yax51ok so I forgot my keyring password, and don't know how to recover it00:40
holsteinyax51: ^^00:41
yax51ok I think that worked! thanks!00:51
yax51ok I just installed, maverick, and I was wondering if I can do a dual boot with windows as a secondary?01:38
yax51or, should I re-install windows, then maverick as a secondary?01:39
ibuclawyax51, windows, then maverick is the easier option.01:39
aveilleuxyax51, The way to install a dual boot is to install Windows, then install Ubuntu and it will automatically pick it up01:39
aveilleuxyax51, And it'll give you the option but Ubuntu will be on top01:39
ibuclawthe problem with Windows is that it assumes it's the only OS that will be present on the system.01:39
holsteinyeah, dont think primary and secondary01:40
yax51thats true....01:40
ibuclawwhile that is not a bad assumption to make, it just means extra work reinstalling/setting up GRUB01:40
holstein^^ yax51 check that ou01:40
holsteinyou can reclaim some space for windows01:40
holsteinon your hard drive01:40
holsteinand recover grub with that guide01:40
yax51so I tried to do the dual boot with windows and maverick, but kept running into problems with the partitions, so I just installed maverick over everything01:41
holsteinyax51: do you need windows?01:41
holsteinif its not for gaming, run it in virtual box01:41
yax51holstein: that might e a better idea, I don't to too much PC gaming...01:42
yax51holstein: alhough I do contract work for microsoft occasionally at their confrences, so I woul like to have it01:43
holsteinyou can have it01:43
holsteinin VM01:43
yax51cool, I'll check it out!01:43
holsteinyou can save snapshots01:43
holsteincall a snapshot 'before the virus'01:43
holsteinand when something bad happens, you just click and revert01:43
holsteinvery nice way to run windows i think01:44
yax51that works....where do I get the VM?01:45
yax51its the virtualbox OSE right?01:46
aveilleuxyax51, Yes01:46
akshatjyax51: the non free version is better01:46
aveilleuxyax51, VirtualBox OSE is the environment01:47
aveilleuxakshatj, Not "better". Just includes USB support.01:47
yax51so what do I need to run a VM?01:50
holsteinyax51: just install which ever of those you feel comfortable installing01:51
holsteinyou'll need an install disc01:51
holsteinOR image01:51
holsteinthings will look more clear as you run Vbox01:51
yax51aaah ok01:52
holsteinjust google and poke around01:52
holsteinand ask if you hit something01:52
holsteinthat you dont understand :)01:52
yax51cool thanks!01:52
holsteinwhats up with all the kicking?01:54
akshatjholstein: it's 'The Kick of Honour'01:55
holsteini thought it was a haywire bot or something01:55
ibuclawholstein, it hurts me more than it hurts them. :>01:57
JackyAlcineWOOT! No school for NYC students! Snowstorm! YESHHH!!01:59
JackyAlcineThat means more neural network programming for me :D01:59
* ibuclaw was never into networking02:00
ibuclawparsers, lexers, interpreters for me. :>02:00
ibuclawlatterly compilers02:00
ibuclawwell... from Language X to asm.02:00
ibuclawbinutils ftw02:01
akshatjI am learning C#02:03
akshatjsince 9 days :P02:03
aveilleuxWhy would you do that to yourself02:08
akshatjaveilleux: because I want to work on Banshee02:09
akshatjand I hate freedom :P02:09
aveilleuxBanshee is written in C#?02:10
aveilleuxI thought it was written in Mono02:10
aveilleuxWhich is not C#02:11
akshatjaveilleux: Mono includes C#02:12
aveilleuxakshatj, It includes a C#compiler. But Banshee is not written in C#, it is written in Mono and Gtk#.02:12
aveilleuxakshatj, Mono is very similar to C#, though02:13
akshatjBut the language used is still C#02:13
aveilleuxakshatj, https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Banshee_%28media_player%29 "Banshee is an open-source media player, originally called Sonance until 2005. Built upon Mono and Gtk#..."02:15
aveilleuxakshatj, Mono is essentially the same thing, but rather than being monopolized by Microsoft it's an open standard and the libraries are FOSS02:17
akshatjaveilleux: look at the sidebox ;)02:17
aveilleuxakshatj, "(GTK#)"02:17
JackyAlcineIf someone can convert Banshee.Mono to Banshee++; I'd give them $2,00002:18
aveilleuxThat would be fantastic02:19
akshatjaveilleux: I suggest you read this, http://banshee.fm/contribute/write-code/02:19
aveilleuxA C++ version of Banshee02:19
aveilleuxbetter yet, a C version02:19
akshatjVala would be easier02:20
aveilleuxVala is just C pseudocode02:20
akshatjSince its syntax is similar to C#02:21
ibuclawakshatj, I think aveilleux means that Vala is just a preprocessor to generate C.02:44
ibuclawsame as what C++ was back in the day02:44
ibuclawthen someone came along and wrote a fully fledged C++ compiler.02:44
akshatjibuclaw: I know02:44
ibuclawWalter Bright, if what he says is true. :o)02:45
akshatjMy keyboard is broken so I couldn't complete my sentence02:45
yax51hmmm so I got virtual box,and it's working great however, my windows install disks, being asus recovery discs, don't want to work :(02:48
holsteinyax51: i think you can find a work around for that02:48
holsteinits questionably legal id say02:49
holsteinBUT you have a legal windows key02:49
yax51yup :)02:49
yax51any ideas where I would look up such a thing?02:49
yax51or woul it be better to re-install windows, then maverick?02:50
holsteinwith that CD02:50
holsteinthe recovery CD02:50
holsteinyou dont have that option02:51
holsteinit will most likely wipe the HD02:51
holsteinand recover the disc to out of the box state02:51
yax51thats what I'm saying, I did a wipe when I installed maverick02:51
holsteinTHEN, you could install whatever you want beside it02:51
holsteinright, this disc will wipe everything02:52
holsteini dont think you get to tell it how you want to partition02:52
holsteini think its nlite?02:52
holsteinsomething like that02:52
holsteina way to respin a windows XP iso02:52
holsteinits up to you02:53
yax51I don't know about nlite, but I should probably just do another wipe, make sure I got all the crap, and start over.....02:53
holsteini personally wouldnt hop through to many hoops for a 10 year old OS02:53
yax51unless you know a way I can get hold of a windows 7 iso or disc.....02:54
holsteinwhere ever they sell em'02:54
yax51without paying 72947202 dollars for em ;)02:54
holsteinmaybe used?02:54
yax51that is the used price :P02:55
yax51I think I'm just going to re-install everything from scratch......again.......02:55
holsteinif you want02:56
=== squ1d_ is now known as CB_Desktop
=== akshat_ is now known as akshatj
yax51ok so the recovery discs don't want to work to re-install windows AND removed my maverick install....had to do it again!!04:32
yax51but another question, where should I go to paste pics and screen shots and stuff?04:35
holsteinyax51: for us you mean?04:35
holsteinlike pastebin for pics04:35
yax51that was it! thanks!04:35
holsteinyax51: could be you just need to recover the boot partition04:36
yax51possibly, but when I ran the recovery disc it came up with big giant letters saying ERROR!!!!!!04:37
holsteinafter running it?04:37
holsteinwhat error?04:37
holsteinthere is a boot error that looks like that04:37
holsteinyou can run fixmbr or whatever the tool is04:37
yax51when trying to install it04:37
holsteinmight be looking for an empty disc04:38
yax51somthin about a WMIblahblahblah file missing....04:38
holsteinor an ntfs partition04:38
* holstein shrugs04:38
holsteinits an old disc04:38
holsteinXP recovery disc?04:39
holsteinOH ok04:39
holsteini wouldnt waste much time on that then04:39
holsteinthey'll skip over vista04:39
holsteinlike window ME04:39
yax51now what about doing a ntfs partition from maverick, and installing vista on that?04:41
holsteinyou dont have a proper install disc04:41
holsteinBUT gparted can make whatever partitions you need04:41
holsteinyou'll want to do that from a live CD04:42
yax51so the recovery disc wont work then....04:42
holsteinwith the hard drive *not* mounted04:42
holsteinyax51: i dont know04:42
holsteinsounds like its not working04:42
holsteini would try wiping the drive with gparted04:42
holsteinmaybe put an ntfs partition on it04:42
holsteinrun the disc again04:43
holsteinnote the error04:43
yax51which is why I would like to totally get away from it, but I can't install it on a VM either....04:43
holsteinmight be able to use that disc and create nlite disc04:44
yax51holstein: so with nlite, I can use the recover disc as a live cd?04:47
holsteini have no idea04:47
holsteini dont even know if you can nlite vista04:47
yax51holstein: ok then....lets play round with it and see what happens...04:47
yax51actually vlite was made just for vista......04:48
holsteinthere you go :)04:49
yax51now the issue I had before with the recovery disc, and VB, was that the disc couldn't recognize my laptop, although these discs are only suppose to be for my machine, and are the ones that came with it....04:50
yax51would something like that be an issue you think?04:51
holsteinyou wont be able to use those custom restore CD's with Vbox04:53
yax51are you as confused as I am?04:53
holsteinthey are made for actual hardware04:53
holsteinyour asus laptop04:53
AbhiJithey guys04:53
holsteinthats why you would need to use something like vlite04:53
holsteinwhich could work04:53
yax51I hope so04:54
holsteinif you had a normal windows install disc04:54
holsteinOR *any* linux install medium04:55
holsteinit would not be a problem04:55
holsteinbecause there is no check to make sure you have certain hardware04:55
yax51yay for DRM.........04:55
holsteinhey, they have to protect the license04:56
yax51If I did't need windows for certain things........04:56
yax51I understand, it's just irritating....04:56
holsteincan be04:56
yax51hmm I can't get vlite to run with wine...05:01
yax51maybe my comp doesn't want vista anymore....05:01
yax51_is there another windows emulator  other then wine?05:20
yax51_nm, I got it05:25
JackyAlcineSomeone just said Linux sucks!06:14
Daniel0108hi JackyAlcine!06:15
JackyAlcineHey Daniel0108!06:15
yax51ok, I seem to be having issues with the panel in maverick....06:16
Daniel0108hi yax51, what kind of issues do you have?06:16
yax51Daniel0108: I have rythmbox playing, but there is no icon on the panel, plus there is no window.......06:18
JackyAlcineyax51: That's usually a plugin you might have to configure.06:18
JackyAlcineyax51: Do you have an indicator-applet or/and notification-area in your panel?06:19
yax51JAckyAlcine: thats what I thought, but didn't know which one, and yes06:19
JackyAlcineyax51: Add both.06:19
yax51nevermind I found it, it was hiding under the volume control06:20
JackyAlcine:D that's a recent addition06:21
yax51thats kinda cool actually...instead of having another icon, they piggy backed in onto the volume control...06:21
nit-wityax51, that should not be happening try running killall gnome-panel then run rhythm box again the icon should not be hiding06:24
yax51that didn't work.....it's stll piggy backed onto volume control06:27
JackyAlcineLol, yax51, I'm telling you, it's a plugin; as long the indicator plugin is active; the notification icon will not appear.06:28
RooDogHello, I am trying to install an app in Ubuntu and it is not available via the ubuntu software center.  I have the file downloaded but can't figure out how to actually install it, can someone give me a hand please?06:29
JackyAlcineRooDog: sudo apt-get install gdebi*06:29
RooDogwhat will that do Jacky?06:30
JackyAlcineAfter that, you should be able to install the app by right-clicking and select 'Open With gDebi Package Installer'..06:30
RooDogok wonderful, thanks very much06:30
JackyAlcineIt's something that changed from Lucid to Maverick; gdebi didn't come preshipped.06:30
bioterrorRooDog, or dpkg -i package06:30
JackyAlcineRooDog: ^^06:30
JackyAlcineThat works ;)06:30
RooDogI have it going in console right now, so I will let you know :)06:31
RooDognow, do i just do it on the tarball or on the unpackaged folder?06:31
bioterrorJackyAlcine, all yours ;)06:32
RooDogI think i may have waded in lol06:32
JackyAlcineYou have a tarball?06:32
JackyAlcineo.o lol, well, extract the tarball.06:33
RooDogwhich i have done06:33
yax51JackyAlcine: yeah, the indicator applets didn't really do anything, but I'm ok with it being were it is.....I kinda like it, it looks less cluttered06:33
JackyAlcineand then open a terminal and cd to the director.06:33
bioterrorJackyAlcine, you should ask what he's trying to install06:33
JackyAlcinetrue, thanks bioterror.06:33
RooDogballistic calculator06:33
RooDogi can dcc it over if you want to have a look06:33
bioterrorRooDog, what's the name of the package06:33
yax51I have access to it, it's just linked to the volume control....06:33
RooDogits actually saballistics-1.3.206:34
bioterror1.3.3 is also available06:34
RooDogeven better06:34
bioterrorJackyAlcine, are you familiar with checkinstall?06:35
RooDogis there a simple way to apt-get that or is it another tarball06:35
JackyAlcineyax51: I like it like that, but if volume control for the app was possible. :D06:35
RooDogok got the new one, thanks bio06:36
bioterrorRooDog, sudo apt-get install checkinstall06:38
yax51JackyAlcine: what do you mean? it's possible, I click the volume control icon, and under the voume adujectment bar there is the rhythmbox panel, with song info and controls...06:38
RooDogsaid invalid operation06:39
JackyAlcineyax51: like right under the play, next, previous without having to change the system volume.06:39
JackyAlcineBTW: did you know that if you drop the sys vol to like 20, 10% it's practically muted?06:40
RooDogwait..typo ack06:40
bioterrorthen you need libncurses5-dev06:40
RooDogfrom the software center?06:41
bioterrorsudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev06:41
yax51JackyAlcine: http://imagebin.org/13229706:41
RooDogi have it going, let you know when its done06:41
bioterrorI've got problems installing that software06:42
bioterrorjust a moment06:42
RooDogget it?06:45
bioterrorjust a moment06:45
bioterrorwe need that checkinstall for making a dpkg package06:46
bioterrorso that if we get newer version of that saballistics, we can remove it easily06:47
RooDoglead the way :)06:47
bioterroras we are running a sophisticated package manager, it would be a stupid thing to install stuff without it06:47
RooDogabsolutely :)06:47
bioterrorwe want to keep control on what we are having on our system, other wise removing that software would be a horrible job06:48
yax51hmmm now I have no icons...06:49
bioterrorhmmm, I've installed lots of stuff with checkinstall06:58
RooDogok bio how are you looking?06:58
RooDognot happening?06:58
bioterrorand this is first time I encounter a little problem06:58
RooDogso it wasnt just me06:58
RooDogi even read the readme06:58
bioterrorwell the INTALL is kinda okay06:58
RooDogdo you know of another ballistics proggie that is easier to install bio?07:00
RooDogi couldnt find anything in the software center for it...hence the downloading07:01
yax51ok that was strange....07:04
yax51I did a reboot and my panel got all better.....07:05
RooDoglol amazing how a reboot solves things sometime07:08
yax51I know right...07:08
bioterrorRooDog, hmmm07:09
bioterrorRooDog, seems like you can easily do sudo make install clean07:09
yax51well thanks for all your help, I must be going now...good night all!07:10
bioterrorRooDog, it will install all stuff into /usr/local/saballistics-1.3.307:10
RooDogok i will give that a try07:10
bioterrorsudo make install clean07:10
bioterrorwhat a shame that checkinstall failed us, but we still needed all those packages for compiling it ;)07:11
RooDogno worries07:11
bioterrorI'm running now that software in my terminal07:11
RooDoghopefully the bloody proggie works after all that07:11
RooDogok it worked, its in /usr/local/saballistics-1.3.3, now how do I make it run07:12
bioterroryou say in terminal /usr/local/saballistics-1.3.3/bin/saballistics07:13
RooDogand presto it works07:13
bioterrorRooDog, remember that you can complete words with tabkey (the one with arrows both direction above capslock)07:13
RooDogany way to make a working shortcut for the desktop or anything like that?07:13
bioterrorofcourse you can make07:14
bioterrorjust point the binary to that path07:14
RooDogok i will give that a shot.  Thanks for the help bio07:15
RooDogmuch appreciated07:15
RooDogdoesnt look too bad...even has a nice built-in bullet db :)07:17
RooDogand my desktop shortcut worked too07:18
bioterrornice app for anyone who votes for sarah palin :D07:18
RooDognah, just good for shootists07:18
RooDogIm not a big political person but i do love the science and discipline behind competitive shooting07:19
RooDogbeen doing it since I was a little tacker and probably will until the day I can't see any more07:19
RooDogShot for Australia in the Commonwealth games years ago and been hooked for longer than that07:20
RooDoganyway, cheers and thanks for the help again.07:20
evfoolhi everyine09:26
ChrisDruifHai evfool :)09:27
bioterrorhi fox09:40
ChrisDruifHai Silver_Fox_ :)09:41
Silver_Fox_Hello ChrisDruif  =)09:41
ChrisDruifHow's it going?09:43
Silver_Fox_Oh not bad,  just poking through the current beginners team mentor / mentee lists.  I am supposed to be keeping track of things.09:44
bioterrorSilver_Fox_, how's the mentor list doing?-)09:45
ChrisDruifIndeed :)09:45
IAmNotThatGuyHeya Silver_Fox_ :]09:46
UndiFineD:) can you Silver_Fox_ ?09:46
ChrisDruifHmmm...not nice....meeting is tonight @ 01:00CET <_<"09:47
Silver_Fox_bioterror,  Not so bad - I aim to have the lists updated in time for the meeting later.09:48
UndiFineDChrisDruif: you mean this morning at 1 am09:48
ChrisDruifYup, indeed UndiFineD...I don't mind if it's tonight or next morning ;)09:48
UndiFineDok then i say yesterday night09:49
Silver_Fox_UndiFineD,  Yes - I can go through the lists,I have a spread sheet09:49
bioterrorI really hate that the UBT -meetings are 2AM in my time09:49
bioterrorand middle of the week09:49
ChrisDruifUndiFineD: in ~14 hours ;)09:50
IAmNotThatGuyChrisDruif, meeting is over :P09:50
bioterrorhard to attend if I'm going to wakeup around 5:30AM09:50
ChrisDruifDamn <_<"09:50
ChrisDruifI wanted to be there <_<"09:50
IAmNotThatGuybioterror, I cant. coz it will be powercut here at 00:30 :{09:51
ChrisDruifUndiFineD: Are you UBT member now? :)09:52
UndiFineDyes I am09:52
JoeMaverickSettah, it's 8AM of 13th here. IAmNotThatGuy09:52
JoeMaverickSettthe meeting, i mean.09:52
UndiFineDSilver_Fox_: so how do you do this ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Mentors09:54
ChrisDruifCongratulations UndiFineD :)09:54
UndiFineDthank you ChrisDruif09:54
ChrisDruifI'm really happy for you :)09:54
ChrisDruif(Too bad nobody reminded my it was last night O:-))09:54
UndiFineDI did leave some hints here and there09:55
ChrisDruifI'll read it at school UndiFineD :)09:59
UndiFineDuseful time spending09:59
ChrisDruifIndeed :)09:59
ChrisDruifOff to school now :P09:59
UndiFineDyes master10:40
dracotux_is there anyone who can help me install my printer? i'm completely new to ubuntu11:25
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: could you tell us the make/model of the printer? if I or someone know how to help you they could do so. :)11:29
dracotux_it's a DCP-375CW from brother11:30
dracotux_in SPM I can't find this model explicitly, but I can't imagine that there is no driver for this printer in linux11:32
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#DCP-375CW <-- download Format: "deb" of the lpr driver & cupswrapper driver11:35
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: and follow this guide to install; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters/BrotherPrinters/2070NLaser11:36
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: it should get you on your way, if you get stuck or encounter some issue, shoot the question in this channel :)11:38
dracotux_that is a dead link11:44
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: it works perfectly well on my browser.11:45
dracotux_I use chromian, ill try it in firefox11:45
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: i'm using chromium too. :)11:45
dracotux_now it workz11:46
JoeMaverickSetthhmm, very strange. :)11:46
dracotux_sorry, wrong window11:47
dracotux_can't open the link11:47
dracotux_it says it cant find it11:47
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: how about this; http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html ?11:47
dracotux_doesn't work too11:48
dracotux_thats what i think11:49
dracotux_it says chromiam cant find it11:49
dracotux_do i need special plugins/installs to view that page?11:50
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: don't think so, try this, it's the main page; http://solutions.brother.com/11:51
dracotux_that one cant be found either11:51
dracotux_it found http://solutions.brother.com/, but it doesnt load very well11:52
dracotux_tried to refresh it, but it doesnt do that11:53
dracotux_do i need plugins/installs to make chromian work properly?11:54
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/dcp383clpr-1.1.2-2.i386.deb & http://www.brother.com/pub/bsc/linux/dlf/dcp383ccupswrapper-1.1.2-2.i386.deb11:55
JoeMaverickSettgive those a try11:55
dracotux_at the main site, it doesnt load the pictures/java or whatever, select your country is a dead pic link11:56
dracotux_its downloading the .deb11:56
dracotux_problem durign install: Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'11:57
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: ah, so you're using a 64bit? "ia32-libs or lib32stdc++ is required to be installed."11:59
dracotux_am i using a 64bit?12:00
dracotux_how can i tell?12:00
bioterrordracotux_, in terminal: uname -a12:00
* JoeMaverickSett is slow! :|12:00
dracotux_wrong one12:01
dracotux_hold on12:01
dracotux_Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-27-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 00:51:09 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:01
dracotux_does this help?12:01
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: ah, you are using a 64bit. so you've to install ia32-libs or lib32stdc++ to be able to install the .deb file.12:03
dracotux_ia32-libs is already installed12:04
dracotux_checkigne li32stdc++12:04
dracotux_the li32++6 was already installed12:06
dracotux_now downloading another one12:06
dracotux_the li32++6-4.4-dbg installed12:08
dracotux_trying the .deb file again12:08
dracotux_it still says wrong architecture12:08
dracotux_did i miss something?12:08
dracotux_@ joemavericksett: both files are installed, but the install of the .deb still says "Wrong architecture"12:10
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: tbh, i'm afraid i can't figure it out. :|12:14
dracotux_thnx for the efford anyways12:16
JoeMaverickSettdracotux_: i'm sure if you hang out here or post in ubuntuforums.org, i'm sure there is going to be a more skilled person that could help you.12:16
dracotux_any ideas to whom i can direct my problem?12:16
dracotux_ill try that one12:17
Red-Ravenneed some ideas. want to try out some virtual machines from the ISO but there are so many. any recomendations on where to start?12:36
zeroseven0183Hi red-raven12:39
zeroseven0183What are your choices?12:39
Red-Raven.....anything. ive been told BSD is good, but i can't really tell what it's focuse it.12:40
bioterroryou dont seem to have any glue about it12:40
zeroseven0183How long you've been using Ubuntu/12:42
zeroseven0183Try other distros or other DEs (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu)12:42
Red-Ravenabout 2 and a half weeks now.12:42
pedro3005you don't need a VM to try out other DEs, you can just install them and select on the log in screen12:43
pedro3005try Linux From Scratch :P12:43
zeroseven0183..but trying Linux/DEs on VM is safer if something breaks,host system is not affected12:43
Red-Raveni have a dual boot laptop with ubuntu 10.10 and and an old dual boot desktop with ubuntu 10.10 and the lubuntu environment installed with it (low RAM)12:44
zeroseven0183especially when you've only used it for about 2.5 weeks12:44
Red-Raventhat CLI only right?12:44
zeroseven0183Although, of course, when you run VM, you need more RAM if you're multitasking12:44
zeroseven0183So yeah, dual-boot is also a good thing to try out12:45
Red-Ravenyah but im running VB on my laptop with has 2GB RAM12:45
Red-Raveni wuv it!12:45
pedro3005you can try Arch12:45
pedro3005to get acquainted with the CLI12:45
bioterroror Gentoo12:46
Red-Ravenarch has a GUI though12:46
zeroseven0183That could make your nose bleed :-)12:46
pedro3005only if you install it12:46
JoeMaverickSettdon't install the GUI? :D12:46
pedro3005by default arch doesn't have a GUI12:46
bioterrorI say: install OpenBSD12:46
bioterroror Slowaris12:47
zeroseven0183Like everyone is suggesting, Red-Raven, I think it's good for you to start with Linux when trying out VM12:47
zeroseven0183haha OpenBSD... Slowaris12:47
Red-Raventhe one with only the CLI?12:47
zeroseven0183You can always practice CLI on any Linux distribution12:48
pedro3005yeah, but there is a difference between installing ubuntu (next -> next -> finish) and arch (configure a bunch of stuff, install X by hand, configure network, install your DE, etc)12:49
bioterrorpedro3005, it'12:49
bioterrorit's a waste of Arch to install DE;=12:49
pedro3005desktop environment12:49
Red-Ravenmakes sense.12:49
pedro3005ubuntu uses GNOME by default12:50
Red-Ravenso now im looking at: arch. bsd, and scratch linux.12:50
bioterrorI'm not really getting this distrohopping righ after like few days after installation of first distro12:51
zeroseven0183The people here in Beginners team will gladly assist you if you have any question about CLI12:51
pedro3005linux from scratch isn't a distribution though, it's a tutorial that teaches you how to configure and compile the kernel and then everything else from scratch12:51
Red-Ravenoh ok.12:51
bioterrorpedro3005, well I would suggest Red-Raven raven to install debian and play with it first12:52
pedro3005yeah debian is good12:52
Red-Raveni like experimenting with stuff. ubuntu is still my primary.12:52
Red-Ravenim thinking about DLing Backtrack and one of the ones you've recomended here.12:54
Red-Raven(just the ISOs for use in Vbox)12:54
pedro3005yeah, just experiment under the safety of a VM12:54
Red-Raveni will. i might also try xPUD.12:55
zeroseven0183Do whatever you think would make you happy :-)12:56
bioterrorpedro3005, as it's a nice way to move on from ubuntu. I wouldnt recommend someone to take ayahuasca without experimenting something else first ;)12:56
bioterroras using a metaphora12:57
zeroseven0183I think what bioterror means is that you stick with Ubuntu until you're very familiar with it. I hope I'm right.12:58
bioterrorwith debian you get all the known tools and you know locations12:58
bioterrorlet's say that I started with Red Hat back in the 90's my linux usage. and few years ago I ended up dealing with RHEL 5 in my work and I didnt know at all where all the configs was and I was suppose to change settings for it ;)13:01
zeroseven0183So, yes, stick with Ubuntu first then check out other distros later13:02
bioterroror try debian in the first place after ubuntu13:02
bioterrorI wouldnt like to see Red-Raven wandering around internet and bashing all distros crap as he cant understand them13:05
zeroseven0183This is actually the reason why I love sticking with Ubuntu... the people! Amazing!13:06
zeroseven0183Off-topic: When do you think Ubuntu Forums would get a make-over?13:06
Red-Ravenim not the type to go bashing stuff i don't understand.13:06
Red-Ravenwhats the most recent version of openBSD?13:19
bioterror4.4 was it13:20
bioterroror 4.513:20
bioterroryou can goto www.openbsd.org13:20
Red-Ravenive seen 4.813:20
bioterror4.8 yes13:20
zeroseven0183Why not FreeBSD? Is OpenBSD safe now?13:22
bioterrorif you can deal OpenBSD, you can deal Net and Free, maybe Dragonfly too13:23
Red-Raven_hey sry. is open just unsatable?13:25
Red-Raven_someone asked if open is safe yet.13:28
Red-Raven_*open BSD13:28
bioterrorsafe yet13:28
bioterroryeah mean that VPN backdoor by the FBI? :D13:29
zeroseven0183Here Red-Raven http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-20025767-281.html13:29
Red-Raven_wouldn't matter to me. not planing on any black hat stuff.13:30
Red-Raven_and i would just run it in Vbox13:31
Red-Raven_so open or free BSD?13:31
Red-Raven_looks like i want free  based on wiki. don't need the security of open for a Vbox.13:33
bioterroryou dont really know what you want13:34
Red-Raven_ok.... dont know what to do with that.....13:35
zeroseven0183Red-Raven, have you read the Ubuntu Manual already?13:36
IAmNotThatGuySilver_Fox_, coolbhavi is here13:37
zeroseven0183It's a good place to start learning Linux, in particular, Ubuntu13:37
Red-Raven_theres a manual? its an operatins system. thats got to be huge.13:37
zeroseven0183Yes there is. It's only 4.4 MB13:38
Red-Raven_ther on for 10.10?13:38
Red-Raven_there one*13:38
zeroseven0183So far, the latest is for 10.0413:38
zeroseven0183But don't worry, they're almost the same13:39
Red-Raven_ok cool.13:39
bioterrorsame commands13:39
bioterrorthe difference is mainly just cosmetics ;)13:40
zeroseven0183Chapter 6 discusses the Command Line13:40
zeroseven0183But of course, it's always good to start in page 113:40
bioterrorRed-Raven_, http://artlung.com/smorgasborg/C_R_Y_P_T_O_N_O_M_I_C_O_N.shtml that's some old text, but worth of checking out. it doesnt hurt to read something if you dont have anything better to do13:43
Red-Raven_got the xPUD and backtrack ISOs DLd. ill look into free BSD next.13:53
Red-Raven_GTG. cya later.13:58
Red-Raven_thx for the help btw.13:58
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Guest8596i have installed kde and then tryied to delete it. now i'm with gnome, the panels are missing and i can't access the terminal... just want to restore my regular ubuntu15:22
JackyAlcineGuest8596: Press Alt+F215:24
JackyAlcineWhat happens?15:24
JackyAlcineA dialog should pop up.15:24
Guest8596JackyAlcine: nothing15:24
JackyAlcineNot good.15:24
JackyAlcineAlright, you might need to use a TTY for this.15:24
Guest8596i know, but it don't :(15:24
Guest8596what's tty?15:25
JackyAlcineGuest8596: A console-based session.\15:25
JackyAlcineso write this command down somewhere.15:25
JackyAlcineNot on your computer.15:25
JackyAlcinesudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop*15:26
JackyAlcineThat command include gnome-panel and should restore your settings.15:26
JackyAlcineNow press Ctrl+Alt+F1 (write this down: press Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get back to GDM) and log on and then run that command.15:26
JackyAlcineI hope Guest8596 is okay.15:28
Guest8596JackyAlcine: trying it, thanks man15:29
tomer11qweJackyAlcine: thanks allot dude! i'm all good now!15:34
JackyAlcineNo problem tomer11qwe :D15:34
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MichelleQcprofitt et al: can't reply to list email (silly mail server) but I'm all for a masters' doc class...  Please let me know when/where/who, etc.15:42
cprofittMichelleQ: cool... thanks for the headsup15:58
jermzaI'm about to render a Pitivi video clip to send to my friend.  When it asks me to save for output, it doesn't add an extension to the file name.  Ubuntu has no hassle reading, say, "video", but my friend uses Windows and I'm wondering if it will read the file.  Do I simply add the extension?16:03
jermzaI saved it as a MP4, so do rename "video" to "video.mp4"?16:03
JackyAlcineYes, jermza.16:05
JackyAlcineLol, Windows is a bit stupid.16:05
jermzaUs Ubuntu users have to help Windows users.16:05
IAmNotThatGuyjermza, as we said yesterday, look at the bottom right and it will have the extension type. select it and save it16:06
JackyAlcinelol, that works as well, jermza ^^16:08
IAmNotThatGuywe answered his second time for the same question. already plei a2 answered him yesterday16:11
hobgoblinIAmNotThatGuy: that happens a lot - patience is the key :)16:12
IAmNotThatGuyheya hobgoblin and yes (:16:13
IAmNotThatGuyhow are you hobgoblin ?16:13
madsailor_hello all.  I am having difficulty changing the backround for the ubuntu login screen.  Docs on the ubuntu help pages talk about modifying /etc/gdm/gdm.conf but this file doesn't exist in this folder on my machine17:08
madsailor_The orange/purple background for login is OK but I'd like to change it. How can I do this?17:08
madsailor_*bump*   I am having difficulty changing the backround for the ubuntu login screen.  Docs on the ubuntu help pages talk about modifying /etc/gdm/gdm.conf but this file doesn't exist in this folder on my machine17:20
madsailor_ The orange/purple background for login is OK but I'd like to change it. How can I do this?17:20
ibuclawmadsailor_, I wrote a small customise guide quite a while ago...17:21
ibuclawsomewhere on the forums17:21
ibuclawway back in 9.10 release. =)17:22
madsailor_Thanks ibuclaw!17:24
ibuclawnote, xsplash only came with Ubuntu 9.1017:24
ibuclawso ignore anything to do with that. :317:24
madsailor_I'm running Maverick, so I definately will.17:26
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JackyAlcineThey need to bring back usplash and customizable gdms. =/17:29
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JerryMany help reinstalling ubuntu? from usb, get to 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' and seems to get stuck in loop - waited 30 min, still no change18:04
nUboon2Agethanks to Silver Fox for noticing i needed some mentoring help and contacting me.18:14
aveilleuxJerryM, Has this happened more than once?18:17
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kosmarnikpython-setuptools is giving me trouble:  easy_install --prefix /usr/local pyrocore20:59
kosmarnikgets me an error message: TEST FAILED: /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages does NOT support .pth files error: bad install directory or PYTHONPATH20:59
kosmarnikthe support link for easyInstall isn't quite helping21:01
yofelyou'll need sudo to install in /usr/local/21:02
kosmarnikrunning this under root21:02
kosmarnikIDK what should I use for PYTHONPATH, or how to set it. meh easyInstall fail21:06
Red-Raveni have an...odd question for you guys.21:17
Red-Ravenwhat/where did you start learning all this stuff? because i know most of you learned most of what you know on your own, and i figured i should try and learn something on my own. what was one of the first concepts involving computers/linux that you learned (or would suggest to learn)? like terminal or Virtual machines or servers. any place to start. theres just so many consepts to choose from. idk where to start.21:20
holsteinRed-Raven: start with what you need to do21:21
holsteindo a job in the terminal21:21
holsteinwhatever you need to do21:21
holsteinif your going to make a folder somewhere21:21
holsteingoogle 'making a directory from the terminal in ubuntu'21:21
Red-Ravenok thx. so learning terminal is a good place to start? and then just learn what i need afterwards?21:24
holsteinwell, learning terminal21:24
holsteinis not something you'll knock out in a weekend21:24
holsteinmaybe look at some programming languages21:25
holsteinsome python tutorials21:25
Red-Ravenok. a friend introduced me to VBS. made a basic annoying pop-up thing on a loop. is that good language to learn? there are so many languages i can't decide. i know some HTML and thats IT.21:34
holsteinup to you21:34
holsteini dont know VBS21:35
holsteini suggested python already21:35
Red-Ravenwhat kind is python? programing?21:35
holsteinpython would be relavant to ubuntu programming AFAIK21:35
holsteinRed-Raven: i mean this in the nicest possible way, but check out http://www.google.com/ ;)21:36
Red-Ravencan you use them in windows?21:36
holsteincross platform21:36
Red-Ravenoh i understand.21:36
Red-Ravensorry about that. sometimes i knid of forget just what this is for. but thx!21:36
holsteinmostly because im just learning about python myself21:37
holsteinand you really just need to look around and decide for yourself21:37
kristian-aalborghi all22:20
kristian-aalborgif you'd like to make a contribution to repos, what's the way to do it?22:21
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: You mean get a package into the repositories?22:21
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: The best way to do that would be to put the project on LaunchPad and set up a PPA (Personal Package Archive)22:21
kristian-aalborgah... thanks22:22
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: After that, it's all about getting noticed22:22
kristian-aalborgaveilleux: tried it?22:27
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: No, my project isn't of the nature that can be distributed through a .deb package22:28
kristian-aalborgwhat project do you have?22:28
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: https://launchpad.net/minimal-desktop-for-ubuntu22:29
kristian_aveilleux: box crashed, will check it now22:35
kristian_seems ambitious?22:37
kristian_I mean that in a positive way, of course ;)22:37
yax51ok, so my head phone jack quit working on a new marverick install, and so did my mic....23:39
yax51I ran this, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules23:39
yax51and now my mic picks up sound and plays it through my speakers, but won't work with any programs (skype, sound recorder ect.) and my headphone jack stil doesn't work23:40
yax51any thoughts, comments, ideas?23:41
ChrisDruifDid you complete went through it? (Even rebooted?)23:43
ChrisDruifAlright....that guide only tells about installing something :)23:45
ChrisDruifYou might be able to solve it by going to terminal and entering "alsamixer" (without the quotes ofc :P)23:46
ChrisDruifThere you'll see all the channels you've got....maybe mic is turned off or something...23:47
geirhaactually, it'll work with the quotes too ;P23:47
ChrisDruifThanks geirha, I'm not always sure (hence the comment :))23:48
yax51it's not even detecting my head phones23:50
ChrisDruifI see that headphone isn't available...I don't know how to fix that though :-/23:50
yax51I had this same issue with lucid, but I can't remember how i fixed it23:51
ChrisDruifMaybe note it somewhere this time? :P23:51
yax51I think I will...23:51
ChrisDruifAnyways....mic works does work right?23:51
ChrisDruifMaybe the wrong source is selected at the apps that don't work with it atm?23:52
yax51hmmm that might be a possibility23:52
yax51hmm in sound preferences, it shows that the mic isnt even picking up anything....yet I hear the mic from my speakers....23:56
ChrisDruif(Is it muted? ;)23:59

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