resnoquestion for you guys00:04
resnoif you were looking for a server admin, what would you look for.00:04
resnoi want to be a server admin, and im not sure what an employeer would be looking for00:05
DevoKunresno: a decent Linux skillset, decent networking skills, Scripting (BASH and Python), version control (subversion, bazaar), great documentation skills in mediawiki.00:31
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resnothanks DevoKun01:34
resnoim having a problem with crons not running, at all. but others run without issue01:39
joebob777as7Having issues with two 10.04 systems: Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed with: mount: only root can mount02:36
joebob777as7can't mount usb ntfs drives by plugging them in02:36
joebob777as7added them to fstab and that works but if they aren't plugged in the system won't boot and that won't do.02:36
joebob777as7plz help been googling for hours lots of people have the issue no one has solved by not modifying fstab02:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #701765 in php5 (main) "Unknown: Failed opening required '/usr/share/phpmyadmin/index.php' (include_path='.') in Unknown on line 0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70176503:02
kieppiehi guys (& gal's). how's everyone doing on this fine day?03:33
twbdon't distract me further03:38
lifelesstwb: would we do that?03:51
kieppieHI guys. I have a 1TB HDD I've not used for a while (think I was pondering using it for backups), but when I plugged it in, fdisk reports there is no valid partition table. I think I've loaded data on there, so I want to check it before I blow it. Is there a way to best-guess & force a mount of the disk?03:53
jmarsdenkieppie: testdisk may help you out.  http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk04:03
twbkieppie: fdisk is obsolete04:04
twbkieppie: you should be using something libparted-based, like parted or gnu-fdisk04:04
twbARGH ARGH ARGH.  Flipping upstart munchkins used absolute symlinks in /etc/init.d/foo -> /lib/init/upstart-job04:06
twbAbsolute baaaaad, relative gooooood04:07
kieppiejmarsden & twb: nice, guys. thanks for the advice04:11
kieppietwb: I've used parted in the past. odd that none of those systems (AFAIK) deal with LVM04:13
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twbLVM is not a partition table04:14
twbIt's like saying "odd that most cars don't float on water"04:14
HypoglybeticCan anyone point me in the right direction of Ubuntu-Server that supports i686 technology? Is that 10.04?04:15
jmarsdentwb: Debian Policy says a link crossing a top level directory like that *should* be absolute: "In general, symbolic links within a top-level directory should be relative, and symbolic links pointing from one top-level directory into another should be absolute."04:17
twbjmarsden: hm, OK04:18
twbjmarsden: it plays merry hell when the root of the tree moves04:18
twb(e.g. chroots)04:19
jmarsdenYes :)  I think it is because people often symlink the top level dirs ... there was large mailing list discussion on this stuff in... 2008 or so.04:19
twbAh, OK.04:19
twbThose people should probably rbind or something :-/04:20
jmarsdenHypoglybetic: Do you mean you want Ubuntu server that run 64bit amd64 instruction set code?  Any version of Ubuntu server, including 10.04, will have such images available.  Look for the ones with amd64 in the name instead of i386.04:22
Hypoglybeticjmarsden I don't think so.  I tried to install ubnutu on this Pentium M and it said something about a Kernel that supports i686 technology (it isn't x-86)04:24
jmarsdenGet the exact error message and we'll see what we can do.  Is the image you currently have (that gives an error) an i386 image, or an amd64 image?04:25
HypoglybeticOh...Thats probably the friggen issue....Yeah, its the 64 bit, which is the amd64 edition.04:26
jmarsdenThen get the 32bit i386 version and you will be fine :)04:26
HypoglybeticI've been in 64 bit mode for years, I rarely do anything in 32 bit. Doh.04:26
HypoglybeticFirst thing I am going to do is re-solder this DC jack on the laptop.04:27
Hypoglybeticoh and thanks for your help jmarsden04:30
jmarsdenHypoglybetic: You're welcome.04:30
a7ndrewI am setting up workstations to authenticate to ldap. Domain users can log on but are receiving an "Your account has expired; please contact your system admnistrator" Does anyone know what causes that and how to fix it?05:46
gobbeis the ldap-server microsoft activedirectory?05:46
a7ndrewno, its openldap05:47
gobbehmmh, does this happen with every account?05:52
a7ndrewone thing i noticed is that getent shadow for a local user (who doesn't receive that message) shows a value in the third field, "date of last password change" wheras there is no value for ldap users05:53
a7ndrewso every directory account, not for local accounts05:53
gobbeldap-server should have information also for shadowExpire05:59
gobbecheck out the howto for openldap05:59
gobbehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer might be this one if i remember url correctly :)06:00
a7ndrewI'll check it out, I've been looking more at the client side of things.06:00
gobbebut ldap-server needs to have all information like shadow-expire06:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #701792 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.7.0.dfsg.P1-1ubuntu0.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70179206:12
a7ndrewI'm not sure we've got shadowexpire set in our current slapd.conf, its definitely something to look for, thanks06:14
twbgobbe: those attributes need no be set06:28
twbA valid RFC2307 user object need no have any shadowFoo attributes at all06:28
twbPersonally I prefer to apply slapo-ppolicy, so that you don't need to give read access to password hashes to workstations' root user06:29
gobbeour ldap has them and working fine06:31
gobbemy bad06:32
gobbeanyway you cannot set ecpiredate without those06:32
twbgobbe: I don't like giving out passwords to anyone with a laptop and a network cable07:02
gobbethat's true07:06
twbAdmittedly, slapo-ppolicy means (AFAICT) you can't hook samba into it07:09
twbBut I don't need samba enough to roll out kerberos, which is the only way to do it (secure, centralized auth) properly.07:10
HypoglybeticI just disassembled a dell laptop and put it back together in only 2 hours! I only have 3 screws left over.  I'm a genius.  G'nght #ubuntu-server07:14
klochneranyone willing to help me sort out system services?07:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:39
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:39
AlanBellI am trying to explain why a KVM guest VM is outperforming the host, would like to compare a little benchmark result with others if possible.07:58
AlanBellI am computing a bunch of digits of pi just as a CPU load test using the command: time echo "scale=5000; 4*a(1)" | bc -l -q07:59
AlanBellon the host it takes 42 seconds, on the guest it does it in 28 seconds08:00
AlanBellthere is no other running load on the box, just a couple of dormant VMs, there is plentiful memory and 4 cores hyperthreaded all idling normally08:01
AlanBelltop shows that when the guest is running the benchmark it is maxing out just one of the 8 processors, the rest are idle08:04
AlanBellsame when running on the host, maxes out just one CPU08:05
twbAlanBell: what are you using, dhrystone?08:08
AlanBellno, just: time echo "scale=5000; 4*a(1)" | bc -l -q08:09
twbWell perhaps it's because your test is bogus08:10
twbhttp://homepages.cwi.nl/~steven/dry.c <-- try that08:10
AlanBell20920502 on the host and 19379844 on the guest08:22
AlanBellwhich is the right way round08:22
AlanBellso why was my braindead benchmark bogus?08:22
twbWhat's a()?08:34
twbIt can't be Ackermann's...08:34
AlanBellI know, not a real benchmark08:55
AlanBellthanks for the dry.c test btw08:56
twbIt's not a real benchmark, either08:57
twbBut ICBF buying specINT08:57
twbyay, my VM's a little faster: 2529084408:58
twbIt probably only tests one core08:59
AlanBellit does09:00
twbhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhrystone is the reference09:00
AlanBellthis has revealed that a core i7 @2.8Ghz is about twice as fast as a Xeon @3.2Ghz09:01
twbAgain, it's a SYNTHETIC benchmark09:01
AlanBellindeed, this all comes from a customer machine with a big PHP app that we put on a little dev VM and it runs twice as fast as their production box09:02
AlanBellbeen tracing back caching settings, mysql tuning and all the rest but it looks like raw CPU power is the factor09:04
twbflops or mips?09:06
AlanBellhmm, probably mips09:07
AlanBellthere is a big database of products and it calculates prices, stock levels, order requirements etc, just PHP and mysql crunching09:08
twbIME the best way to improve performance in such a system is to find someone who actually groks PHP and SQL to review the code09:09
twbBecause there are so many stupid PHP monkeys, and they tend to write O(fⁿ) algorithms when there is an obvious O(f) algorithm09:10
AlanBellthat was what we were about to dive into09:10
twbI had one guy last week, his perl script all of /var/log/daemon.log into memory before searching it... so when a dnsmasq bug made it grow to 1GB, his perl script was using about 12GB of RAM and swap09:11
AlanBellI was just trying to understand the baseline performance, took a copy onto our new dev machine and was a bit surprised at how much faster it was than the production one with the problem09:11
AlanBellI know there are algorithm problems in the code, might be repetitive stuff that could be dumped to memcached09:13
twbHit them with a hammer labelled "`optimize LATER' doesn't mean `optimize NEVER'!"09:13
twb(The devs, I mean.  Not the bugs.)09:13
AlanBellheh, yeah09:23
AlanBellI think the original devs followed this algorithm http://xkcd.com/844/09:28
awantiI want to monitor my Apache web server. how? plz.09:39
awantithrough cmd09:40
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awanti I want to monitor my Apache web server. how? please. (from command line)09:41
twbYou can use netstat or nc to attempt to connect to it09:42
twbOr w3m, to actually browse, of course.09:42
awantiand how to recover /etc/fstab if its corrupt09:46
twbawanti: just write a new one09:46
oCean/etc/fstab is just an ascii file. You would have to restore it or correct the faulty line by hand09:47
awantiis any other way to recover or is their any tool?09:47
twbsysadmins aren't tools09:48
oCeansome people do see 'em that way09:48
twbawanti: it's called a "contraction"09:49
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yann2hello! I am missing the lmhost file in my samba install - is this normal?11:04
a7ndrewwhoops, sorry about that :P11:15
a7ndrewyann2: I just installed samba (3) yesterday and dpkg -L tells me there is no lmhosts11:17
yann2but in the man smb.conf:11:27
yann2           Default: name resolve order = lmhosts host wins bcast11:27
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uvirtbotNew bug: #701886 in samba (main) "no Access to SAMBA Server from Windows ADS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70188613:01
yann2was going to ask "Is this resolved: http://www.mail-archive.com/samba@lists.samba.org/msg103373.html"13:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #701896 in ntp (main) "NTP Apparmor configuration denies access to clockstats" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70189613:31
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mwdHi there, I've just installed Ubuntu server 10.04 for testing purposes. Unfortunately I've selected "german" als language. How can I switch back to "english"?14:13
slestakgood morning guys.  I have an lts vmware vm that I am trying to reinstall postgres on.14:14
slestakthe purge did not remove /etc/postgresql or /etc/postgresql-common, so I removed them manually14:14
slestakthe following install, biut not put them back.  pretty frustrating.14:15
pmatulisslestak: what was your purge command?14:15
slestaksudo aptitude purge postgres14:15
slestakgoing from memory, that was last night, I can look in bash history14:15
Slybootsshouldnt it be sudo apt-get remove --purge postgres14:16
slestaki will try that.  is aptitudes use frowned upon?14:16
sander^workWhat is the virtual kernel meant for?14:16
pmatulisslestak: there are other postgresql packages, for instance, /etc/postgresql-common is from postgresql-client-common probably14:17
slestaki removed all of them14:17
slestakthe aptitude purge said it was removed the whole list14:17
patdk-lapyou have to purge them all14:17
patdk-lapif it removes then, configs and stuff stay14:17
patdk-lapand you can't purge them if they are removed14:17
patdk-lapapt-get purge postgres.*14:18
geekbriif you want to have a user who can't login with a shell do you use /bin/nologin or /bin/false?14:19
patdk-lapanything that isn't in /etc/shells14:19
RoyKpatdk-lap: shells don't neede to be listed there for login to work14:19
RoyKgeekbri: both will work14:19
geekbriRoyK: ok thanks !14:20
RoyKpatdk-lap: just try creating some shell script under /usr/local/bin and point to it - works like a charm14:20
patdk-lapheh, evil14:21
slestakpatdk-lap: ty, i think i found my example needed to give up aptitude for good :)  that looked effective14:21
mwdHow can I change the language on the command line in ubuntu server 10.04 from "german" to "english"?14:22
slestaki think that would be a locale settign wouldnt it?14:22
slestaki am not sure14:22
mwdCan this be changed without reinstalling?14:22
slestakeach user can have there console in a different language14:22
mwdHow can I change the default setting from german to english?14:23
slestaki am not sure, I am one of those unfortunate English-only speakers (barely at that)14:24
slestakcheck out package language-selector14:25
mwdOk, in /etc/default/locale I have the setting: LANG="de_DE.UTF-8"14:32
mwdNow I need the correct setting for "standard engish"14:33
slestaksec, let me look at mine14:34
slestakLANG="en_US.UTF-8" is in mine14:34
slestaki am catching all kinds of grief with permissions with rsyslog-4.214:35
mwdOk, when changing the entry do I have to execute a command ?14:35
patdk-lapman there are a lot of them, en_AG, en_HK, en_NG, ....14:35
sander^workHow can I see from witch apt repository a kernel i'm using is installed from?14:37
mwdOk, LANG="en_US.UTF-8" seems to be the default setting. Do I have to execute a command that the changes take place?14:37
slestaki dont think so.  after chanign it just open a new shell and see if it is effective14:38
mwdIt works, thanks :)14:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #701944 in net-snmp (main) "snmpd postinst fails if user cannot be deleted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70194415:31
pmatulispatdk-lap: i believe you can purge after removal15:39
patdk-lapI never can :(15:40
patdk-lapit just tells me package not found15:40
jpdspatdk-lap: dpkg -P <package name> ?15:41
patdk-lapnever tried it that way15:42
tgwoollardGood afternoon all. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and have just made a change in fstab to automount a new partition. On reboot the system won't startup and just hangs. I therefore have no terminal in order to reverse the change. How can i get access to a command line on this installation so that i can reverse my fstab entry? Many thanks in advance15:57
compdoctgwoollard, Ive had that happen. You can boot the live cd, mount the root, and try to correct fstab16:04
compdocI would just comment out all the changes you did16:04
tgwoollardThanks compdoc. That's exactly what i want to do. I think it's a problem i've seen before that actually relates to ISCSI connections not starting properly. Forgive me but i've never actually used a liveCD. Would the gparted livecd suffice in this instance?16:05
compdocIt might - it allows you a command line. and it has most utils to work with drives16:06
compdoclike mount, etc16:06
pmatulistgwoollard: for iscsi you first need to import the block device prior to mounting it's filesystem16:06
tgwoollardTHanks pmatulis. I've setup the block device fine, partitioned it and mounted it manually. I guess i just screwed up fstab somehow. Will report back shortly16:07
pmatulistgwoollard: ok, so next time you should test the fstab entry before rebooting (mount -a or mount /dev/whatever)16:08
tgwoollardOh yeah that would've been sensible. It's been a long day!! Thanks for the tip :)16:08
zulhggdh: around16:25
hggdhzul: yes16:27
hggdhgetting there now16:27
zulhggdh: or i can come down16:27
hggdhnah, I will go up, so that the rest of the team will still remember me ;-)16:27
hggdhzul: give me 5 min16:27
tgwoollardcompdoc. Pmatulis. Many thanks for your suggestions. I'm back in business16:28
zulhggdh: gotcha too many context switches right now16:28
compdoccool. gparted worked?16:28
hggdhzul: heh. What's one more, then?16:28
tgwoollardcompdoc i actually just booted in to a shell prompt in recovery and made the root disk writeable16:29
bpgoldsbI'm taking a run at preseeding.  I'm using the netboot version of Lucid.  I'd like to host my preseed file on a webserver.  However, doing that means it doesn't get loaded until I manually configure the keyboard and such.  Is there a way to fix that?16:33
pmatulisbpgoldsb: yes, include the information as a kernel boot parameter for the installer16:36
hggdhzul: just found I have a meeting now, can we postpone it for (say) 40 min?16:42
zulhggdh: lol sure :)16:42
hggdhzul: merci beaucoup16:42
zulhggdh: bientot16:42
gtaylorAnyone know how to make a chmodding of /tmp persist across restarts?16:42
gtaylorThere was some way, just can't remember.16:43
patdk-lapyou don't16:45
patdk-lapyou just stop the script from deleting things in it16:45
gtaylorI'm not concerned about its contents16:45
gtaylorI just need the mount point to be writable by all16:45
patdk-lapheh? that is default16:45
gtaylorLooks like it's getting changed: drwxr-xr-x16:46
pmatulisyeah, what's up with that?16:46
gtaylorI'm running this on EC2 with /tmp being mounted from ephemeral016:46
pmatulisdrwxrwxrwt 4 root root 4.0K 2011-01-12 11:46 /tmp16:46
gtaylorSo I'm wondering if it's getting changed at mount time16:46
patdk-lapchmod 1777 /tmp if it's screwed16:46
gtaylorpatdk-lap: That only persists until I restart the machine16:47
gtaylorPretty sure it's getting chmodd'd while mounting that /tmp16:47
patdk-lapwhat do you mean by mounted from ephemeral0?16:47
gtaylorAmazon EC2's ephemeral devices, contents are not retained across restarts.16:47
gtaylorBut it's a "free" good chunk of temporary storage16:48
patdk-lapoh, that is why16:48
gtaylorthe contents don't have anything to do with this, though16:48
gtaylorat start time, it's an empty ext3 partition16:48
gtayloryeah, weird. I unmount it, tmp is 777, I mount it, goes back to 74416:49
gtaylorbut unmount it again and it's back to 77716:49
patdk-lapya, that works that way16:49
patdk-lapone min, have to find where I'm doing it16:49
patdk-lapI had to do that for tmpfs /tmp16:49
gtaylorah, ok16:50
patdk-lapsame issue16:50
gtaylorhmm, that creates the tmpfs from memory though, right?16:51
patdk-lapyou want the mode=177716:51
gtaylorhmm, looks like it's freaking out, but let me keep tinkering16:52
gtaylorEXT3-fs (sdb): error: unrecognized mount option "mode=1777" or missing value16:53
gtaylorshoot, does that only apply to tmpfs?16:53
RoyKman mount16:57
resnoive got a cron that isnt working. and i havent been able to get to the bottom of why not.16:58
gtaylorRoyK: Where in there does it have this?16:58
RoyKgtaylor: just look for tmpfs16:58
patdk-laphe isn't using tmpfs16:58
gtaylorRoyK: I can't use tmpfs, that's memory-resident.16:58
RoyKyou want tmp on a separate filesystem?16:59
RoyKI usually create a small /var/tmp and then bind mount that to /tmp17:00
gtaylorAnd /var/tmp stays 777?17:00
patdk-laproyk, he is using a tmpfs that looks like a normal drive17:00
patdk-lapso on reboot, the drive is wiped clean17:00
RoyKwell, that's tmpfs for you17:00
gtaylorI don't care that it's wiped clean, it just mucks with the umask on /tmp17:00
patdk-lapya, I think your going have to manually fix it17:01
gtaylorI tried setting up an upstart entry to chmod it, but I think the task happened after mount time17:01
RoyKgtaylor: if you can't use tmpfs, use a normal filesystem17:01
RoyKeven root will do if there isn't much usage on /tmp17:01
gtaylorRoyK: It is, it's an ext3 fs17:01
RoyKthen just chmod 1777 /tmp17:01
RoyKand you're done17:01
patdk-laproyk, http://victortrac.com/EC2_Ephemeral_Disks_vs_EBS_Volumes17:02
gtaylorRoyK: It only sticks until I restart, though17:02
patdk-lapyour being overly dense :)17:02
gtaylorWhich is bad, because these are EC2 instances that are instantiated all the time.17:02
patdk-lapgtaylor, how do you do a mkfs?17:02
klochnercan anyone clear up an init.d question for me?  I want to confirm that the OS doesn't monitor daemon processes launched from init.d17:02
gtaylorpatdk-lap: That's the weird thing, it just comes up as a valid ext3 partition. I guess that's what Amazon decided would be ephemeral storage for UNIX/Linux instances.17:03
klochneri.e., doesn't restart failed processes17:03
RoyKgtaylor: pastebin `mount`17:03
gtaylorpatdk-lap: Perfectly valid, empty partition17:03
gtaylorRoyK: /dev/sdb on /tmp type ext3 (rw,_netdev)17:03
patdk-lapklochner, nope, that would be upstart17:03
RoyKgtaylor: iscsi?17:03
gtaylorIf I could make my upstart event the very last thing ran in the boot process, this would be a non-issue, as I can just chmod it then.17:05
patdk-lapgtaylor, rc.local?17:06
RoyKgtaylor: what is /dev/sdb ?17:06
klochnerdo most people use upstart rather than init.d ?17:06
patdk-laproyk, read up, that was explained like 5 times17:06
RoyKoh, ec217:07
RoyKbut that shouldn't matter17:07
patdk-laproyk, it's an ec2 disk that is wiped at each reboot, much like tmpfs17:07
RoyKthen just add chmod 1777 /tmp in rc.local17:07
gtaylorpatdk-lap: Hmm. Will have to try that. But I think there's an equivalent to upstart, too. Annoying thing is, the _netdev mount option that it uses/requires means it can get mounted after everything else is already started/booted.17:08
gtaylorPain in the butt.17:08
RoyKnot everything else, just the network and associated services17:09
* gtaylor facepalms.17:09
gtaylorRoyK: _netdev17:09
gtaylorand nobootwait17:10
geekbridoes anybody know if there is an ubuntu repo that keeps the most up to date versions of php avialable?17:10
gtaylorTrying rc.local now. I imagine there are times when this will work and there are times when this will fail. If wherever they get these ephemeral devices from is laggy enough, it could conceivably be mounted after rc.local is ran. Meh.17:11
gtaylorpatdk-lap: It looks like rc.local might be the trick. Gotta see if it consistently works, but that's promising. Worked on the first attempt. Thanks!17:12
RoyKgeekbri: perhaps ubuntu backports?17:13
geekbriRoyK: thanks, ill take a peak17:13
* Slyboots sighs.. blasted permissions are busting my balls17:18
webroastershi guys. quick postfix question. I have a server with a few sites on it, and I'm trying to setup re-configure postfix. What Internet protocol should I use? All, IPv6, or IPv4?? I'm not real sure what any of that means, but what does everyone suggest??17:18
RoyKwebroasters: if you don't know what that means, choose ipv417:19
RoyKthat's the current one17:19
webroastersok thx17:19
ograSpamapS, http://paste.ubuntu.com/553265/ thats the serial.conf file we copy into /etc/init in ubuntu arm17:31
SpamapSogra: ack17:31
EvilSushianyone here running encrypted backups via duplicity to s3?17:38
SpamapSogra: honestly, that looks great. What are the objections to it?17:39
ograSpamapS, parsing of /proc/cmdline17:39
ograSpamapS, Keybuk always blocked because of that17:39
ograi think we can do it in a distro patch to the upstart package, but it wont be accepted as upstream fix17:40
\shhmmm...when I want to upgrade an ec2 lucid instance to maverick, and I did a dist-upgrade from lucid to maverick...what aki id do I need to set to boot the correct kernel (which should be linux-image-2.6.35-24-virtual)17:54
kim0\sh: might wanna ask in #ubuntu-cloud18:04
TimRhey guys can anybody help me out with perl module for Net/SMTP/TLS/ButMaintained.pm  for server 10.04LTS18:14
DevoKunTimR: what's the problem?18:21
jongbergshi, i have ubuntu-desktop 9.10 running fo a while..how do i convert this to a server? that is..just like a server edition without applications that's part of standard desktop..18:37
sakohey guys I am trying to select-editor however I get macvim18:42
sako/usr/bin/select-editor: 47: gettext: not found18:42
sakowas there another way to select the system wide editor? I remember using another method18:44
gobbesudo update-alternatives –config editor18:46
gobbe--config editor18:46
bpgoldsbAnyone here preseeding their Ubuntu mirror?18:49
sakogobbe: thats what it was thanks!18:54
RoAkSoAxkirkland: could you please sponsor these (in this order) :): bug #700161, bug #701233, bug #702023, bug #70201318:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 700161 in cluster-glue "Please merge cluster-glue 1.0.7-3 (main) from debian unstable (main) " [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70016118:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 701233 in pacemaker "Please merge pacemaker 1.0.10-4 (main) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70123318:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 702023 in heartbeat "Please sync heartbeat 1:3.0.4-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70202318:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 702013 in redhat-cluster "Enable Pacemaker Support" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70201318:56
sakohey guys, what do you think about running ubuntu 10.04 on a VPS with 512mb ram.. Is the ram gained by 32bit worth the trouble?18:57
sakoI'm assuming you give up the optimization of 64bit on some software like mysql for a little less ram used in 32bit?18:57
sakoCan't figure out if this is worth it :?18:58
gobbei didn't get your point18:59
gobbeyou want to run 10.04 with 512MB ram?18:59
sakoon a VPS18:59
sakogobbe: they offer both 32bit and 64bit..18:59
gobbewell, i don't see any point to use 64bit18:59
sakogobbe: so I am trying to decide which is better suited.. apparently 32bit will eat more ram as pointers are bigger etc19:00
gobbeif you don't have software that needs it19:00
sakogobbe: well, I guess the question is the benefits that software optimized for 64 bit like mysql.. is that a significant difference?19:00
sakoI have been looking for benchmarks.. can't find anything solid19:00
gobbei would say that you cannot see any difference on there19:01
gobbemaybe when you have lots of memory and you are running with high load19:01
sakoi see19:01
gobbebut i'm running my servers with 64bit19:02
kirklandRoAkSoAx: will do just after lunch!19:04
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geekbridoes fastcgi have its own package? or is spawn-fcgi the package for it?19:48
LowValueTargetanyone know of a timeline for an update to fix the latest PHP bug (last update caused openbase_dir issues)19:57
LowValueTargeti knwo the fix has been committed to the trunk19:57
ignarpsgeekbri, maybe check libfcgi-* ?19:58
pmatulisLowValueTarget: i know there has been a recent security fix released for PHP19:58
geekbriignarps: thanks ill give a look19:58
LowValueTargetpmatulis: how recent, the update the boke things was released on the 8 iirc19:59
LowValueTarget*that broke19:59
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geekbridoes anybody know a good way to obtain the ./configure used in the php install for ubuntu?20:23
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RoyKgeekbri: apt-get source20:27
geekbriRoyK: most excellent, thank you20:27
RoyKthe configure line is in debian/rules iirc20:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #702129 in samba (main) "samba default dependency doesn't allow the configuration of an user share" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70212921:21
geekbriRoyK: i found it, thanks a ton!21:42
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BlaDe^Hi guys ---- With a regular http request it takes around 322ms to connect to the server -- that's obscene (It doesn't always take that long.. it varies)22:52
BlaDe^any ideas what it could be?22:53
pmatulisBlaDe^: use tcpdump to capture the traffic on the wire22:57
BlaDe^pmatulis:  there's an awful lot of output---mostly from my ssh connection22:59
BlaDe^can I filter by port 80 ? can't see it in man tcpdump23:01
NafalloBlaDe^: filter it, and potentially consider some better measurement than ping?23:01
BlaDe^im not using ping --- i'm looking at the chrome output of the http request23:01
BlaDe^and that's good measurement because it's a webserver and I want it to server web files, fast23:01
NafalloBlaDe^: what httpd are you using?23:02
NafalloI found thttpd to be quite efficient myself :-)23:02
BlaDe^benchmark wise nginx performs the best for what I need23:03
Nafallofair enough23:04
BlaDe^but still something is going wrong23:04
BlaDe^the connection and wait time is too high23:04
BlaDe^it can be anywhere between 60 and 350ms which is extremely inconsistent23:04
BlaDe^the load avg is 0.17 0.08 0.02 1/266 7954 and I have Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X3360  @ 2.83GHz * 4 (4 cores)23:05
BlaDe^is there any kernel tuning I can do to speed it up ?23:07
pmatulisBlaDe^: 'sudo tcpdump -qtn -e eth0 port 80' is a sample23:07
Nafallo-e ? not -i ?23:08
BlaDe^okay that filters web requests it seems - but doesn't show anything useful23:08
BlaDe^yeah I used -i23:08
BlaDe^Nafallo:  does this help much? http://pastie.org/private/y4gmvn9y58g75pyd2yab8g23:18
BlaDe^i filtered my request only23:18
BlaDe^one request but the keep-alive sends some ack's i guess23:18
NafalloBlaDe^: I believe pmatulis is better off helping you. :-)23:20
BlaDe^google doesn't show anything much for that23:21
smoserkirkland, http://paste.ubuntu.com/553405/23:40
pmatulisBlaDe^: yes, '-i' sorry23:55

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