yro_anjosBoa noite a todos!00:11
Tm_Theadsup: [Bianca] is spamming06:16
Tm_Tand K-lined06:53
mahiI have a problem with programing09:27
mahiI have a project with PHP language. can you lelp me?09:27
mahiplease help me!09:28
Tm_Tthis is not a support channel, you might like to ask in ##php (or what it was)09:28
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yofelhi! the wiki page says to ask here for an ubuntu member irc cloak https://launchpad.net/~yofel19:17
Piciw/ii yofel19:17
yofelhi Pici19:18
Piciyofel: hiya.  Just a moment.19:18
Piciyofel: Just looking for a freenode staffer to turn the cloak on.19:23
evilNikoPici: o/19:24
PicievilNiko: hiya19:24
PicievilNiko: Would you mind granting yofel an ubuntu/member/yofel cloak?19:24
evilNikoyofel: congrats ! Pici, done :)19:25
PicievilNiko, marienz: Thanks ;)19:25
Piciyofel: Congrats!19:25
yofelPici, evilNiko: Thanks! have a nice day19:27
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maxbHello, where do I file a bug on ubot5 ?23:28
maxb(Should use launchpad.net, not use edge.launchpad.net)23:29
rwwdo they all do it, or just ubot5?23:30
m4vmaxb: what's the bug?23:32
rwwsome people dislike edge, I guess.23:35
maxbedge.launchpad.net is officially deprecated and in phased obsolescence23:35
rwwI wonder whether Canonical'll decide that breaking established URLs is a good idea again.23:36
rwwone would hope they learned from the last time23:36
maxbIt's not being broken, but it is being served by a pool of servers that will be shrunk as possible to minimally meet the load23:37
rwwmeh. sane thing to do would be to redirect edge.launchpad.net to launchpad.net with CNAME.23:38
m4vmaxb: anyway, what bug are we talking about?23:38
maxbThat ubot5 should s/edge.launchpad.net/launchpad.net/ in its source code/config23:39
maxbSuch that it hits the main production platform, not the deprecated compatibility one23:39
m4vwhere is that? I can't seem to find the place you're referring to23:43
m4vmaxb: I don't see any "edge.launchpad.net" in the source code, so I'm not sure what you mean.23:53
m4vmaxb: anyway, for answer your original question, you can fill bugs in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots23:58
m4vlaunchpad is in read-only mode atm though23:59

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