dscasselhypatia: Welcome back. :)04:17
hypatiathanks, dscassel :D04:17
kenjyguys I will be in Vancouver for 1 month, someone interested on a meeting? xD21:49
dscasselkenjy: I'd talk to the Vancouver LoCo directly. KombuchaKip may be able to direct you to the right place.21:50
* KombuchaKip emerges from the crypt21:51
dennis77515hi all22:24
dennis77515anyone here?22:25
dennis77515i have a question about how to make a vfat usb drive mount in my username22:27
hypatiaman mount?22:27
hypatiathat's where i'd be looking :/22:27
hypatiasorry i can't give more specific help22:27
dennis77515ok tyvm22:28

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