vychunehow you doing01:10
cyberangerhey vychune01:10
cyberangerhey linuxman41001:10
vychunehello again01:10
linuxman410doing ok and you01:10
linuxman410hey cyberanger01:10
vychunecyberanger my normal ubuntu partition conked out on me01:11
vychuneim now using peppermint01:11
vychunemy ubuntu is now minty fresh lol01:12
linuxman410peppermint is ok i tried it out01:12
vychuneim loving it01:12
linuxman410i am using fedora 14 right now01:12
vychunebooooooo lol01:13
vychunei tried to use it and it panicked on me01:13
linuxman410i have been using ubuntu since 5.10 and fedora since it first came out01:14
vychunewow thats cool01:14
vychunehow was 5.10 by the way?01:14
linuxman410my  first linux was mandrake 7.001:15
linuxman4105.10 was ok but flaky to me01:15
cyberangerlinuxman410: I think I had used 4.10, my first install was 5.0401:15
linuxman410i still have 5.10 cd from ubuntu you want one01:16
cyberangertook alot of changelog reviews and such, had a hard time figuring that out01:16
linuxman410i bought 10 of them at a thrift store sentimental value01:17
cyberangernaw, lucid and maverick suits me fine01:17
vychunenope im goooooooood lol01:17
linuxman410tried natty out thought it was no good i hope it gets better01:17
vychunenattys not looking so good01:18
vychunewhat are you guys up to/01:18
cyberangerDebian Sid >:-)01:20
linuxman410i am just now getting fedora back on my laptop it is updating now if natty does not get better will have to change to something else01:20
cyberangerthat's my current meddling atm01:20
cyberangeraka Debian Unstable01:20
linuxman410i have debian 6 on my desktop01:21
cyberangerthat and configuring another opennic server or two01:21
vychuneopennic huh i think i know what that does but could you still tell me lol01:22
cyberangerOpennic is an alternate DNS service01:22
linuxman410i am running crunchbang 10 on a 500mhz laptop with 128 ram and it flies01:22
cyberangerI currently host a public server (tier 2)01:22
vychunecrunchbang? and wow a public server cool01:23
linuxman410cyberanger what is on your server01:23
chris4585crunchbang is pure awesomeness01:23
cyberangerI use bind9 for it01:23
vychuneim trying to start a social network myself01:23
cyberangeryes, crunchbang is awesome01:23
vychunewhat is crunchbang? a desktop enviorment?01:24
cyberangerlinuxman410: bind9 for dns, apache2 for an httpd server, squid as a cacheing proxy01:24
linuxman410crunchbang has very low hardware requirments and runs great01:24
linuxman410cool cyberanger01:25
vychuneoh openbox huh looks good01:25
chris4585crunchbang is a remix using openbox01:25
chris4585it uses debian now right?01:25
vychunehello chris4585 and thanks01:25
linuxman410yeah 10 uses debian 601:25
cyberangereh, the starlter alpha does01:25
linuxman410it is not alpha no more01:26
cyberangerand they dropped the older ones finaly01:26
cyberangerand they dropped the older ones finally01:26
cyberangerlinuxman410: yeah, just saw that, cool01:26
chris4585personally that doesn't appeal to me, I'd rather have ubuntu base but meh, I'd rather just set it up how I want it01:26
cyberangerand I don't run much on apache atm, just a pac file really01:26
cyberangerI need to build it out more01:26
cyberangeresp. http://www.zachgibbens.geek01:27
cyberangerno point having an opennic doman be that bland01:27
vychune.geek? lol01:27
chris4585why does zach gibbens sound familiar?01:29
linuxman410it does not have nothing says domain not found when i type it in01:29
cyberangerchris4585: ahem01:29
chris4585ah thats why01:30
chris4585well I have another friend with a similar name I think01:30
cyberangerlinuxman410: opennic domain01:30
cyberangerlinuxman410: http://www.opennicproject.org/01:31
cyberangerI need to get my ICANN domain going too01:34
vychunei got  one chestpaint.com but nothings on it01:35
linuxman410still waiting on diaspora01:35
cyberangerlinuxman410: why, I've ran it fine01:36
cyberangerand so have others01:36
linuxman410be back have to restart01:38
vychunehey cyberanger im trying to do a socail network any suggestions?01:39
cyberangercreate one?01:43
linuxman410new version of peppermint out today01:45
linuxman410i went into peppermint os irc channel for support and no one in there uses it i mean wow01:47
linuxman410most of them use linuxmint or ubuntu01:48
chris4585linuxman410, whats so surprising about that?01:48
linuxman410i just figured if you are going to support why not use it01:49
linuxman410does not say a whole lot for the os if the support team does not use it01:50
linuxman410debian and redhat started it all almost every distro is based on one of them01:53
cyberangeralmost, heh, like slackware, arch?01:55
linuxman410i said almost not all01:55
cyberangerand what if the disto is better than the souce ;-)01:56
cyberangerfedora, like redhat, just suck less01:57
cyberangercentos, like redhat, just free and open source01:57
linuxman410just means it improves as it spreads01:57
cyberangerat what point though do you have to change to not be based off of it though01:58
chris4585cyberanger, I'd say if you create a new package format is the only real requirement01:59
chris4585just my opinion02:00
vychunewoow i missed a lot lol02:28
vychunebut its a great live cd distro02:28
* wrst really needs to get battery backup03:56
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Svpernova09I need to prep a drive for resale, it's had some personal info on it, you guys have any suggestions for something free that'll overwrite it a few times?17:12
pace_t_zuludban ftw17:12
Svpernova09See, I knew you guys wouldn't let me down :_D17:13
cyberangeralso, there's wipe http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15037/use-an-ubuntu-live-cd-to-securely-wipe-your-pcs-hard-drive/17:14
cyberanger(If I didn't allways have a boot disc with dban on it, I'd still have an ubuntu live disc on me and hopefully a data connection, but since I keep them both nearby, I can choose)17:18
cyberangerSvpernova09: plenty of options, but dban is probally the simplest17:22
Svpernova09Coo, running dban on it now. Thanks17:23
cyberangerpersonally, for secure deletion, I'm a fan of a thermite charge, but that might just be due to the pyrotechnics, a lot more visual effects ;-)17:25
Svpernova09Boss's Daughter's laptop, they're gonna ebay it when I'm done.17:25
chris4585hrm weird, I ticked the 3d support for virtualbox but doesn't seem to be working...18:44
pace_t_zuluchris4585: you need to reinstall the guest additions after ticking 3d support18:44
pace_t_zuluagain, make sure you have vbox 4.018:44
chris4585yeah I have 4.018:45
chris4585pace_t_zulu, any idea how to show the menu bar? I somehow hid it...18:51
chris4585nvm I got it18:56
pace_t_zuluchris4585: so you have unity running in vbox?19:15
chris4585no updates yet though, have to wait until 2am19:17
cyberangerdon't you just love hughesnet so much you wanna take it outside with a tall sturdy tree and sturdy rope19:19
chris4585I think we need a new dish actually...19:20
chris4585or something, lately it just seems to be getting worse19:20
cyberangerchris4585: that's not a bad idea, what's your modem? hn7000s ?19:22
chris4585at the time I think it was the new one19:24
cyberangerthat sucks19:25
cyberangerthat means it's a Ka band system, spotbeam technology19:28
cyberangerand as such, all issues must go through hughesnet19:28
cyberangerwhearas the older Ku band gear, or gear that can do both, like the HN7000s19:30
cyberangercan be maintained by the customer (despite discourgement from hughesnet)19:30
cyberangeraround here they'll try and give you a .74 meter dish, when it'd be better for some to use a .98 meter or bigger dish19:31
cyberangermore tolerable with bad weather19:33
cyberangercan really hold onto a signal too19:33
cyberanger(the same applies to the system you have, but you can't sidestep hughesnet easily on the matter)19:34
cyberangerthat's why I like my system (of course I like it sitting in storage even more, celluar dsl and cable oh my)19:37
cyberangeroh how I'm glad the worst of that is behind me19:40
chris4585hopefully this march? we might be able to work something out with the cable company down here19:41
cyberangerwhat's the current issue19:45
cyberangerand would celluar work in the mean time19:45
cyberangerI'm glad for alot of the tricks I learned for celluar and satellite19:55
cyberangerreally works out nicely19:56
cyberangermain one is running a squid proxy that all machines on the local network use19:58
cyberangerand with enough machines using ubuntu and current storage prices, run a local mirror19:59
cyberangerbut that's the main two20:00
pace_t_zulunew indicator showed up in ubuntu today http://i54.tinypic.com/2eamh6t.png20:03
pace_t_zulu^ evolution of ubuntu20:06
chris4585pace_t_zulu, thats cool20:50
chris4585indicators <320:50
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: you going to be at the meeting? today I will21:09
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i plan to21:09
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i've been doing my best to always be there21:10
pace_t_zulucyberanger: anything to put on the agenda?21:10
cyberangerall unforseen events better be becuase my place is on fire or flodded today21:10
pace_t_zulucyberanger: that didn't make much sense to me21:10
cyberangerthe past two or three meetings I've missed due to some unforseen event that wan't worth the troublee21:12
cyberangerso it's just me venting21:12
cyberangeras for the adgenda, plan some meetings for the new year, maybe an installfest21:13
cyberangerthere isn't much on my mind21:14
cyberangerI' going to chattacon on behalf of the loco again21:15
cyberangercomputer gaming is xubuntu rigs, I plan on testing my install fest setup on updating them21:15
cyberangergotta update our application and add us to the adgenda this month21:17
cyberangerI requested time off that day, but I'd like some of the other leaders there too21:18
cyberangerthat's all I'm aware of21:19
cyberangeranything else we need to add?21:19
pace_t_zulucyberanger: sorry i missed all that21:20
cyberangeroh, was just metioning what I'm aware of21:21
cyberangeranything you've got to add?21:21
wrstcyberanger I may or may not be there tonight prob be travelling back from a funeral during the meeting22:01
cyberangerwrst: my condolences22:08
cyberangererr, send them my condolences22:08
* cyberanger is getting a little tired here, long day22:08
cyberangerany loss like that is hard to deal with22:10
wrstthanks cyberanger22:17
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i just remembered i might not make the meeting23:40
pace_t_zulucyberanger: going out to dinner - birthday dinner23:40
pace_t_zulucyberanger: unlikely to be home in time23:40
cyberangeroh, well...Happy Birthday then23:56

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