h00kplaying some Lugaru through again00:04
h00kand now I'm playing with ruby.00:46
h00knickmoeck: how about you?00:57
h00khello, there01:52
h00kSo, is anyone around for the meeting? DavidLevin jrolland-ubuntu lostson mikeputnam nickmoeck ripps?01:57
timtierneyh00k, I'm here.  :p01:58
h00ksweet. two people.01:59
h00kanyone else?02:00
h00ktimtierney: I suppose I won't waste your time...unless you have anything to bring up?02:02
h00kI want to do more things :(02:02
timtierneyh00k, I have no idea......02:03
h00kyotux: hello there!02:03
timtierneyh00k, Its better then listening to this lecture.02:03
h00ktimtierney: Hah02:03
yotuxhello: everyone02:04
timtierneyyotux, Hey there.02:04
h00kyotux: it's you, myself, and timtierney.02:04
h00kso far, apparently.02:04
h00kand exigraff.02:05
h00kso, to keep it light because of the attendance, there's a few things that would be good to talk about02:05
exigraffah, /topic says I'm early though02:05
exigraffby a few months02:05
h00kway to be02:06
h00k1) Happy New Year! How are things going? 2) What do you want to do this year with the LoCo? Different? More? 3) Anything additional?02:06
exigraffHappy New Yars!02:07
timtierneyIndeed Happy New Year everyone.02:07
h00kmy feet are freezing.02:07
yotux1. happy new year02:07
h00kso, we can start with 1!02:07
h00khello, ubuntuWi-Guest! You can change your nickname by typing /nick newnicknamehere02:08
yotux1b.  Things are good,  I work 2 1/2 jobs and I would like to learn more about software testing in Natty02:08
h00kyotux: Cool. How familiar are you with reporting bugs?02:09
yotuxI have read the wiki but I feel that I should re-read / print out the doc02:09
h00kI'm testing Natty on both my laptop and netbook02:10
yotuxrunning natty at the present,  not for this meeting02:10
timtierneyyotux, Nice.  I only have it in VirtualBox right now.02:10
h00kyotux: do you like it so far?02:11
h00kI'm excited to see Unity and how it will end up.02:11
yotuxLaptop,  Desktop need alt CD due to LVM's02:11
yotuxunity confuses me with natty02:11
yotuxhook:  you have be running remix for netbooks?02:11
h00kyotux: the netbook edition, yeah02:11
h00kthey got rid of the 'remix' label and just deemed it 'netbook edition' a few releases ago02:12
yotuxthen you have had some unity exp.02:12
h00kYeah, and it's actually default now on the Desktop edition as well02:12
yotuxhave not gotten a netbook yet thinking about it this year02:12
h00kI have the EEE and it's pretty slick02:13
yotuxI have ATI on my Laptop02:13
yotuxATI in natty has some issues,  due to the early Xorg and compiz I believe02:14
h00kYeah, it definitely could be02:14
ubuntuWi-GuestHate unity on netbook, is it different on Natty. Not sure about after 10.1002:14
yotuxguest:  the ubuntu team will be placing unity on all ubuntu Release starting 11.0402:15
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: are you new to the LoCo? Do you have a usual nickname?02:15
ubuntuWi-Guestyes sorry Henry02:16
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: oh, cool. Hello.02:16
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: whereabouts are you located?02:17
yotuxWelcome to the Monthly Ubuntu Wisconsin Loco meeting Henry02:17
h00kMonthly has been but a dream, but I'd love to get more people wanting to do more02:17
h00kIt should be monthly, though02:18
h00kyotux: cool, you want to know more about testing.02:19
h00kAnyone else want to do something new/different/more this year?02:19
yotuxhook:  yes I would02:19
lostsonam i fashionably late ?02:20
=== ubuntuWi-Guest is now known as henrydubb
h00klostson: wooo!02:20
h00koh, henrydubb. you! Cool. I wasn't putting that together02:20
h00klostson: yeah. We've learned 1) Happy New Year 2) yotux wants to know more about testing natty.02:20
h00klostson: your turn02:20
lostsontesting  natty use a usb key02:21
h00kexigraff: you too02:21
lostsoni want to have a loco lan party and play alien arena all night02:21
h00kyou could run your only machines on unstable software (like I do), I just expect things to break often.02:21
h00klostson: that would be fun.02:22
* h00k makes notes02:22
lostsonbus trip to defcon ?02:22
h00kI'd love to. OH, Oh, I am going to LinuxCon this year.02:22
yotuxlostson:  when is defcon?02:23
h00ka few weeks after my wedding02:23
lostsoni know you won them02:23
h00klostson: one ticket, yeah :D02:23
yotuxhook: congrats02:23
lostsonyotux: http://www.defcon.org/02:23
h00kyotux: thanks02:23
h00kyotux: it's a security convention02:24
h00k*the* security convention02:24
lostsoni like pen testing02:24
h00kkeeps main machines stable, anyway02:24
yotuxi install on a separate partition02:25
yotuxdefcon sounds great but I have a MS ride that weekend02:26
lostsonid like to go at leaast once02:26
h00kMe too02:27
exigraffyeah, same here02:27
yotux2. Release party?  Also it would be great to be an offical loco02:27
lostsonwe could setup a capture the flag contest02:27
h00kyotux: yes, it would be good, except I don't think we have gotten enough people/activities02:28
yotuxh00k:  It seems that we are all spread across the state02:28
lostsonwhat is the criteria for "official" loco ?02:28
h00kRelease Party, yes.02:28
h00klostson: ^ this02:29
lostsonrelease party would probably be on saturday correct ?02:29
h00kIt can be any day02:29
h00keven a month after release, if we want.02:29
lostsoni see02:30
h00kI can set a Release Party up in the Rhinelander area, for sure.02:30
h00kwe had one in Madison, and Superior in the past02:31
h00kI'd help anyone else looking to set one up in their area, but I'm not going to do the whole thing02:31
h00k;) anyone up for one in their area?02:32
yotuxI live near Madison02:33
lostsonim in appleton02:33
h00kNatty's out in April, on the 28th02:33
h00kyotux: Madison has a pretty active LUG, I wonder if they'd be up for doing anything again. I can approach them and see if they're interested02:34
lostsonask ol douglaswah02:34
h00kand the steering committee02:34
lostsonhmm whatever happened to fluxbuntu02:35
h00kapparently they are still alive and strong. They have 7.10 out...02:36
h00kI have a hard time believing that02:36
lostsonthat's another idea to put on my board then02:36
lostsonsoo many projects and too many kids02:37
lostsoni would like to get in on the whole release party thing but i work every saturday so its kinda tough for me02:38
yotuxWorking allot I am free most Sat mornings,  About 1500 I start to get busier02:38
yotuxI have installed ubuntu for a few co-workers in my factory job02:39
h00kit doesn't have to be on a Saturday, although weekends usually help02:39
timtierneyI'm off on the weekends.02:39
h00kyotux: cool, did you get feedback, good/bad?02:39
yotuxI live in Portage,  I will check into getting the library room02:39
yotux2 of them love it02:39
h00kOh, cool. They'd be candidates to attend, too.02:40
yotux1 is on the fence,  there are media formats that they question02:40
h00kThe one we had in Superior was mostly a social, the one in Madison I presented a 'what's new' and then we ate pizza02:40
yotuxI think that general public doesn't understand some of the legal issues with multimedia02:41
lostsoni love pizza02:41
nickmoeckOh, meeting?02:41
yotuxLove Pizza also02:41
h00knickmoeck: Oh, meeting! Do you like pizza?02:41
h00knickmoeck: we're talking about release party potential02:41
nickmoeckPizza is good. I had some today, actually02:41
h00kexigraff: did I hear you say you're going to spearhead a Superior release party again;)?02:42
* h00k coughs02:42
h00kreminds me: Does anyone else blog ubuntu-related stuff and want to be syndicated?02:43
yotuxI don't blog sorry02:43
h00kno reason to be sorry02:43
nickmoecksorry for not blogging more often :(02:43
h00kno reason to be sorry02:43
lostsonmy blog post have been sparse lately hoping to do more this year02:44
h00kit's not...like...a requirement02:44
exigraffh00k: har har02:44
h00klostson: I liked your new post02:44
lostsonyeah saw your comment02:44
exigrafflostson: agreed, thanks for getting that on paper02:44
exigraffas it were02:44
lostsonnot my best work but a decent post02:44
h00kI've been meaning to, also, but other things are taking prescidence02:45
h00klike the wedding stuffs.02:45
lostsonyeah that will keep you busy02:46
h00kwork and all.02:46
exigrafflife happens02:46
h00kI forgot my numbers. 1 was happy new year, 2 was what we want to do, 3 was...02:46
h00kanyone have anything?02:46
h00kI say more meetings!02:47
h00kWednesday nights usually work for people?02:47
yotuxIts a night that I don't work doubles02:47
yotuxThursdays i have ARES / RACE Nets02:47
lostsoni prefer meetings at 5am when everyone is sleeping and its just me my coffee pot and computers : )02:48
yotuxAmateur Radio sorry02:48
h00kthat's pretty cool, though.02:48
h00kAmatuer Radio02:49
exigraffyotux: nice02:49
exigraffreminds me, have you guys got anything cool that's not ubuntu-related to share?02:49
h00kI'm writing a wedding-rsvp thing in ruby.02:50
timtierneyTried to build Chromium OS a couple weeks ago.02:50
exigraffhow'd that go?02:50
yotuxh00k:  yes I received my liscense  last year KC9TUX02:50
h00kI did that, too. It didn't make the .img correctly.02:50
h00kThat's awesome.02:50
nickmoeckexigraff: Not quite Ubuntu related, but I'm working on starting a web hosting business, focusing on low-end OpenVZ VPS servers02:50
timtierneyh00k, I got the image and it booted but wouldn't go to the login screen.02:51
timtierneyh00k, Just a black screen.  I could change virtual terminals and see what the kernel was doing but no luck.02:51
h00ktimtierney: I should do it again soon. I'm still hoping for a CR-48.02:51
nickmoeckugh, CR-48's02:51
nickmoeckfreaking google02:52
nickmoeckThey sent one out to every zip code in Milwaukee02:52
nickmoeckexcept mine02:52
timtierneynickmoeck, Yeah I did it on my ThinkPad W700 which I think was half the problem.02:52
lostsoni got a ton of projects brewing just keeping a lid on most of them but i can say at least 3 of them are almost complete02:52
lostsonalthough i think a fluxbox spin is gonna go to the top of the list right now02:54
lostsonthe gaming stuff can wait for a bit02:54
exigraffI kinda miss fluxbox, truth be told02:54
h00kAlien Arena, I have to add that to the list02:54
exigraffnot enough to switch02:54
h00kBack to the Ubuntu points...actually...Does anyone mind volunteering doing notes for the meetings?02:55
lostsonim trying to figure out too if i want to publish my rebuilt kernels with oss support to a PPA for people or nto02:55
h00kjust one point...02:55
h00kapparently not.02:56
yotuxh00k:  I can do notes for the next meetings02:56
exigraffwell, we have logs02:56
h00kyes, we do02:56
exigrafffor the website, you're thinking?02:56
lostsonyeah someone call pull their irc logs and post notes02:57
h00kwebsite/mailing-list cross-post02:57
yotuxSorry multi meetings at once02:57
lostsondoes it have to be the same person every meeting ?02:57
h00kas long as it's not me all the time :D02:57
h00kbecause I occasionally forget.02:57
h00klostson: can I put you in charge of heading up the LAN party if you want to set one upo?02:58
lostsoni dont mind doing it its just with my schedule i cant say i can be here everytime but im always in here so i can pull the logs02:58
yotuxI know for my ham radio meetings we decide who will be doing what for the next month02:58
yotuxpending location could it be LAN / WAN?02:59
h00kour friend ubuntulog2 and ubuntulog do this for is02:59
lostsonh00k: let me run parse some more of the idea through my brain first but i think i could put something together02:59
h00kprobably WAN party02:59
h00klostson: no prob02:59
h00kI vote we have a meeting...hmm...first week in Feb?03:01
h00ktalk more about Release Parties03:01
lostsonfor a release party it would be best in a public place a all ages sort of place im assuming03:02
yotuxI will spear head a Portage location03:02
h00kI have Rhinelander03:02
lostsonim trying to think of what i could arrange around here03:02
yotuxmaybe something like skype to link all parties in WI?03:02
h00kSkype/IRC, something like that, yeah, if we did them at the same time03:03
h00kthat would be cool.03:03
h00kfor reference: http://anthonyrhook.com/blog/2009/11/08/release-party-success/03:03
h00kAlso, http://anthonyrhook.com/blog/2009/10/20/ubuntu-karmic-koala-release-party/03:03
h00kmap and Google Docs RSVP form link is dead.03:04
h00kSo, let's see what we can get cooking and plan for the first week in Feb03:05
h00kThe 2nd03:05
h00ksound alright?03:05
h00kAnything else people want to bring up?03:05
lostsongroundhog day ?03:05
h00kOh, is it?03:05
lostsonyeah you should put the statusnet site on the website and pimp that thing i think there is only 4 of us on there03:06
h00kI think so, too.03:06
lostsonspeaking of that where is spikeb tonight03:07
h00kI donno :(03:07
h00kdouglasswh said he couldn't make it either03:07
h00kI totally forgot to spam statusnet and twitter and identica about the meeting, too.03:07
lostsonthat guy is always busy03:07
h00kand the /topic03:07
yotuxNext time I will toss it out of Twitter, FB, maybe even Buzz03:08
h00kfeel free, if you know one is coming ;)03:08
h00kOh, we have a Facebook group, too03:08
h00kI forget...03:08
h00kand the calendar03:08
h00kWe do03:08
lostsonwhat do you have setup on Buzz im a buzz junkie03:08
h00kcan you do Buzz Groups?03:09
h00kDoes this link work? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=635047592703:09
yotuxnot sure just got into the Social network thing03:09
h00kI hate Facebook, so I don't usually do much with it.03:09
h00kWe have a ton of opportunities to spread the word03:10
exigraffI don't think so03:10
h00kexigraff: to what?03:10
lostsonyeah i am not even on facebook03:10
lostsonok added Feb 2 to my calenday 8pm like normal ?03:10
h00kyep. I'll throw it on the Ubuntu Wisconsin calendar, too03:10
yotuxhave added it03:11
h00kAaaand added.03:11
exigraffh00k: to Buzz groups; my connection dropped03:11
* h00k drops exigraff 03:11
h00kCool, I'll do a summary, and we can throw those on the site, too03:13
h00kSo, I think that's all for now.03:14
h00kTake care, and keep in touch!03:14
h00kI'll still be around.03:14
lostsonok sounds good03:14
yotuxh00k: Thankz have a good evening03:14
h00kyotux: you too :D03:15
h00kthat was more productive than I thought it was going to be03:17
yotuxwe may be small but we can still be mighty03:18
h00kI sure hope so03:19
yotuxh00k:  I want to test ubuntu +1 thinking feature testing is that place to go?03:20
h00kyotux: yes, that's perfect.03:23
h00kyotux: also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing03:23
yotuxreading up on it at the moment03:24
yotuxbugs and find them and reporting them scares me,  think after i do it a few times it will be easier03:24
h00kYes, it surely will03:24
h00kit's not too bad03:24
h00kubuntu-bug [packagename] makes it quite easy03:25
yotuxi know for me windows manager is crashing in natty03:25
yotuxis there a easy way to see what apps are doing in the background03:25
yotuxhow does one one that they have a bug,  reading debugging at the moment03:25
h00kaaand notes sent out.03:33
* uberushaximus is a slowpoke04:50

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