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klattimerkenvandine: about?09:46
torkvemadahi all. Could anyone help me with libindicate, please?11:45
kamstrupkvalo: here http://live.gnome.org/Vala/Bindings/MetadataFormat15:56
kvalokamstrup: thanks16:01
kvalokenvandine: https://code.launchpad.net/~kvalo/indicator-network/dbusmenu-0.4-port16:08
coz_hey guys, with classic gnome I see the icons on the desktop are space about 100 pixels from the left edge of the screen  as if  Unity launcher was in use...   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/icons.png    any way around this?16:11
evilvishcoz_: is this something you noticed only after a recent update? i think they made the change for unity but had to hardcode it for regular nautilus too16:31
coz_evilvish,  ooo  it looks and feels rather odd16:32
evilvishi mean the regular session..16:32
coz_evilvish,  yeah this is a fesh install16:32
coz_evilvish,   mmm  they may have to rethink this16:32
evilvishcoz_: there was an issue of the launcher autohide overlapping the icons16:33
* evilvish tries to find bug..16:33
coz_evilvish,  i remember16:33
evilvishcoz_:  bug 68464916:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 684649 in Unity "Nautilus desktop icons should never be under the launcher" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68464916:35
coz_evilvish,  right I do recall this issue...16:35
coz_evilvish,  ,,, mmm  ... this might take a bit of serious  coding  to separate from calssic gnome16:35
* coz_ wonders if two releases would be better,,, Unity and Natty16:37
evilvishcoz_: see comment #1 , 9 , 1016:37
coz_evilvish,  oh boy16:38
evilvishcoz_: if enough people get annoyed by this,  maybe it might not be hardcoded.. ;)16:39
coz_evilvish,  I agree... seems I recall  ..at one point... the icons would move over  when the launcher came out of autohide16:39
coz_evilvish,  I think that should be the focus and not the hard coding... seems h ard coding is a  "cheap way around"  the issue16:40
coz_this is most definintly ,, at the least ... a visual bug  that is going to irritate many16:40
evilvishcoz_: i guess someone should file a bug that it is too wide?16:41
coz_evilvish,  it is far too wide for classic gnome desktop...   I guess I could file one  :)16:42
evilvishthats like right under the places menu now.. it seems almost intentional! ;p16:43
coz_evilvish,  yes it looks as thouogh someone  came in and rearanged my icons just to irritate me :)16:44
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AmaranthWhen I first got unity running on my system I wondered how I would fill all the space on the launcher bar. Now I'm glad it scrolls17:46
MBarviangood morning17:47
Amaranthdang, unity-panel-service just crashed and/or somehow broke again, I have apport enabled, still didn't get any info17:53
Amaranthweird, I don't even have a /var/crash directory17:54
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Amaranthoh, that's right, I forgot to turn it back on after a reinstall, dang it17:57
AmaranthI'll get that bug report to you yet :)17:57
Amaranthgord: How is the mouse working for you?18:03
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kvalokamstrup: whenever you have some free time: https://code.launchpad.net/~kvalo/indicator-network/dbus-glib-removal/+merge/4601918:13
gordAmaranth, wouldn't work at first but seems okay now, did you notice that there were batteries in the box? ;)18:13
Amaranthgord: *facepalm*18:13
AmaranthI threw the box away18:13
AmaranthAnd spent $6 on those stupid batteries :P18:14
gordfree batteries for me \o/18:14
AmaranthI knew the box felt too heavy, figured they stuffed the bottom of that spacer to make the box feel battery when you picked it up18:14
Amarantherr, feel better18:14
AbsintheSyringejoin #ayatana-dev18:21
OmegaHey, you tricked me.18:22
AbsintheSyringetedg, I'm planning to implement unity into Debian, jcastro told me you got bunch of good stuff for me to look at :)18:22
AbsintheSyringeOmega, tricked myself to be honest :)18:23
tedgAbsintheSyringe, Cool. you can look at all our packaging branches -- we have quite a few.18:31
tedgAbsintheSyringe, Probably the trickiest is getting Compiz 1.0 setup to go in.18:32
AbsintheSyringetedg, yep, I'm planning to start working on it tonight, getting the "workplace" set up right now :)18:33
Amaranthgord: I wonder if our mice can interfere with each other18:50
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AmaranthDBO: is jay with you?22:56
APIhmm, launchpad on maintenance mode ...23:14
MacSlowAmaranth, jay is in a meeting atm afaik23:17
AmaranthMacSlow: Yeah, with me :)23:17
MacSlowAmaranth, :)23:17
lamalexAPI, did you propose your atk bridge for merging?23:52
APIlamalex, as I said some minutes ago23:52
API<API> hmm, launchpad on maintenance mode ...23:52
APIlamalex, I have the branch uploaded23:53
APIbut I can't propose it to merge23:53
APII will check if I can now23:53
API"Launchpad is undergoing maintenance and is in read-only mode. You cannot make any changes. You can find more information on the Launchpad system status page. "23:53
APIlamalex, sorry23:53
lamalexAPI, ok, can you propose it tomorrow morning and I'll review it23:54
APIlamalex, ok23:54
lamalexsounds good23:54
APIif you want to start to review it23:54
lamalexYeah, it's 6 :)23:55
lamalextime to retire for the night23:55

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