jpdsIs there anyone around?12:01
zedhi jpds14:52
zedpong apollo13 :)14:52
jpdszed: Hi, would you have something to do with eshu.ubuntu-eu.org ?14:52
apollo13zed: oh dear14:53
apollo13you won't be available finally?14:53
apollo13mind finishing the eshu setup? :รพ14:53
jpdsubuntu-br.org's DNS records disappeared about 2 weeks ago.14:54
zedoh, strange...14:54
jpdsBut port 53 on eshu appears to be closed so I can't manipulate the TSIG things for it.14:56
zedoh my god14:56
zedi forgot to restore bind :)14:56
apollo13zed: I love you; plz restore bind and fwman and munin14:57
apollo13and whatever else I forgot there14:57
apollo13and my account14:57
zedapollo13: where is your ssh key ?14:58
apollo13zed: https://launchpad.net/~apollo13/+sshkeys14:59
apollo13oh and mind giving me some contact info were I can reach you; I don't like bugging julius to call huat to call you^^14:59
zedapollo13: ssh apollo13@eshu.ubuntu-eu.org15:00
apollo13zed: love you :)15:01
* zed 's going back to work, next episode in 1 hour :p15:01
apollo13zed: happy with that as long as you actually know that something is still missing :)15:02
jpdsIs BIND back?15:04
apollo13ys76: around?17:47

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