maxbexarkun: So, given I've already downloaded the svn repo, is there anything else I can do to help with this divmod conversion?00:37
jmloh yeah00:50
jmlI should volunteer to help00:50
jmlbut probably won't be able to until the weekend.00:50
maxbjml: divmod? Are you a bzr-svn person?01:05
jmlmaxb: uhh, no, not really. I used to be a divmod person though, and I am a Launchpad person.01:06
jmlmaxb: I guess I could help them by poking jelmer in real life :)01:06
jmlanyway, really gone01:06
maxbAm trying to dream up a bug report for this weird crash importing Nevow01:08
lifelessmaxb: words of one syllable :)01:26
maxbArgh! is one syllable :-)01:28
maxbexarkun: bug 701752, in case you want to subscribe01:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 701752 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "bzr-svn gets confused and crashes with certain rearrangements of branch parent dirs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70175201:46
exarkunmaxb: thanks01:54
exarkunmaxb: I'm not really sure what my next step would be, since I don't really understand the memory leak, or why I get different behavior for splitting Nevow out than you do01:54
exarkunone extra thing I remembered, though, is that in addition to https://code.launchpad.net/nevow there's also already https://code.launchpad.net/pyflakes01:56
exarkun(I don't _think_ any of the other code has been stuck on a launchpad project)01:57
maxbWell, at least for me, the memory leak is not an issue importing one project at a time02:15
maxbI'm running on a 4GB machine02:15
maxbIt just killed me when I tried to import the entire 13 projects in one bzr svn-import execution02:16
maxbAs for Nevow, I made an evil hack in the bzr-svn source code, and it proceeded to import the rest of the Nevow branch ok. But I'm a little reluctant to go with that since I'm not certain the produced history will be the same as a properly fixed bzr-svn02:17
maxbWe'll have to see what Jelmer has to say concerning bug 701752, because that code is over my head02:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 701752 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "bzr-svn gets confused and crashes with certain rearrangements of branch parent dirs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70175202:17
exarkunOkay.  Maybe jml will manage to get his attention soon. :)02:18
maxbOf course, there's nothing stopping us doing all the other 12 projects meanwhile02:19
exarkunglyph has some objections to throwing away the information that's present in some of the existing cross-project branches02:20
exarkunhmph, I forgot about reverend and combinator.02:21
exarkunI think those, and nevow and pyflakes can obviously be split off with only benefits02:22
exarkunwhen I mentioned to glyph that you thought the projects should be split up, I didn't really have an argument to make, because when you brought it up to me it just sounded like the right thing to do, so I don't think you had to argue it any further :)02:23
exarkunthe best reason I can think of is that the launchpad bug tracker doesn't have any way to mark tickets as for one project or another02:23
lifelesshow do you mean?02:23
exarkunlifeless: now the word "project" is getting in the way02:24
lifelessnouns do that02:24
exarkunif two "projects" had their code in a single bzr branch attached to a single Launchpad Project02:24
maxbThe situation is a legacy svn repository in which 13 projects all sat side by side within a single trunk02:24
maxbAnd the question is how best to get this lot into bzr02:24
lifelessexarkun: ah, yes you could not use the drop down widgets.02:25
lifelessexarkun: you could do the following:02:25
lifeless - use two LP Projects, with only one having code branches02:25
lifeless - use two LP Projects, with both having code branches starting with one initial branch, and then only evolving one "project" code in the code branches for one LP Project02:26
lifeless - some variation02:26
lifeless - use bug tags02:26
exarkunhum, that second option is interesting02:28
poolieexarkun, hi there, thanks for the conch fix02:32
poolieis it all done then?02:32
exarkunpoolie: committed to twisted trunk, ticket marked as fixed :)02:34
poolieexarkun, i'll just see if it's possible to test it actually on lp03:08
pooliei think mwh only tested on his own machine03:08
pooliewhich is probably definitive as far as your side of the fix goes, but i'd just like to know it's deployed ok03:09
poolieexarkun, works for me on production03:29
thumperpoolie: hi03:30
pooliehi there03:30
thumperpoolie: just wondering, which conch bug are you referring to?03:30
thumperpoolie: mwh seems to think it is all good :)03:31
poolieme too03:32
pooliethumper, you don't mind me marking it fixreleased at this point?03:34
thumperpoolie: I'm not sure if it has been rolled out03:35
thumperso unless you know it has, I'd wait until the release03:35
pooliei tested against production and it worked, and it claims to be fixed in the revision of stable that is mentioned in the lp footer03:35
pooliedoes that add up to it being rolled out?03:35
thumperthe id in the footer is just the webapp, not the codehosting server03:36
thumperI don't think the codehosting server is part of the no downtime rolls03:36
poolieso that's kinda interesting it doesn't fail03:38
pooliemaybe my client is not requesting rekeying03:38
poolieok, so a kind of false positive03:40
wildintellectanynone know if you can add both deb and deb-src from a ppa with apt-add? or the correct channel to ask such a question?03:53
thumperwgrant: do you know? ^^03:55
wildintellectmaybe it's just a limitation of the apt-add application now that I think about it, I'll go check their tickets03:57
wgrantwildintellect: Most users don't use source packages, so it doesn't add them.04:01
wgrantwildintellect: It *could*, but it's not clear whether it's worth it.04:01
wildintellecttrue I guess I'll write my script to do it the old fashioned way copying to sources.list.d04:02
wgrantpoolie: The next rollout is tomorrow, FWIW.04:10
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fta2how difficult/realistic would it be to make the translation exports faster/more frequent?07:37
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jmljelmer: https://launchpad.net/bugs/70175214:57
maxbhe knows, he's already triaged it14:57
jmlmaxb: good good.15:02
jmlmaxb: just pasting to give an easy link as a follow up to a real life conversation.15:02
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Williamson69[TFDIf anyone knows a lot about Linux and could answer my questions. Please query me. I am a very new user and want to use Linux. Please help me. If you are a Guru on Linux. I would love to talk to you. Please query16:36
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micahgChiumiento: try #ubuntu if you have questions on how to use Ubuntu16:41
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shadeslayerhi could someone delete this branch : https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/kdebindings/trunk/16:55
shadeslayeri get this : This branch cannot be deleted as it has 2 branches sharing revisions. : when trying to delete it16:55
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maxbshadeslayer: Why does it need to be deleted?17:01
shadeslayermaxb: because the upstream branch got split .. one sec17:02
shadeslayermaxb: https://code.launchpad.net/~neon/kdebindings/17:02
shadeslayerso that branch is completely empty17:02
maxbOk, so 3 things17:03
maxb1. It's development focus for project kdebindings, a registry admin is needed to unmark it as such17:03
maxb2. It's a stacking base for two branches of ~yofel17:04
maxb3. Usually vcs import branches just get renamed when they are obsolete, in case someone is interested in the history17:04
shadeslayermaxb: oh the history is preserved with the new branches ...17:04
shadeslayerthey used a script to convert svn history to git history ...17:05
maxbyofel: ping?17:05
shadeslayerhe's away i think17:06
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maxbhenninge: If you are available for a brief CHR operation, please visit https://launchpad.net/kdebindings/trunk/+linkbranch and change the linked branch field to be empty17:08
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henningemaxb: let see what I can do but I was about to leave ... ;)17:09
shadeslayermaxb: https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel << i dont see anything related to bindings17:09
maxbshadeslayer: the branches are in the Merged status, which is not included in the default "Any active status" filter17:10
henningemaxb: /me is reading backscroll17:10
maxbhenninge: Summary: upstream project has reorganized into various distinct subprojects, so there is no single appropriate branch to be lp:kdebindings any more17:11
henningeok, I see17:12
henningemaxb, shadeslayer: done. Good night ;)17:14
shadeslayerthanks :)17:14
shadeslayergood noght17:14
maxbshadeslayer: OK, so, I still think we should not delete the branch outright, but I think we should rename it from trunk to obsolete-monolithic17:14
maxbIn theory we can do that now17:14
shadeslayerok ...17:14
shadeslayersounds good17:15
maxbIt'll break ~yofel's branches until the stacked-on location is manually updated17:15
maxbBut they are ancient and marked as merged, so it's probably fine17:15
shadeslayeri dont think we will be using those anyways17:15
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yofelmaxb: so I should delete them?18:39
yofel(I'm fine with it)18:39
maxbyofel: it is not necessary that you do18:39
maxbI was just going to ask you to run "bzr reconfigure --unstacked lp:~yofel/kdebindings/..." on each18:39
yofelcan do18:40
maxbSince they do not appear to actually be sharing any revisions with the import branch anyway18:40
maxbgreat, now they should work, and no longer be unnecessarily tied to the other rbanch18:43
davidstraussHi, I need help recovering access to an account for a friend. His username on LP is "solrize." We don't remember the email address.18:46
mwhudsondavidstrauss: i can tell you the email address if you like18:59
mwhudsonor send email to it, but i don't know if that will help18:59
davidstraussmwhudson, that would be great18:59
davidstraussmwhudson, is it @archive.org?18:59
mwhudsondavidstrauss: yes18:59
davidstraussmwhudson, do you know who could help or would know the procedure?19:02
mwhudsonmrevell would i expect19:02
mwhudsonwho would be around now... bac?19:03
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mwhudsondavidstrauss: this is sort of relevant: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Merging19:08
mwhudsondavidstrauss: i have to go now, i hope you can get this sorted19:08
davidstraussmwhudson, is there a delay in sending new account emails? paul is trying to set up a new account, and the confirmation email is taking a very long time19:09
mwhudsondavidstrauss: no :(19:09
davidstraussmwhudson, just a launchpad-can-be-slow delay?19:10
mwhudsondavidstrauss: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/969 :(19:10
mwhudsondavidstrauss: it's more likely to be a "mail providers suck" delay19:10
mwhudsonbye for now19:10
davidstraussmwhudson, thanks19:10
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sorenI have an upload that seems to have gone missing.22:40
mwhudsonluckily for you wgrant should be awake by now22:41
sorenAt 22:15:19 UTC (about 25 minutes ago) I uploaded a package to one of my PPA's (soren/ppa). It's nowhere to be seen.22:41
wgrantsoren: The cron jobs may have already been switched off for the upgrade.22:45
wgrantThat seems oddly early, though.22:45
wgrantmbarnett: ^^?22:45
sorenwgrant: Oh, there's an upgrade going on right now?22:45
wgrantsoren: It starts in 15 minutes, I believe.22:46
mbarnettwgrant: yeah, crons were quite recently shut off22:46
mbarnettand yes, 13 minutes from now22:46
sorenHow long is this expected to run for?22:47
sorenThat's an odd sort of question.22:47
sorenWhen can I expect the upload to be processed is what I really wonder.22:47
micahg90 minutes was given as the outage window IIRC22:48
jcsackettsoren: projected downtime for the upgrade is 90 min.22:48
wgrantsoren: A few minutes after the upgrade finishes, so about 100 minutes from now.22:48
* micahg notices the topic :)22:48
* soren follows in micahg's foot steps22:48
sorenCool, not going to wait up, then :)22:49
hrwI dputted my package into ppa some time ago and nothing is visible in web ui. no 'rejected' email either ;(22:50
wgranthrw: The upload processor has been disabled for the upgrade.22:51
wgrantIt should be back in a couple of hours.22:51
hrwthank you22:51
* hrw will go to other activities then22:51
hrwbtw - will I have to reupload later or will my upload processed later?22:52
wgranthrw: It will be processed.22:52
Nafallowgrant: damnit. I was about to answer "yes"22:53
Nafallowgrant: let's talk in jabber instead :-)22:54

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