daxti get this error "Looking up studiopaceatl.com00:22
daxtCannot look up hostname studiopaceatl.com: Name or service not known" in ubuntu EC2 instance00:22
daxtbut ftp server works and i am connected to using gftp00:23
daxtcan somebody direct me to the right path ?00:23
daxtanyone home ?00:25
erichammonddaxt_: From what you've described so far, this does not sound like an issue that would be specific to EC2.00:44
daxt_hi erichammond ,  then what it can be ?00:45
erichammondNote that it sometimes takes hours for EC2 and UEC questions to be answered on this channel.  Non-cloud questions will probably get better help elsewhere.00:45
daxt_so mine is non-cloud ? :D00:46
daxt_can u point me to a proper place which might help me to resolve this00:46
erichammonddaxt_: It sounds like a DNS lookup issue for a general host name.  DNS for this on EC2 works pretty much the same as anywhere else.00:47
daxt_actually my ftp gui client connects and works properly00:47
daxt_only the ftp cli at ec2 instance does not manage to lookup the host , is the problem00:47
daxt_shall i modify the resolv.conf and add externam dns than what amazon gives ?  will it help me ?00:48
erichammonddaxt_: Sounds like you'll need to investigate how the name is being resolved for your local client and how your local environment differs from the environment on your server.  I don't have enough information about any of that to be able to help you sufficiently00:49
daxt_erichammond , when i connect to the ftp hoststudiopaceatl.com from my PC , it connects , but when i try to connect from the EC2 instance using ssh , it does not00:50
daxt_so it has to be a dns issue on EC2 according to my feeling00:50
erichammonddaxt_:  I'm not telling you to go away, just pointing out that it probably isn't directly related to the topic of the channel, and given the nature of this channel, you might find better help over on #ubuntu or other places.  The fact that it is not working on an EC2 instance is unlikely to be related to EC2 as a service.00:50
daxt_erichammond , let me show u a screenshot , so you can get a clear understanding :)00:54
daxt_this issue is EC2 related00:59
daxt_EricHammond , could this be an issue with security groups ?01:00
daxt_aka amazon firewall ?01:00
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waltcI realize this is semi vague here (detail in forum) but is it reasonable to get warnings and or errors during a startup of UEC 2 (10.10)?16:37
waltcthe first one is16:39
waltcThe file cloud-error.log contains the following:16:39
waltc10:54:16 ERROR [SystemUtil:Thread-23] com.eucalyptus.util.ExecutionException: ///usr/lib/eucalyptus/euca_rootwrap losetup /dev/loop0 error: loop: can't get info on device /dev/loop0: No such device or address16:39
waltcthe second one is: 10:54:17 ERROR [ISCSIManager:Thread-23] com.eucalyptus.util.EucalyptusCloudException: tgtadm: invalid request16:42
waltcSince I don't have iscsi implemented that may explain this but why there error?16:43
waltcthe third one is:10:54:20 ERROR [NioServerHandler:New I/O server worker #1-1] Internal Error.16:48
waltccom.eucalyptus.ws.ServiceNotReadyException: System has not yet completed booting.16:48
waltcat com.eucalyptus.ws.server.NioServerHandler.messageR eceived(NioServerHandler.java:107)16:48
waltcat org.jboss.netty.handler.stream.ChunkedWriteHandler .handleUpstream(ChunkedWriteHandler.java:114)16:48
waltcat org.jboss.netty.channel.Channels.fireMessageReceiv ed(Channels.java:385)16:48
waltcat org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.replay.ReplayingDeco der.unfoldAndfireMessageReceived(ReplayingDecoder. java:459)16:48
waltcat org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.replay.ReplayingDeco der.callDecode(ReplayingDecoder.java:443)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.replay.ReplayingDeco der.messageReceived(ReplayingDecoder.java:381)16:49
waltcat com.eucalyptus.ws.handlers.http.NioSslHandler.hand leUpstream(NioSslHandler.java:31)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.channel.Channels.fireMessageReceiv ed(Channels.java:342)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.channel.Channels.fireMessageReceiv ed(Channels.java:329)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.channel.socket.nio.NioWorker.read( NioWorker.java:330)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.channel.socket.nio.NioWorker.proce ssSelectedKeys(NioWorker.java:282)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.channel.socket.nio.NioWorker.run(N ioWorker.java:203)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.util.internal.IoWorkerRunnable.run (IoWorkerRunnable.java:53)16:49
waltcat org.jboss.netty.handler.execution.MemoryAwareThrea dPoolExecutor$MemoryAwareRunnable.run(MemoryAwareT hreadPoolExecutor.java:502)16:49
waltcat java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1110)16:49
waltcat java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run (ThreadPoolExecutor.java:603)16:49
waltcat java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:636)16:49
kim0waltc: the losetup and tgtadm would worry me16:59
kim0the rest not really .. Java apps are chatty :)16:59
kim0Are you actually able to start isntances and connect to ebs volumes17:00
waltcas I had said earlier...I blew away the logs (they do get massive) and did a fresh restart17:00
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waltcno....its a function of when the author choses to issue the log.info(...). I actually don't mind info (I use them all the time) but they can be overused thus lowering the 'signal to noise' ratio17:01
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waltcwhat I am trying to ascertain is for the real issues I have, are their roots during startup17:02
waltcyou know...separate cause from effect17:03
kim0yeah ..17:04
waltcI don't have iscsi so the admtgt I don't think should even be an issue. Well, the other thing too, are these benign, like the iscsi one17:04
waltcthe loop device....that worries me too17:04
waltcat first, I tried to do things outside the 'script' like not have the 'everything but node controller' on my desktop because it saved buying a dedicated machine and it seemed like it 'should' work17:06
waltclargely it did except for disappearing public ipaddrs17:06
waltcwith 10.10 I now have 3 machines, a dedicated Ubuntu server for 'everything but' and a dedicated ubuntu server for the nc17:07
waltcI did a free install...out of the box, manually config'd eth117:08
waltcworks GREAT for store images of ubuntu. does not work for anything else17:08
waltcfrankly, what I am trying to do kim0 is get buy-in at work to put up UEC there for my dev team, but I don't want egg on my face as soon as someone wants to start a centos image and can't17:10
kim0waltc: have you tried publishing a centos image17:11
kim0that should work AFAIK17:11
waltcI really want to get this to be predictable and reliable...and, as I said to you earlier, become really well versed in this...local 'expert' and all17:11
waltcI did try an image published by Eucalyptus17:12
waltcone commonality is the lack of a ramdisk image...but that should not necessarily cause a failure17:12
waltcthe image starts, just never transitions to running17:12
waltcsince it is not running I can't get to a log17:13
waltcwith maverick and naddy images do I need to pull them apart and publish the individual parts separately? They run great under kvm natively17:14
kim0waltc: can you try with this image http://eucalyptussoftware.com/downloads/eucalyptus-images/euca-centos-5.3-x817:14
kim0broken link :)17:15
waltcjust publish tarball?17:15
kim0yeah mostly17:15
kim0waltc: Also check out this message http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-cloud@lists.ubuntu.com/msg00367.html17:17
kim0where smoser mentions an updated patch to the uec-publish-tarball utility17:17
kim0which may help17:17
waltcI will check it out...What I did for centos is pull it apart, remove the xen subdir moved the kvm subdir up a level and re-tared it17:22
waltcdidn't go to run state17:22
waltcin other words, in images that work, there is no kvm subdir, the kernel manifest and ramdisk image are all in the single subdir17:23
waltcwhile centos is on my list...I don't want to shotgun the issues...so I am content, for now, resolving why maverick and naddy uec images from uec-ubuntu don't 'just work'17:25
waltcthere was that one forum problem someone entered where he said he got frustrated and wiped the 'everything but nc' server and started from scratch to reinstall (plus added a new user) and now his works.17:26
waltcI don't find 'reformat and reinstall' a satisfying solution17:27
waltcthere is code in walrus land that differentiates administrator from not administrator but that is just for permissions17:29
waltcis the focus on having these images work on ec2 and 'the hope is' they also will work on uec?17:30
kim0waltc: hey, are you "wcorey" from forums17:32
waltckim0, do you have a maverick based uec cloud where all images store or otherwise just work?....yes I am17:32
kim0waltc: nice meeting you man :)17:32
waltcyou too!17:32
kim0I don't currently have UEC running with me17:33
waltccurrently is this second or post 10.10?17:33
kim0but yeah image store images, should definitely just work17:33
kim0this second17:33
waltcmy question is not 'should' they work it is 'do' they work17:33
kim0when I played with 10.10, they did boot17:34
waltcthe 'store' images do run perfectly...the maverick and naddy I get off the ec2/uec site start just fine but never go to running17:34
kim0well, with no particular error message17:35
kim0it's gonna be a bit hard17:35
kim0did you try nc logs ?17:35
waltcdid you ever look at forum, t=1588826?17:36
waltcyes I did17:38
waltcto re-state what I believe you said is you have (somewhere) a UEC cloud, based on 10.10 and you downloaded the image from the ec2/uec site of maverick and naddy and published them uec-pub-tarball and they run just fine. Is that accurate?17:39
kim0yeah, just not natty, it wasn't there yet17:40
waltcnow I feel ill...that means the problem is here17:40
kim0waltc: it might have needed some manual step though, can't quite remember17:41
waltcoh...do you run them as you or admin?17:41
kim0waltc: man, I understand you want to help UEC users "debug" such problems17:41
kim0waltc: as opposed to the current format/reinstall appraoch17:41
kim0is that correct17:41
waltcbtw, I enjoy your 'blogs' like publishing what scott did with the running the cloud-init under kvm directly17:42
kim0waltc: What about we (you and I) start like some project to freshly install UEC, documenting the exact setup17:43
kim0waltc: with every command ever needed ...etc17:43
kim0if we stumble across an issue, we can hopefully get some help from the devs over here17:43
kim0the advantage being ..17:43
kim0instead of being an individual support case17:44
kim0it would become .. like an open UEC manual for the whole world17:44
waltcin that case it wasn't so much trying to help him, he already got a solution. What I was trying to do is either from him or someone like yourself, explain which part of what he did actually fixed the problem. I logged in as admin, and just downloaded the credentials there so maybe I should not use admin just add myself as joe user and run images that way17:44
kim0Everything you wanted to know about UEC but were afraid to ask .. comes to mind :)17:44
kim0waltc: the thing is .. he doesn't know, nor do I .. and if you ask the devs .. so many things could go wrong17:45
kim0there is no simple answer17:45
kim0which is why I am suggesting we start documenting a "controlled" envrionment17:45
kim0I would personally love to work on this with you17:46
waltckim0....yes, yes, and yes17:46
kim0just let me know if you can commit to doing it17:46
waltcI've been in software, as a developer for decades17:46
waltcbut part of that is support17:46
waltcwhat, as a person paid to do this stuff, really annoys me is people who open a problem, find some solution and just simply announce, "OK, thanks, it's fixed now" without ever saying what they did17:47
kim0hehe yeah .. some tend to do that :)17:48
waltcthe next worst thing is people that say, I did this, this, this, this, and this....and now it works17:48
waltcthat, as he described it, is the "hail mary" solution...17:48
waltcALOT tend to do that17:49
waltcI like crisp and clean answers..THIS (and only this) is the cause and the solution is do this (and only this)17:49
waltclink cause and effect and remedy together17:50
waltcOh...I have become an expert at re-installing, from scratch, the ubuntu server (as cluster) and the ubuntu server as node17:51
kim0waltc: I am in total agreement17:51
kim0about the "this and only this" statement17:51
kim0thus I am suggesting we start working on a controlled env17:52
kim0documenting everythgin aloong the way17:52
* kim0 is on crappy Internet for now .. slow answer17:52
waltcthe other thing I hate is people who open an issue and it gets kidnapped by others who say I have the same problem except... After a couple of those you don't even know what the problem environment even is any more17:53
waltcI realize to most, if not all, people who work on the forums and maybe even launchpad, theirs is a 'labor of love' in other words they are there because they are interested in being there, not they have to be. So when a problem comes in and it is, or becomes by others additions, too confusing they move on as it is now too confiusing17:55
waltclet's start here...something I wanted to verify with you....10.4 is LTS, 10.4 UEC is 1.6, 10.4 won't run Eucalptus 2 or UEC 2.0 as it needs the newer kernel. What you get with UEC 2 is the cloud init stuff which means you don't have to specialty create new images for everything but do stem cell image that gets specialized at boot time, not create time...correct?17:58
waltcor, asked differently, why would one want to use UEC 2.x?17:59
kim0waltc: 10.04 is LTS and runs 1.6 yes .. can it run 2.0, maybe18:00
kim0cloud-init is not directly related to EUC version AFAIK .. it's an image thing18:00
waltcI seem to recall a forum question and answer saying you could not install UEC 2 as Eucalyptus 2.x required 2.6.3518:01
TeTeTwaltc: there's linux-image-generic-pae-lts-backport-maverick for lucid in the repo18:01
TeTeTI guess an backport of euca 2 for lts would be an interesting thing to do18:02
waltcbut cloud init IS a Ubuntu thing...until very recently you couldn't use it on non ubuntu images. Amazon recently released a centos image that does support cloud init...right?18:02
kim0TeTeT: any idea if euca2 does need a newer kernel18:02
TeTeTkim0: actually not18:02
kim0waltc: ^^ thought so18:02
kim0waltc: yeah amazon released their own "Linux distro" basically18:03
waltcweird huh?18:03
kim0waltc: and they did choose to include cloud-init18:03
waltcthat pretty much locks Amazon into being a distro as unless RH includes cloud-init it won't be part of stock centos18:05
kim0Amazon's Linux, IS a separate distro18:05
kim0and yes .. centos will only get it when RH acccepts it (if ever)18:05
kim0unless someone packages it for centos directly18:06
waltcyou mean all Amazon created AMI's or just that centos with cloud-init?18:06
waltcwhy wouldn't they (RH)...just like why wouldn't Ubuntu/Canonical include Spice?18:07
\shhmmm...when I want to upgrade an ec2 lucid instance to maverick, and I did a dist-upgrade from lucid to maverick...what aki id do I need to set to boot the correct kernel (which should be linux-image-2.6.35-24-virtual)18:07
kim0waltc: It's not like Ubuntu is opposed to spice .. It's just barely mature right now .. I'm sure Ubuntu will get it (personal opinion)18:08
kim0waltc: it's a matter of opinion .. if RH wants it, it can get it .. it's all open source18:08
kim0\sh: did you try "ec2-describe-images"18:11
kim0\sh: it should tell you the associated aki/ari18:11
\shkim0: yes, I followed smosers howto http://ubuntu-smoser.blogspot.com/2010/04/upgrading-ebs-instance.html18:11
\shbut I don't find the kernel version at all...18:11
waltcWe recently went through an exercise at work to put much of our infrastructure in EC2. building specialized images are a pain in the butt, slow, fragile, etc..I MUCH prefer the stem-cell provision on boot approach18:11
\shduring dist-upgrade it installed the 2.6.35-24-virtual flavor18:11
kim0waltc: Yep! :)18:12
waltcbetween delta-cloud and RHEV RH has staked it's 'claim' on the cloud and virtualization space....it stands to reason they (and SUSE) would grab cloud-init18:13
waltcI would think the only incentive not to is to 'one-off' someone else's distro18:14
kim0\sh: smoser    's blog post seems to nail it18:14
\shkim0: he was upgrading to lucid...and I'm doing dist-upgrade from lucid to maverick, so I adjusted his shell/ec2-api-tools magic to the kernel version I got during dist-upgrade18:15
\shkim0: but this version I can't find the version in the ec2-describe-images --all list18:15
\shkim0: the only kernel which matches on the list is IMAGEaki-2316fd4a099720109477/ububtu-test-kernel-2.6.35-12-virtual-x86_64-20100730-test-1018:18
kim0\sh: The 64 bit aki seems to be aki-427d952b, 32bit aki-407d952918:18
smosershang, what kernel do you have installed18:19
smoserand what release (maverick?) are you running ?18:20
kim0smoser: he's upgrading lucid to maverick18:20
\shsmoser: I installed the t1.micro ebs image of lucid...and dist-upgraded to maverick now18:20
\shsmoser: the running instance kernel is linux-image-2.6.32-311-ec2 and the dist-upgraded kernel now is linux-image-2.6.35-24-virtual18:21
smoserah. then, yeah, you want the pv-grub kernel. make sure that you install grub-legacy-ec218:21
\sh(hence no linux-image...-ec2 package for maverick)18:21
\shthe grub-legacy-ec2 is already installed18:22
\shsmoser: and what is the pv-grub kernel?18:22
smoseryeah, then you have a /boot//grub/menu.lst that lists18:22
smoserkim0 listed the pv-grub kernel above18:22
\shsmoser: ah ok...18:23
kim0\sh: this actually chainloads the kernel inside the image .. which is cool18:23
kim0smoser: do you actually memorize the akis ;)18:23
\shso I just update via modify-instance the kernel id to the aki mentioned.18:23
smoserno, i look them up. but i do have cached describe-images of all regions18:24
smoseryes, \sh18:24
kim0smoser: um, once on pv-grub .. upgrading maverick->natty .. should just involve dist-upgrade, like a bare metal box right ?!18:24
kirklandkim0: when does that video go up?18:25
smoserthats the goal, kim0 yes18:25
smoserkirkland is looking for his 15 minutes of youtube fame18:26
kim0kirkland: :) Jono is holding it hostage .. should definitely go up today ...18:26
* kim0 will bug Jono as soon as I see him18:26
\shI think I destroyed the instance, grmpf...so now I directly start a maverick instance18:28
kim0\sh: I hope you didn't loose any data on this :)18:29
smoser\sh unless you terminatede the instance, you didn't loose its root volume18:30
smoser(as it is ebs)18:30
\shkim0: no...it's just this t1.micro free amazon offer18:30
kim0\sh: stopping is not terminating18:31
smoserkim0, you or i could walk the lucid -> maverick upgrade path in a blog post18:31
smoserthat might actually be useful18:31
\shkim0: terminated :)18:31
kim0smoser: Sounds good :)18:32
* kim0 likes18:32
kim0I just wish people would stop using ebs images .. it's a cloud c'mon :)18:33
* kim0 notes that blog entry18:34
kim0smoser: I suppose Amazon could update their PVgrub kernel .. how can we always find out the latet ID ?18:34
smoserkim0, no way.18:40
* kim0 #&$^%$^$ @amazon18:40
smoserother than look at the kernel associated with our latest image of that release/arch18:40
kim0Yeah ok18:40
crazedhow do you enable root logins in an ec2 ami?21:14
crazedi changed /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg disable_root: false21:15
crazedbut still seems to put in the "please login as ubuntu"21:15
waltckim0: I actually have fully documented the installation process and post installation I did this last time around.  It appears managed-novlan requires a second eth on the CC (in a default UEC install) yet it doesn't configure it. In fact, if it doesn't exist, it doesn't care.21:24
waltcthat's what I was missing in the 9.04->10.04 time frame. BTW, my old issue of disappearing public ip addresses went away perhaps because of 10.10 or perhaps because of eth121:26
kim0kirkland: Your vid is out and loud woohoo http://www.youtube.com/ubuntudevelopers#p/a/u/0/CWNjzwci5e823:56

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