ChinnoDogThe top 5 offenders in descendind order is chrome, Xorg, gwibber-service, tomboy, and ubuntuone-syncd00:00
ChinnoDogchrime is using 107mb, which is a lot considering I only have one tab open. I don't know how much FF would use. and, 40.8mb is a pretty obscene amount for gwibber-service to be using. 39.9mb is an awful lot for tomboy as well.00:01
jthanChinnoDog: kill em :-P01:03
pleia2that's how much modern operating systems use01:05
pleia2gnome itself is pretty heavy01:07
jthanChinnoDog: how much does your windows install use when you boot it? MOre than 529 I bet.01:15
waltmanChinnoDog: 107mb is nothing these days01:17
jedijfmemory usage is a little misleading...sort of ..check this out http://www.linfo.org/free.html01:17
waltmanChinnoDog: also that 129mb is probably virtual, not real memory01:19
ChinnoDogjedijf: I used this to get memory usage: http://www.pixelbeat.org/scripts/ps_mem.py01:37
ChinnoDogStill, I hesitate to install Ubuntu onto this computer with only 640mb of memory01:39
ChinnoDogI'm installing xubuntu on it now. I really wanted to put Ubuntu on it because the person receiving the workstation has probably never used it before, but I don't want it to cave under the [memory] pressure01:40
pleia2I have 10.04 on p3 my laptop with 384M ram, it does ok but mostly I just use debian on it, policy-wise the systems we deploy at schools we won't do under p4 w/ 512, and really prefer 1G (we're upgrading a whole lab to 1G this month)01:41
ChinnoDogSo, you think 10.10 would be ok with 640mb?01:42
jedijfwhose it for?01:43
ChinnoDogI think the Ubuntu experience is better, but only if it isn't slow as molasses01:43
pleia2it depends on what you're doing01:43
ChinnoDoga girl that needs a computer01:43
jedijfwhat kind of user01:44
jedijfinternet only01:44
ChinnoDogWell that is why I brought up the question.... what is in Ubuntu that is going to require you to have 1gb of memory?01:44
jedijferr that01:44
jthanyeah flash tends to suck.01:44
ChinnoDogflash is going to eat memory?01:44
jthanFlash and linux still makes me upset.01:45
pleia2it's pretty much the only thing that runs like crap on my mini901:45
jedijfmy van p3 doesn't have much memory ..i use ephiphany cause anything else sucked01:45
pleia2chrome, open office, gimp - all good!01:45
ChinnoDogpleia2: so, you would just do it? I trust your advice on this one because I don't have enough experience installing Ubuntu on diverse hardware.01:45
pleia2try to play a youtube video? boo01:45
pleia2I'd upgrade it to 1G, ram is cheap, you've got places like freegeek near you to snag it if you don't want to go online01:46
pleia2we're getting all the ram for our labs pretty much for free at this point01:46
jedijfone of my dells in the office runs good with 1gig and a p4 celery01:47
jthanChinnoDog: Hell - I have SO Much memory sitting in anti-static boxes in my attic. What kind do you need :-P01:47
jthanjedijf: I have a 768MB w/ Celeron that runs decent. most times I don't run a gui though.01:47
jedijfyeah, i know good is sooo subjective01:48
ChinnoDogpleia2: upgrading is not an option. I've filled the slots, and 133Mhz DIMMs are not that easy to find anymore01:48
jedijfif it's really an issue, put lupup on and blow her away01:48
ChinnoDogIn any case, I do not wish to sink money into this thing01:48
jedijfChinnoDog: throw lupup on it and try it yourself01:49
pleia2well, as I said, we put out ones that run on 512M and it's ok, they just can't load up lots of stuff at once (do people do that?)01:49
jthansays the girl with 900 workspaces01:49
pleia2only 1601:49
pleia2and 2 are unused right now!01:50
jthanWhat do you /do/ on each of them?01:50
ChinnoDogpleia2 doesn't count as an end user01:50
jthanI want a report with what's running on each.01:50
jthanBecause I don't know what to do with 4 or 5 let alone 1601:50
ChinnoDogok, I'll install regular Ubuntu. restarting install now01:50
pleia21: vuze & thunderbird; 2: gimp & fspot 3: virtual machine manager & invoices; 4: irssi and work email; 5: firefox and password safe; 6: mplayer & alsamixer; 7: thunar; 8: blank01:51
jthanI didn't know anyone used vuze01:52
pleia29-15 terminals w/ ssh into work servers01:52
pleia216 is blank01:52
pleia2heh, I said firefox, I meant chrome01:52
jthanYou wish it was firefox :-P01:53
pleia2if firefox wasn't so slow I'd use it!01:53
jthanYeahh I know that feeling. I've been using Opera on my Mac :-/01:53
jthan That makes me feel really dirty01:53
jedijfChinnoDog: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/puppy-5.1.1/release-Lucid-511.htm01:55
ChinnoDogjthan: why wouldn't you install chrome on Mac?01:55
jedijfthat's what you want ^^^01:55
ChinnoDogjedijf: no puppy for new users!01:55
jthanWhy? Because I don't like it.01:55
pleia2jthan: what do all the cool kids use for torrents?01:55
ChinnoDogespecially since I've never used it, I can't help her.01:55
pleia2I used the super basic curses client for a while but then it broke01:55
ChinnoDogjthan == cool kid?01:55
pleia2rtorrent is annoying01:55
jthanpleia2: I use Transmission and on my server I run torrentflux01:56
ChinnoDogThere is an Android app that will remote control transmission I think01:56
jthanI'm excited for AT&T getting the Motorola Atrix01:57
pleia2neat, there is transmission-cli too, maybe that doesn't suck01:57
jthanI used that once, I dont' remember if I liked it.01:57
jthanYou don't like transmission?01:57
jthanIt's simple and gets the job done01:57
pleia2never used it01:57
jthanWell you should try it.01:57
pleia2when I was installing it pulled in -cli too01:58
ChinnoDogI've used transmission-cli. It wasn't bad.01:58
ChinnoDogI downloaded something or other on my vps when I was in Australia in Feb using transmission-cli.01:58
ChinnoDogThat was so that I could download it to my laptop from my VPS.01:59
jthanI think Linode should let you torrent anything... :-P01:59
jthanI kid01:59
pleia2apt shouldn't offer to restart gdm with a default of "yes"02:02
pleia2also, I shouldn't mindlessly hit enter to restart services02:03
pleia2(see where I'm going?)02:03
pleia2I am the best sysadmin ever02:03
jthanI believe it.02:04
jthanDo you know where bts has been?02:04
jthanI miss that guy :-(02:04
jthanGuys lets have a meeting there's like 4 of us here02:10
ChinnoDogYou rescheduled it for Thursdays02:13
jthanI know.02:13
jthanBut that was my night off at my old job02:13
jthannow I have a new schedule with my new job02:13
jthanSOo... :-P02:13
ChinnoDogmeeting tomorrow. :-p02:16
ChinnoDogIma go play xbox02:16
jthanWell I'll be at work02:16
mikedep333andrew, you still need the 12V 1A adapter?02:29
mikedep333ChinnoDog, Lubuntu is pretty nice too for low memory02:30
mikedep333it's liter than xubuntu02:31
mikedep333although I routinely see fresh installs of Ubuntu using up 250-300MB of ram or so on startup02:31
mikedep333*typically see02:31
mikedep333sometimes as low as 200MB or so02:31
mikedep333ChinnoDog, also, don't forget about midori!02:31
mikedep333it's lite and has great web standard support (and therefore website compatibility)02:32
mikedep333Lubuntu being based on LXDE (lightweight x11 desktop environment). It's early in development but still a very good option if you want to go liter than xubuntu.02:33
mikedep333#lubuntu is a pretty good channel02:33
andrewmikedep333: Yes03:03
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!04:19
MutantTurkeymikedep333as low as 200MB? thats awful04:47
MutantTurkeymy full gnome starts up at like 12004:48
MutantTurkeyand i'm using tons of bloatwarez04:48
MutantTurkeymikedep333: i mean seriously, thats a joke. and yet midori has taking a few strides (check out luakit i hear its quite nice) but it still stuck behind the webkitgtk port so basically we're waiting on the webkit2 API to build :|04:49
MutantTurkeymy two cents before heading off to bed04:49
BeckySanderlin`xFirst custom firmware for hacked PS3 is created. And so it begins..http://bit.ly/h73D1B11:03
BeckySanderlin`xSomeone tell me of a good password manager for Chrome on linux? Like Opera's Wand or Firefox  Secure Login Extension14:10
ChinnoDogBeckySanderlin`x: what does manging passwords have to do with web browsers?16:15
BeckySanderlin`x1. I have a gmail account. Now in Firefox, an extension called WebMail Notifier automatically logs me into google.16:17
BeckySanderlin`x2. I belong to several forums. Using SecureLogin or Opera Wand allows me to just go to the webpage and it auto logs me into the page from the saved password information.16:17
BeckySanderlin`xnow i really dont understand your quesition, but tahts what im trying to do in Chrome.16:18
BeckySanderlin`xand thats what i dont want andrew16:18
BeckySanderlin`xOpera Wand is local, as is Firefox's Manager16:18
ChinnoDogBeckySanderlin`x: Do those password managers let you get the password back out of them if you forget what they are?16:18
BeckySanderlin`xLast Pass is onine16:18
jedijfjust trust16:18
BeckySanderlin`xyes ChinnoDog, thers a method that can be used16:18
BeckySanderlin`xsince they are local16:19
andrewBeckySanderlin`x: They only have an encrypted copy of your information, you are the only one who holds the key16:19
BeckySanderlin`xand really thats the only method i can find16:19
BeckySanderlin`xand its disheartening16:19
BeckySanderlin`xX Marks got bought up by LastPass last month..16:20
BeckySanderlin`xso they will be x-fering xmarks into a new system16:20
andrewBeckySanderlin`x: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:lifehacker.com+hive+five+password+management16:21
ChinnoDogWhat is the down side of LastPass? I am looking at the extension page.16:22
BeckySanderlin`xandrew: w/ that page..16:22
BeckySanderlin`xits 1 for windows16:22
BeckySanderlin`x1 for Mac Os X16:22
BeckySanderlin`xand 1 specifically for Firefox16:22
andrewBeckySanderlin`x: for Keepass? Perhaps that's why I didn't choose to use that one16:23
BeckySanderlin`xi need something that is cross-platform and cross-browsers16:23
andrewBeckySanderlin`x: That's why I'm using LastPass16:23
andrewChinnoDog: I haven't found many downsides to LastPass16:25
BeckySanderlin`xChinnoDog: theres no downside that ive researched as of yet because i just got to the documentation of LastPass. Whats disheartening to me is there is only ONE avenue, and its Lastpass. There used to be several but its now a monoply16:25
andrewwhat do you mean by one avenue?16:25
andrewhow is it a monoply?16:25
ChinnoDogDo we trust LastPass with social security numbers?16:27
andrewwhat do you mean by one avenue?16:28
andrewhow is it a monoply?16:28
andrewI haven't given it mine, but I enter it online so infrequently (and I know mine by heart) that I don't bother having anythign remember it16:28
jedijfChinnoDog: how's that desktop run? - this lappy (van) 700 mhz 256 ram is ok16:37
ChinnoDogjedijf: Which one? The first one with celery 466 and 128mb RAM couldn't even run xubuntu 10.10. The one I set up last night is an Athlon 1.1 with 640mb and it runs ok with Ubuntu 10.1016:48
BeckySanderlin`xok. so andrew, you are using LastPass? Can you setup a key stroke to open a website/ login ?17:02
andrewYes; Haven't tried, but I think it's fairly simple to do something like that17:03
BeckySanderlin`xsay wanted to enter Hulu.com. W/ last pass can i press ctrl + shit + L and it automatically sign me in?17:03
BeckySanderlin`xok i think i'll try it..17:04
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all, and FACON to the no believers!17:21
jedijfChinnoDog: the 466 do alt install cli only then add up17:45
ChinnoDogjedijf: Why will that make it better? Won't the same apps be running when I am done?17:51
=== lamalex_ is now known as lamalex
jedijfChinnoDog: no, cli is like 400 megs , no x - you add what you want..like lxde or xfce - make it special17:53
jedijfbut alt cli gives you desktop kernel, not server kernel like server install17:53
ChinnoDogjedijf: but to configure a full environment for a new user I would end up installing the same stuff anyway...19:15
ChinnoDogI kept the system since I couldn't give it away, but I doubt I will use it. idk if I will toss it or give it a special purpose.19:16
ChinnoDogIt has an AT motherboard. When you plug it in the fan spins up even when the PC isn't turned on.19:19
ChinnoDogsup lamalex19:47
lamalexgot new glasses19:47
lamalexlookin sharp19:47
ChinnoDogCool. What is the style these days?19:47
ChinnoDoglamalex: You didn't update your FB pic. Don't you need to promote your new image?19:49
lamalexChinnoDog, the style is to not care about facebook19:51
BeckySanderlin`xpfft.. everyone cares about facebook19:54
BeckySanderlin`xyou have to act like you dont care19:55
=== lamalex_ is now known as lamalex
lamalexChinnoDog, new glasses -> http://imgur.com/FD9oN20:38
lamalexjthan, bike I'm building is in the background of that pic20:39
ChinnoDogI see. Big glasses are in. I don't get fashion. I should get new glasses; I have not had new ones in awhile.20:43
* ssweeny switched to two monacles21:08

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