Homefixogra: Thank you I now have a #00:50
SaidKLEAlright, I just rooted my haipad m701 and I'm dieing to see if I can install ubuntu on it.04:53
SaidKLETotally new to this, and there isn't much by way of how-to's online.04:53
may_nullHey I'm following steps here -> http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#Maverick_10.10_2.. But when I boot and see xfce graphical display generally it's not recognize my usb mouse or keyboard11:31
may_nullDo I missing some packages or ?11:31
ian_brasilogra: did you get a chance to look at why the kubuntu mobile image is not building ok?14:10
ian_brasilgabrield is Gabriel Duarte http://w3.impa.br/~gabrield/14:13
rsalvetiGrueMaster: don't know if you noticed, but this new image is already using the latest u-boot that jcrigby updated18:35
rsalvetiand it seems fine, so that's good :-)18:35
GrueMasterHadn't noticed (serial issues), but great news.18:41
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GrueMasterogra: The error I am getting is "Error showing url:  The specifiedlocation is not supported".  I can reproduce it on the cmdline.20:42
ograGrueMaster, thx20:43
rsalvetijcrigby: did the sd card work properly for you?22:31
jcrigbyyes, thanks so much.  All the panda boards worked22:35
rsalvetijcrigby: awesome!22:46
ograNCommander, "Handle modification of jasper-initramfs to use userspace archdetect" from other-arm-n-userland-subarch-detection .... what am i supposed to do with that ? the output of archdetect isnt useful at all to jasper anywhere23:02
NCommanderogra: if subarch detection isn't userful to jasper, nuke the item23:03
ograNCommander, jasper needs to know the actual board it runs on, archdetect only spits out the arch23:04
ogra(because we install different bits for different boards of the same arch)23:04
* ogra nukes23:04
NCommanderogra: *groan*, yeah, thats annoying and so shouldn't be necessary but it is :-/23:05
ograpersia, /usr/bin/devicetype-detect: 123: /bin/true): not found23:26
ograpersia, fix at http://paste.ubuntu.com/553395/23:26

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