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MootBotMeeting started at 09:01. The chair is bac.15:01
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gary_posterme? does it matter to wait for the rollcall?15:02
* gary_poster assumes not15:02
bigjoolsme then15:02
deryckme can't resist me15:02
bacgmb:  welcome, i think15:02
gmbbac: ?15:03
bacmars: i was about to announce gmb's regrets but i see, do to travel mess up, he's here anyway15:03
bacsorry for being cryptic15:03
gary_postergmb, happy you're around, I think ;-)15:04
gmbbac: Ah, yes, forgot to update the wiki page.15:04
gmbgary_poster: Thanks, I think ;)15:04
baclet's do this informal and hopefully speedy today15:04
bacthere are no new agenda items15:04
bacjelmer: a couple of meetings back you volunteered to update the wiki regarding style guide for api_ naming.  did you get to that?15:05
jelmerbac: No, I wasn't aware that was one of my action items. I'll do it after the meeting.15:07
bacjelmer: there was some confusion.  if you don't mind that would be great.15:07
bac[topic] * Mentat update.15:07
MootBotNew Topic:  * Mentat update.15:07
bac* Salgado (ui)15:07
bac   * StevenK (code)15:07
bac   * Benji (code)15:07
bac   * JCSackett (code)15:07
bac   * MRevell (ui)15:07
bacany comments from the mentats or mentors?  mrevell i saw you got some UI reviews recently15:08
sinzuiWe have had some UI review requests. It could not find mrevell or salgado yesterday to do one15:08
StevenKI've not done OCR this week, due to timezones.15:09
bacsalgado is probably unavailable this week15:09
mrevellbac, I'd like a chat about the review I did. sinzui Sorry, I was on calls.15:09
bacStevenK: have you been gettin any reviews in general?15:09
sinzuiI wonder if mentats are missing from the UI review team15:09
* sinzui looks15:09
bac"gettin'"  -- i'm practicing for next week15:09
StevenKbac: Er, some. :-)15:10
jcsacketti've noticed that reviews have definitely picked back up on my OCR shift.15:10
gary_posterEdwinGrubbs is leaving soon, so we should figure out what that means for benji's mentat process15:10
bacgood point gary_poster15:10
bacbenji i'd be happy to take over if you'd like15:11
sinzuirock needs to add mrevell and salgado to https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-ui-reviewers15:11
benjisounds good15:11
bacsinzui: i'll ask him to do that.  thanks for the heads up.15:11
sinzuiWe need more admins on that team to ensure we can control who gets the requests for reviews15:11
bacsinzui: you, perhaps?15:12
sinzui4 members need to be removed too15:12
bac[topic] thunderdome reviewer throw down15:12
MootBotNew Topic:  thunderdome reviewer throw down15:12
sinzuiYes me. I fear rockstar will not com back from U1. I suspect there will only ever be 2 UI reviewers at a time15:12
bacreminder, we're going to have a couple of sessions next week about the state of reviews.  if you have comments you'd like to make to me please do so soonish.  i welcome all input15:13
flacostesinzui: rockstart will come back, it's a rotation, not a move :-)15:13
bac[topic] other stuff?  open floor.15:14
MootBotNew Topic:  other stuff?  open floor.15:14
marssinzui, we also have Huw with us now15:14
flacostebac: do we have a wiki page with the list of requested topics15:14
flacostefor the thunderdome15:14
flacostei've put two sessions on the schedule to discuss review topics15:14
bacflacoste: no, but that's a fine idea.  i'll do it this morning15:14
flacostewould be good to have a wiki page so that people can prepare for these15:14
flacostesinzui: barry was the first, and an exception15:15
StevenKWhat do you mean by Thunderdome Reviewer Throw down?15:15
flacosteall reviewers gets in, and one gets out :-)15:15
bigjoolsyou need to wear body armour15:15
bacStevenK: just we've got two 1 hour session scheduled to talk about our review process and how to improve it15:15
marsStevenK, is that an objective opinion? :)15:15
StevenKI'll let you know 30 minutes into the first thrown down session15:16
bacany other topics?15:16
henningeDoes anybody disagree if I update the "Python Test Cases" section a bit?15:16
bigjoolsthumper will win15:16
henningehttps://dev.launchpad.net/TestsStyleGuide#Python Test Cases15:16
bachenninge: i guess it depends on what you write.  :)15:16
jtvwhoo didn't see _that_ answer coming!15:17
henningeIt still sounds like they are a nice alternative to doctests.15:17
henningewhereas nowadays we strongly prefer them.15:17
gary_posterbac, we'll figure out what to do about EdwinGrubbs / benji later?15:17
gary_posteroh duh15:18
gary_posteryou said you'd do it15:18
gary_posterawesome thanks15:18
henningeAlso, the recommended use of comments in asserts does not match our common practice.15:18
henningeWe usually don't add comments.15:18
henningeThings like that.15:18
bachenninge: i think we aspire to have comments in asserts...15:18
henningewe do?15:19
gmbhenninge: You do if I'm reviewing it.15:19
jtvI have a suspicion that that note migrated from "assert" to TestCase.assert*15:19
* gmb removes grumpy trousers, goes back to sitting in the corner.15:19
gmb... that sounded better in my head.15:19
flacostebac: i think we don't do comments much nowadays because of testtools awesomeness15:19
flacostemany assetions method build a decent comment automatically15:19
henningeflacoste: that's what I thought15:19
jtvAIUI we always required a failure string for "assert" in regular code.  As flacoste says, TestCase.assert* is usually better at composing messages for tests.15:20
henningeIn fact, I was once asked by reviewer (in my early days) to remove the comments because of that and never has anybody asked me to add them.15:20
bacflacoste: good point15:20
henningeok, I'll update that.15:20
bachenninge: thank you.15:20
bacany other topics?15:21
StevenKBring on the epic!15:21
jtv"Long-winded, old story characterized by the absence of character development"?15:21
bacok, see you next week.  bring a sweater.15:21
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:21.15:21
jelmer:-) thanks bac15:21
StevenKA? I think bring 2 or 315:21
jtvI volunteer to be the sweater—I can go right back to the tropics.  ☺15:22
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