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Tm_Tso it's that time of the day...06:15
Tm_Theadsup: [Bianca] is spamming06:15
Tm_Tand K-lined06:52
Tm_Tkwtm in PM07:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu, user__ said: !mouse is not a valid command09:39
popey11:51:24 -!- msgme4childporn [~ubuntu@host81-129-61-108.range81-129.btcentralplus.com] has joined #ubuntu11:52
knomeerr :/11:52
popeyalso in -uk, mentioned to them that its inappropriate11:52
Myrttioh good grief11:55
elkyoh geez12:03
elkyhas it been klined yet?12:03
knomeerr, lol, "i thought theres no rules on irc"12:12
Myrttiit's not a totally unique misconception12:12
elkyTo be honest, i'd be reporting the individual to the isp.12:14
popeyfeel free12:20
Myrtti[15:00] ~~~Ongacs-Ka [~root@catv-80-98-106-81.catv.broadband.hu] has  left #ubuntu []13:03
MyrttiI don't know about you guys, but that rings some major bells in my head13:03
Myrttiwould be funky to get some logs13:06
jpdsDeforestation is not cool.l13:06
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topyli@mark AnthLee #ubuntu-offtopic warned twice for inappropriate subjects and language. reminded of guidelines13:50
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:50
topyli@mark AnthLee #ubuntu-offtopic warned twice for inappropriate subjects and language. reminded of guidelines13:50
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:50
topylithat was smooth!13:51
jussiMyrtti: if anyone else made a gender joke like that....14:14
Myrttidoes it show that I'm procrastinating studying Qt?14:14
topylimaybe we should allow the shaving discussion, it was nicer14:14
Myrttijussi: while you're at it, could you please make a nice little chart with all the cursewords and their meanings in different English-speaking cultures so I know in the future how to appreciate their full meaning? I'm fairly good with my English but I can't be omnipotent about all connotations.14:19
Myrttithen again, it's a known fact that I'm an incomptent op for both #ubuntu and -ot since I don't know Ubuntu in and out and give wrong answers for support questions, and I don't know English language like a native English speaker who's spent a lot of time in all areas of the world where it's spoken natively14:25
Myrttioh well.14:25
jussiMyrtti: now now, wasnt saying anything like that, just reminded you about language - we all do it occaisionally.14:28
IdleOneI know I do it occasionally14:29
IdleOneI try to do it once a month so I don't forget that i am human also14:29
rwwIronically, IdleOne is actually a robot.15:30
rwwgood morning to you too, ubottu15:30
IdleOneHi! i'm Ubuntu's favorite Idle bot. You can get more info...wait NOPE you can't. :P15:32
Myrtti♬♪ In the town where I was born, Lived a man who sailed to sea... ♬♪21:54
* genii-around sips his coffee and wonders about this musical sailor21:57
* rww munches a biscuit and watches text editor war round #65535 in -ot22:03
genii-aroundvi versus emacs never gets old... ;)22:13
ubottuIn ubottu, ActionParsnip said: !cab is To re-enable CTRL+ALT+BackSpace click System --> Preferences --> Keyboard Preferences --> Lay-out --> Options --> Key sequence to kill X server --> CHECK Control+Alt+Backspace22:14
genii-aroundDon't we have !dontzap already?22:15
rwwubottu: tell ActionParsnip about dontzap22:34
rwwor don't. that's fine too.22:35

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