ShootEmUpyup, just what I thought, firefox bug, doesn't work right00:00
ShootEmUpwith XFCE00:00
ShootEmUplet me try this fix00:01
The_Maverickit doesnt work with chromium either.00:02
freeraideri rebooted00:03
freeraiderand just nothing happend00:03
freeraiderxorg.conf still blank00:03
ShootEmUpdid you put anything in xorg.conf?00:03
freeraiderresolution the same00:03
ShootEmUpahh, you gotta put something in there00:03
charlie-tcafreeraider: you have to add the lines you need. It won't add them automatically, since it does not know what to add anymore00:03
freeraiderok, so i just need a higher resolution00:04
ShootEmUpThe_Maverick, rebooting, trying a fix00:07
The_Maverickshootemup alrighty00:07
charlie-tcafreeraider: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto?highlight=%28xorg\.conf%29#Monitors%20running%20at%20low%20resolution00:10
ShootEmUpThe_Maverick, no dice00:10
ShootEmUpstill the same00:10
The_Maverickwell i cant get it to work with chromium either00:11
The_Maverickit looks like it is about to add it and it just doesnt.00:11
ShootEmUpseems like a xfce just don't work with the drag & drop00:12
ShootEmUpwish I could have been more help, well atleast you know its xfce and not FF00:13
The_Maverickyeah. i appreciate the effort.00:13
Sysihum, i can drag images in browser to terminal and it gets their url00:16
Sysii guess you could go around it by using nautilus00:16
ShootEmUpcould make a script00:16
ShootEmUpjust a thought00:17
The_Mavericki dont know how to make scripts or anything like that00:17
The_Maverickjust starting out00:17
ShootEmUpme nither00:17
JediMaster420I'm having trouble with the size of my Ubuntu netbook instalation, should I keep messing with it or try this version?00:18
Sysiyou could try installing nautilus, it should take over your desktop00:18
SysiJediMaster420: what kind of problems?00:18
ShootEmUpJediMaster420, how much space is it taking up?00:19
knomeis there a way to create a button that just shuts down the pc, of course without passwrod prompt?00:20
TheSheepknome: yes, on the chasis00:20
JediMaster420it's only a 4gb SSD00:20
ShootEmUpJediMaster420, Ubuntu needs around 10GBs00:20
JediMaster420I'm running netbook00:20
Sysihave you removed unneeded aplications?00:21
ShootEmUpfor a useful install00:21
TheSheepknome: but seriously, everything is possible00:21
SysiShootEmUp: without version upgrades, 4GB would be fine for any buntu00:21
JediMaster420I was going through them, but I can't seem to find what is taking up so much space00:21
SysiJediMaster420: just remove everything you don't need00:22
ShootEmUpI have a ubuntu command line install on 4.3GBs00:22
Sysiopenoffice is big00:22
The_Maverickyeah open office is the first thing i get rid of00:22
ShootEmUpremove OpenOffice if you don't use it00:22
Sysii have xubuntu and half of kubuntu in 3,5?00:22
charlie-tcaknome: why not? I never have to enter a password when I click quit ;-)00:22
The_Maverickso how is kubuntu?00:23
Sysiknome: button in panel and prompt after that isn't good?00:23
Sysikubuntu uses kde00:23
knomewell, i'd like one click quit00:24
Sysion laptop taht would be easy with power/sleep button00:24
knome"when power button is pressed: ask" but nothing happens00:25
The_Maverickis kde less of a resource hog than gnome?00:25
ShootEmUpabout the same00:25
charlie-tcaThe_Maverick: not really00:25
Sysiby default not00:25
ShootEmUpxubuntu is the lightest00:25
Sysignome and kde can be thinned with settings00:26
ShootEmUpfull xubuntu install = 2.24GB00:26
The_Maverickyeah really like xubuntu. it is so much easier on my laptop than gnome. i have to wait so long to load browsers and so forth.00:27
ShootEmUpif you like small size ubuntu, try command line installing + Xorg + LXDE or Fluxbox or IceWM00:28
ShootEmUpadd only what you need00:29
JediMaster420office is only 254 mb00:29
The_Maverickcommand line install?00:29
Sysiquarter of gigabyte00:29
Sysi"ubuntu server"00:29
ShootEmUpThe_Maverick, yup, only on alternate install CD00:29
Sysior just lubuntu00:30
ShootEmUpgonna record me doing one someday, put on youtube00:30
ShootEmUpkeep forgeting to00:30
JediMaster420it will give me more, but I need to do more.  Is there any way to sort by size or view the size of packages?00:30
Sysiknome: in "advanced" xfce settings there are options for that logout ptompt, maybe yo could set easy shutdown there?00:31
Sysii didn't manage to find it00:31
ShootEmUpJediMaster420, try removing some of the media players00:31
SysiJediMaster420: just remove anything you don't need desperately00:31
knomeSysi, well, it would also be okay if the laptop physical power button would do what is set in the power manager00:31
Sysiyou can always install them back00:32
knomeSysi, now i am not asked what to do even if i press it...00:32
charlie-tcaJediMaster420: yes00:32
charlie-tcaat least in thunar there is00:32
Sysiknome: it may work after reboot or something00:32
JediMaster420I keep removing stuff, but I can't find ones big enough to matter00:32
knomeSysi, that was the default value00:32
Sysismall things make big difference00:32
knometoo small icons fail00:33
charlie-tcaJediMaster420: You can do a directory listing in Terminal, using    "ls -sA" which will show all files and directories sorted by size, including hidden files00:34
Sysior you could try xubuntu00:35
ShootEmUpgotta go now00:36
JediMaster420the mail/adress book thing is about 80mb00:42
JediMaster420great, I uninstalled the task bar --;01:42
JediMaster420and now I can't find it to put it back ><02:06
dr4c4nsorry but I find this amusing.. the JediMaster has lost his taskbar.. can't u just use mind control? like yoda?02:24
dr4c4n~the taskbar will appear~ waves hand in front of monitor02:25
JediMaster420I'm using the force, aka alt+tab....02:25
dr4c4nhonestly, if that's the limit of the force, it sounds like u've migrated from windoze02:25
dr4c4nmy apologies02:26
dr4c4nhave you looked @ the forums, for "missing task bar" perhaps that may help the re-installation process02:26
JediMaster420that's right, this linux stuff just isn;t woth the effort...02:26
dr4c4nwait wait.. i'm trying to help here..02:26
dr4c4ni just found it very amuzing is all02:26
JediMaster420I got it back, but there is a bit of an error02:26
dr4c4nquel error?02:27
dr4c4nwhat's the error you got?02:27
JediMaster420restart button was missing, took a sec to sudo reboot02:28
dr4c4nah, so now everything is working normally02:28
dr4c4ngood stuff!02:28
JediMaster420I get this error on boot: OAFIID:GNOME_FastUserSwitchApplet has a problem02:29
JediMaster420and power button still gone02:29
dr4c4nsudo aptitude install gnome-applets02:30
dr4c4nshould fix er up02:30
dr4c4nlemme know what happens02:31
JediMaster420got it02:41
JediMaster420different package: indicator applet session02:42
dr4c4ngood stuff!02:43
JediMaster420thanks for the help, got 800mb free, gonna have to live with that before I do something really bad @_@02:44
JediMaster420for the record, this PC runs Win7, my lapop that only runs vista runs ubuntu, my netbook runs unbutu instead of the asus linux, and my dreambox runs busybox lol02:45
dr4c4nhehe :) that's what all the funs about02:45
JediMaster420I learned some linux back in the day, but haven't used it until recently because it's too hard @_@02:46
dr4c4nnever say it's too hard02:47
dr4c4nit's just not "user friendly" or "convenient"02:47
dr4c4nif it was too hard, I wouldn't be able to use it02:47
JediMaster420whatever you want to call it, it's 2011 and I shouldn't have to use the command line @_@02:49
dr4c4nlol, that's half the fun02:49
dr4c4nyou don't know what your missing, or what ur running, or what secrets lie in the stuff you are running then02:50
dr4c4nI don't know enough of the command line or reverse engineering to figure that out either, but that doesn't mean i'm not interested in it02:50
JediMaster420I actualy find quite the opposite, I understand and can operate much more with a GUI02:51
dr4c4nyes, but what's behind that gui, that you are so fond of the convenience of02:52
JediMaster420I'm not saying there is no place for command line, I'm just saying I shouldn't have to use it.  Yes, I'm spoiled by the convenience of winblows, but that doesn;t mean I've ever paid for a copy ;p02:53
dr4c4ntheivery isn't something to be proud of03:12
TiktalikCan I host a two person lan party with one machine windows 7 and one xubuntu/03:51
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freeraiderhey ich bins wieder05:06
freeraidersry i forgot05:06
freeraideronly english ^^05:06
freeraideri had this problem i cant change my resolution in xubuntu and there was no xorg.conf file so i switched to archlinux.. i just installed it and set up gnome too.. @ archlinuxinstall i can change my resolution changing the framebuffer to 1024*76805:08
freeraiderbut if i starx /usr/bin/gnome-session the resolution change again to 800*60005:08
freeraiderand there i cant switch to a higher resolution05:09
freeraiderthe xorg.conf is blank05:09
tiktalik_I accidentally created a new wireless network.05:22
tiktalik_How do I remove it?05:23
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:23
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.05:42
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lgphow to design ur own desktop themes for xubuntu?09:25
=== sre-su is now known as sresu
=== sresu is now known as sre-su
Jpapertowelshow do i remove xubuntu-desktop11:54
Jpapertowels(to get back to minimal install incase you dont understand)11:54
Jpapertowelsnevermind sudo tasksel saves the day11:55
Sysii wonder a bit what did he do12:00
lightahe mean xfce ?12:01
lightaI wonder too12:01
Sysii ment compared to:12:01
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome12:01
MorphixNWhow can I install Linux ona  laptop that wont boot from CD and has no USB?12:16
gr8m8does it have pxe boot option MorphixNW ?12:18
MorphixNWI cant even find a BIOS setup :(12:18
MorphixNWits a Panasonic CF-6212:19
MorphixNWvery old old old12:19
gr8m8that'll make it hard...12:19
Sysiyou thunk it would run modern os?12:19
MorphixNWdebian yes I do12:19
MorphixNWyou think it wont Sysi?12:19
Sysidepends how old12:19
MorphixNWit will run a headless system without a hitch, your meant to help, not present a further problem12:21
Sysiif pxe don't work you could maybe take hdd out and install on other machine12:21
MorphixNWnow thats helpful12:21
MorphixNWI had thought about that one, but was hoping for another solution12:22
gr8m8I think that would be easiest12:22
Sysiread my mind12:22
MorphixNWwho wants easy loil12:22
MorphixNWchallenges :)12:22
MorphixNWnew machines are all so easy, old relics present challenges :D12:25
MorphixNWbesides I only gave a man 5GBP for it a few years ago12:25
Sysitry new ati :p12:26
MorphixNWI have a "PC Specialist Laptop" here thats pretty beastty12:27
MorphixNWCore 2 Due T660 2.60Ghz, 4GB DDR, 320GB, Radeon 512MB12:27
MorphixNWjust a shames its not mine, its only here for repair12:28
Sysii'm considering getting mac laptop12:28
MorphixNWthey will run Linux these days :D12:29
Sysibetter tan lenovo which was other option12:29
MorphixNWI used to like "Thinkpad" but since they sold out and re-branded as "Lenovo" I am with you12:30
MorphixNWMAC all the way for solid hardware12:30
Sysithey have some HW issues too, but mb air is just so sweet12:31
Sysipretty little thing with c2d12:32
ShootEmUpHello Everyone!12:50
udo_hello, how can I do the settings for vinagre12:57
udo_I'm using xfce12:57
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udo_hello, how can I do the settings for vinagre13:01
udo_I'm using xfce13:01
Sysifrom the program?13:01
udo_Sysi, no setting password etc13:02
udo_Sysi, cant find how to do that , in ubuntu it was somwhere under systewmsettigs, but xfce?13:02
Sysiyou want to set up vnc server? vinagre is just a client13:03
udo_Sysi, yes, I also dont now how/where to start the vnc server13:06
Sysiyou should try vino13:07
udo_oops, not installed...hm, thought this is already default13:08
Sysiin ubuntu i think it is13:08
ShootEmUp!info vino13:08
ubottuvino (source: vino): VNC server for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu1.1 (maverick), package size 159 kB, installed size 512 kB13:08
ShootEmUpis optional13:09
Sysiit still could be there by default i think?13:09
ShootEmUpnot installed by default13:09
Sysican be so, i don't use gnome13:10
udo_ok, its vino-preferences. But is there a menue where you have access to vino-preferences?13:13
wieshkahey there - what desktop env runs Xubuntu with ?13:33
wieshkais xfce more lightweight then Gnome/KDE ?13:34
wieshkais there some good link, where i can see compare ?13:34
ShootEmUpif you have less than 512MB of ram, xubuntu is better than ubuntu.13:35
Sysixubuntu runs better with 512MB than gnome13:35
ShootEmUpI'll see if I can find you one13:35
wieshkai have 2 Gb, but i am less on CPU13:35
wieshkaN330 Atmo13:35
Sysino help13:35
wieshka1.6 Ghz13:35
TheSheepwieshka: what exactly do you want to see compared?13:35
wieshkadefault install performance between versions of Ubuntu13:36
Sysidisable desktop effects, use adblock and maybe noscript and deal with it13:36
TheSheepperformance measured how?13:36
wieshkamost interesting part for me is CPU13:36
ShootEmUpyou most likely have a dual-core CPU, in that case ubuntu is the best bet13:36
Sysithere's no "performace" in desktop, just resource usage13:36
ShootEmUp1.6GHz X 213:37
wieshkaSysi: sorry for my english - i meaned resource usage, yes13:37
Sysicpu usage comes pretty much 100% from applications13:37
wieshkaSysi: my appplications will use ~90 of all 4 CPU threads13:37
TheSheepbuthow do you measure it?13:37
Sysiwieshka: you could try to find lighter ones13:38
wieshkain basics it is HD Video playback13:38
=== mhall119_ is now known as mhall119
wieshkawith Adobe air - very specific aplllications13:38
ShootEmUpmany people have preformace problems when Ubuntu One is running13:39
Sysimy netbook played video better when i removed pulseaudio13:39
TheSheepyour video playback speed won't change13:39
TheSheepwith xubuntu13:39
TheSheepbecause when playing video, all the cpu is used by that application anyways13:40
TheSheepso changing the environment that launched it won't help you13:40
wieshkaTheSheep: i am not trying to improvemy video playback - it is ok. The problem is, that i also have some background proceses, what can hang video, so every % of CPU usage is importnant13:40
wieshkahmmmm, maybe i should try 64 bit instead of 3213:41
Sysiyou can't go over what you HW is capable13:42
wieshkahow stable is Maverick Meerkat - i mean for production use, not personal/test13:45
wieshkaor better is to choose Lynx ?13:45
ShootEmUpMaerick Meerkat is stable13:45
Sysistable versions should be stable13:46
Sysiif lts works, i'd recommend it13:46
Sysi"not working" is best reason for update13:46
kuzorraHello everyone! Hallo zusammen!14:04
kuzorrakann mir jemand bei der Auflösungseinstellung helfen?14:06
kuzorracan anyone help me with the screen resolution?14:06
ShootEmUpwhats the problem?14:06
kuzorragraphic: Intel 845 on xubuntu 10.10, I can't change my resolution14:07
ShootEmUphow are you trying to change your resolution?14:07
kuzorraunder "settings for xfce 4" I can't pick different resolutions14:08
kuzorrathe drop down menu doesnt open....14:08
ShootEmUpunder settings -> monitors right?14:08
error21how to fix login in Xubuntu 9.10?14:08
kuzorra....not for resolution, and neither for refresh rate14:09
Sysikuzorra: try arandr14:09
kuzorrawait a sec, I'll check for that14:09
kuzorraI think it's called "display", "Anzeige" in German14:09
kuzorra@sysi I googled for my problem, I don't know arandr, so that doesn't help without further instructions14:10
error21I have update xubuntu to 9.10 change resolution and then can`t login14:10
ShootEmUpkuzorra, try sudo apt-get install lxrandr14:11
ShootEmUpthen run lxrandr14:11
kuzorrathere is only one display listed14:11
kuzorraI just installed xubuntu on an old pc, using a 14" screen....14:11
kuzorra...ubuntu & suse worked well with this screen14:12
Sysiarandr is easy, GUI14:12
Sysijust install it14:12
Sysixorg and kernel versions matter with HW(gpu) compability14:13
kuzorrahow do I copy&paste into a terminal window?14:14
Sysipaint and middle click is fastest14:14
Sysior shift ctrl v14:14
ShootEmUpctrl + shift + v14:14
Sysierror21: could you be more exact?14:14
error21i update xubuntu14:15
error21to 9.1014:15
error21and when i try to login14:15
kuzorrais 9.10 faster than 10.1014:15
Sysi9.10 has EOL soon too..14:15
Sysishouldn't be faster14:15
error21i can`t log in14:15
Sysiit just pops back to login?14:16
error21I select xt ... and log14:16
Sysipress ctrl alt F1 to get to virtual terminal, log in there14:16
error21and then?14:16
Sysictrl alt F7 or F8 is back to graphical14:16
Sysirm .ICEauthority14:17
error21that `s all?14:17
kuzorraokay, I ran lxrandr14:17
ShootEmUpkuzorra, and what happend?14:17
kuzorrascreen popped up, but still just one resolution listed14:18
Sysierror21: it worked? np14:18
kuzorraor "automatic" as resolution and refresh rate14:18
error21now I try14:18
kuzorrakuzorra@kuzorra-linux:~$ lxrandr14:19
kuzorraxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default14:19
kuzorraxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default14:19
kuzorrathat was written in terminal after that14:20
kuzorratried again, still the same14:21
kuzorraat least the pull down menu opens, which it dioesn't under xfce settings14:21
ShootEmUpsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg try that14:21
kuzorratried that before, but I#ll check again14:22
kuzorranothing happened14:22
kuzorracheck resolution with lxrandr again?14:23
kuzorrasill the same14:23
ShootEmUptype sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:23
kuzorrabtw: should I have a working xorg.conf under xububntu 10.10?14:23
ShootEmUpand tell me whats in it14:24
ShootEmUpyou don't need one14:24
ShootEmUpbut sometimes is helps14:24
Sysishouldn't need14:24
kuzorranothing, just a blank file is opened14:24
kuzorraI looked for that file under file management before, but couldn't find one14:24
kuzorraeven with hidden files shown14:25
Sysiit isn't there by default14:25
kuzorragoogle told me that Intel 845 had problems under former ubuntus too14:25
kuzorramaybe there is a vesa driver used instead?14:26
kuzorradoes it make a big differnce....and if,  how do I check and change that?14:26
Sysino, it should be about monitor detecting14:27
kuzorralxrandr says "standard monitor" is detected14:28
kuzorradoes xubuntu automatically pick the right driver for Intel 845?14:28
ShootEmUpit trys14:29
Sysibasically best14:29
kuzorrahow do I find out which driver is in use?14:29
Sysilspci -k14:30
ShootEmUpkuzorra try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel14:30
ShootEmUpthen reboot14:31
kuzorrakuzorra@kuzorra-linux:~$ sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel14:31
kuzorraPaketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig14:31
kuzorraAbhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut14:31
kuzorraStatusinformationen werden eingelesen... Fertig14:31
kuzorraxserver-xorg-video-intel ist schon die neueste Version.14:31
kuzorraDie folgenden Pakete wurden automatisch installiert und werden nicht mehr benötigt:14:31
kuzorra  linux-headers-2.6.35-22 linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic14:31
kuzorraVerwenden Sie »apt-get autoremove«, um sie zu entfernen.14:31
kuzorra0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 0 zu entfernen und 0 nicht aktualisiert.14:31
kuzorrawhich basically tells me that nothing was changed14:31
ShootEmUpI got that, let me search some more14:32
kuzorrai'll reboot and be back soon14:33
kuzorrathanks for your help!14:33
ShootEmUpcharlie-tca, long time no see!14:39
charlie-tcaI am hiding these days... ;-)14:40
ShootEmUpfrom who?14:40
ShootEmUpohh, ok14:40
charlie-tcaGood Morning, ShootEmUp14:40
ShootEmUpgood morning to you too14:40
ShootEmUpso what you been up to?14:42
charlie-tcasame as always... bugs, testing, and other14:42
ShootEmUpwell... my wii broke :(14:42
charlie-tcamy daughters too14:43
charlie-tcait was 4 years old, though14:43
ShootEmUpdirty lens of death14:43
ShootEmUpmines 1 year14:43
charlie-tcaThis one won't spin at all14:43
ShootEmUpgeting a cleaning disk, hoping it works.14:43
charlie-tcaPretty sure not spinning is not good ;-)14:44
ShootEmUpmine spins, but can't play dual-layered games14:44
charlie-tcasounds like the laser... either dirty or out of line14:45
* TheSheep is scavenging cd drives for motors14:45
ShootEmUpyeah dirty laser, can still play gamecube games14:45
ShootEmUpgeting the cleaning disk tonight! hopfully can play some black ops later14:49
ShootEmUpwhat? Black ops on wii not your liking?14:52
charlie-tcaI finally learned how to put the disks in the thing14:54
charlie-tcaI have ever used the wii, myself.14:54
ShootEmUpyou put it in the front14:54
charlie-tcaThank you14:55
ShootEmUpI thought everybody knew that14:55
charlie-tcaThey taught me how to get them out again, too14:55
ShootEmUpWiis are great14:55
charlie-tcayeah, at least they keep the kids busy14:56
ShootEmUpor keep me busy14:56
ShootEmUpI think I had 300+ hours on Modern Warefare Reflex14:57
ShootEmUpwell I gotta go now, TTYL15:02
kuzorrahello again15:10
kuzorrastill the same problem, can't change the resolution15:10
kuzorraany hints how to configure my Intel 845 under xubuntu 10.10?15:12
kuzorra....or how to change display type, now it's set on Standard15:13
kuzorraanybody out there?15:15
charlie-tcaYes, people are out there.15:16
kuzorrathat's nice to know ;-)15:16
kuzorra....and can anyone tell me other stuff I could try to set up my screen properly?15:17
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:17
charlie-tcaHere is a whole page of stuff you can try - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution15:18
kuzorraI looked around a lot before, but as a total noob it's hard to find answers/explanations that are on my level15:19
kuzorraanother problem I hav: I "lost" my shutdown button from my sidebar.....15:21
kuzorra....and can't add it again via right-click, where do I find it?15:22
charlie-tcaWhat version of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu are you using? Which is it?15:23
kuzorraxubuntu 10.1015:23
charlie-tcaright-click the panel, left-click action buttons, add...15:24
kuzorraI don't know what "action button" could be in the german version15:27
kuzorrathere is properties, move, delete, add new elements adjust panel15:28
kuzorraI didn't find it under add15:28
kuzorraokay, got it15:29
kuzorrathe thing to be added is "action button"15:29
kuzorrabut shutdown was missing....15:29
kuzorra.....which could be fixed via settings15:30
kuzorradammit....this just shuts down the panel and loogs me off15:32
kuzorraso I added a Starter with menu, with entries like shutdown, restart, standby and hibernate15:40
kuzorrabut what are the commands to use there? now those entries are still empty, because I don't know what to fill in15:41
kuzorraand I don't want to use a termninal command that requires a PW everytime I want to shut down15:41
kuzorrabye for now....15:49
The_Maverickwas wondering if anyone here used docky. to add an app to docky i have to add an application to the desktop then drag it, but if i delete the desktop shortcut the app will not work on the dock.16:43
Sysi(only used awn)16:43
The_Maverickyeah docky the dock16:43
The_Mavericki dont think that will let me add a custom launcher.16:44
charlie-tcaI did not think docky worked16:44
The_Mavericklol yeah it works. i like it because it runs smoothely, but it seems that i might have to switch if i can not resolve this problem16:44
maverick_okay scratch that. i found a way around it16:53
error21rm .ICEauthority but when restart the same problem17:21
error21can help someone?17:22
charlie-tcaWould you expand the question? Same problem leaves a lot of questions...17:22
error21I can`t log in17:23
error21type my user on the login17:23
error21but I can`t login17:23
charlie-tcadoes it do anything? can you log in from a tty using Crtl+Alt+F2?17:23
error21I have rm .ICEauthority17:24
error21i log but resend me back17:24
error21only xterm I can access17:24
error21not xfce session17:24
error21be back to try17:25
error21I checked17:29
error21but resend me back to the login form17:30
error21xubuntu 9.1017:30
error21can`t get in17:30
error21first say that resolution 800X60017:31
error21may be the problem?17:32
error21any solution17:33
charlie-tcabut you can go in through a tty or xterm and delete the following file17:33
error21i can go17:33
error21but just in xterm17:33
error21with xfce no17:33
charlie-tcajust go into xterm then. Use    rm -r ~/.cache17:34
charlie-tcathen we will do one more17:34
charlie-tcaalso do    rm -r ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml17:36
charlie-tcathen restart the computer17:36
charlie-tcacan you log in now?17:37
error21i will try17:37
error21show something root login17:41
charlie-tcayeah, I think we did not get it all done.17:41
error21and *ERROR* 60017:42
charlie-tcahere it is again, stay until you get all of this, because you have to do it all at one time17:42
error21to be 4ever17:42
charlie-tcafirst,       rm -r ~/.cache17:42
error21can access all time17:43
charlie-tcasecond,     rm -r ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-session.xml17:43
charlie-tcathird, restart the computer without saving anything17:43
charlie-tcathen try to login through gdm again.17:43
charlie-tcaNow try that. You have to both rm's without restarting between them or it won't work17:44
error21no such file17:47
error21the xml file17:47
error21in .config17:48
error21.config :17:51
error21I have xubuntu 9.0417:54
error21update to 8.1017:54
error21but can`t join xfce17:54
error21no idea?17:56
error21xubuntu 9.04 no more supported17:56
error21ok bye thanks that all :) moving back to xp17:57
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 30 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend.18:30
xubuntu466thx. I'm installing Xubuntu 10.10 and I'm curious to see which kind of help I could expect19:19
xubuntu466nobody there?19:20
charlie-tcaWe are here, but in a meeting19:20
charlie-tca!hi | xubuntu46619:20
ubottuxubuntu466: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!19:20
xubuntu466hi, I met problems to install directly Xubuntu without passing through Live cd. Passing through Live cd, instead, all seem to be fine. Just as report. I won't disturb your meeting. Bye and thanks19:23
charlie-tcaThanks. Which version was that?19:23
xubuntu466italian language19:24
charlie-tcaWe will look into it19:24
nicofsI need help... i more or less wrecked my system, or to be precise, my GTK+... i tried to compile&install a newer version - which went wrong - but now my system is weid. most icons have disappeared, all others have changed. is there a way to fall back to a "clean" xubuntu?19:49
Besogoncan't you delete xubuntu-dektop package at all and then install it again?19:51
charlie-tcaremove the ppa, remove the new gtk+, install the gtk+ in the repository19:51
nicofscharlie-tca, according to synaptic, gtk+ has never been changed...19:53
charlie-tcanicofs: go into settings -> Appearance, pick Elementary icons19:54
nicofscharlie-tca, i did... no matter which icon pack i choose, it all stays the same... i guess i will have to delete and reinstall xubuntu-desktop...19:55
charlie-tcatry it. The package is a meta-package, though. It doesn't really remove anything when you uninstall it19:56
Besogonwhy not?19:56
Besogonah yes19:57
nicofshmm... i could only uninstall gtk and reinstall it - but uninstalling gtk in synaptic removes almost all of my system - and automatically installs KDE...20:03
charlie-tcaInstead of removing it, just click it for a install again?20:12
charlie-tcaNot knowing exactly what was installed hurts. It might not be the actual application you are trying to reinstall, but another lib/app entirely20:13
nicofscharlie-tca, could be... i reinstalled it already - no change... all of that, because i wanted pidgin 2.7.9 instead of 2.7.3 ... where has it got me? corrupted system using 2.7.3 ...20:19
nicofsi think i ruined it completely... in synaptic i can't open the repositories menu anymore... i think i will have to remove xubuntu&xfce&gtk+...20:23
nicofsif i won't login again until Sunday, it hasn't worked^^20:26
arizalordhow do i get extended desktop option in xubuntu?20:51
arizalordfor multiple display with different resolution!20:51
dr4c4narizalord: what is your graphics card?20:53
arizalorddr4c4n: its an ati 200m20:54
dr4c4narizalord: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide#Dual.2FMulti_Monitors have u tried this?20:55
Sysiif you're using open drivers, try arandr20:56
dr4c4nand aticonfig20:56
Sysicatalyst should include settingsmanager20:56
arizalordok thx so much, ill try20:57
maverick_it seems that i have an extra layer on my desktop. like when i add icons. it adds another set that i can not delete or click on. anyone else have this issue?21:11
=== The is now known as Guest45936
Guest45936i have a question. when i have xubuntu installed and i use a "gnome session" is it any different than the regular ubuntu with gnome?21:24
Sysiyou can have different/more programs, different bootup logo and login screen but basically not21:26
nicofsOK. Now my system is gone. I urgently need help to connect to the internet via console. i can start the interface (ifconfig ra0 up) and list available networks (iwlist). i think, i can connect to the networt (how could i check if i'm connectd?) - but dhclient won't work. i simply can't obtain an ip. no ip, no apt-get - and no gui...21:36
nicofsafter connecting via "iwconfig [interface] [essid]" - how can i check if i am really connected? and how do i obtain an ip address? please help me... i need to get internet working somehow...22:04
charlie-tcaYou should be able to connect with "ifconfig [interface] up"22:06
charlie-tcaYou can check it using either iwconfig or ifconfig and see if any bytes are moving22:06
charlie-tcaThis line says it is transferring bytes, thus connected -22:06
charlie-tcaRX bytes:800628 (800.6 KB)  TX bytes:800628 (800.6 KB)22:06
nicofscharlie-tca: but "ping google.fr" returns unknown hostname...22:13
nicofseven though bytes have been moved...22:14
nicofsmy problem resides with dhcp...22:14
gr8m8what's in /etc/resolv.conf ?22:14
nicofsgr8m8: i will check... but i'm in dual boot - so it's complicated... hang on... stupid of me... should be able to access it from here...22:15
gr8m8when you boot into the os make sure the dhcp daemon is running too22:16
nicofsgr8m8: ok. because of android-caused restrictions (no text editor) i can't check here... how could i start dhcp daemon in case it's not running?22:18
Besogonnicofs, What encryption do you have with your Wifi?22:19
nicofsBesogon: it's a hotel WLAN and not encrypted...22:19
gr8m8I've no idea   sudo service dhcpd start   maybe I would check it with   ps aux | grep dhcp22:20
nicofsok... i'll check resolv.conf and dhcp daemon... hang on, back in a jiffy, i hope...22:22
nicofsok... apparently connecting doesn't work proberly... no received or sent packeges are listed. resolv.conf is empty. service dhcpd start returns that there is no such service.22:41
Besogonup to me I've never started up interface with iwconfig. Was the interface made up?22:45
nicofsi started with ifconfig ra0 up...22:46
nicofsand then i listed networks with iwlist ra0 scanning22:46
nicofsi'm out of options...22:49
Besogoniwlist scanning22:50
starfishblubWhat would be better for a old laptop xubuntu lts or xubuntu 10.1022:50
charlie-tcadepends on how fast you want to update and whether you want the latest and greatest or stabiltiy for 3 years22:51
nicofsBesogon: how is that different to iwlist "ra0" scanning?22:52
starfishblubwhat is better for use as a student and main computer?22:52
charlie-tcastarfishblub: personally, I upgrade every 6 months on my work machine, so LTS doesn't work. My server has LTS because I don't want to reinstall things or break it22:53
BesogonI know only that iwlist scanning can give all result on all interfaces...22:53
nicofsBesogon: i only have on interface, ra0. it lists many networks. among them the one i want to connect to... now how do i connect and get an ip address?22:54
charlie-tcastarfishblub: personal choice. Xubuntu 10.10 is good until april 2012, LTS is a three year distribution. You can upgrade it in two if desired, but it is supported for three. xubuntu 10.04 LTS is good until April 201322:54
starfishblubSo i should use lts for a server and 10.10 for the laptop?22:55
charlie-tcaYou should use LTS for any server, yes22:56
charlie-tcaI don't know how often you want to upgrade as a student, though.22:56
starfishblubI am skilled with ubuntu but am brand new to xubuntu and the laptop is fairly slow with ubuntu.22:57
Besogonnicofs, OK. After all Did you have upped the interface?22:57
charlie-tcaIt's almost the same as far as maintenance22:57
starfishblubSo it will have the same features as I am used to?22:58
charlie-tcahrm, no22:58
BesogonIf so to enable DHCP you need "sudo dhclient ra0" only22:58
charlie-tcaYou might have to work more to get everything working, since we do not set everything up the way Ubuntu does.22:59
starfishblubWhat are the major differences?22:59
charlie-tcaIf it is a fairly new laptop, go with 10.1022:59
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels22:59
nicofsBesogon: dhclient ra0 runs for a while and then tells me that there was nothing to get...22:59
starfishblubIts actually quite old22:59
charlie-tcaAbiword and Gnumeric instead of OpenOffice.org23:00
starfishblubHow different are they?23:00
charlie-tcaexaile instead of totem, xfburn instead of brasero, parole instead of ??? something23:00
Besogonnicofs, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118823:01
nicofsstarfishblub: why not use an xubuntu live cd and have a look around?23:01
starfishblubI don't have totem23:01
charlie-tcaAbiword and gnumeric are full featured, but they are much lighter on resources. They don't get all the extra bells and whistles23:01
Besogonlook at section Unencrypted Connection23:01
starfishblubWine still works the same?23:01
charlie-tcamaybe it was rythmbox got replaced by exaile?23:01
charlie-tcaparole is the movie player in Xubuntu23:02
starfishbluboh Its just called movie player in ubuntu23:02
charlie-tcamousepad is used instead of gedit23:03
starfishblubWill it have the same syntax and file format fetures.I am learning computer science courses.23:03
starfishblubWill it be just as good for programming as gedit?23:06
charlie-tcaI would try the live cd, and give it a look. Keep in mind though, the live cd is slow compared to an installed version23:06
charlie-tcastarfishblub: yes, it should have23:06
charlie-tcagedit is better for programming than mousepad, but you can install it yourself23:06
starfishblubThanks for your help.23:06
charlie-tcaYou are welcome. I am sure either choice will be just as good for you23:07
BesogonUbuntu Software Center has better thing than gedit but it's selling.23:08

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