greyfox1POP QUIZ, HOTSHOTS01:56
greyfox1I need to file a bug--my laptop monitor brightness works, but not at boot. Only after I suspend & resume once. After that it's fine.01:57
greyfox1What package do I file that against?01:57
greyfox1A cookie for anyone who knows01:57
Cheri703hmmm...kernel perhaps? perhaps a bios issue?01:58
greyfox1The kernel? Intel drivers?01:58
Cheri703I'd vote for kernel...or power manager?02:01
Unit193What program do/can you use to configure it?02:01
greyfox1Configure what, exactly? The screen? Just the default "monitor preferences" dialog.02:02
Cheri703the suspend/resume settings are in power manager02:02
Cheri703I'd say kernel02:03
Cheri703the thought on power manager was because perhaps there is some box that gets ticked after a suspend/resume, but I dunno02:03
greyfox1Hmm, I'll have a look at that. I don't think anything there could affect the fn keys, though.02:04
Cheri703hmm...longshot, but try a different keyboard layout? or assign fn to something else?02:04
greyfox1Ok, so nothing apparently amiss with the power mgmt dialog.02:13
Cheri703:/ ok02:14
greyfox1Here's something interesting: when I first boot, xev reports nothing when I press fn+f6/f7 (brightness up/down)02:14
greyfox1but once I suspend/resume, I get plenty of output from xev like i'd expect. Hmm02:14
greyfox1Wish I knew exactly what this means. I guess kernel sounds like a good idea? Hmm02:14
* Cheri703 likes chocolate chip02:15
greyfox1haha, well played!02:15
greyfox1Maybe at OLF this year :)02:16
Cheri703heh, sounds good :)02:17
greyfox1Oh shoot, check this out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hotkeys/Troubleshooting02:18
greyfox1found that link in another bug report about hotkeys. Looks like troubleshooting can be a mess02:18
Cheri703what model of laptop?02:18
greyfox1Toshiba satellite a305-s685702:19
greyfox1Weird thing is, this only just started with 10.1002:19
greyfox1before, they would NEVER work02:19
greyfox1so, I'm a little better off at least02:19
Cheri703:/ so you're halfway there?02:19
* Cheri703 is attempting to troubleshoot an ipod tonight02:22
greyfox1Oh yeah? What's the skinny?02:22
Cheri703was given to us, cuts out after a few songs, stops playing. I think it's overheating. it has a short battery life, but there is still charge when it does it. I'm willing to replace the battery, but only after I know it's not horribly damaged in some other way02:23
Cheri703I just popped it open, charging it now02:23
greyfox1You mean you didn't take it to an authorized Apple Genius (TM) ?@!?!02:24
Cheri703it's old02:24
Cheri703coworker gave it to my brother who gave it to us02:24
Cheri7035th generation video ipod02:24
greyfox1Heh, I have one of those.02:24
Cheri703does it crap out?02:25
greyfox1No, nary a problem with it actually.02:26
Cheri703well, that's good :)02:26
greyfox1I've been really gentle with it02:26
Cheri703I can't remember, do you dual-boot your computer? there was someone who does02:26
Cheri703probably good02:26
greyfox1I'm proud to say I haven't needed to dual boot in years. I use a VM occasionally but that's it02:27
Cheri703the other night I set up an older compaq (inherited from parents) as a potentially headless dual-boot02:27
greyfox1Ooh, interesting! I've never tried that. How did it go?02:28
Cheri703had a compaq OEM XP Pro cd, so figured I would take advantage of it02:28
Cheri703it's awesom02:28
Cheri703I just ssh'd into the ubuntu side and rebooted it into windows, now installing updates and such :)02:28
greyfox1Very cool. SSH is one of those things that is perpetually on my to-do list that I never get around to.02:29
greyfox1So, I'm slightly jealous.02:29
Cheri703I have it set up for vnc as well :)02:29
Cheri703I love it02:30
Cheri703especially ssh -x02:30
Cheri703use that ALL the time02:30
greyfox1what do you use it for?02:30
greyfox1I mean, you personally02:30
greyfox1not what is it for in general02:30
Cheri703I use ssh -x for gnucash...it lets me keep one file in one place and I can update it from anywhere. also changing settings in things that aren't convenient from cli, I also use regular ssh for installing software, updates, etc02:31
Cheri703my next thing on the list is to use screen02:32
greyfox1That's great. I think I need to get going on stuff like that.02:36
Cheri703also useful for connecting to network drives, can just do "connect to server" and it'll connect02:36
canthus13hmm.. I think I'm gonna try grml.03:56
canthus13Seeing as it's based on debian, it shouldn't be too hard to use.04:00
canthus13wow.  I've got torrents jamming up my connection to the point where ssh between my laptop and my server is choking up.04:01
* canthus13 thought he had that throttled.04:07
canthus13Dunno why I was hitting 3.6MB/sec. :P04:07
canthus13I set it to 2.8.04:08
canthus13You're starting to sound like me there...04:08
* Cheri703 is amused04:09
Cheri703and I may have fixed that ipod04:10
* Cheri703 chuckles, but rarely l's-o-l04:10
* Cheri703 also hates it when people put OMG I LOLD or whatever...it's L'D O L04:10
Cheri703no one laugh out louds or laugh out louded04:10
* canthus13 laughs out louded.04:18
* Cheri703 's brain exploded04:18
* canthus13 grins.04:18
* canthus13 has heard someone say 'lol' out loud before....04:22
Cheri703yeah, I've heard it a few times04:22
Cheri703part of me dies inside04:23
canthus13time to watch the Dr. Who christmas episode...04:23
Cheri703did you hear david tennant is marrying a woman who played his daughter and is actually the daughter of a previous dr who?04:23
canthus13Eh? No...04:23
canthus13Hmm.. unconfirmed rumor at the moment, it looks like.04:26
Cheri703hang on, let me find the link I got04:27
Cheri703friend in uk sent it to me04:28
* canthus13 never trusts british tabloids jounalism as a primary source.04:28
canthus13The daily mail is about like the Enquirer.04:28
Cheri703well, sure04:29
Cheri703still funny, either way he's marrying the daughter of a doctor...his or the other one04:29
Cheri703got 30+ minutes of playing from ipod, previous max was 15 minutes, and that was only once, after that 5 or less04:38
Cheri703charging it now to see total potential battery/playing time04:38

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