akgranerwoo hoo meeting time00:00
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akgranerWelcome to the NC LoCo Team Meeting!00:01
akgranerwho is here to participate00:01
akgraneranyone else?  I'll give it a few more minutes - nudge or remind someone if ya need too :-)00:01
akgraner_marx_, alreadt said he wouldn't be able to attend but I am not sure about anyone else00:02
akgranerholstein, was here a minute ago00:02
akgraneranyone else?00:03
akgranerHere is the agenda page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda00:04
akgraner[LINK] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda00:04
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Meeting/Agenda00:04
holsteinSO we need to do something to get this loco happenin00:04
holsteinmaybe a meet up in the middle somewhere00:04
akgranerhowever the information listed seems out of date or overcome by events00:04
akgranerdo we need to discuss anything there?00:04
holsteinnot that i see00:05
internalkernelWe're kinda limpin along as a loco here...00:05
akgraneralrighty then I'll clear the agenda then00:05
akgraner[topic] increasing loco participation in 201100:06
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  increasing loco participation in 201100:06
holsteinyeah, i was hoping spreading the meeting chair around would be a way to get new folk involved00:06
holsteinmaybe that has been a bad idea00:06
holsteinall that should be fine00:06
internalkernelI dont think its been a bad idea...00:06
holsteinif we had something to do as a group00:06
akgranerI don't think it's a bad idea at all00:07
holsteinyou want to just plan something simple like a meet-up?00:07
akgranerI think we are missing major segments of the team00:07
holsteinmaybe in charlotte00:07
akgranerthose who don't use IRC00:07
internalkernelwe have firestorm, and a monthly LUG where Ubuntu is heavily represented...00:07
internalkernelI dont know what else to do aside from paying people00:07
akgranernah what I mean is  - forums, mailing list and finding out who the contacts in the pocket locations are and making sure we are in contact with them00:08
internalkernelmaybe there is a large user base in Charlotte, I would guess that is so - but how do we reach them...00:08
holsteinthe list is all i can handle00:08
holsteinand we should all be subscribed if interested00:09
internalkernelI think for the most part Asheville seems to be the hub of the NC Loco - that and Raleigh/Durham out by Marx and Bugeyed00:09
akgranerholstein, so the mailing list can be your area for example00:09
holsteinmaybe we need a newletter? or something00:09
akgranerso ideas are00:09
akgraner[idea] - newsletter00:09
Mootbot-UKIDEA received:  - newsletter00:09
akgraner[idea] website00:09
Mootbot-UKIDEA received:  website00:09
akgraner[idea] - social media00:10
Mootbot-UKIDEA received:  - social media00:10
holsteinwe are way past making a new FB page00:10
akgraner[idea] - lug meetings00:10
Mootbot-UKIDEA received:  - lug meetings00:10
holsteini think we're good to go for that00:10
akgranerholstein, just listing all the options00:10
holsteinjust making a new one00:10
akgranercrap that was my action item oops00:10
akgranerI'll just make one  :-/00:11
akgranerwho used to come to the meetings from Charlotte?00:11
holsteinTronyx was for a bit00:12
holsteinhe's back in chicago though00:12
akgranerahh ok00:12
holsteini see him around00:12
akgranerI think we are trying to be to fancy tight now - KIS method is what I am thinking00:13
holsteinim with you00:13
holsteinhow about we do a FB page00:13
holsteinafter this meeting00:13
holsteinand we email the list about it00:13
internalkernelworks for me... I'll "Like it"00:13
holsteinmake some admins00:13
akgraner[ACTION] - holstein and akgraner to make a new FB page after meeting00:13
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  - holstein and akgraner to make a new FB page after meeting00:13
holsteinFB or twitter00:13
holsteinnot both though i think00:14
internalkernelI think also maybe creating some mroe traffic on the list... I like the idea of a newsletter - but something that creates conversation...00:14
akgranerwe have a twitter and identi.ca account00:14
holsteininternalkernel: maybe tech segments?00:14
holsteinsomething easy00:14
holsteinwe just try and fire out there00:14
holsteineven if its just a link00:14
holstein"check this out"00:14
akgranerbut really all someone needs to so is use #ubuntunc00:14
internalkernelyeah I was thinking along those lines...00:14
internalkernelsomethign small and easy, of course - one or two topics at a time or several articles around the same topic...00:15
holsteinwhats ubuntunc?00:15
akgranera one page newsletter (once a month to start) would be easy00:15
holsteinyou mean here?00:15
akgranerthe team hashtag for twitter and identi.ca00:15
holsteinif theres YA irc channel i might cry :/00:15
holsteinok :)00:15
akgranermake sense?00:16
akgranerso that's taken care of00:16
holsteini think the newsletter might be a bit much right now00:16
holsteinwe'd need an orginanizer and all that00:16
holsteinand content finders00:16
akgranerinternalkernel, we can use mailchimp (I have an account) and do a simple one page newsletter if you want00:16
holsteinmaybe put that in the 'for later' catagory?00:17
akgranerpeople who subscribe can choose the format as well - mobile, html, or text only00:17
holsteinim with you guys though..00:17
internalkernelsounds good to me, let's plan to have a newsletter format put together by the next release?00:17
holsteinno need to put it to a vote00:17
akgraneralrighty!  we can just get the template etc all in place and ready to roll out in April00:17
holsteini like it00:18
akgraner[ACTION] internalkernel, holstein, akgraner (and whoever else wants to help) roll out Team Newsletter in April00:18
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  internalkernel, holstein, akgraner (and whoever else wants to help) roll out Team Newsletter in April00:18
internalkernelsweet... we have purpose!00:18
akgranerhey guys - if someone else is doing something bigger and better in their area we don't want them to stop we just want to be able to tell people what they are doing00:19
akgranerso if you hear of something make sure we let the ML, forums, and IRC folks know - we can come up with where on the wiki's to add that content later00:20
akgranerthe wiki's need a facelift as well - but we can set that as a goal for the next Ubuntu Global Jam00:20
akgraner(whenever that is  - I don't know off the top of my head)00:20
internalkerneldidnt we determine we had a "wiki maintainer"00:21
akgraner[ACTION] - team wiki clean up next Ubuntu Global Jam weekend00:21
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  - team wiki clean up next Ubuntu Global Jam weekend00:21
internalkernelor wiki team00:21
internalkernelI have to say gnight to the little one - brb00:21
holsteinprolly the 3 of us ;)00:21
akgranerinternalkernel, yeah - but you know life happens lets not hold a hard line to that  - whomever wants to contribute and can well  - let's encourage them00:22
akgranerholstein, does that make sense to you?00:24
akgraneragenda page is clear and ready for next meeting! woo hoo!00:26
akgraneryou guys back yet?00:26
holsteinim ing00:27
holsteinmight be nice to have a wiki overlord though00:28
holsteinsomeone to crack the whip a bit if needed00:28
holsteinand just make it known that anyone can contribute00:28
holsteinwhich that should already be known00:28
holsteinWELL, ideally, will just get more traffic00:28
holsteinand none of this will matter anways00:28
holsteinit'll just work itself out00:29
holsteinakgraner: you want to set up the FB?00:29
akgranerjust wanted to plant the idea that we need to update the pages - I know I'll do what I can when I can00:29
holsteinakgraner: i do 'create group' right?00:30
holsteini'll get it going00:30
akgranerjust add a couple more people than you as admin00:30
holsteinakgraner: what do we call it?00:30
holsteinakgraner: i'll add you in a minute00:30
akgranerholstein, what is the other one called00:30
holsteinLoCo Ubuntu NorthCarolina00:31
holsteinUbuntu NC LoCo00:31
akgranercrap there are a lot of people signed up for that one00:31
holsteinwe can put this one on the front page there though several times00:32
holsteinakgraner: we almost have to now00:33
holsteinwe voted :/00:33
akgraneryep we'll figure it out00:33
akgranerI remember00:33
holsteinprivacy open?00:33
holsteinmembers are public00:33
holsteinthats what we want right?00:33
akgraneryep - Do Ubuntu NC LoCo Team00:33
akgraneropen yes00:33
akgranerthanks holstein - one less action item on the list!00:34
akgranerSo for those who are here in the meeting - what expectations do you have of the LoCo team?  Doesn't matter what the idea is let's add it to the list of goals and see how we can meet those expectations and goals00:36
holsteinthis look right?http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_18281506174809400:37
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_18281506174809400:37
akgranercool - just grab the logo and stuff and make it a page you want to send people to00:38
akgranerto find out about the team and Ubuntu and all that stuffs00:38
holsteinakgraner: make you an admin so you can do what?00:39
holsteini'll get some admins going00:39
holsteinand make it happen00:39
akgranercause trouble and stir up stuff :-)00:39
holsteinthere we go00:40
holsteinakgraner and internalkernel powered up :)00:40
akgranerI don't need to be - just wanted to make sure there were 2 or 3 people instead of just one00:40
holsteini think since the last issue00:40
holsteinthe more the merrier00:40
holsteini'll catch _marx_ later00:40
holsteinand whoever else00:41
akgranerholstein, did you see my question  - when you mentioned brainstorming earlier...00:41
* internalkernel catching up... sorry... 00:41
akgranerwhat would you like to see the LoCo team become00:41
akgranerWhat kinds of things make you want to participate - not just you but anyone following along00:41
holsteinjust more connected i think00:42
holsteinmaybe some activities in the name of the LoCo00:42
holsteinput that banner to use00:42
akgranerwithout some kinda goals we are out in Limbo00:42
akgranernot end all be all goals - just what you'd like to get out of the group but aren't at them moment00:43
internalkernelthats a good point... and I like the developing of community aspect of it...00:44
internalkerneland its always a good time to turn someone onto Ubuntu...00:44
akgranerI know for me - If I am not excited about participating in something, or I don't feel connect, I know I won't represent a team or project well00:44
internalkernelyeah, exactly... and I like that excitement...00:45
akgranerconnected even (sorry I can't spell tonight)00:45
internalkernelfor some reaason my irc client refuses to autocomplete anyones name...00:45
internalkernelI know the feeling...00:45
akgranerso how about an action item/survey about what people want from teams - what is their motivation paycheck they get from being part of it etc00:46
akgranerI can create the survey this weekend - can one of you all send it out etc00:46
internalkernelYeah I can send it out, we can post the results and maybe start a conversation going...00:47
akgranerI'd just like to see what people's expectations are, and what we are doing well, and what we need to improve upon etc00:47
akgranerinternalkernel, exactly00:47
akgranerSo I think we have some solid goals to build upon now?  Thoughts00:48
internalkernelI need an emoticon for a thumbs up...00:49
internalkernelthat would be useful...00:49
akgranerI hope I don't sound bossy... or anything00:49
internalkernelnot at all, i think we're on teh same page here00:50
internalkernelI think we need to check in with the community at large - the community being the people that respond to the survey...00:50
akgranerso _marx_ is set to chair the next meeting right?00:50
* holstein +100:50
internalkerneland we'll go from there...00:50
holstein_marx_ is next00:50
akgraneranything else before we end the meeting?00:51
internalkernel::thumbs up::00:51
internalkernelthats all I got...00:51
akgranerThanks everyone and if there is nothing else...00:51
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 00:51.00:51
akgranerI've missed you all!00:52
holsteinvery PRO-ductive00:52
akgranerI am so glad I could make it tonight!00:52
* holstein hugs akgraner 00:52
holsteinme too00:52
akgraneralrighty  - I have some work to do now - but I'll try to get everything added and sent to the list by tomorrow evening00:53
akgraneris that ok with you all?00:53
holsteinakgraner: works for me00:54
holsteinping me if i can help00:54
akgranerholstein, internalkernel  - I have to go to VA (oteen) next week so I'll plan on spending the whole day in the area00:54
internalkernelsounds good...00:54
internalkernelwheres oteen?00:54
internalkernelI'll figure it out, just email... I have plenty of time - but with one car I have limited range...00:55
akgranerso hopefully I'll be in and out of there before lunch on Thursday00:55
akgranerno worries - if I need to I'll play taxi and pick ya up00:55
internalkernelwe can work something out... thanks...00:55
akgraneron that sounds horrible you know what I meant right?00:55
internalkernellol... why would you go there...00:57
internalkernelI didnt get much sleep last night...00:57
internalkernelIm relatively delirious00:58
akgranerVeterans Hospital is there01:03
akgranerand I need to get re-evaluated and all that good stuffs01:03
akgranerI have a couple service related injuries that they need to take care of01:04
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