cprofittgood showing this time... thanks for making it everyone00:00
cprofitttopics are there00:00
cprofittI want to take some time to discuss Focus Groups00:01
cprofitt[topic] focus groups00:01
MootBotNew Topic:  focus groups00:01
cprofittas there have been some mis-perceptions about them00:01
cprofittFocus Groups are for practical purposes umbrellas00:01
cprofittthey have a lead person who coordinates that group00:02
cprofittthey will contain sub-groups or interest areas...00:02
cprofittor experts in a certain area that is under that group00:02
cprofittto give two examples...00:02
cprofittlubuntu is a sub-area under support...00:02
cprofittaccessibility is a sub-area under support and development00:03
phillwcprofitt: that sounds fantastic to me.00:04
cprofittwe used to form Focus Groups for each interest area, but due to passing interests and people moving on to dedicate themselves to other things we have a very fluid state with focus groups00:04
cprofittwe do not want to have that amount of 'churn' for new people trying to find their way00:04
cprofittin rare cases we may form a sep. FG -- if there is enough interest... and large enough group of people... and an existing team that requests that FG to be created00:05
cprofittnote it will take all three of those to happen00:05
cprofittany questions?00:05
phillwcprofitt: thanks for clearing it all up.00:06
UndiFineDI have taken the liberty to register #ubuntu-beginners-accessibility00:06
nhandlerHmm...That is a good question. Do we actually want IRC channels for the sub-areas?00:06
nhandlerUndiFineD: Can you make UBTCouncil a founder in there?00:07
UndiFineDI noticed people saying such has their interest, now people could go to #ubuntu-accessibility or we could discuss to have them pass this channel first00:07
UndiFineDnhandler: I would be happy to do so00:08
nhandlerYes, but if it is part of the support fg, it might make sense to use that IRC channel (or the accessibility team channel)00:08
* Timo_ is here as well00:10
UndiFineDmaybe, it was just a thought, and we could discuss it outside the meeting00:10
cprofittnhandler: we can take that off-line00:12
cprofittsorry, but I was typing in the wrong channel00:12
cprofittirris fail00:12
cprofittin conjunction with that we have to re-define mentors00:12
cprofittto help them learn about the team, the process and the skills needed to contribute to that team00:13
cprofittbecoming a mentor will require some work00:13
UndiFineDhow about some classes ?00:13
* phillw back...00:13
cprofittso mentors are dedicated to a specific are of knowledge... they will fall under a specific FG00:14
cprofittwe then need people who will assist people with becoming UBT members...00:14
cprofittin the past those folks were called mentors... but to avoid confusion we need a new name00:14
* phillw waves hand....00:14
cprofittone group (mentors) are subject experts00:14
cprofittthe other group are more guides00:15
ibuclawcprofitt, in the past they were called 'masters', no? :)00:15
cprofittwe also called them masters in the distant past in a galazy far far away00:15
cprofittmasters and padawan00:16
cprofittwe could revert to that term...00:16
cprofittwe just need to have two different terms... to avoid confusion00:16
cprofittbecoming a mentor will involve much more proof that you are a subject expert00:16
cprofitt[VOTE]use the term master to describe UBT guides00:17
MootBotPlease vote on: use the term master to describe UBT guides.00:17
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot00:17
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting00:17
MootBot+1 received from phillw. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 100:17
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cprofittany more votes?00:17
MootBot+1 received from hajour. 8 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 800:18
IAmNotThatGuycprofitt, only UBT members can vote right?00:18
cprofittIAmNotThatGuy: yes00:18
cprofittsoon IAmNotThatGuy soon00:18
IAmNotThatGuyno worries egossett00:18
cprofittbe patient padawan00:18
cprofittlast call for votes00:18
MootBotFinal result is 8 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 800:19
phillwcprofitt: do you want to carry out the vote after the election of the new padawans, as it does directly affect them?00:19
cprofitt[agreed]guides will now be called Masters00:19
MootBotAGREED received: guides will now be called Masters00:19
cprofittanyone want to volunteer to update our wiki?00:19
phillwcprofitt: I'll do it.00:19
cprofittsome padawan who wants to work with the doc team?00:19
aveilleuxI have to be right back, I need to reboot to fix some permissions00:19
cprofitt[action] phillw will update wiki with master information00:20
MootBotACTION received:  phillw will update wiki with master information00:20
UndiFineDthat would be me00:20
cprofittthanks phillw00:20
cprofittphillw: can you let UndiFineD do it?00:20
cprofitt[action] UndiFineD will update the wiki with information about Masters00:20
MootBotACTION received:  UndiFineD will update the wiki with information about Masters00:20
cprofittthere we go00:20
cprofitt[TOPIC] New Members Announcement00:21
MootBotNew Topic:  New Members Announcement00:21
phillwcprofitt:  UndiFineD if you want to do it, be my guest.00:21
cprofittas was agreed to last meeting the council is now responsible for voting on new UBT members00:21
cprofittthere are several that have been put before the council00:21
cprofittbut I want everyone to understand the process00:21
cprofitta padawan or their master can put them forward to the council00:22
cprofittthe padawan should have testimonials on their wiki00:22
cprofittthe padawan is encouraged to either be present at the council meeting or send the council an email with their statement of why they feel they are ready00:22
cprofittthe council, and I apologize for this, has not determined a meeting date/time00:23
cprofittbut we are looking at doing a regular meeting...00:23
cprofittand we will meet soon about the people we have in the que now00:23
cprofittI apologize to them for the delay00:23
cprofittalso... I want to make everyone aware of the current que of folks seeking masters....00:24
cprofittwe have 15 people looking for help on joining the BT.00:24
cprofittwe need to get these folks paired up...00:24
ibuclawcprofitt, that is quite a queue00:24
cprofittwe also need to get the Masters list updated so masters are under their TZ00:25
UndiFineDwhich is why I suggested doing classes on becoming a master00:25
cprofittUndiFineD: good suggestion... we can look at doing that...00:25
phillwcprofitt: with no disrespect to the council, and I know full well you are up to your collective eyeballs in work. We do really need to shift our padawans off and elect mentors. There is a 'log-jam'.00:25
cprofittcan you send an email to the list with that suggestion and some details on how we would run that?00:25
cprofittmasters you mean phillw ?00:26
cprofittor mentors?00:26
aveilleuxI'm sorry, I'm back00:26
ibuclawUndiFineD, The first rule of becoming a master is the First rule of becoming a master. :~)00:26
UndiFineDhmmm ibuclaw must be a jedi00:27
IAmNotThatGuyinetpro, (:00:27
IAmNotThatGuyerm tab fails )':00:27
ibuclawThe rest is simply being there to answer any questions they may have about team internal processes.00:27
cprofittok... phillw did you mean log jam for masters or mentors?00:27
* pedro3005 is here :P00:27
cprofitthey pedro300500:27
* CensoredBiscuit arrived late and feels lost00:28
phillwcprofitt: bioterror is a mentor yet to be elected, as for masters the faster we get them approved, the sooner we can adopt the ones waiting. It is heartbreaking to hear them plea for a mentor :'(00:28
cprofittCensoredBiscuit: we will post the minnutes after the meeting00:28
pedro3005cprofitt, I put my mentees for membership I think00:28
pedro3005well at least I added it on the meeting table00:28
cprofittphillw: well the folks on that list are looking for masters... not mentors00:28
cprofittI am aware of bioterror and the issue has been raised with the council00:28
IAmNotThatGuyI ll br gone in 10 mins. powercut :'(00:28
ibuclawcprofitt, so that entire page needs moving and a new table put in it's place?00:29
cprofittibuclaw: the table needs to be renamed at the top00:29
cprofittUndiFineD: is working on it00:29
UndiFineDafter the meeting00:29
cprofittwe then will need a new table for mentors -- which we have zero of right now00:30
ibuclawI mean00:30
cprofittand a list of people looking to be made mentors00:30
cprofittibuclaw: the mentors page can have two tables on it...00:30
cprofittmentors and masters... with some explanation as to the difference00:30
pedro3005when are you guys going to look at the people up for membership?00:31
cprofittpedro3005: We are working on that as I speak00:31
pedro3005ok, great00:32
cprofittthe council will be meeting immediately following this meeting to consider those in the que00:32
cprofittok... there are no other topics00:32
cprofittany other last minute business?00:33
cprofittyes nhandler00:33
phillwcprofitt: I know that pedro3005 also has a list of people wanting to be a padawan, as does at least one other mentor. We need the queue clearing so we can help.00:33
nhandlerI just want to remind everyone that we will have a BT Council election probably around the start of March. So think about if you might be interested in running00:33
cprofittnhandler: what positions are up?00:34
nhandlercprofitt: You, me, and bodhi. I updated https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-beginners-council/+members00:34
cprofittI thought we served two year terms...00:35
nhandlercprofitt: Yeah. You joined in 200900:35
cprofittbut not sure when the last election was...00:35
nhandlercprofitt: Half the council joined a year after us in 201000:35
nhandlerI also believe we decided not to fill bodhi's seat (so the council will be 5 people) when he expires00:35
cprofittI did... but I thought I was just recently re-elected... but maybe not... I will have to look back00:35
pedro3005it's been 2 years since 2009?00:36
cprofittok... no other business?00:36
phillwnhandler: if you need an admin person, then I will do it (i.e. put up for election).00:36
nhandlercprofitt: You might have. I can't remember if we were up for re-election in the last batch or not00:36
MootBotMeeting finished at 18:36.00:36
cprofittalright... the council will be meeting about the new UBT members00:36
cprofittI hope to update those folks tonight00:36
cprofittthanks everyone.00:37
phillwcprofitt: thanks, for chairing the meeting.00:37
UndiFineDyep was fun00:37
egossettthank you all00:37
Timo_why is this bot running times like this00:45
Timo_18:36 whilst it is 01:36 in GMT+100:45
Timo_Why doesn't it use GMT or CET?00:46
ibuclawTimo_, in an ideal world, I guess it should follow UTC00:47
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Riddellthe agenda hasn't been tidied since the last meeting18:03
Riddellbut let's start with memberships18:04
stalcupoh my18:04
Riddellstalcup: you want to be a kubuntu member again?18:04
stalcupRiddell: yes, I have cjilled for over a year now and as of 4.5.5 I'm ready to be back18:04
Riddellyou still love us?18:05
stalcupwith all my heart <318:05
* Quintasan hugs stalcup18:05
highvoltageit's really hard not to love the kubuntu team18:05
Riddellstalcup: tell us a bit about yourself and what you want to do in Kubuntu?18:05
stalcupthanks Riddell18:05
rgreening'ello Riddel18:06
rgreeninget al18:06
stalcupI've been an ubuntu/kubuntu user for over 5 years now18:06
stalcupI started contributing to Kubuntu during 8.04 cycl18:06
* rgreening friendly punches stalcup in the arm :)18:06
stalcuphehe ,'lo rgreening18:07
stalcupI have also helped with several release updaates18:07
JontheEchidnastalcup was also a member of the original Kubuntu Ninjas dreamteam.18:07
stalcupI would like to do that again18:07
Riddellhe's the admin of ~kubuntu-ninjas no less18:07
stalcupyep, thoses weree the days18:07
stalcupRiddell: odd eh?18:08
stalcupbut basicly, I miss you guys (and I need less sleep)18:08
stalcupoh, and I'm a MOTU18:09
* rgreening misses stalcup also .. haha18:09
Riddellstalcup: how do you rate your own packaging skills?  how do you think you managed with 4.5.5 for example?18:09
Quintasanmaemologger: I thought we were supposed to slap +1 sticker on every item on agenda for you :P18:10
stalcupwell, I was slower and more dileberate - but thats good18:10
stalcupits really like riding a bike18:10
stalcupI really enjoyed packaging 4.5.518:11
Riddellstalcup: actually I thought you were surprisingly fast, did you do them one at a time or in parallel, what checks did you do at the end of compiling to make sure it was ok?18:11
stalcupwell, that was the slow part18:11
stalcupI didnt know about the meta package - that did not help me18:12
Riddellit can be a blocker right enough18:12
rgreeningstalcup: since the last time you were here and active, what do you see as needing to change (if anything) to make us better at what we do?18:12
maemologgerMore phononess18:12
maemologgerObviously :P18:12
rgreeningmaemologger != stalcup :)18:13
stalcupI would like to see moer coordiation via the mailing list, and more karma for JontheEchidna18:13
stalcupsorry, my hands are shaking :s18:13
Riddellmailing lists are a weak point for me18:14
rgreeningnp stalcup :)18:14
Riddellstalcup: you got the version numbers wrong on some packages in 4.5.5, how can that be prevented in future?18:14
stalcupsince my job is afk, email is about the only commnication I have18:14
stalcupyes, I already have a plan for this18:15
stalcupI printed out the dep chaart, and make a checklist for every package18:15
stalcupthe checklist includes complete/deb check18:16
stalcupI plan on makeing a wiki page of reminders, or recipies18:16
Riddellstalcup: do you think you understand what's expected of members with respect to the code of conduct?18:17
stalcup100% understand18:17
Riddellany other questions anyone?18:17
stalcupI've really learned alot about who I am, and how others see me, and how what I say or do impacts may people18:18
stalcupIt has been a very humbling year18:18
rgreening+1 from me based on above18:19
Riddell+1 too18:19
stalcupwhoo hoo! <3 to all!18:19
rgreeningyay stalcup :P18:19
Riddellwelcome back stalcup18:19
rgreeningwelcome back dooooooooooooooooood18:20
stalcupthank you all!18:20
* Quintasan highfives stalcup18:20
* stalcup does backflips and ^5 Quintasan 18:20
Quintasanstalcup: you got some WB karma :P18:20
Riddellyofel_n900: are you around?18:20
* shadeslayer hugs stalcup and gives him some koffee18:20
stalcupthanks shadeslayer18:21
Quintasanstalcup: have some whiskey to stop the shaking :D18:21
yofel(came home a minute ago...)18:21
stalcupno joke18:21
Riddellyofel: who are you and why do you want to be a kubuntu member?18:22
neversfeldestalcup: welcome back. I was not very happy about some posts you made in the past and my +1 is based about what you said about coc18:22
stalcupthanks neversfelde18:23
yofelHi folks, I'm Philip Muskovac, 24, and I've been a linux user for around 4 years, and a k/ubuntu user for 3 years now18:23
yofelI started contributing to ubuntu during intrepid, and I started testing and giving support for Kubuntu again since karmic18:23
JackyAlcineQuestion: is this an open meeting?18:23
stalcupJackyAlcine: yes18:24
Riddellyofel: how did you learn about packaging?18:24
JackyAlcinestalcup: I didn't want to interrupt. Thanks.18:25
yofelI've mostly learned it first by being part in the bugsquad and trying to fix simple bugs, later started building my own daily packages and started helping with kubuntu packages after that18:25
Riddell"Get into iso testing" that's something I've found hard to keep people enthused about18:26
yofelI've been giving user support on IRC too when I had time for it and helped setting up the KDE daily builds18:26
Quintasan>when I had time18:26
Riddellit takes a lot of time then when a bug is found people feel their time has been wasted (which is obviously not true)18:26
QuintasanThis makes you look like you have a lot of time yofel :))18:26
Riddellyofel: based on bugsquad work, how is Kubuntu doing with managing the level of bugs we have reported?18:27
yofelRiddell: kubuntu is doing rather well compared to the overall ubuntu project, that we report KDE bugs directly upstream helps a lot there18:28
yofelQuintasan: really? I wish I had more time, but my schedule isn't that stable18:28
yofelso far I've really enjoyed helping with the 4.6 packaging, learned that I'll have to learn more about library packaging though, which I'm doing currently18:30
Riddellnobody else got questions?18:31
neversfeldeyofel: "Make Kubuntu easier to use for everyone. " any more details about this?18:31
yofelneversfelde: mostly trying to ensure better Q/A on the things a user sees first, since I found it esp. hard to install the proprietary drivers on my dads pc which should go pretty easily normally18:32
QuintasanI would like to say that yofel (and shadeslayer) are a big help in Project Neon, I would be able to do it myself probably but it would take MUCH more time. If he gets this many thing done in his free time the he is a very effective worker :)18:32
neversfeldeyofel: what do you think about our default plasma desktop with folderview and the microblogging plasma-widget, it's what the user sees first?18:33
yofelneversfelde: I find that pretty good, you still have access to the desktop folder while using plasma, the microblogging widget is something I don't use, but that's personal (looks good though)18:34
neversfeldeyofel: really? I do not like it :)18:35
neversfeldekk, no more questions18:35
Riddell+1 from me for useful and very competant contributions18:35
maemologgerWhat are we voting on btw?18:35
Riddellmembership for yofel18:35
neversfelde+1 from me for the good work so far18:35
maemologger+1 then18:36
Quintasannot council but +1 :)18:36
Riddellwelcome in yofel18:36
neversfeldewelcome yofel18:36
* Quintasan throws confetti at yofel18:36
yofelhurrray, now I can stop shaking.. *phew*18:36
shadeslayerhahaha :D18:36
* shadeslayer hands out koffee to yofel18:36
maemologgerCheck ur mail18:36
yofelthanks :D18:36
rgreeningwas distracted18:37
rgreeningby $wrk18:37
* yofel hugs maemologger18:37
yofelthanks rgreening18:38
Riddellnow Quintasan wants into kubuntu-dev18:38
* Quintasan hands whisKey to yofel18:38
QuintasanGulp. :)18:38
Riddellwhich is something for kubuntu-dev to vote on18:38
Riddellso we'll probably have to discuss it by e-mail after the meeting18:38
Riddellbut Quintasan do introduce your work so far and we'll quiz you a bit here18:38
maemologgerI would prefer maiil18:38
maemologgerSorta difficult to intervu from the n90018:39
QuintasanSo, short introduction, eh? My name is Michal, I'm soon going to turn 18 years old. I have been using Kubuntu since Dapper I think and I started contributing somewhere in the middle of Jaunty cycle.18:39
QuintasanI think I started with patching Qt 4 since we had problems with that one at that point it time. It was quite an fast paced adventure for me18:40
Riddellin  kde4libs 4:4.5.95-0ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa1  what is the relevance of each part of the version number?18:40
* rgreening thinks Riddell sometimes forgets and uploads to main :)18:42
Quintasan>0ubuntu1 - 0 means no Debian upload of this package and ubuntu1 means this is the first upload in ubuntu, the ~maverick1 is obviously indicating maverick upload and if I am not mistaken decreases the version so 4.5.95-0ubuntu1 upload would replace it18:43
Riddelland 4:4.5.95 ?18:43
Quintasan4: is the..epoch I think18:44
Quintasanand 4.5.95 is the release version18:44
Riddellall good18:45
Riddellhow important is the Section: field in debian/control ?18:45
QuintasanIt indicates to which section in the repository the package belongs to18:45
JontheEchidna^if not present, package managers that don't protect against null const char pointers being returned from libapt-pkg will crash18:46
QuintasanOh :D18:46
JontheEchidna(Not the answer jr was looking for) :P18:46
RiddellQuintasan: but is it actually useful for anything (this is an opinion question as much as anything)18:46
QuintasanRiddell: Hmm, makes easier to find the package we are looking for, and on second but quite unorganised though I think packages in Section: kde could be in Kubuntu seed for example18:48
QuintasanThe second one is based on the archive reorg so I'm not sure if this would be entirely safe to do :)18:48
Riddellwhen will kdelibs5 have to be changed to kdelibs6 ?18:49
Quintasan... I saw that coming18:49
QuintasanIf it becomes either soname gets bumped or it becomes binary incompatible I think18:50
Quintasanbecomes kdelibs6*18:51
Quintasanor when KDE 5 get released :)18:51
JontheEchidnahopefully both would happen simulaneously18:51
JontheEchidnawhat is the purpose of the kde-sc-dev-latest package?18:51
QuintasanJontheEchidna: it pulls all latestest DEVelopment packages required to build KDE modules18:51
* Quintasan 's hands are shaking as well :S18:52
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: in effect, but technically it breaks the dependency chain if a package with too low a version is present18:52
QuintasanJontheEchidna: and by that it makes sure we are not building with an older version of dev files18:52
JontheEchidnaok, I'm satisfied with that :)18:52
Riddellwhat is the significance of debian/compat being 7 ?18:52
QuintasanRiddell: It means that debian/rules most likely uses things that are COMPATible only with debhelper 7 or newer18:53
Quintasanor new source format I think18:54
Riddellgroovy, I think we'll contrinue the discussion by e-mail18:55
Riddellthanks for taking the grilling18:55
* Quintasan feels roasted18:55
QuintasanI could use some seasonings18:56
Riddellsomeone added Project Neon launch to the agenda18:56
RiddellQuintasan: what's the issue?18:57
shadeslayerwell ... KDE Migrating to Git and cache issues :P18:58
QuintasanRiddell: Well, there are no issues at the moment but I wanted to know where are we going to announce it and how should we (Project Neon team) handle anything that might come up. I have already set up a ML and a bug tracker18:58
RiddellI think it should be announced as soon as it's next in a working state18:59
Quintasanand as shadeslayer mentioned we have a cache issue but if I get to it at the weekend it should get sorted out18:59
Riddellis it in a working state?18:59
shadeslayerRiddell: id like to not announce it till KDE finishes its migration to Git18:59
QuintasanRiddell: it is working but the cache issue makes it change Pager settings from the stable release18:59
Quintasanand yeah, shadeslayer just imported split kdebindings18:59
shadeslayerthat way we can further modularize stuff in neon and get better QA19:00
shadeslayerill start working on them tomorrow19:00
shadeslayerim also tracking the migration on #kde-git19:00
QuintasanRiddell: and where we can announce it? I want to get as many people to use it as possible19:00
RiddellQuintasan: kubuntu.org than I can do a story on dot.kde.org19:00
shadeslayerkde4libs is scheduled to move to git on the weekend after KDE 4.6 SC is released19:00
* shadeslayer runs19:01
maemologgerNews sites19:01
Quintasanshadeslayer: I can already see the workload19:01
maemologgerJust bring it up randomly in channels19:01
shadeslayerQuintasan: no ... i still dont have a blog entry .. :P19:01
shadeslayermaemologger: i do it on #kde-git alot :P19:01
Quintasanshadeslayer: That's your problem :P19:02
shadeslayeralso ... im afraid of this currently : http://stuff.povaddict.com.ar/kdebindings-deps-colors.png19:02
QuintasanRiddell: well, it's everything I really wanted to know, now we can get back to work :)19:03
Riddellbut really there's no point in putting in the effort you guys have been doing over the last many months if it doesn't get announced and used19:03
maemologgerOh you dont want to see what is coming phonon for 4.5 then19:03
Riddellsomeone added Switch from kcm-touchpad to synaptiks19:03
debfxyes, I'd like to implement the switch now19:03
Riddellgo for it19:03
debfxwhich means removing the kcm-touchpad package and adding a transitional package to synaptiks19:04
stalcuplol, love the dialogue on that one19:04
Riddelldebfx: why remove kcm-touchpad ?19:04
maemologgerIt is the broken i presume19:05
Riddellwell that's easy enough then19:05
debfxthey conflict with each other19:05
JontheEchidnathe maintainer disappeared disappointingly early on in its life19:05
JontheEchidnasynaptiks has an approved MIR iirc19:05
Riddelljust get the synaptiks package to make the dummy .deb19:05
Riddellany other business?19:06
Riddelldidn't we discuss that at the last meeting?19:07
neversfeldeI forgot th emir and filed it yesterday evening19:07
neversfeldesorry for that19:07
Riddellhah :)19:07
neversfeldebug 70161719:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 701617 in partitionmanager (Ubuntu) "[MIR] partitionmanager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70161719:07
RiddellI'm in a meeting right now about MIRs so maybe they'll get processed faster now19:07
shadeslayeriirc maemologger was gunning for it19:07
maemologgerI only +1 from now on if i get money19:08
* shadeslayer throws some space bucks at maemologger19:08
Riddellmaemologger: what is coming in phonon 4.5, and when?19:08
maemologgerFair enough +119:08
JontheEchidnaRiddell: maybe could you poke at QApt? it got pre-promoted 5 months ago but hasn't gotten its security review19:09
maemologgerPhonon 4.5 is going to be the bet phonon ever and is arriving before june19:09
RiddellJontheEchidna: bug no?19:09
maemologgerThat said 4.4.4 is scheduled for jan 19 ;)19:10
shadeslayermaemologger: so essentially wont make it into 11.0419:10
shadeslayerbut i guess we can provide it in updates ppa19:10
Riddellmaemologger: 4.4.4 has magic codec install stuff?19:10
JontheEchidnaRiddell: bug 60924719:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 609247 in qapt (Ubuntu) "[MIR] qapt" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60924719:10
maemologgerAlso rock stable19:10
maemologgerAlso kio streaming ... Hopefully19:10
Riddellmaemologger: does that mean we should drop some kubuntu-notifier bits?19:11
maemologgerAll of them in dragon and amarok19:11
Riddellmaemologger: what about the problems dragon has had19:13
maemologgerThough there is now one with vlc19:13
Riddellsounds lovely19:13
* stgraber waves19:13
stgraberEdubuntu meeting19:13
maemologgerBut i expect that we push more bakcend updates before 4519:13
shadeslayermaemologger: dont break my precious vlc :P19:13
shadeslayerok lets move to #kubuntu-devel then ? :19:14
JontheEchidnayes, we can continue there19:14
shadeslayerstgraber: the channel is all yours ;)19:14
stgraberthanks shadeslayer :)19:14
stgraberWho besides mgariepy and highvoltage is around for the Edubuntu meeting ?19:15
maemologger/me leaves cookies for stgraber to givem away for precious edubuntu work :)19:15
stgraberyeah !19:15
highvoltageyay cookies19:15
stgraberthanks maemologger19:15
highvoltageI uploaded the weblive chromium experimental plugin, fwiw: https://code.launchpad.net/~edubuntu-dev/+junk/weblive-chromium-plugin19:16
highvoltagestgraber: so if you ever feel like adding the required features to vmmanager then we can fix it up nicely :)19:16
stgrabercool. I started updating weblive's code to export a JSON interface, it's a bit trickier than expected though so I'll need to work in a VM rather than directly on the production instance19:17
highvoltageoh and then there's http://jonathancarter.org/2011/01/10/edubuntu-live-welcome/19:17
highvoltagewe need some community help there19:17
stgraber(as in, I broke the live instance last time I did a code roll-out ;))19:17
highvoltageheh, ok :)19:17
highvoltagelooking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Devel/RoadMap - we didn't ever get any feedback on the included apps19:18
highvoltageI sent out a mail to edubuntu-devel about it, but we didn't get any response19:19
highvoltageI've very lazily been looking at the acire and python-snippets packaging last week19:22
highvoltagewill most likely get to that this weekend19:23
stgraberI'm also planning to include arkose in Edubuntu as soon as the binaries enter natty (currently in the queue)19:23
highvoltagestgraber: the additional language page is targeted for alpha 2, I guess you can probably look at that after your holiday?19:23
stgraberI'll try to do some of that when I'm in Europe, will be easier to nag Evan and Colin as I'll be on the right timezone ;)19:24
highvoltageit would be nice if we could integrate arkose into other services in edubuntu instead of just including in. probably something to look at at next uds19:24
highvoltageah I just thought that colin never sleeps19:25
highvoltagethe desktop team seems reluctant to move unity from depends to recommends in the ubuntu-desktop package19:26
stgraberwhy ?19:26
highvoltageso I guess we should probably just install it by default and make the classic desktop the default19:26
highvoltagestgraber: I had a discussion on the ubuntu-desktop irc channel that just didn't go anywhere. the reason was basically that the default interface should be in depends.19:27
highvoltageI filed a bug and poked the list/irc channel but didn't get any response on it19:28
* mhall119 is here now19:28
highvoltageand alkisg too, it seems :)19:30
alkisgHi all :)19:30
highvoltagemhall119, alkisg any updates from you? mhall119 do you want to mention the name changes stuff for the launcher?19:31
highvoltageI don't have anything else to add19:31
mhall119so I couldn't get xdg-launcher in Universe because of concerns about the xdg- prefix19:31
* alkisg doesn't have anything newsworthy19:31
mhall119so I'm forking it, the new fork will be called qimo-launcher19:32
mhall119and will do only what qimo needs it to do19:32
mhall119xdg-launcher can live on as-named or under a new name, with new features and such19:32
mhall119I'm working on the version 3 packages for Qimo19:32
mhall119including getting the new launcher as part of the session19:33
mhall119I'm currently only working on the Xfce session, but will hopefully be starting on the gnome session as soon (school, work and life permitting)19:33
highvoltageso will you use the same launcher under xfce and gnome?19:34
mhall119I've also just gotten permission to do my school Senior Project on making Qimo 3, so it should be very well documented by the end of Fall 201119:34
mhall119highvoltage: yes19:34
mhall119since the launcher is just python, gtk and gmenu19:34
highvoltagecan it load custom menus? like, would you be able to make menus for it in edubuntu-menueditor?19:34
mhall119the top panel will be Xfce or Gnome, depending19:34
mhall119highvoltage: you give it an XDG .menu file, and optional sub-menu path from that file19:35
mhall119so if you can point edubuntu-menueditor at any xdg .menu file, it should work19:35
mhall119I've been testing it against the default applications.menu /Games submenu19:36
highvoltagecool. I'll poke mgariepy to look at it once it hits the archives19:36
mhall119but for Qimo I'll define a custom qimolauncher.menu19:36
highvoltagemaybe he can add a note about it to the menueditor documentation as well19:36
mhall119other than that, i'm just waiting on debmower so I can start building regular ISOs19:37
highvoltageit's pretty much there, if you have an hour available any time on friday let me know and we can walk trhough it19:38
highvoltagenot that we actually need an hour, but still19:38
mhall119hmmm, friday may not be good, will be out of town and at a clinic19:38
mhall119my internet time will be spotty at best19:38
highvoltagemhall119: ok, or if you want you can just install it from this ppa and poke me any time: https://launchpad.net/~jonathan/+archive/debm19:39
highvoltageI just need to add some preseeding/debconf support to it, then you could use it for daily builds too if you want19:40
mhall119cool, I'll grab it and poke around as I have time19:40
highvoltagecurrently you have to just choose 'no' for installing grub during the build process, but other than that it's quite good19:40
highvoltagefor the qimo build it does, you just have to choose 'qimo' from gdm, otherwise you get a xfce session by default19:41
highvoltagebut from a previous discussion we had I understand that's the intended behaviour of the qimo-session package in ubuntu19:41
mhall119wow, even has a qimo example, handy19:41
highvoltageyeah, I tested it with qimo :)19:42
highvoltageanything else for this meeting?19:42
mhall119correct, qimo-session shouldn't set gdm or plymouth themes19:42
mhall119I'll make a qimo-desktop to include and set them19:42
highvoltagemhall119: cool, that will be perfect19:43
mhall119awesome, thanks highvoltage19:43
highvoltageok, meeting adjourned!19:43
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JackyAlcineoops. Hi!21:03
pooliemeeting starting soon from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment/2011011221:06
pooliehello barry!21:07
poolieUbuntu Distributed Development steering meeting starting soon21:07
MootBotMeeting started at 15:07. The chair is poolie.21:07
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:07
poolieblood rushes to my head21:07
poolieis there anyone here for this meeting that's not in dallas?21:08
pooliehi, flacoste!21:08
poolie[topic] ajmitch to come up with questions/topics for next meeting (re: REVU)21:09
MootBotNew Topic:  ajmitch to come up with questions/topics for next meeting (re: REVU)21:09
pooliedon't know if he's here?21:09
poolielet's leave it unless/until he shows up21:09
poolie[topic] poolie to send bzr rotation pitch to platform mailing list21:09
MootBotNew Topic:  poolie to send bzr rotation pitch to platform mailing list21:09
pooliethe idea is to see if someone from the platform would like to work on udd for a while21:09
pooliehave not sent mail; still should; will talk to people here about it too21:09
poolie[topic] Bugs of interest:21:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Bugs of interest:21:10
pooliesome bugs are listed in the agenda page21:10
pooliewe can actually cross quite a few off, which is nice21:10
pooliehttp://pad.lv/556132 - don't drop SSH connection after sending 1GB - now fixed on qastaging; will be fixed on lpnet in  afew days21:10
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.lv/556132 - don't drop SSH connection after sending 1GB - now fixed on qastaging; will be fixed on lpnet in  afew days21:10
pooliehttp://pad.lv/375013 - support committing direct to stacked branches - now fixed in bzr trunk, will be in 2.3/natty21:11
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.lv/375013 - support committing direct to stacked branches - now fixed in bzr trunk, will be in 2.3/natty21:11
poolie(watch file support) - james_w and barry to sprint on that at uds-n21:11
poolieuds-n happened - did this?21:11
barryjames and i started looking at it, but i got distracted on other work21:11
poolieis there a bug for it?21:12
barrythere is a bug.  it's so merge-package doesn't need the version #21:12
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.lv/29527421:12
barrynot likely to be done any time soon by myself or james21:12
jmlpoolie: actually, fixed on lpnet in a few _hours_21:13
jmlpoolie: we're rolling out at 2300Z21:13
pooliebarry says he won't get to it soon21:13
poolieshould we shortlist it for bzr?21:13
poolieperhaps i should go into that here21:13
poolie[topic] bzr bug handling21:13
MootBotNew Topic:  bzr bug handling21:13
pooliewe had some discussion at the bzr sprint about the way we queue incoming work21:14
poolieat the moment we are not getting the right balance across bzr itself, and other projects in lp21:14
pooliewe were using the 'udd' project, but that has a lot of bugs that are about the package importer21:14
pooliemixed in with our shortlist bugs21:14
* barry will unassign himself21:14
poolieso instead we are going to have some bugs assigned to ~bzr as a short list21:15
pooliethis will be capped at one page21:15
poolie(which is probably 25 bugs)21:15
poolie~canonical-bazaar, not ~bzrc21:15
poolieor even ~bzr21:15
poolie(Comments welcome)21:15
jamI think he meant ~mbp21:15
pooliethe mechanism is a bit arbitrary21:16
pooliebut this seems worth a try21:16
barry"constraint not satisfied"21:16
pooliesaid the melancholy masochist21:17
poolieok next21:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 653307 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Import fails with missing referenced chk root keys" [Critical,In progress]21:18
poolieback to the bugs21:18
poolieso we talked about one similar to this21:18
pooliemay be fixed?21:18
spivThis one appears to be an old problem, and we plan to just delete the affected imports21:19
spivI should grab james_w here in dallas and just get it done21:19
pooliebarry asks, what's the cause?21:19
highvoltage.wub 1721:19
poolieso, probably not fixed, but underway21:20
poolieanything else to say on that bug?21:20
spivI don't think so.21:20
pooliebtw i think in future meetings we can probably mostly scan the bugs assigned to ~canonical-bazaar and its members (21:20
poolieour shortlist)21:20
pooliei need to setup an api client to make a single page showing all of them21:20
pooliesome won't be relevant21:20
poolieok, how about https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/60339521:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 603395 in Bazaar "bzr commit in a heavyweight checkout does not propagate new tags" [High,In progress]21:21
pooliealso still in progress, or fixed recently?21:21
spivStill in progress, but close!  Fixed this week I hope.  I intend to get back to landing it after this meeting :)21:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 653832 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Import fails with "trying to import version ... again"" [High,Triaged]21:22
poolieok, that's on the shortlist and doesn't seem to have been investigated yet21:22
pooliewe'll leave it there21:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 499684 in bzr-builddeb "Interface to dpkg-buildpackage inconsistent and not well documented" [High,Triaged]21:22
poolieprobably true :)21:22
pooliethe bug makes sense21:23
poolieis it high priority?21:23
barrynote that i am working on a separate sphinx docs to get away from editing the wiki, and to merge in /usr/share/doc/bzr-builddeb/user_manual21:23
barryi will at least add this to my doc branch, which might be enough to close the bug ;)21:24
barryso i suppose i should assign it to myself21:24
poolieor at least to suppress it21:24
pooliethanks barry21:24
MootBotLINK received:  http://pad.lv/60845021:24
pooliecome on21:24
poolie"can't use run in recipes"21:25
poolieseems to be closed as invalid21:25
poolielet's leave sleeping dogs lie for now21:25
poolieok that's the end of the hot bugs list21:25
poolie[topic] new hot bug nominations?21:25
MootBotNew Topic:  new hot bug nominations?21:25
pooliei think going over the short list is good because we get to be happy about ones that are fixed and be reminded of those that aren't21:26
pooliehowever obviously (to me) we can't discuss every udd bug every week21:26
poolieok, no objections, so i'll go on21:26
poolie[topic] bzr plan 201121:27
MootBotNew Topic:  bzr plan 201121:27
poolieinternal only now, sorry21:27
poolieah, i think everyone at the rally has seen (version of) it, so perhaps i should just talk to francis about it later21:27
barryyep, it looked good21:27
poolieit mostly needs21:27
poolie- making things more specific as in "we'll know we're done when"21:28
barrywell, "good" in the sense of relatively complete list of things we all hope will get done eventually ;)21:28
poolie- getting rough size estimates21:28
poolie- sorting21:28
poolie- perhaps working out how far down the list we're likely to get at our current velocity21:28
poolieduring 201121:28
poolie[topic] any other business21:28
MootBotNew Topic:  any other business21:28
barrypoolie: can we post this publicly after you have your resource and planning meetings, i.e. for udd meeting in 2 weeks?21:28
pooliei think so21:29
barrycool, thanks21:29
* poolie post bzr 2011 plans - poolie21:29
poolie[action] post bzr 2011 plans - poolie21:29
MootBotACTION received:  post bzr 2011 plans - poolie21:29
poolieflacoste, anything from you?21:30
flacostei need to look at the pag ethoguhe21:30
pooliei hear they serve an excellent Pag Ethoguhe in Budapest :)21:31
poolieok, thanks everyone21:31
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:31.21:31
barrypoolie, thanks so much for running it!21:31
poolienp, thanks for your help21:31
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