mgariepygood morning everyone13:06
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mhall119highvoltage: I've decided what I'm gonna do about xdg-launcher15:54
mhall119I'm going to fork it as qimo-launcher, then daker and I can add any extra features that wouldn't necessarily be useful for Qimo to (a renamed) xdg-launcher15:55
highvoltageok, cool15:58
highvoltageand from my side, I build a qimo disc (if you could call it that) with debmower last week15:59
mhall119highvoltage: when do you need a prototype gnome session from me?16:03
* mhall119 is working on prioritizing16:03
highvoltagemhall119: whenever you're ready. friday would be good :)16:04
* highvoltage is good with applying pressure16:04
mhall119as long as I get to pick *which* Friday16:04
highvoltageEdubuntu meeting time?19:14
highvoltage(well, was 15 minutes ago but now is just as good :) )19:14
highvoltagemhall119: I can't remember if I included any documentation with that (probably not)19:44
highvoltagemhall119: but you basically go to a directory where you want your .iso and run "debmower qimo.debmower" as root19:44
mhall119I'm reading the code now19:45
highvoltage(if you run debmower without adding anything it will build an ubuntu cd)19:45
highvoltageyep, nothing spectacular right now, this version is just taking some of the stuff from all the old scripts I had and adding it together19:45
mhall119highvoltage: is there a bzr branch for debm?19:46
highvoltageif you want to make changes/improvements I can add you if you want?19:47
mhall119I'll just propose my changes for merging19:47
mhall119and file bugs, of course ;)19:47
highvoltagefeel free :)19:48
highvoltagethat builds a qimo cd on my laptop in less than 10 minutes from scratch, it should make it easier for you to move from one ubuntu release to the next19:49
highvoltagesince you don't have to do much more than replace 'maverick' with 'natty' in a definition file19:49
mhall119yeah, that sure souds nice19:54
dindais there a meeting today?20:08
mgariepydinda, there was a meeting about an hour ago20:09
dindaack, missed it again20:09
mhall119it's good to see you anyway20:10
mhall119how are things?20:10
dindamhall119: cold - freezing here!20:17
mhall119what are you doing these days?20:19
dindamhall119: working with the platform team on the developer manual20:19
mhall119still working for canonical?20:20
dindamhall119: I sent highvoltage notice that the Edubuntu marketplace was fine with Canonical, even included a disclaimer that it's all community selected20:20
dindamhall119: yip20:20
mhall119ah, good to hear20:20
dindamhall119: so was hoping to start getting interested companies listed in the new marketplace20:20
highvoltagedinda: I'm sure we talked about it before, but stgraber talked to claire at uds and she made other suggestions. for one, canonical will list service companies on the Canonical site and then we'll just link to there (once the pages on the Canonical site is finalised)20:31
highvoltagethe edubuntu one will still be kept for people who sell edubuntu products otherwise20:31
dindahighvoltage: I'd not heard that20:32
dindahighvoltage: I wouldn't count on any canonical site getting updated quickly20:33
highvoltagedinda: and I don't :)20:33
dindahighvoltage: besides I thought you folks wanted the marketplace to list the Edubuntu only companies and folks interested in offering services20:33
highvoltagedinda: we wanted to, but we agreed to what claire proposed, so if we're going with something else than that we'd probably have to talk to her again20:34
highvoltageoops, s/claire/jane/g20:34
dindahighvoltage: that's s big mixup in peoples :)20:36
stgrabernot the first time he does that :)20:36
highvoltageheh, stgraber just told me the same thing, there used to be 2 claires and 2 janes, and for some reason I mix all of them up20:36
dindahighvoltage: good thing there is only one Dinda!  ;)20:45
highvoltagedinda: heh, yeah. I'm sure I'd have gotten her name right if I was actually at UDS  this time :)20:49
mhall119highvoltage: debmower only works if all the packages are in the archives, doesn't it21:03
mhall119or in a PPA21:03
mhall119some repo21:03
mhall119where apt can find them21:03
highvoltagemhall119: indeed. you can specify ppa's or custom archives in the template though21:12
highvoltagemhall119: so, in /usr/share/doc/debmower/examples/template you'll see an example template for ubuntu and debian21:13
highvoltagemhall119: for qimo you'd probably want to copy that and make a qimo template21:13
mhall119tar: ./proc/pts: Cannot mkdir: No such file or directory21:13
mhall119tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors (setting nameservers) (setting /etc/apt/sources.list)21:13
highvoltagemhall119: inside those example directories you'll see a sources.list file, you could add PPA's and other repositories you'd like to use for qimo in there21:13
mhall119ok, I'll look into them21:14
highvoltagemhall119: ah yes, that happens, you can ignore that error for now (or file a bug :) )21:14
mhall119I'm also going to need to use custon syslinux files21:15
mhall119I'll add that when I get to that stage though21:15
highvoltagemhall119: that also goes into the template21:15
highvoltageI can't remember off-hand where you set the template, but I think that's in the example too :)21:15
mhall119ah, ok, so there are template and then there are configs21:16
mhall119I see21:16
highvoltageyeah, the template is for everything we don't want in debmower itself or in a config file. exactly for the kind of things you mention above21:16
mhall119ok, makes sense now21:17
highvoltageI guess the sources.list doesn't strictly have to be a seperate file, but I like it that way and I think it makes it easier for most people21:17
highvoltagemhall119: when it get's to the grub prompts, just choose nothing, and when it asks you if you're sure you don't want to install grub, then just confirm that21:18
highvoltagemhall119: that will be fixed when I can preseed that properly21:18
mhall119update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-22-generic21:28
mhall119df: Warning: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory21:28
mhall119cryptsetup: WARNING: could not determine root device from /etc/fstab21:28
mhall119also normal?21:28
mhall119hmmm, squashfs errors galore...21:29
highvoltagemhall119: yep, I'll hide that in the future21:29
highvoltagemhall119: stuff about xapian file indexes that changed?21:29
mhall119looks like chroot/proc wasn't unmounted before mksquashfs was called21:29
highvoltagemhall119: oops, then I need to upload a new version (sorry :p)21:29
highvoltagemhall119: ah, did you ^C it somewhere during a previous build?21:32
mhall119I broke something?21:32
highvoltagemhall119: ah, what happens is that the clean-up part doesn't run, and then the old proc still stays mounted, so when it runs again, it mounts proc again, and when proc is unmounted the 1st proc is still there21:33
highvoltagemhall119: what I'll do is catch that in the future so when a user presses ^C it will still do the cleanup before aborting21:33
mhall119let me clean up and run it again21:33
highvoltageI meant to warn you about that :)21:33
* mhall119 is good at breaking things21:34
highvoltageI did that a few times too :)21:35
mhall119also, the qimo config has ISONAME defined before VERSION, but ISONAME contains $VERSION21:36
* highvoltage adds that to the TODO file21:36
mhall119this is going to make my live at least 10% more awesome21:37
highvoltageok, swapped VERSION and ISONAME in upstream sample :)21:38
highvoltageI'll be happy if it works for you, I want it to eventually eliminate all its predecessors (some of them are still in use)21:40
mhall119does bzr builddeb work on lp:debmower21:40
highvoltageI don't know, I haven't used that yet, is there a wiki page or something for builddeb?21:41
mhall119I think it just looks for a ./debian directory21:41
* highvoltage installs bzr-builddeb and checks21:42
mhall119nope, doesn't work, needs an upstream tarball21:42
highvoltageah, ok. I'll add it to my todo fwiw21:42
mhall119the way I was told to do things was to put my app's source in one branch, without any deb stuff21:42
mhall119then make another branch with the debian file and everything21:43
highvoltagethat is indeed the right way to do it21:43
mhall119then if you have a watch file, you just need to bzr branch lp:debmower-pkgbranch21:43
mhall119then bzr builddeb will find the orig.tar.gz, download it, and do everything for you21:44
mhall119so now I upload my source.tar.gz into launchpad, the watch file finds them there21:44
highvoltagehow do you upload your source.tar.gz to launchpad?21:45
mhall119create a new release21:46
mhall119you can upload a file to attach to that release21:46
highvoltageI thought so, I just don't see an option for that in LP21:46
highvoltagedo I need to define milestones first or something?21:46
mhall119define a milestone, release the milestone, upload the file for that milestone21:47
mhall119it's be nice it it where more tightly tied to bzr21:48
highvoltageyeah, I've never done upstream stuff in LP before, thanks for the tips :)21:49
mhall119no problem21:50
mhall119glad I can repay some of the tips you've given me21:50
mhall119line 135 of debmower21:52
mhall119    REMOVE='ubiquity casper user-setup discover1 xresprobe libdebian-installer4 os-prober'21:52
mhall119any reason that's not $LIVECD?21:52
mhall119it doesn't seem like it would work for SYSTEM="debian"21:52
highvoltageI missed that while removing some hardcoded stuff :)21:52
highvoltagesounds like that should indeed be $LIVECD21:52
mhall119ok, just making sure I understand what all it's doing21:53
highvoltagegood :)21:53
mhall119is there a reason for specifying the blocksize on mksquashfs?21:53
mhall119I've done it in the past to try and get the smallest image possible, but I just guessed21:54
highvoltageyes, merely to have it tunable, on very slow systems a smaller block size is better performance wise21:54
highvoltagelarger blocks = smaller image but slower21:54
highvoltagesmaller blocks = larger image but faster21:55
mhall119to a degree21:55
mhall119woot! ISO created, and only 553 MB!21:55
highvoltageon a geode machine I once had to support it shaved 20 minutes off the installation installing a 2.4GB image21:55
mhall119that's a lot21:56
highvoltageso setting the blocksize for that client is important21:56
mhall119okay, this rocks, thanks highvoltage21:56
* mhall119 will be up all night now21:56
highvoltagecool, now to test if it works :)21:56
highvoltageyou just have to choose qimo from gdm, but as you say, a qimo-desktop package can fix that :)21:57
mhall119yeah, I just have to make it21:58
mhall119I'll test the iso once I get home21:58
mhall119it's 5pm :)21:58
highvoltagemhall119: making a release tarball also at least encourages me not to make it a native package :)22:07
dgroosI'm trying to install Smartboard software into the 32 bit chroot and can't start.23:22
dgroosthe software is called: SMART Notebook Software With Drivers 10.package23:23
dgroosI know how to use apt-get install and dpkg -i commands but neither work with this .package23:24
highvoltageI'm not familiar with it, but what happens when you log in to the thin client and try to start it?23:24
highvoltage(as in, in the chroot from a vt on the thin client)23:24
highvoltageand does it have any logs?23:24
dgroosI can't even get that far...23:25
dgroosIt just says something like can't find package.23:25
dgrooslet me see...23:25
dgroosI try this command:23:26
dgroossudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 dpkg -i  '/home/dgroos/Desktop/SMART Notebook Software With Drivers 10/SMART Notebook Software With Drivers 10.package'23:26
dgroosand get this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/553397/23:27
dgroosThanks highvoltage for giving it a look.23:27
dgroosI think I don't know the command to install .package files.23:27
dgroosgotta go.23:33
dgroosmaybe tomorrow.23:34

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