LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!00:08
LPCIBotProject db-devel build (263): FIXED in 4 hr 47 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/db-devel/263/00:08
huwshimiHi. I need someone to review a fix for bug #367877 if anyone is available.00:31
_mup_Bug #367877: Tabbing between links does not highlight them <confusing-ui> <css> <lp-web> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> <kde4libs (Ubuntu):Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/367877 >00:31
jmlanyone doing Launchpad development in natty?00:33
wgrantjml: Yes.00:33
jelmerjml: yep00:33
wgrantjml: It mostly works.00:33
wgrantThere are a couple of easy ways to make it work a little more, too.00:33
wgrantBut it00:33
wgrant's not perfect.00:33
jmlcool. ec2 land just errored on me.00:33
wgrantSure that's not the launchpadlib issue?00:34
jmlit is a launchpadlib issue. not sure about "the"00:34
wgrantA NameError?00:34
jmlNameError: global name 'AuthorizeRequestTokenWithBrowser' is not defined00:34
jelmersame here00:34
wgrantWell, 'The' as in the original.00:34
wgrantPull devel.00:34
wgrantIs fixed.00:34
wgrantThat doesn't mean it will work, though.00:34
jmlwell, baby steps.00:34
wgrantBecause the new launchpadlib has some... other issues.00:35
wgrantYou'll need to remake once you pull.00:35
wgrantBut if your system is untainted by KDE you should be OK.00:35
jmlI have a lot of Qt stuff installed.00:36
jmlI guess the worse that can happen is that it fails.00:36
jmlit oopsed00:36
jmlAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'is_reviewed'<br />00:36
jmlhuwshimi: what's the MP url?00:38
wgrantjml: Traceback?00:38
wgrantThat sounds almost like a celebrity issue.00:38
jmlwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/553026/00:38
wgrantThat is_reviewed.00:38
huwshimijml: Sorry, what's a MP?00:39
wgrantWhich test? There are some odd natty failures like that.00:39
jmlhuwshimi: a merge proposal00:39
jmlhuwshimi: after you've created a branch, you should create a merge proposal, which is a place to discuss the patch and the changes. there's a link on the branch page.00:39
jmlwgrant: uhh, there's no test involved.00:40
jmlwgrant: that was when I authorized my laptop00:40
wgrantjml: Well, that is awesome.00:40
jmlwgrant: yeah, I'm going to file a bug.00:40
wgrantjml: You might want to talk to relevant people first.00:40
wgrantlaunchpadlib in LP hasn't really worked for a week or so now.00:41
wgrantIt may be known.00:41
huwshimijml: Yeah, I haven't created one yet... I didn't have a reviewer, but I can create it without filling that in if it helps.00:41
jmlwgrant: hmm.00:41
wgrantI haven't seen that particular error before.00:41
jmlhuwshimi: yeah. do that. there's a default reviewer which is the whole LP team00:41
jmlor the canonical part of it anyway00:41
huwshimijml: OK thanks.00:41
jmlwgrant: it's easy enough to mark bugs as invalid00:41
jmlwgrant: it also appeared to actually authorize00:41
huwshimijml: Target branch should just be lp:launchpad right?00:42
jmlhuwshimi: yep00:42
wgrantjml: Do any of your Product Strategies happen to include making Soyuz less broken, or deleting it or something?00:44
jmlwgrant: yes. derivative distributions.00:44
wgrantThey just stack more brokenness on the perilously stacked brokenness.00:44
jmlwgrant: that's an implementation approach00:45
jmlwgrant: an alternative approach is to use it as an opportunity to clean stuff before you add new things00:45
jmlwhich is entirely cromulent00:45
wgrantjml: But there is no time :(00:45
jmlsod that00:45
jmlit's not true00:45
jmlthere's no deadline00:46
wgrantPerhaps this will change on Monday :)00:46
jmland doing some cleanup will make the dev go faster00:46
wgrantLong-term, sure.00:46
jmleven in the shorter term00:46
wgrantBut it's clear that nobody in Soyuz has ever though about long-term before :)00:46
huwshimijml: Here is the MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~huwshimi/launchpad/highlight-links-367877/+merge/4594700:46
wgrantThe rest of LP, I don't know.00:46
jmlif you're working on a feature for three or so months with even two or three people, that's long enough to make cleanup worthwhile00:46
jmland it's not like Soyuz is going away00:47
jmlI'm not saying that it should be made perfect before we add anything, but there's always time to do things right.00:47
jmlsinzui: you've done a lot of stuff w/ our CSS before, interested in reviewing huwshimi's change? https://code.launchpad.net/~huwshimi/launchpad/highlight-links-367877/+merge/4594700:48
jmlhuwshimi: oh, I forgot about #launchpad-reviews00:49
jmlhuwshimi: that's another place to ask for reviews00:49
huwshimijml: ok should I head over there and ask now then?00:49
jmlhuwshimi: although I personally prefer here, because I'm not sure what a dev channel is for other than discussing code changes :)00:49
jmlhuwshimi: sure.00:49
wgrantjml: How goes the rally?00:50
jmlwgrant: pretty well.00:50
jmlwgrant: it's not as talk-y as UDS, so less of me doing the listening part of my job, but it's still good to be here.00:51
thumperjml: I don't suppose you can see bigjools00:52
huwshimijml: When asking for a review is the MP the most important bit of information to provide?00:52
jmlthumper: not from here. I think he's in the UK.00:52
jmlhuwshimi: yeah.00:52
thumperhuwshimi: as long as the MP has a decent description00:53
wgrantthumper: bigjools is asleep.00:53
thumperwgrant: ah00:53
wgrantthumper: What's up?00:53
thumperwgrant: I was going to get him to look at my changes for the builds' urls00:53
thumperwgrant: I implemented his suggestion00:53
thumperso it seems only fair that he reviews it :)00:54
* thumper goes to add him on the MP00:54
jmlthumper: while you're here, can I interest you in reviewing huwshimi's branch?00:54
thumperthe css one above?00:55
wgrantthumper: Ah, right.00:55
* jml really needs to go get food00:55
jmlthumper: yeah.00:55
wgrantthumper: He disappeared about an hour ago.00:55
thumperI'm not a ui reviewer00:55
huwshimithumper: OK thanks00:55
jmlthumper: does that still matter?00:55
thumperfor UI stuff?00:55
thumperperhaps not00:55
* jml doesn't know00:55
lifelesswgrant: cleanup++00:56
jmlthumper: if there's no UI reviewer in asiapac, and we're going to block UI branches on UI reviewers, then I guess I have a new problem to solve :)00:56
lifelessI would like to unblock that00:56
* thumper recommends one or two aussies do it00:57
wgrantThere are lots of us now!00:58
* jml reviews00:59
wgrantlifeless: The problem is that there is so much cleanup that needs doing, and a lot of it isn't a drive-by sort of thing. :(01:00
jmlhuwshimi: did you make some whitespace changes?01:00
jmlhuwshimi: anyway, it's good to land as far as I'm concerned.01:02
jmlhuwshimi: I've got to head, but if you need help figuring out how to land it, I'm sure either your fellow Aussie colleagues or our fine friends across the Tasman will be able to help.01:03
huwshimijml: No I just noticed those in the diff too. The strange thing is the CSS is not indented in those files.01:03
huwshimijml: Thanks, have a good night01:03
jmlwill do.01:04
* jml out01:04
huwshimiHi. Is anyone around who can explain how I land a branch for Launchpad? I have an approved MP.01:52
wgranthuwshimi: Because the test suite takes so long, we normally run it on Amazon EC2. See https://dev.launchpad.net/EC2Test for setup and usage details.01:55
wgranthuwshimi: ec2test automatically lands the branch when it's done.01:55
wgrantAlthough you might not have PQM access yet.01:55
wgrantDo you know if you do?01:55
huwshimiwgrant: Thanks. I don't know.01:55
spmhe does not01:56
lifelessthere is / was a starter document that explained what you need to do to get that01:56
lifelessoh hai01:56
spmlifeless: while you're here - how does the qastaging DB get updated? is that a manual only thing? or is it wrapped up in a place I've not yet looked?01:56
lifelessspm: should happen when staging is updated01:57
spmahh. I assumed it wasn't. ta.01:57
wgrantNote that the last full staging restore failed, so it's been a while.01:57
lifelessspm: original concept was - copy over, restore to one, run patches, restore to other.01:57
lifelessspm: as to what scripts etc - I have -no- idea, no visibility at all.01:57
spmbe ware. eyeballs may explode.01:59
lifelessspm: s/edge.// in your history, plox.01:59
lifelessspm: also, when doth that redirect kick in?02:00
spmyeah. just old urls in quick search :-)02:00
spmI was hoping to get it done yesterday, but dragged awy. likewise today. :-/02:00
* lifeless offers superglue for the fingers02:00
lifelessspm: bug 45702602:01
_mup_Bug #457026: bzrsyncd on loganberry using unnecessary amounts of /tmp space <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-code> <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/457026 >02:01
lifelessis that still happening?02:01
wgrantStevenK: The WTFery may be continuing. http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/ shows that the .debs are gone, but some of the .udebs remain. p-d-r logs say they were removed, and it finished before the mirroring started... can you check if pool/main/l/linux/acpi-modules-2.6.24-28-386-di_2.6.24-28.83_i386.udeb is still on cocoplum?02:01
spmlifeless: yes02:02
lifelessspm: even though we've removed the mirrored area?02:02
spmlifeless: ? isn't the mirrored area on crowberry?02:03
lifelesswe got rid of having a mirrored area02:03
lifelessoh right02:03
lifelessI gets it02:03
spmjust an extract. not the full thing.02:04
lifelessbumped to high02:04
lifelessflacoste: hi02:06
lifelessflacoste: if you're still around, who wrote trac-launchpad-migrator ?02:06
wgrantWasn't it Fluendo?02:07
wgrantThe VCS history isn't reliable.02:09
wgrantIt wasn't originally in that branch.02:09
wgrantAlthough the copyright headers could be useful.02:09
* wgrant checks.02:09
lifelesswgrant: perhaps you have an opinion on https://bugs.launchpad.net/trac-launchpad-migrator/+bug/461669, since you seem to know some history02:11
_mup_Bug #461669: Attachments are looked for in the wrong directory <trac-launchpad-migrator:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/461669 >02:11
lifelessjelmer: ^02:11
huwshimiwgrant: Just setting up ec2test and at this part https://dev.launchpad.net/EC2Test#setup it talks about setting up my own developer account etc. I assume that's all relevant to me?02:13
wgrantlifeless: I think that might require some Trac knowledge, and I haven't admin'd a Trac instance in like 5 years. I'm probably not the best person to ask.02:13
wgranthuwshimi: Yeah.02:13
wgranthuwshimi: You need an AWS account.02:14
huwshimiwgrant: Thanks02:15
lifelesswgrant: can you expand on whats up in bug 438336 ?02:17
_mup_Bug #438336: Packages still show up on builders page after they are done <lp-soyuz> <soyuz-build> <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/438336 >02:17
wgrantlifeless: Bug #43833602:19
_mup_Bug #438336: Packages still show up on builders page after they are done <lp-soyuz> <soyuz-build> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/438336 >02:19
lifelessspm: in bug 431235 - we're now running HA loggerhead, do you know if its single-source-tree or not ?02:20
_mup_Bug #431235: Allow us to run multiple loggerhead instances from the same codetree <canonical-losa-lp> <launchpad-loggerhead:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/431235 >02:20
spmseparate tree02:20
maxbI can't see bug 431235 :-/02:27
_mup_Bug #431235: Allow us to run concurrent loggerhead instances from the same codetree <canonical-losa-lp> <launchpad-loggerhead:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/431235 >02:27
maxbprobably because it's bugtask is targetted to a deactivated project02:27
* cody-somerville hugs lifeless 02:28
lifelessmaxb: fixed02:28
lifelessmaxb: and the 5 other ones similarly02:31
lifelesscody-somerville: thanks?02:31
cody-somervillelifeless, You're welcome. :-)02:31
lifelessjames_w: bug 39520002:33
_mup_Bug #395200: Allow linking a package upload to a bzr revision <lp-code> <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/395200 >02:33
lifelessjml: ping02:36
lifelessspm: hi02:36
lifelessspm: can you please change the maintainer of https://launchpad.net/qa-tagger to be ~launchpad ?02:37
spmlifeless: done02:38
lifelessmatsubara-afk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/oops-tools/+bug/70176202:40
_mup_Bug #701762: "No Production OOPSes found for 2011-01-11. " <OOPS Tools:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/701762 >02:40
lifelessspm: is bug 660854 still present?03:03
_mup_Bug #660854: importds are spamming log messages <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-code> <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/660854 >03:03
lifelessthat was in the early days of the new logging stuff, it may be good now? /me hopes03:04
poolieis bug 556132 now available for testing on staging or qastaging?03:08
_mup_Bug #556132: bzr: ERROR: paramiko.SSHException:  Key-exchange timed out; consistent after sending 1GB data <lp-code> <paramiko> <qa-ok> <Bazaar:Invalid> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by mwhudson> <Twisted:Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/556132 >03:08
lifelessyou can check by looking at the MP to see what rev in devel it got, and at the revno on the qastaging pages03:08
wgrantlifeless: Hi.03:14
wgrantlifeless: I need a memoization decorator. Do we have one that I'm missing, or should I create a PropertyCache-based one?03:15
lifelesswhat for03:16
wgrantlifeless: Archive.getComponentsForSeries.03:16
lifelessand how is that different to just @cachedproperty03:16
wgrant@cachedproperty doesn't do arguments.03:16
lifelessyou could fix that03:17
wgrantIt turns a method into a property, though.03:18
lifelesstrue that03:18
lifelessrefactor and reuse03:18
wgrantThat was my plan.03:18
lifelessno, I don't think we have a canned one03:18
wgrantSeems odd.03:18
lifelessand we'd want cache clearing so using PC is appropriate03:19
wgrantBut I guess performance wasn't much of a concern until recently.03:19
lifelesswe have a list-memoiser and odd bespoke bits like that03:19
lifelesswgrant: I'm curious why you need to memoise gCFS03:19
lifelessbut am too tired and buggered to understand the answer today.03:19
wgrantlifeless: We want to do a component check during copies.03:20
wgrantTo make sure we're not creating invalid publications.03:20
lifelessI've found previously that making the whole thing more set based is generally a bigger win than caching at points03:21
wgrantPossibly, yes.03:21
lifelesssee e.g. the stuff I did to Archive:+index03:21
wgrantBut it's not clear how best to encapsulate this in a set-based approach.03:21
lifelessI encourage you to examine the changes I did there for inspiration03:21
wgrantSet-based would be nice.03:22
wgrantBut it requires a restructure of the publisher and copiers.03:22
wgrantAll the way up.03:22
wgrantMmm, I suppose I could see how just setifying the lower parts works.03:24
wgrantIt's not going to be great, though :/03:24
lifelesswgrant: well thats how we get set based in the entire stack03:41
lifelesswgrant: one little bit, then add more, then more etc03:41
lifelesswgrant: otherwise the *best* we can achieve is that we only do one just-in-time lookup per left-hand object03:41
lifelesswgrant: which frankly still sucks03:41
huwshimiwgrant: Before you were saying about needing PQM access. Any ideas about how to get it? I couldn't find anything (also apologies for all the hassling).03:45
wgrantlifeless: You have convinced me to rework most of it :(03:45
wgranthuwshimi: "all the"? You exaggerate.03:46
wgranthuwshimi: But as for PQM access, an RT ticket to the Launchpad queue should do it.03:46
wgrantLet me find the email address...03:46
huwshimiwgrant: Thanks mate :)03:46
wgranthuwshimi: A signed email to launchpad@rt.canonical.com  with your public OpenPGP key attached.03:48
wgrantAnd then possibly a couple of pokes thrown in spm's direction to expedite processing :P03:48
lifelessdon't forget to use the magic words03:48
huwshimiwgrant: Ah well I've already sent one of them... I guess on to the poking.03:48
huwshimiOh actually I haven't sent one to that address03:52
wgrantJust ask to be added to the LP PQM keyring.03:53
lifelessand config file03:53
lifelessit should be all documented on rocketfuel setup in the internal wiki03:53
lifelesspoolie: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/70118604:01
spmyeah. use the magic word. I don't do nuffin without the magic word.04:29
lifelessjml: please refine the importance on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/69560604:30
_mup_Bug #695606: recipes shouldn't build if a build was triggered by hand for the set PPA and nothing has changed <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/695606 >04:30
spm<lifeless> spm: is bug 660854 still present? <== yes04:32
_mup_Bug #660854: importds are spamming log messages <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-code> <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/660854 >04:32
spmugh. we're not compressing/rotating the spew log that's collecting those.04:34
lifelesssinzui: hi04:43
lifelessyeah sinzui - https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/697364 - maybe you have a hunch ?04:43
_mup_Bug #697364: pop up diff display (e.g. in bug pages) of merge proposal exceeds entire window and is not scrollable (css brain damage) <code-review> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/697364 >04:43
wgrantlifeless: Timing suggests the YUI upgrade.04:52
lifelessWould not suprise me04:52
wgrantI think the tag autocompleter glitch is also that.04:53
wgrantBut it may just be a Chromium dev build thing.04:53
lifelessthe bug above I can reproduce04:53
lifelesstag autcompleter on mav chrome is -fine-04:53
lifelessspm: please change the maintainer on https://launchpad.net/lp-qa-tools too04:58
lifelessmaxb: is bug 663195 common ?05:03
_mup_Bug #663195: CVS import fails for b2evolution project: cscvs.cmds.totla.ValidationFailed: directories differ <Launchpad CSCVS:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/663195 >05:03
lifeless\o/ no NEW bugs05:11
lifelessbah, 2 NEW bugs.05:11
maxblifeless: no idea, I'm afraid - generally I try to avoid looking at cscvs :-)05:14
* huwshimi is done for the day05:36
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adeuringgood morning08:31
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matsubaralifeless, thanks. I'll look into it11:17
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gmbderyck: Do you have a second to run a query on staging for me?13:06
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deryckgmb, definitely13:12
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
gmbderyck: https://pastebin.canonical.com/41807/, please. I'm trying to get to the bottom of bug 70049013:13
_mup_Bug #700490: Incorrect email address presented when merging accounts <Launchpad itself:Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/700490 >13:13
deryckgmb, no results.13:23
gmbderyck: Probably the staging db was too out of date. Okay, thanks.13:28
deryckgmb, np.  sorry it wasn't much help.13:28
gmbderyck: Out of interest, can you just try https://pastebin.canonical.com/41808/.13:29
deryckgmb, 3278 rows.  Would you like to see them?13:30
gmbderyck: Sure.13:31
deryckgmb, https://pastebin.canonical.com/41809/13:33
gmbderyck: Ta13:34
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henningejtv: what's up with your system/connection?14:27
jtvSomething with the wireless router, I think.14:27
bacabentley, adeuring, allenap , bac, benji, danilo, sinzui, deryck, EdwinGrubbs, flacoste, gary, gmb, henninge, jelmer, jcsackett, jtv, bigjools, leonard, mars, mrevell15:01
bac: meeting ping15:01
jtvack thx15:01
jmlthe ec2 land run I submitted last night passed, but did not submit to PQM15:07
jmlmrevell: good morning :)15:08
mrevellHey there jml15:08
bigjoolsjml: pqm is borked, I'm discussing it with mthaddon15:08
bigjoolsyou might be able to help, it's failing when importing testtools15:08
jmlbigjools: oh, that sucks. but that doesn't explain why ec2 land didn't even *try* to send to PQM15:08
bigjoolsoh, seems awfully coincident, are you sure?15:09
jmloh, no, my bad.15:09
jml[r=jml][ui=none][no-qa] Upgrade to testtools 0.9.8 final15:09
jmlhowever, that might be even more co-incident.15:09
jmlbigjools: where are the details of the current PQM issue15:10
bigjoolsjml: https://pastebin.canonical.com/41803/15:10
lifelessneeds losa intervention15:11
mthaddonlifeless: of what kind? I installed python-testtools (why is it suddenly needed?) and then we got a subunit import error15:12
lifelessmthaddon: will need subunit as well15:12
lifelessmthaddon: spm upgraded the pqm version on prase last week15:12
mthaddonlifeless: but we've had successful submissions since then, no?15:12
mthaddonlifeless: python-subunit ?15:13
lifelessmthaddon: I wouldn't expect so15:13
mthaddonlifeless: logs suggest we had one about 12 hours ago, but anyway... I can install python-subunit15:13
sinzuirockstar: make me an admin so that I can add new members https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-ui-reviewers/+members15:14
mthaddonlifeless, bigjools: ok, python-subunit installed - bigjools, can you try a resubmit?15:14
lifelessmthaddon: thanks15:14
bigjoolsiz sent15:16
lifelessflacoste: we're triaged https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+bugs?search=Search&field.status=New !15:20
lifelessflacoste: should I update the bug triage wiki page per my proposal ?15:20
flacostelifeless: thanks a lot!15:20
lifelessflacoste: or do you want to wait for the epic? It didn't seem to be as hot a topic as you thought it might be15:20
flacostelifeless: yeah, i was surprised by that15:21
lifelessderyck: would love your input on bug 12035715:21
_mup_Bug #120357: Improve the accept/decline/nochange column on +nominations <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/120357 >15:21
flacostei wonder if it's because people are in agreement15:21
flacostelifeless: but do update it, we can always refine it later15:22
derycklifeless, ok, I'll take a look.15:23
lifelessderyck: thanks!15:23
marsbac, so this is what you were talking about for the Thunderdome? http://www.theweathernetwork.com/your_weather/details/620/2190343/4/ustx0327/plpcities/15:29
marsbac, oops, that was posted in March! nevermind15:30
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bacmars: i'm sure you'll not even think it is chilly15:31
marsAccording to the Weather Network the forecast is 19F with 9F after windchill - that is not fun for a sweater15:32
marsI didn't know you even had weather like that so far south15:33
* gary_poster knew someone who (my wife reports, as roommate) used to open the bathroom window in January after a shower, living in Rochester NY. She was from Minnesota. *She* wouldn't think it was chilly.15:33
=== gary_poster is now known as gary-afk
jcsackettmars: it's a shorter winter, but it's still a nasty one in dallas. dallas is in the more northern, wetter part of texas.15:34
sinzuimars: Some of us believe the planners of the platform assumed Texas is always hot15:35
marssinzui, it appears I am guilty of such as well15:35
* sinzui was hoping for Cancun.15:35
flacostesinzui: you need to bribe marianna15:36
sinzuishe can come15:36
flacostefor next year15:36
flacosteoh, she's there all right15:36
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lifelessflacoste: NZ! :)15:43
flacostelifeless: getting 300 people to NZ isn't very cost effective :-/15:43
lifelessflacoste: depends on hotel rates surely ;P15:44
sinzuiHawaii (big island) is nice15:46
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derycklifeless, so that bug is still relevant.  quite an ugly page and set of controls.15:55
derycklifeless, you just want an ack from me, or some other ideas, or something else?15:55
lifelessderyck: if you could triage it (following the shiny new https://dev.launchpad.net/BugTriage) that would be awesome15:56
derycklifeless, ah, ok.  sure.15:56
lifelessderyck: I didn't know enough to assess it15:56
lifelessgmb: hey15:56
gmblifeless: Hi.15:57
lifelessgmb: curtis and I have pinged for your input in a few bugs recently15:57
lifelessI'm wondering if you could make some time to help us out15:57
gmblifeless: I've only seen yours today, to which I've responded (and I'm trying to write a test for it).15:57
gmblifeless: Which other ones did you need input on?15:57
lifelessflacoste: will you do the defn-of-critical -> defn-of-incident stuff ?15:58
lifelessgmb: I will have a squiz through the incomplete bugs to find them for you15:58
gmblifeless: Thanks. I'll check that my mail filters haven't been swallowing things they shouldn't whilst you look.15:59
lifelessgmb: it may be the grey filter15:59
sinzuigmb: you responded to the bug about @users.sourceforge.net. Since I confirmed the address does not exist in staging, we do not know how this could happen15:59
leonardrjames_w, quick question16:00
leonardras you know, we'd like to put launchpadlib 1.9.2 into natty16:00
leonardr1.9.2 depends on python-keyring 0.516:00
gmbsinzui: Yeah, I've no clue. I do wonder if we've not got an entirely accurate story here, but I so far haven't been able to reproduce it by mucking about locally.16:00
leonardrthe current version is 0.2. it's a debian package, and debian is frozen right now16:01
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
benji(leonardr: actually it'd be best if it were launchpadlib 1.9.3 and keyring 0.5.1, but that's just a detail)16:01
leonardrif we got python-keyring 0.5 into debian experimental, would we then be able to get it imported into ubuntu?16:01
flacostelifeless: sure, i can do that16:02
gmbsinzui, lifeless: Just found the message about bug 257940. My filters obviously didn't deem it important enough to bother me with ;)16:03
_mup_Bug #257940: Bug description doesn't get checked for remote bug links <bridging-the-gap> <bugwatch> <feature> <lp-bugs> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/257940 >16:03
lifelessgary_poster: have you seen anything like bug 696134 ?16:03
_mup_Bug #696134: python-lazr.delegates causes 'No module named restfulclient.errors' from apport-bug <lucid> <Apport:New> <lazr.delegates:Incomplete> <lazr.delegates (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/696134 >16:03
sinzuigmb: I mark all bug mail generated by myself as waste. I don't blame you.16:04
flacostelifeless: should we work on a query to upgrade all timeout/oops/regression bugs to 'Critical'?16:09
gmbsinzui, lifeless: I need to step out for a bit to collect my wife from work; ping me with any more bug IDs that I might have missed and I'll take a look when I get back.16:10
lifelessflacoste: I was just going to JFDI it16:10
lifelessflacoste: act as a mini-audit at the same time16:10
flacostelifeless: fine by me16:10
lifelessgmb: have a look at the 'incomplete' list16:10
gmblifeless: Okay, will do.16:10
lifelessgmb: its ~ 60 bugs and worth an eyeball16:10
gmblifeless: Sounds like a good way to end my day.16:11
gmbAnyway; bbiaw.16:11
* gmb -> exeunt in pursuit of a redhead.16:11
gary_posterlifeless, I haven't seen that before, and don't have an immediate idea after looking at the logs for that and the related bug.16:25
gary_posterif it truly is lazr.restfulclient.errors with the problem, and not merely lazr.restfulclient, then that might indicate a packaging problem (not including __init__.py, say; otherwise, if it is a problem with lazr.restfulclient, it might be another namespace-packages-are-fragile bug.16:25
gary_posterboth of those are just random guesses though16:25
lifelessUrsinha: do my comments in bug 701966 make sense to you ?16:26
_mup_Bug #701966: None: None OOPS with various scripts <oops> <Launchpad itself:Invalid> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/701966 >16:26
Ursinhawhoa, let me see16:26
lifelessUrsinha: also, I've just mailed the list saying that the new triage rules are in effect - we can all triage when filing bugs now16:28
Ursinharight, ok, makes sense16:28
james_wleonardr, that would be one way. We could go directly to Ubuntu as well.16:30
james_wleonardr, I just realised that we should talk to barry about this, as he maintains the launchpadlib packages in Debian now16:30
james_wleonardr, I can find him later to discuss it if you like16:30
leonardrjames_w, that would be great16:31
* leonardr also needs to talk to barry for an unrelated reason16:31
Ursinhalifeless, I'm not triaging while I'm filing because I don't know the severity of the oopses or if they're false alarms. I'm filing bugs for all oopses I found and asking people about them, trying not to lose track of the oopses in a first moment16:32
lifelessUrsinha: per zero-oops-policy they are critical16:32
james_wlifeless, I'm going to discuss having estimation on blueprints as well with mounir later, so don't worry about it in the LEP for now16:32
lifelessflacoste: I've updated z-o-p for squads, could you check I got it as you would have put it?16:32
lifelessjames_w: ok16:32
lifelessjames_w: thanks for letting me know16:32
flacostelifeless: z-o-p?16:33
lifelessflacoste: zero oops policy16:33
flacosteyeah, just got that16:33
flacostelifeless: fine, i brought back the respecting the w-i-p limit note, but worded it for the new context16:37
lifelessflacoste: cool thanks16:38
lifelessflacoste: I wasn't sure how to put it, appreciate you doing htat16:40
flacostelifeless: i'll make the relevant updates to the Kanban itself, since Critical bugs aren't 'Expedite' class-of-service anymore16:41
lifelessI think I have a TODO of writing up done-is-when-deployed16:42
lifelessthat we were waiting for something to unblock/do. Do you remember what that was?16:42
gary_posterlifeless: could you please take a look at my last comment in https://bugs.launchpad.net/lazr.restfulclient/+bug/380504 and add your suggestion/clarification as appropriate?  No rush, and if you'd prefer an email just ask.16:48
_mup_Bug #380504: Handle HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway automatically <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-foundations> <Launchpad itself:Invalid> <lazr.restfulclient:Fix Released by leonardr> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/380504 >16:48
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
* gary_poster should have searched for HAProxy in LP bugs16:49
gary_posterdoing that now16:49
gary_posterlifeless: nm16:50
lifelessgary_poster: I hope my reply is helpful16:51
gary_posterlifeless: thanks.  So, actually...16:51
_mup_Bug #636713: during sustained overload situation replies are truncated in production <lp-foundations> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/636713 >16:51
gary_posterwhich is similar16:52
gary_posterand bug 64006516:52
_mup_Bug #640065: appserver deployment must not interrupt live requests <lp-foundations> <rfwtad> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/640065 >16:52
lifelessthe 065 one is the one I split out16:52
gary_posterbut neither of those describe/explain the symptoms in that bug--daily 502s16:52
gary_posterthe HAproxy hypothesis might explain that16:53
gary_posteryou object to another bug?16:53
* gary_poster needs to get on another call but will be back16:54
lifelessgary_poster: I'm fine with another bug; personally I think its the rollouts still : interrupted live requests show up as 502's16:55
gary_posterdaily 502s back before continuous deployment though?16:55
gary_posterok, will file16:55
lifelesson *edge*16:55
gary_posterbryce reports on prod16:56
lifelessactually yes16:56
lifelesswe do log rotation daily16:56
lifelessIIRC that involves a stop-start sequence16:56
lifelesslets talk when you're not also on a call16:56
jml"Installing Twisted 10.2.0-4395fix Caused installation of a distribution: Twisted 10.2.0 with a different version."16:57
jmlWhat am I doing wrong?16:57
lifelessthe setup.py version does not match the one lp's setup.py/versions.cfg expects16:58
lifelesssame issue we had with testtools snapshots16:58
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
jmlmwhudson: did you have to change something in the Twisted tarball for the 4395 fix, other than applying the patch17:02
jmlmwhudson: because I can't see an obvious version change17:02
lifelessgary_poster: ah, its sigusr2; now I need to read up on what that does.17:06
gary_posterdoes not restart pretty sure17:06
mwhudsonjml: i hacked the setup.py :/17:06
gary_postertheres a distribute or setuptools approach to that; can download after call if desired17:07
=== benji is now known as benji-lunch
gary_posterlifeless, also I believe bryce reported that times were not consistent17:09
lifelessgary_poster: ok, given those two things we definitely need to keep looking17:09
gary_postercool, will file bug after call17:10
lifelessgary_poster: we have been overcapacity routinely - its yet another reason I want to get the single threaded appserver stuff done17:10
gary_posterack, yeah17:10
lifelessgary_poster: is bug 438802 perhaps fix released in lazr.restful ?17:14
_mup_Bug #438802: UnicodeDecodeError changing 'Assigned to' field when summary contains non-ascii <lp-bugs> <oops> <post-3-ui-cleanup> <ui> <Launchpad itself:Fix Released by intellectronica> <lazr.restful:Fix Committed by intellectronica> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/438802 >17:14
gary_posterlifeless: yes, changes, thanks17:15
lifelesspoolie: bug 585126 - if we could reduce memory on that that would be very helpful17:20
_mup_Bug #585126: sendbranchmail with lp:~vcs-imports/linux/trunk is eating memory <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-code> <oops> <Bazaar:Confirmed> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by thumper> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/585126 >17:20
lifelessgary_poster: what about bug 48876217:26
_mup_Bug #488762: SnapShot OOPS editing team with 13000 members <lp-foundations> <lp-registry> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Invalid by bac> <lazr.lifecycle:Fix Committed by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/488762 >17:26
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gary_posterreleased, changed, lifeless17:29
lifelessbigjools: what machine does bug 694004 need to be deployed to ?17:33
_mup_Bug #694004: PPA Apache log parser needs to exclude error logs <lp-soyuz> <oops> <qa-ok> <Launchpad itself:Fix Committed by wgrant> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/694004 >17:33
StevenKlifeless: germanium17:35
StevenKPPA == germanium always17:36
poolielifeless, heh I read that as <Launchpad eating itself:...>17:42
jmlmwhudson: ok, thanks.17:50
mwhudsonjml: are you upgrading to 10.2?17:50
jmlmwhudson: indeed.17:50
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-lunch
mwhudsonjml: \o/17:51
mwhudsonjml: sorry for making your life more difficult17:51
jmlmwhudson: that's ok. :)17:51
bigjoolslifeless: sorry missed your msg, but I see it was answered17:52
lifelessbigjools: de nada17:53
StevenKI'm helpful. Sometimes.17:53
bigjoolslifeless: the lack of nodowntime for germanium prevented that fix going out quicker :/17:53
lifelessbigjools: yeah17:53
bigjoolsmy oopses are swamped until it's landed17:53
bigjoolsanyway I have to go, g'night all17:54
lifelessbigjools: I think we're < 24 hours away now, but it should be simple: mail mrevell to get a downtime slot, and request a deploy to match17:54
bigjoolslifeless: it was hardly worth it with the release coming up otherwise I would have17:54
bigjoolsanyway.... gone17:55
StevenKlifeless: So, are you available for an idea?17:56
StevenKlifeless: Which room are you in?17:56
StevenKWhich floor?17:57
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=== benji-lunch is now known as benji
lifelessgary_poster: were you aware of bug 416268 ?18:21
_mup_Bug #416268: application server core dump <canonical-losa-lp> <lp-foundations> <oops> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/416268 >18:21
gary_posterlifeless: had seen.  did not repeat.18:22
lifelessrighto, oops + timeout + regressions rescored to critical18:32
StevenKYes, you amused kees18:32
lifelesspcjc2: hi18:43
lifelesspcjc2: are you interested in doing a patch for that tag issue?18:43
lifelesspcjc2: also, have we grabbed a contributor agreement from you ?18:43
=== gary_poster is now known as gary-lunch
jmlpoolie: https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/WebservicePerformance ; https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/WebservicePerformance/ClientSyntax ; https://dev.launchpad.net/Foundations/Webservice/ProposalQnA19:07
leonardrsinzui, i need some xslt help19:14
leonardri'm trying to modify this expression:19:14
leonardr <xsl:for-each select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param/wadl:link">19:14
leonardr(this is in wadl-to-refhtml.xsl in case you didn't guess)19:15
leonardrthat select is getting an object i want to leave out. my two questions are 1) how do i avoid processing it or change the select to say "only get links with property x"19:16
leonardrand 2) how do i implement a check for property x in xslt19:16
* sinzui thinks19:17
* sinzui still thinking19:19
=== EdwinGrubbs is now known as Edwin-afk2
pcjc2@ lifeless - yes I'll do the patch, and I've already signed the contrib agreement19:23
sinzuileonardr I see we have an xsl:if and xsl:choose constructs in some of these uses. Which use or object are your trying to avoid19:24
leonardrsinzui: i'd like to avoid param/link tags unless param['name'] ends with '_collection_link'19:25
sinzuileonardr: okay, that helps19:25
sinzuileonardr: I just lost my history. please repeat the path and the rule to exlude :(19:26
leonardrsinzui: sure19:27
leonardr<xsl:for-each select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param/wadl:link">19:27
leonardri want to include only those where the wadl:param tag has a name attribute ending in '_collection_link'19:28
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
sinzuileonardr: are we using sn EXSLT enabled engine?19:44
leonardrsinzui: i'll check. i think we are using xsltproc19:45
leonardrsinzui: if push comes to shove we can explicitly exclude a single item19:45
sinzuiyes we are thanks.19:45
=== gary-lunch is now known as gary_lunch
* sinzui thinks more19:45
=== gary_lunch is now known as gary_poster
sinzuileonardr: we have several examples in foreach that use xsl:if or xsl:choose to exclude output. But I do not see how to exclude by a fragment of an attribute name19:46
sinzuileonardr: we might do this if the attr's content is easy to test. I do not think collection links (urls) look different from entry objects though19:47
leonardrsinzui: the urls themselves don't look different, no19:47
jmlgmb: may I join ~malone-alpha?19:50
jcsackettleonardr, can i get you to take a quick look at a branch with an eye towards seeing if it breaks API compatability?19:51
leonardrjcsackett, sure19:51
jcsackettthanks, leonardr: https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/launchpad/shortlist-69691319:52
thumperlifeless: oops 1837REPORTIFSEEN38120:01
StevenKWhat prefix is that for?20:01
gmbjml: I think it can be arranged, yes.20:04
leonardrjcsackett: when an entry is changed, we take a snapshot before making the change, and send the snapshot along with the new object in an ObjectModifiedEvent20:05
thumperStevenK: something that shouldn't be running I think20:05
leonardrso that anyone who cares about the change can see what changed20:05
leonardrafaik that's the only place where lazr.restful uses snapshots20:05
thumperStevenK: I saw lifeless update the oops prefixes in a config branch at the end of last week20:05
leonardrand you can't change a collection field20:05
leonardrso unless i'm missing something, this should not change the behavior of the web service20:05
jcsackettleonardr: that's what i thought. a review on that branch raised the question though, and i wasn't sure. thanks.20:06
gmbjml: Done20:06
lifelessStevenK: see the production launchpad-lazr.conf for an answer20:08
flacostejml: why did you remove the link to the bug tags from the LEP template?%20:08
sinzuileonardr: jcsackett: I am thinking something like this, yet valid: <xsl:for-each20:08
sinzui  select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:Param/wadl:link[20:08
sinzui    contains(local-name(@*), '_collection_link']">20:09
lifelessflacoste: there were two links20:09
leonardrsinzui: ok, why is that invalid?20:09
sinzuileonardr: local-name() can return the name of an attr20:09
flacostelifeless: i see, the 'On Launchpad' bit20:09
sinzuileonardr: I do not think I can pass a node-set to local-name()20:10
leonardrsinzui: as a possible punt, can you give me a syntax for excluding wadl:link[not contains(resource_type, 'person')]?20:11
lifelessjml: https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/EffortEstimation20:11
sinzuileonardr: I see local-name does except a node-set20:11
sinzuiit might be valid20:11
leonardrok, let me try it20:12
lifelessjames_w: ^20:13
leonardrsinzui: that filters out every single top-level object20:14
jmlgmb: thanks20:14
jmlgmb: btw, maybe make it a moderated team?20:15
gmbjml: I just clicked save as you pinged me.20:15
gmbGreat minds20:15
gmb(and mine)20:16
gmbOccasionally think alike20:16
jcsackettleonardr, sinzui: are we using xslt 1.0 or 2.0?20:17
leonardrjcsackett: the stylesheet says 1.020:18
jcsackettdamn. 2.0 gives us fn:ends-with.20:18
jcsackettwhich seemed perfect.20:18
leonardrthe problem is less ends-with and more identifying the part of the tag that needs to be filtered20:19
jcsackettleonardr: right, but if you can assert name() ended with _collection_link, that would be your filter expression, wouldn't it?20:22
leonardrjcsackett: you mean something like this?20:23
leonardr /wadl:param[endswith(@name, "_collection_link")]/wadl:link?20:23
leonardrwould that work?20:23
jcsackettif we had xslt 2.0 available--i don't think we do. but i think maybe substring could work?20:25
jcsackettwald:param[substring(name(), string-length(name()) - 15) = '_collection_link'] ?20:26
jcsackettleonardr ^20:26
jcsackettfarfetched, but maybe?20:26
leonardrmy question is whether we can stuff a conditional in the middle of the select20:26
leonardri'll try it20:26
sinzuijcsackett: leonardr: can either of you fix this syntax to ensure we call contains for every attribute [@*/contains(local-name(), '_collection_link']20:29
leonardrsinzui: i need to see the whole expression in context. what is that being applied to? the wadl:link?20:31
=== jml changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: Launchpad Development Channel | New starters: huwshimi | 11.01 Release Week 4 | PQM is open | RM: jcsackett | firefighting: build is broken | Get the code: https:/​/​dev.launchpad.net/​Getting
sinzuikey('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:Param/wadl:link[@*/contains(local-name(), '_collection_link']20:32
jmlthe build is broken, could someone please fix it? I'm not available right now20:32
StevenKjml: In devel? Lookerating20:33
jmlStevenK: thanks.20:33
lifelesspcjc2: hi20:38
lifelesspcjc2: sorry, lots of interrupts here, was just talking SANs20:38
leonardrsinzui: no idea. do you know why this doesn't select anything?20:38
pcjc2hi - just coding up the patch for tags20:38
lifelesspcjc2: cool20:38
leonardrselect="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[contains(@resource_type, '_collection_link')]/wadl:link20:38
leonardrcan i just not put the filter there?20:39
pcjc2I'm not sure what value the "DISTINCT" buys us if the EXISTS cause doesn't shortcut the query20:39
pcjc2Does DISTINCT shortcut the lookup? It would seem that it couldn't know to do that - or does it infer that from the WHERE clause?20:39
pcjc2Might seem to me that the * and -* clauses could be shortcut by LIMIT ing the return of the SELECT statement to at most one row20:40
lifelesspcjc2: it does20:40
pcjc2I've added similar speed-ups to the other tag searches too20:40
thumpersinzui: ping20:40
lifelesspcjc2: the DISTINCT means that if there are 1000 tags on that bug, the subquery only returns one row20:41
sinzuileonardr: I read that to mean select all param elements that have a resource_type attribute that contains '_collection_link'20:41
lifelesspcjc2: we've got concrete data for this20:41
lifelesspcjc2: the precise change I proposed makes the query take 7ms20:41
lifelesspcjc2: basically, pgsql is weird :)20:41
pcjc2as compared to the case where it was only "SELECT ... WHERE BugTag.bug = Bug.id"20:41
leonardrsinzui: ah, the name is wrong. it should be name, not resource_type20:42
pcjc2As you noted in the bug, the EXIST function should have far more power to short-circuit row lookups20:42
lifelesswell, we've had other more complex cases20:42
pcjc2I would have presumed DISTINCT had to process every row, as well as remove duplicates20:42
lifelessit seems to be sensible20:42
sinzuileonardr: you many need local-name() to avoid namespace issues20:43
lifelessI can ask a losa to test with/without, but as distinct works well enough I propose just doing it :)20:43
pcjc2It just looked odd to have it in the clauses for the -* lookups, but not for other tags20:43
leonardrsinzui: /wadl:param[contains(@name, '_collection_link')]/wadl:link selects the param whose @name is "me_link". what should i do with local-name?20:43
pcjc2(They will be distinct anyway, assuming duplicated tags are not allowed)20:43
pcjc2I've put " SELECT DISTINCT TRUE FROM BugTag WHERE BugTag.bug=Bug.id"20:44
pcjc2Since we don't care about the data returned from the table20:44
sinzuileonardr: sorry. I thought you were referring to the function name(). you are correct to use @name20:44
pcjc2The clauses are combined along the lines of "(EXISTS (%s) %s NOT EXISTS (%s))" % (include_clause, combine_with, exclude_clause)20:44
sinzuileonardr: or name for an element named name20:44
lifelesspcjc2: the ids aren't20:44
leonardrsinzui: do you know why that expression would select a param with name="me_link"?20:45
pcjc2Bug IDs aren't.. but then we are querying tags for a particular bug here, right?20:45
lifelessmbarnett: are you online again ?20:45
mbarnettlifeless: i am back,20:45
pcjc2how is the test-coverage for tag searches?20:45
lifelessup for profiling a query on prod? (data for it isn't on staging yet)20:45
mbarnettlifeless: sure.20:46
lifelessgimme a minute to whip it up20:46
mbarnettlifeless: give me the competing bits20:46
jcsackettsinzui: leonardr: i've got to run for a few. sorry i've been no help.20:47
sinzuileonardr: I do not think you need local-name since the '_collection_link' is in an attr value20:47
pcjc2gah - the test-suite tests based in expected SQL generation, not results20:49
leonardrsinzui: ok. my problem is that i have a seemingly comprehensible expression that doesn't filter anything out20:49
sinzuileonardr: Is this a sample of wadl:link elements that you want to match http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/553336/20:53
leonardrsinzui: yes, exactly20:53
sinzui:( I just wrote a select for that and then saw it was identical to what you just said did not work20:54
sinzuileonardr: this does not work? <xsl:for-each select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[20:55
sinzui    contains(@name, '_collection_link']/wadl:link">20:55
leonardrsinzui: maybe the expression shows up again later in the document, and it must be changed there as well20:55
leonardryeah, i think that's it20:57
sinzuiyes 2 times20:57
LPCIBotProject devel build (351): FAILURE in 4 hr 48 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/351/21:01
lifelessmbarnett: http://pastebin.com/KmzJ7YpL21:01
leonardrsinzui: ok, there's another place where it's slightly different21:05
huwshimiMorning everyone21:06
jmlhey huwshimi21:06
leonardr<xsl:variable name="top_level_collections" select="key('id', 'service-root-json')//@resource_type[substring-after(., '#') = $id]" />21:06
lifelessmbarnett: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=kcwvmWqb21:07
lifelessmbarnett: should be able to just run that21:07
lifelessin psql21:07
leonardri changed that to:21:08
leonardrselect="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[contains(@name, '_collection_link')]/wadl:link/@resource_type[substring-after(., '#') = $id]"21:08
mbarnettlifeless: thanks, was trying to sort out the "#"s that the original was introducing21:08
leonardrbut either that had no effect, or i'm missing something else21:08
lifelessmbarnett: I had a brain fart21:08
sinzuileonardr: maybe <xsl:variable name="top_level_collections"21:09
sinzui  select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[21:09
sinzui    contains(@name, '_collection_link']//@resource_type[21:09
sinzui    substring-after(., '#') = $id]" />21:09
leonardrdid you just add a slash?21:10
leonardryou removed wadl:link21:11
leonardrthat doesn't help me21:11
sinzuileonardr: you want the wadl:link element21:11
leonardrno, i don't care21:11
leonardrbut getting rid of it doesn't change what happens21:11
leonardr'person' does not show up in the list of reosurce types, presumably because it was found in top_level_Collections21:12
jmlhuwshimi: how'd it go landing that branch?21:12
huwshimijml: Getting there, but ran into an issue. Still trying to sort it out21:13
mbarnettlifeless: the results with no # of results all returned 33: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/553340/21:13
sinzuileonardr <xsl:variable name="top_level_collections"21:13
sinzui  select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[21:13
sinzui    contains(@name, '_collection_link']/wadl:link[21:13
sinzui    substring-after(@resource_type, '#') = $id]" />21:13
jmlhuwshimi: what's the issue?21:13
sinzuileonardr: is person also effected by the dual nature of team?21:13
huwshimijml: The land script was having issues. Just about to try again and see21:14
lifelessmbarnett: the explain analyzes seem to be missing ;)21:14
=== Edwin-afk2 is now known as EdwinGrubbs
leonardrsinzui: no, i eliminated that possibility pretty early21:14
leonardrin the wadl, person and team are two different but largely duplicated tags21:15
mbarnettlifeless: bah21:15
lifelesspcjc2: select true, no distinct, appears to be the fastest result we got21:15
lifelesspcjc2: can't tell if thats algorithmic or load (because the analyzes are awol :P)21:15
lifelessmbarnett: no worries21:15
pcjc2so drop the DISTINCT from the SQL - cool, that makes things more consistent21:16
lifelessmbarnett: my intent was that you could just capture stdout and not need to fiddle with copy n paste21:16
pcjc2The test-suite here is not very nice / good21:16
jmlhuwshimi: btw, paste.ubuntu.com and paste.canonical.com are good places to dump error messages to share with others21:16
pcjc2the test-suite is based on the expected SQL for a given tag query, not expected _results_ for a given ....21:17
huwshimijml: ok thanks.21:17
leonardrsinzui: i don't think this expression is the problem. if i flip the conditional on $top_level_collections, i don't get person--i get nothing21:18
leonardri guess that doesn't prove what i was saying21:18
lifelesspcjc2: heh; a bit ugly, but in some ways reasponable21:19
pcjc2doesn't let me verify my new SQL produces valid results though21:19
pcjc2definately drop "DISTINCT" ?21:20
huwshimijml: I feel like I'm probably doing something dumb, but this is what I get: https://pastebin.canonical.com/41843/21:20
lifelesshuwshimi: btw if its not confidential, pastebin.ubuntu.com is better than .canonical.com21:21
lifelesslets more folk help21:21
jmlhuwshimi: you need to update your download-cache and rebuild21:21
huwshimilifeless: Oh right, thanks.21:21
jmlbzr up download-cache; make compile21:21
jmlhuwshimi: it was a bug in our dev tree that has since been fixed.21:21
huwshimijml: Ok, thanks21:21
mbarnettlifeless: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/553345/ might help more21:22
lifelesspcjc2: theres only 1ms in it in the plan, but yeah drop the distinct21:23
gmbgary_poster: Around?21:24
sinzuileonardr: I have assumed for a long time that the person collection/entry is broken by the flawed implementation of team.21:24
gary_postergmb, hi, yes21:24
sinzuileonardr: is people_collection_link the item that is missin?21:25
* gary_poster still wants to set up a call with gmb before Thunderdome21:25
gmbgary_poster: Hi. I was just wondered if you still wanted to have our long-delayed catch up call before Thunderdome. It would seem I suddenly have tomorrow and Friday as normal work days as the result of a travel snafu.21:26
gary_posterthough days are few21:26
leonardrsinzui: it may be, but that has nothing to do with this problem--this problem is caused by the fact that we have a link to a person at the top-level, and the xslt assumes there are only collections at the top-level21:26
leonardrno, #person is the item that's missing in my hacked file21:26
leonardrin the file as is, #person is created but it's not properly fleshed out and it's treated as a collection21:26
gmbgary_poster: I can do any time tomorrow or Friday.21:26
gmb(and I can be TZ flexible too, if that helps)21:26
gary_postergmb :-) awesome.  Lemme go look at a calendar, and remind myself what my TZ offset is...21:27
gary_poster(-5 I think, but I never trust my memory of it)21:27
gmbgary_poster: If you're in EST you're -5.21:27
gmb(Hurrah for all those days of having to do conference calls with the Lexington office)21:28
sinzuileonardr: okay, I found it. it does not have a @name. I think I can propose a solution21:28
gary_posterheh.  that's it, then.  go, go memory.  Wait, I didn't mean for you to leave...21:28
* leonardr awaits21:29
gary_postergmb: tomorrow at 1600 UTC ?21:30
sinzuileonardr: the me_link is unique in th xml, so21:30
sinzui<xsl:for-each select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[21:30
sinzui    contains(@name, '_collection_link') or @path="$['me_link']"]/wadl:link">21:30
gmbgary_poster: Works for me. Send me an invite and I'll ack presently.21:30
gary_posterawesome will do.  thank you!21:30
* gmb realises it's way past EOD, disconnects for the sake of his sanity21:31
sinzuileonardr: well the quotes need fixing, but the trick is to use OR21:31
sinzuileonardr: <xsl:for-each select="key('id', 'service-root-json')/wadl:param[21:32
sinzui    contains(@name, '_collection_link') or contains(@path, 'me_link')]/wadl:link">21:32
=== mbarnett changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: **Launchpad down/read-only from 23:00 - 00:30 UTC for a code update** Launchpad Development Channel | New starters: huwshimi | 11.01 Release Week 4 | PQM is open | RM: jcsackett | firefighting: build is broken | Get the code: https:/​/​dev.launchpad.net/​Getting
leonardrsinzui: my problem is that me_link is being counted as a top-level collection and i don't want it to be21:36
jmlhuwshimi: maybe try running ./bin/buildout if 'make compile' doesn't work?21:36
leonardrthat seems to guarantee it will be counted as one21:37
sinzuiso we neet a not() condition on it? I would have thought that was unneeded since it does not have @name21:37
huwshimijml: That didn't fix it either21:38
leonardrsinzui: i have no idea why it's not working as is, and i've fried my brain looking at it21:38
jmlhuwshimi: still getting the same error?21:38
jmlsilly me21:39
jmlhuwshimi: you'll need to merge in the latest devel21:39
huwshimijml: ok I'll try that21:40
micahghi lifeless21:42
sinzuileonardr: so this does not work: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/553356/21:43
leonardrsinzui: that works21:44
jmlmwhudson: fwiw, Launchpad tests fail w/ Twisted 10.221:44
leonardri can stop me_link from being considered in the big list of <h2>top-level objects</h2>21:44
micahglifeless: so regarding bug 702031, this affects developers applying for upload rights in that it makes it harder to find their contributions, don't know if that should increase the priority, but didn't know if that needs another tag21:44
_mup_Bug #702031: Packages pocket copied from a Security PPA to the archive should appear in +uploaded-packages <soyuz-security> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/702031 >21:44
leonardrbut when it comes to generating the entry tags21:45
mwhudsonjml: !21:45
mwhudsonjml: which?21:45
leonardrwe check each one to make sure it's not in some list of "top-level objects" generated some other way21:45
jmlmwhudson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/553358/21:45
leonardrand although 'me_link' doesn't seem to show up in that list, 'person' is not being considered an entry for some reason21:45
thumperI HATE database identifiers in doctest results21:46
mwhudsonjml: at least they're faintly plausible tests to fail21:46
lifelessmicahg: I'm inclined to leave it low; but you can raise it through the stakeholder process (once Ubuntu decides on a representative)21:46
mwhudsonjml: is the problem clear from the traceback?21:46
StevenKthumper: Agreed, rargh!21:47
micahglifeless: ok, are there other tags for tracking stakeholder bugs?21:47
mwhudson(i also like the way lp.archiveuploader.tests.test_uploadprocessor.TestBuildUploadProcessor.testBinaryPackageBuild_fail both fails and errors)21:47
StevenKmwhudson: On buildbot or hudson?21:47
lifelessmicahg: ones that we've accepted get a tag, but not simply ones that stakeholders care about AFAIK21:47
jmlmwhudson: they seem librarian related21:47
StevenKOr twisted related21:47
mwhudsonjml: ok21:47
jmlmwhudson: the errors are obscured a bit by the librarian logs21:47
lifelesswhats up with this:21:48
micahglifeless: ok, thanks, will keep an eye on the stakeholder stuff21:48
lifelessOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: './lib/canonical/launchpad/icing/yui/dom/dom-style-ie-min.js'21:48
lifelessUsing filter: min21:48
jmlmwhudson: when is poolie going to start working on tribunal full time21:48
mwhudsonjml: deprecation warnings on startup?21:48
jmlmwhudson: ooh, there's a thought.21:48
mwhudsonjml: what the what?21:48
spivlifeless: jam saw that yesterday21:48
StevenKlifeless: I think that's an out of date jsbuild?21:48
poolieooh that'd be nice21:48
pooliefor a change21:48
jmlmwhudson: it would make it easier to read these errors21:48
mwhudsonjml: 'make start_librarian' or whatever i guess?21:48
jmlmwhudson: yeah, looking into it.21:48
spivlifeless: (but I think he hacked around it rather than digging into why)21:49
jmlmwhudson: actually, I might gate-crash your room. too much talk here for this kind of work.21:49
mwhudsonjml: are we going to make tachandler less vomitous at some point?21:49
mwhudsonjml: it's quiet here21:49
mwhudson(cause there's a linaro meeting happening somewhere else)21:49
spivmwhudson: ReadyService is a thing of beauty :P21:49
lifelessspiv: he 'rm -rf'21:49
lifelessits lean now21:50
lifelessI cleaned it up21:50
sinzuileonardr: okay I think I understand now. Maybe you should stop working on this today. clear you mind. I will look at this my my tree and see if I come to a solution21:50
leonardrsinzui: thanks a lot21:51
mwhudsonspiv: i guess you could say that21:55
lifeless  File "/home/robertc/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps/eggs/lazr_js-1.5DEV_r191-py2.6.egg/lazr/js/build.py", line 74, in needs_update21:59
lifeless    if os.stat(src_file).st_mtime > target_mtime:21:59
lifelessOSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: './lib/canonical/launchpad/icing/yui/dom/dom-style-ie-min.js'21:59
lifelessUsing filter: min21:59
lifelessany more suggestions ?21:59
huwshimijml: Have gotten past that error now. Thanks!22:01
mwhudsonlifeless: rm -rf something i think22:03
lifelessjam deleted his whole tree22:03
lifelesscheck utilities/yui-deps.py22:04
lifelessand die a little22:04
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
jammwhudson, lifeless: technically I used "bzr clean-tree --detritus --ignored --unknown", but yeah, pretty much22:05
jamthe code that does os.stat() should check that the file already exists22:05
jamor handle the ENOENT22:05
lifelessits a dep listing22:05
lifelessits just buuuugy22:06
jamif the file doesn't exist, I think it is safe to say it isn't new enough :)22:06
lifelessmwhudson: you looked ? :)22:07
mwhudsonlifeless: no22:07
mwhudsoni believe you though22:07
lifelessbug 70216022:08
_mup_Bug #702160: utilities/yui-deps.py manually lists dependencies <tech-debt> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/702160 >22:08
pcjc2Lifeless, a cursory search suggests this "problem" exists for CVEs and possibly other things22:09
lifelesspcjc2: you may find existing bugs in https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+bugs?field.tag=timeout22:10
pcjc2"BugTask.bug IN (SELECT DISTINCT bug FROM BugCve)" rather than "EXISTS SELECT TRUE FROM BugCve WHERE BugCve.bug = BugTask.bug"22:10
lifelesspcjc2: I can well  believe this22:10
pcjc2ok, I'll see what I can get through22:10
lifelesspcjc2: I suggest doing fixes for them in separate branches22:10
lifelessfits better with our qa process22:10
pcjc2I'm a little nervous that there isn't a test-suite test which tests functioanlity based on real queries though22:10
pcjc2I'll have to be sure I test it properly here22:10
lifelesspcjc2: most of our stuff is tested end to end (and thats a problem in various ways) - there are tests and tests though.22:11
lifelesswhat specific tests are you looking at ?22:11
pcjc2(I don't think I've got the spare time to re-write such an extensive bunch of tests)22:11
pcjc2class TestBugTaskTagSearchClauses(TestCase):22:11
pcjc2Tests emission of "correct" SQL, not whether the SQL produces the correct result or not22:11
pcjc2so when I change the query in model/bugtask.py22:12
pcjc2I have to change the expected SQL in the test results22:12
lifelessyes, this is testing what is queried for22:12
lifelessthere are other tests :)22:12
pcjc2and this doesn't help me verify I've not broken anything22:12
pcjc2ah - fair enough22:12
pcjc2I had wondered if it would be more efficient to phrase the tag search as a single SELECT22:13
pcjc2and combine the logic in the WHERE statements - rather than doing boolean operations on various separate SELECT statements with a single WHERE clause each22:13
pcjc2Anyway - this is probably just bike-shedding - 7ms vs. 17secs seems "good enough" for the case I originally reported ;)22:14
lifelesspgsql traverses the btree separately per id anyhow22:15
lifelessso I don't think its a significant issue22:15
pcjc2stupid question - any idea of which tests to run?22:16
lifeless:!find . -name "*bug*search*"22:17
lifelessbugtask-search-views.txt bugtask-searches /xx-bugs-advanced-search-upstream-status.txt bugtask-search.txt22:17
pcjc2KeyError: 'STORM_CEXTENSIONS'22:19
pcjc2grr bin/test not working here - what did I break... (checks)22:19
lifelesspcjc2: run 'make'22:24
pcjc2Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'Twisted==10.1.0-4395fix'.22:25
pcjc2some rocketfuel command I need to call?22:25
thumperpcjc2: update the download cache?22:25
jmldo you have a download-cache22:25
jmlis it up to date22:25
pcjc2not sure.. -> probably not22:26
lifelesswho knows about the yui build stuff?22:27
jmlI don't :)22:27
jmlhmm. hmm. hmm.22:28
jmlthe librarian log seems to accumulate during a test run22:28
jmlI guess that makes sense, because it's the same librarian.22:29
jmlbut it makes the log in the details less useful for longer runs22:29
lifelessjml: yes22:29
lifelessjml: it would be nice for the fixture to note the file length and only copy new stuff22:30
lifelessjml: but! we need to fix the 1MB-and-it-rotates thing first22:30
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
* pcjc2 tries make clean.. otherwise not working still22:38
lifelesspcjc2: you nede to run 'bzr update' in the download-cache directory22:39
pcjc2I tried bzr pull22:40
pcjc2Tree is up to date at revision 227 of branch bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/lp-source-dependencies22:40
lifelessif you have the default setup, its bzr update22:40
pcjc2error is in bin/compile_templates22:41
pcjc2will pastebin22:41
* pcjc2 fixes error in his patch ;)22:43
pcjc2The download-cache update did help though, but the make error was my fault22:43
pcjc2is there an approved coding style for line-continuations?22:44
pcjc2            include_clause = \22:44
pcjc2                "SELECT TRUE FROM BugTag WHERE BugTag.bug=Bug.id"22:44
pcjc2Is that ok?22:44
lifelessthat looks like it will fit on one line in 78 charsa22:47
lifelessif it won't22:47
lifelessinclude_clause = (22:47
lifeless    "SELECT ...")22:47
lifelessis our preference22:48
bacpcjc2: as lifeless points out, we prefer the style he quotes.  continuing a line by using \ is not used.22:49
lifelessbac: not used would be an exaggeration :)22:50
baclifeless: really?  i don't recall seeing it.22:50
lifelessit's around22:50
lifelesspersonally I think we shouldn't specify stuff like this22:50
baclifeless: luckily we have a forum coming up for you to express that opinion.  :)22:51
lifelessbac: bigger fish to fry22:51
pcjc2I can't seem to make it run some tests23:00
pcjc2./bin/test -t xx-searching-by-tags.tx23:02
wgrantpcjc2: doctests are a bit odd. Try just asking for xx-searching-by-tags.txt, not the full path.23:02
pcjc2some tests fail with bug heat changes - even after "make schema"23:02
pcjc2tests are _slow_23:11
lifelessflacoste: hi23:12
jmlpcjc2: lifeless has a plan to make it all better.23:17
* pcjc2 wishes you guys used git instead of bzr - that would be nicer23:23
pcjc2probably mostly because I'm quite familiar with git, but not so with bzr23:23
lifelesspcjc2: how would it be nicer?23:24
pcjc2I'd love to see LP support code-review and branches with git as well as you do for bzr23:24
pcjc2we use git for our project - so supporting git workflows would be really handy23:24
pcjc2I was wondering if it would be accepted should I volunteer to work on it23:24
pcjc2but have been told (here IIRC), that it would not likely be wanted, even it it was coded23:25
lifelesstheres a bunch of concerns around it23:25
lifelesswe'd like to make users of git happy23:25
pcjc2any written down?23:25
lifelesshow that looks is a whole other question23:25
=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
lifelesson the technical side I wouldn't want a parallel infrastructure for git & bzr throughout the system23:25
pcjc2no - need some SCM abstraction23:26
lifelessjml: can speak to the social and product constraints23:26
lifelesspcjc2: we have one - bzrlib :)23:26
pcjc2bzr and git backends23:26
lifelesspcjc2: no, I'm serious - bzrlib *is* a SCM abstraction23:26
* pcjc2 wishes he had an index, and "git stash" whilst working on branches in bzr23:27
lifelessit can talk natively to git, svn, hg, bzr23:27
lifelessbzr shelve23:27
lifelessbzr unshelve23:27
pcjc2thanks - I knew it was probably me not being familiar enough with bzr23:27
pcjc2I think the problem is I'm so used to git's internal model - and I don't "get" bzr's - I'll make an effort to look it up some time23:28
jcsackettpcjc2: bzr shelve/unshelve has some really nice features. i've come to prefer it to git stash.23:28
lifelessgary_poster: is it intentional that WebservicePerformance isn't linked on LEP ?23:30
gary_posterI think so, lifeless; lemme review23:30
gary_posterlifeless: yeah, it is, we were building it.  That said, putting it in the Drafting section probably wouldn't hurt anything.  Would you like me to do so?23:31
lifelessthat would be cool23:32
pooliedid someone tweet it's back up?23:33
pooliegary_poster, i did that23:33
pooliegary_poster, it looks nice23:33
pooliei will add some comments23:33
gary_posterpoolie, thank you.  it's not internally consistent yet, but appreciated23:33
gary_posternight all23:34
pooliegary_poster, it would be interesting to look at the super-slow hottest100 measurement script23:37
poolieand see what the code would look like, and what round-trips it would do,23:38
poolieunder this new approach23:38
jmlStevenK: hi23:41
jmlStevenK: how's it going with those test failures?23:41
StevenKWorkus Interruptus23:41
jmlStevenK: I ask, because the recent branch to control IBuild.date_finished only from within buildmanager introduces new test failures23:41
StevenKBeing in the kernel room has been not good for interrupts23:42
poolieneeding to get up and go to the bar all the time23:48
james_wto examine in 15 minutes: OOPS-1838H586523:50
jmlStevenK: should I attempt to fix it instead?23:50
james_w(going to https://code.launchpad.net/~salgado/linaro-image-tools/config-class/+merge/46048)23:50
pcjc2grr... bugtask test fails comparing two notionally identical strings on prefixed as unicode (u"..."), one not ("...")23:54
lifelessdoctests are painful23:55
lifelessjml: they are23:55
pcjc2wasn't a doctest, was lib/lp/bugs/model/tests/test_bugtask.py23:55
lifelesswhat line23:55
pcjc2lost the scrollback in the terminal, so waiting for another test run23:55
pcjc2SQL was (EXISTS (SELECT TRUE FROM BugTag WHERE BugTag.bug = Bug.id AND BugTag.tag = 'fred') AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT TRUE FROM BugTag WHERE BugTag.bug = Bug.id AND BugTag.tag = 'bob'))23:56
pcjc2will need to bzr shelve and re-check prior to my changes as a next step I think23:56
lifelesspcjc2: what line in the test file23:56
jmlfor rolling back a revision, I can just do it and email the list.23:56
lifelessjml: if you mean commit a new revision reverting the changes with rollback=xxxx, yes23:57
pcjc2line won't match yours, as I've edited the test23:57
lifelessjml: you don't even need to email the list if you won't want to23:57
jmllifeless: ahh ok.23:57
jmllifeless: is there a doc so I can get this right?23:57
lifelessjml: if you mean uncommit, noooooooo dooooooinnnnnggggg it23:57
jml(or better yet, tool support?)23:57
jmllifeless: I don't mean uncommit.23:57
pcjc2def test_mixed_tags_all(self): ~= Line 45523:57
lifelessjml: https://dev.launchpad.net/MergeWorkflow23:58
StevenKjml: Sorry, interrupted again. Please do.23:58
jmlStevenK: ta.23:59

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