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phil_Hey every one. Can any take a second to help me? I'm having some Lubuntu issues...19:22
johnny77I'm working on setting up a Openbox session, but I'm having trouble getting Dropbox to load in the /home/jdmcclung/.config/openbox/autostart.sh. It loads if I login to LXDE, but not Openbox.19:23
johnny77phil_: Fill free to throw out your question... I'm pretty new, but maybe I can help.19:24
phil_I've installed Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.8, but it didn't come with the other versions, so I manually chose to install Lubuntu myself. Well, I think that I may have done something wrong because every time I sign into it, it only gives me SOME of my desktop... ie, missing taskbar, title bar, etc...19:25
phil_Did I do something wrong, or does it just sound like I have a glitchy system?19:25
johnny77how did you install Lubuntu?19:25
phil_I looked up the code and installled it through a terminal.19:26
phil_I used that site.19:26
phil_Any ideas? :(19:27
johnny77try just typing: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop19:28
johnny77also did you try to remove Ubuntu once Lubuntu was installed?19:29
phil_Even though it's already "technically" installed?19:29
phil_No. I'm wanting to have both of them.19:29
phil_Different purposes for both.19:29
phil_Once upon a time I had both, plus more installed. It was nice... :P19:30
johnny77I would try to install again. it sounds that it wasn't all installed.19:31
johnny77Make sure you are loging into Lubuntu and not openbox.19:31
phil_SHould I uninstall it first, and if so, how?19:31
johnny77no need to uninstall. If things were missed it will only install them.19:32
phil_And that won't get rid of regular ol' Ubuntu UE?19:33
phil_Awesome. I'll give that a shot. Did you see that link that I posted?19:34
phil_This is what I did...19:34
phil_Install Lubuntu from Ubuntu or any Ubuntu flavors19:34
phil_You can install on any installed version of Ubuntu by adding the lubuntu ppa and then installing lubuntu:19:34
phil_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-desktop/ppa19:34
phil_sudo apt-get update19:34
phil_sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends lubuntu-desktop19:34
phil_I'm still semi-trying to get used to Ubuntu vs... *YUK* Windows... lol. Slow conversion...19:35
johnny77I would try just "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop"19:35
johnny77I'm not sure what "--no-install-recommends" means. I'd leave it out when you try to install again.19:36
phil_Yeah. That seems like it'd make sense. Gonna try it right now. I'll probably have to restart at some point, but I'll come back in here when it's all done to let you know how it went.19:37
phil_Nevermind... I might actually have to uninstall it first... This is what I just got...19:39
phil_Reading package lists... Done19:39
phil_Building dependency tree19:39
phil_Reading state information... Done19:39
phil_lubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.19:39
phil_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 219 not upgraded.19:39
johnny77that sounds to me that everything is already installed.19:39
johnny77what exactly is happening when you login to Lubuntu?19:40
phil_Sometimes my taskbar is missing. Sometimes there's just no way to sign out. I never get to have my window borders. So, a lot of fun stuff...19:41
phil_Btw, I appreciate you taking time to help me. Thanks.19:42
johnny77no problem. I'm afraid that your problem may be outside my knowledge. If your taskbar is SOMETIMES missing, I'm don't know what would cause that.19:43
phil_Maybe I should try uninstalling it, and then reinstalling it the correct way. The way that I did it originally seemed kinda strange.19:44
johnny77what are your options when you login?19:44
johnny77Is there anything else other than Ubuntu and Lubuntu in which to login?19:45
phil_I get the Ubuntu UE login screen and I have the typical sign in options. Ie Ubuntu UE + recovery mode, openbox, lubuntu, lubuntu netbook edition, etc.19:46
phil_Is there a way to uninstall it? I could just try that and touch bases with you to let ya know if it worked after I reinstall it the correct way.19:47
johnny77Not trying to be dumb, but you are sure your logging into Lubuntu each time?19:47
phil_Yeah. :P19:47
phil_Done it many times in the past. Doing it the same way, only difference is that UE came with it before.19:48
johnny77Are you in Lubuntu now?19:48
phil_No. UE19:48
johnny77ok, open terminal type: sudo aptitude remove lubuntu-destop19:49
phil_sudo: aptitude: command not found :(19:50
johnny77ok try: sudo apt-get remove lubuntu-desktop19:52
phil_YAY! Removing! lol19:53
phil_And if it goes back to the origional text when you first open a terminal, it's done? name@computername:~$19:54
phil_Okay. I'm going to try reinstalling it now.19:56
johnny77ok, what are you typing?19:56
phil_I just put this in: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop19:57
johnny77just checking :)19:57
phil_lol. Understandable.19:57
phil_I need to restart, but I'll come back into here afterward just to feed any curiosity you might have as to how it went.19:57
r00t4rd3dhow the heck you rename desktop icons ?19:57
bioterrorr00t4rd3d, you edit the .desktop -file?20:00
r00t4rd3dive tried it all20:01
bioterrorjust a moment20:01
bioterrorI'll make myself one20:01
r00t4rd3dlol , i cant believe its not as simple as right click , rename20:01
bioterroropen with leafpad20:02
r00t4rd3dwow thats stupid :D20:02
bioterrorand change the Name=fooo to something20:03
bioterrortechnically if you choose from right click rename, it should edit the file ;)20:04
r00t4rd3dits doesnt20:04
r00t4rd3dtried as root an all20:04
bioterroryeah, that kind of feature is missing20:05
bioterrorgilir, you there?20:05
gilirbioterror, yes ?20:05
bioterroryou just need to edit that file20:05
bioterrorsad157@dopethrone:~% cp /usr/share/applications/singularity.desktop Desktop20:05
bioterrorrenaming that singularity to something else, needs tweaking the .desktop -files Name= -section20:06
bioterroris it possible that it could somehow to be done with right click and rename20:06
r00t4rd3dru guys lu devs ?20:07
bioterrorI am not20:07
r00t4rd3dhmmm , OCD , I renamed Chromium Web Browser to Chrome , but when I select it , the shaded selection box is huge like it still has the old name20:09
r00t4rd3dknow what i mean ?20:10
r00t4rd3dahh now it shrunk20:10
r00t4rd3dokay , nother stupid Q , whats the 12 hour time format ?20:12
r00t4rd3dgoogled , nothing.20:12
phil_Well, Johnny... Still the same results. Might just be glitchy on my system. I think that later I'm just gonna see if I can remove it and partition off some more of my hard drive somehow to install Lubuntu separately.20:12
bioterrorif I remember right20:12
johnny77phil_: Sorry.20:13
r00t4rd3dit says jan:13PM20:13
bioterroras I'm european, I use 24h ;)20:13
johnny77phil_: That's weird. I wouldn't think you'd have to partition your HD for Lubuntu.20:14
r00t4rd3dOnly ones in USA use 24 is the military20:14
phil_Yeah... Worth trying though. Do you know if partitioning part of the hard drive in Windows will affect the boot loader in any negative ways?20:14
bioterrorr00t4rd3d, http://linux.die.net/man/3/strftime20:15
r00t4rd3dwow , should it be this difficult ?20:17
johnny77phil_: I was looking up something about Ubuntu UE and it may because of it that Lubuntu is messing up.20:17
johnny77phil_: I'm not good with partitioning...  sorry.20:18
phil_Oh, really?!20:18
phil_What's the actual cause? DId you find that out?20:18
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johnny77phil_: I'm not sure, but did a quick google search and found a page that says UE 2.7 includes Environments Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, but UE 2.8 only shows Gnome for it's Environments20:20
phil_YEah, I know. I have a copy of 2.7, but decided to get the latest. My mistake... I've had 2.7 in the past.20:21
phil_Might be a compatibility issue... Damn...20:22
r00t4rd3dbioterror, lol %R 24hour %r 12hour20:22
phil_Well, at least I'm getting some good answers. That would make sense...20:22
bioterrorI use %H:%M20:22
r00t4rd3dso renaming an icon and setting 12 hour only took me an hour :/20:24
r00t4rd3dguess how long ive used linux :/20:24
bioterrorI started too 199820:24
r00t4rd3dthats about what year i started20:25
bioterroryeah, I did the math :D20:25
phil_Last year for me, and only off and on. :P20:25
r00t4rd3dstupid mandrake20:25
johnny77I just started a couple of months ago :)20:25
bioterrormandrake had some sort of package management20:25
bioterrorr00t4rd3d, I mean something like apt-get, not dpkg20:26
bioterrorI remember how I was excited about Mandrake after using RedHat 5.2 and 6.020:26
phil_Well, thanks for the advice, Johnny. I'm gonna head out and get something to eat. Probably gonna attempt partitioning my hdd later for a second time... Wish me luck.20:27
bioterrorphil_, what are you trying to do?20:27
r00t4rd3dnever used red hat , coundnt get it to install at the time20:27
johnny77phil_: See ya, sorry I couldn't help.20:27
phil_I'm running Ubuntu UE, but also would like the resource management that Lubuntu has to offer. Plus it's good for demo comparisons when trying to convince people to turn away from Windows or Mac. lol20:28
phil_But yeah. Take care.20:28
bioterrorresource management? :o20:29
bioterrorultimate editions webpage is something horrible20:29
phil_Lubuntu is quite a bit lighter than  Ubuntu UE 2.8. Oh, and one last note. You did help. Kinda gave me some answers anyway. So, yeah. Thank you. See ya later.20:29
bioterrorI bet that guy who makes the layout is a color blinded or something20:30
Timo_lol bioterror so true :P20:30
r00t4rd3dwow that is a horrible layout20:30
bioterroryeah the drop menu :D20:31
Timo_and the UE itselve20:31
Timo_the blue theme, I'd just say: I'm not attracted to it20:31
bioterrorI dont want to say anything bad but20:31
Timo_"more eyecandy"20:31
bioterrormaybe he should do something else than think about making "neat looking desktops"20:31
Timo_just take a normal Ubuntu and turn on the effects20:32
r00t4rd3dwtf is that20:32
Timo_oh wait, we're here in the support channel20:32
Timo_maybe we should tyalk in -offtopic :P20:32
Timo_r00t4rd3d: #lubuntu-offtopic nice channel to hang around :)20:32
r00t4rd3daww is this chan as anal as #ubuntu ?20:33
bioterrorr00t4rd3d, hahahaha, 20th century just called to be and asked if I can send that desktop back to them20:33
r00t4rd3di can see why i never heard of UE20:34
Timo_r00t4rd3d: well I don't know how 'anal' #ubuntu is, but well, it's just that this channel is being logged, and that some people don't like it when there is offtopic stuff between the 'useful stuff'20:34
r00t4rd3dif you said anal in #ubuntu = kick/ban20:35
bioterrorI've invited r00t4rd3d to offtopic ;)20:35
r00t4rd3doh i see why that dude in Tuscon went postal20:39
bioterrorhey r00t4rd3d join #lubuntu-offtopic20:39
Neosanohello, I undecorated my browser window, how to decorate it back?20:51
Neosanono, minefield20:51
Neosanoit acts like any other window20:52
Neosanowhat is the shortcut for that menu with Maximize, Minimize, Decorate and other buttons?20:52
Neosanohmmm? whaat?20:54
bioterroryou want that openbox configuration manager20:54
Neosanoif you right click on the top corner of any window there is a menu20:55
NeosanoSend to desktop, Layer, Restore, Move and etc.20:55
NeosanoI clicked Un/Decorate button20:55
Neosanonow I can't decorate it back, because it dissapeared20:56
NeosanoI mean the top thing20:56
Neosanoso.. hooow? :D20:56
bioterrorclose it and start again20:56
Neosanothat's how I always do20:56
Neosanobut there's must be better solution :D20:56
Neosanothere was some shortcut for this menu to appear20:57
bioterrorwhen you move cursor to the edge of that window20:57
bioterroryou can press mouse button 2 (right ;)20:57
Neosanoah to the edge20:57
bioterrorand you get20:57
Neosanoyeaah it worked20:57
Neosanolol :D20:57
Neosanothank you20:57
bioterrorit was too simple :D20:58
bioterroroh well, good night all ;)21:15
Neosanogood night :)21:27
kosaidpo_hello guys21:29
kosaidpo_why eveytime i try to install sumthin it suggest me a bunch of packages how ican avoid this ??21:29
AndrewMCkosaidpo_: well what those other packages are dependencies, the allow whatever your installing to work21:42
kosaidpo_Andrewinfact it suggest me to group of packages hang on21:43
AndrewMCkosaidpo_: are you trying to install from terminal or something else?21:43
kosaidpo_look http://pastebin.com/KEV4ZN9Y21:44
AndrewMCwell it will only install what it says "Will be installed:" the others are just what it is suggesting to install as well21:45
kosaidpo_so it ill be installed then21:45
AndrewMConly what is under "The following extra packages will be installed:"21:46
AndrewMCactually no...21:46
* AndrewMC hits himself over the head21:46
* kosaidpo_ LOST :P21:46
AndrewMConly what is under "The following NEW packages will be installed:" is what is going to be installed21:47
AndrewMCkosaidpo_: sorry that ^^^ is what i meant to say21:47
kosaidpo_AndrewMC: okies thnaks cus i hate this and to install bucnh of packages21:48
AndrewMCwell all the ones that its going to install are the packages that allow what your installing to work... it is just listing them out for you21:49
kosaidpo_yeh i kn it need some dep21:50
AndrewMCno problem21:50
mark76Will there be any new themes/wallpaper for 11.04?22:44
ChrisDruifHow do you mean mark76? For Lubuntu or Ubuntu in general?22:44
ChrisDruifI don't know, I would however like it if there would be a theme similar to Ubuntu's :)22:47
ChrisDruifI don't know if you can take a Gnome theme and use it in LXDE22:47
mark76You can't22:48
mark76Completely different window managers22:48
mark76Openbox doesn't do round22:49
mark76For that you need something like Icewm, fluxbox or pekwm22:49
ChrisDruifIt's only stacking window manager, I know...22:49
ChrisDruifLXDE uses Openbox by default?22:49
mark76Didn't you notice?22:51
mark76The Openbox Configuration Manager entry in the menu22:51
ChrisDruifI mean LXDE doesn't have it's own wm?22:52
mark76Maybe someone should write one22:52
ChrisDruifWhich would be an awesome lightweight compositing wm, with stacking :P22:52
mark76See! That's the first step22:52
ChrisDruifI might give it a go someday....not now or this year :P22:53
ChrisDruifstacking should be tiling (A)22:53
mark76What about both?22:53
ChrisDruifStacking is already part of compositing wm :)22:54
ChrisDruifTiling not so much :)22:55
mark76Can you code?22:55
ChrisDruifA bit :)22:56
mark76Waht languages?22:56
ChrisDruifJava <_<" But want to learn Genie :D22:56
mark76I don't think a WM written in Java would really fit in with the Lubuntu ethos22:57
ChrisDruifI hate Java <_<" (hence that thingy :P)22:58
ChrisDruifBut Genie is frinkin22:58
ChrisDruif' awesome :)22:58
ChrisDruifIt has a syntax similar to python (aka easy/clean) but compiles to C :D22:58
mark76Is it light?22:58
mark76Sounds good22:59
ChrisDruifIt's blazing fast compiled :D22:59
ChrisDruifSo yeah, a Genie WM would be LXDE/Lubuntu ethos right O:-)22:59
mark76That's cool :D23:00
ChrisDruifYeah, but like I said...coming year I'll won't be using it..23:00
mark76How come?23:00
ChrisDruifThat's what I wondered....why Openbox and not LXWM23:00
mark76Because no one has written LXWM yet23:00
ChrisDruifOw...it's just proposed? :P :D23:01
mark76By me23:01
ChrisDruifOw....didn't know that :)23:01
ChrisDruifGood idea...what has no-one been working on it?23:01
ChrisDruifDamn...too many beers :)23:02
mark76Because, I imagine, that no one has actually thought of it before23:02
mark76It took Gnome till about 2.2 before it got Metacity23:04
ChrisDruifMaybe everybody thought people were working on it? (Like I?)23:04
mark76I don't even know what version LXDE is on23:04
mark76If someone was working on a LXDE WM they'd have announced it somewhere23:06
ChrisDruifAccording to Wikipedia: preview 0.5.023:06
ChrisDruifI might have a crack at it....now knowing nobody is working on it :)23:06
mark76See! Not even v.1.0 yet23:06
mark76Does your log in page have an openbox session entry?23:07
mark76Under sessions23:07
ChrisDruifNot using Lubuntu atm O:-)23:07
mark76Ah right23:07
ChrisDruifBut I'd like to switch though.... :D23:07
ChrisDruifLightweight FTW :D23:07
mark76What are you using?23:07
mark76What's stopping you from running LXDE/Lubuntu alongside Gnome?23:09
ChrisDruifYeah, your right <_<"23:10
ChrisDruifAnyhow, look at this page: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Category:LXDE23:10
ChrisDruifThey don't even mention LXWM :)23:10
mark76That's because I pulled the name out of thin air23:10
ChrisDruif(Offtopic: is the 76 in your name your year of birth?)23:10
ChrisDruifI like it, makes complete sense too me :)23:11
mark76Day and Month23:12
ChrisDruif7th of June :)23:14
ChrisDruif(I curious by nature) Which year if I might ask?23:17
ChrisDruifAlright....you are a bit older then ma O:-)23:18
ChrisDruifJust to make it even, 29-06-198723:19
ChrisDruifDo they discuss things like LXWM on #lxde?23:20
mark76No one's suggested that LXDE should have its own window manager23:21
ChrisDruifExcept you :)23:22
ChrisDruifWell...there isn't a single wm that combines compositing + tiling ootb...23:24
mark76Early Windows did23:24
mark76Sorry, that was stacking and tiling23:25
ChrisDruifAwesome has got Stacking + Tiling...23:26
ChrisDruifIon and scrotwm23:26
ChrisDruifDamn...just saw KWin has comp+tiling <_<"23:27
ChrisDruifBut KWin isn't lightweight ;)23:28
mark76Well, no23:29
ChrisDruifSo rewritten KWin, would that be a good idea? Or start from scratch and take coding ideas from KWin (among others) be better?23:31
mark76Start from scratch I reckon23:31
mark76Especially if you're going to code it in Gene23:32
ChrisDruifYeah, might be better I guess :)23:33
mark76What's LXDE written in?23:33
ChrisDruifI don't know?23:33
mark76And GTK23:36
ChrisDruifSo Genie would be nice (as it's compiles to C)23:38
mark76Should be23:39
mark76I'm about ready for bed23:41
ChrisDruifMe too...I'll throw it out on #lxde when I'm ready for it :)23:41
mark76Night Chris23:42

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