Seeker`Hmm, mythtv doesn't want to play with advert detection any longer :(01:34
Seeker`It claims to have run on a recording and found 2 adverts (there should be at least 3), and it won't skip any during playback. It has been doing this since I upgraded to 0.2401:34
Seeker`any suggestions?01:47
Shadow__XSeeker`: do you press z to skip the commercials02:18
Shadow__Xor have commercicial notify on02:18
Seeker`Shadow__X: I have it set to notify me02:52
Seeker`and i don't get any notifications02:52
Seeker`if i press z on recordings that should have been commflagged, it just skips to the end02:53
Shadow__XSeeker`: in the video itself press e to edit it then z to show the cutlist02:53
Seeker`Shadow__X: ah, the cuts are there03:04
Seeker`it just seems to be doing an absolutely appaling job of actually finding them03:04
Seeker`like 1 in 4 or worse03:04
Seeker`hmm, and even then it doesn't manage to avoid putting them int he middle of programs :/03:07
Seeker`I know it isn't meant to be great on UK TV, but I'm pretty sure it used to be bettter than this03:09
Shadow__Xi cant comment i am in what you would call the colonies03:10
Shadow__Xit works well here but there are others you can ask03:11
Shadow__Xthe other thing too is that is it bad on all recordings or just some of them>?03:12
Shadow__Xits not perfect and also there are numerous factors03:12
Seeker`some are better than others, but it doesn't seem to be channel dependant03:12
Seeker`I just remember it being better than this in the past; been using mythtv for 3 years or so now, and it used to be pretty good; it'd catch 9/10 adverts quite well, and the occasional blip03:13
Seeker`but i've reverted to using manual 30-second seek through adverts now :(03:13
Shadow__Xmaybe the content providers are working harder to avoid getting flagged03:13
Seeker`hmm, maybe03:16
Seeker`still a pita :P03:16
RomioTangohey guys I just tried to install the mythbuntu reps .deb however my x crashed in the process.. I then had to run dpkg --configure -a ... thinking it would allow me to go through all the same configuration sets later i told it not to upgrade the system to 0.2406:03
RomioTangois there any way for me to reconfigure that .deb file so that it will upgrade to 0.24?06:03
SchmidtWhat can I do to solve the problem with low volume in MythTV ? I tried internal player and mplayer but there is no difference. Music Player Daemon gets a decent volume. Any tips ?10:20
mrandSchmidt: in the general setup, there is a screen that has two volume sliders.  Make sure the top one is turned up to 98 or 100%12:49
Schmidtmrand: all my volumes are at max in alsamixer, should not be the problem13:10
mrandSchmidt: the two sliders I'm talking about feed to alsamixer.  If they are too low, you won't hear anything.13:33
Schmidtmrand: I'll have a look when I get home, I have heard of problems with AC3 5.1 streams to stereo stream giving low volumes, do you know anything about that/it ?13:40
joltmancan anyone tell me how to reset the password for MythBuntu's VNC from an SSH terminal?15:01
joltmansomeone on the mailing list told me17:08
joltmansudo x11vnc --storepasswd17:08
stanmanhow do i 'import' movies into myth?18:02
stanmani saw that videos needed to be in /var/lib/mythtv/videos18:02
stanmanis that the place to put video media?18:02
stanmannudelsnack: got it up and running!18:03
Patrickdkheh, just click the menu button (M?) and select scan18:06
stanmanPatrickdk: inside the mythbuntu Control Centre?18:13
tgm4883stanman, yes, by default /var/lib/mythtv/videos/ is the correct directory18:14
tgm4883you can add or change directories to watch in mythtv-setup for the video storage directory18:14
stanmani added a directory (cause my /home is on it's own partition) but there are insufficient rights. chown it to mythtv:mythtv?18:19
stanmanhow do i scan for video files?18:44
rhpot1991then scan18:46
rhpot1991if you have a menu button on your remote it should be mapped to that as well18:46
stanman? so i start the frontend, then hit "m" and scan?18:47
stanmanif I hit m in the frontend, i get a System Menu with an "about" and "cancel" button...18:49
mrandstanman: go to the videos18:51
stanmanso watching a movie on the frontend/backend machine works18:58
stanmannow for a frontend machine: i get a message: cannot connect to the backend server.18:59
stanmanhmm... i'll try it later...19:03
pkiller01hi, i was wondering if it is possible to have mythbuntu work with an avermedia trinity dvb-t/dvb-s22:02
pkiller01i didnt install it yet, if someone has some experience with that card it would be much aprisciated22:03
ZinnSorry I don't know about time22:04
mrandpkiller01: the number of people in this channel that are likely to have experience with that card probably approaches zero.  I'd look on the mythtv wiki or search the mythbuntu forums and mythtv-users mailing list.22:08
pkiller01thank you22:12

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