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sinthetekheya, i've been having issues with kdm ever since testing a beta ppa00:14
Thunderircanyone abl;e to help00:14
James147_!details | sinthetek00:15
ubottusinthetek: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:15
sintheteki managed to remove most/all of the packages ppa-purge but ever since kdm doesnt' want to let me login00:15
James147_!ask | Thunderirc00:15
ubottuThunderirc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:15
sinthetekubottu: i'm in the process.00:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:15
sinthetekmy b, ubottu :P00:15
* sinthetek redirects the statement to James147_ 00:16
Thunderircim running ubuntu server , and i setup the ircd i can connect just fine to the network , but outside users cant  any help will be appreciated00:16
* James147_ redirects sinthetekto ubottu's second statment :)00:16
yofelThunderirc: is the IRC port open and forwarded to that server?00:17
Thunderircthats just the thing i added it to linksys and its still not working , i just dont get why ubuntu and my network has to use the routers ip00:18
James147_sinthetek: make sure kubuntu-desktop is installed ^^ that should pullin anything you need... otherwise test a new profile, see if you can log in with thekm00:19
Thunderircwhen i do ifconfig only the 192.168.xx ips show up00:20
ubuntuhey does someone got a fujitsu siemens amilo 7400 running 10.10 ?00:22
Thunderircyofel did i lose u00:24
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yofelThunderirc: well, you're on your local network obviously00:24
yofelThunderirc: how are you trying to get others to connect to your ircd00:24
sinthetekafter adding a ppa and then removing it (and downgrading (hopefully) all of the related packages, i cannot seem to get past the splash screen upon login. at this point it seems to crash and revert back to kdm. the errors that appear to be most relevant have to do with inability to connect to ibus (which i've tried re-installing) and something related to inotify (which i've also tried reinstalling). i have also tried dpkg-reconfiguring and re-i00:25
Woodzyhow do i re-install the kde / kubuntu network manager from apt-cache ?00:26
Thunderircby mirc ... when i went to the laptop on the same network .. i put the ip in and 6667 and its sayings that port is closed. but i have it port forwarded in linksys router settings00:26
yofelwait, if you're on the same network the router settings don't matter - the ircd is properly running?00:26
yofeland listening on 6667?00:26
Thunderircrunning right now as we speak... services and bnc00:27
yofeltry running nmap on the laptop to see what ports on the server are open00:27
yofelnmap <serverip>00:27
sintheteki've also tried disabling compositing in kwinrc, btw00:28
yofelWoodzy: the package name is plasma-widget-networkmanagement00:28
yofeland knm-runtime00:29
Thunderircyofel its saying host is down .. may be up but blocking00:32
yofelthen configure the firewall, I fear that I don't know anything about iptables though00:33
Thunderircthe only firewall that i have up is the linksys00:34
Thunderirc(%) Welcome to the ThunderIRc IRC Network Thunderirc!email@192.168.1xx.xxx00:34
Thunderircsee the ip , i never seen an ircd use the routers ip address00:35
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yofelwell, in probably uses the IP that the server has currently, don't know too much about ircds though00:38
* yofel is off to bed, good night00:38
* sinthetek tries reinstalling every package on his system00:42
sinthetekwill apt-get's --purge work in conjunction with --reinstall?00:43
precubcrhy all00:44
precubcrneed a litle help pls00:44
sintheteknot seeing any errors but not certain it is actually doing it00:44
precubcrhow can i install pyrit on my kubuntu maverick¿?00:44
precubcrit works ..00:44
precubcrbut u need to do first the 1 later the 2nd00:44
precubcrand than00:45
Woodzymy wireless network device can no longer obtain ip address automatically. is there a way to flush dns?00:48
Woodzyor is there something else i need to look at?00:48
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Woodzymy wireless is no longer able to obtain ip address automatically, how can i fix this?01:08
Woodzyis there a way to reset my network settings to default, looks like my network-manager-applet changed in the system tray (looks different).01:21
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Woodzycan i not connect to an un-encrypted network ?01:44
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* Woodzy slaps FloodBotK2 around a bit with a large trout02:05
timI use kubuntu with open-ssh to edit my webserver files.  Since upgrading to maverick, I can not paste into the directory.  I still can using a lucid client, but not using maverick.  I just connect using dolphin.  I installed nautilus, and I can paste in sftp using that.  Is there a fix for dolphin to be able to paste in to and sftp directory?02:11
timSince upgrading to Maverick, I can't paste into a remote sftp directory using dolphin or konqueror.  Is there any fix for this?02:15
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poyntzcan anyone explain why kpackagekit crashes on startup ~ http://pastebin.com/C4LZwmRc ?02:22
poyntzi upgraded to the latest kde but it corrupted kpackagekit.. is there any way to fix this?02:29
poyntzjust fixed it by installing the latest02:30
Thunderircim lost here i changed my ip in ubuntu . and now i cant connect to SSH .. what should i do02:30
Woodzyis there a way to reinstall the plasma network management widget for kde from the kubuntu disk? mines missing.02:38
joebob777as7Having issues with two 10.04 systems: Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: mount: only root can mount02:43
joebob777as7can't mount usb ntfs drives by plugging them in02:43
joebob777as7added them to fstab and that works but if they aren't plugged in the system won't boot and that won't do.02:43
joebob777as7plz help been googling for hours lots of people have the issue no one has solved by not modifying fstab02:43
shane4ubuntujoebob777as7: you should always be able to mount as root, that is not a fix, just a work around,02:52
shane4ubuntuWoodzy: should be able to, however you will have to uncomment out the disk thing in sources.list02:53
Woodzyshane4ubuntu not sure what i need to install to get the network-manager plasma widget / applet back ?03:20
Woodzyshane4ubuntu, is there a way to set network settings back to default?03:21
nolstradomishey im looking for some help compiling java. could anyone give me a hand03:34
mr-richIs there a way to tell Kubuntu to (temporarily) disconnnect a usb device such as a printer?03:37
Woodzy@nolstradomis: there's a java #channel or two on freenode. :)03:41
Woodzydoes kubuntu have a repair installation like windows ?03:43
sinthetekany idea on the best way to go about re-installation when you are using the default /home encryption option?03:59
sinthetekcould you just re-add the users with their passes set to the same thing and have everything in tact?03:59
sinthetekor would that re-initialize their encrypted directories overwriting everything that is there?04:00
poyntzis omaque supposed to work?04:02
gizmobayWhen I plug in a usb flash drive, the files come up in nautalis. How can I change this to dolphin?04:09
sinthetekanyone know of a way to login to an encrypted /home from a liveusb?04:23
leenuxwhich kubuntu uses kde 4.5?04:25
poyntzsinthetek: cd ~ ?04:41
sinthetekpoyntz: since when can you use cd to login to anything?04:42
c2tarunanyone using kubuntu 10.04 - 64bit?04:46
leenuxc2tarun: i was going to try it04:47
c2tarunleenux: Actually I was facing a problem, kubuntu don't have gcc preinstalled in it. And I need gcc compiler to install my lan driver. Without LAN driver I can access internet. If you try Can you please download the deb file for gcc from repository and give it to me?04:48
c2tarunwhy there is no gcc provided in kubuntu?04:54
leenuxc2tarun:  you sure?  that sounds weird04:54
c2tarunwhat distro are you using now?04:55
leenuxc2tarun: i am not running kubuntu at the moment04:55
leenuxgcc should be in the repository... have you installed synaptic?  I always install that even though the de is not gnome04:55
c2tarunleenux: ok does ur distro directly detect ur LAN Card in your current distro?04:55
leenuxlan ethernet you mean, right?  not wifi card04:56
c2tarunleenux: yup04:56
leenuxyes, it detects my lan but it's an open source one... atheros04:56
leenuxwhat's your lan card?  do you know the chipset?04:56
leenuxi used to have a realtek one before with a previous mobo and it was detected too before04:56
c2tarunmine is also atheros but I need to install AR81 family driver from outside04:56
leenuxbut i switcheed motherboards and now it's atheros and automatically detected and this is in debian!04:57
leenuxdebian is more strict now04:57
c2tarunI m using ubuntu and it don't detect. After installing the driver it gets detected and after then I can use internet.04:57
leenuxthat's odd.04:58
leenuxwhich atheros is it again?  they all should be detected though by now04:58
leenuxis it a notebook?04:59
leenuxoh, AR81... maybe you should google the family and select the options in google for most recent hits or findings05:00
c2tarunactually i have the driver :( problem is to install that driver I need gcc compiler05:02
apparlec2tarun: what driver05:02
c2tarunAR81 family driver for lan ethernet05:03
leenuxnotebook or desktop?05:04
leenuxit's possible if it's a new atheros chip, it's not yet in the kernel yet05:04
leenuxshouldn't have to compile05:04
c2tarundell inspiron N4010 (laptop)05:04
c2tarunya its a new laptop05:05
c2tarunany suggestions :( I liked kde so want to use kubuntu05:05
leenuxhmmm..google that chipset... and add 'atheros' + 'linux''05:05
leenuxsee what you come up with05:05
leenuxyou can try kubuntu but you should just use live cds or dvds until one detects05:06
elkngI've booted from liveCD and all desktop enviropment entire big menu, how can I get regular desktop?05:06
leenuxif it's same situation then it's because it's a new lan chipset05:06
leenuxmy guess05:06
c2tarunsorry but what do you mean by chipset? my laptop model?05:06
leenuxno the chipset of the lan card05:06
leenuxit's atheros ar81xxxxx where xxxx are numbers05:07
leenuxi think command lspci should show it05:07
c2tarunok wait05:07
leenuxmine shows AR8121/AR8113/AR811405:09
c2tarunleenux: driver is available. but its not in debian format. And I have to install it by compiling05:09
c2tarunmine is AR815205:09
apparlehow to use a phone as a modem over bluetooth05:11
apparledoes kubuntu maverick support it05:11
leenuxc2tarun: i dont know... i think atheros needs to support that chip05:13
apparlec2tarun: it is a common problem for your chip05:13
apparleI am searching... wait for some time05:13
leenuxapparle: sorry, no idea05:14
c2tarunsure apparle thanx :)05:14
leenuxprobably because these notebooks get very recent lan chips not to mention recent wifi chipsets unless it's intel05:14
apparlec2tarun: see if this helps.... net is slow so I can't see that page http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1505697.html05:14
apparlec2tarun: if nothing else you can compile the driver, but lets search for a simpler solution first05:15
poyntzwhere's the official vlc channel?05:18
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs05:18
poyntz!info vlc05:18
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.4-1ubuntu1.2 (maverick), package size 1998 kB, installed size 4512 kB05:18
poyntzwat would be great05:19
c2tarunpoyntz: hey where can we get these xchat/IRC commands05:19
poyntzc2tarun: ?05:19
c2tarunpoyntz: like !vlc or !info vlc what are these?05:19
poyntzwat would be great is if audio in dragon automatically output to HDMI when a HDMI cable was attached..05:20
poyntzc2tarun: commands for ubottu05:20
poyntz!help > c2tarun05:20
ubottuc2tarun, please see my private message05:20
apparlec2tarun: it seems you will have to compile05:20
c2tarunapparle: how can we do that?05:20
apparledoes the computer in question connected to net05:20
apparleby wifi etc05:21
c2tarunno, I tried everything but internet is not accesible in any way05:21
leenuxgo to this webpage c2tarun.......05:21
leenuxit looks like a wip05:22
poyntz!xchat | c2tarun05:22
leenuxa yucky hack but probably have to do some tweak to get it to work for now :-/05:22
poyntz!info xchat | c2tarun05:22
ubottuc2tarun: xchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 312 kB, installed size 840 kB05:22
poyntzc2tarun: so yeh.. its just a client.. these commands aren't specific to it05:22
poyntzc2tarun: im running irssi05:22
c2tarunpoyntz: I can see ubottu commands :(05:23
apparlec2tarun: is there anyway you can connect it to internet.... maybe a wireless modem05:25
poyntzc2tarun: type !help commands05:25
c2tarunactually for wifi I have a broadcom wifi card. but first I have to connect to internet via LAN and then install its driver and then only I can connect to internet.05:26
poyntzc2tarun: actually that doesn't work... i dunno haha05:27
c2taruni'll be right back in 5 mins05:27
c2tarunapparle: u there?05:40
ryrychgood morning!06:12
ryrychCould I ask someone nifty to make a .deb package of Keyboard Layout Editor for me? I tried to compile it but it failed. :( I can provide you link with instructions :)06:14
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Storm_anyone here?07:34
Storm_I just installed Kubuntu07:34
Storm_Hi Chrise07:35
Storm_and Armi07:35
Tm_TStorm_: welcome07:35
Storm_can you help me with 1 simple question please on Kubuntu07:35
ChrisEwhat's up?  what you trying to achieve?07:35
Storm_you know like on  windows and mac os x and ubuntu07:36
Storm_you can drag your mouse on the desktop and makea  box to select several icons07:36
Storm_well I cant do that on Kubuntu07:36
Storm_its a simple feature every OS seems to have07:36
macothat works fine for me in my folder view widget...07:36
Storm_there must be a way for kubuntu07:36
ChrisEyou should be able to, i can on my desktop folder07:37
ChrisEthis is a pretty fresh 10.10 installation07:37
ChrisEyou mean in the desktop folder or on the desktop itself?07:37
Storm_the desktop itself07:37
Tm_TStorm_: sounds like you begin the select action outside the folderview widget07:37
Storm_i just instealled 10.10 also07:37
macohow are you having any icons on the desktop?07:38
Storm_i have no iceons on desktop yet07:38
ChrisEme neither07:38
macosee where it says Desktop Folder in a lighter blue box?07:38
macoyour files and any launchers you want to add would go in there07:38
macodrawing a box works fine in it07:38
Storm_i clicked out of it07:39
Storm_so i just have a blank desotp07:39
macooh. well then you either need to add it back to be able to have those there or you have to go to the desktop properties and change it so the entire desktop is a folder view07:39
maco(in which case i dont think youd be able to have widgets on the desktop, though im not quite sure)07:40
ChrisEthis is new to me too07:40
Storm_I did a right click on desotp07:40
Storm_and hit add panel07:40
Storm_now how do i remove it sorry lol07:40
ChrisEdon't do pointy clicky file management usually07:40
Storm_i fixed the panel problem07:41
macopoke around a bit, you'll get the hang of the widgets :)07:41
Storm_yea its strange though how by default i can not use a box and select icons on the desktop. every linux distro and operating system lets you do this :-(07:42
Storm_i dont like widgets never used them on any OS07:42
macoyou can use a box...07:43
macoits just that by default you dont have the icons scattered ALL OVER the desktop. instead they are nicely held in a little scrollable box07:43
Storm_I just installed google earth now dont knwo where it installed07:43
Storm_and the search does not find it either but it says it installed07:44
Storm_sorry im a newb kinda07:44
ChrisEtype alt-f2 then googleearth into the box and if it installed properly, it'll run07:45
Storm_k thanks its not running07:46
Storm_then the Kubuntu packagae manager lied to me when it said its installed07:46
macoor it crashed when it tried to run07:46
macothe last few releases google has had have done that :-/07:47
ChrisEdo you have a directory called .googleearth?07:47
ChrisEis there a crash report in it?07:47
Storm_i type in google earth in the search and the search should search the whole hard drive like windows right?07:47
Storm_search shows nothing also07:47
ChrisEno space07:47
Storm_yea i did not use space07:47
macoStorm_: it may not have indexed it yet...07:47
Storm_k maybe i have to restart then07:47
macoits not a restart thing07:48
macofiles are indexed systemwide daily07:48
ChrisEthat's a very windows way of doing things07:48
macoand then for the desktop search...i dont know if you have it turned on or not07:48
ChrisEdoing it via the alt-f2 box will find it if it's on the path07:48
Storm_so what should be my next step in fixing this problem07:48
Storm_yea i did the alt f2 and type in googleearth nothing happens07:48
Storm_but the package manager says google earth is installed and there is a button to hit remove07:48
ChrisEok, log out and log in again07:49
ChrisEthere should be no need to reboot though07:49
macoshouldnt need to log out either07:49
Storm_if it instealld right will it be under my programs menu07:49
ChrisEwell you could start a terminal session and run it from there, to pick up anychanges in your path07:49
macoi installed it from google's webpage not hte package manager (because package manager just pulls google's latest, which was broken and simply crashed at the time), but i ended up with a google-earth directory in my home dir07:50
macodo you have that?07:50
macoit does show in my menu07:50
Storm_it says07:50
Storm_google earth  package07:51
Storm_all it says07:51
macodoes it say what the package's actual name is? i think its just googleearth ... you could try typing "dpkg -L googleearth" on the command line to get a list of files it installed07:52
Storm_I fixed it. I just went to googles website and installed in manually07:56
Storm_instead of the Kpackage manager07:56
Storm_omg its installed and i open up the program now it doesnt work07:57
Storm_it loads and then it just goes away07:57
Storm_thanks for the help guys I appreciate it. I  have google earth installed now and it opens up and loads then just closes. I used linux a few years back and I was hoping things have changed but its all stayed the same. Im going back to windows. If a smiple program like google earth does not even work there is no sense for me even trying to use linux as I need this program. Thanks again for the help. Maybe I will try linux in another 5 years08:00
OchoZero9what do i do if my mouse is frozen?08:14
OchoZero9is there any keycombination that I may hit to see if the system comes back to life?08:15
OchoZero9shiii i something smells burn and it wont turn on08:18
OchoZero9it turnned back on08:19
AdysI'm having this issue with kmix: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3112567.0 - Killing it and restarting it works like a charm, for a few hours, then it starts lagging again.08:20
AdysSaw kde bug 237239 but i dont think it consumes as much memory as the bug claim for me so that might be different08:20
ubottuKDE bug 237239 in Backend: Pulseaudio "Kmix memory leak in 4 4 2" [Normal,New] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23723908:21
Adysany idea what's wrong?08:21
jtheuerhow do I generate an additional locale? "dpkg-reconfigure locales" just says 'up to date'09:18
Tm_Tjtheuer: if you install related lang-pack, locale will be generated automatically09:19
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jtheuerTm_T: I want the select dialog because I need a specific additional locale09:25
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf09:25
Tm_Tjtheuer: ^09:25
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jtheuerthanks a lot09:28
jtheuerI still don't know how to get back to this debconf dialog where I could select locales but 'locale-gen' worked09:28
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the-bughi all!!!09:49
the-bugany bodies there?09:49
ecinx3how can i get on my kubuntu desktop from my laptop when I'm not home?10:18
hotmantaDo you want a remote graphical session?10:20
hotmantaYou can try out nomachine an Italian product or maybe VNC.10:22
hotmantaWhat OS does you laptop have?10:23
hotmantaOk, when running kubuntu on your laptop you can ssh -X to you desktop and run any GUI application remotely as well. Very handy.10:25
the-bughi all?10:26
the-buganyone no how to fix internal sd cardreader?10:26
hotmantaecinx3, not sure if my comments are helpful? you may be new?10:27
ecinx3i donwloaded desktop sharing10:27
the-bugvery new!!! lol10:27
the-bugsory thought u ment me!!!10:28
ecinx3it says VNC10:28
hotmantano prob the-bug10:28
ecinx3so ill just get tight vnc for windows , hopefully it works10:28
hotmantaWhere did you get desktop sharing?10:29
hotmantaok, I am just looking now at kpackagekit for description.10:30
hotmantacouldn't find the package you mentioned?10:31
ecinx3by name is krfb10:31
ecinx3description desktop sharing10:31
hotmantaOK, KDE wrapper for VNC, looks good.10:32
the-bugi can see that ecinx3 and hotmanta are very busy, anyone else out there for a bit of info?10:32
ecinx3the-bug: I'm new too10:32
the-buglol! i no how u feel!!!10:33
ecinx3i didn't see the ssh -X  until now.  can you elaborate?10:33
ecinx3in my data structures class they told me i need to ssh to the school computer and compile there.10:34
hotmantaOK, ssh -X allows remote computer to render the xwindows application.10:34
ecinx3that's only if i go from kubuntu to kubuntu?10:35
the-bugcome back later bye all!!!10:35
hotmantayes, linux remote computer  to linux computer.10:35
ecinx3that's fine too because in windows i also have a kubuntu vbox10:36
hotmantathe -X part allow the remote computer to tunnel the screen info over ssh protocol..10:37
ecinx3i don't need any software?10:37
ecinx3just get on the terminal and type ssh -X  ip.ip.ip.ip ?10:38
hotmantano special software, very handy to run a single app remotely like dolphin file manger for example.10:39
ecinx3specifically i want to use kile10:39
hotmantato use is ssh -X  ip.ip.ip.ip then type the app name like kate for text editor.10:39
hotmantawhat is kile?10:40
ecinx3the kubuntu in my laptop 11.04 kile  doesn't do the abbrevs10:40
ecinx3in my desktop it works fine. and the 11.05 is not in the package manager, and I think i didn't compile it correctly so it crashes within a minute of use10:41
ecinx3kile is a LaTeX editor based on kate10:41
hotmantaok try it , and see how you go, might work for you.10:41
ryrychCould I ask someone nifty to make a .deb package of Keyboard Layout Editor for me? I tried to compile it but it failed. :( I can provide you link with instructions :)10:42
ecinx3i know almsot any editor handles LaTeX fine, but I need to do some math formulas and i can type it faster using the macros and stuff10:42
hotmantaok sounds like you need a niffty editor for you studies.10:43
ecinx3im trying to configure emacs for that, but it will take a while, the way kile works it reads off a file called  cwl and it applies the stuff from there.. in emacs you need to use skeleton or  a program called Yassnippet, and you have to do each macro one at a time.  while as the cwl is one big file10:45
hotmantadidn't know about these cwl files, sounds niffty.10:46
ecinx3yeah, i couldnt find info on that cwl stuff really,  but it works10:48
ecinx3http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~fastex/ftp/docs/users_guide/ if you ever need to type latex math you may want to consider this10:49
ecinx3only if you doing at least 5 pages, otherwise you can just click on the math symbols  and not worry about learning a synhtax10:50
hotmantadid a google on cwl kate editor and looked in the kile handbook to see what you mean.10:51
ecinx3seems like the kile peole reimplimented fastex to cwl file10:52
ecinx3i mean for any other progamming language snippest work jsut fine , if else , getters ,setters,10:53
ecinx3but theres a code for every math symbole and then it gets complicated when you do an integral from -infinity to positive inifinity ....10:53
hotmantaright, I don't need to use latex, but my friend used to use it. Derived for TEX wriiten by the guru donald kunuth10:55
hotmantasorry, Donald Knuth, my mistake in speeling his name.10:56
ecinx3don't know who wrote it, but yeah i knew it came from TeX10:56
hotmantasorry, I have fat fingers.10:56
ecinx3I replaced microsoft word and open office for LaTeX10:56
ecinx3looks much nicer..10:56
hotmantaYeah Donald is a real software guru, he would pay people who could find bugs in the TEX program10:57
hotmantaIt is the most bug free program in thw world.10:58
ecinx3but i dont think plain ol' TeX is used anymore10:58
ecinx3mostly LaTeX , then XeTeX and some other stuff which all came from TeX10:59
hotmantamay be not just mentioned it as my friend was really into it and donald's book about programming.10:59
ecinx3compared to a 'real' programming language, it's easy to learn11:00
hotmantaok, so you use it quite a bit?11:00
ecinx3and then just use a reference for any keywords11:01
ecinx3I started 2 months ago11:01
ecinx3people know it for math and science11:01
ecinx3but the main thing is to make PDFs11:01
ecinx3so if you write a document instead of .doc or .txt it will be pdf and look nice11:02
ecinx3it does this for you  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typesetting11:03
hotmantaI will take a look, I have started using BasKet for my documenation.11:03
ecinx3I just download that program 15 minuts ago11:04
hotmantareally that is freaky.11:04
hotmantasearch google for "how to display xwindows app ssh -X" and there are some videos to watch, they may help.11:22
ecinx3k thx11:23
hotmantano prob, good talking to you.11:25
ecinx3do you know how to download a directory from the internet?11:40
hotmantaa directory, please provide more info11:45
hotmantayou want all these files? wget or curl may help you here?11:46
ecinx3how do you do that?11:47
hotmantawget -r http://www.rsriv.ece.ufl.edu/F10/11:48
ecinx3oh do i type where i want to save it to?11:48
ecinx3nevermind it worked thansk11:49
hotmantaTry cd ~/Downloads;wget -r http://www.rsriv.ece.ufl.edu/F10/11:50
ecinx3I'm repeating this class, I forgot to download these files the first time around11:51
ecinx3hopefully i get at least a B+ this time11:53
hotmantagood luck!11:56
* y0m6uy is away: Indisponible actuellement11:57
* y0m6uy is back.12:05
ecinx3what's the command to updtate my system?12:05
ecinx3apt-get upgrade dist ...12:06
hotmantaI use apt-get update;aptitude -y dist-upgrade "hint, you may need to apt-get install aptitude first"12:17
hotmantaWill need to be root or place use sudo "sudo apt-get update;sudo aptitude -y dist-upgrade"12:19
hotmantahope this helps, I need to go now,  bye ecinx3.12:20
ArGGu^^just noticed that in system monitor the network history does not display anything. I'm using kubuntu 10.04.12:34
ArGGu^^I'm using kubuntu 10.1012:35
ArGGu^^Is here other 10.10 user who could check if it working?12:35
gaetanoi have a problem12:36
gaetanoi want a program like skyper12:36
gaetanomaybe for linux12:37
ArGGu^^skyper? skype?12:37
ArGGu^^I think that skype is in ubuntu repos12:37
gaetanoyes but12:37
skramer_gaetano: I have Skype running on Kubuntu 10.10 & videoconference is working without problems12:39
gaetanoskype 2.0???12:39
ArGGu^^2.1 beta has videoconference12:40
gaetanoi'm a idiot:(12:40
ArGGu^^gaetano what version of (k/x)ubuntu you are using?12:40
gaetanoi don't kwon12:40
gaetanoi use  10.01012:41
ArGGu^^skramer_ btw Does the network history in system monitor work in your kubuntu installation?12:43
ArGGu^^In my installation it wont display anything :S12:44
skramer_ArGGu^^: seems like it does12:44
skramer_ArGGu^^: there's a yellow graph and and a pink one, both showing peeks12:45
ArGGu^^skramer_ ok, need to clear config maybe it will help.12:45
skramer_ArGGu^^: but, I'm not sure if the shown values are correct... :-|12:45
ArGGu^^skramer_ yeah, but I don't have any graph in it.12:46
skramer_ArGGu^^: hmm... unfortunately, I have no clue...12:47
skramer_my system was updated from 9.10, though...12:48
skramer_anybody knows if an U1 client is available for KDE?12:49
vbgunzI just recently added a wireless card to my box. kde is killing me with this extremely annoying popup of "secrets for router - kde daemon"... then my password is already pre-filled I just need to either hit ok or cancel... this is annoying. how do I get rid of it?12:50
vbgunzit pops up every now and again12:50
skramer_I mean there has been one, but unfortunately it is no longer available12:50
ArGGu^^skramer_ what is U1?12:54
skramer_ArGGu^^: sorry... it's Ubuntu One12:55
ArGGu^^skramer_ it seems that the ubuntuone-kde project is dead :S13:01
skramer_what a pity...13:02
ArGGu^^skramer_ source code of 0.1-alpha1 is still available13:05
skramer_ArGGu^^: so maybe I'll compile myself if I got little more time to spare ;-)13:07
ArGGu^^skramer_ ok, https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client-kde13:10
BluesKajHiyas all13:31
c2tarunkubuntu don't have gcc compiler preinstalled. I need gcc compiler for installing my LAN driver. Can anyone help me in installing gcc on kubuntu 10.0413:32
susundbergopen konsole and type apt-get install gcc13:32
susundbergwhat was that build essentials13:32
susundbergthat should actually be better, since you will probably also need make & friends13:33
susundbergCheck out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo13:33
c2tarunsusundberg: the problem with apt-get is there is no internet on that system. :(13:34
c2tarunin order to make internet work I have to install LAN driver which needs gcc compiler13:35
BluesKajc2tarun, it's actually build-essential that you need13:35
susundbergthen you need to download package and transfer them with some other mean13:35
c2tarunI tried transferring that package from ubuntu's /var/cache/apt/archives13:35
c2tarunbut it didn't work13:35
susundberghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/ <- there you might find packages13:35
BluesKajc2tarun, whay kind of connection , wifi or ethernet?13:36
c2tarunare you guys using kubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit13:36
c2tarunI don't have any connection on kubuntu. first I have to install LAN for ethernet and then i'll install wifi13:37
BluesKaj c2tarun , ok what is your NIC , do a lspci  to see what the ethernet card is13:38
susundbergi have 11.04 x64 and 10.04 x3213:38
c2tarunBluesKaj: AR8152 v1.1 Fast Ethernet13:38
BluesKajc2tarun,realtek ?13:39
c2tarunsusundberg: hey can you extract build essential files from /var/cache/apt/archives. and mail me13:39
c2tarunno Atheros13:39
susundbergno i will not do that13:39
susundbergthat would be silly13:39
c2tarunBluesKaj: Atheros13:39
BluesKajathero is wifi13:39
c2tarunsusundberg: ok13:39
c2tarunBluesKaj: Atheros is for ethernet13:40
susundbergare they both in pci(*) not on usb?13:40
c2tarunyup, no one is on usb13:41
BluesKajc2tarun,, it's a laptop right ?13:41
susundbergc2tarun: and you are sure the driver is not working ?13:41
c2tarunyup its a laptop13:41
susundbergthat the problem is not in your settings?13:41
susundbergwhat does ifconfig show?13:41
c2tarunsusundberg: yup the driver is not working as i checked it with ifconfig eth013:42
c2tarunno device detected13:42
BluesKaji'm sure the ethernet driver works , you just need to enable it in knetworkmanager13:42
c2tarunBluesKaj: ok, i'll give it a try....13:43
BluesKajc2tarun, run ifup eth013:43
c2tarunactually i don't have kubuntu installed right now. :( I have to uninstall it and reinstall ubuntu :(13:44
BluesKaj?? how can you uninstall if it it isn't installed13:45
susundbergfor the record: i have never in my life (sofar) had computer where the wire-ethernet would not work 'out of the box'13:47
susundbergif settings are proper13:47
BluesKajsusundberg, same here , I dunno what he means by a lan driver , either13:47
susundberghere is what i found by googling his card: http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161704413:48
BluesKajI think the knetworkmanager wasn't configured , it only takes a sec and it's usually automatic on most setups13:50
* frewo64 is away: Zurzeit abwesend13:50
Fleckhelp, radeon hd 4870, using open radeon driver, but 3d performance is low, glxgears in full screen (1280x1024) gives me 300fps ;D that how GeFore MX 400 was performing ;P13:53
BluesKajdunno about the GeFore MX 400, but my nvidia 8400gs does 3d and dri and all the desktop effects without a prob13:55
BluesKajFleck, read above13:55
Fleckdesktop effects are on13:55
Fleckbut performance is bad13:56
Fleckwith fglrx i get distorted mouse cursor etc :D13:56
Fleck(guess because of dual screen setup)13:56
Fleckand with fglrx i cant turn on desktop effects13:57
BluesKajradeon eh , Fleck ...glxgears runs 70fps here on full scrn, 600 default14:01
Fleckwell with vertical sync yes14:01
Fleckbut try vblank_mode=0 glxgears14:02
BluesKajresolution here is 1920x108014:02
FleckBluesKaj whats your video card?14:05
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RaupioHi everyone15:31
domux_hi !15:31
Guest54072c'è qualche italiana15:32
gizmobayWhen I plug in a usb flash drive, the files come up in nautalis. How can I change this to dolphin?15:33
BluesKajgizmobay, sudo gdm service stop, sudo kdm service start15:36
BluesKajgizmobay, let me rephrase that: sudo service gdm stop, sudo service kdm start15:38
mr-richWhere does kununtu mount usb printers?15:38
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
mr-richlooks like netsplit city ...15:47
gizmobayBluesKaj: I initially installed Ubuntu with Gnome and then added KDE. I ended up using gconf-editor and unchecked media_automount15:50
=== dave is now known as Guest53683
RaupioHi! I'd like to know how to play downloaded video files with sound15:51
Raupioall the files qork except these ones15:51
Raupioim using VLC15:52
gizmobayRaupio: what kind of file is it?15:52
BluesKajgizmobay, I suppose you installed kubuntu-desktop15:52
Raupioan avi15:52
Raupioits weird15:52
gizmobayBluesKaj: yes15:52
Raupioi can play everithing but this  ¿?15:52
gizmobayRaupio: right mouse click on it and open with vlc or something15:52
RaupioIm akready with vlc, i tried kaffeine also15:53
=== Authority_ is now known as Authority
BluesKajgizmobay, then if you aren't using gnome , then remove ubuntu-desktop15:53
RaupioI'll reboot15:53
gizmobaymay not have the proper codec15:53
Raupioany name of codec pack?15:53
gizmobayBluesKaj: you're probably right I should remove it15:53
gizmobaytry it in mplayer15:54
BluesKajRaupio, check the vlc video options/plugins , make sure all relavent codecs are listed there15:54
Raupiook im on the way, where can I find a list with all the relevant codecs15:55
BluesKajRaupio, and install kubuntu-restricted-extras as well , if you haven't already15:55
RaupioI Installed kubuntu yesterday, maybe I need more reading hours xD15:56
BluesKajRaupio, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras , in the konsole15:56
Raupiodone, but still mute15:58
BluesKajRaupio, ok, now open the konsole and type alsamixer, then unmute any ctrls with M key by navigating the ctrls with arrow keys to increase and decrease the volume16:00
BluesKajas well16:00
RaupioI did it, nothing changes, it works with mplayer but i wanna figurate whats worng16:04
Raupiois there any point if I've been trying unsuccessfully the pulse audio app?16:06
BluesKajRaupio, ok what kind of media are you trying to play ?16:07
RaupioV 2x02.avi xD16:07
Raupiowith vlc and kaffeine I have no sound, with mplayer i do16:07
BluesKajavi should play on any player16:08
Raupioyeah, i think i have some configuration wrong.... somewhere xD16:08
Raupiothanks anyway for your help16:09
Goliathi get an error report each time i close amarok.16:25
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mr-richDoes anyone know how to unmount a usb printer?16:33
Williamson69[TFDIf anyone knows a lot about Linux and could answer my questions. Please query me. I am a very new user and want to use Linux. Please help me. If you are a Guru on Linux. I would love to talk to you. Please query16:36
=== Williamson69[TFD is now known as Wiliamson69
tim__I can't paste into an sftp directory using dolphin after upgrading to Maverick.  I've done remote editing this way for years.  Is there a fix?16:38
=== Wiliamson69 is now known as Chiumiento
yofelChiumiento: I would recommend you to ask in #ubuntu-beginners, they know a lot and are always happy to help beginners16:39
yofel(since there doesn't seem to be anyone around currently that has time)16:39
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mr-richChiumiento: what exactly is your problem?16:51
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rtdosshane4ubuntu, are you around?17:14
=== yuriy_ is now known as yuriy
=== algabe is now known as thor
veluxeshi, im using mozilla firefox 3.6.13   and i cant watch youtube videos in full screen it just shows me every sec a new picture of the clip..can i do something abou it?17:46
* frewo64 is back.17:46
domux___have you flash plugin installed ?17:47
=== venik is now known as venik212
veluxesi dont know i just installed kubuntu for the first time..how can i check?17:49
Anf3t4m1nhi! when i start kubuntu, on all the desktop appears a shadow of a window.... i think it's a graphical bug... how i can resolve?17:53
veluxesok i got it just need to know which ubuntu version.. i got kubuntu 10.10 is it .deb for ubuntu 8.04+ or APT for ubuntu 9.04+17:53
domux___veluxes: ok open your kpackagekit and type flash then look for adobe flash plugin for mozilla17:53
BluesKajveluxes, open the konsole , type , or copy and paste , sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras17:54
domux___Anf3t4m1n: hi try to install restrited driver for your graphic card if you didn't do it17:56
Anf3t4m1ndomux__: already installed :|17:57
BluesKajAnf3t4m1n, which graphics card?17:58
Anf3t4m1nnvidia 8800 gtx17:59
BluesKajAnf3t4m1n, ok reboot , hold down the shift key to get boot grub menu if needed , choose the recovery kernel , then when the dialog box popd up choose fix broken packages , afterwards , startx18:01
Anf3t4m1ni try!18:01
Buckyhello everybody. can you suggest me a KDE (Qt based) voip client with whom using google talk videos? looking for a skype substitute...18:03
domux___Bucky: hav no idea18:06
domux___Bucky: skype is quite good !18:06
Buckyheve issue with it, and the development is still at 2.1 ...18:08
marxjohnsonBucky: Kopete supports Google Talk, not sure if video works too, but it works on other protocols so worth a shot18:08
petmemUsing KDE 4.5.5 in Kubuntu Maverick.  I can't paste into sftp directory using dolphin or konqueror.  If I install nautilus, I can paste using that.  Any ideas?18:08
Anf3t4m1nblueskaj.. doesn't work :(18:09
BluesKajAnf3t4m1n, explain , "doesn't work "18:09
Anf3t4m1nthe shadow is on my desktop!18:10
domux___Anf3t4m1n: can you take a screen ?18:10
BluesKajAnf3t4m1n, shadow ?18:11
domux___Anf3t4m1n: use ksnapshot18:11
BluesKajAnf3t4m1n, do you have the recommended nvidia driver installed ?18:11
Anf3t4m1nyes, i have the recomended driver :(18:12
BluesKajwhich is ?18:12
veluxesok i tried both and both ways worked thx but its still not workin..18:12
domux___veluxes: youtube prob ?18:13
veluxesok i tried both ways and installed also some other stuff..but the fullscreen is still not workin18:13
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=== kaine__ is now known as kaine
Anf3t4m1nnvidia driver version: 260.19.0618:15
Anf3t4m1nazz imageshack doesn't work18:16
shane4ubunturtdos: yes18:19
domux___Anf3t4m1n: ok thankx18:19
shane4ubuntuBluesKaj: thanks for the help yesterday, we discovered that ifconfig eth0 up is broken and I had to use ifup eth018:20
Buckymarxjohnson: kopete seems not to support either voice http://docs.kde.org/development/en/kdenetwork/kopete/protocols.html#protocols-gtalk other sugggestions?18:20
domux___Anf3t4m1n: so do you use compiz-fusion ?18:20
marxjohnsonOh my mistake, just it has a libjingle option in the Jabber settings18:20
Anf3t4m1ndomux___: i think no...18:21
veluxesdomux__: ok i tried both ways and installed also some other stuff..but the fullscreen is still not workin18:22
rtdosoh, hey, shane4ubuntu, i figured out what my problem was: after installing gnome-desktop some how it confused my system and wouldn't let me login using a wireless connection. i created another account to edit my privs' and made sure i had administrator settings and that my account was able to access wireless devices.18:24
domux___Anf3t4m1n: ok go to your system setting > Dessktop effect > find Shadows and uncheck it18:24
rtdoswell, actually, i didn't figure it out but did seem to find a work around.18:24
shane4ubunturtdos: good, glad to hear it, although I didn't really help much on that, that was the network manager stuff that I really don't understand myself.18:25
Anf3t4m1nok, unchecked...18:25
rtdossomehow when i installed gnome it either reset my privs that kubuntu gave me by default or confused the system all together.18:26
domux___veluxes: ok open firefox via the Konsole go to youtube then copy and paste the output18:26
domux___Anf3t4m1n: ok reboot your X server18:27
veluxes*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>) in NPN_GetValue()18:28
veluxes*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>) in NPN_GetValue()18:28
veluxes*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>) in NPN_GetValue()18:28
FloodBotK2veluxes: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:28
veluxesok sorry18:28
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, yeah the ifup command helps :)18:30
shane4ubuntuBluesKaj: that is what I used to use, and at some point they introduced ifconfig and said ifup was going out of style, so I had forgotten about the ifup command, none the less, got it all working.18:31
domux___veluxes: hmmm npviewer is the firefox's flash plugin18:32
* BluesKaj scratches his head about shadows , always helps to expalin one problem in more detail18:32
veluxesok got to go thnx for the help.....18:39
BluesKajAnf3t4m1n, I had the impression you had some kind of dark shadow across your screen , not tunder you mouse cursor or icons18:43
jacksonjehow do you make openoffice fonts look better in kubuntu?18:43
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domux___BluesKaj: the best way might be remove all nvidia driver download the lasted driver then run the sh i think18:53
BluesKajdomux___, I have a 8000 series card as welland have no probs with the driver so far , think it could be his monitor19:05
=== Williamson69[TFD is now known as Chiumiento
domux___BluesKaj: yea same for me but according to the screen, this shadow don't seem to provide to his monitor maybe im wrong...19:07
BluesKajdomux___, I'm still wondering what he means by "shadow" ...english isn't his first language so his description of the problem might not be accurate19:08
domux___BluesKaj: probably19:10
jacksonjehow do I enable lcd subpixel rendering for gnome/gtk apps under kubuntu/kde?19:13
mr-richdoes anyone know of a way to unmount a usb printer w/o unplugging it?19:15
BluesKajjacksonje, system settings /application appearance /gtk appearnce /gtk fonts ..change the dpi and fonts etc19:16
domux___mr-rich: simply unplug it19:21
=== arthurx is now known as X7Art
domux___anyone know how to assign multimedia key to amarok ?19:36
domux___ok found i19:44
mr-richdomux___: unmount it w/o unplugging ... :)19:56
veluxeshi im back with a lot new trouble not only my fullscreen at youtube isnt workin..after updating and rebooting i cannot hear anything except if i turn the volume of my soundsystem up to max..and even then its very quiet20:15
veluxesamarok kmix and alsamixer are set to max volume20:16
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wachuhey, I need help20:22
wachusomebody speek polish?20:22
45PABOLN4veluxes: type alsamixer in terminal and check if PCM is set to max20:23
crush3rHow do you get the onscreen keyboard to work in Ubuntu 10 Netbook edition. I'm running it on a tablet PC.20:23
veluxes45PABOLN4: yes it is.. i set everything to max20:24
wachuI have problem, I can't run haven and hearth. Game not starting ;/20:24
wachucan somebody help me?20:24
domuxveluxes: do you hav pavucontrol ?20:25
veluxesdomux: no whats that? how do i get it20:26
domuxveluxes: sudo apt-get install pavucontrol20:26
domuxveluxes: its a pulseaudio control center20:27
phoenix_firebrdi am using kde 4.6 rc2, in that file searching is done using only the index( correct me if am wrong). i need a file searching program which does live searches20:30
veluxesit displays that the music is running on 100% but still allmost no sound :(20:30
veluxesdomux: it displays that the music is running on 100% but still allmost no sound :(20:30
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: almost?20:31
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: low volume ?20:31
veluxessame as befor i have to set my soundsystem to max volume to hear a quiet wisper..20:31
veluxesand a lot of noise20:32
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: have you increased the pcm level?20:32
veluxesto 10020:32
veluxesin alsamixer20:32
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: laptop or desktop?20:32
veluxesaureon universe 7.120:32
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: soundcared internal or external?20:33
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: what sound card20:33
domuxveluxes: aplay -l20:33
veluxes**** Liste der Hardware-Geräte (PLAYBACK) ****20:34
veluxesKarte 0: T71Universe [Terratec Aureon 7.1-Universe], Gerät 0: ICE1724 [ICE1724]20:34
veluxes  Sub-Geräte: 0/120:34
veluxes  Sub-Gerät #0: subdevice #020:34
veluxesKarte 0: T71Universe [Terratec Aureon 7.1-Universe], Gerät 1: ICE1724 IEC958 [ICE1724 IEC958]20:34
FloodBotK2veluxes: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:34
veluxes  Sub-Geräte: 1/120:34
phoenix_firebrddomux: what is your kde version?20:35
phoenix_firebrddomux: sorry20:35
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: what is your kde version?20:35
veluxeskubuntu 10.10 ...?20:35
domuxveluxes: its not the kde version :)20:36
veluxesoh..how do i get it?20:36
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: have you tried "pavucontrol"?20:37
veluxesyes did not work...20:38
phoenix_firebrddomux: what might be the problem20:38
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: you mean you still not able to get a audiable level of volume?20:39
phoenix_firebrddomux: is it right to discuss about hardware here or should we move to offtopic channel?20:39
veluxesyes. maybe it has something to do with the auto-updates i ran before the reboot..there were 19220:39
domuxphoenix_firebrd: i dont know20:40
phoenix_firebrddomux: ok20:40
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: are you sure that its not your speaker or amplifier fault20:40
domuxveluxes: kde4-config --version20:42
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: in vlc you can increase the volume upto 400%, see that if that works. if there is no change, try to reinstall pulseaudio20:42
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: are you there?20:43
veluxesqt : 4.7.020:44
veluxeskde: 4.5.120:44
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: have you tried 4.6 rc2?20:45
DarthFrogI'm running right now.20:45
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: good, i have one doubt, have time?20:45
DarthFrogFor what?20:46
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: in phonon->speaker setup -> speaker placement and testing shows some buttons for speaker positions, are they meant to produce sound when press or its just to show the placement20:47
domuxveluxes: until ubuntu use pulseaudio i dont know where the sound config file are !!20:48
yofelerm, we use pulseaudio?20:48
phoenix_firebrddomux: /etc/pulse/20:48
=== engel is now known as Guest5875
yofelphoenix_firebrd: good question, the buttons don't have any effect here either20:49
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: Hmm, strange.  I only have a bizarre little icon of a yellow something or other on that page.20:49
phoenix_firebrdyofel: is that app complete?20:50
yofelphononlogger: are they supposed to do anything?20:50
domuxphoenix_firebrd: ther is nothing important here20:50
phoenix_firebrddomux: the default.pa contains the pulseaudio settings20:51
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: if they intended to show the placement , they wouls have used label, they must have used buttons to produce sound on press like the test sound one20:52
veluxesi can go up to 200%...but its still very noise and just a bit louder...20:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: in vlc?20:52
veluxesin vlc20:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: did you use the volume increase key20:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: is the volume normalized?20:55
veluxesreinstall pulseaudio...how do i do it sudo delete pulsaudio20:55
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: will uninstalling pulse break the system?20:57
veluxesdont think so..checking..20:59
domuxphoenix_firebrd: no20:59
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: ok20:59
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd: No idea but I doubt it.20:59
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: last time i tried , i had no problem20:59
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: thank you20:59
DarthFrogphoenix_firebrd:  Umm, if you've already done it and found out what happens, then why ask me???  :-)21:00
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: the command to uninstall "sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio"21:00
phoenix_firebrdDarthFrog: i am not sure about that, thats why i asked you. i cant remember if i had dependency issue21:01
veluxesok  i will reinstall pulse and reboot...21:01
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: use purge21:01
phononloggeryofel: obviously :P21:02
phononloggeryofel: talk to coling in #phonon if they do not do anything :P21:02
domuxveluxes: you said you've done an upgrade and then when you've rebooted you got no sound is tha right ?21:02
phoenix_firebrdphononlogger: who is coling21:03
phononloggermaster of pulseaudio in KDE21:03
veluxesok and install is sudo apt-get install pulseaudio..?21:04
phoenix_firebrdphononlogger: i think i read his blog, when i read his blog some time back, he said the new phonon config app is not complete. i thought he might have completed?21:05
veluxescool im getting into it ;)21:05
phononloggerphoenix_firebrd: that post was from forever and ever ago ;)21:05
phononloggerat any rate it needs to be complete in 4.6, with 4.6 being a stable release, so...21:05
phoenix_firebrdphononlogger: no that was for kde 4.621:05
phononloggerphoenix_firebrd: 4.6 is in development for ever and ever21:06
phononloggerwell, 7 months or so21:06
phoenix_firebrdphononlogger: jan 26?21:06
phononloggerphoenix_firebrd: pardon?21:06
phoenix_firebrdphononlogger: will it be complete then?21:06
yofel4.6 release date, well, when more people should start debugging it :P21:07
* phononlogger never knows release dates :P21:07
phononloggertagging is what matters21:07
phononloggerand if someone told colin that it was not working I am sure he would fix it ;)21:07
phoenix_firebrdphononlogger: i support that21:07
phoenix_firebrdstablity is important than release dates21:08
yofelhuh? really? then I've obviously been using ubuntu for too long..21:09
yofelah right, that would count as stable21:10
veluxesok now i dont hear anything at all (vlc youtube amarok)21:10
yofelveluxes: logout and correct phonon settings (output device)21:11
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: do volume settings again21:11
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: is the pulse deamon started?21:11
veluxesi dont know im sorry im totally new with this...where can i find it?21:13
phoenix_firebrdyofel: are you using kde 4.6 ?21:14
veluxesi reset all volume to max still nothing21:14
veluxesno 4.5.121:14
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: did you restart the system after the install?21:14
yofelphoenix_firebrd: I am, 4.6 natty21:14
phoenix_firebrdyofel:  do the drag and drop to taskbar( eg. draginf a media file to mimized vlc) work?21:15
yofelno idea, let me try21:16
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: is vlc configured to use pulseaudio?21:16
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: open phonon settings and check if its shows pulseaudio server21:16
veluxespulse is displaying that i should hear a lot21:17
yofelnope, if I drop it on the systray, nothing happens, if I drop it on the taskbar I get a new launchad in the panel21:17
phoenix_firebrdyofel: bad, its a bug21:17
phoenix_firebrdyofel: 10 days to go , still bugs21:18
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phoenix_firebrdyofel: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26256121:20
ubottuKDE bug 262561 in general "Cannot drag and drop files on taskbar entries anymore" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]21:20
phoenix_firebrdyofel: see it says resolved, but ..21:21
yofelno, it says resolved: duplicate21:21
yofelit's tracked in kde bug 26144321:21
ubottuKDE bug 261443 in general "dragging an item (file) over the taskbar doesn't raise the application (4 6 regression)" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26144321:21
* yofel adds some votes21:22
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veluxesi can opem phonon and it shows me the audio-output devices...but i cannot find settings or a server...21:23
yofelseems like aaron committed a fix for that today though21:23
veluxesbackend is xine..21:23
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: volume low or no sound21:24
yofelveluxes: you're on maverick right? it should show a 'internal analog stereo' as output device21:24
veluxesno sound since last reboot21:24
veluxesit shows multi channel audio controller  analog surround 7.121:25
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: pavucontrol and configure the device and volume21:26
yofelveluxes: it should look like this if pulseaudio is running http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/pulse.png (that's my view at least)21:27
veluxesi just got analog stereo duplex, analog stereo output and analog stereo +digital stereo21:30
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: select analog stereo duplex21:30
veluxesand it looks different cause here it says in phonon  envy24pt/ht analog stereo21:31
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veluxesno doesnt work...21:32
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: what does aplay -l say?21:33
veluxesKarte 0: T71Universe [Terratec Aureon 7.1-Universe], Gerät 0: ICE1724 [ICE1724]21:34
veluxes  Sub-Geräte: 0/121:34
veluxes  Sub-Gerät #0: subdevice #021:34
veluxesKarte 0: T71Universe [Terratec Aureon 7.1-Universe], Gerät 1: ICE1724 IEC958 [ICE1724 IEC958]21:34
veluxes  Sub-Geräte: 1/121:34
FloodBotK2veluxes: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:34
veluxes  Sub-Gerät #0: subdevice #021:34
phoenix_firebrdveluxes:  use the paste.ubuntu.com link, there paste the output. give the result link21:35
veluxesthx..didn want to send an email21:36
phoenix_firebrdveluxes:  remote desktop?21:40
veluxesyes if you like21:40
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: install the teamviewer software21:41
veluxesbut my system runs in german...21:41
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: so?21:41
veluxesi just thought this could be a prob..21:41
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: unstall teamviewer and tell me21:42
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: install teamviewer and tell me21:42
veluxesok... with sudo apt-get install teamviewer it says package not found21:43
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: http://www.teamviewer.com/index.aspx21:43
veluxeswhich one dep 64bit?21:45
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: try 32 first21:45
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: or which ever is correct for your processor21:46
veluxesok got it21:48
veluxesneed an ip..do u need mine to?21:49
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: send it to my email.21:50
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: phoenix_firebrd@yahoo.com21:50
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: email the id and password, shown in that app21:51
veluxesok send it21:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: got it21:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: open the task manager21:58
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: what happened?22:00
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: what happened?22:02
veluxes_sorry it crashed couldnt tip anything but it was very load as i rebooted... i will try again22:02
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: ok22:03
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veluxesand no sound22:05
veluxesand no sound22:05
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: can we try again?22:05
veluxesteamview again? maybe it doesnt crash thistime22:05
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: got it22:08
Bauldrickanyone want to troubleshoot a hp 3050 printer with me? It installs, kubuntu sends print job to it, kubuntu says its printed, but printer does nothing?22:16
Bauldricki've tried through kubuntu settings, and using hplip, both have the same result - either via usb or wifi22:17
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: can you use the system without pulseaudio?22:29
yofelBauldrick: I've seen that on my network printer here, HP too, it usually does print half an hour later or so, but I haven't really figured out why it does that22:29
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yofeldoesn't happen every time too22:30
veluxesdid not try22:30
veluxeswe can if u like22:30
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: the sound will work22:30
veluxesok so ill uninstall pulseaudio22:30
Bauldrickyofel: is that when using the usb connection also?22:30
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: the same command "sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio"22:31
yofelhaven't tried that, I usually get to print it what I need so I just left it22:31
veluxesok ill reboot22:31
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: ok22:31
Bauldrickyofel: well, this sucks :( - the only action I seem to get from printer is when using 'clean cartridges' in hp device manager. thats the only time the printer responds (makes a noise) to anything, I'm 64bit would that be something?22:33
veluxeshm doesnt work..22:34
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: then pulseaudio is not the problem22:35
phoenix_firebrdveluxes:  now 3 to go22:35
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: 1. alsa  2. you soundcard 3. you amplifier or speaker system22:36
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: i dont know much in alsa, try that alsa channel22:36
veluxesUsage: /sbin/alsa {unload|reload|force-unload|force-reload|suspend|resume}22:38
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: alsa-utils restart22:39
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: are you there?"22:41
veluxesyes still pasting...22:41
veluxesit failed22:41
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: can you try this again "speaker-test -Dplug:surround71 -c8 -l1 -twav"22:42
veluxessame as before22:44
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: did you mess up with the alsa settings?22:49
veluxesi just upgraded and rebooted22:49
veluxeshm maybe i reset the system and try rebooting without upgrading if its working its because of the update22:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: i am not able to solve your problem. try the alsa channel22:52
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: ya try rebooting22:53
veluxesok but thx anyway when i find a fix i tell you22:53
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: are you going to reboot22:53
veluxesright away22:53
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veluxesok for now its working i tried reboot and shut-down/turn on both gave sound with amarok but no opener but i can live with that thanks a lot22:59
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: welcome23:00
veluxescu around got kind of late...23:00
phoenix_firebrdveluxes: ya, bye, have a nice day23:01
stalcupwhat's the default password on a kubuntu live cd?23:01
phoenix_firebrdstalcup: why do you need?23:01
stalcupgparted needs a password23:01
veluxesbye u too23:01
phoenix_firebrdstalcup:try starting gparted from konsole23:03
phoenix_firebrdstalcup: sudo gparted23:04
phoenix_firebrdstalcup: if password is asked, simply press enter23:04
phoenix_firebrdstalcup: i think you wont be asked for a password23:04
stalcupphoenix_firebrd: well, no way to launch it in konsole23:05
phoenix_firebrdstalcup: why?23:05
stalcupbecause it wont launch23:06
phoenix_firebrdstalcup: have you tried?23:06
ScuniziWhere do I put a <filename>.desktop file in the system to create a menu launcher?23:19
James147Scunizi: I believe at .config/menus/applications-merged  but am not sure (run "kbuildsycoca4 --menutest" to rebuild the menus)23:22
Roeyis this the channel for getting help on KDE 4.6 RC2 ?23:22
James147Scunizi: note also you can create *.desktop files placed in the right location via right clcik kmenu > edit menu (or by running kmenuedit)23:23
ScuniziJames147: hummm ok.. I'll take a look.  I did a search for other's and a lot are on .kde/share/apps/23:23
James147Roey: you can ask here, or at #kde23:23
ScuniziJames147: but editing the menu directly to add a launcher might just be easier.23:23
RoeyJames147:  it's just that every single time I ask, I get bounced to somewhere else.23:24
Roeyso here:23:24
RoeyJames147:  I find that none of my Keyboard Settings are respected ([x] make capslock an additinal control, [x] two shift keys together to change language layout, keyboard repeat rate and timeout, etc.) even though they appear to be configured correctly in the Keyboard Settings dialog.23:25
James147Roey: did they use to work before?23:26
RoeyJames147:  yes! up until 4.6b1 !!23:27
RoeyJames147:  it's driving me insane...23:27
James147Roey: Then I would first suggest you try a new user, see if they work for them23:27
RoeyJames147:  I tried with a new user, and saw that this problem affects it too23:27
RoeyJames147:  I do not have this problem on my intel box at work23:27
Roeyrunning the same distro23:27
James147Roey: hmm, then its likly a bug... have you checked to see if its been reported?23:28
RoeyI don't know what to check ofr even.23:28
ScuniziJames147: editing the menu directly worked like a champ.. thanks23:28
James147Roey: https://bugs.kde.org/  would be a good start23:29
RoeyI meant what is the name of the module23:29
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots23:29
James147^^ or there23:29
James147Roey: sorry I cant be of more help, I have never used those settings :)23:30
Roeyit's ok.23:30
Roeyit's one of those fucking bugs that seems to affect >only< me23:30
Roeyfor some reason.23:30
Roeythe one before this was an nvidia issue that iddn't get resolved till the beginning of the month, and it had been that way for a year now.23:30

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