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mdeslaurIs Intel Clarkdale blacklisted for compiz in maverick?13:00
marjoapw, Sarvatt: happy new year16:25
marjoapw, Sarvatt: please see cjwatson's comment on: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/69309316:26
ubot4`Launchpad bug 693093 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[i945gme] 2.6.37-10.24: Black Screen on Boot (affects: 8) (heat: 50)" [High,Confirmed]16:26
apwmarjo, yep so things work with old grub and not new ... what graphics h/w is this?16:30
apwmarjo, this probabally means newer grub is leaving the display initiailised differnetly and the kernel is not coping16:31
marjoapw: Intel 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)16:31
apwmarjo, as this is intel graphics we need to get an intel_reg_dumper output from both working and not working cases for comparison16:31
apwpreferably at the same spot, say at gdm just after the drums, remotely logging in to get it16:32
marjoapw: please provide specific instructions16:32
apwmarjo, and as we have just released a new -12 kernel i recon you should test with that16:34
apwas for instructions:16:34
apwinstall intel-gpu-tools16:35
marjogot it16:35
apwrun sudo intel_reg_dumper on the old grub and on the new grub16:35
apwpreferably at the same place16:35
marjoapw: how do i do that with the old grub when i can't even get to any ttys?16:36
apwmarjo, i thought you could hear the drums16:37
apwwhich means the machine is up, so you can login over the network16:37
marjoapw: yes, so run it using ssh login, after the drum is heard, right?16:37
marjoapw: will do16:37
apwmarjo, yes in both cases, working and not16:38
marjoapw: ack16:38
apwthen the setup is the same in both cases, so any register differences are likely the problem16:39
apwmarjo, but do upgrade to -12 beforehand16:39
marjoapw: ah yes16:39
marjoapw: bad news17:03
* apw listens17:03
marjoapw: with latest grub-1.99~20110104 and kernel-12, kernel-11, i don't even hear drums any more!17:04
marjoapw: but i have intel_reg_dumper output for old grub & kernel-12 (which works)17:05
apwmarjo, ok so boot -11 on both17:06
marjoapw: will do17:06
apwor whatever kernel works on both17:07
apwboots ok on both, not with working graphics obviously17:07
marjoapw: ok, i've got two dump files, how do you want them?17:21
apwmarjo, on the bug please, label them appropriatly with kernel and grub versions in both17:21
marjoapw: oh wait; i need to get you -11 and old grub, sorry17:22
marjoapw ok attached two intel_reg_dumper outputs17:47
apwmarjo, will this machine be in dallas next week?17:54
marjoapw: yes, it's my "travel netbook"17:54
apwmarjo, cool then we can look at it some more then18:00
apwi think we need to get an intel_reg_dumper before X starts which is somewhat complex to descrive18:01
apwmarjo, is 1126 the first one which works going back, ie. have you tried the ones in between18:04
marjoapw: 1126 was suggested by Sarvatt based on his analysis of when the breakage occurred18:06
marjoapw, i.e. before Alpha-1 release, since I confirmed that the Alpha-1 worked, remember?18:07
apwmaxb, be handy to confirm exactly which version triggers this, the changes between the two grubs may help us understand18:07
* maxb *blinks*, pays attention18:07
apwmaxb, soz stupid xchat (or stupid apw)18:11
apwmarjo, ^^18:11
maxbHeh. I have a i945 too :-)18:12
marjoapw: what do you want me to look at?!18:12
apwmarjo, never mind we'll look next week18:13
marjoapw: ok thx; i'll bring an extra netbook, for backup 18:13
qoelqastI got: error setting MTRR when trying to load X, there's only X installed. What does this mean/how to fix?20:48
brycehqoelqast, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Glossary#What%20are%20%22MTRR%22s?20:50
qoelqastbryceh:I read something on gentoo wiki, but is there a way to fix that?20:52
qoelqastbryceh: cat /proc/mtrr gives outpu: base=0x000000000 (     0MB),size=     128MB, count=1:write-back etc20:55
qoelqastWell, I guess the problem isn't X based? I'll try in default channel, thanks20:59
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