iantochippanfat: Hi00:01
chippanfathiya :)00:02
chippanfatjust saw your post and thought i should log on :D00:02
iantochippanfat: Lol you're off to Hacio;r Iaith? ;)00:02
iantomarkjones: Were you thinking of going btw?00:04
chippanfatI'd like to, but it said it'll be presented in welsh :(00:04
iantomarkjones: If you ever see Kaia ask her too, I remember that you two used to talk alot00:04
iantochippanfat: I've configured the FB group so that all mailing list messages get sent through FB too :D00:05
chippanfatmy aim of this year is to go to confrences and seminars about technology :)_00:06
chippanfatso i'd be happy going ^_^00:06
iantochippanfat: http://www.opensourceexpo.co.uk/00:06
iantoIt's in London though if you can afford getting there00:07
chippanfatwhere in london? :)00:10
iantoThe Barbican00:11
chippanfatno idea where that is xD00:11
iantoChuck it in Google Maps00:11
iantochippanfat: If you do go, how you getting there?00:12
chippanfatmegabus or drive :)00:13
iantoI might reschedule my Aber journey for the uni if I be your passenger ;)00:14
iantoI've got a departmental visiting day to go with my offer00:14
chippanfathaha xD centre of london :P00:15
chippanfatdepartmental visting?00:16
chippanfatwhats that about? :)00:16
iantochippanfat: Visiting the Welsh department in the uni to see how the teaching is00:17
iantochippanfat: Well if you think of going to that expo, lemme know ;)00:19
Kaiawhat about Kaia?00:20
iantoKaia: Ti'n meddwl am fynd i Hacio'r Iaith?00:21
KaiaHacio'r Iaith??00:21
iantoKaia: http://haciaith.com/2011/01/06/hacior-iaith-2011/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter00:22
iantochippanfat: You have a PS3 don;t you?00:22
iantoKaia: Beth yt ti'n meddwl amdani?00:25
Kaialooks cool ianto, where in aber is it?00:35
iantoKaia: http://hedyn.net/wici/Hacio'r_Iaith_-_Ionawr_2011#Ble.3F00:36
iantoAdeilad Parry Williams00:36
KaiaAhhh TFTV00:37
Kaiaare you going? staying overnight?00:38
chippanfatIanto: I do have a ps3 :)00:38
iantoI'm thinking of going00:38
iantoDunno if I could afford to stay overnight though ;)00:39
iantochippanfat: You gonna put Linux on there when the exploits get released/developed?00:39
Kaiaianto: I can put you up for the night00:40
Kaiaor two00:40
Kaiabut you would have to be pretty silent, all my housemates have exams that week00:40
KaiaI have one on the 29th at 2pm00:40
iantoKaia: Thanks for the offer, perhaps coming up for the evening of the 28th and then go back on the evening of the 29th if I take advantage of your offer but I need to see how things work out first because Amber is adament in coming (so hi'n siarad Cymraeg!)00:42
Kaiashe can stay at mine too00:43
KaiaI have two comfy sofas00:43
Kaiaalso I have a parking space outside my house00:44
Kaiaso you can park your car there00:44
Kaia29th is my last exam so wooo pub00:46
chippanfatIanto: YES ! :D00:46
iantochippanfat: :D :D :D00:46
iantochippanfat: It hopefully won't take much longer than a month00:46
Amberinahey Kaia00:47
iantowhois chippanfat00:47
iantoOops :p00:47
AmberinaKaia: guess how me and ianto are spending our anniversary00:49
iantochippanfat: The PS3 has a 3.2GHz processor to play around with00:51
KaiaAmberina: how?00:51
iantoAnd obviously HDMI output00:51
Amberinain aber00:52
iantoI told you to re-schedule it00:52
Amberinaianto: xbox is better00:52
Kaiahe can take you out for a nice dinner Amberina :)00:52
Kaiaand he will have to spoil you too :P00:53
chippanfatKaia: I agree ! :D00:53
Amberinaso do i :)00:53
iantochippanfat: Hey! Perhaps you can take me to T-Bones Mr Flynn-Harding ;)00:54
Amberinaianto: im not rescheduling00:54
iantoWhat's wrong with changing the date? :(00:54
Kaiahaha boys00:54
Kaiaianto: You can't change the date!00:54
Amberinaianto: you can take me to tbones again yummy00:55
iantoAmberina: Hehe it costs like £30 per person...00:55
KaiaWhat is Tbones?00:55
chippanfatIanto: TAYBARNS FTW !00:55
iantoKaia: http://www.greenlanterns.co.uk/t-bones/index.html00:55
KaiaIsn't Taybarns == Model T?00:56
iantoThe Ford?00:56
Amberinawhat is taybarns00:56
iantohttp://www.t-bones.co.uk/ - Might be the more updated site00:57
Amberinaits lush00:57
chippanfatAmberina: taybarns is an all you can eat in swansea ;D00:58
Amberinaooo cool... i like food00:58
Kaiaianto: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&safe=off&ie=UTF8&q=model+t+bridgend&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=model+t&hnear=Bridgend&cid=0,0,11184903397115536603&sqi=2&ll=51.499486,-3.533306&spn=0,0.026157&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.499614,-3.533406&panoid=rEvwxRp8VZmjJbDvza0jgQ&cbp=12,300.03,,0,11.200:58
Kaiathats teh Model T00:58
chippanfatmake him treat you :D00:58
Kaiai think its a Taybarns...I've never been to an actual Taybarns00:58
iantoKaia: Btw if you go to Hacio'r Iaith, reply on-list ;)00:59
Kaiaon what?01:00
Amberinahe treats me lots :)01:00
chippanfatN'awhhh :D01:00
iantoKaia: UBuntu Cymru mailing list01:00
Kaiaahh right01:01
iantoTaybarns actually looks not half bad01:01
iantoNice pricing as well01:01
iantoThinking about it, at Hacio'r Iaith, it'd be my first time ever giving a talk in Welsh if I choose a topic to talk about01:05
iantoMe and another guy Carl were gonna talk about setting up mobile phone translations (Android) for Welsh01:06
iantoBut I may let him do that and pick my own topic01:06
iantoMight do something on Launchpad as a service01:07
Amberinaianto:  you should your welsh is good enough01:16
iantoAmberina: It ought to be after all this time ;)01:23
p_mashoanyone here at an university? am a flightgear developer, so fin interested in the terrain model..in particular would be inplementing the machloop is welsh of course..12:42
markjonesp_masho, i'd email the mailing list16:10
chippanfat@ianto: could you send me the link about the confrence thingy in london please? :)19:26
markjoneschippanfat, it was in Aberystwyth19:28
markjonesone mo:19:28
chippanfathe sent me on about london tooo :)19:28
chippanfati think he did, i remember google earthing the name of the building its in :p19:28
Mr__Tso I think I might be in aber on the 29th19:29
markjonesi'll be in Aber too19:29
chippanfatI'm hoping to go to either one :D19:30
chippanfatwhat is the one in aber about too? :)19:32
markjonesprepare Google Translate for this: http://hedyn.net/wici/Hacio'r_Iaith_-_Ionawr_201119:33
chippanfati want to update my facebook status about it :D19:33
chippanfatwill the whole event be in welsh?19:41
markjonesi guess most of it will be19:45
chippanfatahhh :/ i'm not as welsh speaker19:47
chippanfatand I cant understand it either :/19:47

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