cprofittAlanBell: are you around?01:12
mhall119daker: try naming the function get_urls, instead of urls12:32
dakermhall119, oh i see12:46
dakeri'll try it12:46
dakermhall119, it does not work http://pastebin.com/Ar7LBhdN13:04
mhall119okay,  I'll have to read the Admin documentation then13:06
mhall119why are you making 2 calls to super.get_urls?13:10
mhall119also, I don't think you need to specify the urls property, it looks like the ModelAdmin already has that13:12
mhall119but that shouldn't cause problems either13:12
mhall119oh wait a second13:13
mhall119I think I see the problem13:13
mhall119you're passing self.list_pages as the view function13:14
mhall119but Django is going to treat it as a regular function, not an instance method13:14
mhall119daker: you just want to over-write the list view?13:19
dakermhall119, yes13:19
mhall119then just have your model implement changelist_view13:20
mhall119in that call super.changelist_view13:20
mhall119then you shouldn't have to mess with urls at all13:20
dakeri see i'll try13:21
dakermhall119, if i add a __call__ func it works http://pastebin.com/F8eJAYnF13:23
dakerWoo got it http://pastebin.com/1LmjFpmG13:32
mhall119well, yeah I guess that would work too13:58
dakerthanks for your time 13:59
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nigelbHey folks :)15:20
nigelbmhall119: Now I understand why I didn't get what you meant last night --> sleep deprivation15:26
dakermhall119, do you know any working threaded comment system in django ?15:31
mhall119nigelb: yeah, sleep deprivation makes coding...interesting15:52
mhall119it also makes for amusing comments15:52
mhall119daker: I don't know about threaded, but there's a default django comments system isn't there?15:52
nigelbmhall119: ;)15:55
TrickyJGood morning friends :)16:39
Ronnieabout bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/686268 is this about the comments added to agenda items>19:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 686268 in loco-directory "Add the ability to add agenda items (affects: 1) (heat: 5)" [Wishlist,In progress]19:50
Ronniedaker, cjohnston, mhall119: ^19:52
Ronnieits not clear what need to be fixed in order to commit this bug19:52
dakerAFAIK the backend is already implemented19:53
mhall119Ronnie: right now there is no interface for adding agenda items19:54
mhall119that's what the bug is for19:54
Ronniemhall119: agenda != meeting/event ?19:55
mhall119there is (ugly) code for displaying them19:55
mhall119Ronnie: a meeting has multiple agenda items19:55
mhall119agenda items can be nested too, so each meeting has a tree of agenda items19:56
AlanBello/ Daviey 21:03

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