thraxiltrying to get an m-audio firewire solo working on maverick02:38
thraxilit was working under lucid02:38
thraxili plug it in and dmesg says "firewire_core: phy config: card 0, new root=ffc1, gap_count=5"02:39
thraxil"firewire_core: created device fw1: GUID 000d6c0b00e2e0cf, S400, 1 config ROM retries"02:39
thraxilbut i'm not seeing a /dev/raw139402:40
ailothraxil: put this in /etc/udev/rules.d/ http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/ffado.git;a=blob_plain;f=debian/60-ffado.rules02:40
ailoDon't have a device myself, so I can't check. We discussed this a couple of days ago.02:41
ailoAnd reboot to load the rules02:41
thraxilalright. i'll try that out02:42
ailoor the file should be /etc/udev/rules.d/60-ffado.rules of course02:42
thraxiljackd -d firewire is also telling me "no such driver firewire"02:42
thraxilnot sure if that's the same problem02:42
thraxilbut i'll try this first02:43
holsteinthraxil: as a trouble shooting step02:43
holsteini like to run02:43
holsteinsudo qjackctl02:43
holsteinand see if JACK starts02:43
holsteincan narrow down the search02:44
thraxilno luck with sudo qjackctl02:44
holsteinthraxil: go to setup02:44
holsteinsample rate 4410002:45
holsteinframes/period 51202:45
holsteinperiods/buffer 302:45
holsteindouble check that you have the firewire driver selected02:45
thraxilcan't start jackd02:45
holsteinwho said start JACK ;)02:46
thraxilunknown driver "firewire"02:46
thraxilin the messages window from qjackctl02:46
holsteinthraxil: go ahead and spit out what you got02:46
holsteinin that message window02:46
holsteinin a paster02:47
holsteinailo: this would temporarily get aroudn that file right?02:47
holsteinmaybe its the kernel... i had to get a RT kernel for mine to work02:48
holsteinand i dont remember what the errors were....02:48
ailoright, it's also depending on the kernel. I've already forgotten most of what we did :)02:49
thraxili've got: 2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 02:41:37 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:49
holsteinthraxil: you mind trying a different kernel?02:50
ailoThe easy solution is to keep Lucid and wait with upgrading until Natty02:50
holsteini needed it with my firewire device02:50
thraxilwell, it's already upgraded to maverick and i mostly use this machine as my desktop, so i don't really want to go back to lucid02:50
thraxili'm hesitant to switch to an rt kernel because i use the nvidia drivers for dual monitor stuff02:51
holsteinwell, i couldnt get any joy without it02:51
holsteinand neither could another FW user02:51
holsteinthe other day02:51
holsteinthraxil: let me get a bug for you to add yourself to if you dont mind...02:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 695893 in Ubuntu Studio "JACK wont start with presonus firepod and generic kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:54
thraxilok. i'm going to try the udev change first02:58
holsteinand you shoud03:00
holsteinBUT im afraid sudo would get around that03:00
holsteinlet us know though03:00
thraxilno luck with the udev stuff03:17
thraxilit's still not creating that /dev/raw139403:18
thraxiland jackd still won't start. firewire or no03:18
thraxilsudo or not, i mean03:18
ailoHere's a good page. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FireWire03:20
thraxilthat's what i've been following03:20
thraxilit pretty much starts with "ls -al /dev/raw1394"03:21
thraxiland i get ls: cannot access /dev/raw1394: No such file or directory03:21
holsteinthraxil: check lspci03:23
holsteinmaybe your FW is not there03:23
holsteinor unsupported/blacklisted03:23
ailoHow about this command?        lsmod | grep 'firewire\|1394'03:23
thraxilieee1394               95219  1 sbp203:23
thraxilfirewire_ohci          24615  003:23
thraxilfirewire_core          54327  1 firewire_ohci03:23
thraxilcrc_itu_t               1739  1 firewire_core03:23
thraxiland it was working with Lucid (and Karmic, and Hardy)03:24
holsteinthraxil: what chipset?03:24
holsteinnot that that should make this error happen...03:24
thraxilso i'd be a bit surprised if it suddenly became blacklisted03:24
ailothraxil: according to the page, you should not be using /dev/raw1394, so that's fine03:24
ailoCheck out the chapter: Driver Confusion: FireWire stacks explained03:25
ailoI can only confirm from Natty, that raw1394 is blacklisted03:27
ailobecause we want to use the new stack instead03:27
ailoThe blacklist file is /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-firewire.conf03:27
thraxilgrep 'firewire\|1394' /proc/interrupts03:28
thraxilsays that firewire_ohci is in charge03:28
thraxili unloaded sbp2 and ieee139403:29
ailoso, according to that page you can switch between the new stack and the old one.03:29
thraxilso now it's just firewire_ohci, firewire_core, and crc_itu_t03:29
ailoAgain, I have no way of testing this stuff myself..03:30
thraxilie, new stack exactly as it says there03:30
ailoI think it's the new stack that may be giving you problems on that kernel.03:30
ailoHow about trying to switch? Just follow the instructions at "Switching bewteen stacks".03:31
thraxilok. /dev/raw1394 shows up now03:31
thraxilaudio group, which i'm in03:32
thraxilcrw-rw---- 1 root audio 171, 0 2011-01-05 22:31 /dev/raw139403:32
ailoAnd jack?03:32
thraxiljackd -dfirewire is still saying: Unknown driver "firewire"03:32
ailoHow about sudo qjackctl?03:33
holsteinim not ugrading to anything on my production box03:34
holsteinmaybe 12.0403:34
ailothraxil: you sure that the other stack is unloaded now?03:36
thraxil$ lsmod | grep 'firewire\|1394'03:36
thraxilraw1394                25814  003:36
thraxilohci1394               30338  003:36
thraxilieee1394               95219  2 raw1394,ohci139403:36
thraxiljackd doesn't want to run with any backend03:38
thraxilnot even alsa or pulseaudio03:38
ailoThat's strange.03:38
thraxiljust "Unknown driver "alsa"" or whatever03:39
ailoDo have a browser open with loaded flashplayer or something03:39
ailoSomething maby be occupying th card03:39
ailoJack from the standard repo?03:39
thraxili assume03:40
thraxili did the "basics" apt-get from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation03:41
holsteinthraxil: dummy?03:41
holsteinthast telling03:41
holsteini still think you'll want an RT kernel03:41
thraxilruns with dummy03:41
holsteinBUT thats telling03:41
thraxilcould there be old backend libraries on the system somewhere that it's finding first and that don't work with this version of jack?03:43
ailoholstein: you have a 10.10, right. Did you ever try with the generic kernel?03:44
holsteinthraxil: you did an upgrade?03:44
thraxilyeah, i've upgraded this machine since... probably gutsy03:44
holsteinthraxil: good for you03:44
holsteinailo: let me try it03:46
ailothraxil: so you don't even have desktop audio?03:48
thraxildesktop audio works great03:48
thraxiljust can't jackd to talk to my external firewire interface03:49
ailoAnd not to your alsa card either?03:49
thraxilmy alsa card doesn't have XLR inputs03:49
thraxiland, yeah, jackd doesn't seem to want to talk to anything right now03:50
holsteinailo: no good03:50
holsteinfairly modest JACK settings03:50
holsteinim going to reboot into the RT kernel03:51
ailoholstein: but you can get alsa running at least, right?03:51
holsteinwithout changing anything03:51
holsteinand i'll go back03:51
thraxilalsa on its own is fine03:51
thraxilbut jackd with the alsa backend fails03:51
ailoI mean from jack :)03:51
holsteinits a strage issue too03:51
holsteinits like it wants to start03:51
holsteinand i have a light that turns blue03:52
holsteinthat turns blue03:52
holsteinjack hesitates for a while03:52
holsteinat least 6 seconds03:52
holsteinthen just POW03:52
holsteinbut its runnning fine with RT03:53
ailothraxil: how about /etc/security/limits.conf ? Do you have settings for the audio group there?03:53
ailoCause if you have, those should be removed.03:53
holsteinlet me check natty03:54
thraxiljust in limits.d/audio.conf03:54
holsteinwhile im here03:54
ailoWell, ff on Maverick is tough, but jack/alsa is mystic. I would like to solve that first.03:55
ailothraxil: So, you have a builtin card on your desktop? Can you get jackd started from the command line by doing: jackd -d alsa03:57
thraxilUnknown driver "alsa"03:57
holsteinnatty is not happy03:58
holsteinsomething glitchy with apt going on03:58
ailonatty is buggy03:59
holsteinits been over 2 weeks since i updated too04:00
holsteinim going to try and force some update04:00
ailothraxil: perhaps you could discuss the jack/alsa problem on #jack. I'm googling a bit, but not finding anything useful yet.04:02
thraxilk. thanks.04:03
thraxili think i've had about enough for tonight :)04:03
ailoWell, as for firewire, I'm still to hear of someone getting it working on the generic kernel But jack/alsa should of course work.04:04
holsteintanders12: not you again ;)04:46
holsteinailo: no luck on natty04:46
tanders12holstein: hehehe04:46
tanders12only good news this time04:46
tanders12got everything working a couple days ago. Haven't messed with it for while now actually04:47
ailotanders12: I seem to remeber I had something I was supposed to tell you, but can't remember what it was :(04:47
tanders12trying to decide whether to work on that or android right now04:47
holsteintanders12: congrats04:47
tanders12ailo: If you're like me you'll remember as soon as I'm gone ;)04:47
ailoholstein: according to asmo on the -dev list he didn't do any fixes to get firewire working.04:49
ailoBut, he's getting back on that04:49
holsteini added to my bug04:49
ailoholstein: so did you do all the other usual stuff, audio groups etc..04:50
holsteini just tried sudo qjackctl04:50
holsteinfirst thing04:50
holsteinthen it was kinda stuck04:50
holsteini couldnt seem to kill jack04:50
holsteinwithout restarting04:50
holsteinand i gave up on it04:50
tanders12seems like I ran into that a couple times04:50
ailoAnd it's aboganis kernel?04:50
tanders12if i recall04:50
holsteini'll see if alsa starts04:50
holsteinailo: no, just generic04:51
holsteini'll try alsa and the other kernel soon04:51
ailoCause in the generic there's the cgroup problem04:51
holsteinmight be next week04:51
ailoYou should be able to start jackd with alsa, but not getting rt rights04:51
ailoSo, for now, only aboganis kernel should be used for rt04:51
ailoOn aboganis the cgroups are turned off04:52
ailoholstein: I'm assuming udev rules will still be needed, though04:54
holsteinwe'll see04:57
holsteini just might make some noise about it04:57
holsteinso FW users can use ubuntustudio04:57
holsteinafter doing a few work arounds at least04:57
ailoThe cgroup stuff is discussed between the audio community and the kernel people, and they're discussing how to solve it04:58
tanders12there just aren't enough ppl doing high-end audio on linux :/04:58
tanders12just a few dedicated devs keeping things running04:59
virtuhi... =)15:43
virtufinally everything is nice here with my momĀ“s computer15:43
holsteinvirtu: o/16:01
holsteingood to hear16:01
virtuholstein: changed the video card and it worked liked a charm, so my mom decided to give her computer to a placed that cares old people (dont know the name in english)16:04
virtuthen, for a few bucks she got a new one...16:04
virtuyesterday I got this new one and installed some software... she loves it and the place where she gave her old desktop are very happy because now they can do admin task with a computer16:06

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