wyhteagleEvening Peeps02:38
stlsaintlol see02:39
wyhteaglestlsaint, yep02:40
wyhteaglehello chiluk16:04
Linden940morning people16:05
chilukyes how are people this morning?16:07
Linden940i'm doin pretty good16:07
chilukis anyone else frustrated that the ubuntu version of virsh + libvirt won't pass qemu commandline down to qemu?16:07
chilukthat's my frustration for the morning.16:07
chilukdoes anyone here know how to accomplish that?16:08
Linden940not off hand16:08
chilukso wyhteagle why did you single me out?16:20
chilukwyhteagle,  did you know that the White Eagle is this fantastic polish food restaurant in Chicago?16:34
wyhteaglechiluk, I was just saying morning because my client showed you just joined the channel. And Yes I lived in Chicago while I was in the NAVY.16:43
wyhteagleNo Realtion to the name though16:44
* Linden940 is away: I'm away18:39

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