duanedesign'lo all11:47
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sensegood afternoon18:07
czajkowskisense: ello, got your email, but was slightly under the weather yesterday18:37
senseczajkowski: That's fine, thank you for telling me you received it!18:37
czajkowskisense: yep both copies :)18:48
senseczajkowski: Ah, I must have accidentally sent a safety copy!18:55
czajkowskidid wonder as two different subjects :) will get back to you18:55
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czajkowskijono: ello20:53
jonoczajkowski, hey21:01
jonojcastro, dpm, kim0, dholbach let's meet in the lobby at 6.20pm21:02
dpmjono, ok. Do we know where we're going?21:03
dholbachjono, sure21:03
jonodpm, ask dholbach :-)21:04
jonodholbach, you can break the news to jcastro21:04
dpmjono, yeah, we're conspiring here21:04
kim0jono: sure thingie21:05
jonodpm, bastards21:05
* dpm hugs jono :)21:05
jonodholbach, is it Medina?21:05
* jono hugs dpm21:05
dholbachjono, that's where the others are going21:06
jonodholbach, is that where you wanted to go?21:06
dholbachjono, I'm happy with whatever21:07
jonois that the Moroccan place?21:07
jonoI am going to ask msm to book us a table21:07
jonodholbach, ^21:08
dholbachjono, that's where the Hardware Certification guys are going too21:08
jonodholbach, ok, let's go there21:09
dholbach(dunno how much of a problem that is)21:09
czajkowskijono: we not having our call ?21:18
jonoczajkowski, oh sorry, I thought you knew, I am in Dallas this week21:19
jonomy apologies - I am currently in a management meeting21:20
czajkowskijono:  my dear you owe me taffey for every meeting we miss :p21:20
czajkowskijono: tis cool gonna go back to sleeping/resting21:20
jonothanks czajkowski!21:24
czajkowskinp but we do need to chat next week instead :) please21:24
czajkowskiif I tell you I miss your soothing brittish accent will you squeeze me in :)21:24
jonohehe next week sounds good :-)21:28
czajkowskicheers, enjoy dallas21:32
czajkowskiand the massive measures they pour of JD21:32
dakerdholbach, which Medina ?21:35
dholbachdaker, a restaurant in Dallas21:38
dakerah ツ21:38
jonojcastro, dholbach, dpm, kim0 ok we are on - meet in the lobby at 6.20pm21:39
dpmjono, ack21:39
dholbachjono, rock21:39
kim0jono: ack21:39
dholbachdpm, ROCK, Danke21:55

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