hajourPendulum, its still applying firefox my eeepc think it will take a wile.i will tell if i can test it on firefox00:45
Pendulumhajour: okay, no worries.00:46
hajourok :)00:46
AlanBellhi all17:48
AlanBellany comments on this design from an accessibility point of view? http://libertus.co.uk:808017:48
AlanBellhave already been through some things like high contrast body text and fluid width that allows a wide range of font size changes17:49
charlie-tcaAlanBell: I must be having a bad day. It all seems to work good here17:54
UndiFineDAlanBell: I have to zoom -- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7607669/accessibility/Screenshot.png17:55
AlanBellcharlie-tca: you have seen it before, there are changes in the commit logs from your feedback, it is just soon going live so they have asked for further feedback18:00
AlanBellUndiFineD: sure, that looks fine to me18:00
charlie-tcaAlanBell: glad that one is working so well. It is almost impossible now to navigate and read http://www.ubuntulinux.org18:13
charlie-tcawith the new theme in there18:13
charlie-tcaapparently, that website theme just gets worse18:16
codocharlie-tca: yes.18:16
codocharlie-tca: I dont like that theme :)18:16
AlanBellI want to do an even more accessible moin theme18:16
AlanBellstarting with http://moinmo.in/ThemeMarket/SimpleMente and adding Ubuntu branding18:16
AlanBellIf I can get agreement that such a thing would be allowed on the main Ubuntu wiki18:16
AlanBellwhich I am struggling with18:17
charlie-tcaAt least you no longer have to think about zooming it. The words that are missing won't be there anyway18:17
codothe present wiki theme is just ugly18:17
AlanBellcodo: I have merge requests that would un-break lots of it18:17
charlie-tcacodo: maybe you and AlanBell can do something there... :-)18:17
charlie-tcacodo: you are a c++ coder?18:17
AlanBellit is a non-technical problem18:18
charlie-tcaYeah, but I was thinking festival could use help18:18
codocharlie-tca: I do C but I can understand C++18:18
codoAlanBell: and charlie-tca I will need to go around how to hack them etc :)18:19
charlie-tcaOh, I don't think that is quite the same18:19
codobut ys since it is non technical problem it should be easy :)18:19
AlanBellhah, no!18:19
charlie-tcaBut the festival project is done by a university, and bug fixes are hard to come by18:19
AlanBelltechnical problems are easy peasy18:19
codoah give me link 18:19
codoI will poke around the TODO 18:19
AlanBellpeople problems make my brain spin18:20
codookay. one min18:20
charlie-tcaThe website starts at http://fextvox.org/festival18:20
charlie-tcaThey link to a UK homepage that fails to load18:21
codocharlie-tca: so which is the bug you guys were talking about ?18:23
charlie-tcaThe website? It is different18:23
charlie-tcaI gave up filing those website bugs now. They refuse to fix them anyway and complain if you file them.18:24
charlie-tcaFestival is a different project. It is speech synthesis 18:24
codoah ok I got confused there :)18:24
charlie-tcaSorry... Sometimes these conversations do that18:25
codoah no probs18:25
codowould love to start in something easier18:25
codoand contribute to bug fixing in c etc.18:26
charlie-tcaokay. I will keep looking for something then18:29
codocharlie-tca: so umm I will copy festival code18:32
codoand hack around it :P18:32
codoand see if i can fix some bugs18:32
codoit is in C ?18:32
charlie-tcaIt is written originally in C++18:32
codoah ok18:33
codoya should be fine.18:33
codothough why do lots of people do C++ :O18:33
codoC is easier :D18:33
charlie-tcaIt was popular once upon a time, I think18:33
charlie-tcaUbuntu uses python a lot18:33
codocharlie-tca: ah ok are they converting it to C ?18:33
codonow ?18:33
charlie-tcaNot to my knowledge they aren't. They are a university, so maybe they are using students learning programming to work on it?18:34
codocharlie-tca: yeah.ok .18:36
codopython is a popular language among all college grads.18:36
codoI understand now.18:36
codocharlie-tca: ok am doing bzr branch lp:ubuntu/festival now18:53
AlanBellMichelleQ: seen http://enabledbydesign.org/20:54
MichelleQno, I hadn't, but I know someone who would loooove the one-hand hair tie20:55

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