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dabbilli just installed 11.04, the normal desktop with the launcher on the left works fine, but the classic desktop wont allow me to change themes, the windows change but the menu bars dont change04:25
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dabbilli just installed 11.04, the normal desktop with the launcher on the left works fine, but the classic desktop wont allow me to change themes, the windows change but the menu bars dont change05:03
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dracotuxhey guys i'm new to ubuntu11:17
dracotuxcan anybody help me installling my printer?11:17
dracotuxbrother dcp-375 cw, someone please help me11:21
dracotuxcan't get it installed11:22
qziodracotux: are you using the alpha release of ubuntu called natty?11:24
dracotuxthe other one11:25
dracotux10.04 lucid lynx11:26
qzioreat the topic11:31
qziothis channel is for natty stuff. you're more likely to get answers in #ubuntu. Please ask your question there.11:32
dracotuxok, thnx for that, try it there as well11:33
DJKorbitgood morning11:33
DJKorbitmaybe you can help me on this, since i haven't found a solution11:33
DJKorbitcan i define a different sources.list to be used by apt-get11:33
DJKorbitto be able to use apt-get as a regular user?11:34
qzioDJKorbit: i Don't think a different sources.list will enable you to install packages as a general user.12:01
DJKorbiti don't want to install packages12:05
DJKorbiti just want to apt-get source12:05
DJKorbiti'll explain what i want to do12:05
DJKorbiti'm involved in the development of a portuguese ubuntu based distro12:06
DJKorbitwe were using mandriva but the next version will be ubuntu based12:06
DJKorbiti'm using apt-mirror to mirror natty12:06
DJKorbitfrom the NEW file generated by apt-mirror with the listing of all downloaded files i want to filter the names of all downloaded packages12:07
DJKorbitfor each package i want to replace the new code with our existing code in our svn repo12:08
DJKorbitso, i want to exec a "apt-get source <package>" and commit the files i get to our svn server12:08
DJKorbitsince i'm currently using a mandriva machine i'll have to install apt-get on my user space and run it against a sources.list that should point to my new repo created by apt-mirror12:10
DJKorbitgot the point?12:10
DJKorbiti think i have an alternative to using apt-get source12:13
DJKorbitmaybe fetch the files directly from the mirrored repo12:16
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edgyHi, I have alc888 and surround is not working. I tried options snd-hda-intel model=targa-8ch-dig but now no sound at all. I think this is a regression because previously it's working13:25
edgythis is the default alsa-info output http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=2fab86ace94244ab056c79277bb93964df12424913:27
susundbergedgy: i would suggest making bug raport13:30
susundbergBluesKaj: hi13:34
BluesKajhi susundberg13:36
edgysusundberg: ok13:36
edgysusundberg: it's already there at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/64223013:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 642230 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "Realtek ALC888 recognized as having 2 channels instead of 8" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:37
BluesKajsusundberg, interesting , you're in my Dad's hometown :)13:53
susundbergBluesKaj: You net stalker! ;)13:56
AmaranthBluesKaj: Madison, WI is where the server he connects to is located :)13:56
susundbergoh true, you got my by suprise, i am connected from uni ssh server13:57
susundbergand where i am connected there to you would need uni server access ..13:58
susundbergwhich offcourse you might have13:58
susundbergbut yes, i am at the same city my server is.13:58
BluesKajnice , i visited turku as a small child , I was born in kaavi , moved to Canada when I was just 4yrs old13:59
susundbergOh! Come to visit me here and i can show you around. We are currenly even culture capital 201114:04
susundberg(in europe)14:04
BluesKajAmaranth, I just do traceroute then the last IP lookup at  http://ip-whois-lookup.com/lookup.php?ip=14:05
coz_hey guys, with classic gnome I see the icons on the desktop are space about 100 pixels from the left edge of the screen  as if  Unity was used...   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/icons.png    any way around this?15:14
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evilvishdoes anyone remember how to change the notify-osd slot allocation to dynamic? instead of the fixed slots.. iirc there was a gconf key somewhere..16:01
zniavre_don't you need a patched notify stuff?16:07
evilvishzniavre_: oh? i thought it was an option and we needed to just add the gconf16:07
evilvish similar to the gravity one16:08
coz_hey guys, with classic gnome I see the icons on the desktop are space about 100 pixels from the left edge of the screen  as if  Unity launcher was in use...   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/icons.png    any way around this?16:08
zniavre_wow that is a huge screen16:08
coz_zniavre_,  dual monitors  :)16:09
zniavre_evilvish, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/05/finally-easy-way-to-customize-notify.html16:10
evilvishzniavre_: yea, i saw that.. but could not find the specific gconf key.16:12
evilvishzniavre_: maybe like what you mention it needs ppa16:12
evilvishzniavre_: thanks.. i think i'll give up now ;)16:13
zniavre_i did not try this16:16
zniavre_this seems to work > gconftool-2 --set /apps/notify-osd/gravity --type int 116:17
evilvishzniavre_: yea, that works. the bubble pops up in the middle , and yea, you are right, it is hardcoded  in the src ยป http://leolik.blogspot.com/2009/11/notify-osd-ubuntu-910.html16:20
evilvishoh well, maybe another thing i need to rebuild notify-osd for..16:21
evilvishhaha! now i know why coz_ liked the name "Cosimo Cecchi"16:24
coz_evident,  there are so few of us with that name   except maybe in italy and greece  :)16:25
evidentwhat's the matter?16:29
evilvishevident: tab fail16:30
dupondje3D Support in Nouveau :)16:59
dupondjeyea !16:59
coz_that would be cool  but i dont think this will happen for some time ...yes?17:01
dupondjecoz_: libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental giving me 3D?17:03
dupondjeAt least it gets unity working :)17:03
coz_wow  cool17:03
dupondjeanyway, my next laptop will have ATI vga17:07
dupondjedamn nvidia :)17:07
coz_dupondje,   :)   I kinda like nvidia :)17:08
dupondjethey have crap driver support imo17:09
coz_dupondje,   I sort of agree  but  the capabilites...if the drivers reflected that... are pretty remarkable17:10
coz_rahter capabilities of the chip17:10
dupondjebtw, Unity seems cool, but to bad it takes alot of place on the screen17:11
coz_dupondje,   yeah I dont use unity i switch to classic gnome17:12
coz_dupondje,  on a dual monitor set up  ,, global menu is useless  and slows down productivity17:13
litropyHi, peeps. When I bot up, the user switcher which wold usually display my only user account, which I would click then log in, doesn't display my user. All I have is the background, the user switcher rectangle, the ubuntu logo, and my computer's name underneath. The switcher is not frozen, for when I click my computer's name, the text switches t "Ubuntu 10.10."18:12
litropyhow do I upgrade to natty via bash?19:31
litropysudo sed -i 's/maverick/natty/g' /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:35
litropyfor those who want to know19:35
yofelthat too19:38
yofelbut supported would be running 'sudo do-release-upgrade'19:38
yofelrather 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d'19:39
coz_mm notice a new gnome panel cannot be moved with alt+click& drag19:39
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zniavre_coz_, i can see the bug of the desktop icons too20:45
coz_zniavre_,   yeah  irritating  ... yes ? :)20:46
zniavre_im using it on vbox so it's not so much irritatings (not daily use)20:47
zniavre_what is irritating it's this unity who does not work on vbox4 here20:48
zniavre_coz_,  one bug i find strange it's the right clic on the right side of the top panel20:51
zniavre_but the left side does right clic like normal20:51
coz_zniavre_,  when it brings up "About"  and "Lock to Panel"  menu ?20:52
zniavre_coz_ exactly20:53
coz_zniavre_,   :)  I expect we will see more bugs before the end of April :)20:54
zniavre_this one is funny at least20:54
zniavre_ho we lost one tab on the gnome-apearence-properties20:54
coz_zniavre_,   the  Visual effects tab ..yes?20:55
zniavre_cause gnome classic start with compiz activated in vbox it's tooooooo slow i need to switch it off  ( metacity --replace with alt+f2 then )20:56
zniavre_i tought if compiz works unity should too no ?20:58
multiplatinumwill the appmenu still suck in 11.04?21:34
multiplatinumwill there be a way to remove it then?21:34
charlie-tcadon't know21:35
rwwmultiplatinum: if you're talking about the stopgap measure that opens Nautilus with the applications folder when you click on the applications button, then no, that's a stopgap measure until there's a real applications launcher.21:36
rwwif you'21:36
multiplatinumi mean the improper rendering of menus21:36
rwwah. no idea.21:36
multiplatinumand lack of support for other toolkits than Qt, GTK and Gecko21:37
charlie-tcaI just figured anybody that decided it already sucks and didn't expand, must be gonna see the same results21:37
rwwI think the whole menu-at-top-of-screen thing is silly, so I haven't been paying attention21:37
multiplatinumit's great for small screens like shuttleworth said in his announcement but now they're bringing it to the desktop which contradicts his announcement LOL21:38
charlie-tcaContradicts how? He never said it wasn't suitable for desktops, did he?21:39
multiplatinumhe kinda did u know21:40
multiplatinum"only for netbooks since only those have small screens"21:41
multiplatinuma 24 inch monitor doesnt need it lol21:41
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo21:42
yofelhi BUGabundo21:44
rwwmultiplatinum: yeah. not the first time he's done stuff like that, and probably won't be the last :(21:44
multiplatinumlame right21:45
BUGabundohi guys21:45
litropyI need to do what wubildr does, without wubildr. Because I don't have Windows on this machine.22:46
VolkodavAnybody got the symbol not found error after recent upgrade ? Mine says error symbol not found :'grub_env_export' and gets me to grub rescue cmd - I chrooted in the system , did another upgrade, ran update-grub, checked BIOS for correct drive - everything seems OK ////....22:50
Volkodavstill not bootable22:50
charlie-tcalitropy: wubi is a way to install ubuntu as a windows program, without windows, it won't work22:51
litropycharlie-tca: Hm. then perhaps my troubleshooting has sent me down the wrong path. When I boot into recovery mode, I get, "Cannot open root device" with my root partition's uuid "or unknown block(0,0)23:10
charlie-tcaIt means the uid is wrong for the drive. That was easy to fix in grub legacy, but I don't know how to change it in grub 223:13
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:13
litropycharlie-tca: it does have the correct uuid ..23:15
litropycharlie-tca: when I boot into my other partition (using grub2) and ls -l .../by-uuid, it's identical to the uuid listed in recovery mode23:17
charlie-tcahm, Then I am wrong, huh?23:18
litropycharlie-tca: I don't know. I'm just providing info.23:19

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