msd18so i can install ubuntu on it00:00
kshawkeye1Is there any way to set up a DNS server that handles something like "kshawkeye.com" or something similar, or would I need to pay something like godaddy because they register it with some sort of list that I cant access? Whats the real use of BIND?00:00
nit-witmsd18, so gparted is not seeing the HD from a live cd?00:00
msd18no it wont but the disk util sees it00:00
msd18but disk util returns an error when i format it00:01
DimitreeHello, which File Systems are supported with Ubuntu? Is there a website where i can read about it?00:02
nit-witmsd18, take a screen shot of gparted and imagebin it and post the link.http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add00:02
yigalDimitree: what file system do you need supported?00:02
msd18nit-wit when i use the disk util the error i get is Error creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: In part_create_partition_table: device_file=/dev/sda, scheme=0 ped_device_get() failed00:03
NixGeekmsd18: probably a bad disk or the connection has probelsm, have you tried a diffrent port on the motherboard, a diffrent cable, or even just making sure the connections are snug?00:03
Dimitreeyigal JFS for example?00:03
nit-witmsd18, okay00:03
yigalDimitree: yes00:03
msd18its a laptop there is no other port00:03
linxehkshawkeye1: you need to get a registrar to add your DNS server IPs to the domain so it shows in whois etc. BIND is used (or a simialr DNS tool) by other DNS servers to resolve dns names in your domain to ips.00:03
kcorcoran__installing/configuring mythbuntu - failing to find channels.  any help appreicated?00:03
yigalDimitree: for instance for Btrfs one has to recompile00:03
yigalDimitree: this is the same system Meego uses00:03
Dimitreeyigal can i install it with the default desktop installer or do i have to manually create ext partitions and so on?00:04
linxehkshawkeye1: essentially, the TLD domain servers delegate to servers defined for each domain, which may in turn delegate to other servers. eventually a server is authoratitive for that domain or subdomain and will return IP addresses for queries on hosts in that domain.00:04
yigallinxeh: I'm very interested in I/OCR so if you have some interesting links for open source I/OCR I think in general I would appreciate them00:05
linxehyigal: well, tesseract is ok, but doesnt perform as well as the cutting edge commercial options. I'm afraid I have no links for you - the stuff I did isnt online00:05
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Nanohadoes anybody know if I can run resize2fs without running e2fsck first?00:05
linxehyigal: however, mono images (after processing/ thresholding, depeppering/noise reduction algorithms, deskewing) work best in most engines, and at 200dpi00:06
kshawkeye1linxeh: so how does something like godaddy make the DNS public? Because they have access to the whois list somehow? There is no way I can get a dns server that I want for free other than dyndns or something similar? I can't host it myself?00:06
linxehour belief was that most of the engines threshold incoming images if you give greyscale, so if you can do a better job you might as well00:06
Dimitreeyigal i guess my question is, can i select the FS from the installer, click the "use entire disk" and be done with it?00:06
linxehkshawkeye1: they provide information to NIC or whoever for that domain00:06
msd18nitwit imma imgbucket the ss00:07
JediMaster420is there a better chanel to get support for ubuntu netbook?00:08
linxehkshawkeye1: http://www.crazysquirrel.com/computing/general/how-dns-works.jspx - google has many such links (the wikipedia article is good too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System)00:08
yigalDimitree: I'm sorry I'm not sure00:08
yigallinxeh: yes exactly00:09
kshawkeye1linxeh: So there is no way to host a domain name for free from home and have it registered with the web? I have a ubuntu server all set up, and I'm using dyndns for my domain name, is that the best I can do for free?00:09
yigallinxeh: that is the problem00:09
linxehkshawkeye1: you have to have the whois for the dns pointing at your home IP address00:09
linxehkshawkeye1: or use dyndns, or setup your own dyndns type system on another internet connected host that defers to your home connection00:10
yigallinxeh: I've built the most recent teseract it's not bad00:10
yigallinxeh: just not great, and getting it where it needs to be, well that would take some time00:10
linxehkshawkeye1: you probably dont want to be hosting things on your home connection though - and with many ISPs you will be in breach of contract if you do00:10
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cedric_hello peeps00:11
cedric_i was wondering00:11
BlackDalekyigal, I don't know why this worked, but I opened the case, pulled out the wireless card. Then booted the computer without it, then shut it down. Then I replaced the wireless card and booted up again and it started working again.00:11
linxehyigal: I havent really used tesseract, can you provide it with dictionaries ?00:11
cedric_is it possible to kill a process after eg. a minute of execution?00:11
yigalBlackDalek: good to hear00:11
yigallinxeh: yes00:11
cedric_in the form of "runoneminute ./transferlogs", and it would kill the process transferlogs after 1 minute, in case it didn't end in time00:12
linxehhave you given it a biology biased dictionary ?00:12
BlackDalekyigal, now I will attempt to connect the new monitor and see if the wireless card goes dead again...00:12
yigalBlackDalek: good, this is usually the way of things, do it slowly :D00:12
yigalBlackDalek: and well and hopefully it might work00:12
DimitreeDo i have to manually setup partitions for JFS with the desktop installer?00:12
skullboyhow do i make ctrl alt l work00:13
first2noneHows it goin guys and girls00:14
yigalskullboy: what is crtl+alt+l?00:14
first2noneI need help to install ubuntu server edition via usb00:14
yigalskullboy: and in what context do you want it to do something00:14
kshawkeye1Thank you for your help linxeh00:14
nit-witfirst2none, what do you need to know00:14
skullboyyigal, it is spost to lock the pc00:15
Bilzhello. everytime i turn on my laptop, ubuntu 10.04, the panel icons in the top right kind of mess up, like battery icon might not show and some icons might be ontop of each other00:15
Unauthorisedis kssendmac supported when using the netboot images from 10.04?00:15
Bilzeverytime i have to run killall gnome-panel nad its back to nomral00:15
Bilzany ideas?00:15
yigalskullboy: right, are you using compiz?00:16
first2noneI got it onto the usb and its booted sorta00:16
UnauthorisedI can't seem to find any documentation saying yes or no definitively...00:16
first2noneIt keeps trying to get the files from a cd but i have it connected via usb00:16
skullboyyigal, ya just started useing it00:16
yigalskullboy: ok, that's one possibility00:16
calumafter a clean install of Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit, how do I stop two kernel versisons being added in grub? Is this supposed to happen?00:16
first2noneSo i need to somehow install it manually using the shell or some other way00:16
yigalskullboy: System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts00:16
nit-witfirst2none, could you explain how you know that.00:17
yigalskullboy: is lock screen in there?00:17
Unauthorisedanaconda of course supports kssendmac, but it's not send the X-... headers....00:17
skullboyyigal, no00:17
Unauthorisedfairly frustrating...00:17
yigalskullboy: ok well then there's your answer, jk00:17
AR_how do i flush my RAM00:17
yigalskullboy: you can add it if it sin't00:17
UnauthorisedAR_: reboot?00:17
skullboyyigal, ok what is the command00:17
AR_no i want uptime00:18
BlackDalekyigal, the wireless card went dead again.. I don't believe this is happening... how can a monitor kill a wireless card?00:18
kcorcoran__v0lksman:  you there?00:18
yigalskullboy: ok under destktop what commands do you have there?00:18
AR_ar@ar-desktop:~$ uptime00:18
AR_ 19:18:40 up 16 days, 21:12,  2 users,  load average: 0.96, 1.00, 0.9800:18
yigalBlackDalek: oh, you have no idea , :D00:18
yigalBlackDalek: but let's try the simple things00:18
yigalBlackDalek: are there any microphones on the monitor?00:19
yigalBlackDalek: what we know, is there are most likely audio out's on the monitor00:19
yigalBlackDalek: ?00:19
nit-wit1first2none, |tab00:19
skullboyyigal, all the ones in keyboard shortcuts say unknown action00:19
yigalskullboy: just define it?00:19
yigalskullboy: just find "Lock Screen"00:20
yigalclick on it00:20
yigaland ctrl+alt+l00:20
BlackDalekno mics as far as I know (monitor is an LG W2353V)00:20
yigalskullboy: does that work00:20
calumhow do I stop grub from showing multiple Linux kernels to boot with I only want one of them to show up00:20
supermaghi, how do i solve http://forum.excito.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2803   ?00:20
Unauthorisedcalum: remove them from the grub configuration00:21
first2nonenit-wit: I boot up, hit install and it goes thru find keyboard layout so on, then it trys to mount a cd00:21
BlackDalekyigal,  no mics as far as I know (monitor is an LG W2353V). There is a headphones port on the back.00:21
first2noneWhat? |tab?00:21
NixGeekcalum: remove the other kernels from synaptic00:21
adub__can i install an older version of gcc without interupting the one that is installed00:21
good_intentionsDoes anyone here know how to stream the video being played from kaffeine player?00:21
skullboyyigal, i need the command00:21
yigalBlackDalek: I see so no audio at all00:21
adub__i have an application that i believe is asking for an older version of gcc00:21
yigalskullboy: no just click in System->Pref.->Key00:21
calumoh so I don't have to edit menu.lst, cause I am unfamiliar with it and don't want to mess it up, thanks guys00:22
yigalboard scuts00:22
Unauthorisedadub__: you should be able to install it, it'll most likely install as gcc<version>00:22
yigaland click on the lock screen part00:22
yigalskullboy: is there an entry for that under Desktop?00:22
good_intentionsor is it possible to stream video over mplayer00:22
calumthanks for the help00:22
BlackDalekyigal, there are no speakers or audio on the monitor00:22
nit-witfirst2none, I haven't installed a sever can you boot a disc and just use the minimal install option00:23
skullboyyigal, no that is what im trying to tell you all the entrys in keyboard shortcuts are missing00:23
yigalBlackDalek: ya, I did a google search on it, not to say that's conclusive but I believe you00:23
first2noneI dont have a disk to use to install it00:23
first2noneSo I'm using a usb instead00:23
Unauthorisedis kssendmac supported when using the netboot images from 10.04?00:23
nit-witfirst2none, minimal install download is waht I mean00:23
NixGeekcalum: In newer versions of ubuntu,with grub 2, there is no menu.lst, it's mostly autoconfigured.00:23
avance0242Hey People do you know how to hijack a school server?00:23
Myrttiavance0242: no.00:24
yigalskullboy: what release of Ubuntu are you using?00:24
avance0242I'm running Jaunty Jackalou00:24
yigalavance0242: old school00:24
good_intentionsavance0242:forget ubuntu you dont need it00:24
skullboyyigal, 10.1000:24
yigalskullboy: ok00:24
avance0242I know LOL00:24
first2noneWhats that00:24
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
Unauthorisedis kssendmac supported when using the netboot images from 10.04?00:25
good_intentionsavance0242:buy a ski mask have a get away driver ready then storm your school kidnap you server an gtfo of there00:25
yigalskullboy: ok I think it might be time for ccsm, but 1st I have to download it and then I can help you00:25
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest64453
Shoggothcan someone help me with a gnome problem?00:26
NixGeek!details | Shoggoth00:26
ubottuShoggoth: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:26
yigalNixGeek: right on00:26
bnci'm problem in wireless conection my vostro 1510\dell00:26
JackyAlcinewow, ubottu's on its job. :D00:26
avance0242Help guys! I'm running on a thin client and have restricted access. do you guys know how to regain root?00:27
ShoggothNixGeek, ubottu: sure... no offence but I've found in the past that on real busy channels like this giving all the details up front just gets your message ignored00:27
Shoggothso... details are00:27
neil_di am using 9.10... the Applications->Accessories menu has disappeared... using System->Preferences->Main Menu... the Accessories entry in the Menus: list the font is Italic! ... how do I get it active again?00:27
Unauthorisedis kssendmac supported when using the netboot images from 10.04?00:27
tifflorcan someone help me to find out why I can't change the serial port speed with setserial on my gsm modem? I get the following errors for stty: stty: /dev/ttyUSB0: unable to perform all requested operations for the stty . And for setserial this one: and setserial -a /dev/ttyUSB2 Cannot get serial info: Invalid argumentsetserial -a /dev/ttyUSB2 Cannot get serial info: Invalid argument00:27
ShoggothIf I go to the "Places" menu and select any directory or drive instead of getting a file browser I get VLC instead00:27
NixGeekShoggoth: just fire away, also, ubottu is an irc bot, so there's really no use in addressing something to it.00:28
Nanohaokay.  I think I need to start over.  How can I install Ubuntu server with a LVM.  I can't seem to use Gparted to remove it.00:28
BlackDalekyigal, I'm going to pull the card again and reboot - see if it comes alive again.00:28
NixGeek!ubotu | Shoggoth00:29
ubottuShoggoth: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots00:29
yigalskullboy: ok the command you want to use is gnome-screenasaver-lock -l00:29
yigalBlackDalek: good00:29
ShoggothNixGeek: I think you missed the above so here it is again... If I go to the "Places" menu and select any directory or drive instead of getting a file browser I get VLC instead00:29
skullboyyigal, ya thx prob sloved00:29
yigalskullboy: what was it?00:29
skullboyyigal, i just put in a custom command in keybord shortcuts00:30
mbeierlj/join #gtkpod00:30
yigalskullboy: good, that's exactly what I wanted you to do00:30
yigalskullboy: I'm glad you were able to do it alone00:31
skullboyyigal, thx for the help 1 more problem my ubuntu software center wont start00:32
ShoggothNixGeek: I'm guessing that I have to adjust something in either the .gconf or .gcnof2 directory but I've never really spent (or had) the time to grok those00:32
NixGeekShoggoth: thanks for that, I did miss it, sorry.  I'd say the default file manager got changed to VLC.00:32
NixGeekShoggoth: sorry I'm taking so long, I have to look some things up to.  give me a second to figure out what you need to do00:33
ShoggothNixGeek: indeed... not sure how to change that... I'm an old school CLI guy and I don't really use GUIs for anything except a fancy terminal multiplex00:33
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ShoggothNixGeek: no probs... take your time00:33
yigalskullboy: hmm, not sure what about apt-get on the commmand line?00:33
Unauthorisedis kssendmac supported when using the netboot images from 10.04?00:33
NixGeekShoggoth: can you open nautilus at all?  like alt+F2 and then type nautilus00:34
bcbc2Shoggoth: right-click desktop, create folder. Right-click folder, Open with, select File Browser, check 'remember...'00:34
skullboyyigal, all the apps will run except ubuntu software center ive been useing dpkg but how do i fix ubuntu software center00:34
ShoggothNixGeek: yeah that works fine00:35
ScojoHi, I am having trouble with nvidia9800GT on 10.04LTS 64b on only games using the recommd driver.  Screen will start to flicker and then sometimes close or crash my x86quad 8mb box within minutes.  No troubles on videos or flash.  Should I buy another graphics card?00:35
yigalskullboy: that's terrible00:35
=== fccf1 is now known as GeekSquid
yigalskullboy: try 'apt-get install -f'00:36
neil_di am using 9.10... the Applications->Accessories menu has disappeared... using System->Preferences->Main Menu... the Accessories entry in the Menus: list the font is Italic! ... how do I get it active again?00:36
NixGeekbcbc2: thank you, I was really a bit stuck  I'll remember that00:36
ShoggothNixGeek, bcbc2: bcb2's fix works... thanks00:36
ShoggothNixGeek, bcbc2: rather obvious really... oh well00:36
ShoggothNixGeek, bcbc2: thankyou both00:36
bcbc2NixGeek: Shoggoth: no prob. Someone else had the same prob the other day00:37
NixGeekShoggoth: Your welcome, but you really should be thanking bcbc2, he told you the right answer.00:37
ShoggothNixGeek: yeah it was probably me... I left a message in the channel for a few hours but didn't get a response :( ... probably due to my TZ00:37
skullboyyigal, its not a prob with the deb pkgs it is a prob with ubuntu software center00:37
skullboyyigal, software index**00:38
earwigssmuix vs xchat00:38
BlackDalekyigal, it never came back to life this time :( I guess it was just luck last time...00:39
NixGeek!enter | Shoggoth00:39
ubottuShoggoth: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:39
yigalBlackDalek: do the depmod00:39
yigalBlackDalek & skullboy I'm out later dudes00:40
=== Tcalp- is now known as Tcalp
BlackDalekyigal, ok thank you00:40
ducktypehow can i copy hidden and not hidden files without recursing from source to dest?00:40
earwigslooking for some pros and cons on irc clients, smuix vs xchat00:40
ner0xI'd really like to install ubuntu but I don't have a CD drive, any thoughts on how to install?00:41
h00k!best | earwigs00:42
ubottuearwigs: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:42
aeon-ltdner0x: usb00:42
earwigsner0x: boot from USB00:42
aeon-ltd!usb | ner0x00:42
ubottuner0x: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:42
ner0xaeon-ltd: I've done this before, my computer ignores it.00:43
grelleso....I had samba up and running 10 minutes ago. then I installed some packages (samba-tools, smbfs, winbind) and restarted the samba deamon (restart smbd). Now I can't access the shares any more. Any ideas??00:44
root_ok i restarted now i have no gui00:44
Nanoharoot_: startx   ?00:44
=== IPNixon_ is now known as IPNixon
earwigsroot_: O_O00:44
johntramp_hi.  amarok 1.4 used to suggest songs in my collection from last.fm.  are there any players these days which do anything similar?00:44
=== plustax is now known as ErnPeGe
h00kjohntramp_: there is a native lastfm application00:45
root_nanoha: tryed that and it gave me a black screen and a cursor00:45
johntramp_h00k: I don' t want to stream music, if that is what that does00:45
Nanohaoh god!  I just got done with that mess.00:45
h00kjohntramp_: ah, okay00:45
Nanohabad news for me, is that I ended up (currently ) reinstalling ubuntu server00:45
root_nanoha: tryed that and it gave me a black screen and a cursor00:45
johntramp_h00k: it would look at the suggested songs from my last.fm  profile and add them to my playlist if I had them00:46
dhessAnyone have a workaround for the remote cryptsetup/plymouth bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+bug/59564800:46
lcbHello all. I'm using the registrar default name servers for my domain - i don't have a static ip address nor 2 ip(s) in order to host my name-servers.  do we/i need bind installed on ubuntu server for anything other than that (hosting my own name-servers)?00:46
KingpokeJohntramp amarok 1.4 was awesome! :(00:46
dhessit's a major show-stopper for anyone tyring to mount an encrypted /home or similar at boot00:46
Nanoharoot_: okay, try rebooting again.  See if it happens again.  By chance did you upgrade from something?00:46
johntramp_or am I still able to install amarok1.4 ?00:46
wytso i have windows and ubuntu on my computer. If im currently running ubuntu right now, how can i delete stuff on the windows side of my hard drive?00:47
root_nanoha: ya i did an upgrade00:47
KingpokeBanshee has a suggested artist plugin but its just not the same00:47
root_nanoha: now it gives me millions of gnome errors00:47
sharegood to see everybody helping each other ^00:47
eternalswdI just got a third usb 3.0 hard drive, so had to install a hub.  it's a lacie 4-port usb 3.0 hub.  I have a logitech dongle plugged in there that works fine.  Putting one of the hard drives on there and it's not visible.  lsusb does not list the drive and no record of it in dmesg.  any ideas why this is happening?00:47
Kingpokewyt sir are you completely sure you want to erase everything?00:47
Nanoharoot_: upgrade from what?00:48
KingpokeYou can just format the windows partition00:48
wytkingpoke, no i just want to delete a few things. i still want to keep windows00:48
aeon-ltdner0x: have you got windows installed?00:48
ScojoHi, I am having trouble with nvidia9800GT on 10.04LTS 64b on only games using the recommd driver.  Screen will start to flicker and then sometimes close or crash my x86quad 8mb box within minutes.  No troubles on videos or flash.  Should I buy another graphics card?00:48
KingpokeOh! Then dont format it lol00:48
wytlol yea00:48
vs-hsWhich filesystem do you recommend for a large storage partition?00:49
vs-hsUsed for a NAS00:49
KingpokeAll you have to do is mount the windows partition00:49
vs-hsAverage file is 8 GB00:49
wytmount it? then what?00:49
Jordan_Uvs-hs: ext400:49
earwigswyt: you should just be able to delete stuff.... i can open up my NTFS external HDD or my networked windows box and delete stuff from them00:50
vs-hsJordan_U: Yeah that's the best candidate at the moment :P00:50
wyti'm trying to delete stuff on it cuz it has a virus and wont let me do anything so i just need to go in and delete the thing that causing the problem00:50
KingpokeOk did you use wubi to install ubuntu from windows or did you use the cd?00:50
wyti used the cd00:50
KingpokeYes wyt i understand you I think I can help00:50
Kingpokeok now on the top menu in ubuntu you can see PLACES00:51
KingpokeClick on computer00:51
earwigsPURGE all the infected plages! .. no wait, ignore me.00:51
earwigsplaces/plague = plages00:52
Jordan_Ueternalswd: Wow, first consumer I've heard of with USB 3.0 hardware. Is this HUB usb 3.0 to 2.0?00:52
KingpokeOne of those should be the windows partition00:52
wyti got one that says hard disk: OS, file system, and generic multi-card00:53
earwigswyt: once you've fixed up your windows partition, you may want to look getting ESET Smart Security for your windows box.00:53
eternalswdJordan_U, full 3.0 with usb 2.0 backwards compatibility00:53
ducktypei don't have "/etc/init.d/apparmor" in ubuntu 10.1000:53
ducktypeit's normal? how can i restart apparmor?00:53
J_should i run ubuntu on flash or hard drive?00:54
=== mbvpixies78 is now known as Danny78
KingpokeDouble click on OS00:54
J_is there any cons?00:54
ledfeatheri cant make my computer boot from usb. i tried from windows, wubi00:54
eternalswdthe external hard disk can load via usb 3.0 or usb 2.0.  wondering if maybe it can't tell which to use.00:54
earwigsJ: speed?00:54
=== ErnPeGe is now known as plustax
ledfeatherit just goes straight into windows00:54
KingpokeJ Hard drive for sure00:54
KingpokeThe os should be mounted now wyt00:55
mijkhey, how do I force the live CD to use a screen resolution?00:55
eternalswdledfeather, have you got the boot order right in bios?00:55
SirVictoryIf using dm-crypt to encrypt a whole drive, should I make one partition that takes up the whole volume,  or format whole drive?00:55
NixGeekledfeather: change the boot order in bios00:55
Danny78Hi everyone.  I just logged out of Gnome on my linux box and the command line is stuck at ""checking battery..."  and it's a desktop.00:55
DimitreeHaving a problem with Ubuntu 10.10 live CD.I'm using USB stick and used unetbootin to create it (64bit version of 10.10).When booting it goes to the boot screen with the dots moving, then they stop moving and it freezes there.Any ideas?00:55
ledfeatheryeah. ive set it up to boot from removable media00:55
ledfeatherit just doesnt00:55
NanohaI had that happen00:55
NanohaDimitree:  I had that  happen00:55
sacarlsonducktype: I think it's sudo start apparmor00:56
Kingpokewyt IN other words on your desktop you should see a new hardrive00:56
eternalswdledfeather, you need to make sure it's set to boot first00:56
earwigsDimitree: sounds like corrupted sectors in your USB or ram00:56
Nanohahow big is the USB stick?00:56
=== Darko is now known as Dark0
DimitreeNanoha 1gb00:56
NanohaDimitree: that's TOO small.  Try 4 GB or larger00:56
wytlol sooooooo what does that mean?00:56
ducktypesacarlson:  Unknown job: apparmor!00:56
earwigsDimitree: or you're running out of space on ur USB.00:56
ledfeatherit is set to boot from removble first00:56
DimitreeNanoha but i'm using the LiveCD iso ?!00:56
sacarlsonducktype: ok let me look then00:56
earwigsDimitree: recomended mininum is 4gb, pretty sure it tells you that in the installation process.00:57
ducktypesacarlson: thank you, i'm lost :|00:57
NanohaDimitree: Yup, I had that problem with a 2GB stick.  I tried it on a 8GB, it worked perfect00:57
KingpokeIn there you should see the files from windows wyt... all you have to do is find your home or where you want to go00:57
wytright, i can see some stuff but not everything00:57
DimitreeNanoha is that new to 10.10? I installed older versions with Ubuntu with the same method with no problems?00:57
earwigswyt: purge, purge all them little nasties!00:57
mijkhey, how do I force the live CD to use a certain screen resolution?00:58
NanohaDimitree: I'm not sure if it's new or not, I just know that's my experiance00:58
Kingpokewhat folder are you looking for specifically?00:58
ducktypesacarlson: locate apparmor can't find nothing good to my eyes00:58
Dimitreeearwigs is that new to 10.10?00:59
sacarlsonducktype: I'm running 10.04 and I still see it as sudo  /etc/init.d/apparmor restart00:59
wytmy documents00:59
ledfeatheri got it to install wubi from the usb (inside winblows) and even tried to redownload and reset the usb stick from there00:59
ducktypesacarlson: i'm running 10.10 from rackspace preloaded images01:00
cyberjunk502hello i am new to ubuntu, i have dual boot with windows whenever i access the windows partition an icon gets placed on the desktop which i don't want any solutions01:00
KingpokeOk those suckers are there its just a matter of finding them let me look at my windows machine cause i cant remember where they are01:00
wytnevermind kingpoke01:00
wyti found it01:00
sacarlsonducktype: I guess you don't have it isntalled I see it as a package  sudo apt-get install apparmor01:00
KingpokeYou did? YAY! Im sorry but i havent used windows in over 6 years so i havent had that problem01:01
Kingpokewyt: You can also install clam-av and run a virus scan in those folders!01:01
ducktypesacarlson: much thanks :) strange that i have /etc/apparmor* also without the package01:02
cyberjunk502hello i am new to ubuntu, i have dual boot with windows whenever i access the windows partition an icon gets placed on the desktop which i don't want any solutions01:02
ledfeatherno one knows why its doing this?01:02
DimitreeOh... did i mention that i installed the 10.10 beta with the same USB stick and it worked?01:02
Scunizicyberjunk502: when mounted that is the link to the windows partition.  there is a way to eliminate that from happening but will also get rid of icons for usb sticks etc.. unfortunately someone else will have to guide you on how to eliminate it.01:03
Kingpokewyt: To be more precise you can use Clamtk its in the sofware center01:03
sharemijk: try System > Preferences > Monitors01:04
sacarlsonledfeather: you said you installed to usb stick with wubi?  that's not the utility needed to install a bootable system to usb01:05
sharemijk: don't forget you dont have graphic card drivers installed01:05
ledfeatherwhat could i do if my computer is set to boot removables first and it doesnt?01:05
mijkworks perfect in OS X01:05
ledfeatherno, i said i gave up and tried it in wubi01:05
sacarlson!usb | ledfeather01:05
ubottuledfeather: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:05
mijkI'm guessing I need to find out the vesa mode and boot up with: live vga=xxx01:05
sacarlsonledfeather: and watch out for the fake usb flash drives that say they have 2 gb and only have 100meg01:07
ledfeatherive remade the stick four times. ive re-ordered my boot sequence every way i can, and even disabled everything but the usb. it told me to insert 'proper' boot disks01:07
ledfeatherive used this one before01:07
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x01:08
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:08
sacarlsonledfeather: try reformat your flash drive and just copy the iso file to it just to verify it will hold the contents without coruption do a md5sum on the iso and see that it matches what it should.01:08
sacarlsonledfeather: if that works then install with instructions posted in the links above01:09
Scuniziwhy would a package be held back when doing a update/upgrade/dist-upgrade?01:11
sacarlsonledfeather: before you do that maybe try boot the usb flash on another system,  if that works maybe your bios won't boot usb,  then look at trying plop01:11
sacarlsonledfeather: http://www.plop.at/01:13
realubotIs this really all default bash commands: http://ss64.com/bash/01:13
NixGeekledfeather: it's a boot manager01:13
ledfeatherwhy would it even have the option to boot from removable if i cant?01:13
ledfeatherthats just lame01:13
ledfeatheralso, the iso fits fine01:13
agentbadi just installed ubuntu on a portable hard drive and can't get it to work01:13
agentbadanyone have experience with this01:14
sacarlsonledfeather: what did the md5sum off the usb flash come out to?01:14
aeon-ltdagentbad: should be the same as a usb install01:14
ledfeathershit i forgot to check01:14
h00kledfeather: Please keep the language family-friendly01:15
NixGeek!language | ledfeather01:15
ubottuledfeather: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:15
ledfeathershould i go sit in the corner?01:15
sacarlsonledfeather: that was the only resoon to try the operation was to verify the integrity of the usb flash drive,  if  you want you can use other methods like hwtest utility01:16
NixGeekledfeather: no, I had it typed out and was hitting enter as h00k's reply came up01:16
mijkwould this work to boot the live CD in 720p: live vga=13101:16
t4nkDHi -- I actually seem to be having more of a general PC issue that I'm not sure how to resolve. I have a machine that whenever I get into loading any kind of kernel(it seems) the computer just shuts off. This includes Unbuntu 8.01; when I try to "load ubuntu without installing" the system simply powers off. This also happened when trying to run SystemRestore utilities(a linux based hardware test suite) -- are there any usual things I01:16
t4nkDcheck that might be wrong with the hardware itself?01:16
ledfeatheri noticed other people with my computer are having similar issues, but i tried the fixes suggested to them and got nothing01:17
lkfngHi guys01:18
lkfnggreeting from kingston, jamaica01:18
aeon-ltdlkfng: hi01:18
lkfngHaving a problem with policykit dialog window after I authenticate01:19
Ny51bernany1 feel like helping a newbie?01:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:19
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sacarlsont4nkD: sounds like an acpi problem I think you can disable it from grub by adding acpi=off01:19
agentbadi installed from a live cd and used the 1st option to install along side existing OS01:19
Ny51bernI have ubuntu and Xp on a computer. if i want to delete ubuntu how can i keep xp? ( i dont have the windows disc)01:20
t4nkDscarlson: thanks I will try this01:20
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shareNy51bern: did you install Ubuntu inside Windows or in another partition?01:20
NixGeek!grub | Ny51bern01:20
ubottuNy51bern: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:20
schnuffle1bern:boot xp and rewrite therMBR01:20
Ny51bernits in another partition01:20
Ny51berni have grub2 right now, becuase i think i installed it with xp?01:21
schnuffle1grub is linux01:21
lkfngAnyone know how to fix a problem with policy kit dialog staying after authentication?01:21
NixGeekNy51bern: sorry, I thought that had something about lost windows boot loader when installing grub....01:21
t4nkDscarlson: Am I doing acpi=off, noacpi, nolacpi ??01:21
mogajwhen using sshfs to connect to remote server i am getting this error "read: Connection reset by peer"01:21
Ny51bernschnuffle1:  whats therMBR ?01:21
NixGeekNy51bern: you need to delete the ubuntu partition and then restore hte MBR and the windows boot loader01:22
Ny51bernNixGeek: how do i restore hte MBR and the windows boot loader01:22
nit-witNy51bern, master boot record01:22
schnuffle1bern. Master Boot Record. the part thats gets loaded when booting. It's the place where you install grub or the xp boot loader01:22
sharemogaj: is the server up? :p01:23
Ny51bernokay so how do i install the MBR and windows boot loader?01:23
Ny51bern(because grub will be deleted when i kill the ubuntu partiion..?..right?)01:23
lkfngAuthentication dialog window stays open after Authentication, does any one have a fix01:23
schnuffle1bern: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/bootcons_fixmbr.mspx?mfr=true01:23
mogaj@share : yes its up01:23
aeon-ltdNy51bern: yes if you did not have a separate /boot partition01:24
NixGeekNy51bern: look at this: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-how-to-uninstall-grub/01:24
shareNy51bern: that way you onlyremove ubuntu entry, you dont delete the partiton01:24
nit-witNy51bern, is it XP and do you have a XO disc?01:24
mogaj@share : am able to open it in browser01:24
Ny51bernits XP, no disk01:24
lkfngPolicy Kit authentication dialog window stays open after Authentication, does any one have a fix?01:24
agentbadinstalled from a live cd and used the 1st option to install along side existing OS. using an old dell with no internal hard drive. it seems to crash or just go blank right after it starts loading.01:24
shareNy51bern: use can use gparted to delete ubuntu partition and then restore MBR (dunno how) and then edit windows boot loaded with ubuntu live cd01:24
nit-witNy51bern, you can use a bootloader called lilo from Linux01:24
Nanohahow can I completely remove a LVM and start over with my separate hard disks?01:25
Ny51bernhmm okay bunch of ppl saying diff things?01:25
h00k!windows | Ny51bern if you're looking for support with your Windows mbr01:25
ubottuNy51bern if you're looking for support with your Windows mbr: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:25
Ny51berni understand to delete the ubuntu partition with gparted from in ubuntu01:25
schnuffle1bern: have a look at the link01:25
shareNy51bern: you can also join ##windows01:25
lkfngAuthentication dialog window stays open after authentication, does any one have a fix?01:25
Ny51bernshare: just did01:26
JoeMofknDot_ubunanyone know how to fix no audio through optical cable but audio through headphone jack its an asus board01:26
agentbaddo i need anything special to install ubuntu 10.10 to a portable hard drive that has no OS on it but I want to keep the existing files?01:26
shareJoeMofknDot_ubun: http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/sound/alsa/HD-Audio-Models.txt01:26
mkquistanyone know where the default wallpapers are kept in lucid?01:26
aeon-ltdmkquist: /usr/share somewhere i'd assume01:27
lkfngAuthentication dialog window stays open after Authentication, does any one have a fix?01:27
mogajwhen using sshfs to connect to remote server i am getting this error "read: Connection reset by peer"01:27
schnuffle1agednt: you need a partition tools that lets you edit the partition sizes01:27
sharemkquist: /usr/share/backgrounds/01:27
schnuffle1mogaj what does the server log tells you?01:28
mkquistshare: ty, got it01:28
mogajschnufflel : am using it first time ... how can i see server logs /01:28
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schnuffle1login your server and check the logs depending on the distri its /var/log/(syslog|auth.log|messages)01:29
sacarlsonschnuffle1: gparted can now edit partitions size01:30
lkfngdoes any one have a fix? Authentication dialog window stays open after Authentication,01:30
JoeMofknDot_ubun@share thank you been trying to fix for a while01:30
schnuffle1sacarlosn: haven't tried it so not shure if its secure already01:30
agentgasmaskmkquist: what was the problem?01:30
duryodhanhi .. how do I mount my windows partition in ubuntu 10.10 ?01:31
schnuffle1lkfng: can you give more details?01:31
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wasutton3what would be the best way to test the read write speed of a btrfs array?01:31
sacarlsonschnuffle1: I've only used it one time with ext3,  I'm not sure how well it works on ntfs yes01:31
schnuffle1odhan: mount -t cntfs3g /dev/windowspartition /mountpoint01:31
phiLi have a problem with ubuntu 10.10. When i try to open nautilus with an icon from the panel, it opens the VLC player and not nautilus. The path set for the nautilus starter is: file:///home/phil/01:32
phiLwhere do i set that file:/// opens with nautilus and not with vlc player?01:32
duryodhanschnuffle1: yes but I want to do it by default and not everytime I login01:32
duryodhanschnuffle1: what do I write in fstab01:33
sacarlsonduryodhan: you should see it under Places>some disk name01:33
jribphiL: open nautilus, right click on a directory -> open with01:33
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duryodhansacarlson: how do I make it mounted by default01:33
duryodhansacarlson: I have my music on there .. I don't want to keep mounting everytime I boot01:33
first2noneHows it goin everyone01:33
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wrd!offtopic | first2none01:34
ubottufirst2none: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:34
phiLahh thank you jrib :)01:34
jribphiL: yeah it's some weird bug, every couple of days I see that question01:34
duryodhanis there a disk manager or something where I can choose which partitions are mounted by default01:35
skilzhey i just found a english staffy01:35
sacarlsonduryodhan: well an entry in /etc/fstab would do it ,  you can try the Storage Device Manager if you want to change with a gui01:35
duryodhansacarlson: whats the Storage Device Manager ? where can I find it ?01:35
ross`how do i download the .exe for this http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/01:36
sacarlsonduryodhan: I think I installed it but it's under System>Admin>Storage Device Manager01:36
jrib!fstab | duryodhan01:36
ubottuduryodhan: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:36
mincompcan anyone help me answer a question?01:36
ross`without downloading the firefox plugin on that other website01:36
ross`i got that link off the netbook ubuntu website01:36
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mincompI'm trying to do a sudo apt-get upgrade01:36
mincompbut when i do that it takes me to a microsoft truetype fot upgrade in the terminal01:36
duryodhanjrib: I know fstab but I don't want to figure out the dmask,umask etc. It would be nicer for a gui to do it for me01:37
mincompand wants me to click "Ok"01:37
someone_hello everybody01:37
ner0xIf I wanted to find the .deb package file for my wireless, card. How would I go about it?01:37
ross`oh nevemind01:37
ross`i was looking in the wrong pace01:37
ner0xI'd like to download the package from my laptop and transfer it over.01:38
mogajI am using ubuntu 10.10 after connecting to server using connect server method ... how can i view those files in terminal ?01:38
Armageddondir ? lol01:38
someone_I have a question concerning Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS): Is there any chance that the mplayer packet will be updated to the latest version?01:38
duryodhananother question .. I just installed 10.10 but unfortunately used the desktop version. How can I switch to the netbook interface01:38
Armageddonmogaj, ls01:38
someone_Or even better: Where is the packet update process decribed? (I'm thinking of a page where the conditions under which a packet will be updated are described)01:39
ner0xArmageddon: You seem to be know a bit about ubuntu. How does this "Proprietary Software" find the wireless package and install?01:39
Armageddonsomeone_, apt-get install ubuntu-netbook01:40
jrib!sru | someone_01:40
ubottusomeone_: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:40
tripelbhi, ub10.04 my system monitor is showing 100% usage. I've been slow before but this is wow. I'm looking at htop and I dont know what I am seeing. I have xchat and 3 chrome windows open - ONLY. Help me please!01:40
younderactually dir works, it is in /usr/bin/dir01:40
ner0xyounder: Don't teach bad habits. :)01:40
younderNo, it was a shock to me too01:41
someone_jrib: thank you01:41
powertoweranyone know of ubuntu irc channel for Teamspeak2?01:41
Armageddonner0x, if you want to installl the driver for the wireless you should find it in System->Administration->Additional Drivers01:41
tripelbhi, ub10.04 my system monitor is showing 100% usage. I've been slow before but this is wow. I'm looking at htop and I dont know what I am seeing. I have xchat and 3 chrome windows open, all Yahoo Mail (I killed all the other windows and tabs.) - ONLY. Help me please!01:41
ner0xArmageddon: I would, but the only internet connect is the wireless card, no eth001:42
schnuffle1tripel: which process is eating up CPU?01:42
Armageddonner0x, get an ethernet cable for a moment01:42
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ner0xArmageddon: Not possible.01:42
Armageddonner0x, or find the driver package and download01:42
ner0xArmageddon: The latter is what I'd like to do, where is the package repository so I can look for it.01:43
Armageddonner0x, if you didn't update it, you won't find anything :)01:43
Armageddonner0x, again, you need an ethernet cable01:43
ner0xArmageddon: This is linux, it has to be possible to find the wireless driver package, get it to the computer, and install.01:43
Armageddonner0x, if you don't know the name of the package there is no way around it but to either search online for the wireless driver, or plugin an ethernet and let it do it manually01:44
Armageddonner0x, it is, find the driver01:44
ner0xArmageddon: Right, I asked where the packages are located. :)01:44
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:44
battlehandsAre there any sound gurus here?  I installed ubuntu on my desktop, and have no sound available.  I have not been through sound troubleshooting in ubuntu, and was looking for someone to guide me through it.01:44
Armageddonner0x, again, if you didn't not update your database, you won't have the files needed to search among them :)01:44
Armageddonner0x, find them on the website and download them manually but good luck finding the one you need01:45
ner0xArmageddon: I meant online URL.01:45
schnuffle1nerx: packages.ubuntu.com01:45
tripelbhelp me understand why my computer is using 100% as seen in the system monitor window. (chrome is frozen with only 3 yahoo mail tabs since I killed all the rest)01:45
Armageddonner0x, http://packages.ubuntu.com/01:45
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tripelbplease and thank you. oh and abracadabra too!01:46
Armageddontripelb, what's using all the cpu ?01:46
Armageddontripelb, check out the next tab of system monitor01:46
battlehandsAre there any sound gurus here?  I installed ubuntu on my desktop, and have no sound available.  I have not been through sound troubleshooting in ubuntu, and was looking for someone to guide me through it.01:46
ner0xIs it possible to eth0 <=> eth0 and use a connection through my laptop that does have wireless01:46
tripelbArmageddon, thanks for answering, how do I tell? OK, I have it on my panel. I'll open it up.01:46
Yooperso i'm trying to run a maptool server and it will run fine in windows but when i load up ubuntu i can't start it...anyone have any ideas01:46
tripelbArmageddon, chrome is like (varies from) 60-80%01:48
schnuffle1Yooper: window progs don't run under linux01:48
t4nkDHi, I have a liveCD from Ubuntu 8.01 and am trying to run on an AMD sempron -- I've tried acpi=off but, after linux kernel gets to 100% loaded, the computer simply shuts off -- could this be a hardware failure issue or is there another boot parameter I should try?01:48
Yooperits java based everything else in it runs fine01:48
Armageddontripelb, you got why :) close it01:48
Yooperand all my ports are forwarded01:48
t4nkDchattan: That's what I wrote on the front of it yeah01:48
sacarlsonner0x: That would work eth0<>eth0 yes,  you might need a cat5 cross cable or a switch that will auto correct the cross, some systems do auto cross internal in the nic01:48
Armageddontripelb, yes it is possible through iptables01:49
t4nkDchattan: I think, perhaps I meant 8.1001:49
chattant4nkD: why not install 10.10?01:49
Armageddont4nkD, you don't know which version you have ?01:49
tripelbI dont want to. I cant even copy text. Whaa! Chrome fails in some way often. I will look up iptables.01:49
tripelbI dont want to. I cant even copy text. Whaa! Chrome fails in some way often. I will look up iptables. Armageddon01:49
schnuffle1Yooper: what tells you the program when starting from console01:49
Armageddontripelb, okay01:50
t4nkDI happened to have an 8.10 CD burned and handy -- I'm trying to troubleshoot a machine that, for whatever reason, passes memtest and smartmon tests01:50
sacarlsont4nkD: you added the acpi=off to your grub kenel line?01:50
t4nkDYeah, acpi=off noacpi and nolacpi01:50
Yooperall i get is default.theme not found - using yq default theme.01:50
mogajArmageddon : i connected to remote server using "connect to server " option provided in ubuntu 10.10 ... after that  my remote server files are available in my system ... now how can i open the place where these files are mounted in terminal ?01:50
thekidt4nkD: it's quite possible that with acpi=off it's just overheating, it's especially a bad idea on notebooks01:50
t4nkDIt's a tower, overheating doesn't *seem* to be the issue01:51
t4nkDThough I haven't gone so far as to reapply thermal paste, the fan appears to be working in a usual manner01:51
tripelbArmageddon, This is too dense for me. I would like to learn more, everything seems too simple or too difficult. -- iptables is a user space application program that allows a system administrator to configure the tables provided by the Linux kernel firewall (implemented as different Netfilter modules) and the chains and rules it stores.01:52
Armageddontripelb, are you testing me ?01:52
thekidt4nkD: sorry i misunderstood the question... it's not overheating sorry01:52
Armageddontripelb, you wanted a solution, I gave you one01:52
t4nkDthekid: no problem, thanks for trying to help01:52
Armageddonthekid, exactly what I told him to close chromium01:53
Armageddont4nkD, close chromium, it will fix the problem01:53
Armageddont4nkD, it might be a little bug in chromium or its addons01:53
sacarlsont4nkD:  I burned up 2 $4000 parts (microwave amps) by not appling thermal paiste, I didn't know it was needed until I burned out the secound one01:53
t4nkDscarlson: Well, it's OEM and, was sealed before I opened it01:54
andykrisshello everyone.. first let me say happy new year to one and all01:54
t4nkDArmageddon: I'm not sure you meant @t4nkD01:54
andykrissis anyone in this room familiar with a game called quarter horse linux??01:55
joey_1Does anybody know how to configure Ubuntu and Eclipse to always use the Java SDK instead of the OpenJDK?01:55
Armageddonjoey_1, I think that's an eclipse question !01:55
andykrissi am trying to clone the drive but the cloned drive keeps asking for a password01:55
joey_1Armageddon: okay, I'll rephrase, does anybody know how to get Ubuntu to use JavaSDK by default? I'll try to configure eclipse separately...01:56
JosephUbuntucan anyone help me with my issue: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1032167901:56
sacarlsont4nkD: did you look at any bios setings?  maybe there is power off setting in there01:56
joey_1Even when I run .jar files it uses openJDK01:56
t4nkDscarlson: Yeah, I had reset the BIOS settings to fail-safe defaults and there's no temp shutdown setting active01:56
Nanohais the 10.10 version of ubuntu-server broken?01:57
sacarlsont4nkD: I have change power setings in one system so that it will auto turn on when power applied and auto restart on power failure01:57
thekidNanoha: broken in what context?01:58
t4nkDscarlson: I wasn't sure if there was some kind of weird, PCI conflict, but I'm not sure how to diagnose that, or, use boot params that could troubleshoot that.01:58
bawnhey, everybody, how do i change services that start up on boot like timidity and tor01:58
JosephUbuntuI really need help with my issue, i haven't received any help in three weeks: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1032167901:58
Nanohameaning that when the base installs that it dies upon trying to install the kernal-headers-pae (I th ink that's right)01:58
sacarlsont4nkD: those are just setable in the bios menu01:58
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JosephUbuntubawn: you use startup applications01:59
sacarlsont4nkD: it could be a power supply problem,  if voltage drops too low it will auto power off,  at boot time when system starts to draw more power I may shut down due to powersupply problem02:00
thekidJosephUbuntu: your init scripts are messed up most likely ( it doesn't start at boot, yet you can start it manually so there's nothing wrong with the X configuration ) , so the problem is somewhere in /etc/rc* ....02:00
joey_1JosephUbuntu: have you looked at /etc/default/grub to see what the default boot option is? What if it's really booting into recovery by default?02:00
JosephUbuntuah, thanks, but how do i fix the init things?02:00
JosephUbuntui'll check that out02:01
joey_1JosephUbuntu: if you edit /etc/default/grub, make sure to run sudo-update grub02:01
t4nkDsacarlson: yeah I had thought about that but had the feeling if it was that serious I wouldn't get to the boot select screens or get thru kernel load02:01
schnuffle1josep: have a look at /etc/inittab02:01
thekidJosephUbuntu: that's a good question , really hard to do, you have to paste a bunch of logs to pastebin.ca or something... not that simple to debug over irc02:01
JosephUbuntushould i post grub or something else?02:01
sacarlsont4nkD: ya most my power supply failures never got that far02:02
t4nkDsacarlson: same02:02
JosephUbuntui have the output for grub02:02
JosephUbuntuthe file thingy02:02
JosephUbuntuthat's grub02:02
itaylor57joey_1 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java02:03
JosephUbuntui can't find /etc/inittab02:03
JosephUbuntuthere's no such file02:03
schnuffle1joseph: check the line id:2:initdefault:02:03
joey_1thanks itaylor!02:03
t4nkDsacarlson: Also, wierdly it just powers off -- it doesn't hang or reboot02:03
LoshkiJosephUbuntu: /etc/inittab doesn't exist in Ubuntu...02:03
ae86-drifteranyone else having problems in 10.10 connectin to samba server from win 702:03
sacarlsont4nkD: if  you set it to reboot it will02:03
joey_1JosephUbunutu: I'm not an expert, but the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT seems to have a lot of extra options to it, possibly that could be related to the problem?02:03
JosephUbuntuschnuffle: in what file?02:03
sacarlsont4nkD: you can disable it in the bios02:04
schnuffle1level should be 302:04
lorbsis there any way to share a dvd-rom drive similarly to win7/os x?02:04
t4nkDsacarlson: yeah, maybe I can get some insight from messing with BIOS resets02:04
stevecamhow do i manage the max volume that ubuntu is allowed to go02:04
JosephUbuntuschnuffle, there is no such file02:04
joey_1JosephUbuntu: ie mine is only GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" do you have some sort of special video configuration?02:04
JosephUbuntui had messed around with plymouth02:04
JosephUbuntuit might be because of that02:04
itaylor57joey_1 you need to add universe repository and dowload the sun6 jdk and jre02:04
joey_1JosephUbuntu: addressing your security concerns: part of the idea of recovery mode (Single User Mode) is to be able to boot right into root to fix things when they break, so if it's going into recovery mode, my understanding is that it's perfectly normal to not have to enter the root password. (I'm I'm wrong, someone please feel free to correct me)02:05
Nanohahey, when ubuntu desktop 10.10 is loading, is there anyway I can see what is going on?02:05
Loshkischnuffle1: /etc/inittab doesn't exist in Ubuntu...02:05
JosephUbuntuah, thanks02:05
JosephUbuntushould i try changing the option to quiet splash?02:05
joey_1JosephUbuntu: try setting it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" at first, see if you can boot without the splash screen02:06
NixGeekJosephUbuntu, JosephUbuntu:  it is completly normal to not have to enter a password in recovery mode02:06
sacarlsonjoey_1: no that is correct there is no login to root on single user02:06
joey_1JosephUbuntu: then try quiet splash02:06
JosephUbuntuis it normal that grub is owned by me?02:06
JosephUbuntuand not root?02:06
mrrothanyone know of a nas that works simmilar to the drobo, but it open source / free02:06
itaylor57joey_1 this will show you how to configure eclipse https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EclipseIDE02:07
joey_1JosephUbuntu: no, don't think that's normal. you can probably edit it without root, but it should stop you when you try to save it...02:07
JosephUbuntui was just able to save it without anything02:07
schnuffle1mrroth: ifolder from novell02:07
JosephUbuntuand permissions says that it is owned by me02:07
joey_1Thanks again itaylor! I'll see if that does it...02:07
mrrothschnuffle1 were the link02:08
joey_1JosephUbuntu: that's odd for a file in /etc... unless you're logged in as root because it was booting into recovery mode? just a guess02:08
JosephUbuntuno, the other files in /etc/default are owned by root02:08
JosephUbuntui checked pulseaudio, and it is owned by root02:08
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schnuffle1mrroth: http://ifolder.novell.com/02:09
mrrothso that like drobo02:09
JosephUbuntuwell, i'll try restarting with the new config02:09
JosephUbuntusee ya in a bit02:09
mrrothoh k02:09
wytwhenever i try to download something in the software center it gets about half way then stops and tells me to check my internet connection...help?02:09
Nanohaokay, I need some serious help here.  I've got a server with a 2TB file system, via LVM, looks like I've mucked everything up to the point to where ubuntu-desktop won't boot off the live cd (can not mount /dev/loop0)  I guess I need to split apart and delete the lvm, but I can't find anyway to do that, only deleteing the logical volumes.02:10
tripelbwyt and did you check your internet connection?02:10
sacarlsonwyt: is it wifi?02:10
wytlol yes its fine02:10
wytyes im on wifi02:10
bawni want to change the startup services that happen before i log in, does anybody know a program or configuration file i can use to change stuff02:10
tripelbI'm of the 'is it plugged in" school. lol someone else will have to handle this. I suppose you could be dropping and reconnecting.02:11
sacarlsonwyt: wifi must be flaky02:11
wytits not the internet, the problem occurs at the same point every time02:11
wytand i using irc and it doesn show any probs witht the internet02:11
bawnthe startup applications app is useless for what i am trying to do02:11
sacarlsonwyt: try change repository mirror site then02:11
wytno idea what that means02:11
tripelboh. wyt, perhaps there is 1. a torrent 2. another site.  BTW I never have success with Synaptic. I only use terminal.02:12
sacarlsonwyt: synaptic repostitory02:12
Jordan_UNanoha: Did you ever have a working system?02:12
tripelbsacarlson, how do you change to a mirror?02:12
Nanohayes, yesterday before I upgraded to 10.1002:12
bawnwyt a repository is where the software comes from, and the mirror is the server that sends it to you02:12
Jordan_UNanoha: Ok. What happened when you tried to boot after upgrading to 10.10?02:13
mogaji dont have ssh access in remote server ... now can i use sshfs /02:13
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sacarlsonwyt: synaptic>settings>repository>download from>pick anther site02:13
Nanohathe first time, when the gui came back up, all I had was a black screen with a mouse cursor. ...02:13
wytwhen i try to do it in terminal it says failed to fetch stuff so it doesnt work02:13
JosephUbuntuoh wait02:13
JosephUbuntuafter i changed that thing in grub02:13
JosephUbuntuwas i supposed to run update-grub?02:13
Nanohaafter that, I loaded up the tty and ran the termainal command to try to upgrade, that made thigns worse02:13
Nanohato the point of my hostname process not working02:14
JosephUbuntuso that's why it booted badly02:14
sacarlsontripelb: each repository site is a mirror copy of ubuntu02:14
Nanohaearlier tonight I tried to install a fresh copy of 10.10, but I think the LVM I had got corrupted or something02:14
joey_1JosephUbuntu: yes, you have to run update-grub for changes to take effect...02:14
JosephUbuntui'll try that02:14
NanohaI just want to start completely over, fresh from scratch02:14
NanohaI've already lost all the data I had on the server (not happy)02:15
bawnJordan_U, where is the startup and shutdown config file(s)02:15
Jordan_UNanoha: I wouldn't assume you've lost all the data quite yet.02:15
=== tifflor_ is now known as tifflor
NanohaI tried to remove the LVM, deleted the logical partitions.  I'm pretty sure it's all gone02:16
Jordan_UNanoha: Why did you do that?02:16
Nanohabecause the system refused to install on the partition I had, said that I needed a root partition02:17
earthmeLonI am having a horrible time setting up BIND.  I would like to set up my server so that it does DNS lookups for my LAN.  I would also like to be able to use it to define hostnames for the LAN.  I would like to be able to setup  something like EXAMPLE pointing to
Jordan_UNanoha: That just meant that you hadn't specified which filesystem was supposed to be used as '/'.02:18
schnuffle1earth: use dnsmasq very easy to setup02:18
NanohaI tried.  I tried using /dev/sda102:18
Jordan_UNanoha: Just to confirm, you're sure you don't want to try recovering any data at this point?02:19
NanohaI would love to, if it's possible, but at this point, I'm not even sure where to begin02:19
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mzuverinkAnyone have a link to conky for dummys, or well you know what i mean, conky wizard does not seem to make a change to conkyrc, so im not sure what its poing ti.../ TTTThanks in advance02:19
bawnwhere are the startup and shutdown config file(s)02:19
Nanoharight now all I can do is try the install ubuntu option02:20
sacarlsonearthmeLon: I have my bind setup that way so that my web site is seen from inside the lan and outside from wan02:20
schnuffle1bawn: what do you want to do?02:20
Jordan_UNanoha: Did you actually create any filesystems after "deleting" the logical partitions containing the physical volumes for LVM?02:21
hiptobecubicHow does one add launchers to the unity interface bar on the left?02:21
NanohaJordan_U: no02:21
JosephUbuntuthe system boots up fine now02:22
JosephUbuntujust no splash02:22
wyti keep getting failed to fetch errors when trying to install software...any help?02:22
JosephUbuntubut i get to the login fine02:22
Jordan_UNanoha: Then you can probably use testdisk to recover the partition table, at which point the LVM should still be completely intact.02:22
JosephUbuntuso what do i do to get the splash back?02:22
NanohaJordan_U: okay, I'll try that02:23
joey_1JosephUbuntu: change the option to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and see if it still boots fine02:23
JosephUbuntugot it02:23
joey_1JosephUbuntu: make sure to run sudo update-grub before rebooting02:23
JosephUbuntuand thanks for your help02:23
JosephUbuntuyep XD02:23
joey_1for sere :)02:23
NanohaJordan_U: um... how do I do that?02:23
NanohaJordan_U: is it "Check disk for defects"  ?02:24
cschneidWhat's the package I can't think of that provides a sendmail binary? I know several do, but is it postfix?02:24
naiadcan the cli install be run from a regular cd?  ( as in getting a minimial install but just using the cd for all it's packages )?02:24
ducktypei've created /etc/init/mytest.conf file but start mytest tells "unkown job name", someone know what i'm missing?02:24
schnuffle1postfix is a good choice02:24
cschneidschnuffle1: cool, I just need the sendmail tool, do I need the service running?  I assume no, but... dunno02:25
Jordan_UNanoha: No, the option you want is "Analyse current partition structure and search for lost partitions".02:25
ducktypecschneid: for something VERY simple msmtp has a sendmail compatible interface, just make a link sendmail > msmstp02:26
NanohaJordan_U: how/where do I find that?  Assuming I'm staring at the live cd inital menu02:26
cschneidducktype: making a note, apt-get already beat you to postfix :)02:26
sacarlsonnaiad: you can us a cd as an added repository if that's what you mean02:26
schnuffle1cscheid: just to send mailwith  the sendmail command, no02:26
cschneidschnuffle1: cool, thank you02:26
cschneidand.. back to work :)02:26
kannanhi, i have multiple postgresql versions (8.4 and 9.0) installed on ubuntu 10.10. i would like to start only the 9.0 version.02:27
naiadsacarlson, so still use the mini.iso but once booted put in a regular cd and add it as a repo? or can i do the entire minimial install off say the desktop iso?02:27
Jordan_UNanoha: Boot using the option "Try Ubuntu without installing", install testdisk via Applications > Ubuntu Software Center, then open a terminal and run "sudo testdisk".02:27
JosephUbuntuyay!  it works great!02:27
JosephUbuntuthanks for the help02:27
JosephUbuntui'll post the solution on ubuntu forums02:27
sacarlsonnaiad: yes again you would have to add the cd to your repo list02:27
bawnschnuffle1, i want to edit the startup scripts02:27
naiadsacarlson, thanks02:28
NanohaJordan_U: I don't remember seeing that option.  I've got the server flavor of 10.10 on a cd02:28
NanohaI'll check again thoguh02:28
Loshkibawn: what is the problem you're trying to solve?02:28
Jordan_UNanoha: It's possible to do this from the server CD, but much easier to do it from the Desktop CD.02:28
schnuffle1bawn: depends if it upstart /etc/init if sysv /etc/init.d02:28
NanohaJordan_U: I've got:  Install Ubuntu server, Install ubuntu enterprise cloud, check disk for defects, test memory, boot form first hard disk and rescue a broken system02:29
kannanlooking at the startup scripts, i see a /usr/share/postgresql-common/init.d-functions file with a get_versions() that returns both 8.4 and 9.0. is there a simple override/switch that i could use?02:29
NanohaI've tried to load the desktop CD, it just hangs and refuses to load after it tries to init loop002:29
ducktypeabout upstart: i've created "/etc/init/mytest.conf" file but "start mytest" tells "unkown job name", someone know what i'm missing?02:29
sacarlsonnaiad: I don't think the minimal install is suported from a desktop iso,  but you could after it's installed remove packages down to a minimal install02:29
israfilhello, i use Kubuntu Hardy Heron and my Laptop display on which i installed the nvidia driver stays dark. Can you help me?02:30
israfilcat /proc/acpi/video/NVID/LCD/brightness says: "levels:  80 13 7 13 20 30 45 60 80 100"  and  "current: 0"02:30
israfilbut i edited the brightness file and i wrote the value "100" in it, but nothing happens02:30
rootyI need help installing Ubuntu on CR-48 "google netbook" :(02:30
schnuffle1ducktype: sudo initctl reload-configuration02:30
KM0201rooty: doesn't it come w/ opensuse?02:30
israfili did "sudo /etc/init.d/laptop-mode start" and "sudo /etc/init.d/acpid restart" after it02:31
rootychrome os02:31
wyti keep getting failed to fetch errors when trying to install software...help?02:31
KM0201oh ok02:31
ducktypecschneid: i use msmtp with php sites thath need to send mail from server where i don't want to installa super full featured MTA to just redirect mails to the "master MTA"02:31
israfilcan someone help me?02:31
cschneidducktype: yeah, I'll note it for later, sounds handy02:31
sacarlsonwyt: did you change repository yet?02:31
bawnthanks schnuffle102:31
Roastedhow can I convert a VIDEO_TS folder to an AVI?02:31
cschneidRoasted: grab handbrake?  I think it has a linux copy02:31
wytno, i didnt know which one to change it to02:31
dr4c4nRoasted: ffmpeg? / vlc combination?02:32
Roastedcschneid, mucho thanks. Ive heard of that.02:32
sacarlsonwyt: try japan02:32
israfilcan someone help me?02:32
cschneidsure enough.  I'm not positive it can do avi out, but I think it can02:32
LoshkiRoasted: dvdrip is a full-featured gui for turning dvds into avis....02:32
NanohaJordan_U: would I use the rescue a broken system, and then dump to a root termanal?02:32
dr4c4nisrafil: have you tried from nvidia-settings?02:32
sacarlsonwyt: university sites are normaly good02:33
RoastedLoshki, I'm not turning a "DVD" into an avi, unless a DVD = VIDEO_TS. Ijust have a VIDEO_TS I want to host on my web server but I'd rather host it as 1 file (AVI)02:33
cschneidRoasted: FYI - my mac copy of handbrake doesn't have AVI out, just MP4 and MKV02:33
Jordan_UNanoha: You can try that, it might fail though since I think that attempts a chroot (which would require your system's root to be mountable).02:33
ducktypeschnuffle1: seemd right but still the same errro02:33
Roastedcschneid, yeah, but that's Mac. :P02:33
NanohaJordan_U: yeah, that's the big problem I'm having.  i can't mount anything on the hard drives right now02:33
cschneid:) it's like a very pretty unix for my desktop, then all ubuntu, all the time on the server.02:33
LoshkiRoasted: yes, VIDEO_TS is pretty much synonymous with a DVD...02:34
sacarlsonwyt: it's sometime better to pick one on that's 12 hours time zone appart since they will be sleeping there02:34
Roastedcschneid, pretty maybe. functional? not so sure :P02:34
RoastedLoshki, k, I was not aware of that. Thanks!02:34
NanohaJordan_U: The only option I really have is to mount no root system, and I don't think that is what I need, right?02:34
bp0Roasted, what version do you have that can output AVI?02:34
Roastedbp0, what version of what02:34
israfildr4c4n: yes, it wors, but i don't know if i can edit it with nvidia-settings so that it looks normally02:34
cschneidRoasted: honestly, I spend most of my dev time inside a virtualbox running ubuntu as well.  I do like "polish" that paid software gives you.  But yeah, linux is good too. No need for fights :)02:34
Roastedbp0, I don't have it. Downloading it now, but trying DVDRip first.02:34
schnuffle1ducktype paste ownership and config02:35
bp0handbrake does not support AVI, afaik02:35
bp0at all02:35
dr4c4nisrafil: options should be in there to fix it up, u on lappy or desktop?02:35
Roastedcschneid, all it takes is a drag/drop of a theme to restore the lack of polish linux comes with. ;)02:35
bp0mp4 or theora02:35
wytit worked! thank you!02:35
bp0in mp4 or mkv container02:35
dr4c4nisrafil: i'm on a laptop w/ nvidia screen and usually do all my settings through nvidia settings and the on board brightness controls :)02:35
cschneidRoasted: quite possibly, it's been a while honestly.  Quite honestly, most of what I use is open source.  Macvim, chrome, etc.  Omnifocus is the big one that keeps me attached.02:36
Loshkibp0: agreed. Newest versions of Ubuntu handbrake only produce MP4 or MKV, just like the mac...02:36
Roastedcschneid, gotta love chrome :P02:36
gmmare any freenode staffers here?  I would like to set up a hostmask02:36
Loshkigmm: try on #freenode02:36
RoastedLoshki, have you used DVDRip for this purpose?02:36
gmmLoshki: thanks02:36
israfildr4c4n: i have got a laptop (samsung)02:37
LoshkiRoasted: I have. Do you need help getting it started?02:37
Jordan_UNanoha: Try a different LiveCD, grml is a good option (reliable and contains testdisk on the CD).02:37
KM0201Loshki: acidrip is another one(i happen to realy like it)02:37
RoastedLoshki, a bit... :)02:37
RoastedLoshki, if you have a moment02:37
dr4c4nisrafil: have you tryed using on keyboard functions for brightness?02:37
NanohaJordan_U: grml?  where do i find that?02:37
Aleiexi want to put Applet similar to places from kde in gnome02:38
Aleiexanyone know 1 item to do that?02:38
Jordan_UNanoha: http://grml.org/ , and we should continue the discussion in #grml if you decide to use that.02:38
LoshkiRoasted: ok, type dvdrip and get to the first screen: select File -> New Project and choose a project name and click 'Create Project'. Choose somewhere with plenty of disk space02:38
ducktypeschnuffle1: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 134 Jan  6 02:39 /etc/init/mytest.conf02:39
NanohaJordan_U: okay, I think I will try that since right now, I'm hitting a brick wall.02:39
cschneidJordan_U: grml == knoppix but designed for rescue & textmode only?02:39
RoastedLoshki, k, done.02:39
LoshkiRoasted: since you don't have an actual dvd disk, choose 'Choose dvd image directory' and navigate to the VIDEO_TS directory02:40
schnuffle1duck: paste content to http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:40
ducktypeschnuffle1: http://pastebin.com/tP7VyWuH02:41
RoastedLoshki, gotcha. should I copy or just encode since its already on my hdd?02:41
Aleiexi want to put Applet similar to places from kde in gnome02:41
Aleiex<Aleiex> anyone know 1 item to do that?02:41
israfildr4c4n: i tried it with laptop-mode-tools and it worked a few times. But now it does NOT02:41
israfildr4c4n: the keyboard functions do not work with linux02:41
bawni have a bland boot screen, the one that is plain text, how can i make it more graphical02:41
LoshkiRoasted: in theory you can just encode, but I've found it buggy, so I generally select 'copy data to harddisk'02:42
mogajhow can i delete a ssh known host entry02:42
RoastedLoshki, then what - rip tile tab? read DVD table of contents?02:42
dr4c4nisrafil: well i'm running a lenovo, and they do on mine02:42
dr4c4nisrafil: did you check ur specific laptop model02:42
=== Axlin_ is now known as Axlin
LoshkiRoasted: yes, it gets easier from this point on. Read the dvd contents and see which file has the content you want (usually the longest)02:43
israfildr4c4n: what should i check?02:43
sacarlsonmogaj: just delete the files in  ~./ssh   that match that system or just delete all of them if you have no keys in it02:43
RoastedLoshki, think I got it... its doing something now. thanks bro!02:43
bawnhow do i change my plymouth boot to look good02:44
=== awolfson is now known as awolfson-afk
mogajsacarlson : its encrypted02:44
sacarlsonmogaj: ~./shh is encrypted?  then mount it02:44
LoshkiRoasted: check the clip & zoom page, click 'grab frame'02:45
dr4c4nisrafil: well first I would check to see if there are specific drivers for those keys on ur keyboard, search something like keyboard drivers Samsung model # or a specific setup like for gentoo for instance for your model number of laptop, just to see what drivers they use, there might be something there, other than that I'd totally save up your xconf, and try to change some of the values in nvidia-settings :) good luck02:45
sacarlsonmogaj: try just rename the dir ~./ssh to ./ssh2  and try again if you are losing something put it back02:45
schnuffle1duck: shure the eventtype exists?02:45
cablopthe last kernel has many hibernation issues02:45
LoshkiRoasted: oops, forgot to say 'rip selected title' on the table of contents page...02:46
cablopit is ignoring the fact i was hibernating the system!02:46
israfilok, thanks dr4c4n02:46
dr4c4nisrafil: don't thank me yet, till stuff gets workin ;)02:46
cablopwhen i restart it just assume it came from a bad shutdown, then detects the "software suspend data" and wipe it!02:46
cablopany idea in how to force it to use the data on the swap?02:47
dr4c4nisrafil: feel free to pm me, if there's more issues with that02:47
ducktypeschnuffle1: there is an upstart error log to see what goes wrong and why reload-conf skip it?02:47
RoastedLoshki, what's the advantage of hitting grab frame?02:47
schnuffle1duck: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/Debugging02:48
ducktypeschnuffle1: :)02:48
tripelbchrome stalled AGAIN using all the memory. I closed all the tabs but one. still froz. does anyone else have that issue?  If not then it's something about my computer. Advice?  10.0402:48
sacarlsoncablop: is your swap partition big enuf for the memory you now have in your system?  it must be as big or biger then mem size to hybernate02:48
LoshkiRoasted: grab frame will populate the preview images and allow you to set crop/clip/zoom parameters. Unless you are doing something fancy, you can probably skip direct to the transcode tab02:49
cgcardonahello - how do I check a directories permissions?02:50
dr4c4nhi icesword02:50
schnuffle1cgcardona; ls -l02:51
BeyondSorahello people02:51
dr4c4ncgcardona: ls -la will list all attributes of all contained files and folders02:51
schnuffle1ls -l /path/to/dir02:51
cgcardonaschnuffle1: and dr4c4n thanks it worked02:51
vengeance_hey guys, i need help.  My touchpad on my toshiba satellite M645 has multitouch, but the mouse keeps flipping out every time two fingers hits it02:51
BeyondSoradid anyone notice the nm-applet 0.83 for natty still has the memory leak problem?02:51
ae86-drifteranyone else having problems in 10.10 connectin to samba server from win 702:53
camoHi, I'm having problems with my Mac keyboard. XKB keeps telling me to file a bug report02:55
wasutton3does anyone know how to bind the XF86Next key to one of my mouse buttons? i cannot seem to get it to work even though i think i have it correctly in my .xbindkeysrc02:56
=== Guest86859 is now known as AndrewMC
vengeance_its a synaptics multitouch touchpad, can anyone help?02:57
racinescan anyone link me to a tutorial on how to save work on a live cd? I put ubuntu on my USB and I would like to be able to save my work (its an 8Gb USB so it should be able to hold enough of what I want)02:58
neizracines: not sure of links, but that is called a "persistent" usb02:59
racinesmy friend has a USB with ubuntu live on it02:59
racinesand he isn't using persistance02:59
racinesi'm not sure how he did it as I don't have any contact with him right now02:59
neizracines: basically you partition the USB.  One part for the live OS and 1 part for the data you which you want to be persistant.. I'll search for a good tutorial02:59
Doinkleracines, install ubunto to usb and boot to usb from bios.03:00
racinesWell no no, I don't want persistance03:00
Doinkleyou just want the usb to be a storage area for ??03:00
racinesFor some reason the live option takes less time to load03:00
Doinklewell you can make the usb bootable(hence live) and store your data on the usb drive03:01
racineswait I don't understand what you mean03:05
wasutton3r00t4rd3d: i am actually writing a script right now so as to keep the settings and everything so that once its perfect, i can nuke it and just run the script and it works perfectly03:05
pr0ph3thi all03:05
r00t4rd3dwrite me one too03:05
pr0ph3tI have a problem with my mobile broadband, I can't connect even if the modem is recognised03:05
racinesare you saying if I run ubuntu in live mode, save a file, install a theme, restart the computer, boot back into live mode again, all the work will still be there?03:05
racinesor will it all be gone?03:05
r00t4rd3dacutally if I backed up my home folder I would have just about everything03:05
schnuffle1racine: it will be stored03:05
kazit will be gone03:06
racines......one person says it will be stored, another sais it will be gone03:06
kazlive cd right?03:06
linuxfreakerWill Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 2 have kernel 2.6.37 released yesterday/03:06
racineswell live usb but yes03:06
kaznvm im hi03:06
racinesI used Unetbootin to make the live usb03:06
schnuffle1normally it will be lost but you can make it persistent03:06
camoracines as long as it's on a USB it should save. a boot CD should't be writeable03:06
crohakonHow do I list hardware information from the command line?03:06
schnuffle1racine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZQet3HNm_Y03:07
linuxfreakercrohakon: dmidecode03:07
racinesits on a USB, so if I install a theme the theme should still be there the next time I reboot?03:07
schnuffle1racine: yes03:07
kazit should, especially if its unetboot03:08
r00t4rd3dcrohakon, apt-get install sysinfo03:08
r00t4rd3dthen you can look at a gui of it all03:08
crohakonr00t4rd3d, I don't have X. Just command line, but thanks.03:08
ilyakracines: it will be gone03:08
racines..........ilyak I just had two people say it will be stored.03:09
pr0ph3tcrohakon, lshw03:09
r00t4rd3dcrohakon, my favs are lspci , lsusb03:09
racinesit's a USB installed with unetbootin, my themes and saved work will be gone if I reboot?03:09
kazdude theres no reason to put linux on a usb unless you need it to store small installationa nd small files03:10
schnuffle1racine:the normal ubuntu usb install willloose everything after reboot, but you can change that03:10
Kumar_Indracines, it wont disapear if you installed it accordingly..03:10
racines<kaz> it should, especially if its unetboot03:10
r00t4rd3dcrohakon, you on u-server ?03:10
=== root is now known as Guest40999
racinesI didn't install it on my USB, I just used unetbootin so it can be a live-usb03:11
kazlike i said no reason it shouldnt save03:11
bonjoyeeracines: if this is a liveusb created with unetbootin..you will loose all settings03:11
crohakonr00t4rd3d,  u-server?03:11
r00t4rd3dGuest40999, you know i could trick you into killing your install running irc as root ?03:11
r00t4rd3dubuntu server03:11
kazpz rac03:12
bonjoyeeracines: to be able to save these settings..created a liveusb with persistence,,,using startup disk creator..found on ubuntu03:12
racinesNo because persistance seems to have a longer load time than live03:12
ilyakracines: did you install it on a usb drive and create a persistance file ?03:12
racinesAlso my friend was able to do it without using persistance03:12
crohakonr00t4rd3d, yeah I have an ubuntu server just for messing around with... mostly just trying to learn as much about it as I can...03:13
racinesI'm not exactly sure how but he boots into live-mode with saved work, not sure how he did it though03:13
r00t4rd3dcrohakon, you can install X on that you know03:13
Jordan_Uracines: I recommend just doing a standard install rather than trying to setup persistance.03:13
DoinkleJordan_U, i tried to tell him. :/03:13
pr0ph3tcrohakon, also if you type lshw -html > file.html you'll have it all saved into a nice file which you can view with lynx (web browser for command line)03:13
racinesInstall on a USB??03:14
Jordan_Uracines: Yes.03:14
racinesI've tried that all ready, it failed to boot after I did it03:14
racinesmade a partition for "/", "/home" and "swap"03:14
Jordan_Uracines: What version of Ubuntu, and what happened when you tried to boot?03:14
crohakonpr0b13, I already did it that.. though, to a text file not html.03:14
racinesIt just wouldn't boot. Blank screen03:14
racinesBut back to the point03:14
racinesis persistance the only way?03:15
Jordan_Uracines: What version of Ubuntu?03:15
racinesI have live usb ubuntu 10.1003:15
bonjoyeeracines: where did u install the grub boot loader when doing the usb install?03:15
racinesis it possible to do it without persistance? as persistance seems to startup slower for me03:15
breadcrumbi once tried installing ubuntu to a usb drive. it worked, but was extremely slow reading/writing from the drive. took like 45 minutes just to install it03:15
pr0ph3tcrohakon, it's not the same thing, but up to you03:15
racinesUh I believe I put it on my "/" partition03:15
racinesbut really, I just want to know how to save data on LIVE mode, not persistance mode, because persistance mode seems to have a longer startup time than live03:16
Jordan_Uracines: Installing a bootloader to a partition doesn't make much sense (it's mostly a windows thing). The BIOS loads what's in the mbr, so that's where the bootloader should be installed (among other reasons).03:16
bonjoyeeracines: in that case u should have selected usb as the boot device..and not your regular hdd...03:16
Doinkleracines, you -DO- realize not all usb drives are the same.  some are slower than others.  possible you are basing your opinions on an older(or low quality) thumb drive?03:17
racinesWell I guess I have to stick with persistance mode03:17
r00t4rd3dsandisk extreme ftw !03:17
racinesHowever, unetbootin does not give me any "persistance" option03:17
racinesI guess I have to use the startup disk creator? or is there another option?03:18
nit-witracines, how big is the thumb03:18
schnuffle1racine: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence03:18
ilyakDoinkle makes a good point about the drives03:18
racinesits 8Gb03:19
nit-witracines, you could do a full install on one that size just make sure grub is put in its mbr03:19
AgentBlairhi i need to update my bios using some windows tool off HPs site, is it safe to do it in Virtualbox with XP in ubuntu?03:19
DoinkleAgentBlair, that wont work03:20
KM0201AgentBlair: NO!03:20
AgentBlairthat's what i thought03:20
AgentBlairso how can I flash it?03:20
DoinkleAgentBlair, there is absolutely no option via DOS or BIOS update?  win only???03:20
KM0201AgentBlair: do they have no alternative method?.. and why do you need to flash it?03:20
AgentBlairit's an .exe, HP doesnt have anything else03:20
Doinkleso what?  .exe works in dos too03:21
* KM0201 laughs..03:21
AgentBlairI need to flash it because there's a problem with the keyboard03:21
DoinkleKM0201, now now.. you were new too :P03:21
AgentBlairDOS works? ok03:21
KM0201Doinkle: logic says if he doesn't have Windows, he likely doesn't have DOS03:21
AgentBlairit doesn't list it though: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-89406-1&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&os=2100&product=1842155&sw_lang=03:21
DoinkleAgentBlair, and the bios changelog says it fixes your issue??03:21
Jordan_UKM0201: FreeDOS is easy to obtain and use though.03:21
DoinkleKM0201, www.bootdisk.com is your friend :)03:21
KM0201true enough03:22
DoinkleJordan_U, no need. bootdisk.com has it03:22
AgentBlairno i guess not03:22
AgentBlairthat's the wrong one let me see03:22
AgentBlairah thanks03:22
R00teRhi folks, i've got ubuntu & i installed it on my pc so, how can i delete windows partition?03:23
AgentBlairthe keyboard keeps messing up, it's a software/bios problem03:23
* Doinkle notices AgentBlair came to #ubuntu for ...windows... support. :P03:23
AgentBlairbut im on ubuntu03:23
KM0201AgentBlair: are you sure a bios update fixes it?03:23
linuxfreakerWill Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha2 come with kernel 2.6.3703:23
travalerI can't delete a folder which I have set 777 permission on, what gives?03:23
travalerit says permission denied03:23
Doinkletravaler, sudo rm didnt work?03:23
Jordan_Ulinuxfreaker: #ubuntu+1 for 11.0403:23
travalerDoinkle I don't have sudo acess03:23
wisevoyagerracines: 2Gib is quite smart, :)03:24
Jordan_Utravaler: What command are you using and what error do you get?03:24
travalerJordan_U: rm -rf and rmdir both say Permission denied03:24
christopherI'm using 10.10 Netbook Edition, and I cannot get prism apps to stay in the launcher after a reboot, any ideas on how to fix that?03:24
R00teRany help please?03:24
AgentBlairapparently on a forum it says it fixes it03:24
Jordan_Utravaler: Do you have permissions to modify the directory containing the directory in question?03:25
AgentBlairi know this is last-resort stuff03:25
travalerJordan_U: yes I own it03:25
secretary_linuxR00teR: use fdisk or cfdisk03:25
r00t4rd3dR00teR, gparted03:25
travalerJordan_U I can happily create files delete files w/e03:25
travalerJordan_U also if I didn't have permission then chmod wouldn't execute03:26
bonjoyeetravaler: please post ls -l for the file/folder03:26
travalerbut chmod works just fine03:26
R00teRsecretary_linux, if i use fdisk then i need to modify grub?03:26
travalerbonjoyee drwxrwxrwx03:26
travaleraka 77703:26
R00teRr00t4rd3d, i'll search on google03:26
secretary_linuxR00teR: yes, if you have grub set up for windows03:26
shawnoh you mean over here03:26
FloodBot2shawn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:26
Danny78_How do I find the UUID of a Windows share?03:26
Danny78_I tried sudo blkid but what I want isn't listed03:27
R00teRoks i go to work now, thanks r00t4rd3d, secretary_linux03:27
Jordan_Utravaler: What filesystem?03:27
travalerJordan_U not sure, I assume ext303:28
r00t4rd3dyup . R00teR you can do apt-get install gparted in terminal to install03:28
R00teRno need to burn into a boot cd?03:28
Jordan_Utravaler: What is the output of "lsattr directory/"?03:28
travalerJordan_U bonjoyee Doinkle the folder is called Owner maybe this is special name?03:28
r00t4rd3das long as the windows partition isnt mounted03:28
travalerJordan_U: no output03:29
r00t4rd3dgparted will tell you03:29
=== qwerty is now known as Guest36825
Danny78_I'm able to go to Places--> connect to server and access my Win music folder, but I want to add it to fstab so it mounts on boot up03:29
R00teRwell, good news03:29
R00teR:) very thank you03:29
bonjoyeetravaler: also what is the ls -l for the parent folder...of this file/folder03:29
r00t4rd3dvery welcome :D03:29
travalerbonjoyee 700 or rwx------03:30
Jordan_Utravaler: Sorry, "lsattr -d directory/"03:30
christopherI'm using 10.10 Netbook Edition, and I cannot get prism apps to stay in the launcher after a reboot, any ideas on how to fix that?03:30
Gustavahi all, having trouble putting an autorun script on a USB key. Worked in Lucid, in Maverick it says "error autorunning software" - any advice?03:30
bonjoyeetravaler: that could be it..can u delete a single file inside the folder?03:30
travalerJordan_U: - --- --- ---03:30
travalerbonjoyee: I can delete everything inside that folder, just not that particular folder, also I was able to remove all files within this folder03:31
R00teRwow, and is graphical03:31
R00teRi love this03:31
travalerJordan_U: after running that command ls -la tells me I don't have write permission, aka r-x03:32
bonjoyeetravaler: thats because of 700 permissions on the parent folder03:32
ZorinWhere can I get help with a Live USB with 10.10?03:32
travalerbonjoyee: yea I figure that out just now03:33
Jordan_Utravaler: lsattr doesn't modify anything, it just lists the attributes.03:33
MassStashubuntu.com told me how to make 10.10 usb boot drive03:33
MassStashworks fine03:33
travalerJordan_U:  yea nevermind im stupid, but still lsattr tells me - --- --- --- while ls -la tells me 777 permission03:33
MassStashis that all you're tryin to do?03:33
Danny78_Can anyone help me with referencing a Windows share in fstab?03:34
travalerJordan_U bonjoyee so whats happening here?03:34
Danny78_I'm not sure how to type the address03:34
bonjoyeeDanny78_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountWindowsSharesPermanently03:35
=== RobotCow is now known as RoboDinosaur
Danny78_bonjoyee:  thanks03:35
Jordan_Utravaler: Does the parent directory have the sticky bit set?03:36
travalerJordan_U: I don't know what that is03:36
wytsooo if i want to type in japanese, how would i go about doing that?03:36
Jordan_Utravaler: What is the output of "ls -ld /path/to/parent/"?03:37
travalerJordan_U: just looked it up, and no it is not03:38
trismwyt: System/Adminstration/Language Support, install the Japanese input methods, configure ibus in System/Preferences/Ibus Preferences, and select Anthy as the input method, then you can start it with control+space in a text area03:38
Nanohawyt: There is an app, I think it's SCIM that allows you to toggle between input modes03:38
wytthank you03:38
travalerJordan_U: its dr-x I don't understand03:39
christopherI'm using 10.10 Netbook Edition, and I cannot get prism apps to stay in the launcher after a reboot, any ideas on how to fix that?03:39
travalerJordan_U: thanks I got rid of it, I must remember this -d option, seems very handy, thanks03:40
Jordan_Utravaler: You're welcome. Was sticky bit the problem?03:40
travalerJordan_U: no it wasn't03:40
Jordan_Utravaler: What was the problem?03:40
Danny78_Can anyone recommend a new laptop that works well under Ubuntu?03:41
Danny78_I'm getting one for school03:41
doleybDanny78_: i'll tell you my acer aspire is pretty bad compatibility :(03:41
NanohaDanny78_: Just about every laptop I've used works good with Ubuntu...even netbooks03:41
travalerJordan_U: but somehow the parent director had dr-x which must have prevent the folder inside to gain drwx, anyways when I did a ls -la on the parent folder it showed up as 700, but ls -ld showed it as dr-x03:41
secretary_linuxDanny78_: HP pavilion dv5-2135dx. atheros wireless means you can run kismet03:42
travalerJordan_U: so I just chmod 700 on parent, then I could delete the folder inside, still a little strange though03:42
Danny78_Nanoha:  web cam and mic work ok?03:42
NanohaDanny78_: Currently, I'm using an Acer Aspire 5515...little cheapy from walmart, and it works good.  The only problem is that the Hard drive motor died on it, so I have to replace that.03:42
Jordan_UDanny78_: http://zareason.com/shop/Laptops/ http://www.system76.com/index.php?cPath=28 http://dell.com/ubuntu/03:42
Danny78_thanks much everyone!03:42
NanohaDanny78_: no problems there.  you just have to find the right software for webcam and stuff03:42
secretary_linuxJordan_U: unfortunately dell isn't shipping any ubuntu laptops right now, only a desktop03:42
fishsceneGreetings. I'm having a VERY difficult time trying to get a DHCP server running on Ubuntu03:42
fishsceneIt's almost as if dhcp3 is FUNDAMENTALLY broken.03:43
Jordan_UDanny78_: All those links are to companies that ship computers with Ubuntu pre-installed.03:43
r00t4rd3dback again fishscene03:43
fishscenelol yes03:43
Danny78_secretary_linux:  What's kismet?03:43
schnuffle1fishscene: I recommend dnsmasq easy to setup and combined with DNS if you need03:43
korisnikinstalled kubuntu on a6r laptop. sound was problem, solved, wireless a bit more complicated, but also solved. cant make microphone to run. any ideas?03:43
r00t4rd3dwhy exactly do you want to run a dhcp server ?03:43
r00t4rd3dim curious03:44
r00t4rd3dyou making a extra box a router or somthing ?03:44
fishsceneschnuffle1: Can it be tied into LTSP?03:44
Nanohar00t4rd3d: I'd love to run an dhcp server for my home network, but never could get it to work either, so I just used static IP's on all my machines.03:44
fishsceneNo, my router won't allow me to send DHCP flags for some services I would like to run.03:44
secretary_linuxDanny78_: from the manpage- Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system.  Kismet will work with any wireless card which supports raw monitoring (rfmon) mode, and can sniff 802.11b, 802.11a, and 802.11g traffic.03:45
Danny78_Jordan_U:  awesome03:45
schnuffle1fish: I don't see why not03:45
fishsceneI'm taking a look at dnsmasq03:45
r00t4rd3dfishscene, what kinda router ?03:45
bonjoyeefishscene: ltsp uses a different dhcpd.conf...03:45
Danny78_secretary_linux:  that would be a very good thing for learning security03:45
r00t4rd3dmodel ?03:45
schnuffle1fishscene: but I would stick with integrated package then03:46
fishsceneI'm aware of custom firmware, however, instead of bypassing the problem here, I was wondering if someone could explain to me why 3 people following tutorials couldn't get this running.03:46
schnuffle1which tut?03:46
r00t4rd3dfishscene, www.dd-wrt.com is the best thing you can do to a linksys router03:46
fishscener00t4rd3d: Yea.03:47
r00t4rd3di have a pile of linksys routers and thats the first thing that get done. Flashed with ddwrt03:47
rigelhi, i'm trying to loop mount a drive image from a mac, and the uid= and umask= options dont seem to work03:47
rigelim wondering if im doing something wrong. the manpage only has an entry for hfs03:48
fishsceneCan dd-wrt function as a dns server as well?03:49
fishsceneJust out of curiosity, is there a "dhcp2" out there?03:50
r00t4rd3dalso has a built in dhcpd server03:50
fishsceneI don't remember the DHCP services being broken at all03:50
schnuffle1fishscene: what are the logs telling you?03:51
fishsceneIt tells me that the DHCP server isn't bound to a network adapter03:52
fishsceneEven though I clearly have defined everything and bound it to eth003:52
CaffeineHow should I schedule a job if cron is linked to some upstart thing... cron seems to be running, but it won't check in /etc/crontab... What are you using for scheduling jobs?03:52
doleybCaffeine: did you look at /etc/cron.d03:53
fishsceneLooks like my router and version is 100% compatible. So I'll give dd-wrt a spin until Ubuntu can fix dhcp303:53
jpapertowelscan i do a fakeraid install with a desktop-amd64 cd?03:53
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fiberHello... quick non-ubuntu question.  I am building a computer case and I need to have a SATA PCI card... are there any adapters so that the card will be parallel to the motherboard instead of sticking right now? I'm trying to make everything as slim as possible03:53
KM0201fiber: i'm curious how you would thin that would make that "more slim"... it would take up more room inside the case03:54
KM0201fiber: but to answer your question, i've yet to see a PCI adapter like that03:54
=== RobotTux is now known as nanomachine
fiberKM0201: I guess I could get a pci card whose actual board is at most 4 inches and shave off the excess metal for the pci slot03:55
fiberKM0201: for reference, do you remember what the adapter was called?03:56
KM0201fiber: "i've yet to see one" = I have never saw one03:56
fiberKM0201: oh, sorry... i misread that (long day!)03:56
share1337 nicks03:56
KM0201fiber: you realize they probably sell low profile cards if you look around03:56
Caffeinedoleyb: Ahh now it works, thanks!03:57
fiberKM0201: I'll keep that in mind... I'm just doing research now so I don't really know whats out there03:57
christopherI'm using 10.10 Netbook Edition, and I cannot get prism apps to stay in the launcher after a reboot, any ideas on how to fix that?03:57
NanohaJordan_U: I don't think the grml is going to work for me.03:58
Nach0zHey I've got a problem with MySQLi on my Ubuntu 10.04 server... when I try to apt-get install php5-mysqli , it returns saying that three dependencies are not met, and the package is broken. Is there another package that MySQLi is supposed to be isntalled through?03:58
r00t4rd3dnancho sudo apt-get -f install03:59
NanohaNach0z: try running dpkg --configure -a  I think that fixes broken packages.03:59
=== nanomachine is now known as RobotTux
Jordan_UNanoha: Indeed, it seems like linux in general doesn't like your hardware much.03:59
TiktalikCan you set up a lan to play games on with a windows 7 and xubuntu computer?03:59
NanohaJordan_U: It's been running fine for the past five years!  LOL03:59
wrektjethow do u toggle the pathway from icons/buttons to a line of text03:59
Jordan_UNanoha: So the last working release was 10.04?04:00
NanohaJordan_U: 9.04, but I don't have an image of that any more04:00
sharewhen next version comes out04:00
Tiktalik Can you set up a lan to play games on with a windows 7 and xubuntu computer?04:00
sharek and then october04:00
TiktalikOr will that totally not work?04:01
Nach0zr00t4rd3d : it still refuses to install. Nanoha : i can't run dpkg --configure on a package that isn't installed :/04:01
Jordan_UTiktalik: Setting up a LAN just requires a switch. Whether you can host a game server on Ubuntu depends on the game.04:02
NanohaJordan_U: Let me try downloading and installing a fresh copy of 10.04.  I think it was mentioned around 14:00 today that *.10 is the development version?04:02
Danny78_secretary_linux:  I'm really liking the HP Pavilion you recommended04:02
Danny78_especially the price04:03
Jordan_UNanoha: No, 10.10 is a stable release, just not a long term support release.04:03
r00t4rd3dNach0z, run synaptic package manager , goto Edit , Fix broken packages , try that04:03
Jordan_UNanoha: So the problems first started when you tried to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10?04:03
NanohaJordan_U: when I tried to upgrade from 9.04 to 10.10...I'm guessing that's what the upgrade command did04:04
christopher10.04 was LTS04:04
Borreguitohi.... help me.  my CMI8738 have problems04:04
TiktalikI meant wireless jordan.04:04
KM0201Nanoha: ugh.. 9.04 to 10.10..04:04
Jordan_UNanoha: You can't skip releases (exept from one LTS release to the next). So it would be 9.04 to 9.10, 9.10 to 10.04, then 10.04 to 10.10.04:04
Tiktalikshould have specified.04:04
Nach0zr00t4rd3d: it's a server. it doesn't have a GUI :/ unless there's a terminal version of synaptic that I don't know about?04:05
KM0201Tiktalik: are you saying your wireless device isn't working?04:05
TiktalikUh, no.04:05
christopherIf 9.04 was LTS, you can just got 10.04 LTS,then to 10.1004:05
Nanohahmm, interesting, cause after the upgrade and the reboot, I saw 10.10.  So how would I upgrade to 9.10?04:05
TiktalikJust wondering if it's possible to set up a wlan to play games on with one computer xubuntu and one windows 7.04:06
meaniefaceNach0z: you could use aptitude04:06
Jordan_UNanoha: Then you probably were actually using 10.04 previously, which would be good because 10.04 is still supported (9.04 is not).04:06
Jordan_UNanoha: Where did you see "10.10"?04:06
Nanohaokay.  Well, in another 20 minutes I'll see if a fresh 10.04 workds.04:07
NanohaJordan_U: I saw it at the boot up.  Welcome to Ubuntu!  I remember seeing 10.10 on the text screen04:07
alienf2hello irc chanel for wikileaks ?04:07
alienf2 :)04:08
kindofabuzzwhen using nautilus-connect-server i keep getting Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/firefox-4.0" (No such file or directory). why is it trying to use a version of FF I had installed and not Nautilus?04:08
BorreguitoWho does use C-Media Sound Card at Ubuntu 10.04??04:08
Danny78_so for kismet, is there anything other than atheros that works, or is it simply 802.11 b/g/n that allows kismet to work?04:08
Jordan_Ualienf2: This is not a channel for wikileaks, nor is it the place to find such a channel if it exists.04:09
ylmfosanyone here?04:09
kindofabuzzonly 1337 people, cool04:09
alienf2ok thanks04:09
kindofabuzzdamn it went up04:09
ylmfosi'm sorry  i'm new comer04:09
KM0201!l33t | kindofabuzz04:09
ubottukindofabuzz: 1337 i5 n1gh-inc0mpr3h3n5ib13 70 u5 n00bs, 4nd n0b0dy c4r35 if UR 4 1337 h4x0r. Giv3 i7 4 r357.04:09
Tiktalikour 1337 is gone!04:09
kindofabuzzKM0201: no i was saying there 1337 people in the room. as in the count04:10
Nanohawow, people can actually understand that gibberish?!04:10
Danny78_do they make any laptops with particularly powerful wifi reception?04:10
KM0201kindofabuzz: uh, ok04:10
TiktalikAlmost there.04:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:10
KM0201Nanoha: they claim to.04:10
kindofabuzzKM0201: it's gone up by two now04:10
NanohaDanny78_: get a laptop with a N class wifi card04:10
kindofabuzzwhen using nautilus-connect-server i keep getting Failed to execute child process "/usr/bin/firefox-4.0" (No such file or directory). why is it trying to use a version of FF I had installed and not Nautilus?04:10
Nach0zmeanieface : Thanks, that at least gave me some options and made it fix some stuff :)04:10
meaniefaceNach0z: no problem04:11
Danny78_Nanoha:  thanks...  I want AMD, so I'm avoiding some of the Ubuntu-shipped laptops.  N is newest?04:11
Nanohathat I know of, yes04:11
alienf2lxde vs xubuntu which is lighter ?04:11
TiktalikDude, I can understand ubottu's leet perfectly.04:11
TiktalikGo homestuck!04:12
alienf2 :)04:12
alienf2 8-)04:12
rigelis there some way to change the perms on a read-only filesystem?04:12
xanguaalienf2: lxde04:12
rigeli dont want to write, but i want to give my wife read access to this drive image04:13
Jordan_Urigel: Linux cannot write to journaled hfsplus.04:13
alienf2thanks xangua04:13
rigelJordan_U: it's a read-only image anyway04:13
rigeli just need to give her read access to it over the network04:13
rigelso that she can copy over files she wants to keep04:13
rigelbut i am a little scared to give her root04:14
gustavoldI've copied some data from an ext4 partition to an ext3 partition and the ocuped size on the destination is almost 3 times the size of the original... is this expected? Is this due to different parameters or filesystem differences?04:14
Nanoharigel: why not just set the permisions for her group to be read only (744) ?04:14
gustavoldcopied using rsync -a04:14
rigelNanoha: i apparently cant change perms on this loop-mounted hfs+ image04:14
l33td00dsomeone need help with l33t?04:15
rigelit's an image of her old mac04:15
chrono_hello guys, i am having some problems trying to compile linux 2.6.37 on Ubuntu maverick04:15
alienf2wubi does not work with Ubuntu 10.10 anyone know anything?    :p04:15
Nanoharigel: I think you need to tweak fstab to enable r/w on that drive04:15
rigelNanoha: i dont need r/w04:15
rigelits not in fstab. it's a drive image04:16
Jordan_Ualienf2: Wubi works as well with 10.10 as it does with any other version of Ubuntu. What problem are you having specifically?04:16
Danny78_are there any companies online that let you build an AMD laptop?04:16
Nanoharigel: it's an ISO?04:16
chrono_the error i found is: dpkg-gencontrol: error: package linux-image-2.6.37.custom not in control info04:16
rigelan .img, yes04:16
chrono_can anyone help me?04:16
zarqhey danny i belive asus has barebooks for sale04:16
NanohaDanny78_: check out Asus.  I think they do04:16
KM0201Danny78: i believe tigerdirect has a "build your own" laptop also.04:17
Danny78_Nanoha:  what a koikidink, most of the computers I've built are ASUS04:17
Nanoharigel: so you need to mount the .img file as a directory, then once inside, you should be able to set the permsssions accordingly04:17
rigelhere's the story. I got her to move to ubuntu with the new computer. i imaged her mac drive onto our main fileserver. i am mounting her hfs+ image loopback, and want to give her full access to read anything on the drive04:17
rigelit's mounted, but it's ro04:17
Danny78_KM0201:  Have you had good experieinces with Tiger Direct?  I only ask because I've never done business with them04:18
alienf2only works with 10.04 liters to 10.10 do not start   :)04:18
bluegoonHi guys04:18
KM0201Danny78: i've used tigerdirect for years(at least 10) and have probably placed every bit of 15-20k worth of orders from them, been very happy.04:18
bluegoonPackage sun-java6-jre is not available04:18
Danny78_Hi bluegoon04:18
aryr100can anyone tell the command line address for ubuntu keyserver (i.e gpg -keyserver #####)04:18
bluegoonDanny78, hey Danny, Package sun-java6-jre is not available, any ideas?04:18
KM0201Danny78: but the "build to order" laptops, are systemax laptops... . i dunno if tht changes your opinion or not.04:19
chrono_hello guys, i am having some problems trying to compile linux 2.6.37 on Ubuntu maverick04:19
chrono_the error i found is: dpkg-gencontrol: error: package linux-image-2.6.37.custom not in control info04:19
chrono_can anyone help me?04:19
Danny78_KM0201:  that sounds pretty bonafide.04:19
Nanoharigel: mount -o remount,rw / maybe?04:19
Jordan_UNanoha: He doesn't want write access.04:19
KM0201Danny78: yeah, they ar located in Illinois, and w/ me being in Indiana... if i order before noon, pay for 7 day shipping, i usually have it at my door the next day around 4:0004:19
Danny78_KM0201:  I'm sqeamish of that , yeah, because my HP Pavilion was a nightmare, so now I don't know who to trust04:19
Nanohai don't understand the problem then04:20
rigelNanoha: i was hoping there was a mount option that would let me set the uid/gid/umask on all the files on the image04:20
rigelbut i'm not having any luck with that04:20
bluegoonIs Sun Java 6 JRE available to ubuntu?04:20
bonjoyeebluegoon: enable the necessary repos...04:20
NanohaLike i said before, I would just set the permissions for the Everybody group to 404:20
bluegoonbonjoyee, on 10.10, where do I do that? :)04:20
rigelNanoha: it's a read-only filesystem04:21
rigelcan you even do that with loopback devices?04:21
bluegoonbonjoyee, you mean Software Sources?  Where is that option in 10.10?04:21
rigeli have always thought not04:21
Nanohaif it's a read only file system, and you don't want her to write,then I really don't understand what the issue is04:21
Jordan_Urigel: You can have writeable loopback devices, just not writeable journaled hfsplus (loopback or not).04:21
rigelshe cant read anything, so she cant see the files she wants to copy from her old drive04:22
bonjoyeebluegoon: im using debian this moment..but feel it should be the partner or multiverse04:22
Nanohawhat are the permssions on the files?04:22
bluegoonbonjoyee, ko04:22
rigelthey vary04:23
rigellike on any filesystem04:23
rigelJordan_U: any ideas?04:23
NanohaI was meaning anything obvious like a 700 or something04:23
Jordan_Urigel: Do you get any error message from mount when you try to use the uid= option? Can you try adding a bogus=nonsense option (to see if it's just silently discarding options it doesn't recognise)?04:23
Danny78_Sorry if I'm off topic a bit, but I am shopping for a Ubuntu laptop... question:  is 5400 RPM typical in laptop HDDs?04:23
rigelno, no error messages from uid= or gid=04:23
KM0201Danny78: in my experience, yes.04:23
rigelit threw an error with file_umask and dir_umask04:23
KM0201Danny78: do this... look at 4-5 models you'd like to try ubuntu on... then get on google, and google "HP xxxx ubuntu 10.10" and see what kind of hits you get04:24
Danny78_KM0201--  good idea, thanks, will do04:25
rigeli realize this isnt an ubuntu specific question, might there be another channel where i should try?04:25
KM0201Danny78: if you notice one w/ significant problems, then drop it from consideration04:25
Jordan_Urigel: ##linux maybe.04:25
KM0201Danny78: honestly, thats how i bought my acer laptop 5yrs ago... eneded up working out perfectly, right down to the patch fixes to fix my wireless(don't need them anymore)04:25
bonjoyeebluegoon: its in partner repo!04:27
bluegoonbonjoyee, thanks man, for some reason they disabled software sources in 10.10 ?04:28
bluegoonbonjoyee, got it working cheers :)04:28
bonjoyeebluegoon: hmm...but u can access that from synaptic/software center as well as the terminal..anyways glad i worked:)04:29
bluegoonbonjoyee, sweet :)04:30
christopherI'm using 10.10 Netbook Edition, and I cannot get prism apps to stay in the launcher after a reboot, any ideas on how to fix that?04:31
NanohaJordan_U:  I got that grml menu to load.  Now what option should I choose?04:32
inigowhat up peeps?!04:32
VOTalentnot much.04:33
VOTalentSo I'm trying to 86 windows in my studio and have been attempting to get Ubuntu working04:34
Tophi have 2 window managers installed, gnome and another,,, i don't have a manual login at boot so where do I choose between managers?04:34
inigoI just did a fresh install of ubuntu maverick ultimate edition 2.8 64 bit and it kicks major ass!!!!!!!!04:34
VOTalentinigo, same here04:34
inigoit was my first04:34
VOTalentBut I need to get the OSS drivers working for JACK04:35
inigoit's fully packed04:35
christopher@Toph I think you can choose to logout and switch then04:35
Tophchristopher,,, ok,, i'll try that04:35
Danny78_If I use Ubuntu on a laptop, am I safe for being able to share files and work with peoples' macs and wind machines?04:35
VOTalentthis is probably a stretch asking here, but does anyone here have a LynxTWO audio card working successfully with 10.10?04:36
inigoi say leave those windows machines alone04:36
VOTalentDanny, yes04:36
muhammadnkdoes anybody know how to i set files created by apache (via WebDAV) according to the LDAP user?04:37
christopher@Danny78 all of my home pc's and laptops are running 100% Ubuntu, and I share files with the work (windows) PC's all the time... works like a champ04:37
muhammadnksince the system itself is tied to the ldap.04:37
Danny78_VOTalent:  basically, I'm a therapist who needs to take notes and share with boss, colleagues, also doing marketing (FB, Go Daddy, Google Ad Space, et. al.)04:38
Danny78_christopher:  great, cause I'm sick of Windows04:38
VOTalentDanny78_, how would you typically share the files?04:38
VOTalentDanny78_, If you're just copying files to and from a shared server, you're set.04:39
alienf2ubuntu 11.00 ?04:39
alienf2 :)04:39
Danny78_VOTalent--  either through a web file-storage app or directly through Flash drive I suppose, or email of course04:39
KM0201Danny78: your best bet under those circumstances04:39
KM0201is to dual boot for a while04:39
VOTalentDanny78, You won't have any problems at all if that's the case.04:40
christopher@Danny78 ya... I'm much happier switching to linux, a lot of stress went out the door when windows was removed04:40
alienf2ubuntu 11.00 ?04:40
KM0201Danny78: get a laptop, or whatever you want, and dual boot, so if you run into an issue you can't immediately figure out, you have windows to fall back on... even if you only leave windows on a small partition... if you bring the laptop home, and immediately nuke windos for ubuntu, w/ your experience level... you'll have windows reinstalled within a week04:40
Danny78_KM0201:  dual boot is tempting, but I've had baaaad experiences with Windows not playing nice, even when it gets first dibs to the boot loader04:40
christopherAlso, I use a 16 Gig Thumb drive for most (almost all) my file transferring... works great04:41
KM0201Danny78: then honestly, you'e probably not set it up properly.. dual booting is quite easy04:41
* Ripper_Owens rocks the dual boot04:41
* KM0201 dual booted for a year before finally ridding myself of MS04:41
VOTalentDanny78, In my studio, I have Mac, Windows XP and Ubuntu.  You can do it without the dual boot04:41
VOTalentBut if you're really concerned, I'd just install the OS on a thumbdrive and get the tests out of the way04:42
Dark_Spyro_003Hi there. I hope this is the right place to ask: My Ubuntu machine (I'm using desktop 10.10) doesn't boot anymore once I place my ATI Radeon HD 4600 graphics card into the computer. It doesn't even show the splashscreen after I select to boot my Ubuntu system. Just some strange codes? I wonder if there's any way to fix that. The integrated graphics card isn't worth anything :|04:42
alienf2wubi for windows 7 ? start04:42
alienf2 :)04:42
Danny78_VOTalent:  I have win 7 desk, older Ubuntu 10.04 desk and a really old 500MHz that won't boot from cd04:43
Danny78_VOtalent:  What kind of studio?  programming?  arts?04:43
Blue1Danny78_: did you md5sum check it?04:43
a7i3n    04:43
VOTalentDanny78  I'm a voiceover talent04:44
Danny78_Blue1--  no but I should.  It's damn small linux04:44
Blue1Danny78_: i have 10.04 on a 733 mhz compaq deskpro with 384 meg o ram04:44
Danny78_Blue1:  It boots and says in a boxed window that there's a bootable cd in the drive, and then it hangs during bootup, just freezes  (has 256MB RAM, AMD K6204:45
Blue1Danny78_: are you doing the desktop install or the alternatate install?  256 m is pretty slim04:46
Danny78_I wrote on it "Mini ubuntu 10.04.1"04:46
Blue1Danny78_: that;s meaningless04:48
Danny78_Blue1:  it was supposed to be the most stripped down for old comps, from the Ubuntu site04:48
Blue1Danny78_: in my experience with the compaq, I had to do the alternate install04:48
Danny78_Blue1:  You think a 500MHz processor could handle it?04:49
Blue1Danny78_: I have never heard of mini ubuntu what is the url for it?04:49
Blue1Danny78_: yes04:49
Danny78_Blue1:  one sec04:49
Danny78_Blue1:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:50
Danny78_they're between 7 and 12 MB04:50
Blue1Danny78_: okay that's already using the alternate install (text based) which makes sense -- I'd md5sum that sucker04:51
Blue1Danny78_: and on a machine that old, you need to write (burn) the disc at the slowest speed -- 1X if possible04:51
Danny78_Blue1:  yeah, I reading into that cause it's been years, and yes I know that's really bad practice04:52
bluegoonOh man, wish I could get Minecraft working :(04:53
Blue1okay need a break bbl04:54
Danny78_a 12 MB OS ISO is astounding04:55
Suntzuhello guys...anyone in this room has set up a thin client?04:56
NanohaLOL DOS used to be that size04:56
=== sresu is now known as sre-su
first2noneok i just installed ubuntu-sever edition and need help to install and setup ssh04:56
Danny78_On the 500 I'm using an expansion card to connect the drives (mobo has the older ribbon connectors)...  could that prevent boot up?04:56
xiambaxDoes anyone know of a good start on what kind of tablet i should get if im thinking about getting ubuntu running on it04:56
liny_manwhere is the 12MB OS ISO?04:57
=== root is now known as Guest32826
xiambaxI was looking at the inspiron duo04:57
xiambaxbut i dont like the thought of running atom04:57
Danny78_liny_man:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:57
first2noneI need help here: I just installed ubuntu-server edition and need help to install the ssh server and configure it so i can connect to it04:58
xiambaxaot-get install openssh04:58
first2nonethat for me?04:58
SuntzuI have 2 computers, a desktop with no display and a laptop...i want the laptop to be the display of the desktop pc...can you suggest a solution?04:58
shcherbakSuntzu: X over ssh04:59
NanohaSuntzu: you can use ssh to command the desktop from the laptop04:59
Suntzuexcellent...how can i do that?04:59
xiambaxSuntzu, vnc04:59
xiambaxor x over ssh like said04:59
xiambaxi use x over ssh on my mac to my linux box05:00
xiambaxworks fine05:00
Nanohait's been forever and a day since I've set it up.  i'd look at my config files, but... they're gone.05:00
=== daniel__ is now known as inside0ut
Suntzuhmmm, but you can use the sound of the server?05:00
NanohaThat i don't know.  but then again, I used my server partially as a media center to stream to my TV05:01
SuntzuCan u tell me where can I find info about doing that?The ubuntu documentation is not good enough for me...i'm a newbie in this05:02
Nanohaabout streaming?05:02
shcherbakSuntzu: make sure that ssh server is running, iptables are set and ssh to desktop with -X.05:02
first2noneCan someone help me to install the ssh server onto my ubuntu-server console and how to log into it05:02
SuntzuNANOHA: nop, about installing ssh and everything05:03
NanohaI thought ssh was already installed, but I guess if it's not, then sudo apt-get install ssh05:03
shcherbakSuntzu: to run whole gnome (or whatever) on laptop: switch to tty6 and run: xinit -- :1 vt8 and ssh -X <desktop> and startx.05:03
Danny78_Stupid question:  where is my cdrom in the filesystem?  dev?  which?05:04
NanohaDanny78_:  /dev/cdrom usually05:04
Danny78_is it just cdrom?05:04
Danny78_ah ok05:04
=== gryllida is now known as Gryllida
shcherbakNanoha: openssh-server05:05
liny_manDanny78: type "moouunt" in the command prompt to see the location of all mounted systems, including you cd drive.05:05
MTughan_laptopI'm trying to use the CPU frequency applet on my GNOME desktop. It appears to grab the CPU speed correctly, but I can't change it. Some Google results turned up adding the SUID bit to /usr/bin/cpufreq-selector, but that didn't help, and running the command under sudo doesn't do anything.05:05
NanohaAH!  okay.  Told you it's been a loooooong time05:05
MTughan_laptopWhere do I go from here? Google can't seem to help me.05:06
Suntzushcherbak: thank you for your help....but I'm a newbie in that terminology...I think it's better that you suggest me a book to read so I can learn and not waste others time05:06
Danny78_how do I empty the cdrom?05:06
shcherbakSuntzu: you have used ssh before?05:06
Danny78_I must be missing a flag?05:06
Suntzuon the other hand, I don't know what happened to my laptop...usb ports don't work after upgrade :S05:07
NanohaSuntzu: sudo apt-get install openssh-server will install ssh for you as Shcherbak said05:07
liny_manDanny78: like reformat it? or unmount it?05:07
Suntzuscherbak: no, i'm just asking for guidance to install a client that works as the display of the server05:08
Danny78_liny_man:  erase and reformat05:08
first2noneCould someone plz help me to install ssh and explain to me how to login to it from my other computer?05:08
NanohaSuntzu: Then (since all I use is the terminal on the desktop), I use Putty to remote into the desktop and control it05:08
shcherbakSuntzu: lsusb, and lshw to see, plug something to usb and use dmesg.05:08
Suntzuscherbak: i don't want to buy a new monitor...so I just like the laptop to work as the monitor for my desktop05:09
Doinklefirst2none, sudo apt-get install ssh05:09
Danny78_liny_man:  I'm going to try and get mini Ubuntu working on an old comp05:09
first2noneDoinkle: Ty very  much05:09
shcherbakSuntzu: display of the server is very vast term.05:09
Doinklefirst2none, related:  http://principialabs.com/beginning-ssh-on-ubuntu/05:10
theamazingbeatHi, what is the best channel for openssh issues?05:10
Suntzuwell...What term you suggest me to use?I'm not good speaking english05:10
liny_manDanny78: try "Brasero" from the applications menu. its the default program for stuff like this. i dont know if it reformats CDs though.05:10
neizwhats the command to unmount a device? Resource at /media/xxxxx05:11
* KM0201 prefers Gnomebaker to Brasero05:11
shcherbakSuntzu: "X forwarding" is thing you should google.05:11
MTughan_laptopliny_man: Brasero can erase a rewritable disk, yes.05:11
Suntzuscherbak: thnk u...i'm on my way down05:11
Danny78_wait, is DSL more user-friendly than mini?  or I suppose I could add xfce after install...05:12
MTughan_laptopI'm trying to use the CPU frequency applet on my GNOME desktop. It appears to grab the CPU speed correctly, but I can't change it. Some Google results turned up adding the SUID bit to /usr/bin/cpufreq-selector, but that didn't help, and running the command under sudo doesn't do anything. What can I try next?05:12
ouyeshi all , I have a problem about the movie player05:12
evilbugwhat's a good contacts app that syncs with google?05:12
SuntzuNANOHA: this is what it says :05:12
Suntzuhub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)05:12
Suntzu[ 5887.742240] ehci_hcd 0000:00:13.2: port 2 reset error -11005:12
Suntzu[ 5887.742257] hub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)05:12
Suntzu[ 5887.946237] ehci_hcd 0000:00:13.2: port 2 reset error -11005:12
FloodBot2Suntzu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:12
Suntzu[ 5887.946252] hub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)05:12
heywhatgives@Danny78_ : try slitaz05:13
ouyesI have installed smplayer, but when I try to play a HD movie, the pictures stops from time to time , what is wrong ?05:13
liny_manDanny78: im using a pda to connect, and was unable to catch your question. what was it?05:14
MTughan_laptopouyes: Could be many things. Could be that your hard drive can't read data off your drive fast enough. It could be that the CPU can't decode the video quite fast enough. It's likely a bottleneck somewhere though.05:14
Danny78_wait, is DSL more user-friendly than mini?  or I suppose I could add xfce after install..05:14
first2noneDoinkle: Ty I have now got it installed and am using putty and am in it now, really appreciate it :P05:14
Doinkleouyes, run system monitor while playing the movie and observe the graph05:14
Doinklefirst2none, np05:14
Danny78_liny_man:  that was the q05:14
shcherbakubottu tell me about smplayer05:15
liny_manDanny78: *Darn* small linux?05:15
Doinkle!smplayer | ouyes05:15
SuntzuNANOHA, this is what it says  105:15
Suntzuhub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)05:15
Suntzu[ 5887.742240] ehci_hcd 0000:00:13.2: port 2 reset error -11005:15
Suntzu[ 5887.742257] hub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)05:15
FloodBot2Suntzu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
Suntzu[ 5887.946237] ehci_hcd 0000:00:13.2: port 2 reset error -11005:15
Suntzu[ 5887.946252] hub 1-0:1.0: hub_port_status failed (err = -32)05:15
Danny78_liny_man:  yeah, though it's *darn* big compared to minime ubuntu05:16
MTughan_laptopSuntzu: Don't you remember doing this before? Paste your content up at the link FloodBot2 gave you, then give us the link.05:16
Suntzuhow it is supposed to be...I used the paste.ubuntu.com and didnt work05:16
ouyesMTecknology, Doinkle I have a t400, p7370 and ati 3470 video card,05:16
MTughan_laptopSuntzu: You have to give us the URL it gives you.05:16
KM0201Suntzu: paste it in the box at the pastebin, click paste, then give the link05:16
ouyesMTecknology, Doinkle is there a bottleneck?05:17
MTughan_laptopouyes: One, you're highlighting the wrong person.05:17
neizwhats the command to unmount a device? Resource at /media/xxxxx.  Trying to unmount to format and keep getting that drive is busy05:17
Danny78_heywhatgives:  I like what I see with Slitaz...  maybe it'll actually boot!!05:17
MTughan_laptopouyes: Two, do you know what the video file is encoded as?05:17
Suntzuok, again...nanoha, this is what it says...if anyone can help, be welcome http://paste.ubuntu.com/550952/05:17
StolenWhisperI seem to be having a problem with my installation of Ubuntu 10.10. When I boot into the operating system I am prompted with a gui login screen. Upon clicking my username and typing in the correct password the windows disappear but the background stays... shortly after the screen goes black and then flashes me back to the login screen. Safe mode works, ctrl+alt+f1 works as well for login. The recovery console works too. Is ther05:17
shcherbakouyes: use mplayer and see what -vo is loaded, what format do you play there?05:17
ouyesMTughan_laptop, shcherbak it is mkv05:18
theamazingbeatcan anyone furtherly help me with my openssh issue?05:18
MTughan_laptopouyes: MKV could be many different codecs. I'll assume something like H.264 though, that's likely. Is it encoded from a Blu-Ray disc?05:18
Doinkleouyes, you'll have to figure that out on your machine05:19
ouyesMTughan_laptop, shcherbak  .Stone.LIMITED.1080p.Bluray.x264-CBGB.mkv is the file name,05:19
shcherbakouyes: does vlc do same tricky things as smplayer?05:19
iceswordhi folks05:19
ouyesshcherbak, I do not have vlc05:19
Suntzuafter an upgrade, my usb ports stop working...can you help me please? they even dissapeared from the bios settings. This is what dmesg command says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/550952/05:19
Doinklefirst2none, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/dns-server-setup-using-bind-in-ubuntu.html05:19
aubrey#join android05:20
Danny78_argh, Brasero won't let me erase the disc05:20
liny_mandsl is standalone OS, and takes very little getting used to. ubuntu minimal is just a bootablle install program that requires the internet. from what i read, it is also only cli.05:20
Suntzudsl rox!05:20
StolenWhisperI seem to be having a problem with my installation of Ubuntu 10.10. When I boot into the operating system I am prompted with a gui login screen. Upon clicking my username and typing in the correct password the windows disappear but the background stays... shortly after the screen goes black and then flashes me back to the login screen. Safe mode works, ctrl+alt+f1 works as well for login. The recovery console works too. Is ther05:20
first2noneCan someone help me to isntall a dns server?05:21
ouyesMTughan_laptop, shcherbak do I need to make some configuration with the smplayer to play the movie05:21
DoinkleSuntzu, have you tried Slitaz?05:21
liny_manDanny78: whats wrong with Brasero?05:21
MTughan_laptopouyes: Well, a 1080p H.264 encoded file is a lot of data to decode. It might be too much for the 2GHz processor you have, given that I don't think the radeon driver for your graphics card supports hardware decoding.05:21
Doinklefirst2none, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/dns-server-setup-using-bind-in-ubuntu.html05:21
theamazingbeatOkay I am at a stump with my ssh key issue and I have tried everything! As you can read: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1659447. Can anyone further elabortate on what I should do next or tell me what I am doing wrong?05:21
Danny78_liny_man:  I'm trying to erase a cdrw so I can burn one of these tiny OSes we've been talking about05:22
first2noneDoinkle: lol you just got it all05:22
shcherbakStolenWhisper: from tty: sudo services gdm stop, then startx (or xinit -- :1 vt8)05:22
MTughan_laptopouyes: Try starting up System Monitor from System->Administration, then play the movie again in smplayer. See how the CPU responds.05:22
Doinklefirst2none, nah, just here to help05:22
iceswordso slow?!05:22
ouyesMTughan_laptop, ok  wait a few moments05:22
shcherbakStolenWhisper: do you have any log (/var/log) there?05:22
Suntzuusb problems...can anyone give assistance...pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?05:22
liny_manDanny78: whats the message shown when you try to reformat it?05:23
Danny78_In Brasers you can do "disc blanking but it is greyed out saying there's no disc. yet I see the disc elsewhere05:23
shcherbakSuntzu: lsusb, what does it?05:23
MTughan_laptopDanny78_: Is it a CD-RW or a CD-R?05:23
tiktalik_I created a new wireless network in xubuntu, how do I get rid of it/05:23
Ed_Moneycan anyone recommend an eBook reader for Ubuntu?05:24
liny_mandoo you have a cdr drive?05:24
tiktalik_Any clue?05:24
tiktalik_Wait, nvm it's gone.\05:25
Danny78_liny_man:  yeah, it's a little old though so maybe I should try buring it on the newer box05:25
StolenWhispershcherbak, i sucessfully stopped gdm and used startx, however now the system has locked up after showing the ubuntu desktop background with a single X crusor in the middle of the screen with nothing else.05:25
shcherbaktiktalik_: ifconfig, and interface with ad-hoc mode or master put down.05:25
Suntzushcherbak, this is what it says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/550955/05:25
=== mbvpixies78 is now known as Danny78
shcherbakStolenWhisper: try xinit -- :1 vt8 (check from tty for errors)05:26
liny_manDanny78: yes try burning it on the newer machine, and keep the burning speed low, so it will work better in old machines. as a side note, one of my older dik readers couldn't read a cd-rw disk.05:27
shcherbakSuntzu: plug enything to usb and run lsusb once more05:27
Danny78_liny-man another piece of hardware to put on the list05:27
MTughan_laptopI'm trying to use the CPU frequency applet on my GNOME desktop. It appears to grab the CPU speed correctly, but I can't change it. Some Google results turned up adding the SUID bit to /usr/bin/cpufreq-selector, but that didn't help, and running the command under sudo doesn't do anything. What can I try next?05:27
liny_manDanny78: always.05:27
Suntzushcherbak: it says the same thing05:28
StolenWhispershcherbak how do I "check from tty for errors"?05:29
nit-witMTughan_laptop, what about the cpu in the panel addons05:29
shcherbakStolenWhisper: swith to tty from where you run xinit05:29
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: What do you mean?05:29
shcherbakSuntzu: can you post dmesg link once more?05:30
nit-witright click the panel-add to panel the cpu icon it has a dropdown to set the speeed05:30
MTughan_laptopshcherbak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/550952/05:30
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: You mean the CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor?05:30
Danny78I get financial aid  ~$1000 specifically for a computer...  I'm wondering if I can get a laptop and throw in, oh, I don't know, a new HDD, mobo and CPU(not really new, just newer than 1998)05:31
nit-witMTughan_laptop, yes05:31
Ed_Moneycan anyone recommend an eBook reader for Ubuntu?05:31
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: That's the one I'm trying to troubleshoot now.05:31
christopher@Ed_Money what file format are you wanting to use most often/05:31
Ed_Moneychristopher: .mobi and kindle05:31
nit-witMTughan_laptop, no drop down righ or left click05:31
Suntzushcherbak: this is what dmesg says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/550958/05:31
cgcardonaI set ssh keys up on one computer and now on my other computer without the ssh keys my old password isn't working. How can I check my password?05:31
StolenWhispershcherbak, after booting into the repair console from the tty1, I went back into the tty1 and there are no errors posted.05:31
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: The left click gives me a list of frequencies and scaling governors.05:32
MTughan_laptopAlthough I just tried again and it's suddenly working, for whatever reason.05:32
nit-witMTughan_laptop, right what is it you want beyond that, is it not changing05:32
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: It wasn't, but it is now.05:32
nit-witMTughan_laptop, are you running maverick05:33
shcherbakSuntzu: Have a look http://hack2live.blogspot.com/2008/06/ubuntu-linux-restart-usb-to-reset-stuck.html05:33
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: Yes.05:33
shcherbakStolenWhisper: have you run xinit -- :1 vt8?05:33
christopher@Ed_Money : http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66546 has a link to software released by amazon for reading mobi/kindle on linux05:34
Suntzushcherbak: ok05:34
StolenWhispershcherbak yes05:34
nit-witMTughan_laptop, once in a while a couple of icons go south in my mavrick and just reloading them or running killall gnome-panel fixes it.05:34
StolenWhisperall that command did was boot me into what looks like the recovery console05:34
shcherbakStolenWhisper: did you get xterm?05:34
Ed_Moneychristopher: I had thought Amazon wasn't supporting Linux, despite Kindle running Linux. I'll check out that link05:34
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: All right, I'll remember that then.05:34
MTughan_laptopSimilar command to kill the Dashboard widgets in OS X.05:35
Danny78Is DSL self-booting?  It's a bunch of web filesystems so I have no clue which I need05:35
MTughan_laptopAlthough there you kill the Dock process, not gnome-panel. :P05:35
shcherbakStolenWhisper: good, so Xserver is apparently ok, from this new console run gedit (or whatever)05:35
nit-witMTughan_laptop, I'm not surprised, does the OS retsrt the docky panel05:35
MTughan_laptopIf I run "killall Dock"? Yeah, it restarts the Dock, which seems to have the Dashboard process forked out of it too.05:36
Danny78would initrd or syslinux self-boot?05:36
liny_manDanny78: the iso, when extracted and burned to a cd is bootable. i have done it.05:36
Danny78(dsl versions)05:36
StolenWhispershcherbak, gedit is working. I can't seem to login normally with my user account. I also checked to make sure the home directory is working properly. I am able to login through the Unbuntu-Desktop Safemode, Repair Console, and through tty1. However by simply clicking my name and typing in the correct password I get thrown back to the login screen.05:36
Danny78liny_man:  so it doesn't matter which I download?05:37
Daerethhey guys, hopefully an easy question.. i'm trying to enable bitmapped fonts on my ubuntu 10.10 install.. did my sudo dpkg-reconfigure fonconfig followed by sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config and i understand fontconfig-config should bring up a curses based program which i can go through menus and enable it but i dont get this, no menu no errors nothing?05:37
Ed_Moneychristopher: that link leads to a program that allows one to create Kindle books on Linux, not read books on Kindle05:37
MTughan_laptopnit-wit: Thanks for your help, I've got to run for the night.05:37
shcherbakStolenWhisper: what graphic driver do you use?05:38
StolenWhisperi am not sure, how do I check?05:38
nit-witMTughan_laptop, no problem05:38
christopher@Ed_Money you could also use claibre, it does Mobi, and can convert to just about any other format, synch to your reader... full library management05:38
GryllidaWhere does cron store logs?05:38
liny_manDanny78: the cd version? i would get the cd version if possible. i dont remember how i did it before.05:38
shcherbakStolenWhisper: jockey-text05:38
christopheryou can find that in the software center05:38
Danny78liny_man:  ok, I'll give it a try05:38
liny_manDanny78: good luck! :p05:39
Suntzushcherbak: i did as the post said...but the terminal says "fatal: module ehci_hcd not found"05:39
Danny78liny_man:  well, it's only bonus if I get this old man of a box back to life05:39
Ed_Moneychristopher: when I try to install calibre from Ubuntu Software Center, the install dies and says "Package dependencies cannot be resolved". What's the first step in resolving the package dependency?05:40
Danny78I've got 3 boxes connected with a KVM switch05:40
StolenWhispershcherbak, jockey-text responded with searching for available drivers..... and then returns me back to a prompt. I am logged in as sudo su root.05:40
christopher@Ed_Money Hmmm. ya got me there, I'll install it and see what happens05:40
ouyesEd_Money, try this : go to a terminal and sudo apt-get install calibre05:41
Dark_Spyro_003Hi there, if anyone knows what could cause "No init found. Try passing init =bootarg." when trying to boot using my ATI graphics card? Ubuntu (and the CD for that matter) only boot succesfully using my onboard gfx card.05:41
Suntzushcherbak: i did as the post said...but the terminal says "fatal: module ehci_hcd not found"05:42
Ed_Moneyouyes: when installing from the command line, I get the error "The following packages have unmet dependencies:05:42
Ed_Money  calibre: Depends: python-qt4 but it is not going to be installed05:42
Ed_MoneyE: Broken packages05:42
raviepic3hello people, is there a software like jing or jetscreenshot for ubuntu ? where i can take screenshot of a particular region, edit, upload...etc05:42
raviepic3hello people, is there a software like jing or jetscreenshot for ubuntu ? where i can take screenshot of a particular region, edit, upload...etc05:42
ouyesEd_Money, then and python-qt405:42
ouyesEd_Money, install python-qt405:43
ouyesEd_Money, see what happens05:43
first2nonehey what do i have to install so i can open tar files?05:43
liny_manfirst2none: nothing.05:44
Madpilotfirst2none, they should just work w/ the standard archive app05:44
Ed_Moneyouyes: good idea. that doesn't work either, it says "The following packages have unmet dependencies:" and then lists 9 packages all starting with libqt4-05:44
liny_manfirs2none go to the command prompt and type "tar". that should do the job.05:44
shcherbakSuntzu: missing module, one minute05:44
eremyjafirst2none, is it just a tar? or tar.gz/tar.bzip05:45
Suntzuthank you very much shcerbak...!!!05:45
shcherbakStolenWhisper: you do not need root to run it.05:45
MadpilotEd_Money, I've missed the full story, but if you're seeing "unmet dependencies" from "apt-get install..." there's something broken in your repositories list05:45
ouyesFiReSTaRT, sudo apt-get install unrar p7zip-full cabextract05:45
first2nonety :)05:45
first2nonewait wasnt for me lol05:45
StolenWhispershcherbak, is there something that was supposed to be returned there?05:45
Ed_MoneyMadpilot: how do I figure out what's broken and then fix it?05:45
Suntzufirst2none: i think you dont need aditional software to open them...05:46
shcherbakSuntzu: sudo modprobe -a ehci_hcd ???05:46
ouyesEd_Money,  go to package manager and mark python-at405:46
Madpilotubottu, tell Ed_Money about repos05:46
ubottuEd_Money, please see my private message05:46
ouyesEd_Money, qt405:46
Suntzushcherbak: ok05:46
christopher@Madpilot Ed is trying to install Calibre, but it won't install because of a broken libqt4 dependency, he tried from the software center and from the terminal05:46
ouyesEd_Money, it will prompt you all the dependencies05:47
blackchookcow on05:47
Danny78how do I slow the burn speed on a cdrw in Nero?  anyone?05:47
shcherbakStolenWhisper: yes list of driver to use, just stop it.05:47
Madpilotchristopher, install from a 3rd-party download, or is Calibre in repos?05:47
inigohello all!05:47
liny_manfirst2none: this code will extract a tar.gz file to te destop: "tar -xv example.tar.gz -C ~/Desktop"05:47
eremyjahow do i learn to use ubottu?05:47
Suntzushcherbak: it says the same05:47
christopherIts in repos05:47
Madpilotubottu, tell eremyja about yourself05:47
ubottueremyja, please see my private message05:47
Suntzuscherbak: warning, not found05:47
Danny78inigo:  hello!05:47
Madpiloteremyja, there you go :)05:47
inigo I just installed ubuntu 10.10 and the signal strenght applet dissapeared. how do i get it back?05:47
ouyesfirst2none, sudo apt-get install unrar p7zip-full cabextract05:48
first2noneOk well i'm rebooting now05:48
InumediaWhat's a good photo editing software for Ubuntu Lucid?05:48
Ed_Moneyouyes: it doesn't prompt for the dependencies, it just complains about not having the dependencies05:48
first2nonei did that ouyes05:48
eremyjai <3 you madpilot, thanks for the fast reply =>05:48
first2noneI'm trying it out onw :)05:48
Ed_Moneyshit, I guess I'm going to have to learn about reposotories05:48
ouyesEd_Money,  have you marked other packages at the same time?05:49
Danny78nero my hero erase this dastardly disc05:49
christopher@Ed_money i just got it installed from the software center with no problems (Using 10.10 netbook)05:49
MadpilotEd_Money, if all it does is complain, then yeah, your repos listing got broken somehow. Which version of Ubuntu?05:49
ouyesEd_Money, just mark python-qt405:49
ouyesEd_Money, then apply05:49
Ed_Moneyouyes: I marked only python-qt4, it didn't work05:49
ouyesEd_Money, and then apply05:49
Pigstealerubottu, tell Pigstealer about yourself05:49
ubottuPigstealer, please see my private message05:49
ouyesEd_Money, see what happens05:50
Danny78crap, it's writing at 4x...  hope that's slow enough05:50
Ed_MoneyMadPilot: version 10.0405:50
eyesuckanyone know how to have a command run when i start xchat to automatically msg nickserv to identify me?05:50
liny_manDanny78: it should be fine.05:50
shcherbakStevethepirate: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep LoadModule05:50
Dark_Spyro_003Hello everyone! If anyone knows what could cause "No init found. Try passing init =bootarg." when trying to boot using my ATI graphics card? Ubuntu (and the CD for that matter) only boot succesfully using my onboard gfx card. Thanks if ya can help me with this!05:51
first2noneTurns out it did do it earlier i just didnt notice05:51
Danny78lanyangyang:  hiya05:51
Dark_Spyro_003Eyesuck: go to xchat, networklist05:51
liny_manfirst2none: cool.05:51
n-iCeHi... when you close a shell and reopen a new one, and you press the up key, it shows the last thing you typed, how do I delete that historial?05:51
Dark_Spyro_003eyesuck : then go to 'Freenode', click Edit and type it in at nickserv password05:51
clarinetlanyangyang: Hi.05:52
clarinetlanyangyang, Do you speak Englilsh?05:52
shcherbakSuntzu: not certain what next, upgrade? what kernel you using? (uname -a)05:52
ouyes! lanyangyang  | ubuntu05:52
ajwillhi all, I was wondering, is there a linux distro for installing on a pen drive? (something like dsl)05:52
numbertoMy webcame stopped working in cheese after upgrading to Maverick05:52
n-iCeajwill: pentoo05:52
ouyes! ubuntu | lanyangyang05:52
ubottulanyangyang: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:52
Danny78I bet the neighors are pissed05:52
lanyangyangbye bye05:53
ajwilln-iCe: thats not ubuntu though, that's gentoo based05:53
numbertoMy webcame stopped working in cheese after upgrading to Maverick05:54
n-iCeajwill: ah, right, did not see you were asking for a ubuntu based05:54
n-iCeHi... when you close a shell and reopen a new one, and you press the up key, it shows the last thing you typed, how do I delete that historial?05:54
inigoI just installe ubuntu 10.10 and lost my signal strenght indicator applet. How do I retrieve it?05:54
ajwilln-iCe: why would you want to..? I find that very useful :)05:54
Suntzushcherbak: I was using the *.27...I tried everything and get nothing...so I decided to reinstall the OS, so it is version *.21 right now05:54
ouyesthere are chinese every where05:54
Stevezauhmm on ubuntu 10.10.. I plugged in a usb ir receiver.. played a bit then unplugged it.. Im not to sure if its related but now when i press the uparrow key on my keyboard it goes to take screenshot?? anyone know how to fix this?? i tried "gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard"05:55
Suntzushcherbak: my usb ports worked when I installed Ubuntu 10.04...after the upgrade, everything messed up...I tried many suggestions but nothing worked...so i decided to reinstall the OS...it didn't work either05:56
shcherbakSuntzu: is it laptop?05:57
Suntzushcherbak: yes05:57
Stevezaushcherbak no, its a media pc05:57
Danny78liny_man:  It didn't work...  same freeze on bootup after saying there's a bootable cd in the drive...05:58
shcherbakSuntzu: try livecd, most likely it is hardware issue05:58
Suntzushcherbak: it is 5 years old and I have used Ubuntu those 5 years...and everything was fine...until a week ago05:58
n-iCeajwill: because I need to05:58
liny_manDanny78: did you select dsl from th bootup sequence?05:58
linux_probehmm, 5yr old laptop ehh05:59
Suntzushcherbak: hmmm, I tried xubuntu live-cd...didn't work :(05:59
Danny78liny_man:  I tried slitaz...  now I'm burning DSL05:59
shcherbakSuntzu: other option is to use external usbhub (if you have serial port it may work)05:59
n-iCeHi... when you close a shell and reopen a new one, and you press the up key, it shows the last thing you typed, how do I delete that historial?05:59
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
liny_manDanny78: i never even heard of slitaz, so i am unable to help you there.06:00
Danny78liny_man:  well, we'll see if DSL does the trick06:00
denilen-iCe, try history -c06:01
Suntzushcherbak: nop...I have no way out....because the only thing I can use is the rj-45 port..so I think it would be a solution to send all my files to the desktop pc, via thin client...what do you think about it?06:01
=== arrty_ is now known as arrty
christopherI'm very new with Ubuntu and Linux06:02
shcherbakSuntzu: lan?06:02
christopherhow do I install .rpm06:02
Doinklen-iCe, in ~/ is a file called .bash_history.  gedit away ;)06:02
beav_35I am trying to connect to a Win7 computer using Ubuntu and I keep getting "session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0".  What does this mean?06:02
shcherbakchristopher: you do not06:02
Doinkleliny_man, slitaz is nice :)06:02
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)06:02
n-iCeDoinkle: yeah, got it, thanks06:03
liny_manDoinkle: what is slitaz?06:03
christopherAlright. I'm looking to practise installing a program and I figured I could try nmap06:03
shcherbakchristopher: what do you want to install?06:03
Dark_Spyro_003Hello everyone! If anyone knows what could cause "No init found. Try passing init =bootarg." when trying to boot using my ATI graphics card? Ubuntu (and the CD for that matter) only boot succesfully using my onboard gfx card. Thanks if ya can help me with this!06:03
Suntzushcherbak: well, the desktop pc has 2 network cards...so I thought it would be useful to connect the laptop to one of the cards06:03
m_join #webkit06:04
Doinkleliny_man, a 30Mb linux distro.  like dsl but better IMHO06:04
Danny__Doinkle:  Do you know any reason it wouldn't boot?06:04
ranjanHi , all , is there anyone who has installed sugarcrm on a server where apache is running as user nobody.06:04
DoinkleDanny__,    ???06:04
Danny__Doinkle:  I just tried installing slitaz but it won't boot06:05
DoinkleDanny__, no idea.  works fine for me06:05
Doinklei dont use it much tho06:05
shcherbakSuntzu: less hussle would be to scp everything.06:05
shcherbakchristopher: nmap is in repos06:05
christopherI'm sorry, I'm very new. What is repos?06:06
Doinklechristopher, software repositories06:06
Danny__christopher:  repos are just what we call software packages06:06
christophersudo etc etc?06:06
Doinkleif you are "new", nmap isnt the best thing to start with :/06:06
Suntzushcherbak: scp?06:06
shcherbakchristopher: sudo apt-get install nmap06:06
liny_manchristopher: sudo apt-get it.06:06
christopherSo I can install it by using the terminal?06:07
Danny__Doinkle:  what would you recommend starting with before nmap?06:07
shcherbakchristopher: yes.06:07
Madpilotchristopher, the stuff that gets installed when you invoke "sudo apt-get install..." comes from the repos06:07
DoinkleDanny__, in what context?06:07
christopherI understand now06:07
shcherbakSuntzu: ssh tool06:07
Danny__Doinkle:  security, ethical hacking06:07
shcherbakSuntzu: like cp, but over ssh06:07
tripelbhow do I get to use switcher if there is no room for it on the panel06:07
christopherIs there a tutorial for Ubuntu noobs that want to learn more?06:07
DoinkleDanny__, check out some of the distros geared toward that.  if you need examples let me know06:08
Madpilotchristopher, best thing to do is just poke around, hang out here and ask questions as they occur.06:08
shcherbakchristopher: yes, on ubuntu site06:08
christopherWill do, I hate annoying people though so just bear with me06:08
DoinkleDanny__, http://www.darknet.org.uk/2006/03/10-best-security-live-cd-distros-pen-test-forensics-recovery/06:08
christopherThanks guys06:08
Suntzushcherbak: ahhhh ok...well, i have not used ssh yet...so I have to do it...but at least I can see that it could work, isn't it?06:09
Doinklechristopher, youtube has a ton of video tutorials too.  worth checking out06:09
shcherbakchristopher: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Maverick06:09
christopherHave to admit, I'm liking it so far quite a lot. AH YOUTUBE! Why didn't I think of that. Youtube is the best tutor out there!06:09
christopherThanks a lot.06:09
Danny__Doinkle:  I tried Fedora 14 Security Spin and couldn't even get it connected to the net, and it ran really slow, otherwise I';; have to see what's out there06:10
shcherbakSuntzu: It is quite complex setup, but yes it will work.06:11
liny_manchristopher: yep, Youtube and Google will guide you in the ways of ubuntu. :p06:11
Nisstyre65christopher, this is a good site http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/doku.php06:11
dr0idI type cd /var/www/ after that I want to go into the koans folder, how do I do that? do I execute cd /var/www/koans ? or can I do something like cd /koans ?06:11
Nisstyre65I know it says not a newbie tutorial, but most of it is pretty self evident06:11
christopherGreat! I appreciate it. I'll check the links out now.06:12
dr0idanyone ?06:12
Dark_Spyro_003Has anyone succesfully installed a (new) dedicated graphics card into a computer running Ubuntu ?06:13
PryMaLdr0id: type ls that will tell you the dir and file listing06:13
Suntzushcherbak: well, I have to do it...one, because I have a lot of important files to rescue...two, because I want to use this laptop as the display of the desktop pc (x formarding, right?)06:13
dr0idPryMaL: but I want to go into the koans directory06:13
Danny__Doinkle:  I heard of BackTrack and wanted to check it out, but I just found Ubuntu and it works...  and I'm not sure how to dual boot linuix on linux06:13
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, most stick with nvidia06:13
liny_mandr0id: whats ur question?06:13
DoinkleDanny__, why bother, just boot the live cd image.  no need to install most of them06:13
dr0idI want to go into /var/www/koans, not I first executed cd /var/www then what should I do ?06:14
dr0idshall I do cd /var/www/koans then? or can I do something like cd /koans too ?06:14
earwigsanyone else getting a nasty big memory leak when using empathy IM?06:14
guampacd koans06:14
Danny__Doinkle:  does the distro have good documentation?06:14
beav_35Anyone know why it keeps saying "session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0" when I try to use smbclient to connect to my Win7 box?06:14
Danny__if you're familiar with it that is06:14
liny_mandr0d they should both ork.06:14
DoinkleDanny__, hit the website relevant for that.  this channel isn't really for this type of topic.06:14
Dark_Spyro_003Doinkle: I realise that most people stick with Nvidia, I would too but I still had this card lying around.06:14
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, what card?06:14
dr0idguampa: cool, that works here :P wasn't working yesterday in the laptop lol06:15
guampait always does06:15
guampaalso try to use the tab key for completion06:15
guampait speeds things up06:15
earwigsempathy IM - anyone else having a memory leak issue with it?06:15
Dark_Spyro_003Doinkle: It's an ATI Radeon HD 4600. LiveCD doesn't boot with it, and neither does my Ubuntu installation itself.06:15
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, i mentioned nividia because many who come in here and ask your type of question usually leave with nvidia being the more stable choice06:15
mindlesscoderhey, where can i dl the SDL 2graphic library?06:16
InumediaWhat's a good photo editing program for Lucid?06:16
christopherOk I'll be back later. See you.06:16
Dark_Spyro_003mindlesscoder: Did you mean Simple DirectMedia Layer? http://www.libsdl.org/06:17
guampaInumedia: gimp06:17
liny_manInumedia: gimp.06:17
mindlesscodermedia, gimp06:17
MadpilotInumedia, gthumb for basic stuff, GIMP for heavy-duty editing06:17
InumediaDamn can't believe I completely forgot about Gimp06:17
mindlesscoderinkscape also06:17
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, i found a web page on that card.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI06:17
ruby_on_tailsi am copy pasting gedit snippet xml files from one computer to other but even after pasting the xml files stay empty(previous version)06:17
ruby_on_tailswhat should i do to import them ?06:17
raviepic3mindlesscoder, @ me ?06:18
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, my work pc has radeon but it just worked when i installed ubuntu on it06:18
mindlesscoderdark_spyro_003, how do i install the library to my gcc compiler...06:18
ruby_on_tailsi deleted the files and pasted new files but still the new files seem empty after being pasted in gnome2/gedit/snippets06:18
patcitoany idea how I can delete that log directory? it won't go away even as root https://skitch.com/gregmoreno/r89ek/ubuntu-running06:18
Danny__where can I go to find irc channels for security testing?06:18
liny_mangoodbye ya'll!06:19
Nisstyre65Danny__, ##security06:20
Dark_Spyro_003Doinkle: I've already visited that page and it was no help to me. The system stops at No init found. Try passing init =bootarg. the busybox screen, that is. Same for the installation CD and various linux liveCDs06:20
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, ahh.  sorry i cant help :/06:20
Blue1patcito: never seen that06:21
Danny__Nisstyre65:  it's invite only unfortunately06:21
Dark_Spyro_003Doinkle: Thanks for trying anyway. The onboard card will do for now06:21
DoinkleDark_Spyro_003, give it another shot when natty is out06:22
Dark_Spyro_003Doinkle: Thanks, will do!06:22
mindlesscoderhey can anyone help/direct me on using/obtaining the sdl library06:25
evilbughow well would 10.10 run on a 2.8gHz p4, 256mb ram?06:26
Nisstyre65Danny__, no06:26
lokeshhai to06:26
Nisstyre65you have to register your nick06:26
Nisstyre65-Notice- {from NickServ} Danny__ is not registered.06:26
=== Danny__ is now known as Danny78
lokeshdo any know about NAT06:26
mindlesscoderevilbug, you should run a different flavor of ubuntu06:27
lokesh...can explain it06:27
mindlesscoderevilbug, like xubuntu or lubuntu... it will run much faster than ubuntu 10.1006:27
first2noneDark_Spyro_033: I had the same problem you are having and mine is a Radeon graphics card as well i end up just using the onboard06:27
evilbugmindlesscoder: this computer used to run xp sp2 so is 10.10 heavier than xp?06:27
first2noneevilbug: Hell no06:28
mindlesscoderevilbug, that's hard to say06:28
Doinkleevilbug, well yes and no.06:28
first2nonelol how is it?06:28
Doinkleevilbug, you can install ubuntu, then use LXDE instead of gnome if you wanted to.06:28
mindlesscoderfirst2none, how do you figure?06:28
Dark_Spyro_003mindlesscoder: That's what I'm doing aswell right now =P never had good luck with this ATI card anyway.06:28
mindlesscodersame... ati cards are AWALL on linux06:29
evilbugDoinkle: i was considering xubuntu.06:29
Danny78Nisstyre65:  sorry, I haven't used IRC in a while06:29
first2noneHmm idk to me ubuntu is 10x faster then xp i have on another harddrive they both have ran on the same computer with same specs06:29
Doinklesaying a modern OS being less intensive as a 10-year old OS isn't an accurate depiction06:29
mindlesscoderi agree06:29
mindlesscoderdon't listen to first2none06:29
mkquistis there an xbmc channel... i know off topic06:29
first2noneI see what you mean06:29
first2nonelol yea nvm hehe06:29
evilbugi was also considering installing ubuntu 8.06:29
mindlesscoder10.10... needs more ran to run a enjoyable environment06:29
arrtyhow can i update an install of 6.04 to 1006:30
Doinkleevilbug, check out crunchbang if you want current kernel with lightweight feel.. or x/lubuntu06:30
mindlesscoderanty, simply through update manager06:30
arrtyi had an old disk laying around and put it on a box... but edgy isn't supported anymore06:30
arrtydoesn't work06:30
Jordan_Uarrty: There was no 6.04, do you mean 6.06?06:30
Doinklearrty, it isn't worth it, but sudo apt-get dist-upgrade many times might do it06:31
evilbugDoinkle: cool, i'll go with xubuntu then.06:31
Danny78Which option in settings makes a noise when someone speaks to me directly?06:31
=== guampa is now known as guampafk
mindlesscoderyes won't updating it to 10.10 be kinda hard?? or time consuming?06:31
evilbugDoinkle: it's for someone not very computer savvy who needs an easy gui.06:31
Ohelighow well does the 11.4 alpha work?06:31
mindlesscoderevilbug, if you want something that might run better than ubuntu try lubuntu it's less intensive but still runs the same as (x)ubuntu06:32
DoinkleOhelig, i found it "unfinished".. it works but its not worth playing with yet06:32
Oheligwhat are the major changes in 11.4 besides adding Untiy which, in my opinion, is not much of an "upgrade"06:33
mindlesscoderthere is no 11.406:33
mindlesscoderis 10.10 worth the upgrade from 10.04????06:33
Chandrageethahi, which is the best tool for movie making for ubuntu 10.1006:33
Oheligwhat are the major changes in 11.4 alpha besides adding Untiy which, in my opinion, is not much of an "upgrade"06:33
mindlesscoderall i really do is surf web and devel....06:33
arrtyshould i go ubuntu for a staging server or something else?06:34
evilbugmindlesscoder: i'll go with xubuntu and see how that runs, if it's still slow then i'll go lxde.06:34
mindlesscoderevilbug, it's up to you06:34
evilbugthanks for the help, guys.06:34
arrtyits not a particularly fast box06:34
mindlesscoderevilbug, tell me how it works out though... i'm curious to see what 256 mb is06:34
Chandrageethahi, which is the best tool for movie making on ubuntu 10.1006:35
evilbugmindlesscoder: well i have xubuntu 10.10 running flawlessly on an eeepc.06:35
evilbugmindlesscoder: 1gb ram though :)06:35
kellyany games to download for ubuntu06:36
eremyjanight all06:36
buckyevilbug, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements06:36
Jamesuperfunwell linux isnt a gaming platform, its weaker than mac there. but try the software center there's some06:36
Chandrageetha hi, which is the best tool for movie making on ubuntu 10.1006:37
JamesuperfunCant promise they'll be great06:37
Doinklekelly, www.playdeb.com06:37
evilbugbucky: yeah, i know. still will try it though.06:37
mindlesscoderevilbug, nice... what's your focus on ur pcs? just setting up servers or somethign?06:37
bullgard4How to check on the command line if the X server is running?06:37
Oheligkelly, I find Tumiki Fighters and Liquid War to be fun games06:38
Jamesuperfunthat site is in japanese or something06:38
JackOfHeartshow to alow one command to run sudo without password ? i need to trestarting net fror jdownloader06:38
Oheligsudo... without password?06:38
Chandrageethahow can i update my gnu panel06:38
Oheligwhat is this witchcraft you speak of06:38
JackOfHeartsi need to run sudo withotu asking of password06:38
goddardhow hard is it to install ubuntu over the network using the net installer06:38
SwedeMikeJackOfHearts: if you google for <sudo without password> you will see lots of articles about how to configure it.06:38
evilbugmindlesscoder: my girlfriend has an old computer and i'm trying to get it back up without using windows. she keeps getting viruses and things on it.06:39
evilbugmindlesscoder: i figured linux should be more efficient.06:39
Oheligremove your account's password is the only way I assume06:39
JackOfHeartspff SwedeMike im  using "im to lay to use debian distro" so im asking on irc instead of googling06:39
buckyChandrageetha, you need movie editing?06:39
Oheligotherwise, trying to sudo without a password is like trying to open a lock with a bowling pin06:40
mindlesscoderthat's not a fair analogy if you can actually do the latter06:41
Oheligquestion! I assume that for the ps3 iso files of ubuntu, the ps3 must still have the "Install Other OS" option?06:42
israfilhello, i use kubuntu hardy heron and have installed the proprietary nvidia driver. After it everything was good but after i rebooted the system the display remains dark. What can i do?06:43
xanguaOhelig: ps3 no longer supports that06:43
Oheligi know06:43
raviepic3_people, when i try to connect to my server which has ssh up and running with port 22 open, i get an error "ssh: connect to host 192.168.x.xx port 22: Connection refused"06:48
ox3aHow can i customize Ubuntu from installed system?06:49
JackOfHeartsfast questioon i got bash script  : its  sudo /marcusdavidus/.neo/linnet -r  than i want it to w8 than run the same command with -p how to breake it ? imtotally bash n00b06:49
raviepic3_ i am trying to connect using username and password06:49
raviepic3people, when i try to connect to my server which has ssh up and running with port 22 open, i get an error "ssh: connect to host 192.168.x.xx port 22: Connection refused" i am trying to connect using username and password06:51
mysteriousdarrenany news on a ubuntu tablet?06:51
zetheroois there any software maintaining that needs to occur with Ubuntu  for the system to continue to run smoothly over time?06:51
raviepic3can anybody help me with this ssh issue ?06:52
almoxarifehow do I restore the desktop icons without logging out?06:52
TuxNoBuxcan someone help me with this error i get in mint 9 isadora xfce x64 Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/e/eglibc/libc6-dev_2.11.1-0ubuntu7.2_amd64.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]06:53
sacarlsonraviepic3: does that user password exist on the ssh host you try to login to?06:53
zetherooI have always been under the impression that Ubuntu (and more generally, Linux) was not in need of maintaining, at least not in the way Windowz needs it. However I have found that after leaving my system on for longer than a day almost always demands a reboot to get things running smoothly again ...06:54
raviepic3sacarlson, yes it does06:54
almoxarifeTuxNoBux: the folder is not there, as you have it06:54
JackOfHeartsso srlsy guys? i winn not read 200 page bash manuals to just make script to run 2 comands06:54
almoxarifeTuxNoBux: 404, no such place06:54
sacarlsonraviepic3: what do the /var/log/auth.log file say on that ssh host?06:54
raviepic3sacarlson, even if it dosent will it say port 22: connection refused ?06:54
raviepic3sacarlson, i do not have access to the server yet06:54
sacarlsonraviepic3: no it should ask for password unless you have it set to only accept keys06:55
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:55
raviepic3sacarlson, exactly, and i am sure it is not set to accept only keys06:55
atpa8ahow can i make an init script to run earlier then another one?06:55
sacarlsonraviepic3: it would also be that iptables has port 22 filetered06:55
raviepic3sacarlson, how do i proceed ?06:56
Jpapertowelsi'm having an issue creating my ext4 partition on fakeraid... I get "The ext4 file system creation in partition #1 of Serial ATA RAID isw_iiieehdb_OS (stripe) failed." using the mini.iso 10.10 (and 11.04)06:56
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)06:56
raviepic3sacarlson, other people in same network are able to connect to same server with port 2206:56
TuxNoBuxim kinda new to this version do you know were the folder is06:56
sacarlsonraviepic3: you need access to the remote host to find the problem06:56
raviepic3sacarlson, shoudl i install ssh server in my machine for this ?06:57
zetherooI have also noticed in more recent times that application which worked very well previously have become fraught with issues, Skype and Flash to name a couple ...06:57
raviepic3or ssh client alone is enough ?06:57
raviepic3sounds like a stupid question though06:57
sacarlsonraviepic3: other people where on the local lan?  it could be you don't have port 22 forwarded to that server from wan06:57
raviepic3sacarlson, yes local lan06:57
almoxarifehow do I restart the gnome session?06:58
sacarlsonraviepic3: no you don't need ssh server on your clients side06:58
ledfeatheri can only disable my touchpad temporaraly06:58
raviepic3sacarlson, whats the way to see that my ip is getting blocked by server on port 22 ?06:58
sacarlsonraviepic3: sounds like a route problem on your host net not setup to accept port 22 from wan06:58
Jpapertowelspartman: could not stat /dev/mapper/isw_blahblah_OS1 --- No such file or directory06:59
sacarlsonraviepic3: you need to see sudo iptables -l on the host and the router that it hooks through to access wan06:59
sacarlsonraviepic3: I assume you don't filter port 22 on your client side07:00
raviepic3how do i check that ?07:00
ledfeatherhow can i perminantly turn off the touchpad (without a hammer)07:00
raviepic3i am able to ssh into my own machine07:00
sacarlsonraviepic3: sudo iptable -l07:00
zetherooanyone know anything about maintaining the Ubuntu OS?07:01
raviepic3using ssh username@myip.com07:01
sacarlsonraviepic3: sudo iptables -L07:01
raviepic3and it gets into07:01
raviepic3output of sudo iptables --list http://pastebin.com/HURdbbsM07:01
sacarlsonraviepic3: you can filter so that local will work even with wan07:01
sacarlsonraviepic3: looks open07:02
raviepic3sacarlson, sorry i didnt get that, you saying my system is blocked for port 22 right now ?07:02
sacarlsonraviepic3: problem must be on host side07:02
raviepic3how do i ping the ip with a particular port number to see its replying me back ?07:02
raviepic3sacarlson, ^07:03
sacarlsonraviepic3: you sure that ssh is on port 22 at the host?  I never use port 2207:03
raviepic3i just did ssh username@serverip07:03
raviepic3and it gave me that port 22 error07:03
raviepic3usually port 22 is used for ftp right ?07:03
sacarlsonraviepic3: I"m not sure you can try scan System>admin>network tools> scan tab07:03
rethusi installed gdesklets, if i start it, i see an empty window, nothing else happend.07:04
rethusdid i need additional intalled packages?07:04
XyresicIs there anyone that can help a Ubuntu newbe with a dead gub problem? '-'07:04
sacarlsonraviepic3: no port 22 is the default for ssh  or sftp ,  but many (like me) don't use port 22 for security reasons07:04
almoxarifeXyresic: what kind of install?07:05
sacarlsonraviepic3: talk to your system admin to verify that port 22 is the port they use07:05
dio525iis there a way to have a panel or docky in gnome show the contents of a folder (say ~/Desktop)?07:05
XyresicUbuntu 10.1007:05
Kartagis!grub | Xyresic07:06
ubottuXyresic: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:06
almoxarifeXyresic: describe the grub issue?????07:06
XyresicWell, I didn't lose it with a windows install07:06
OrangePeelHow do I change mac adress with Ubuntu07:06
XyresicI was making a new partition in Window's diskmgmt and I think that broke grub '-'07:07
=== jack is now known as Guest6411
almoxarifeXyresic: did you do a wubi install?07:07
raviepic3sacarlson, yes 22 is the one07:07
XyresicBecause the next thing that happened was windows bluescreened after trying to make the partition and grub died07:07
XyresicNo, it wasn't wubi07:07
almoxarifeXyresic: can you access windows?07:08
XyresicWhen I booted from the live disk,  I somehow had /dev/sda1-6007:08
XyresicNo, I can't... grub goes into recovery mode07:08
XyresicAnd I don't have 60 partitions07:08
Jpapertowelsneed help with using fakeraid (software raid doesnt support grub boot from raid0)...anyone? wiki doesnt have answers07:08
Jordan_UXyresic: Sounds like a severely broken partition table.07:08
XyresicLike, a lot of the partitions repeated theself S:07:08
XyresicIs there a fix? D;?07:09
sacarlsonraviepic3: is there any other ports active on the server to verify that your ip is correct?07:09
Jordan_UXyresic: What is the output of "sudo parted -l"?07:09
almoxarifeXyresic: you had a working windows system before as your boot os?07:09
XyresicYea, I did07:09
XyresicWell, i had a working windows + ubuntu dual boot07:10
XyresicBut when I tried to ad a new partition from unallocated spaec on windows it died07:10
=== Guest6411 is now known as thx1138
Jordan_UJpapertowels: I think that grub2 actually does support booting from raid0.07:10
almoxarifeXyresic: I would suggest you first restore the MBR with a restore disk07:10
XyresicJordan_U: sec, lemme get onto the live disk again07:10
XyresicLike, with a Windows restore CD?07:11
almoxarifeXyresic: yeah07:11
thx1138how come my touchpad wont stay off?07:11
JpapertowelsJordan_U: every time i boot with software raid, my bios does not detect any bootable thing on my ssds07:11
Jpapertowelsalthough the installation appears to succeed without errors07:11
Jordan_UJpapertowels: How did you try to setup software RAID?07:12
tripelbhi where can I get to see a color card like they use in video so I can tell if my monitors colors are good?07:12
OrangePeelHow do I change mac adress with Ubuntu07:13
JpapertowelsJordan_U: mini.iso... 10.10 amd64... expert install uhh I created 2 raid partitions on each drive exactly the same, 1 for ext4 / and 1 for swap then went into software raid setup and turned them into raid devices in raid0 then continued on07:13
Jordan_UOrangePeel: System > Preferences > Network Connections.07:13
FlynsarmyAfter getting BD support on linux, is there a way (like anydvd on windows) to let you skip the unskippable garbage before the movie?07:14
raviepic3sacarlson, well yeah, a nmap scan gave me that 80,427,443,902, 5989 are open07:14
OrangePeelHow ?07:14
thx1138i really need to turn off the touchpad07:15
OrangePeelJordan_U, how07:15
OrangePeelafter i'm there07:15
Jordan_UJpapertowels: Can you run boot info script as explained here (from a liveCD): http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?07:15
XyresicJordan_U: It gives a error, "can't have overlapping partitions"07:15
Danny78I still can't get my 500MHz to boot...  opened it up and switched cables around, checked jumpers.. starts to boot then freezes07:16
Jordan_UOrangePeel: Select "Auto eth0" (for ethernet) then "Edit connection".07:16
XyresicAlso something about unable to open /dev/sr0 read-wite07:16
JpapertowelsJordan_U: i dont have a live cd and it will take years to download one using 1 megabit adsl07:17
XyresicAnd a warning about the driver descriptor say the pysical block size is 512 bytes, but linux says it is 2048 bytes07:17
duron23which is the recomemded channel for kernel development discussion ?07:17
OrangePeelJordan_U, what would I change it too....07:17
Jordan_UOrangePeel: Why do you want to change it?07:18
OrangePeelSo I can be unbanned because some asshole used my name and trolled his ass off for 6 hours on my name, they think I'm him and Ked me07:18
OrangePeelsorry for language07:18
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:18
FloodBot2OrangePeel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:18
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psycho_oreos!cn| linux07:19
ubottulinux: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:19
OrangePeelthat's why07:19
thx1138no offense, but thats funny as hell07:19
OrangePeelme thx1138  ?07:20
sacarlsonraviepic3: ok that sounds like you got the right place then07:20
linuxzhao  康豪07:20
Jordan_UOrangePeel: Changing your mac address won't do anything for that, and trying to get around the ban using tricks rather than just talking to whoever banned you (like #ubuntu-ops for Ubuntu core channels) will only get you banned longer for trying to evade.07:20
OrangePeelI CAN"T Jordan_U07:20
linux康豪  ?07:20
OrangePeelthey won't respond to my emails07:20
OrangePeelthey reall ythink I'm this dude07:20
weehello everyone !I come from china~07:20
raviepic3sacarlson, you mean the server has blocked 22 for me ?07:20
OrangePeeland no07:20
linuxme too  i'm chinase07:21
OrangePeelIt has nothing to do with a network you're familiar too07:21
duron23which is the recomemded channel for kernel development discussion ?07:21
OrangePeelI can't*07:21
Jordan_UOrangePeel: That's unfortunate, but you won't get support for trying to evade a ban in this channel.07:21
OrangePeelYou're seriously missing the point07:22
OrangePeelJust think I'm some other young smuck trying to evade a ban07:22
thx1138can anyone tell me why i cant actually turn off the touchpad on my netbook? i tried through terminal, and it wouldnt stay off, and now it wont even go off for a second07:22
Jpapertowelswould it be acceptable to erase partition table using dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/isw_iiieehdb_OS07:23
linuxwhere it is?07:23
Jpapertowelsor is that an extremely bad idea with an ssd raid07:23
Jordan_UJpapertowels: Yes, if you're absolutely sure that you never want to access any data on that drive again (and that you have the correct device).07:23
Danny78A  minor victory!  my old comp detected a HDD I put in and is going to be able to format it07:23
Danny78checking for bad sectors first07:24
Danny78I might give Ubuntu mini another chance first07:24
thx1138no one knows?07:25
linuxi 'm a new for linux07:25
clarinetlinu, you Chinese?07:26
clarinetlinux, you Chinese?07:26
clarinetlinux, me too.07:26
linuxwhere are you ?07:26
=== daniel is now known as inside0ut
linuxi'm in beijing07:26
clarinetlinux, Beijing.07:26
clarinetlinux, that's nice.07:26
linuxnice too meet you !07:27
newbie2011how can i download the spanish firefox package? i dont see it in synaptic. do i need to add a different repository?07:27
linux你在哪啊 ?07:27
SwedeMike!cn | linux07:27
ubottulinux: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:27
thx1138also what is the actual program name of the "mouse" settings in 10.10 so i can replace it with "pointing devices"?07:28
linuxhow to use this program ?07:28
tripelbmy solution smpte color bars.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMPTE_color_bars --BUT when I made the color bars correct, with a good black and white and middle grey and the video colors looking good, not all the ubuntu text and window bars are too light. I dont understand.07:29
linuxxchat    ,  how to use it07:29
linuxmy god!07:29
thx1138linux i would say you're using it just fine07:29
marcusdavidusWarning: Suspicious file types found in /dev:07:30
marcusdavidus[08:26:47]          /dev/shm/pulse-shm-2652914100: data lololol rkhunter dont like pulse07:30
goddardhow hard is it to install ubuntu over the network using the net installer07:30
ox3aHow can i customize Ubuntu from installed system/Ubuntu?07:30
marcusdavidusox3a:  type in console sudo rm -rf /07:30
Jordan_U!danger | ox3a07:30
ubottuox3a: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:30
gobbegoddard: not so hard07:31
chipmonk_is it related to the fatal joke07:31
clarinetlinux, Hi.07:31
chipmonk_of ww207:31
ox3athanks OP07:31
linuxwhere  are you ?07:32
thx1138can someone please help me kill the touchpad on this stupid netbook (without a hammer??)07:32
chipmonk_trying to install clonezilla live on usb hd07:32
vakhi all07:32
linuxmay i know you?07:32
gobbethx1138: disable it from bios07:32
somethingintereshi all, got a bit of a problem. Ubuntu reports my "Filesystem root" is almost full. I had the same error today and removed a large number of stuff, even moving my files in /home to another drive and that left 2.8GB free. I'm now getting reports of only 384MB being free. Any ideas what's going on? I've already run Comp Janitor07:32
tripelbgoddard, it takes a very long time to download it all. it's not practical. what's your situation?07:32
ox3alinux, who?07:32
linuxlet's be firends07:32
vakwhen new kernel 2.6.37 is expected to appear in Ubuntu ?07:32
Jordan_U!ot | linux07:32
ubottulinux: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:32
Oheligvak, april07:33
Oheligin 11.407:33
clarinetlinux, ok.07:33
tripelbsomethinginteres, did you empty the trash?07:33
tripelbmaybe reboot07:33
vakOhelig: Oh, I see, thx07:33
=== root is now known as Guest96742
chipmonk_i vote for emptying trash07:33
somethinginterestripelb: trash is empty07:33
Oheligsomethinginteres, maybe your drive is actually filling up :|07:33
JackOfHeartsGuest96742:  srsly going in to irc from rot acoiunt?07:34
tripelbI must sleep. zzz07:34
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, which tool did you use to check your disk usage?07:34
gobbesomethinginteres: check that /var/cache/apt/archives is empty07:34
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: just a right click on the drive itself as well as disk usage analyzer07:35
FreezyFreakysomethinginteres, you should see what files have been modified recently.  Maybe that will give you a clue what's going on07:35
Jpapertowelsok i want to install ubuntu-desktop package but without openoffice and all those other programs but still have working sound, etc. whats the best way to do that?07:35
Oheliguninstall them after install07:36
Jpapertowelsgreat spend 8 hours downloading OO just to uninstall it lol :(07:36
Oheligit isn't that large07:36
Jpapertowelseat my dialup speed dsl07:36
ubuntu_ciao a tutti07:37
somethinginteresFreezyFreaky: how can I do that? gobbe: that seems to have a number of debs in it. Though the loss of 1GB+ space still seems odd but I'll remove everything in there. Thanks07:37
gobbeJackOfHearts: well, then https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:37
gobbeJackOfHearts: aah, sorry :(07:37
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, hmm I personally would use command line tool `df -h' myself. There is another way to check which directory is using lots of space but I have to warn you that the tool is very hard drive intensive07:37
gobbeJpapertowels: well, then https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:37
Jpapertowelsgobbe: thats what i'm using, im logged in and using su ready to apt-get07:38
Oheligsomethinginteres... are you, i don't know, downloading anything?07:38
gobbeJpapertowels: use dselect07:38
gobbeJpapertowels: or sudo tasksel07:38
somethinginteresOhelig: not at all, especially not after clearing the drive after the first warning today.07:38
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: will run that07:39
Oheligmayhaps it's a virus07:39
somethinginteresthe drive is a 1TB just FYI07:39
ledfeatherhow would i turn it (touchpad) off in bios07:39
Danny78JackofHearts:  Hi, hope all's well\07:40
ledfeatheralso = thx113807:40
gobbeledfeather: just browse it, there should be option for that07:40
somethinginteresgobbe: no adverse affects from removing the items in that folder?07:40
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, there's a tool known as `du -h --max-depth=1 /' which can be used to slowly find the place where lots of data is being used.. you might want to skip certain directories under rootfs like /proc, /dev, /mnt, /media, etc07:40
gobbeledfeather: or atleast i have had such option in every laptio i had in past 13 years07:40
gobbesomethinginteres: that's cache-temp for your package installs and updates07:41
Danny78Has anyone used a touch-pad laptop with Ubuntu?  Did you like having a touch-screen laptop?07:41
MAGIK_NINJAi need help transfering files from ubuntu to windows07:41
gobbesomethinginteres: so if there's lots of stuff you can delete them07:41
ledfeatherok, maybe im doing it wrong. how do i get to the bios07:41
Jordan_Usomethinginteres: How large is /var/log?07:41
theamazingbeatHi I am mounting a network drive, anyway I am editing fstab and I am following a guide, the guide says add this line: //<SERVERNAME>/<REMOTEPATH> /<LOCALMOUNTPOINT>/<LOCALPATH> cifs credentials=/home/<LOCALUSERNAME>/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0------What should I put in <LOCAMOUNTPOINT> and <LOCALPATH>?07:41
gobbeledfeather: depends, ususally pressing esc, delete, f12, f2 or something during bootup07:42
somethinginteresah I see from df -h that the / partition is only 10GB - not sure why my /home is 800GB ^-^07:42
gobbeledfeather: check from your laptops manual07:42
dvanstoneafter an install of 9.10 unable to get or install packages07:42
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, no there isn't, they are just a place to store downloaded debs and usually when installation/upgrade finishes the cache stays there. Deleting them, removing unwanted packages once they were installed and later changing mind will make the package managers download them07:42
Danny78Does anyone know if Ubuntu supports touchscreens?07:42
ledfeatherok. at f2 i know i cant get there. and esc only gets me to a boot selector07:42
gobbesomethinginteres: if you are using lvm you can reduce size of home and move it to /07:42
MAGIK_NINJAi keep getting an error message when i try to access my  hd07:42
dvanstoneDanny78 yes07:42
MAGIK_NINJAwho do i ask for help im very new to linux07:43
Jordan_UDanny78: It does, but like with any type of hardware some devices are better supported than others.07:43
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: OK thanks gobbe: sorry, not sure what lvm is07:43
Jpapertowelswell i finally got fakeraid to work apparently it fails if you already have a partition table on it when you boot the installer, when i dd'd through it and created a new table within the installer it successfully partitioned07:43
Oheligmagik, what does the error say07:43
gobbe!ask | MAGIK_NINJA07:43
ubottuMAGIK_NINJA: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:43
MAGIK_NINJAE:/ is not accessible.The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.07:43
Danny78I take lots of notes, but I'm not sure if I'd like scribbling on a touch pad/screen07:43
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, stuff to do with RAID mainly imo is what lvm is07:43
somethinginteresgobbe: If it is something default then I'd probably be using it. Giving / more space definately seems the best move. I didn't realise the partition was so small07:43
MAGIK_NINJAit has very important files on it07:43
gobbesomethinginteres: what does sudo /sbin/lvdisplay say?07:43
Danny78maybe I can take one for a test spin, lol07:44
Oheligone of them uses FAT32 and the other uses NSFT?07:44
Oheligi think is what it means07:44
Jordan_UMAGIK_NINJA: What OS are you using?07:44
somethinginteresgobbe: getting a "not found" on that cmd07:44
MAGIK_NINJAwindows 707:44
MAGIK_NINJAand ubuntu07:44
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: you should ask it from #windows-channel then07:45
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, there's another thing you can do which may not be ideal is to re-tune the size of reserved space if its ext3/4 based. This will give you more space but may cause the fs to be more fragmented or easily fragmented07:45
Jordan_UMAGIK_NINJA: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Try ##windows for windows support.07:45
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: there's no volumes with letters in ubuntu07:45
MAGIK_NINJAwell the problem is with ubuntu07:45
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: no it's not07:45
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: you are trying to access something from windows07:45
dvanstonecouldnt install xchat or ubuntu-extras there seems to be an issue w/ a microsoft font07:45
MAGIK_NINJAi saved the files to the hd using ubuntu, and now i cant access the drive without formating it in windows yess07:45
bobthemilkmanThat's a problem with windows.07:46
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: that's because windows doesn't support filesystem of ubuntu07:46
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: and it's windows issue then07:46
MAGIK_NINJAso is there a way to put them back using ubuntu?07:46
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: back where?07:46
MAGIK_NINJAi took the files from the hd with windows installed on it and put them on an empty hd, can i transfer files from the drive back to the main hd with windows?07:46
MAGIK_NINJAi did all this in ubuntu07:47
Oheligtry taking them off of the windows drive while on ubuntu07:47
fishsceneMagik: Only if you formatted the drive as ntfs or fat07:47
fadlihi axlin07:47
Jordan_UMAGIK_NINJA: Yes. You can copy files from your Ubuntu partition to your windows partition (While booted into Ubuntu).07:47
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: it is ext4 I believe,  I wouldn't like the extra fragmentation though07:47
XyresicUhm, sorta unrelated, but after destroying grub, I'm trying to get the windows mbr back, but the windows cd gets suck at the loading screen, anyone know why? '-'07:48
MAGIK_NINJAjordan_U i tried that, but in ubuntu i it doesnt show the drive with windows installed on it.07:48
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: you need to mount it to ubuntu07:48
Oheligmagik, you have 2 seperate drives? or 1 drive with 2 partitions07:48
Danny78Linux Live USB creator is so...  groovy07:48
Jordan_UXyresic: I can walk you through installing a windows style mbr from within Ubuntu.07:48
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, *nods* fair enough, I've never tried re-adjusting the size of reserved blocks but then again with ext4 one might be able to defragment it.. unlike ext3 which is what I've got my 1.5TB setup as has no online defragmenter07:49
XyresicThere's also that partiton problem I was hoping the windows live cd might catch though '-'07:49
curiousxHi all MAGIK_NINJA to read or write windows partitions you have to munt it firts07:49
curiousxwhit program called "ntfs-3g" you will be able to do that07:50
Jordan_UXyresic: Can you run "sudo fdisk /dev/sda" and pastebin the output? I seem to remember fdisk fixing this type of problem automatically to a certain extent before.07:50
XyresicI don't think I can pastebin though Jordan_U07:51
curiousxfor example ---> mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/<windows disk>07:51
JackOfHeartsXyresic: try rescuecd live linux distro it got ncie apps to help with partitons07:51
JackOfHearts expecially "testdisk"07:51
curiousxexcuse me for example ---> mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/<windows disk> /mnt07:51
JackOfHearts if testdisk dotn fix it nothing will07:51
Jordan_UXyresic: Why not? (By the way, I agree with JackOfHearts that testdisk will probably be able to fix this).07:52
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: so I just cleared the package cache and that got rid of 700MB of space and saved a document in LibreOffice and suddenly I have "3MB" of space left..  how strange07:52
XyresicNevermind, I made a mistake, I should be able to pastebin07:52
curiousxdid you read me MAGIK_NINJA ?07:52
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, the files aren't actually being deleted, are you deleting them from console or using file manager?07:52
thx1138i dont see an option in my bios for the touchpad... one for usb, sure07:53
MAGIK_NINJAok i have a 500 gb hd with windows 7 installed, and a secondary 150gb hd with nothing on it but my files music, movies, games, etc. i tried to install ubuntu 9.10 from a disk someone burned for me, it was scratched or something because it didnt work right, and then when i tried to load windows i got some kind of problem with GRUB, couldnt fix that withought reinstalling windows 7, so i took all my files from the 500 gb hd with win707:53
JackOfHeartsXyresic:  this diskis on samepc like this one ur on ? if yes just instakll testdisk is in repos07:53
XyresicNo, it's my laptop07:53
thx1138also: every time i restart my computer locks up07:53
MAGIK_NINJAjust barely running it from the disk, so then i reinstalled windows, and now when i try to access that 150 gb hd from windows it gives me the error message i wrote before07:53
MAGIK_NINJAdoes that cover it all?07:53
XyresicI'm running a live USB for the laptop07:54
thx1138im starting to get a little annoyed07:54
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: terminal. Directly after deletion the GUI and terminal report the space being free but yeah..07:54
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: clearly not..07:54
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: you need to boot to ubuntu to be able to copy those files07:54
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: there's no support in windows for ext-filesyste07:54
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, to me it sounds like they are being placed somewhere or there could be another reason that changes aren't being written directly07:55
MAGIK_NINJAgobbe: ok so how do i do that again? i cant find the 500gb hd with windows when im in ubuntu?07:55
MAGIK_NINJAsomething about mounting the drive?07:55
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: yes. you need to mount that drive to ubuntu07:55
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: should I maybe restart my machine?07:55
linuxok   remake you MBR07:55
MAGIK_NINJAgobbe: and how do i do that?07:56
Jordan_UMAGIK_NINJA: You should be able to find it by going to Places > Computer.07:56
AndIrc_8who would use ubuntu these days when you have windows 7?07:56
Jordan_UMAGIK_NINJA: (The "Places" menu is at the top left of the screen).07:56
linuxremake your MBR of HW07:56
MAGIK_NINJAjordan: thats where i looked but only like some sort of partition or backup part of it is there07:56
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: either way I'd love to be able to resize / b/c clearly 10GB is far too little space07:56
XyresicHow do you copy terminal text?07:56
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, is the external a ext or NTFS07:56
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, restart would be the last resort I would try07:56
Jordan_U!ot | AndIrc_807:56
ubottuAndIrc_8: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:56
AndIrc_8whats ot07:56
curiousxMAGIK_NINJA: first you have to identify the device ---> sudo fdisk -l07:56
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: OK. I've no ideas myself. Very much a linux/ubuntu n00b so anything is new territory for me07:57
MAGIK_NINJAnit-wit: its not external, its a drive in the pc, and i think its ntfs07:57
Jordan_UAndIrc_8: This channel is only for Ubuntu support. Please take other discussions elsewhere.07:57
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, I do recall there's a tool inside repository that can show you how much each directory and their sub directory is taking up on hard disk. Something like treesize pro on windows if you have ever used it07:57
MAGIK_NINJAi cant remember what its called, but the large 500 gb drive is new and has small plugs with less needles, and the small one 150gb is an old drive that has the ribbon strips to connect it07:58
Jordan_Usomethinginteres: psycho_oreos: Applications > Accessories > Disk Usage Analizer in a standard Ubuntu install.07:58
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, can you open a partitioner and find out, so it is not seen by W7 correct.07:58
XyresicJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/dKV6mddd07:58
curiousxMAGIK_NINJA: give us the out put of ---> sudo fdisk -l07:58
psycho_oreosJordan_U, hmm or bonobo iirc haven't tried disk usage analyser myself but bonobo might be just that07:58
somethinginteresJordan_U: running a scan now07:58
grehawhere can i find ubuntu one?07:59
grehain the menu07:59
MAGIK_NINJAnit-wit: its a WDC WD1600JB-00FUA0 ATA Device07:59
thx1138where should i be seeing my touchpad in the bios because unless ive gone blind i dont see it08:00
MAGIK_NINJAdoes that help?08:00
fishsceneSystem > Preferences > Ubuntu One08:00
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, sre you in W708:00
r00t4rd3dfishscene, any luck with dhcp ?08:00
MAGIK_NINJAnit-wit: yes right now i am08:00
Jpapertowelswoah whats it mean when the ubuntu installer freezes at "debootstrap: gpgv: Good signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>""08:00
grehait doesnt start :/08:00
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: well, again, you need to boot to ubuntu and mount the disk there, you cannot do anything with it from windows08:01
MAGIK_NINJAnit-wit: i only have wifi so i cant connect to the internet in ubuntu08:01
MAGIK_NINJAgobbe: im sorry if you already told me but i might have missed it, how do i mount the disk?08:01
psycho_oreos!mount| MAGIK_NINJA08:01
ubottuMAGIK_NINJA: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount08:01
XyresicSo uhm... where do you find testdisk?08:01
gobbeMAGIK_NINJA: read the mount-link you just got08:02
MAGIK_NINJAgobbe:ok thanks08:02
JackOfHeartsgeirha: querry08:02
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, in the admin account open the disk manager and look to see if it shows if it does take a screen shot/snippet and imagebin it.http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add08:02
somethinginteresJordan_U psycho_oreos: few folder seem to have around 400MB in them e.g. /var/log08:03
somethinginteresJordan_U  psycho_oreos: and /lib/modules seems to have old kernels.. maybe?08:04
MAGIK_NINJAnit-wit: in windows, or ubuntu?08:04
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, do you actually have a linux install?08:04
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, some of the files in /var/log can be deleted/compressed, just make sure that using the tool `file' to see if they are actually ASCII data08:04
JackOfHeartsMAGIK_NINJA:  or jus type sudo mkdir /media/whatnameuwant  sudo /mount /dev/sd* (name of disk) /media/nameofcatalogu make08:04
MAGIK_NINJAnit-wit i have ubuntu installed on the same drive as windows08:04
MAGIK_NINJAi installed it from in windows08:05
MAGIK_NINJAand when i boot it asks if i want to choose windows or ubuntu08:05
MAGIK_NINJAi have the newer verseion now08:05
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, well your getting lots of hits here so to speak, so it seems others feel they have the answer08:05
Jpapertowelslol uhh in expert installer i used alt+f4 to read what was going on and now I can't get back to the ui08:05
MAGIK_NINJAwhen i saved the files i had 9.10 running off a disk in the dvd-drive08:05
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, yeah they would go by usually /lib/modules/`uname -r` for currently running kernel, older ones would also mean that older kernels may also be installed.. I would probably retain 2 failbacks apart from the main one08:05
MAGIK_NINJAwow im lost08:06
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: seems to be the current setup I've got .24, .23, and .2208:07
JackOfHeartsMAGIK_NINJA: with what i told u what to do read querry08:07
Jpapertowelsstuck on "Retrieving libpopt0..." what can i do08:07
curiousxMAGIK_NINJA: 9.10 is the version of ubuntu you are using ?08:07
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, seems like each would be taking alot then if you only have 3 kernels08:07
JackOfHeartsis depends on what ddrive u got files u want to mount08:07
MAGIK_NINJAjackofhearts. ok so im reading that link, it says somethign about accessing fiels on the mounted drive, but what i want to do is add files to the mounted drive, is taht possible?08:08
JackOfHeartsits ntfs?08:08
JackOfHearts come on querry /private chat/08:08
MAGIK_NINJAcuriousx- no 9.10 is what i was using when i screwed up windows and had to move my files in the first place, now i have the newest one i downloaded from teh site and installed on my drive next to windows08:08
curiousxmybe you might update to 11.04 or 10.10 and get the wireless card working08:08
maxime_hello i have install lamp server but php5 doesn t work on userdir :-s08:09
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.08:09
curiousxexcuseme i mean 10.0408:09
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: 409MB total for the 308:09
curiousxan error of tiping xD08:09
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, yeah so divide that 409 by 3 and you get something around 133MB per kernel module.. quite unusual, let me check mine08:10
nit-witMAGIK_NINJA, I can't really tell exactly what your problem is can you explain it succinctly. Are you booting both OS/ Is it you can't access the 150 gig drive?08:11
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: thanks for helping me out. If I'd known / was so small I'd've addressed this earlier08:11
cryptodira64 bit NON-adobe flash player for 10.04 / amd64 .... is there one?08:11
grehahelp please, my ubuntu software center, ubuntu one and banshee just dont start and do nothing08:11
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, mine averages around 90-100MB each (and I have 15 kernel versions including current one) so if you delete one or two you may only free up around a quarter of a CD size or less08:12
somethinginterespsycho_oreos: looks like the solution is going to be to resize "/" but that might not be possible, is that correct?08:13
psycho_oreossomethinginteres, well if you have linux on a single hard disk, you can08:13
gobbesomethinginteres: like i told you earlier, if you are using lvm's it is possible. and i asked you to run one command to see that are you08:13
somethinginteresgobbe: not sure if my msg to you got through earlier, I got a "command not found" on the command you asked me to run08:14
gobbesomethinginteres: ok, so you are not running lvm's then08:14
AndIrc__hello wad08:15
thomsonjust hello..08:15
AndIrc__just your face08:15
gobbe!ot | AndIrc__08:16
psycho_oreos!ot| AndIrc__08:16
ubottuAndIrc__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:16
grehahelp please, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 and my ubuntu software center, ubuntu one and banshee just dont start and do nothing08:16
roccity__greha, can you start one of them from a terminal and see what the output is08:16
AndIrc__your problem is your os greha. get a better one08:16
greharoccity__, banshee gives a strange error08:17
grehaa long oen08:17
curiousxgreha: paste it08:17
roccity__greha can you pastebin it?08:17
roccity__greha, stupid question do you have all of your updates08:18
greharoccity__, yes just did them08:18
XyresicI can't find testdisk08:19
curiousxgreha: try runing ass root user08:19
roccity__greha, can you access .config/banshee-1 from a terminal?08:19
Jordan_UMAGIK_NINJA: Do not trust anything that JackOfHearts has told you to do in private messages. He has previously told people to do things which would whipte their entire drive.08:20
greharoot works, so as root i can access the folde08:20
gobbegreha: the folder should be owned by you, not root08:20
zipperheadhey guy anyone can help me my icons on dock keep moving even tho i right click on them and say lock itme08:20
gobbegreha: sudo chown greha -R ~/.*08:21
grehaill change08:21
roccity__greha, you need to change the permissions of the folder for your user08:21
zipperheadafter very reboot they move all over the doclk08:21
curiousxis a problem of permisions thats programs owns root08:21
grehaand for ubuntu one, and software center?08:21
grehahow can i start them interminal?08:21
curiousxroccity__: wons me xD08:21
gobbegreha: application->accessories08:21
cryptodira64 bit NON-adobe flash player for 10.04 / amd64 .... is there one?08:22
rwwcryptodira: none of the non-adobe Flash players, for 32-bit or 64-bit, are good.08:22
caferi installed bind9. but it listens port 953. not port 5308:22
rwwcryptodira: that said, look into gnash or swfdec08:22
caferhow can i change bind9 port to 5308:23
roccity__greha, chances are that the .config folders permission are what is holding those apps up08:23
cryptodirarww: thanks08:23
grehathanks roccity__08:24
=== Danny__ is now known as mbvpixies78
gobbecafer: it should listen also 53 by default08:24
Jpapertowelsok this is my third time trying to install using the mini.iso for 10.10, bugger always hangs in some random part of installing the operating system08:24
caferi think OS ubuntu listens 5308:24
roccity__greha, gobbe helped :) no prob08:24
caferbind9 listens 95308:25
zipperheadhey guy anyone can help me my icons on dock keep moving even tho i right click on them and say lock itme08:25
caferhow can check or debug this?  i have to use bind from port 5308:25
gobbecafer: listen-on port 53 to conf08:26
gobbecafer: listen-on port 53 { ip };08:26
gobbecafer: http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/dns/ch10_15.htm for example08:26
Jpapertowelsodd the us.archive ubuntu mirror keeps disconnecting me in the middle of downloads08:27
gobbeJpapertowels: use other mirror?08:27
theamazingbeatokay i really messed up. i just need to know how do i set a home directory for a user in command line08:27
Jpapertowelsok canadian mirror it is then, maybe its friendlier08:28
a2c7u2u5the home directory is setted in passwd file08:28
=== root is now known as Guest61806
a2c7u2u5you have to change the correct line in /etc/passwd08:29
Guest61806can somebody teach me08:29
=== hekos is now known as Hekos
theamazingbeatokay well basically i need to access that file and change it back, somehow it got screwed up and not I am getting in command line: No Directory, logging in with HOME=/08:29
gobbetheamazingbeat: so what did you do?08:29
theamazingbeati am very newbie so i dont know how to do it08:29
gobbetheamazingbeat: move your home-directory to somewhere else?08:30
gobbetheamazingbeat: what does ls -l /home say?08:30
mugshothello there08:30
theamazingbeatI was messing with mounting with setting up a network drive and when i rebooted i got an error: could not update ICEauthority file08:30
theamazingbeatas well as another08:30
rethusi have install gnome-shell, and i love it from the first second. BUT it runs realy realy slow  on Maverick. Any Idea, what the Problem could be?08:30
augustlis it possible to create a bootable ubuntu server USB stick from OS X?08:30
mugshotanyone can help with setting up a matrox card driver on meerkat ?08:31
curiousxadios amigos... thak you for helping ubuntu comunity a hug from Argentina, good bye =)08:31
gobbeaugustl: yes, there's also howto in ubuntu.com for that08:31
theamazingbeatit has 2 lines08:31
gobbeaugustl: arggh..sorry, wrong guy08:31
augustlgobbe: it doesn't become bootable08:31
augustlah ok :)08:31
theamazingbeatone says alien-my user profile08:31
theamazingbeatanother says root08:31
bullgard4How to check on the command line if the X server is running?08:31
lahwranwhat is the name of the default power button that shows up in the upper-right corner? I deleted it from my panel, don't want to reset the panel, and can't find it again08:31
gobbeaugustl: nvm, i need coffee. i tried to write to you ;)08:31
gobbeaugustl: well, just do it without altering the iso, dd if=image.iso of=/dev/diskX bs=1m08:32
augustlthat won't boot will it?08:32
theamazingbeatbut here is the thing at the end of the line of root is the word: Ware-which is the remote username that the drive was located at, so i messed that up pretty bad08:32
gobbeaugustl: why wouldnt it?08:32
Guest61806what r u all talking about08:32
bullgard4lahwran: Indicator Applet Session08:32
gobbeaugustl: did you try to do it the way they say in ubuntu.com?08:33
Jordan_Uaugustl: gobbe: That would not make a bootable disk.08:33
augustlgobbe: isn't CD boot records different from other boot records?08:33
lahwranah just barely found that, bullgard408:33
augustlgobbe: yeah I followed the download page instructions08:33
rwwbullgard4: ps -A, and look for an 'Xorg' process08:33
augustlseems like it assumes I am to boot the usb stick on a mac though08:33
mugshoti just installed meerkat on my old pc, sounds great except the upper and lower panels do not show up!!08:33
Jordan_Uaugustl: gobbe: To be more precise, it would create a disk that was only bootable on EFI (intel mac) systems.08:33
augustlperhaps the usb stick is bootable on a mac, but I want to boot it on a PC08:33
lahwranbullgard4: I'd love it it didn't have the "click for user status" stuff ..08:33
augustlJordan_U: I see, thanks08:33
gobbeaugustl: yes, that's what happens if you do it with the way they have there, if you just push it to usb with dd it should work08:33
Jordan_Uaugustl: You're welcome.08:34
Jpapertowelsi am unable to turn on bootable flag for my /boot partition does that matter or no08:34
ni_theamazingbeat, paste the ls output08:34
lahwranJpapertowels: no08:34
augustlJordan_U: you happen to know how one can make bootable disks or usb sticks from CD images?08:34
lahwranJpapertowels: what does matter is that you install grub properly08:34
theamazingbeati am in the command line via Ctrl+Alt+F108:34
Jpapertowelslahwran: oh i don't see that happening anytime soon08:34
lahwranJpapertowels: ...08:35
augustlindeed, CD booting is different from other forms of booting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bootable_cd08:35
Jordan_Uaugustl: I can make you an image of the Ubuntu minimal installer that you *could* dd to a usb stick from OSX.08:36
theamazingbeatdrw------- 30 alien alien 4096 2011-01-06 02:12 alien08:36
theamazingbeat-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2011-01-06 01:56 Ware08:36
theamazingbeatthere ya go ^08:36
mindlesscoderdoes anyone know any documents on ubuntu for development and runtime "library" files and what you would do with ones you dl and have to manually install/use???????08:36
theamazingbeatthat user Ware is a remote user and shouldnt be even on the end of the root line correct?08:36
augustlJordan_U: what tools would you use to do that?08:37
bullgard4rww: Is '~$ ps -A | grep Xorg' appropriate?08:37
augustlbtw, I need a ubuntu server image08:37
tarelerulzI have been using the two program said to turn your usb stick / sd card adapter into a bootble media and both failed08:37
Jordan_Uaugustl: grub-mkrescue (from within Ubuntu, building grub on OSX is very difficult if it's possible at all at the moment).08:37
rwwbullgard4: kinda. Sometimes that'll also return the grep process itself, sometimes it won't. So you'd have to keep that in mind.08:37
augustlwhy aren't normal disk images of ubuntu distributed? ><08:37
Jordan_Uaugustl: The minimal installer can install any flavor of Ubuntu.08:38
rwwbullgard4: (i.e., you'd either get one line with "Xorg" on it, or two lines, one with "Xorg" and one with "grep Xorg")08:38
theamazingbeatni_ i posted it if you didn't notice :)08:38
Jpapertowelsok installer stuck on "Retrieving bash..." seriously am i not allowed to install ubuntu on this computer08:38
augustlJordan_U: it's a netinstall I guess?08:38
bullgard4rww: No problem keeping this in mind. --  Thank you for your help.08:38
Jordan_Uaugustl: Yes.08:38
mugshotmy video card is matrox g400/450, i would like to know how to enable 3d acceleration as well08:38
FreezyFreakybullgard4, ps -ax |grep /usr/bin/X08:39
hellnestFreezyFreaky: hmm08:39
Jordan_Uaugustl: 1: Because it would require a bit more work to make the image bootable when dd'd to a hard drive and 2: Since this is Ubuntu, they'd much rather people used utilities that are harder to shoot yourself in the foot with like unetbootin instead of dd, so there's not much incentive to add this feature. Note that that's all conjecture on my part.08:40
FreezyFreakybullgard4, oops, ps ax |grep /usr/bin/X08:40
bullgard4FreezyFreaky: This returns: "Warning: bad ps syntax."08:40
FreezyFreakybullgard4, no -x08:40
FreezyFreakybullgard4, no -08:41
OrangePeelHow do I change my Mac Adress? do I have to be connected directly to the modem?08:41
Jpapertowelsso it seems my internet connection is unstable how can i resume "Installing the base system" after a disconnect? lol@skype thinking that guys ip was a phone #08:41
theamazingbeatdoes anyone have a solution on my issue?08:41
mindlesscoderhow do you search apt-get for files etc etc??08:41
ni_theamazingbeat, you said you wanted a user account ?08:41
clarinetOrangePeel, macchanger08:41
bullgard4FreezyFreaky: This returns no warning. --  Thank you.08:41
tarelerulz how many of you have used a USB stick to install Ubuntu?08:41
augustlJordan_U: would make sense to at least have ubuntu server as an .img08:41
gobbeJpapertowels: download the desktop image, much easier08:42
mbvpixies78I'm installing DOS 6.2...  hopefully after that I can get the cdrom to boot, lol08:42
gobbeJpapertowels: at least you are able to install it08:42
theamazingbeatmy system got corrupted when i was messing with setting up mapping a network drive08:42
gobbetarelerulz: havent used cd's in years...always with usb08:42
theamazingbeatI got the error message after i restarted: could not update ICEauthorityfile08:42
theamazingbeati resolved that08:42
mbvpixies78talk about bringing back memories...  I also have Windows 3.11 for Workgroups08:42
Jordan_Uaugustl: Probably would. File a bug report / feature request and they may add the feature.08:42
theamazingbeatbut now when i boot i get no GUI08:43
theamazingbeatjust my background08:43
mbvpixies78I should put those on CDs for posterity08:43
theamazingbeatwhen I go into a command line (Ctrl+alt+f1)08:43
theamazingbeatand i login it says, No directory, logging in with home08:43
OrangePeelDo I need to be connnected directly to the modem, I use a router08:43
tarelerulzI have an sdcard / converter that use USB and been trying to use it as install media and nothing has worked.  I have a Sony Viao .08:43
theamazingbeatlogging in with home=\08:43
mbvpixies78I'm just hoping this'll eventually get me to Ubuntu mini08:43
Jpapertowelsgobbe: i have the newest hardware in the world might it be better for me to try natty desktop installer instead?08:43
theamazingbeatand this is my ls -l /home08:44
augustlJordan_U: makes sense, thanks08:44
theamazingbeatdrw------- 30 alien alien 4096 2011-01-06 02:12 alien08:44
theamazingbeat-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2011-01-06 01:56 Ware08:44
Jordan_Utheamazingbeat: That problem is cause by using sudo with GUI applications instead of gksudo.08:44
theamazingbeatas you can see at the end of the root line there is the word Ware08:44
Jordan_Uaugustl: You're welcome.08:44
theamazingbeatwell that is the remote user with the remote drive that i was trying to map that i severely screwed my computer08:44
Jordan_Uaugustl: Would you like me to make you a dd'able image?08:45
theamazingbeatso what do i do /cry :P08:45
gobbeJpapertowels: natty is still under development08:45
mugshotcan anybody help with matrox video card g400/450, please ?08:45
gobbe!ask | mugshot08:45
ubottumugshot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:45
augustlJordan_U: that would be great08:46
tarelerulzanyone try a Sony viao ?  never had this much problem with anything and installing Linux(Ubuntu).08:46
Jpapertowelsgobbe: i can fakeraid install from desktop live cd yes?08:46
Jordan_Uaugustl: What version? (release number like 10.10 and 32 or 64 bit).08:46
augustl10.10, 64 bit08:47
gobbeJpapertowels: no, then download alternative installer08:47
ResQuetarelerulz thats a little bit vague. what version of ubuntu and what problems are you having08:47
Jpapertowelsgobbe: what if i were to boot into live cd then apt-get dmraid?08:47
mugshothow can I enable hardware acceleration for matrox g400/450 on meerkat?08:47
tarelerulz64 bit Ubuntu 10.10 desktop08:48
gobbeJpapertowels: i would say that it's not working08:48
gobbeJpapertowels: if you want software-raid you need to use alternative08:48
theamazingbeatso does anyone have an answer?08:48
tarelerulzthe lamest part is not only does it not work ,but to make the USB Strick / anything usb takes forever . it only 650 mb08:49
ni_theamazingbeat, have you tried the adduser command to set up a temporary user for gui08:50
TeslaTonyI'm trying to read an ISO, which seems to be UDF (it was made under windows 7). mount -o loop -t udf isn't working, so how can I read it?08:50
OrangePeelHow do I change my Mac Adress? do I have to be connected directly to the modem?08:50
theamazingbeatno how do i do thta08:50
mbvpixies78how far we'08:50
mbvpixies78ve come08:50
tarelerulzCan you install Ubuntu from a Wubi install ? can it partition / install real install08:50
ResQuetarelerulz what does not work?08:50
ResQuetarelerulz also i think it would be best if you tryed the 32bit version until you are a little more confident using ubuntu08:51
tarelerulzI cant get my sc card to work as install media at all.08:51
tomdOrangePeel: can you edit a config file?08:51
dcow90hey all08:51
ResQuecan you computer boot from an SC card?08:51
tarelerulzWell, the Ubuntu Logo comes up08:52
fooDoes anyone know any CLI tools that log an RSS feed? to html or text or something08:52
ResQuesounds like you are booting from it then, and there doesnt seem to be a problem with the bootloader if you see the ubuntu logo. but are you sure you are not just booting from the CD in your cd-rom drive?08:52
Jpapertowelscan i find a more up to date alternate cd for 10.10 amd64 than october anywhere?08:52
tomdOrangePeel: anyway, here is a simple how to  http://abz89.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/change-mac-address-on-ubuntu/08:53
augustlfoo: curl and awk, hehe08:53
tarelerulzI can't boot from a cd in my drive , I don't have one at all. The USB/ sd card thing is the only thing I have with Ubuntu on it08:53
ResQuetarelerulz i see that is a good start. so how did you get ubuntu onto the SD card?08:54
OrangePeelTom-B, do I have to be connected directly to the modem?08:54
fooaugustl: haha08:54
theamazingbeatokay no offense but this is kinda a big issue and you guys are just mumbling on about useless usb/sd cards?08:54
tomdOrangePeel: not to change the address. if your talking about access control from an isp, perhabs08:54
theamazingbeatand i am getting suppoprt like every 10 minutes08:54
tarelerulzI Used The two USB install creater program , the one in the iso and the one Ubuntu's site recommeds you get08:55
Myrttitheamazingbeat: volunteers help in what they can08:55
andrezanybody using faenza icons with docky in ubuntu 10.10 i cannot install docky helpers with faenza installed...08:55
andrezany help?08:55
ResQuetarelerulz ok that make sense. so what is the problem ubuntu doesnt start? it freeze on the logo. or the logo just stays loading and animated (the dots flashing) for a very long time08:56
bolt-workhow should I go about installing vmware player on 10.10?08:56
ni_theamazingbeat, it may not work as i am not sure on your situation, but to add a user to a system  type: sudo adduser name08:56
trukoshHi, can anyone with a 10.04LTS tell me what modinfo aacraid says in line "version"? 10.10 says:08:56
trukosh 1.1-5[26400]-ms08:56
Leman_Russis there a way to look at all the file on my hard drive, and check the size?08:57
bolt-workLeman_Russ: df -h08:57
OrangePeelhmm tomd thanks but couldn't find it helpful'08:57
gobbeLeman_Russ: cd / && sudo du -sh *08:58
gobbebolt-work: that shows partition size, not all files and their sizes08:58
tomdOrangePeel: why not? that is the answear to changing the mac08:58
Leman_RussAny GUI for this?  I want to be able to delete stuff at the same time08:58
OrangePeeltomd I could get to changing the mac adress through System > Preferances > Network Adress08:58
tomdyou can do it in udev too i thik08:58
tomdok, so what do you need?08:58
bolt-workgobbe: it shows used and unused space08:59
bolt-workgobbe: the size of all files on the drive equals used space (roughly)08:59
OrangePeelWhat should I change it too?08:59
gobbebolt-work: yes, but what i understood is that he wanted to find every file and it size08:59
Leman_RussI want something that can look at all the files, then delete the stuff I dont need.  Like some kind of advanced file manager08:59
bullgard4[GNOME 2.30.2] Panel > Properties > (Panel Properties) > Background > None (use system theme) is asserted. What is the filename of the background image in use?08:59
gobbebolt-work: your way is just summary, not file by file with size09:00
tomdOrangePeel: what ever you want I guess.... maybe i should ask why you want to change it09:00
PmaxI've some problem with my usb printer and ubuntu lucid...can someone help me?09:00
Jordan_Uaugustl: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/ubuntu_minimal_maverick_amd64_ddable.iso09:00
OrangePeelCan I PM you.09:00
OrangePeelI've already went over it with Jordan_U  and Ubuntu Ops09:00
axp2augustl: try System > Administration > Start Up isk Creator09:00
zetherooanyone know anything about maintaining the Ubuntu OS?09:01
augustlJordan_U: great, thans09:01
bolt-workgobbe: your way is just the size of the root directories one by one. if he wanted what you thought he wanted, he'd use ls -lR / or something, which is entirely useless09:01
dcow90I screwed up bad.. I was installing 10.10 earlier and had my partitions all set up for separate /boot /usr /tmp and /[root].  However, I forgot to change the location of the GRUB install to to my linux partition (I did NOT want it installed over my master boot record).  I hit continue before I realized.  So Ubuntu started installing.  Now this would have been fine and worked if I let the install complete.  However, I have had trouble in the p09:01
dcow90ast manually installing grub and getting it to work with rEFIt when using separate partitions for /boot etc..  So, I just waited until the installation finished installing GRUB in the wrong location (sda and not sda4).  I figured I would just restart then, boot to the CD and start over.  That's what I did but on restart I am NOT able to boot into anything.. including the CD.  I am using a MacBook 5.1 so I, obviously, am using EFI the respecti09:01
dcow90ve bootloader for whichever operating system I want.  Is anyone knowledgeable in using the EFI shell or able to help me figure out what I need to do to restore my system to booting capacity??09:01
FloodBot2dcow90: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:01
augustlaxp2: I'm not on Ubuntu now I'm afraid09:01
Jordan_Uaugustl: You're welcome.09:01
bolt-workgobbe: but why not listen to his response instead of arguing with me?09:01
Pmax I've some problem with my usb printer and ubuntu lucid...can someone help me?09:01
axp2sorry augustl: i wrote that response a while ago and forgot to press enter, then accidentally sent it just then!09:01
gobbebolt-work: well, that was what he wanted :)09:02
augustlJordan_U: 2 kbps :) Don't turn off your machine the next hour or so please ;)09:02
augustlaxp2: ah09:02
bolt-workgobbe: maybe what he asked for... what people ask for is rarely what they want09:02
gobbebolt-work: yes, that happens :-)09:02
Jordan_Uaugustl: Yea, now you see why I didn't offer to make a version of the full server iso :)09:02
Pmaxwho can help me?09:03
augustlPmax: ask your question, and we'll see09:03
augustl(for the record, I probably can't)09:04
augustlJordan_U: would make sense that this netinstall image you just made was distributed somewhere as well09:05
augustlor, at least _some_ kind of DD-able image should be on the mirrors09:05
PmaxUsb HP photosmart c3180 worked well until a week ago. After it disappeared from localhost and now when i try to install it again i can't select it becouse usb device don't appear.09:05
augustlbut anyway, I'll post a ticket09:05
Pmaxlsusb instead show me that printer is present09:06
motaka2when I run this: apt-get install php5-memcache it came to an error "Errors were encountered while processing:09:08
motaka2 /var/cache/apt/archives/libapache2-mod-php5_5.2.6.dfsg.1-3ubuntu4.6_i386.deb"  what should I do ?09:08
trukoshPlease, can anyone with 10.04 do a "modinfo aacraid|grep ^version" and send the answer to me?09:08
augustliirc someone maintained self-hosted img-s of ubuntu desktop 64bit. Anyone recall who/where?09:10
dcow90can anyone help me with an advanced issue?09:12
Us3r_Unfriendlyhi room09:13
Us3r_UnfriendlyI usually am the one to help ppl with problems but today I'm the one with a problem09:14
raviepic3what do you people use on your linux systems to quickly capture and upload screen shots ?09:14
=== Balsaq is now known as ubuxubu
xangua!imagebin | raviepic309:15
ubotturaviepic3: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.09:15
ubuxubufire away Us3r_Unfriendly09:15
chipmonk_how do i find address of a usb connected harddrive09:16
red2kicraviepic3: Dropbox? Many people use scripts that quickly take picture, optimizing png, then upload the picture to their own server with a provided link. Something like that.09:16
raviepic3xangua, i am talking about something like jing, which you can use to take screen shots of even seperate regions of screen09:16
red2kicchipmonk_: /media/09:16
=== dcow90 is now known as dcow
nunyais there some command that can add a quick line to a text file?09:17
nunyacat or something09:17
ni_theamazingbeat, it may not work as i am not sure on your situation, but to add a user to a system  type: sudo adduser name09:17
Us3r_UnfriendlyI have a friend at work that doesn't know that much about computers...well he had to reinstall his os.  He forgot to backup his pictures and music.  now he has a fresh install of xp on his machine without a backup of his old files.  I've tried with my linux machine to recover some of his files but the program "TestDisk" isn't pulling anything off from the previous install.  Anyone know if this works this way?09:17
rwwnunya: echo "some text" >> filename.txt09:17
rwwnunya: make sure you use two >>, not one >09:17
icerootnunya: cat foobar >> myfile09:17
nunyarww: thank you kindly09:17
icerootnunya: that will put "foobar at the end of the file09:17
icerootnunya: echo of course, not cat09:18
nunyaiceroot: thank you09:18
chipmonk_ooooook now haw do i find dev ids09:18
raviepic3red2kic, yeah something like that09:18
Us3r_Unfriendlynunya: you could use nano, vim, vi...ect09:18
Jordan_UUs3r_Unfriendly: Testdisk doesn't help when you actually reformat in addition to changing the partition table. Photorec (part of the same project as testdisk) may be able to recover some files that haven't been overwritten yet though.09:18
raviepic3except for i dont even need any optimising png09:18
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: i've tried both09:19
raviepic3just want to take picture of a particular region in my screen09:19
Jordan_UUs3r_Unfriendly: You selected the whole drive and set it to recover files from an extN filesystem?09:19
mactimeschipmonk_, sudo apt-get install hwinfo && hwinfo | less09:20
StaRetjiFolks, no matter what I do, I can't force screen resolution to 1024x768. Can someone help me out here? Thz09:20
augustlJordan_U: down to 900 bytes/sec, hehe09:20
Us3r_UnfriendlyStaRetji: xorg.conf09:20
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: i didn't select from a ext*...i did from NTFS09:20
StaRetjiUs3r_Unfriendly: nope, doesn't obey it. Weird ah?09:20
StaRetjiUs3r_Unfriendly: I'm now trying to use xrandr so I created /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45custom_xrandr-settings http://paste.ubuntu.com/550782/09:21
Jordan_UUs3r_Unfriendly: Sorry, I was thinking that it previously had Ubuntu for some reason.09:21
StaRetjiUs3r_Unfriendly: this doesn't work neither, but if I do sh /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45custom_xrandr-settings it will force 1024x76809:21
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: not your fault...i'm just getting frustrated a little bit...09:22
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: not at you, at my co-worker09:22
augustlJordan_U: and there the connection broke09:22
augustlI'll grab a coworkers machine and use the gnome util09:23
Jordan_Uaugustl: You should be able to continue the download with "wget -c".09:24
chipmonk_how long will this run09:24
augustleven if the download was initiated with something other than wget?09:24
Jordan_Uaugustl: I have a terrible connection, it's amazing that I stay connected to IRC through all of the dropped packets and short outages :(09:25
Jordan_Uaugustl: Yes.09:25
Jordan_Uaugustl: "wget -c http://jordanu.dyndns.org/ubuntu_minimal_maverick_amd64_ddable.iso -O /path/to/partial/download" To confirm that it worked correctly the md5sum should be 8d49e338f3df5673659ba4b2167421a3.09:27
Us3r_Unfriendlyi've seen also "DDrescue" and "NTFSundelete" cli programs too...has anyone used these before?09:27
rethuscairo-dock: is there a searchbar to search the whole applicationmenue?09:27
Jordan_UUs3r_Unfriendly: ddrescue is for hardware failures (I'm not familiar with NTFSundelete).09:28
augustlJordan_U: neat09:29
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: i've seen it used for recovery with one of it's flags but i don't know if it would recover data from a reinstall09:29
Jordan_UUs3r_Unfriendly: The purpose of ddrescue is to copy bits from a drive despite read errors. What you need is something that will interpret the bits to pull off the old files. They are two different goals and require a different type of utility.09:30
raviepic3xangua, red2kic like shutter for gnome, and kscreenshot for kde :)09:31
raviepic3one more question, i have a lan connection as well as a data card connection, bot are capable of connecting to internet, i want to use my datacard for internet and lan connection to perform just lan functions09:32
raviepic3how do i ?09:32
duron23Is there any way to add extra space between indicator applet icons ?09:32
rwwduron23: no09:33
Us3r_Unfriendlyduron23: on what?09:33
duron23Us3r_Unfriendly: I want to add extra space to clock applet09:33
Us3r_Unfriendlyduron23: on gnome-panel, cairo, ect....?09:34
iRabbitraviepic3: I'd say remove the DNS from the card you want on the private network09:34
duron23Us3r_Unfriendly: gnome-panel09:34
rwwUs3r_Unfriendly: "indicator applets" are a gnome-panel thing.09:34
duron23rww: they are available for awn too09:34
rwwhuh. same thing, or different thing with same name?09:34
duron23rww: hmmm09:35
Us3r_Unfriendlyduron23: are you asking if you can move applets around providing more space between them?09:35
duron23Us3r_Unfriendly: now, I can move them09:35
duron23Us3r_Unfriendly: *now = no09:35
duron23Us3r_Unfriendly: I want more space between my indicator applet icons by default09:36
rwwanyway, the the indicator applet stuff for gnome-panel that Canonical coded up isn't user-configurable, as far as I'm aware.09:36
duron23rww: how about notification applet then ?09:37
Us3r_Unfriendlyduron23: right click the applets (and the applets surrounding them) and uncheck "Lock to Panel"...left click and select move and move to where ever you want09:37
rwwduron23: the GNOME one? no idea. I don't think so, but I switched to KDE a while back, so I can't check.09:38
Us3r_Unfriendlyduron23: are you talking about "notify-osd"?  The black window that pops up when you get a message from empathy or a new song starts playing on rhythmbox?09:39
duron23actually I am theming gnome-panel, everything look fine with current setup, alignment goes wrong when some other icons come there, like activating bluetooth device09:39
Us3r_Unfriendlyduron23: also when right clicking the applet sometime you have to click a little bit to the left of it where it begins.  exp...if I want to move my network icon if I right click it I get the networking options ...not the option to move it09:41
r00t4rd3dUs3r_Unfriendly, I found a new distro for you www.doudoulinux.org09:42
duron23Us3r_Unfriendly: thanks for suggestion, but I know I can do those stuff, but I issue is little different, I guess I am not able to explain it properly09:42
Us3r_Unfriendlyr00t4rd3d: is it redhat based or Debian based?09:42
Us3r_Unfriendlylol r00t4rd3d09:43
will___hey guys. compiz is sometimes slow if my GPU is set in a lower speed/power state before it revs up and is smooth again. this might be a bit specific but is there any way to force compiz to put the GPU in maximum power before doing any complex animations? or do i just have to run my GPU in full performance mode all the time?09:44
r00t4rd3d:D its linux for kids lol09:44
duron23r00t4rd3d: :D09:44
Misreclooks cool09:44
Us3r_Unfriendlyr00t4rd3d: doudou might be too advanced for me09:45
Us3r_Unfriendlyr00t4rd3d: is it pronounced "dooo dooo"?09:45
Gabican someone suggest me an not known freemail website ?09:45
Jordan_U!ot | r00t4rd3d Us3r_Unfriendly09:46
ubottur00t4rd3d Us3r_Unfriendly: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:46
MisrecGabi..google one?09:46
duron23Gabi: if it is not known, then how can somebody suggest you one (lol)09:46
Jordan_UGabi: That !offtopic appliest to you as well.09:46
MisrecGabi: http://email.about.com/od/freeemailreviews/tp/free_email.htm09:47
Adman65anyone recommend a good twitter client?09:48
Adman65or some relatively simple way to integrate twitter onto my desktop?09:48
duron23Adman65: Gwibber09:49
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: let me ask you...what exactly is Ubuntu related questions?  I suppose my question earlier wasn't Ubuntu related.09:49
duron23Adman65: or else you can use screenlet or adobe air widgets09:50
Us3r_UnfriendlyAdman65: gwibber is okay09:50
pantzirso I press&hold the back button in chromium to get the back menu, then when the menu dissapeared, the space it occupied is now stuck empty, it's showing my desktop background. What's the term for this occurance? can this be remedied without restart?09:50
hdeshevHi everyone09:50
Jordan_UUs3r_Unfriendly: An Ubuntu related support question is a question about how to use Ubuntu and the software that comes with it/ is available in the repositories.09:51
Adman65wasn't there some fancy thing ubuntu did to streamline the "social experience"09:52
nightcrowhiya guys, I have ubunt 10.04 and I would like to secure/encrypt one directry...can someone please point me in the best correct direction?09:52
pantzirAdman65,  empathy?09:52
duron23Adman65: it is Gwibber09:53
Us3r_UnfriendlyJordan_U: yeah I don't think this is the place for me anymore.  Thanks...I'll help local ppl out for now on09:53
paissadwhat must i install to have the 32 bits compatibility in my amd64 system ?09:53
mactimesnightcrow, You might want to take a look at GPG09:54
duron23paissad: ia32 packages09:54
duron23paissad: ia32-libs to be specific09:54
hdeshevnightcrow: I use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted volume that I mount in my home folder. Been a fan of the tool for a while.09:54
draczhi people. can anyone tell me the name of the suggestion mechanism/package for missing commands09:56
=== maciek_ is now known as Guest82175
cradamlolz at my life09:56
rumpe1dracz, apropos?09:56
draczwhen you type a missing command in the shell, it will suggest a deb package to install09:56
duron23dracz: apt ?09:56
rumpe1dracz, isn't this the default reaction?09:57
draczyes, it's installed by default09:57
rumpe1ah... i understand09:57
hdeshevdracz: and you want to get rid of it? I'd love that too :)09:57
duron23dracz: then is apt09:57
draczi'm just trying to figure out if i can install it on mac os09:57
draczi like it on ubuntu09:58
hdeshevI find it annoying09:58
tehbautI have an ill 500GB HDD with a 50GB HFS+ partition from my Mac that I need to DD to a new unformatted 1TB HDD... do I need to format the new HDD first?09:58
draczduron23: it must be something beside the standard apt tools09:58
=== petr is now known as _bro
draczi believe in ubuntu there is a specific package for it09:59
cradami wish i could just get £50 super quick but i can't09:59
nightcrowmactimes: hdeshev: whats wrong with enfcs10:00
hdeshevnightcrow: never used enfcs or heard of it. I've used TrueCrypt forever on Windows and I was just glad it worked on Linux too10:01
mactimesnightcrow, You asked for options to encrypt a directory.  I gave you one.  What's wrong with GPG?10:01
nightcrowhdeshev: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FolderEncryption10:01
nightcrowmactimes: im just asking - not familiar with it is all10:02
AdmiralSnyderhi there10:02
augustlhow much space should the /boot partition have for ubuntu server 10.10?10:02
hdeshevI just have a folder that I symlink several settings folders into (browser profiles, IM chat logs, etc). I don't encrypt my entire home folder.10:02
mactimesnightcrow, I see.  Well, I use GPG from command line.  Can't tell about encfs, never used it.10:02
augustlor, what would the guided partitioner chose?10:02
nightcrowmactimes: i had three suggestions, TrueCrypt, encfs and GPG10:03
AdmiralSnyderi have a litle problem with my wubi. any hint on where to find the installer's sources?10:03
nightcrowmactimes: is it hard to use10:03
nightcrowi only use CLI10:03
=== _bro is now known as _bro_fbi_agent
mactimesnightcrow, So go and try them, see how you feel about each one and pick your preferred alternative.10:03
=== _bro_fbi_agent is now known as _bro
nightcrowdoes anyone else have any suggestions for encryption a folder in ubuntu?10:03
duron23dracz: I guess it is "command-not-found"10:03
nightcrowi will try them mactimes10:03
nightcrowthank you sir10:04
nightcrowmactimes: i see GPG requires a server of sort?10:04
hdeshevduron23: that seems to be it. Getting rid of command-not-found now :)10:04
duron23hdeshev: welcome :)10:04
mactimesnightcrow, I think you meant you only use GUI, correct?  GUI = Graphic User Interface | CLI = Command Line Interface10:05
nightcrowmactimes: no, i only use CLI10:05
nightcrowcommand line10:05
draczduron23: that's it! thanks a bunch!10:05
nightcrowdont have a gui - i ssh to all my servers10:05
duron23dracz: welcome :)10:05
draczhdeshev: crazy...10:05
mactimesnightcrow, Not really.  Only if you mean to share your public key for some reason.10:05
cradamNVIDIA GeForce 4 Go 420 with 32MB (4X APG) is this good in a tablet pc10:05
nightcrowmactimes: why would you assume i didnt know what CLI is? :)10:06
draczi think it should just install the missing commands without prompthing ;)10:06
Jordan_Uaugustl: The guided partitioner would choose not to use a separate /boot (it's only needed for exotic root filesystems and buggy BIOSs).10:06
nightcrowhiya Jordan_U10:06
Jordan_Unightcrow: Hi.10:06
will___does ubuntu by default create a seperate /home partition in the installer?10:06
hdeshevdracz: I don't like it since most of the time I don't want to install anything. And I can do an 'apt-cache search' when I want to10:06
duron23will___: no10:07
mactimesnightcrow, For no special reason.  Just seemed you got it wrong since you seem to be relatively new to the *nix environment due to the encryption question.10:07
will___duron23: thanks for clarifying. it's surprising, as a seperate /home partition has saved my bacon (and made my life easier) more than a few times10:07
nightcrowmactimes: true10:07
nightcrowim not entirely new, but im DEF not a guru10:07
banisterfiendwill___: bacon is a tiny testing library in ruby10:07
nightcrowi can find my way around linux10:07
nightcrowbut im always learning more10:08
duron23will___: but you can specify one, if you want, but its not default10:08
nightcrowand encryption simply isnt a thing that ive encountered at all10:08
cradamif i use wubi, what will my XP File System be called10:08
mactimesnightcrow, Since newcomers and TTY don't get along very well in the beginning you can see why I thought you got it wrong.10:08
nightcrowyes, of course10:08
cradamand do i have to mount it10:08
draczhdeshev: you might look into installing the package "sl"10:08
nightcrowtbh, ive never been a fan of the linux gui10:08
Jordan_Ucradam: It will be available in /host, mounted automatically.10:09
will___banisterfiend: you're thinking of beansOnToast. oh wait, sorry. that's a java library10:09
cradamJordan_U: thx10:09
Jordan_Ucradam: You're welcome.10:09
mactimesnightcrow, Well, CLI and GUI can be seen as complementary.10:09
banisterfiendwill___: im not thinking of anything, my mind is blank10:09
nightcrowmactimes: yup, i guess10:09
AdmiralSnyderso nobody here knows anything about wubi?10:10
duron23mactimes: I guess, yes10:10
iRabbitWhat about Wubi? other than don't use it10:10
mactimesnightcrow, CLI is much better for admin tasks, but sending an e-mail with attachments from the CLI and you'll see how boring that can get.10:10
nightcrowdoes anyone else have any suggestions for encryption a folder in ubuntu?10:10
Jordan_U!anyone | AdmiralSnyder10:10
ubottuAdmiralSnyder: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:10
nightcrowmactimes: hahaha - true!10:10
cradamdoes any1 know where i can get some mobile 333MHz 2Gb RAM10:10
cradam*GB not Gb10:11
AdmiralSnyderiRabbit: i want to look into it'10:11
iRabbitcradam: newegg.com10:11
AdmiralSnyders sources10:11
AdmiralSnyderthe wubi sources.10:11
nightcrowmactimes: for home i use OSX and Ubuntu but at work i never see the GUIs10:11
nightcrowall via putty10:11
AdmiralSnyderso i thought, i could ask here.10:11
duron23cradam: no mobile yet with 2gb RAM, but you will get many with 333MHZ processor10:11
iRabbitduron23: my bad10:12
Jordan_UAdmiralSnyder: https://code.launchpad.net/wubi10:12
mactimesnightcrow, I have the Macbuntu theme installed. =)  Feels very nice with compiz  and all of its effects.10:12
=== Ghost_ is now known as Lanpice
cradamthx http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820178295&cm_re=333_ddr-_-20-178-295-_-Product iRabbit and duron2310:12
nightcrowmactimes: hmmm, interesting, ive not seen it10:12
AdmiralSnydermany thanks10:12
nightcrowhence the nick mactimes10:12
mactimesnightcrow, Not because of that, in fact.10:13
nightcrowi see10:13
mactimesnightcrow, Google for mactimes, all together, no spaces.10:13
taranWhat to do when giving print command the job stands submitted but never print?10:13
duron23cradam: you said mobile, So I thought you asking about mobile phone :)10:13
cradamsweet i was excpecting it codt way more than £2610:13
nightcrow!google mactimes10:13
iRabbittaran: HP Printer?10:13
nightcrowah, not google bot10:13
cradamduron23: no for my tablet comp http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/11755_na/11755_na.html10:14
glacemanhelo theree10:14
glacemangreetings ya'll10:14
duron23cradam: then google if your friend :)10:14
linuxfreakerI was running a NIC Hot-Add script on Ubuntu 10.10 VM and the script failed at the stage where in it checks the entries under /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  for the MAC address [15:40] <linuxfreaker> The script was checking for the Mac address entry for the newly added NIC under this file but there wasn’t any entry! [15:41] <linuxfreaker> It was working in 9.10 [15:41] <linuxfreaker> I tried to run the same scrip10:14
nightcrowmactimes: ah, i didnt know they were called mactimes10:14
mactimesnightcrow, Modified Accessed Changed Times.10:15
nightcrowgot it now10:15
glacemananybody here can help me out redirecting some folders please ?10:15
iRabbitthats it, I'm switching to Debian10:15
nightcrowok, well GPG seems over complicated for what i want to do10:15
glacemani just got sick of windows, and installed ubuntu10:15
mactimesnightcrow, No, I don't work for MacDonald's =)10:15
nightcrowmactimes: hahaha, i figured that10:15
cradamis ubuntu the best OS for a Linux newb10:15
nightcrowcradam: yes :)10:16
glacemancradam: seems so so far10:16
duron23cradam: yep10:16
glacemanfor me :D10:16
iRabbitcradam: Gentoo is pretty dumbed down ;)10:16
glacemani got a little question here please10:16
cradamiRabbit: ill stick to what little i know and go with ubuntu10:16
iRabbitglaceman | !ask10:16
glacemani wanna redirect my documents folders to another partition10:16
glacemani have a partition called : data wish is mounted automatically on boot10:17
glacemanso i can see my folders inside10:17
hdeshevglaceman: symlink them?10:17
bitlinerhi...who is from rome?10:17
glacemanhow is that, what is that :P10:17
duron23glaceman: what the file system of the data partition ?10:17
duron23glaceman: the install ntfs-config10:17
Jordan_U!ot | bitliner10:17
ubottubitliner: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:17
glacemansudo apt-get install ntfs-config ?? is that what u mean10:18
duron23glaceman: using ntfs-config you can auto-mount ntfs partitions10:18
duron23glaceman: yes10:18
glacemanit is mounted10:18
Jordan_Uglaceman: If it's already mounting automatically at boot then you don't need ntfs-config.10:18
glacemanmy ntfs partition is mounted10:18
cradamif i use wubi, will when i install stuff in ubu will it make the install file bigger or will i just run out of space10:18
Jordan_Ucradam: It will just run out of space.10:18
glacemani just want to redirect my document, music, picture, to data partition10:18
iRabbithow do I reset my password with CentOS 5.5 x64?10:19
duron23glaceman: there are multiple ways to do that10:19
Jordan_Ucradam: It's possible to rezise the file later, but it's very technical.10:19
Jordan_U!ot | iRabbit10:19
ubottuiRabbit: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:19
glacemanhow duron2310:19
duron23glaceman: I have done the same, using tweak-ubuntu10:19
glacemanok i will try to install it10:19
linuxfreakerwas running a NIC Hot-Add script on Ubuntu 10.10 VM and the script failed at the stage where in it checks the entries under /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  for the MAC address [15:40] <linuxfreaker> The script was checking for the Mac address entry for the newly added NIC under this file but there wasn’t any entry! [15:41] <linuxfreaker> It was working in 9.10 [15:41] <linuxfreaker> I tried to run the same script 10:19
duron23glaceman: using that you you can change the default location for this folders10:20
Jordan_U!cn | diqye10:20
ubottudiqye: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:20
AnchorI'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and my sound always mutes itself on startup. Is there any way to fix this?10:20
iRabbithow do I swap a degraded hard disk in RAID 5 with ubuntu?10:20
=== root is now known as Guest92764
glacemanduron23: is the package named tweak-ubuntu cause don't seem to find it10:21
duron23glaceman: using ppa10:21
glacemanim a real newb duron2310:21
imagine87Need some help please: My system will not boot at all after I did something wrong10:21
duron23glaceman: hang on a sec10:22
glacemanall i know is how to install app using sudo apt-get10:22
imagine87Could someone help with this?10:22
iRabbitimagine87: Did you -rf /root? :)10:22
Anchorimagine87: What's the wrong thing that you did/10:22
imagine87But I did change permissions on /var10:22
cradami never thought there was a word for Ah in chinnese as that isn't really a word in ours10:22
imagine87to root:username10:22
iRabbitimagine87: and its not booting?10:23
imagine87Among other things I think10:23
imagine87Yes, I am not sure exactly what I did10:23
imagine87Is there a way I can diagnose this?10:23
iRabbitimagine87: are you able to rescue boot the system?10:23
glacemananyone using irssi here ? how to make a pv conversation with someone10:24
imagine87iRabbit I am on another Linux install on the computer10:24
duron23glaceman: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa10:24
duron23sudo apt-get udpate10:24
duron23sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak10:24
Jordan_Uimagine87: As changing permissions can lead to security issues, and you're not sure what you even did, it's probably best to re-install.10:24
imagine87Is there a way I can boot from it or diagnose the problem?10:24
iRabbitimagine87: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-boot-ubuntu-linux-rescue-mode/10:24
=== rocket16 is now known as YouKay
Guest92764guys. help me i cann't use my wifi...help me10:25
vittoriomi dite se questo mirc è adatto anche per scaricare10:25
glacemanduron23: how to make a pvt conversation with you, im using irssi10:25
will___glaceman: do you mean sending a message or creating some sort of brand new private channel with them? i only know about the former, dunno if you can do the latter10:25
glacemani wanna make a pvt converation10:25
gobbe!en | vittorio10:25
ubottuvittorio: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:25
_6502_hello. I added myself to a group using usermod and /etc/group entry is indeed correct. however if I type "groups" i don't see the new group as listed... is there a cache somewhere that I need to refresh ?10:25
earwigsGuest92764: have you ever been able to use your wifi through ubuntu?10:25
AnchorGuest92764: Tell me about your wifi card.10:26
gobbe_6502_: you need to logout/login to get them10:26
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:26
_6502_oh.. ok thanks10:26
iRabbitimagine87: same machine?10:26
glacemani use /j to join a channel, how to make a converation with someone10:26
Rufusglaceman /query nickname10:26
imagine87Yes I am on the same machine10:26
imagine87But a different partition10:26
duron23glaceman: I have sent pvt msg to you10:26
imagine87right now10:26
Guest92764Anchor, my wifi card realtek10:27
iRabbitimagine87: you're probably going to have to reinstall :(10:27
earwigsglaceman: /msg <nick> hi10:27
AnchorGuest92764: Has your card previously worked?10:27
iRabbitimagine87: and don't break it next time ;)10:27
glacemanthanks earwigs and Rufus10:28
earwigsglaceman: welcome10:28
Guest92764Anchor, not, since i use linux10:28
AnchorGuest92764: Alright. Let me take a look at something real quick and I may be able to get you a link to assist you.10:29
tehbautsuddenly my maverik livecd seems like it's taking forever to boot, but it wasn't like this 20 minutes ago10:29
bullgard4[GNOME 2.30.2] Panel > Properties > (Panel Properties) > Background > None (use system theme) is asserted. What is the filename of the background image in use?10:29
AnchorGuest92764: Open up the CLI and type lspci -n | grep 14e410:30
AnchorGuest92764: Tell me the output.10:30
nightcrowmactimes: too complicated10:30
ZolWhat happens if I move the file a symlink is linked to?10:31
Guest92764Anchor, Basic display modes:10:31
Guest92764-mmProduce machine-readable output (single -m for an obsolete format)10:31
Guest92764-tShow bus tree10:31
Guest92764Display options:10:31
Guest92764-vBe verbose (-vv for very verbose)10:31
Guest92764-kShow kernel drivers handling each device10:31
FloodBot4Guest92764: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:31
Guest92764-xShow hex-dump of the standard part of the config space10:31
Guest92764-xxxShow hex-dump of the whole config space (dangerous; root only)10:31
Jordan_UZol: The symlink will no longer work.10:31
Guest92764-s [[[[<domain>]:]<bus>]:][<slot>][.[<func>]]Show only devices in selected slots10:32
Guest92764-d [<vendor>]:[<device>]Show only devices with specified ID's10:32
Guest92764Other options:10:32
Guest92764-i <file>Use specified ID database instead of /usr/share/misc/pci.ids.gz10:32
FloodBot4Guest92764: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:32
Guest92764-p <file>Look up kernel modules in a given file instead of default modules.pcimap10:32
Guest92764-MEnable `bus mapping' mode (dangerous; root only)10:32
Guest92764PCI access options:10:32
DroidAgenthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates I don't have 10periodic but I do have 20auto-upgrades, will adding those lines to 20auto-upgrades have the same effect?10:32
iRabbitjust ssh into his stuff ;)10:32
ZolJordan_U: Ah, thanks! So I could use a symlink to a hard link in case I wanted to move around the original file (in the same file system/partition)?10:33
AnchoriRabbit: I'm not that good. Wanna walk me through it?10:33
tehbautok, my maverick livecd really isn't booting... I just get an eternal spinning disk after clicking on Try Ubuntu10:33
Jordan_UZol: What is your end goal?10:33
iRabbitAnchor: was a joke ;)10:34
tehbautany ideas what's going on?10:34
will___tehbaut: tried running the CD integrity test?10:34
Guest92764Anchor, help me10:34
AnchorGuest92764: Gotta get an emergency work call. give me a few minutes.10:34
tehbautwill___: nope, is that something I can do from the disk itself?10:34
tehbautit's odd because it's been booting just fine until now10:35
rwwZol: If you want to make a link and have it survive renaming, you need to use a hardlink, yes.10:35
will___tehbaut: should do, when it's booting up you should see it right there10:35
Guest92764Anchor, ok10:35
tehbautwhat could possibly have caused it to stop working now?10:35
iRabbitalright gents, this basement virgin is off to bed. keep it real10:35
will___tehbaut: http://static.howtoforge.com/images/the_perfect_desktop_ubuntu7.04/1.jpg <=== something like that. it COULD look different on the 10.10 live CDs10:35
ZolJordan_U: I have none - reading about the linux file system, currently about symbolic links. I just wondered if there was a way to have automatically up-to-date symbolic links that cross file systems, and even if you move the original file.10:35
tnmanybody knows how do i install make command?10:36
tehbautwill___: ah, yeah that menu is hidden now on 10.1010:36
will___tehbaut: okay, well if you can unhide it somehow then you should be able to find the test there10:36
=== WinstonSmith_ is now known as WinstonSmith
rumpe1tnm, apt-get install build-essential10:36
duron23tnm: I guess build essentials10:36
will___tehbaut: other than that, i can only advise you to try things like booting it in safe graphics mode, for example10:37
duron23tnm: sudo apt-get install make10:37
ZolSo I thought that if I make a hard link, that never moves, to a file that might move - I could create a symbolic link to that file and then move the original file to anywhere on that file system to maintain the link. That would work, right?10:37
Zolsymlink to the hard link.10:37
Jordan_UZol: Yes, that should work.10:38
ZolCool. :) Will test it. Thanks!10:38
AnchorGuest92764: Back. Alright did you type "lspci -n | grep 14e4" in CLI just as I have it here (minus the quotations)?10:38
will___tehbaut: so it's either an incompatibility with your hardware and ubuntu (in which case you need to fiddle with different boot options) or the CD is just bad, which will require either reburning one on a slower speed setting, or using better CDs... etc.10:38
tristan3199us1stupid yet simple question. anyone know where evolution stores its inbox, ect????  i want to uninstall it and use thunderbird-Shredder because evolution never could send any email, only receive, via hotmail...10:39
tehbautwill___: but that's just it... it's been booting just fine up until now... including 20 minutes ago... and I never removed it from the tray, so it's not like it acquired a scratch since then10:39
tehbautinstaller seems to work though, just not the trial10:40
gavin__Update for people that helped yesterday with regards to webcam on a 10.10 server with only CLI. I got it working thanks. Problem is that the program "motion" only serves locally and you have to specify allowimng remote connections.10:40
rumpe1tristan3199us1, $HOME/.evolution  (i guess)10:40
will___tehbaut: you could try using the CD in a different computer or a different CD in the same computer10:40
will___tehbaut: that'll help you diagnose the problem10:40
Jordan_UZol: Note that unlike symlinks, with hard links there is no "original" file. Either link to the file is the same, and the file on disk won't be deleted untill all hard links to it are unlinked (with rm).10:40
tehbautheh, now the trial is working... man, this makes no sense :P10:41
will___tehbaut: if it helps, i've always found liveCDs to be incredibly flakey10:41
will___tehbaut: i usually use USB sticks instead10:41
tristan3199us1thanks.. so i could probably search my fs for files containing evolution...10:41
=== share is now known as hax0r
tehbautwill___: I would, but I can't get any USB sticks to boot on this machine for the life of me10:42
=== hax0r is now known as share
tehbautbeen able to do it before, but not lately10:42
Guest92764Anchor, i cann't type it on my terminal,what should i do??10:43
rumpe1tristan3199us1, they are in your home folder and hidden (.dirname) like any other user-specific profiles10:43
will___tehbaut: gotta love terrible, inconsistent BIOS menus for configuring boot orders10:43
ZolJordan_U: Ah - if I create a hard link - will I create a duplicate of the file or just a "fake file" that points to the other file using the inode number? Because I noticed that the file size for the hard link is the same. So I wondered whether it's just visual or actual duplication of data.10:43
tristan3199us1is there a way to put them into .thunderbird instead10:44
dwarderi'm occasionly paste my copy buffer to irc with my touchpad, how am i doing this?10:44
miron123Hi guys, i'm sorry but i need someone who can teach me about using DDOS from IRC I can pay via paypal.10:44
gobbe!ot | miron12310:44
ubottumiron123: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:44
rumpe1Zol, hardlinks doesnt duplicate data.... your create references to the same file in your filesystem. When each reference is deleted, the file is deleted.10:44
Jordan_UZol: Every file path is a hard link to a file. When you use ln (without -s for symlink) you are creating a second hard link to the same file.10:44
_brohow to switch my system tyo beautiful designe of interface!!!  when I press alt+tab then in that case I see 3D!!!!!   I saw it... some tiome this started itself... but not I see 2D old )))   Kubuntu do it itself...  I do not understend when it turn on 3D  and when 2D alt+tab   choosing10:44
L-----Dhi, I wondered if I can use 3 Monitors with new ATI/Nvidia cards10:45
will___dwarder: are you right clicking? some irc clients paste the clipboard when you do that10:45
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tehbautsomeone once linked me to an older usb ubuntu creator, but I've since lost the link10:45
AnchorGuest92764: How can you not type in the terminal?10:45
dwarderwill___: i'll just disable my touchpad to prevent this ...10:46
tristan3199us1no way to put them into thunderbird i take it.. thank you for your assistance.. im still new but im gettin it..10:46
AnchorGuest92764: Go to your network icons on the top menu and look to see what it says about wireless connections. The list from top to bottom should read Wired Network--Wireless Networks--VPN connections.10:46
L-----Dwhich cards are best supported, should I use Compiz10:46
Zol*nodnods* So it's just visual then. Thanks! (I wonder what happens if I would create a tar of a file with a hard link to it in the same dir. Then I would have a "duplicate"?)10:46
_broI found!! ))10:47
_brothanks for attantion10:47
gavin__has anyone got any exerience of these cheap Ebay USB temperature sensors and programs that will work in ubuntu to determine to temperature of a room?10:47
AnchorGuest92764: What I'm looking for is any text next to wireless networks, e.g. (Firmware missing) or something similar.10:47
IpSe_DiXiT hi, its quite a while since i dont open amule, today i did and run into a terminal it gives me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/551018/ output after crashing, any help?10:47
Jpapertowelshey does anyone know if there are performance differences between software raid and fakeraid?10:48
gobbeJpapertowels: if you are running modern fast cpu there's no performance differences10:48
icerootJpapertowels: both is 100%using the cpu10:48
gobbeJpapertowels: sorry, between software-raid and hardware-raid10:48
gobbeJpapertowels: what is fakeraid? you mean those cards which needs drivers?10:49
icerootJpapertowels: always use software-raid instead of fakeraid10:49
AnchorJpapertowels: http://www.lotusconnections.org/wordpress/index.php/2010/04/linux-fake-raid-vs-software-raid-3/10:49
Sebastian_I'm having a reproducable crash in XF86DRIQueryExtension from  /usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1. I'm using the unchanged ubuntu packages. anyone interested?10:49
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tristan3199us1is that envelope on the top panel by the calendar part of evolution or can i change it to open thunderbird instead..10:51
rumpe1tristan3199us1, no... you have to use extra packages/utils10:51
bolt-workhow should I go about installing vmware player on 10.10?10:52
tristan3199us1what do i need?? do you know10:52
sfaerI had an issue with my gonme power manager, it was not installed correctly, I managed to fix it but my desktop is like from 1980, old fonts old icons, I cannot resize windows and when I open a terminal it is no even inside a window, Can anyone guide me about how to fix that10:52
rumpe1tristan3199us1, alltray e.g.10:52
gobbebolt-work: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player10:53
tristan3199us1thank you rumpe110:53
tristan3199us1im off to do some poking around.. thanks again...10:53
Dwade09ok i had linuxmint 10 gnome installed, and i was going to put windows on my hard drive then reinstall linuxmint well my external usb that had windows crashed on me a minute ago and i formated my hdd already to ntfs is there anyway i can reset the hdd back to the original state it was in before i formated it?10:54
othmancan any one help me with vertualbox ?10:54
sfaeralso the desktop shortcuts does not work, it seems like gnome havent started properly, I also tried ubuntu-desktop reinstall10:54
Dwade09othman:  join #vbox10:55
AnchorDwade09: Unlikely. Unless you have some incredibly advanced technology not available on the commercial market. Government stuff e.g.10:55
Dwade09Anchor:  thank you10:56
AnchorDwade09: I wish I could be a better help.10:56
Jpapertowelsok before i end up using software raid can i get confirmation that grub can now boot when its on a raid0 stripe (back when i tried ubu8.04 it would not happen)10:57
Dwade09its cool thank you Anchor10:57
=== Korbit is now known as DJKorbit
Jordan_UJpapertowels: I'm 90% sure it can, and you can get complete confirmation by asking in #grub.10:57
walter_hello all10:58
Dwade09Anchor:  lucky i backed up home folder first.10:58
DJKorbitgood morning10:58
AnchorDwade09: Indeed.10:58
Dwade09Anchor:  i ask you something?10:59
AnchorDwade09: Sure.10:59
MauriceJHello everyone.  I am not sure where to even search on the net about this but I am frustrated about having to log in after leaving my computer for about a minute.  Where can I search about this or can somebody point me to where the settings for this would be? I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.  Thank you in advance!11:00
Dwade09Anchor:  im at the install and it shows /dev/sda1 fat 32 248gb then it shows my linuxmint /dev/sda2 ext 4 251gb on my hard drive.11:00
DJKorbiti'm involved in a portuguese linux distribution that was based in mandriva and now we'll switch to ubuntu11:00
walter_could anyone help me with this ? im quite new to this. thank you11:00
walter_E: Type 'c' is not known on line 2 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubuntu-ppa-beta-maverick.list11:00
walter_E: The list of sources could not be read.11:00
picardzHi, does anyone know working driver for pctv 340e se on kernel ?11:00
walter_Go to the repository dialog to correct the problem.11:00
walter_E: _cache->open() failed, please report.11:00
FloodBot4walter_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:00
Dwade09Anchor:  so does that mean it is still there?11:01
rwwvdagli: /join #freenode and ask there.11:01
DJKorbiti'm really new to ubuntu development so i'd like to know the best way to clone natty do be able to adapt natty to our needs11:01
DJKorbitcan you help me on that pleasE?11:01
share!pt | share11:01
ubottushare, please see my private message11:01
AnchorDwade09: Have you tried browsing through the folders to see if any files exist?11:01
malopei can't seem to get any version of ubuntu onto my compaq11:02
Dwade09Anchor:  i cd'd into it but said not there11:02
malopeit has an intel celeron 2.93 processor and 760MG of ram that i ran threw the mem test and checked out ok11:02
gobbewalter_: what did you do before that?11:02
malope10.10 locked up the machine11:02
AnchorDwade09: Yeah, doesn't exist. I don't know how to refresh it through. I'm new to Ubuntu.11:02
Dwade09Anchor:  bash: cd: /dev/sda2: No such file or directory11:02
malope10.04 installed without much problem but didn't boot all the way to desktop11:02
Dwade09thank you Anchor11:03
malopeand now 9.10 keeps looping the ubuntu loading screen11:03
malopeany ideass?11:03
earwigsmalope: whats the error you're getting?11:03
r00t4rd3dhow are you trying to install ? cd , usb , wubi ?11:03
earwigsmalope: are you trying to install from cd or usb?11:03
malopeand the cd's test ok11:03
malopewith the check11:03
FloodBot4malope: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
r00t4rd3dis windows on the machine already >11:04
Dwade09its cool Anchor  thank you for taking your time.11:04
malopeit was originally on another drive that was getting bad sectors...so i formatted the second and just want ubuntu on it11:04
earwigsmalope: is CD set to boot first in your bios?11:04
walter_gobbe:i was trying to install some updates. now i cannot access my update manager or anything11:04
malopeearwigs: yes i got threw the installs11:04
malopeearwigs: with booting from cd11:04
earwigsmalope: sounds like your computers hitting those bad sectors when the CD tries to unpack and rebooting each time it does.11:04
malopei have install ubuntu on many machines11:04
gobbewalter_: upload your /etc/apt/sources.list to pastebin.ubuntu.com11:05
dylan_noktumumm why isnt my sd card mounting or even being seen11:05
r00t4rd3dmalope can you load the live version of 10.1011:05
malopeearwigs:  i pulled that drive and put a good drive w/ no sectors in11:05
malopethe old bad drive was a samsung (doh) and the new drive is maxtor 160GB11:05
malopeold was 80GB11:05
earwigsmalope: ok this is getting complicated... so did you pull out the drive before or after the install?11:05
malopei pulled the primary drive out...made the good drive the primary ..only have 1 drive in there now it detects its i made the partitions but just won't boot any version to desktop11:06
malopelike i said 10.04 installed and so did 9.1011:06
dwarderlol terminal is my mirror application :)11:06
malopejust will not boot to desktop?11:06
simonpanyone know how /var/run/motd is generated? mine seems to be spitting out the kernel line over and over till /var/run/motd is 4Gb in size?11:06
earwigsmalope: so you can boot to the CD but not to desktop after its installed?11:07
walter_gobbe:just a sec11:07
malopeearwigs: correct11:07
malopeearwigs: could it just be gnome with problems with my video card?11:07
dwarderwhen i need a literal mirror, i'm firing up my black terminal, with my glossy display it looks like a mirror =)11:07
malopebut the install went so smooth11:07
malopei don't understand11:07
earwigsmalope: dont think so, if you had video card issues i imagine you would have discovered them when  you booted from the CD11:07
malopeyea...im sooo boggled11:08
malopeshould i try to install 9.04?11:08
earwigsmalope: can you start froms scratch and reinstall?11:08
malopei just did11:08
malopethe install goes very smooth...till the end with rebooting and taking the cd out before it reboots11:09
malopebut i've always seen issues with that11:09
malopeerror reading from sr0 blah blah blah11:09
malopeand then ok rebooting11:09
earwigsmalope: is your HDD set to raid in your bios?11:09
vdaglihow can I recover my old nickserv password?11:10
Sriramvdagli: Go to #freenode and ask them11:10
gobbevdagli: #freenode11:10
malopeearwigs: there is no raid11:11
Sriramvdalgi: Your welcome11:11
malopeearwigs: and it detects it as primary master11:11
earwigsmalope: yeah, i was wondering if that was the issue. Hrm, ok11:11
AnchorHas anyone upgraded to the kernel 2.6.37 yet?11:11
SriramAnchor: Nope11:11
SriramAnchor: Not me11:12
earwigsmalope: could be a power supply issue, remember having a similar issue many years sago11:12
AnchorSriram:Is there a pressing need to upgrade kernels as they come out?11:12
SriramAnchor, Nope, not that much11:12
arvuthello again11:12
simonpanyone know whch script generates /var/run/motd ?11:13
earwigsmalope: all i can suggest at this stage, from your description of the problem is go through a process of trail and error11:13
earwigsmalope: process of elimination i mean11:13
earwigsmalope: change 1 piece of hardware, if it doesnt fix it, put it back and change another11:13
malopeim burning 9.04 right now11:13
AnchorSriram: Thanks. I'm beginning to read more about the technical stuff on Ubuntu and I was wondering if the new kernel patched up the security issues that were mentioned on the release notes.11:13
earwigsmalope: rince and repeat until it works =/11:13
Jordan_Usimonp: "man motd.tail" explains the process.11:14
simonpthanks Jordan11:14
Jordan_Usimonp: You're welcome.11:15
ox3ai need some simple help customizing ubuntu11:15
Sriramox3a: LIke11:15
Sriramox3a: *Like11:15
ox3aSriram, It is manually and i have read help from ubuntu community .11:16
=== Azoth[cf] is now known as Bitashk
Sriramox3a: Sorry didn't get you11:17
ox3aSriram, pm please?11:17
Dwade09i am sorry to bother you Anchor  thank you so much for all your help.11:17
arvutwhat have I done wrong when I get the errors "mount: mounting sys on /root/sys failed: no such file or directory" , "Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init." & "/bin/sh: error while loading shared lib..: libncurses.so.5, cannot open shared object file: no such file or dir"?11:17
AnchorDwade09: You're good. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.11:18
arvuti restored grub2 after windows rescue cd messed it up11:18
Dwade09you where plenty of help Anchor  no need.11:18
Jpapertowelsok when i use software raid it always makes swap device #1 and / device #2 is it supposed to do that it kind of annoys me since im used to swap being at the end of my disk11:19
arvutkernel is now in panic and then i get a whole lot of errors i dont understand..11:19
aciculaarvut: specified the wrong root file system, which typically is not the same as /root11:19
sacarlsonarvut: is this at boot?  if you mount after boot you need the directory to mount to so does /root/sys exist?11:19
ireezguys please help me11:19
ireezhow do you edit NetworkManager remotely viea terminal?11:20
aciculaireez: not unless you ask a question first ;)11:20
Dwade09Anchor:  this is the fun part is installing it and having it download packages as it installs. =p11:20
aciculaireez: depends, you can set static configuration in /etc/networks/interfaces11:20
arvutacicula: the root fs is my ext4 10.10 install. it worked fine before the grub got messed up11:21
aciculaireez: if you really want to set the same configuration as you would via nm-applet -> edit connection you have to edit the values in the gnome registry11:21
ireezacicula: the box uses ubuntu desktop11:21
aciculaireez: or just remotely start nm-applet and edit it that way, you can use ssh -X to forward11:21
aciculamay have to kill your local nm-applet for this to work and restart it when you are done11:22
ireezacicula: how to see the gui with nm-applet if i only sshed to the box?11:22
=== vdagli is now known as v3d
AnchorI'm trying to find a way to backup my important files on an external hard drive at a set interval, is there a program that does that?11:23
=== sre-su is now known as sresu
=== sresu is now known as sre-su
aciculaarvut: there is a root fs on the one hand  and there is a file system with a dirctory named root in the root of the fs, these are not the same things11:23
DJKorbiti'm using ubuntu natty and my nvidia is not working correctly11:23
DJKorbithow can i report this bug?11:23
aciculaireez: you can use gui forwarding with ssh, log back in and use the -X flag with ssh11:24
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:24
ireezacicula : i got this error (nm-applet:2551) : GTK-WARNING **: cannot open display:11:24
aciculaireez: how did you ssh in11:24
arvutsacarlson: yes, i cant boot any of the kernels from the grub2 menu. 2.6.32-25 and both return the same errors. no recovery modes work11:25
sacarlsonarvut: what method did you use to recover your grub2 mbr?11:25
aciculaAnchor: you can use crontab to execute tasks automatically, but its not very userfriendly11:25
ireezacicula since they replaced the NIC in the box i can't sign in remotely via my box. i have to get to their mikrotik and use its built in telnet11:26
arvutsacarlson: grub-install11:26
Anchoracicula: Is there a site or guide I can use as a reference? I'd like to do this even if it's not user-friendly.11:26
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Jordan_U!backup | Anchor11:27
ubottuAnchor: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:27
Dwade09Anchor:  there is man crontab once you have it installed.11:27
sacarlsonarvut: at what point what partition was mounted as root at that time?11:27
AnchorDwade09: thanks.11:27
AnchorJordan_U: Thanks.11:27
arvutgrub2 was on the windowsdrive before tho.. was told that it could be installed on the ubuntudrive (i use different hdd's instead of partitions)11:27
Jordan_UAnchor: You're welcome.11:27
aciculaAnchor: nothing specific comes to mind11:28
=== v3d_ is now known as v3d
arvutsacarlson: not sure tbh..11:28
=== jack is now known as Guest16351
=== v3d is now known as v3d_
sacarlsonarvut: do you know what partition you have installed a working version of ubuntu?11:29
=== v3d_ is now known as vdagli
aciculaireez: then you can only change settings remotly via editing the gnome-registry or by just setting some static configuration in /etc/networks/interfaces11:30
ireezokay, can you please tell me how to edit gnome-registry?11:30
AnchorJordan_U: Have you any experience with Drive imaging? This looks like, to me, the most comprehensive backup method. However, it does appear to pose some great risks.11:30
aciculaireez: not a clue11:30
sunitI am using ubuntu 8.04 LTS with only one user openbravo. When I am giving sudo su : I am getting error : - openbravo is not in sudoers list, this incident will be reported11:30
aciculaireez: actually if you just need networking going you can just directly set the network ip using ifconfig and dhclient11:31
ireezacicula: lol11:31
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duron23sunit: either use sudo11:32
duron23sunit: or su11:32
duron23sunit: not both in same line11:32
=== v3d is now known as v3d_
duron23sunit: in ubuntu sudo is enough11:32
Guest16351I've a serious problem. For a year I have had 3 external USB hardrives plugged into my computer. 5 hours ago all were working. Now as of 1 hour ago the computer is saying that only 2 of them are there. it isn't just saying the 1 isn't mounted, it is not seeing it at all. I have unplugged & replugged it, on both sides several times, unplugged the power, let it sit & replugged it is. The drive spins up, but then does't talk with the PC11:32
=== v3d_ is now known as vdagli
arvutsacarlson: yeah, sdb1.. fdisk said i had "linux / swap" there tho and that i for some reason had two 4gb partitions with "external" and "linux" on sdb2 and sdb5 (my swap is 4gb and i only have 1..)11:33
ireezacicula it acctually confused me alot. the entries in the /etc/networking/interfaces is ignored. :(11:33
r00t4rd3d"Linux Wi-Fi Gets Easier with New Broadcom Driver"11:33
duron23Guest16351: try sudo fdisk -l11:34
=== King is now known as Guest72989
ox3ai need some simple help customizing ubuntu11:34
Guest16351duron23: Did it, & the drive doesn't show up, I also tried lsusb11:34
=== Guest72989 is now known as player
sacarlsonarvut: well it can't be on sdb1 if the partition is swap, it must be on sdb1 or sdb2,  try mount each of those and look inside to find out witch one it is11:34
duron23Guest16351: it in another system if you have any around11:35
duron23Guest16351: *check it in another system if you have any around11:35
sacarlsonarvut: when you detect the files you would expect in a ubuntu install then follow the instructions http://paste.ubuntu.com/547404/11:35
Guest16351duron23: I do not other then virtualbox systems which if the parernt doesn't see it is useless to even try.11:35
playerwhat are you doing?11:35
=== v3d is now known as vdagli
arvutsacarlson: sdb1 matches the size of the filesystem tho.. 56gb. sdb is a 60gb disk so either sdb2 or sdb5 is the real swap11:36
=== vdagli is now known as vdagli_
sacarlsonarvut: don't go by size go by what you find inside it11:37
=== vdagli_ is now known as v3d
playerxchat is wonderful!11:37
sacarlsonarvut: from a live cd simply mount and view what's inside with nautilus (the standard filemanager)11:38
Jpapertowelswhoa when i installed ubuntu via alternate cd its totally unthemed and looks like windows nt 3 whats up with this11:38
Guest16351duron23: any other suggestions?11:38
arvutsacarlson: yeah. done that, will doublecheck. (i prefer browsing with terminal tho)11:38
duron23Guest16351: nope, prob you hd failed :(11:39
gobbeJpapertowels: did you select packages by hand?11:39
gobbeJpapertowels: or installed everything?11:39
sacarlsonarvut: terminal is fine if you like that11:39
duron23Guest16351: not sure though11:39
arvutsacarlson: does it matter if i restored grub2 with a lucid cd? maybe that screwed it up..11:40
sacarlsonarvut: I don't think so,  it's still grub211:40
Jpapertowelsgobbe: naw it didn't even let me select packages11:40
arvuti did the original install with lucid. upgraded and all was fine until windows repair cd messed with the mbr on sda11:41
gobbeJpapertowels: hmmh. I have installed my laptop, few desktops etc from same media and they all have gnome-themes :)11:41
gobbeJpapertowels: which image you used for installation?11:41
sacarlsonarvut: look at the instructions I gave you http://paste.ubuntu.com/547404/  does that look like the method you used to recover?11:41
arvutand yeah, guides on the web said 9.04 and upwards i think11:41
Jpapertowelsgobbe: xubuntu-10.10-alternate-amd64.iso11:42
gobbeJpapertowels: oh. then you should ask it from #xubuntu11:42
Jpapertowelsgobbe: same thing happened with gnome iso though...maybe its because im not using any graphics drivers?11:42
gobbeJpapertowels: maybe11:43
arvutsacarlson: that would be it, yeah11:43
arvutsacarlson: second method iirc11:43
Guest16351duron23: harddrive or external usb motherboard?11:44
sacarlsonarvut: secound method?  you have /boot on another partition?11:44
bonjoyeeis it possible to rip discs(audio/vcd/dvd) directly with ffmpeg?11:47
arvutnumbers have suddenly changed in fdisk.. now there are two filesystemsized partitions and one swap flsgged as boot11:47
Guest16351I've a serious problem. For a year I have had 3 external USB hardrives plugged into my computer. 5 hours ago all were working. Now as of 1 hour ago the computer is saying that only 2 of them are there. it isn't just saying the 1 isn't mounted, it is not seeing it at all. I have unplugged & replugged it, on both sides several times, unplugged the power, let it sit & replugged it is. The drive spins up, but then does't talk with the PC, & l11:47
Guest16351susb & fdisk -l show that the system does not see it.11:47
sacarlsonarvut: one would be what you have booted from  usb flash or cd?11:48
bonjoyeeGuest16351: tried rebooting the computer?11:49
AnchorGuest16351: Can you try it on another computer to determine if it is working on any machine?11:49
malopei might just have to try a different distribution?11:49
malopeor redhat11:49
Guest16351bonfir89: no, but I have unplugged & replugged in all of the other drives & they are going off & coming back on perfectly normal11:49
malopefedora ftw?11:49
sacarlsonarvut: just mount the non swap disk and analize them11:49
Guest16351Oops wrong person11:49
Guest16351bonjoyee: no, but I have unplugged & replugged in all of the other drives & they are going off & coming back on perfectly normal11:50
arvutsacarlson: no, all are on sdb. 1 is linux swap/solaris (4gb), 2 is extended (56gb) and 5 is linux (also 56gb)11:50
=== feanor is now known as feanor2
Guest16351Anchor: this is my only machine11:50
AnchorDo you have a friend you can check with?11:50
bonjoyeeGuest16351: if its possible try a reboot..11:50
sacarlsonarvut: just mount sdb2  and sdb5  cd inside and view what in them11:51
AnchorIt may be the drive itself.11:51
Guest16351bonjoyee: thanks I will try that in a few hours11:51
malopei've never tried kubuntu11:51
Jpapertowelshow would i go about removing the entire xubuntu-desktop package? apt-get autoremove xubuntu-desktop says it will only get rid of 1 pkg 45.1 kb11:52
malopeor xubuntu11:52
gobbeJpapertowels: it's meta-package, it cannot be removed. And this channel is only for ubuntu-support, xubuntu is supported at #xubuntu11:53
LitovÄîáðûé äåíü11:55
sacarlsonarvut: sudo mkdir /mnt1; sudo mkdir /mnt2; /sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt1 ;sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt2  #and view them11:55
ne2kI have a strange problem with serial ports. I installed a OX16PCI954 quad 16950 UART PCI card (PCI 1415:9501) which was working fine for a while. After installing some updates and restarting, ttyS1, 2 and 3 still work, but 0 doesn't. it says "cannot open /dev/ttyS0: No such device". each time I try to access it, the kernel logs "ttyS0: LSR safety check engaged!" in dmesg. any ideas of how to fix this? kernel is 2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP on x86_6411:55
zambacan i get zte mf636 working with network manager?11:56
Guest16351For a year I have had 3 external USB hardrives plugged into my computer. 5 hours ago all were working. Now as of 1 hour ago the computer is saying that only 2 of them are there. it isn't just saying the 1 isn't mounted, it is not seeing it at all. I have unplugged & replugged it, on both sides several times, unplugged the power, let it sit & replugged it is. The drive spins up, but then does't talk with the PC, and lsusb & fdisk -l does n11:56
Guest16351ot see it, & I do not have any other systems to test it on.11:56
gobbeGuest16351: well..it looks like your USB-drive is dead11:56
=== derick_ is now known as jacks__
ne2kGuest16351: sounds like a hardware failure11:57
AnchorGuest16351: Several people offered suggestions.11:57
bullgard4[GNOME 2.30.2] Panel > Properties > (Panel Properties) > Background > None (use system theme) is asserted. What is the filename of the background image in use?11:57
arvutsacarlson: sdb5 appears to be the correct fs11:57
arvutbut what is sdb2 then?11:57
Guest16351gobbe: Thanks ne2k: Thanks Anchor: Doesn't hurt to ask for second & third & fourth opinnions11:58
sacarlsonarvut: what's in it's ~/boot11:58
sacarlsonarvut: I think you must have /boot mounted from another partition,  is that posible?11:59
sacarlsonarvut: and what is in sdb2?11:59
sacarlsonarvut: oh there is no sdb212:00
Jpapertowelsis it normal for ubuntu to use 317 MB of RAM at idle with just a console?12:02
sacarlsonarvut: opps my line above mounted wrong partition you should have mounted sdb2 and viewed what's inside12:02
gobbeJpapertowels: yes12:02
=== phox is now known as Guest44994
gobbeJpapertowels: it's not basicly used, but reserved12:02
rumpe1Jpapertowels, try "free && sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches && free"12:03
Jpapertowelsgobbe: how can i get "used" ram?12:03
acegiak_hey guys, I'm out and have my eepc and decided it's time to upgrade to 10.10 UNR, don't have any external drives with my just my SSD and my internal SDcard (which has my win7 on it) how do we make this upgrade work12:03
Guest44994Yo! I got a freshly installed ubuntu (latest version) and the fans are running full speed, even though is isnt heated up or the processors arent running that much. How do I fix this?12:03
gobbeJpapertowels: calculate used - cached12:03
cradamthe throttling drivers aren't installed12:04
cradamthe throttling drivers aren't installed Guest4499412:04
sacarlsonacegiak_: I installed ubuntu on my eeepc with a usb flash disk12:04
Guest44994cradam: ok, so how do i fix this? I am sry but i quite don't understand what you mean.12:04
CaneToadI'm running 10.10 and I just can't stand it any more.....I am quite frequently getting into situations where the desktop is still responsive but the mouse can't select any menus or drag any windows...think it some kind of grab or something in X, but when it happens all I can do is shift-tab to move between windows and close things down and hope I have a shell window open and kill -9 -1....   ARRRRRRRGGGGHH12:05
cradamGuest44994: i dont know how you fix it and throttling a fan slows it down or speeds it up dependant on the temperature of the cpu12:05
tehbautI have a little dilemma... gparted crashes every time I open it, and I need to reformat a drive, but not sure how to do it manually, nor have any idea why gparted is crashing and how to fix it12:06
tehbautany ideas?12:06
Guest44994cradam: ok, ill google throttling drivers or something, lo. thx12:06
sacarlsonCaneToad: maybe not enuf memory?12:07
CaneToadsacarlson: this didn't used to happen with other versions of ubuntu12:07
rumpe1CaneToad, desktop-effects active?12:07
CaneToadrumpe1: no12:07
malopei find every version has something different going on with it somehow12:08
rumpe1CaneToad, maybe some useful informations in /var/log12:08
rumpe1 /Xorg.0.log?12:08
malopeso far 9.10 and 10.04 are my fav12:08
sacarlsonCaneToad: maybe just a mouse driver problem12:08
malopemost machines never have a problem...but some just won't load ubuntu12:08
malopethis is my last try with 9.10 then its fedora 13 time12:09
sacarlsonCaneToad: you have another mouse you can plug in to try?12:09
gabrielukhello guys,i need help.i know this is not the proper channel for this question,but as i love ubuntu,i feel that u guys could point me the proper irc channel that deals with viruses.bassically i have a facebook account wich has a virus on it!!!is that possible a facebook page infected?please help me telling me where to get help for this,as i googled a lot and i cannot find a solution.12:09
arvutsacarlson: you're correct. sdb2 does not exist12:09
CaneToadsacarlson: not the mouse....it is still functional when it happens12:09
CaneToadbut windows refuse to be moved12:09
rumpe1gabrieluk, that would be facebooks problem, not yours12:09
sacarlsonarvut: ok do that procedure with sdb5 mount point then12:10
BackieHey anyone know the easiest and quickest way to install use wayland or something instead of xorg ?12:10
guampagabrieluk: maybe ##security12:10
duron23gabrieluk: write to facebook support12:10
guampaiirc there was a fb chan too?12:10
sacarlsonCaneToad: you say it moves but you can't click,  can you see the click on the background if you drag does a box form?12:10
duron23Backie: wayland is still in development, there is no shortcut for it12:11
gabrieluku canno0t write to facebook,the contact us has been closed!omg!:(12:11
shadey_bit of an odd question.. but i've enabled the root account on my ubuntu system. I also have the 'service helper' scripts installed. now when i type 'service' followed by the start of a service_name, tab no longer works to complete. This works fine for all other accounts, or even when i sudo -s from a normal user.12:11
arvuthow do I ignore join/quit msgs in irssi? thought it was /ignore JOINS/QUITS but it has no effect.. (I've done it once before..)12:11
shadey_any idea why this doesn't work when directly logged in as root?12:11
sacarlsonCaneToad: I have a bad mouse that moves but can't click,  it's just a hardware thing12:11
bullgard4[GNOME 2.30.2] Panel > Properties > (Panel Properties) > Background > None (use system theme) ist angehakt. Wie lautet der Path des verwendeten Hintergrundbildes?12:11
Backieduron23, you know of any other xorg alts that I can quickly change to?12:11
CaneToadsacarlson: when I restart X, the mouse works perfectly12:11
guampagabrieluk: well don't die is just friggin fb, not the end of all life12:12
malopeubuntu screen with the loading progress bar just keeps coming on then off12:12
duron23Backie: as of now, no other options I guess12:12
malopeon then off12:12
malopesoooooo crappy12:12
arvutsacarlson: yeah, sdb5 is the correct fs, everything dir in it is there as it should12:12
duron23Backie: you can check in clutter irc12:12
gabrielukguampa,i cannot acess ##security,must be a member or somenthing12:12
tony_when i install some things, they'r enot in the menu. how do i find where they went?12:12
guampagabrieluk: have to register your nick perhaps12:12
malopetony: somethings are just ran in terminal12:13
sacarlsonarvut: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt2 /dev/sda #  where /mnt2 is where you now have sdb5 mounted12:13
tony_but i type the name in the terminal, nothing happens12:13
alessandro_hi anyone12:13
rumpe1gabrieluk, why not try #facebook?12:13
duron23tony_: restarting may bring those menus back12:13
alessandro_somebody know how to use Udl's on Ubuntu?12:13
tony_why do linux apps have to be so secretive/12:14
alessandro_I need connect my Db using udl's12:14
duron23tony_: else try /usr/share/applications12:14
aciculaimport pyparsing as pyp12:14
aciculaimport itertools12:14
aciculadef snort_parse(logfile): header = (pyp.Suppress("[**] [")12:14
FloodBot4acicula: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:14
acicula              + pyp.Combine(integer + ":" + integer + ":" + integer)12:14
tehbautI think I screwed up my HDD by using DD to copy data to it before it was formatted, and now every time I try to open it in GParted, GParted crashes... how can I fix the HDD now?12:14
MagoMarkosi need some help with the instaletion of ubuntu netbook on my acer aspire one 532h-282512:14
MagoMarkosI have windows 7 staarter on my pc and im booting from my flashdrive into ubuntu12:14
MagoMarkosthen when i go to instal and instal along another os i dont know what to do because it will get me until the part that says the user info and on the bottom it displays ready when you are but nothing else happens and the forward botton on that page just wont allow me to click it12:14
FloodBot4MagoMarkos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:14
arvutsacarlson: sacarlson i mounted it on /media/sdb5, does that matter? (created that dir before mounting ofcourse)12:14
gabrieluknoone is on #facebook :(12:14
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:14
MagoMarkosi need some help with the instaletion of ubuntu netbook on my acer aspire one 532h-282512:15
MagoMarkosI have windows 7 staarter on my pc and im booting from my flashdrive into ubuntu12:15
MagoMarkosthen when i go to instal and instal along another os i dont know what to do because it will get me until the part that says the user info and on the bottom it displays ready when you are but nothing else happens and the forward botton on that page just wont allow me to click it12:15
FloodBot4MagoMarkos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:15
arvutsacarlson: or should i umount and remount it at /mnt?12:15
gobbe!repeat | MagoMarkos12:15
ubottuMagoMarkos: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:15
MagoMarkossorry for repaeting i got an eror here lol12:16
sacarlsonarvut: yes: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/sdb5  /dev/sda # or remount,  I never did it this way12:16
cradamdoes any1 know what windows security button is?12:16
MagoMarkoscan anyone help me on that matter?12:16
cradamoops wrong channel12:16
duron23MagoMarkos: may be you don't have enough free space12:16
mrdirtfthaving problem with ubuntu 10.10...... i don't get notification when there's new email. help plz??12:16
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:16
MagoMarkoshow much do i need i have 40 Gb open for ubuntu12:16
Srirammrdirtft: What email client do you use?12:17
duron23MagoMarkos: is it un partitioned space ?12:17
tony_i can't find it anywhere. may as well refer to google for installing apps. gets tiring chasing down apps that apt installs12:17
MagoMarkosdo i need to unpartition it?12:17
malopei use 30GB for my / and a huge /home partition12:17
MagoMarkoshow is it supposed to be?12:17
malope30GB of apps is a lot12:17
MagoMarkosand how can i set it up correctly on the advanced partitioning tool if i need to12:17
arvutsacarlson: alright. ill try the mnt dir then. last time i fixed grub i did it by mounting via the places menu12:17
duron23MagoMarkos: I guess you need unpartitioned free space12:17
tehbauthow do I install hfsprogs? it's not showing up in Synaptic Package Manager?12:18
MagoMarkosok ill try that and see ill let you know12:18
duron23MagoMarkos: welcome12:18
mrdirtftSriram, Evolution12:18
arvutsacarlson: shouldnt make a difference tho aslong as i tell grub-install that /media/sdb5 is root dir12:18
sacarlsonarvut: ya I wouldn't think so but the umask may be different12:19
arvutsacarlson: umask?12:19
sacarlsonarvut: if this is the same as before then best make it different12:19
beetohi all12:19
mrdirtftSriram, http://tinyurl.com/26vzutr12:19
sacarlsonarvut: see man mount12:19
ne2kI have a strange problem with serial ports. I installed a OX16PCI954 quad 16950 UART PCI card (PCI 1415:9501) which was working fine for a while. After installing some updates and restarting, ttyS1, 2 and 3 still work, but 0 doesn't. it says "cannot open /dev/ttyS0: No such device". each time I try to access it, the kernel logs "ttyS0: LSR safety check engaged!" in dmesg. any ideas of how to fix this? kernel is 2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP on x86_6412:20
mrdirtftSriram, Adding the evolution ppa to the software resources and updating apt-get solve the problem but how?12:20
sacarlsonarvut: if this is how you did it before best to try it a bit different12:20
sacarlsonarvut: you can see the umask is  with sudo mount ,  the stuf you see in (....) is part of the umask I guess12:22
bullgard4[GNOME 2.30.2] Panel > Properties > (Panel Properties) > Background > None (use system theme) is asserted. What is the filename of the background image in use?12:22
sacarlsonarvut: note  that we install mbr to sda  not sdb even though you have it installed on sdb12:23
SoyoGoood Morning12:24
nglI looking for some help about Ubuntu 10.10...12:24
Soyo!ask | ngl12:24
ubottungl: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:24
bullgard4ngl: Please put in this channel a specific question.12:24
sacarlsonne2k: unless your new kernel has drivers of features you now need I would return the default grub to boot the old kernel12:24
nglSo i have now dualboot with win.... i have installed Ubuntu trough windows.. and i have allow only 10gb "system space" what sould i do in need more now... but i cant uninstall windows...12:25
bastidrazorbullgard4: isn't that just a color in the panel if using system theme?12:25
ne2ksacarlson: well, yes, I'll do that, if nothing else to prove that it's the kernel change that's caused the problem12:25
Srirammrdirtft: no clue, on how to fix yet, Maybe re-installing the messaging indicator will do the trick12:25
bazhangngl expanding a wubi install?12:26
sacarlsonne2k: well that would add evidence that is is the kernel causing it if you try boot the old and it works again,  newer is not always better.12:26
arvutsacarlson: alright, so its (rw).. as in permissions?12:26
nglbazhang, yes12:26
bullgard4bastidrazor: I do not understand your question well. I am asking for a pathname and you are suggesting a color. How can a pathname be a color?12:27
sacarlsonarvut: try it reboot if it fails try again with the other mount point12:27
Sriramngl: Use the ubuntu install cd/ gparted live cd to increase partition size12:27
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=545519 ngl12:28
bastidrazorbullgard4: when selecting the system them i thought it used a solid color for the background.12:28
arvutsacarlson: tried mounting sdb2, it appearently does not exist according to mount. while fdisk says it does12:28
nglok, thanks for your time.. :)12:28
Sriramngl: Oh , sorry, wubi, ok12:28
bastidrazorbullgard4: but i see your question.. where that is located.12:28
bazhangngl, there is a tool on that link I sent you to do it12:29
rumpe1arvut, pastebin fdisk and output of mount-command12:29
sacarlsonarvut: maybe that's the problem,  maybe sdb2 has /boot in it but is corupt and needs fsck to get it to be mountable12:29
bullgard4bastidrazor: No, my computer displays a predominantly violet background with some stars on it.12:29
nglbazhang, ok thanks i will try it ;)12:29
sacarlsonarvut: do you remember when you installed (if you installed it) did /boot mount from another partition?12:29
WierdAARI'm trying to get my HP officejet g55 to work with simple scan (or anything really) but can't get it to recognize it. I have trying install the SANE drivers, but nothing so far. Please help12:30
Bipul`Can i able to see mine Windows Network files in Network folder?12:30
sacarlsonarvut: did you look in the ~/boot on your sdb5 partition to see if it has what you would expect in it?12:30
duron23Bipul`: if you have samba configured, yes12:31
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Gabiis there a certain command to duplicate a file , i want to have 2 index.php so i can keep the old one12:31
phox_yo! How do I update Java? I have the latest version of ubuntu, but not the latest version of java. Hehe.12:31
Bipul`samba?  without samba can't i ?12:31
duron23Gabi: use cp12:31
duron23Bipul`: I guess not12:31
sacarlsonarvut: my root partition umask looks like /dev/sdb1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)12:31
Gabiduron23 what the command ?12:31
arvutsacarlson: not sure what to expect in /boot tbh. and no, no other partition is mounted to /boot12:31
Sebastian_I'm having a reproducable crash in XF86DRIQueryExtension from /usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1. I'm using the unchanged ubuntu packages. anyone interested? details: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26228812:32
bonjoyeephox_: see http://www.java.com/12:32
sacarlsonarvut: well I would expect it not to be empty that's for sure12:32
SriramWierdAAR, Have you checked the connection between printer to PC?12:32
sacarlsonarvut: if they mount to it at boot time then it will be empty,  if there is no boot partition it will have the kernel linux and grub files12:33
nunyais there some way to not see the bootloading when i start my computer?12:33
WierdAARSriram, And what would be the best way to do that? Other than physically checking the cables ?12:33
phox_bonjoyee: ok12:33
ne2kI've rebooted with the old kernel 2.6.35-23-generic #41-Ubuntu12:33
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bullgard4Bipul`: If you mean files that support files that support networking under Windows, mount the partition that includes the Windows networking and Nautilus should display the filenames in this partition, including the files for networking.12:33
SriramWierdAAR, You have physically checked the cables, right12:33
=== _tim_ is now known as __tim__
duron23Gabi: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4188396&postcount=212:33
WierdAARSriram, Yes12:33
duron23Gabi: ignore that12:34
sacarlsonarvut: oh you can also check by looking at the ~/etc/fstab to see what they try to mount at boot12:34
SriramWierdAAR, See http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/officejet/officejet_g55.html might help you12:34
ne2kI've rebooted with the old kernel 2.6.35-23-generic #41-Ubuntu and the problem has gone away. Therefore I know the problem is with the new kernel (2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu). I would like to report this as a bug, but I'm not sure what information would best help the developers to solve the problem. what should I post?12:34
WierdAARSriram, "HPLIP Website is currently under maintenance. We will be back shortly." Should I just download and install ?12:35
SriramWierdAAR, Sorry http://sourceforge.net/projects/hplip/files/hplip/12:36
sacarlsonne2k: cool, set to default boot and report it as a bug12:36
SriramWierdAAR, Yes12:36
WierdAARSriram, Will try it out. Be back with result. Thanks!12:36
arvutsacarlson rumpel: http://pastebin.com/K6kkUtaX12:36
sacarlsonne2k: I guess to report bugs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs12:37
MagoMarkosI need help now I'm on the advanced partitioning tool i need help formating. I have a 160 Gb HDD partitioned as such: 12.9 GB sda1 (ntfs) (for recovery console from acer), 106.9MB (ntfs) (for some windows7 stuff), 105.1 GB sda3 (ntfs) (Windows7 Starter OS and Windows Files), and 41.9 GB Free Space. If I click Install now it gives me the error "No Root File System" "No root files system is12:38
MagoMarkosdefined. Please Correct this from the partitioning menu" and i am not able to keep going what can i do? How can I and should Iformat the free space to continue?12:38
SriramMagoMarkos, Advance Partitioning tool?12:39
sam-_-MagoMarkos, u have to set the partition as /12:39
SriramMagoMarkos, Gparted live?12:39
MagoMarkosim in the ubuntu oinstaller12:39
Sriramoh okay12:39
sacarlsonarvut: what about ~/boot ?12:39
MagoMarkosi booted from flash drive and cliced on instal along other OS12:39
MagoMarkosso i click on the free space and click on add12:40
sacarlsonarvut: look inside i mean  cd ??/boot ; ls12:40
arvutrebooting now.. hoping for the best12:40
duron23MagoMarkos: select / as mount point12:40
SriramMagoMarkos, Yes12:40
duron23MagoMarkos: and partition type to ext312:40
sacarlsonarvut: ok12:40
MagoMarkosprimary or logical?12:40
daedaluzis there any way to enable picture thumbnails in nautilus when uploading? hell, they are missin even in Gimp12:40
duron23MagoMarkos: Logical12:40
Sriramduron23: Ext4 is good, too, stable, now12:41
TimothyAhmm, anyone knows why ImageMagick performs slowly/poorly on Ubuntu when OpenMP is enabled?12:41
duron23MagoMarkos: yeah ext412:41
duron23Sriram: thanks for correcting12:41
Sriramduron23: Welcome12:41
TimothyAthis is when using the ubuntu package, but occurs as well if you compile it yourself12:41
MagoMarkosLocation of the new partition: Begining or End?12:41
ne2kwhy can't I actually just report a bug on lanuchpad any more? why do I have to use this flaming stupid desktop application?!12:42
duron23MagoMarkos: leave it on default12:42
phox_Why does firefox chrash constantly?! The processor isnt running much, i dont have alot of tabs open. Freshly installed OS, latest version12:42
sam-_-TimothyA, specs of your computer?12:42
MagoMarkoslets see what happends now12:42
Shell0xLogger nickserv identify xssfdp1212:42
sacarlsonne2k: I guess it was meant to make it easy and complete12:42
Sriramphox_: Paste your top output on paste.ubuntu.com12:43
rumpe1Shell0xLogger, fail :D12:43
TimothyAsam-_-: i assume you only need the cpu info, I don't know where to get the rest easily12:43
sacarlsonne2k: people tend not to provide the needed info or are too lazy,  whereas computers do it all for you12:43
sam-_-TimothyA, yes12:43
MagoMarkosshould i enable a swap portion?12:43
phox_sriram: and where do i find this top output?12:43
duron23phox_: do you have any plugins installed ?12:43
duron23MagoMarkos: yes12:43
arvutsacarlson: same problem I'm afraid.. will write a pastebin with the exact errors I get12:43
Sriramphox_: run top on your terminal12:43
MagoMarkoshow much MB?12:43
phox_duron23: nope. Barely anything installed on the computer.12:44
TimothyAwith OpenMP enabled in imagemagick, it takes several minutes to convert a single image12:44
sacarlsonarvut: look in the boot12:44
phox_sriram: okey12:44
TimothyAwithout it, several seconds12:44
TimothyAbut I would like to make use of the other cores as well12:44
duron23MagoMarkos: 1.5 * your RAM12:44
sacarlsonarvut: it apears there is no partiton for boot so it must be ok there12:45
MagoMarkosI have 2 GB RAM so i should put 3 GB Swap Area?12:45
duron23MagoMarkos: ok12:45
bullgard4ne2k: '~$ ubuntu-bug <package>' does no longer work?12:45
phox_sriram: i have tried like three times just to paste this, basiclyy had to force quit as many times. give me a minute12:45
TimothyAsam-_-: I still have plenty of memory left over12:45
WierdAARSriram, Ok. I don't know if you can help me with this. The install needs the gcc (C compiler), but even after I install it it says. "http://paste.ubuntu.com/551049/" Any idea what the problem could be ?12:46
ne2kbullgard4: no, it does work. I was talking about just going to a website and filing a bug, which seems rather more sensible to me. I guess it stops people putting in crap, as others have suggested12:46
sam-_-TimothyA, hugh interesting. don't know what the cause is.12:46
SriramWierdAAR, Give me a sec12:46
TimothyAsam-_-: I'm not the only one12:46
TimothyAI've replicated this issue on both dedicated servers and VPS's12:47
sam-_-TimothyA, what do you convert and how?12:47
TimothyAimages, and just simple resize/crop actions12:47
phox_sriram and duron23: http://paste.ubuntu.com/551050/12:47
TimothyAdoing it from the cli12:47
gobbeTimothyA: maybe it's somekind of issue with  your VPS's softwares12:47
gobbeTimothyA: that you not getting enough cpu-time12:47
sam-_-TimothyA, so jpegs?12:47
SriramWierdAAR: Can you paste the readme file?12:48
TimothyAsam-_-: yep12:48
MagoMarkosand now i wait for it to finish copying the files12:48
bullgard4ne2k: I disagree. '~$ ubuntu-bug <package>' is a convenient way to report errors and classify them at the same time.12:48
TimothyAgobbe: linode12:48
euthymosHi I get nasty carp-looking horrible fonts in any java program12:48
duron23MagoMarkos: yes12:48
Sriramphox_: One sec12:48
MagoMarkosim in the who are you page and the forward button is grey12:48
ne2kbullgard4: I'm not saying it's not convenient. I'm just saying that I would expect to be able to open a bug from a website /as well/12:48
WierdAARSriram, There was no readme. I can post the entire terminal process ?12:48
euthymosne2k: or an easy GUI12:48
duron23MagoMarkos: fill the details12:48
MagoMarkosi did12:49
MagoMarkosstill on copying files12:49
duron23MagoMarkos: once everything is ok, the button will enable12:49
gobbeMagoMarkos: yep, it takes while12:49
MagoMarkoslets see12:49
SriramWierdAAR, There should be some way to set the location of GCC, or somthing like that12:49
SriramWierdAAR: Okay12:49
WierdAARSriram, http://paste.ubuntu.com/551051/12:49
Sriramphox_: Not many processes12:49
bullgard4ne2k: Launchpad is a suitable _website_.12:50
MagoMarkosonce this finishes do i get a nice OS Selection sceen on the machine startup?12:50
Sriramphox_: Suspected a high CPU usage12:50
Sleeping_Foxirc does any1 knows of a mp3 player that can synch with ubuntu without rockbox ?12:50
duron23MagoMarkos: yes you will get, but how nice it is, you decide12:50
WierdAARSriram, I ran it the first time, and it gave the same error but with "8 dependencies required" and after apt-get install gcc there are only 7 dependecies even though it claims to be missing the same thing12:50
phox_sriram: Right? Yet firefox keeps not responding and stuff. Yeah i thought so too at first, but no no. Just random "not repsponding" and stuff12:50
MagoMarkoswhat do you mean?12:50
ShootEmUpHello Everyone!12:50
euthymosdoes anybody have my same problem with Java programs' fonts?12:51
Danielc1234Morning all..tried to run ./pear mage-setup and got a bunch of statements like,  : Function eregi() is deprecated in PEAR/Registry.php on line 772 PHP Notice:  Undefined offset: 8192 in /home/mysite/public/downloader/pearlib/php/pearmage.php on line 424 ....Any ideas whats going on?12:51
sam-_-TimothyA, maybe it's not an ubuntu specific issue. have you tried asking here: ##imagemagick12:51
TimothyAhm, good idea12:51
SriramWierdAAR, Can you try the custom mode during installation12:51
TimothyAI didn't know they had an IRC channel12:51
Sleeping_Foxshoothemup: hello12:51
MagoMarkosduron23: what do you mean?12:51
TimothyA....and now the batteries of my mouse dies again *Sigh*12:51
WierdAARSriram, Sure. Give me a minute12:51
MagoMarkosYAY!!!!! im stuck again i think12:51
sam-_-TimothyA, i didn't either. it's unofficial. just 13 people12:52
duron23WierdAAR: do you have build-essentials installed ?12:52
Sriramphox_: I don't think I have the solution for this, you can try switching over to Chrome, much better "IMHO"12:52
duron23MagoMarkos: you will get a options to select the os12:52
MagoMarkosI filled the who are you page completley the compuer finished copying files and now it says Ready when you are... and the forward button is grey... what do i do now?12:52
WierdAARSriram, Custom install was basically the same http://paste.ubuntu.com/551052/12:53
ne2khttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/698099 reported12:53
phox_sriram: you know? I will. Screw firefox.12:53
WierdAARduron23, I think I have. Is the package just called "build-essentials" ?12:53
duron23WierdAAR: yeah something similar12:53
rumpe1WierdAAR, build-essential12:54
euthymosphox_, Sriram: better go Chromium12:54
WierdAARrumpe1, Thanks12:54
phox_euthymos: What do you mean? I just tried to apt-get "chrome", didnt work.12:54
SriramWierdAAR, Maybe there is a specific version of GCC needed12:54
euthymostry chromium-browser12:54
euthymosnever download Chrome package from Google website12:54
euthymosit's often broken and unmaintained12:55
Srirameuthymos: chromiun-browser is unstable v right?12:55
phox_euthymos: weird, but i think i got the synaptics working with the "-browser"12:55
MagoMarkosI filled the who are you page completley the compuer finished copying files and now it says Ready when you are... and the forward button is grey... what do i do now?12:55
WierdAARrumpe1, Sriram Hah. build-essentials filled one dependencie. Only 6 more to go. And the next is phyton-devel. I will try and get all dependancies manually. Back in a couple of minuts12:55
duron23MagoMarkos: can I get a screeshot of it ?12:55
Phylocktoday when i booted up my nautilus freezes each time i answer a dialog box, "move to trash", "replace"  etc, is this a known problem ??12:56
MagoMarkosa camera picture?12:56
sam-_-also the ppas are nice. https://launchpad.net/chromium-browser12:56
duron23MagoMarkos: sry, you are in isntaller you can't12:56
euthymosphox_: be careful I think "chromium" package is a GAME12:56
euthymosSriram: it's not unstable12:56
sam-_-euthymos, yes you are correct12:56
duron23MagoMarkos: can I know what are the details you filled ?12:57
phox_euthymos: yeah i googled it and understood that. Chrome is running much smoother than firefox now though, thx12:57
euthymosthe good is: "chromium-browser". Forget "chromium" (unless you like the game :P ) and packages from Google website12:57
duron23have you filled password field properly12:57
=== xinli is now known as Doinkle
MagoMarkosh/o ill upload a picture of the screen12:57
sam-_-Phylock, may be a problem with permissions12:57
euthymosphox_: I do think so, too. But I like FF extensions12:57
kopilohey I was wondering if there is an older version of wubi which could be used for installing ubuntu server?12:57
kopiloremote desktoping to a server and wishing to switch it over from a home windows install to something decent12:58
phox_euthymos: true dat12:59
MagoMarkosoh i cant use caps or spaces in the user ups12:59
rumpe1kopilo, i personally wouldnt use wubi for a server-install... it's the worst method for installing ubuntu :/13:00
sacarlsonphox_: euthymos: I was also having problems with ff crash on some sites with flash that never crashed with chrome,  I do love ff for extensions I can't live without13:00
duron23MagoMarkos: so the forward button is enabled now ?13:00
yealinItś so cold13:00
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Phylocksam-_-: when i delete a file and press delete in the dialog, nautilus freezes, after i start nautilus again the file is deleted. so its not a permissin problem on the files as i see it, could i be another place?13:01
euthymossacarlson: some of them have been ported, some have been not. Some have a good replacement. Better look at chrome extension website often.13:01
kopilorumpe1 I agree but do you have a better option?13:01
rumpe1kopilo, why not dual-boot?13:01
duron23Phylock: can you check the log13:01
duron23MagoMarkos: :) good13:02
kopilorumpe1 I am accessing the computer via a remote desktop13:02
euthymosoh I forgot. To have chromium in your language, install chromium-browser-l10n13:02
sam-_-Phylock, i can't tell but i think it's best to delete all nautilus related configuration files and see if it helps13:02
kopiloI have no physical access to the computer13:02
sacarlsoneuthymos: the main thing I need in ff is firewatir to interface ruby to firefox,  there is only for IE and firefox that I know but I'm sure the time will come13:02
kopilohow could I do that?13:02
MagoMarkosi wortew Mago Markos and didnt know that i couldnt use caps or spaces im instaling now WOOO13:02
MagoMarkoslets see what happends now13:02
euthymossacarlson: I see13:02
rumpe1kopilo, get physical access ^^13:02
kopilothat will cost... $5k in travel expenses :(13:03
WierdAARSriram, Well I fell stupid. hplip is part of the universe rep, so a simple apt-get install got it all working. So hplip is installed now. simple scan still won't recognize the scanner, and can't find any hplip "program".. So.. Any ideas?13:03
SriramWierdAAR: Can you launch hplip?13:03
MagoMarkosi fell NooBish13:04
rumpe1kopilo, server for which services?13:04
duron23MagoMarkos: why ?13:04
arunomiIm trying to recover my encrypt data. im using a ubuntu 10.10 live cd and this tutorial "http://www.kaijanmaki.net/2009/10/26/recovering-files-from-ecryptfs-encrypted-home/" byt i only get this error mess "Error mounting eCryptfs: [-2] No such file or directory" and my logg says "ubuntu mount.ecryptfs: could not resolve full path for source OldPrivate [-2]" help?13:04
WierdAARSriram, Not just as "hplip".. Maybe it's called something different, but I don't know what13:04
kopilorumpe1: web and icecast13:04
MagoMarkosi put spaces and caps on the user and that kept me stuck for two days in that screen lol13:04
euthymosthank you however guys, I'll look for a solution myself.13:04
rumpe1kopilo, why not rent a cheap vserver?13:04
Myrttikopilo: if you dont have physical access, wubi won't help anyway. to use ubuntu on the machine you need to choose it at boot13:05
duron23MagoMarkos: happens with everyone nps13:05
=== myrti_ is now known as myrti
MagoMarkosi started basically today lol13:05
MagoMarkosand im loving this os13:05
kopiloI will be trying to get the owner to install it but he has limited software skills13:05
=== myrti is now known as kaddi
SriramWierdAAR: I thought that hplip was the printer managing software by HP for linux13:05
SriramWierdAAR, One sec13:05
MagoMarkoscan i acces my windows files from Ubuntu?13:05
duron23MagoMarkos: everyone who uses ubuntu, has same reactions13:05
kopiloMyrtti: I could change the windows mbr to have ubuntu as the first in the list?13:05
DarkStar1Sriram: it is13:05
kopiloMagoMarkos: yes13:05
duron23MagoMarkos: yes, you can13:05
f0rm4they im having a issue if someone can help13:06
WierdAARSriram, It could be. Maybe I'm just not using it right. I just don't know how to use it then13:06
duron23MagoMarkos: for auto mounting use ntfs-config13:06
MagoMarkosand that startup os selection screen is customizable?13:06
arunomiIm trying to recover my encrypt data. im using a ubuntu 10.10 live cd and this tutorial "http://www.kaijanmaki.net/2009/10/26/recovering-files-from-ecryptfs-encrypted-home/" byt i only get this error mess "Error mounting eCryptfs: [-2] No such file or directory" and my logg says "ubuntu mount.ecryptfs: could not resolve full path for source OldPrivate [-2]" help?13:06
f0rm4tim trying to change ports so i can connect to anther server13:06
duron23MagoMarkos: yes, but don't try that now13:06
kopiloMagoMarkos: that startup screen is called grub and yes it is13:06
WierdAARSriram, The site it copyrighted by HP, so it properly is13:06
MagoMarkosok how about later when i finish instaling?13:06
SriramDarkStar1, What is the package name to launch it13:07
MagoMarkosis it too hard?13:07
kopiloMagoMarkos: better to do it post install afaik13:07
SriramWierdAAR, There might be an entry in the applications menu13:07
arunomiIm trying to recover my encrypt data. im using a ubuntu 10.10 live cd and this tutorial "http://www.kaijanmaki.net/2009/10/26/recovering-files-from-ecryptfs-encrypted-home/" byt i only get this error mess "Error mounting eCryptfs: [-2] No such file or directory" and my logg says "ubuntu mount.ecryptfs: could not resolve full path for source OldPrivate [-2]" help?13:07
MagoMarkosyeah i cant do anything on that pc yet13:07
duron23arunomi: don't paste things over and over13:07
codebansheekopilo: have you considered using VirtualBox (or similar) and setting your server up as a VM?13:07
duron23arunomi: have patience13:08
WierdAARSriram, There isn't. I got something working. It seems to be mostly terminal based. I'll try poking around a bit13:08
bonjoyee!find mkisofs13:08
ubottuFound: genisoimage13:08
DarkStar1Sriram: I haven't installed that in over ttwo years but I believe you download it from the website.13:08
arunomithen help me get an sol13:08
kopilocodebanshee: I did but the "server" has only 512kb of ram, and still would have the vuranbility of windows xp home13:08
DarkStar1512kb RAM??13:09
duron23arunomi: someone will, if they have solutions13:09
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allganduPici, help13:09
SriramWierdAAR, Your printer is Officejet-4500-G510n-z right?13:09
WierdAARSriram, Officejet G55 .. Don't know what the full name is.13:09
berkesare there maximums (performance wise) for amount of files in a directory on an ext3 dir?13:10
yealinwhatś  ubuntu-dos13:10
Kre10shey.... I've got a question regarding the calculator app...13:10
duron23yealin: ubuntu documentaions - help files13:10
kopiloberkes: as long as you keep a drive under 90% full it shouldn't defragment13:10
Kre10sI put it into programming mode, and put in a binary number... how can I see the decimal form?13:10
kopiloI mean fragment13:10
CruelChow to add a local repo to Ubuntu 8.04?13:10
WierdAARSriram, It got a setup from hplip running, but it's claiming that no device in connected to USB..13:10
duron23Kre10s: select decimal13:11
mae_taehow do i fix this rndc: connect failed: connection refused?13:11
codebansheekopilo: surely you mean 512MB (you couldn't run XP with 512KB)13:11
duron23Kre10s: ;) simple13:11
Kre10swhen i change it back to decimal it shows the binary with a little 2 indicating base13:11
kopilocodebanshee: yes sorry MB13:11
CruelCI just want to update, know Yandex has a repo, but how to add it?13:11
berkeskopilo, but does it not matter how much files a directory contains? AFAIK the performance drops after a certain amount of files, 26K files or so?13:11
SriramWierdAAR: You said you found and installed a driver earlier, right?13:11
arunomibut there is people joining all the time so for me to get the fastest respons i need to repost my problem