net  back and stuff. got a "N"used laptop,  thinking on putting ubuntu 10.10 on it20:01
zusoh yea where is the exam?20:01
RoAkSoAxMichelleQ: hahah the phone was off luckily... that's why I think it survided :P20:02
itnet7Uhm, some testing center... 20:02
itnet7MichelleQ: nice on the User day thing!20:02
zuslol MichelleQ  i prefer to call the can the office, where texting is fine,  but hold my calls20:02
zusprobably in fort peice in IRSC campus?20:04
itnet7let me doublecheck the prometric site20:04
itnet7vue I men20:04
zusim right now looking into getting my free magazine http://fullcirclemagazine.org/20:05
itnet7zus there are two centers.... You live PSL right?20:06
itnet7Go4Cast, Inc. and Moore Solutions20:07
zusyeah i live in  PSL.20:07
mhall119zoopster: were you looking for me a couple days ago?20:16
zusi got a Thinkpad Tseries (T120:16
zusT61 14.1 wide laptop20:17
zoopstermhall119: yea...just wanted to see if you wanted to grab lunch this week...didn't realize you were out of town!20:17
mhall119maybe next week then20:20
itnet7nice zus  nvidia or ati?20:24
zusitnet7,  this one is Nvidia20:24
itnet7mhall119: how is the trip going??? 20:24
itnet7zus: sweet!20:24
zus‚Äéhope  10.10 or even kxstudio 10.04 (ubuntu) works on it, it still has vista on it, i might use the wubi and teach myself how to run ubuntu that way20:25
itnet7zus: I played Enemy Territory Quake Wars on the one I was using from work (the nvidia t-61.. the ati t-61 barfed on me)20:27
zusi played runes of magic for darn near 24 hours strainght,.. 20:27
zusithe bottom heas up really hot after a few hours, but  littereally  a few seconds over a fan its cools down20:28
itnet7in ET: Quake wars you can fly helicopters drive tanks paratroop pretty intense FPS, I was surprised it handled it so well20:29
itnet7it did get hot! I didn't realize that about the fan...20:29
zusthe comments on this fan was terrible. my buddy ordered and bought this llaptop and i was there when i came in in may 10. i got it  on xmas eve 10 lol so its kinda brand new20:30
zoopstermhall119: next week I'm in London so week after20:30
zuszoopster,  london is nice,...20:31
zusitnet7,  2.00 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo20:33
zusThinkPad Display 1440x900 [Monitor] (14.0"vis) / 4 gig ram. its the thinkvantage toolbox stuff i might loose on going  GNU/Linux20:33
zuswhere can i get a nexus or nexus one? isnt that googles phone? what carriers have it?20:35
zoopsteregads zus london is rainy or snowy and cold - it's miserable most of the time!!!20:35
zoopsterzus: ebay is the only place for n120:36
zuszoopster,  true guess thats why there is a pub every three doors. lol20:36
zoopsterI would not venture for a nexus s...my n1 rocks20:36
zoopsterheh...good point!20:36
zoopstern1 is tmobile and att20:36
zusim listening to a podcast supplement to the fullcircle magazine from ubuntu and teyare talking about the android phones and  i have yet to find a nexus, they said the phone is metal or something. 20:37
zusits about 15-25 minuts into the podcast its on the  left hand side http://fullcirclemagazine.org/20:38
zus(dont tell anyone but this is my first time listening to a pdcast,....hahaha)20:40
mhall119itnet7: we came back yesterday20:46
itnet7Oh, cool mhall119 I saw the picture, but wasn't sure it meant you were home 20:46
itnet7Hey there culb !20:47
dorgananyone in here have any experience with GIS mapping and such?21:41
maxolasersquaddorgan: What kind of experience?21:43
dorganthe ability to setup a database to hold shape information and then a system to sit on top of that to allow you to create new polygons21:44
maxolasersquadOk.  I don't have any experience with that.  Only with gathering traces from a GPS and mapping them with a GUI.21:45
maxolasersquadI contribute to openstreetmap, but don't do any of the backend programming.21:45
mhall119itnet7: yup, drove all day yesterday21:47
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