scott-workholstein:  with the firewire bug, have you tried enabling raw1394 via ubuntustudio-controls?14:50
holsteinscott-work: i'll try that15:59
holsteinto make sure i cover everything16:00
holsteinbut, in 10.1016:00
holsteini do all my usual tweaks16:00
holsteinit doesnt work16:00
holsteinbut with RT kernel, it does16:00
ailoholstein: but the raw1394 would only work for the old stack, right?16:15
holsteinailo: i'll have to confirm that 18:09
holsteinit'll be next week i bet18:09
holsteini'll try and catch up with you and run some tests18:10
ailoSo, I've had a look at Ubuntustudio-controls and I'm sure I can handle an update as well as adding some features. Would be great if all rt related stuff was handled from the same place.18:51
ailoEven adding user to audio group18:52
ailoI would start with updating the firewire stuff, but I need confirmation on how that works, so holstein or Asmo will need to help me with that18:54
scott-workailo:  that sounds good, i would defintely wait until we understand what is necessary/required for firewire20:49
scott-worktrying to install natty last night and it keeps sending sigterm to computer during installing software :(22:18

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