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udienzgeser, i took your package (wavesurfer) thanks to mentions on m.u.c12:05
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hyperairwas there a solution to the /usr/lib64/libX11.so.6: could not read symbols: Invalid operation16:46
geserhyperair: what's the line before that? (or pastebin the whole error)16:59
hyperair/usr/bin/ld: note: 'XFlush' is defined in DSO /usr/lib64/libX11.so.6 so try adding it to the linker command line16:59
hyperairi mean yeah, sure -lX11 should do the trick16:59
hyperairbut why isn't that flag included in gtk's .pc file?16:59
hyperairrunning something like ./configure LDFLAGS=-lX11 feels dirty17:00
geserwhy should it when your application uses symbols from -lX11?17:00
geserand you shouldn't put -l... to LDFLAGS17:00
hyperairer sorry17:00
hyperairwhere should it go then?17:00
hyperairLIBS or something?17:01
geserLIBS when it's used my the Makefile17:01
geseror patching the Makefile.am and add it to ..._LDADD17:01
hyperairdoes X11 have a .pc file?17:02
geseryes, x11.pc17:04
kklimondahey, any idea if this http://pastebin.com/CpFaWxa9 is still a dfsg-compliant license?17:35
tumbleweedkklimonda: sounds reasonable (although it really should include an explicit licence statement of some sort17:36
LaneyI don't think "MIT style license" means anything17:38
tumbleweedit's pretty clear that the author's intention is to let you do what you want, however "not enforcing" doesn't mean "you can"17:40
kklimondatumbleweed: it does below17:42
kklimondatumbleweed: I'm concerned about the second paragraph17:42
tumbleweedkklimonda: that refers to contributions submitted to the author, not derivaties in general17:42
kklimondatumbleweed: right - so it's like a copyright assignment without explicit assignment? :)17:43
tumbleweedkklimonda: that is copyright assignment, I'd say17:44
Laneyit's bonkers and he should be notified of the WTFPL17:44
Bachstelzebut without a meaningful license, so I'd say not DFSG, bit IANdebian-legal17:45
kklimondaI guess what's I'm wondering is if it's legally binding - I'm already not entirely sure how would Canonical's copyright assignment hold in the court and this one feels even less substantianal..17:45
kklimondaBachstelze: there is a normal MIT license below17:45
tumbleweedkklimonda: copyright assignment is out of the scope of redistributability / DFSG-freeness17:46
Bachstelzebasicalyl the same thing as the old Qt "GPL with exceptions" then17:46
kklimondaI guess I should have pasted a whole license instead of the interesting bits: http://pastebin.com/PypEWBZ917:46
Bachstelze"here's the license, and here's how we modify it"17:47
kklimondathe copyright assignment has been the only thing I was unclear about :)17:47
kklimondathanks for helping17:47
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manishI have a small doubt about how to version packages to supersede existing packages20:31
manishmeans so that it makes it an update of the package20:32
manish0.6-0manish2~0ppa1~maverick is lower version than  0.6-0ubuntu2~0ppa1~maverick ??20:32
Bachstelzemanish: that would depend what the current version is20:32
manishis the current version20:33
manishBachstelze: so is 0.6-0manish1~0ppa1~maverick lower version?20:33
Bachstelzemanish: % dpkg --compare-versions "0.6-0manish2~0ppa1~maverick" "<" "0.6-0ubuntu2~0ppa1~maverick" && echo "yes, it is lower"20:34
Bachstelzeyes, it is lower20:34
Bachstelzebecause m < u20:34
manishah. Didn't know about this --compare-versions20:34
manishyeah, that's what I was thinking20:34
Bachstelzebut obviouslt you shouldn't rely on it20:34
manishbut isnt ~ used for version resolution?20:34
Bachstelzeit's irrelevant, because the difference appears earlier20:35
manishif not, then ~ is used for resolution?20:35
manishthere is a second issue20:35
manishBachstelze: in the .changes file the .orig.tar.gz file is not mentioned20:36
micahgmanish: FYI, how the version works: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Version20:36
manishI can see in .changes file20:37
manish a9e77d01398045b64d6108bc9e01463cb1a9c171 1690 zeitgeist_0.6-0ubuntu1~0ppa2~maverick.dsc20:37
manish b37853ce4adda8605d7fd56ea6843b4c55cd0243 4501 zeitgeist_0.6-0ubuntu1~0ppa2~maverick.debian.tar.gz20:37
manishthere is no mention of .orig.tar.gz so dput doesnt upload the orig tarball20:37
manishand the build system rejects the upload20:37
Bachstelzeyou need to build it with -S -sd if you want to include the source tarball20:37
Bachstelze(or is it -sa ?)20:38
BachstelzeI can never remember20:38
manishlet me try20:38
Bachstelzeit's in the PPA help pages on LP20:38
geser-sa (a like all), -sd is diff only20:38
manishBachstelze: geser I tried -sa works :)20:38
dapalevaluate: tonight I hope to give a look to CMS ;)20:49
evaluatedapal, whenever you have the time. I'm pretty busy myself this week, so I didn't have much time to test it properly either, but I hope I can take some time in the weekend to review it again and maybe fix some more problems if I (or you) can spot any...20:51
dapalevaluate: ah. I have an exam next week -- better if I delay it altogether then :)20:52
dapalevaluate: so, back to my books now :/20:52
evaluateok. good luck! :-)20:53
evaluatedapal, also, I've put my eyes on another program that I'd find interesting to package, so I'll keep you busy for a couple more weeks :p20:55
dapalevaluate: sure, what is it?20:55
evaluatedapal, it's called bbclone (www.bbclone.de), it's a counter/statistics software for websites. I use it on all of my sites actually...20:57
dapalah, I don't know it. Seems like you're interested in web-app packaging :)20:57
evaluatenot necessarily, I just thought about these because I use them myself. btw, I just noticed that bbclone seems to be in stable already. Any idea why it isn't in testing/sid though?20:59
dapalmaybe it was removed.. let's see21:00
dapalevaluate: it's been removed in July 201021:01
dapalevaluate: ROM; dead upstream, license issues, low popcon21:01
evaluatedapal, I don't know what ROM is, but the latest update was done at "Sat, 01 Jan 2011 00:07:03 +0100", so upstream is far from dead, and the project is licensed under GPL3, so I don'tsee how that can pose any issues...21:02
dapalevaluate: Request Of Maintainer21:03
dapalevaluate: yes, I was looking at the website. Maybe it included some problematic thing, at the time21:03
dapalevaluate: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=59033221:03
dapalah, icons21:03
dapalevaluate: I'd say that, if you're able to cope with the icons issue (if it still holds), you could just get the old package from stable, and continue from that one21:04
dapalevaluate: so we also preserve the package history21:04
evaluatehmm. I'll have a closer look at this. I'm interested in the package anyway and I also thought about sharing some patches with upstream...21:06
evaluatebtw, I just had a quick look at the local copy of the package that I have and I can't see any separate license for the images, so I'd guess they are also GPL3...21:10
dapalit's better if you ask upstream :)21:10
evaluateor I guess I could talk to the former maintainer of the package, maybe he could tell me what the actual problems with the icons were...21:12
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