AzelphurAnyone know how I might get DD-WRT to drop a DHCP lease?00:01
AzelphurI changed the Mac address from my old PC to my new one, but my old PC still has a lease00:02
Azelphurand the routers not giving me the right IP :(00:02
hamitronisn't there a drop button?00:02
hamitronunder DHCP clients there is a trash icon00:03
Azelphurso there is00:04
hamitronI only knew because I check who is doing what every 5 mins :/00:04
AzelphurMattJ: where does prosody store it's db of logins? :)00:05
Azelphurhamitron: hehe, that fixed me ty :)00:05
hamitronwish I could get below my download limit00:06
hamitron61 of 60Gb used00:06
hamitronand I want to download 7 cd ISO for CentOS still00:06
Azelphurhamitron: switch ISP?00:06
hamitrondemon internet00:06
Azelphur60GB on demon?00:07
AzelphurI thought they was 20000:07
exobuzzwhere is my 100mbit/100mbit for £10 a month00:07
hamitron60gb is good00:07
exobuzzcome on uk. the swedes have it!00:07
MattJAzelphur: /var/lib/prosody00:07
hamitronAzelphur: only if you are in a Cable&Wireless exchange00:07
Azelphurhamitron: protip for getting unlimited go to samknows put your postcode/number in and look for unbundled options00:08
Azelphurthose are pretty much your unlimited ISP options00:08
hamitronI could pay £36 per month for 240Gb00:08
hamitronbut I have a feeling that would add to my lack of hdd space00:09
exobuzzbethere are ok.00:09
exobuzzi uploaded 300gb last month and no nasty letters00:09
hamitronI have unlimited upload :)00:09
exobuzzwho with ?00:09
hamitronwell, unrestricted 440kbps00:10
exobuzzi get around 2mbit.. and 18mbit down. got more before they built a cinema and shops next door00:10
exobuzzthey lowered the line quality!00:10
hamitronI tend to get about 1mbit download, so don't complain ;/00:11
hamitronand it often drops to 128kbit00:11
exobuzzbut there are so many linux isos to download!00:11
hamitronall I want is 1 distro!00:11
exobuzzi would be happy with 10mbit/10mbit really. sacrifice some download speed for more upstream00:11
Azelphur3 are apparently doing unlimited no fup wireless broadband00:12
Azelphurseems interesting if it's not all lies00:12
exobuzzhamitron, damn small linux then :)00:12
hamitronI read dsl is dead00:12
exobuzzi think so . shame though00:12
exobuzzused it on my xbox1 was quite ok00:12
popeyMaximum Downstream Data Rate :  2048000000:12
hamitronI think Wary Puppy 5.0 looks like a good alternative00:13
popeyMaximum Upstream Data Rate :  208000000:13
exobuzzpopey, 20480000mbit ? :)00:13
exobuzzgardencam needs your upstream.. especially when it goes hd00:13
hamitronI think they should make everyone use 56k for 1 week each month00:14
hamitronit would stop websites from getting bigger ;)00:14
exobuzzpopey, im getting ubuntu uk podcast withdrawal. you are all allowed a break of course, but it is coming back for a new season right? :)00:14
exobuzzill have to start at the first one again :)00:15
popeymaybe :)00:15
exobuzzi never got a reply about my mirror btw00:15
popeywho did you mail?00:15
popeyok, mail podcast@ubuntu-uk.org00:16
exobuzzok thanks. i got the add off the mirror info site00:16
popeyah ok00:16
popeyhe's mega busy at the moment00:16
popeywe can sort it00:16
exobuzzthere was no rush or anything. just mentioning it like. im no nag :)00:17
popeyI appreciate it :)00:17
popeyright, bed!00:17
AzelphurMattJ: making progress, \o/ http://pastebin.com/8MrFdSBM00:18
Azelphurit does the stanza being handled error for everyone in my contact list00:18
Azelphurpidgin finds no transports with service discovery, :(00:19
andylockranhey guys00:19
Azelphurthink along the lines of things I forgot to copy or wrong permissions, as I just reloaded00:19
andylockrananyone use a version controlled filesystem?00:19
andylockranI want to keep version controlled document store for my company.  Wondering what the most 'transparent' method would be.00:19
MattJAzelphur: that error means Spectrum isn't connected00:41
Azelphurspectrum isn't connected to legacy or prosody?00:42
MattJTo Prosody00:43
AzelphurI see00:43
Azelphurhow would I debug that?00:43
MattJSpectrum's logs perhaps?00:45
AzelphurMattJ: yea I looked for them, but there's nothing in /var/log/spectrum :(00:46
MattJTried just restarting it?00:46
MattJbrb 10 min00:46
MattJDoes Spectrum have a debug mode?00:58
AzelphurMattJ: not sure00:59
AzelphurMattJ: lol I ran it manually and it worked01:01
Azelphurbut if I use the init.d script, it hates me.01:01
MattJWhat did you do to break everything? :)01:02
Azelphurjust being me as usual :(01:02
AzelphurMattJ: looks like the init script isn't starting them01:03
Azelphuror it's causing them to crash on startup01:03
Azelphurbecause they arn't running after I start them01:03
Azelphurstill obviously a spectrum problem, I'll keep plugging at it ty :D01:05
MattJnp, perhaps HanzZ can help when he wakes up :)01:06
Azelphur[01/12/11 01:02:31] <libpurple/plugins> Unloading plugin XMPP01:06
Azelphurjust noticed that xD01:06
Azelphurjust in case you wanted to have XMPP in your XMPP, you can now.01:06
MattJOh you can :)01:07
Azelphurwe herd u liek xmpp, so we put xmpp in ur xmpp so u can xmpp while u xmpp.01:07
AzelphurMattJ: went into the init.d script and found it runs them with -q, which means print no output, changed that and got it complaining about permissions01:13
Azelphurfixed all the permissions, still doesn't start :D01:13
MattJDid you chmod your whole system or something? :)01:13
AzelphurMattJ: I just copied files across without preserving permissions, probably should have preserved :P01:14
Azelphurhacked up the init.d script even moar, got some new errors yay01:15
Azelphursuccess, I got it :D01:16
MattJYay :)01:16
AzelphurI had to hack up the init.d to remove quiet, echo command output, echo the command it was running :P01:17
Azelphurand that got me the errors \o/01:17
Azelphurty :p01:20
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AlanBellmorning all07:38
MartijnVdS\o AlanBell07:38
MartijnVdStime for tea!07:40
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screen-xmorning :)08:32
screen-xEvery 6 months I have to sign a form to say that I haven't had any negative reactions to latex gloves, not generally a problem in my desk based sysadmin post..08:35
DJonesscreen-x: My wife has to do something similar working in the NHS, some people have reactions to either the latex, or the talc that gets used in some brands08:41
MartijnVdSscreen-x: well, there's the LARTing of course08:41
MartijnVdSscreen-x: you do wear latex gloves for that, don't you?08:41
AlanBellscreen-x: ever tempted to write "I can hardly sit down" on the form?08:42
screen-xAlanBell: euugh08:42
MartijnVdSAlanBell: "People react negatively all the time when I put them on"08:42
screen-xAlanBell: I did once write "no problems with latex, but lyx causes irritation"08:42
AlanBelltop geekiness :)08:43
DJonesI hope they're not the same gloves vets use that cover from the fingers through to the shoulder08:43
daubersscreen-x: Did you wonder if someonw processing the form had to go and look up what Lyx is?08:48
screen-xdaubers: maybe ;-)08:50
daubersWonder which they consulted first, a medical text book or google08:50
* daubers ponders if there's another router lying around the office so he can simulate the system going into the DC08:51
bigcalmGood morning fellows :)09:11
BigRedSgood morning!09:11
bigcalmIf I update a project's trac.ini, I shouldn't have to restart anything for changes to take effect. Should I?09:28
* AlanBell heads off to Londong09:50
danfish\o AlanBell09:53
AlanBellcabinet office in Admiralty Arch today09:53
danfisho/ everyone else :)09:53
danfishAlanBell: ooh, sounds...interesting09:54
screen-xmornign bigcalm:)09:56
AlanBelldanfish: yup, they are keen on Open Source at the moment09:57
AlanBellczajkowski's boss will be there too09:57
DJonesIs it "keen on open source", or "keen on cheap/free" software09:58
DJonesThought so09:59
AlanBellhowever we are trying to educate them on the value of Free09:59
bigcalmI can send email using mutt but trac fails to send anything09:59
* bigcalm turns green and rips his shirt off09:59
DJonesewww, bigcalm has gone mouldy10:00
AlanBelldon't you just love that feeling when you do sudo halt on the wrong machine10:02
danfishAlanBell: I was wondering where you'd gone!10:02
screen-xAlanBell: no10:02
screen-xespecially when the machine is not in the vicinity10:02
directhexAlanBell, at least the machine wasn't off in a remote datacenter?10:02
AlanBellthis time I will actually go, and I will turn off the *laptop*10:02
AlanBelldirecthex: yeah, it is on a shelf behind me which isn't too bad10:03
danfishAlanBell: invite the cab office folks to the opensourceexpo ;)10:03
AlanBelldanfish: I will10:03
davmor2morning all10:11
dwatkinshi folks10:14
davmor2morning dwatkins10:14
screen-xhow do KVM VMs boot so fast? its nuts.10:23
krimzon2is there any way to upload to ubuntu one on the command line?10:25
screen-xkrimzon2: cp the file to a synced dir?10:26
danfishscreen-x: shurely you're not including windows vm'sin that statement?10:26
screen-xdanfish: this one is an ubuntu server vm10:26
krimzon2hmm... is it possible to sync folders on ubuntu server?10:28
frecklekrimzon2: create a sym link to a synced dir10:29
popeyGood morning chaps!10:33
screen-xgood monin :)10:33
bigcalmMorning mukka10:34
davmor2morning popey10:35
krimzon2how would I set up a synced dir on a server? I've been looking around trying to find what protocols I can use10:38
krimzon2ahh, sweet10:38
bigcalmIs one option that I'm sure others can add to10:39
screen-xplain rsync is an option10:39
bigcalmOops, I meant to say rsync10:40
bigcalmBeen using rdiff-backup, which confused me10:40
krimzon2I mostly want to automatically back up stuff I couldn't replace if my house burnt down10:43
andylockranhaha, having a fab day :)10:44
screen-xandylockran: excellent!10:44
andylockranlong day yesterday, but today @BsBrumbleBee is keeping me sane :p  having such a laugh10:44
BigRedSAre tehre plans for an open-sauce-expo themed pub trip?10:46
BigRedSI might not make the expo, but I may be coming to london that day anyway10:46
awilkinsI remember this article, something like "CSV done right" that expounded on the right way to do CSV files and how not to do them (ie - Excel) on the web but I can't find it.. :-(10:52
directhexokay, here's the strategy10:53
directhexyou take values10:53
directhexand you separate them with commas10:53
BigRedSThat sounds rather complex for my linking10:53
BigRedShow about using XML instead/10:53
awilkinsI wanted to link to it to someone who wants a CSV file10:54
awilkinsI want to do it right ; ie - one char for escape, one for field separator, one for record separator - and that's it10:55
awilkinsNone of this quoted / unquoted fields bollocks10:55
bigcalmI use pipes instead of commas10:56
awilkinsI was intending to use tabs10:56
directhexbigcalm, use unicode poops10:56
directhexno risk of those being in your document10:56
awilkinsBut the characters you select are of little consequence if you know the escape character10:57
awilkinsYou could use "e"10:57
awilkinsWhat the hell is a poop?10:57
awilkinsIs that a real char name or a made up one (like "squonk", which is my name for that one on the top-left key on the UK layout)10:57
directhexit's part of the unicode 6.0 additional characters10:58
BigRedSawilkins: squonk? I like it. I call it the doom-shell-key :)10:59
directhexso is Unicode Character 'CAT FACE WITH TEARS OF JOY' (U+1F639)10:59
BigRedSThough I did enjoy working with someone who referred to '*' as 'splat'10:59
BigRedS"ls splat dot splat"10:59
awilkinsWas backronym for "SQuare thing ON the Corner" (but looks better with a K than a C)10:59
screen-xdirecthex: hilarious that that character exists!11:01
screen-xits like clipart all over again http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/block/miscellaneous_symbols_and_pictographs/images.htm11:02
bigcalmWho came up with these?11:03
directhexscreen-x, but now all your fonts need those characters!11:04
directhexbigcalm, japanese mobile phone companies.11:04
screen-xmy browser/font fails every symbol in that block11:04
screen-x"sorry I can't use the ubuntu font, it doesn't have a steaming..."11:04
bigcalmI see11:05
bigcalmShortcake seems wrong11:05
awilkinsLOVE HOTEL11:07
screen-xAre glyphs allowed to define colours? http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1f49a/index.htm11:08
awilkins"Fields will be separated by PILE OF POOP, records by CATFACE WITH TEARS OF JOY, and the file will be terminated with LOVE HOTEL"11:08
bigcalmPile of poo, amazing11:09
directhexscreen-x, no. it's just a letter, like r or % or þ11:09
screen-xdirecthex: so how can "green heart" exist?11:09
screen-xor is it an alternate meaning of green?11:09
directhexscreen-x, with difficulty11:10
awilkinsPresentation is up to the font author11:10
awilkinsJust like you could have a font of ROT-1311:10
directhexscreen-x, i guess what awilkins said, i.e. the client device can replace the glyph with a coloured image11:10
* tugrik pops in to the channel on one of his sporadic visits11:10
* tugrik scrolls up11:10
* tugrik boggles11:10
directhexawilkins, windings!11:10
awilkinsWingDings are what you get when you want stupid-assed chars before you've invented unicode11:11
tugrikI didn't realise how little I knew about unicode... I have no idea how much of the previous 100 lines is genuine or not ;)11:11
DJonestugrik: I thought they were being made up until I looked at http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/version/6.0/index.htm11:11
Laneyyou can fall back to another font if a symbol is not found11:12
directhexreality is funnier than make believe11:14
screen-x'WOMAN WITH BUNNY EARS' (U+1F46F)11:14
tugrikhmmm, not sure that's "FACE WITH LOOK OF TRIUMPH"11:15
awilkinsIs there "CATGIRL" ?11:15
awilkinsHmm.. Googling "unicode CATGIRL" has some disturbing links11:16
tugrikit's always best to google with safesearch off11:16
tugrikamazing what brings up NSFW images11:16
awilkinsAnd to hit "I'm feeling lucky" when using search terms like "catgirl"11:17
seekerAnyone got any good ideas for how to detect adverts in TV programs?11:18
MartijnVdSlouder sound11:18
screen-xseeker: decrease in dynamic range11:18
MartijnVdSscreen-x: YOU AGAIN! :P11:18
awilkinsseeker, The MythTV project has some implementation of that11:18
andylockranis there an issue with using ! on the linux commandline11:18
seekerMartijnVdS: Apart from the fact the sound isn't actually louder :P11:19
tugrikandylockran: yes11:19
MartijnVdSandylockran: only if you use it once11:19
seekerawilkins: Yeah, but it sucks for UK television11:19
MartijnVdSandylockran: if you use it >1x in a line, you're fine (unless it's !!, that's special too)11:19
awilkinsseeker, They have a bunch of methods ; logo detection, blank keyframes some multiple of 30s apart, etc.11:19
screen-xandylockran: yes11:19
MartijnVdSseeker: it appears louder11:19
tugrikseeker: depending on the interface you have, couldn't you identify that standard image before and after ad breaks for a particular programme?11:19
awilkinsseeker, I think the TV networks are wise to it and have implemented countermeasures like video testcards for programs, etc.11:20
seekerMartijnVdS: That'd be the loss in dynamic range :P11:20
awilkinsseeker, Saw a cue dot for the first time in a decade recently11:20
awilkinsseeker, They used to be very common, now they are a rare thing11:20
seekerawilkins: Yeah11:20
tugrikMartijnVdS: multiple ! does weird things, so I don't think >2 is safe11:20
AlanBellbigcalm: there are such plans, check on the etherpad11:21
bigcalmAlanBell: ?11:21
MartijnVdStugrik: I've done gstreamer command lines fine11:21
bigcalmAlanBell: tab failure?11:21
screen-xAlanBell: you mean BigRedS11:21
MartijnVdStugrik: but to be safe, escape \! :)11:21
seekerHmm, I wonder if average frame brightness would be useful11:23
AlanBelltoo many big people11:23
seekerOr colour saturation11:23
awilkinsseeker, Depending on the genre, possibly11:23
* bigcalm struts his stuff11:23
AlanBellbigcalm: you can come to the pub with BigRedS if you like11:23
tugrikwhy do you ask seeker ?11:24
awilkinsseeker, The audio compression thing will go away - there has been legislation against it recently in at least one domain.11:24
seekerawilkins: I think that'd work for cartoons11:24
MartijnVdSawilkins: actually a good thing, too11:24
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Just not for commercial detection that uses it :-)11:24
seekertugrik: Fed up with having tom manually skip ads in mythtv11:24
MartijnVdSAnother option would be a disappearing channel logo11:24
awilkinsMyth does logo detect11:24
seekerTo the point where I'm considering trying to find a better way and implementing it :P11:25
MartijnVdSseeker: hire someone to write an XML file describing every ad :)11:26
MartijnVdSseeker: "10:30-10:35"11:26
MartijnVdSseeker: "10:40-10:45"11:26
screen-xMartijnVdS: I think I'd rather clean streets11:27
andylockranany docs on setting up sftp on ubuntu11:29
screen-xapt-get install ssh11:29
MartijnVdSscreen-x: not openssh-server?11:29
screen-xPackage: ssh Depends: openssh-client, openssh-server11:30
MartijnVdSdidn't know that :)11:30
andylockranah, ok ta11:31
andylockranargh, lftp as a sftp client11:31
andylockranit works :p11:36
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jpds 11:46
andylockranlost for works ?11:47
andylockranwords *11:47
popeymsgme4childporn: thats a really inappropriate nickname you've selected there11:52
msgme4childpornummm i should change it?11:52
popeyummm, yes.11:53
=== msgme4childporn is now known as dfrt67ytgftyu
andylockrantbh I think that needs a kickban11:53
directhexdynamic ip, won't help11:59
bigcalmdirecthex: could just ban btcentralplus.com :)12:03
dfrt67ytgftyuno please dont do that :(12:03
bigcalmdfrt67ytgftyu: why would you have such a nick in the 1st place?12:03
andylockranit's a massively inappropriate nickname...12:03
dfrt67ytgftyui dont know i thought theres no rules on irc12:04
bigcalmEach network has its own subset of rules. You should read the CoC12:04
screen-xdfrt67ytgftyu: there are rules on freenode12:04
jpdsHmm, I wonder how the computing law fits around that.12:04
andylockrandfrt67ytgftyu: there are also certain levels of decency that I'd hope people would stick to with/without rules.12:05
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dauberszyxel routers are a pain in the bum12:15
bigcalmpopey: box came today, I'm so happy12:15
screen-xdaubers: cheap and painful?12:16
daubersscreen-x: I can't even get the poxy things to route properly!12:16
screen-xalways a handy feature in a router12:16
daubersAll the static routes are correct, but still nothing. Firewall is apparently off, still nothing12:17
daubersstupid blasted cheap rubbish12:17
screen-xdaubers: can you telnet in?12:17
daubersscreen-x: Nope. Even though telnet is supposedly on12:18
screen-xrubbish :(12:18
daubersFinally get into that, and it's essentially the web interface. Can't even see the poxy routing tables!12:21
* MartijnVdS read that as "proxy routing tables" and was confused12:24
drt6778hi, if i want to install packages which are available from more than one package repo in my sources.list, how can I ask apt to prefer one repo over another ?12:25
popeyit will default to newest version12:25
popeyis that not what you want?12:26
MartijnVdSyou can use pinning, but that requires a degree in abstract mathematics to configure12:26
danfishdaubers: install dd-wrt?12:26
bigcalmI have PHP pinned to 5.2 as some of my clients' projects won't work on 5.3 and there is no budget for upgrading time12:27
bigcalmThat was a PitA to set up12:27
drt6778the problem i have is that i have to boot off the live cd every time, so im trying to create a local package repo so I can install the software I need quicker12:27
drt6778i dont necerssarily need the newest versions,12:28
MartijnVdSYou can burn a live CD with packages you need on it12:28
MartijnVdSor a live-DVD12:28
MartijnVdSor a live-USB-stick12:28
MartijnVdSwhich might work around the problems as well :)12:29
popeydrt6778 looks like you're booted to a live CD/USB stick already12:32
drt6778i dont like cds, i just need to make apt get stuff from the local repo instead12:32
popey12:32:05 [freenode] -!- drt6778 [~ubuntu@host81-129-61-108.range81-129.btcentralplus.com]12:32
popey12:32:05 [freenode] -!-  ircname  : Live session user12:32
drt6778popey: yeah i am,12:32
drt6778lol this isnt actually possible12:45
andylockranany idea how to enable the flash recovery area in Oracle XE ?13:01
KrisDouglasI have just been on the phone to HP for about an hour trying to get this P1005 working13:02
KrisDouglasand i aksed to be put through to the right department and they transferred me to O2's home broadband callcentre!!!!13:02
daubersdanfish: Tempting13:15
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DJonesHeh, the evil one returns13:34
=== niko is now known as evilNiko
=== BigRedS is now known as QuitePleasantBig
=== QuitePleasantBig is now known as BigRedS
hamitronPleasant? ;/13:38
BigRedSwell, I thought there was a lot of evil happening13:39
hamitronguess I was lucky enough to miss it13:39
awilkinsHmmm ; shame that drt6778 fellow went, I think he wanted "apt-mirror"13:48
awilkinsor apt-proxy13:49
jpdsTransparent Squid proxy.13:50
awilkinsA bit overkill, you just tell the installer not to update from remote repos while installing and then configure it to use your local repo proxy13:51
hamitronor unplug the network cable13:51
gordto anyone that has been to UDS before and knows the wonders if the Ubuntu SSID networks, i can get the Ubuntu network in my room here, makes me very happy -_-14:12
MartijnVdSthere's a UDS now?14:15
awilkinsOoh. UDS. I dream of being able to attend such marvellous events on the pretext of it being good for my organisation (it would be, but the people in charge just don't know it :-)  )14:15
PendulumMartijnVdS: Canonical sprint14:17
gordthe wireless AP is literally across the hall!14:18
gordhuh, just realised that the face of cowsay looks like an owl, can't look at it any other way now14:19
MartijnVdSPendulum: ah! :)14:24
MartijnVdSgord: owlsay.. also, it's themeable14:24
screen-xit totally does!14:25
Laneypopey: can you add http://bloge.orangesquash.org.uk/tagged/planetubuntu/rss to planet -uk please?14:30
LaneyI forget the proper procedure14:30
* Laney ♥ tumblr14:30
Azelphurdoes anyone know what the deal is with the python-twitter library in the repo14:39
Azelphurit's been bricked for like 3+ months now since twitter switched to oauth14:40
DJonesAzelphur: Doesn't gwibber use that to connect to twitter14:41
Azelphurnot sure14:41
DJonesAzelphur: I know gwibber works fine with twitter at the minute, probably better and more reliable than ever14:41
MartijnVdSyou're using "gwibber" and "reliable" in one sentence14:42
DJonesHeh, since maverick, its been rock sold :)14:43
MartijnVdSnot for me14:43
MartijnVdSbut that might be natty ;)14:43
DJonesAzelphur: Just looked, python-twitter isn't a depend for gwibber, that use python-oauth14:43
davmor2MartijnVdS: They've changed all the backend out in Natty which might explain that it's been fairly solid of late though for me at least14:46
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I've uninstalled it and am now using only the websites14:46
MartijnVdSdavmor2: also, I've uninstalled evolution because it's crap and hogs the indicator menu14:46
MartijnVdSSo now my "messages" indicator only contains empathy14:47
MartijnVdSAnd there was much win14:47
davmor2MartijnVdS: harsh dude ;)14:47
MartijnVdSdavmor2: Evolution is fast on your system? :)14:47
davmor2MartijnVdS: Yeap14:49
MartijnVdSdavmor2: wow14:49
Azelphurlol no wonder gwibber is constantly broken, twitter is broken :/14:50
awilkinsI might try Evolution now since Thunderbird 3 broke my heart14:50
Azelphurdropping old auth methods to break any app, the RSS feed is broken (and completely removed in the new twitter interface)14:50
gordjust ordered a nice arm tegra 2 netbook (ac100) very exciting -_-14:51
MartijnVdSawilkins: it did? how?14:51
* MartijnVdS likes the gmail-like "archive" options14:51
MartijnVdSnow all I want is "send this + archive thread"14:51
davmor2MartijnVdS: Currently my evo is monitoring 7 email accounts, with multiple thousands of emails in all of them with no issues at all14:51
freckledavmor2: is that gmail accounts or some/all IMAP/POP?14:51
MartijnVdSdavmor2: mine has one IMAP account and one Exchange account, but even without the Exchange bit it's slower than my XT used to be back in the 80s14:52
awilkinsMartijnVdS, I just don't like that it downloads all my gmail box and tries to index it and eats loads of CPU time and when you search for things it returns the same email multiple times, etc, etc, etc14:52
freckleAzelphur: Gwibber is the worst twitter client I have ever seen14:52
MartijnVdSawilkins: well, yes. use gmail's web interface to access gmail :)14:52
MartijnVdSawilkins: I want my work mail to be in a Gmail-like interface, but that's not possible :(14:53
awilkinsMartijnVdS, The other thing is that Work basically forced us to pick between i) crappy OWA or ii) Crappy outlook when they previously supported IMAP14:53
davmor2MartijnVdS: I guess the issue is I only had web/outlook to compare with and evo was much faster, I've always had issues with thunderbird,  claws is pretty rapid though14:53
MartijnVdSawilkins: Doesn't Evolution's new MAPI stuff work?14:53
awilkinsMartijnVdS, We have OWA. Stuck behind a special anal-restriction gateway.14:53
MartijnVdSWe have IMAP for mail, and OWA/MAPI for calendaring (and secondary mail.. *sigh*)14:53
davmor2freckle: mixture I have a home server, gmail, canonical, and some others14:54
awilkinsMartijnVdS, There's thing thing called Intelligent Application Gateway in the way ; only the XMLRPC calls work, and only through that - I think you need certain client certificates to get past it that only Outlook has14:54
freckledavmor2: thanks just interested for reference. I have 4 gmail accounts on my Nexus One and it works well14:54
MartijnVdSawilkins: eww.. so not even activesync (phones)?14:55
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Oh, no, that works14:55
awilkinsMartijnVdS, But no ActiveSync adapter for a real email client that I'm aware of14:55
davmor2awilkins: if you don't get on with evo try claws it's come a long way in a short time14:56
awilkinsThere is an IMAP server but only on the internal network - so you have to use our excretional VPN if you want to use it from home.14:56
Azelphuryea, I'm done with twitter :p14:56
Azelphurso broken as to be unbelievable14:56
Azelphurgod alone knows how so many apps manage to successfully integrate with it14:56
danfishawilkins: unless your on an android phone, then it works rather well14:56
davmor2Azelphur: works for me14:57
awilkinsdanfish, IMAP works for NHS mail on Android?14:57
awilkinsdanfish, Or is that the ActiveSync adapter?14:57
screen-xAzelphur: what's nuts is that twitter (which I don't care about) use oauth, and I'd be fine using basic auth, whereas my bank (which I do care about) still use form based auth :(14:57
Azelphurdavmor2: how do you do it? the twitter library in the repo is broken because twitter kindly changed their auth method to block any unupdated app14:57
danfishah, no, the activesync adapter14:57
Azelphurdavmor2: and the RSS feed doesn't work :(14:57
danfishI use thunderbird when inside the net14:57
awilkinsdanfish, I've got it working on my N900 just fine but that's ActiveSync - and it's one of the closed-source bits AFAIK14:58
Azelphurscreen-x: xD14:58
danfishawilkins: yeh - I had a look at the mail app source in android and that bit's very GPL unfriendly14:58
davmor2Azelphur: What version of Ubuntu are you on I'm on Maverick there was an update that fixed it ages ago14:58
screen-xthough oauth isn't the best, as its application keys are rather anti open source.14:58
AzelphurI'm on maverick too14:58
awilkinsI did look at trying to find some OSS activesync code but had no luck.14:58
Azelphurdavmor2: I always get 401 unauthorized with my python script14:59
davmor2Azelphur: ah sorry your python script won't work python-twitter doesn't use oauth you need to use a different python plugin for it to work in python15:00
AzelphurI see15:00
Azelphuris it in the repo?15:00
danfishsupposedly android and any mobile device without whole disk encryption was supposed to be blocked since 1/12/10...but it's not happened15:00
davmor2Azelphur: I misunderstood and thought you were using gwibber15:00
screen-xAzelphur: I've been using http://mike.verdone.ca/twitter/15:00
davmor2Azelphur: let me have a quick dig for you15:01
Azelphurok :)15:01
AzelphurI just want to pull my twitter feed, don't need to post or anything15:01
screen-xAzelphur: whereas I do it the other way round, I use that for posts only, to notify me of various things.15:02
Azelphurhttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/August%202010/2010-08-18-141358_3840x1200_scrot.png is what I use it for15:03
screen-xIf I don't get any messages, then I can assume that either all systems are fine, or twitter is down, or both :)15:03
MartijnVdSam I the only one with so many open windows that the background is invisible? :)15:03
screen-xMartijnVdS: nope15:03
screen-xbut a terminal in the middle of that would look rather cool15:04
davmor2Azelphur: http://lapin-blanc.net/26/05/2009/twisted-python-twitter-oauth/ that might point you in the right direction15:04
screen-xI couldn't be a designer, I really don't care if its 1.4 or 1.5em15:07
Azelphurdavmor2: ty15:10
Azelphurthat's interesting, T-Mobile just phoned me up and told me that their changes to the fair usage policy only applies to the iphone15:10
freckleAzelphur: is that in response to your querying it with them?15:11
Azelphurfreckle: no that's in response to phoning up and cancelling my contract15:12
frecklehmm shall tweet them and see if they confirm it to me15:12
Azelphurthe slashdot and pcpro articles say otherwise15:12
Azelphurbut the t-mobile representative assured me I'm still on 3GB15:12
Azelphurshe also kept on saying UNLIMITED 3GB which was funny15:13
kazadeAzelphur, how did you not pick her up on that? :)15:14
AzelphurI did, I said the two terms where contradictory15:14
Azelphurshe repeated herself a few times15:14
Azelphurthen we finally got to unlimited browsing, 3gb downloads15:14
Azelphur(I wonder if that means if I pipe everything through port 80 they won't charge me)15:14
awilkinsSo the Jesusfone gets it's wings clipped but everything else still gets to fly as much as before?15:14
frecklethere is no such thing as UNLIMITED  period. It is at the very least limited by the capabilities of the interface15:15
screen-xAzelphur: I was reading about this, they are trying to separate browsing from downloads, which makes zero sense.15:15
screen-xSo how did that html page appear in my phone, magic?15:15
awilkinsThat's what they are counting on, I suspect15:15
frecklelets see what @TmobileUKhelp have to say15:15
awilkinsThey can get away with claiming that magic pixies do it to most of the population15:15
directhexfile extension filtering! they won't bill for .htm or .html15:16
Azelphurfreckle: yea15:16
directhexor .aspx, but will bill for .php #evil15:16
awilkinsNet Neutrality!!!!!15:16
AzelphurI should have pressed and said browsing is a download15:16
freckleGiff gaff have all you can eat as long as it is not streaming video. So I guess you download it first then watch it15:17
screen-xfreckle: though not many video providers are up for that15:17
frecklescreen-x: true, was trying to highlight the stupidity of the clause15:18
Azelphurfreckle: yea I've been through loads of pages, none of them mention iphone15:18
screen-xfreckle: yeah, it is pretty stupid15:18
Azelphurso I'd be interested on the response from twitter :P15:18
davmor2Azelphur: your other alternative would be to setup python-oauth to do the authentication for you then python-twitter to do the api calls for you15:18
Azelphurdavmor2: fun15:18
freckleI have seen a T-Mobile lawyer in action on a tech conf panel... they don't have a clue about how to handle data usage and it's growth... that goes for most of the UK networks too.15:19
screen-xI should probably setup an mqtt server or something, probably be easier that twitter/oauth15:19
davmor2Azelphur: You should be able to add it to your current script and iirc from linux format the oauth code is only like a line or so long15:19
Azelphurfreckle: it's not the only reason I'm leaving them anyway, really slow download speeds (even with a 5 bar HSDPA connection), Charging me for an unlock code for my own phone, that sort of thing :(15:19
Azelphurdavmor2: do you know why the twitter RSS feed doesn't work? that would be easiest to make work15:20
Azelphuras I already have loads of RSS feed stuff in my conky setup15:20
MooDooafternoon all15:20
freckleAzelphur: you should have bought phone unlocked. Almost always cheaper on a 24 month deak and usually on 18 month too15:20
davmor2Azelphur: because you're using a client so it need to authenticate as I understand it15:21
Azelphurfreckle: I ebay'd it and as I inteded to use t-mobile at the time (because of their amazing, now gone 3GB cap). My G2 I unlocked myself with hax :D15:21
Azelphurdavmor2: yea, I was trying it in chrome it asked for user and pass which I provided then nothing :(15:22
freckleAs I understand it there is no cap on the T-Mobile FUP it just limits your speeds for the rest of the billing period.15:22
davmor2Azelphur: works in liferea15:22
Azelphurfreckle: that was the other thing she said, I asked what happens when you hit the 3GB...she said "Nothing"15:22
frecklethe ISP I work does rate limiting if hit your allowance15:22
Azelphur"We never send any letters we never charge anyone we're the only one that doesn't!"15:22
MartijnVdSAzelphur: "You will start to feel guilty"15:23
Azelphurdavmor2: I just tried it in firefox, lol15:23
Azelphur<error code="53">Basic authentication is not supported</error>15:23
davmor2Azelphur: There's your answer then python-oauth it is ;)15:24
freckleI have only used 2GB of data in the last 6 months on T-Mobile.... mostly phone is on WiFi at home or work15:24
MartijnVdSAzelphur: Twitter switched that off.. you can only use oauth15:24
Azelphuryay for having an RSS feed that doesn't work with 99% of feed readers including firefox, and blocking all your API access15:24
Azelphurwhat an annoying service15:24
Azelphurfreckle: I tether :)15:25
freckleI rarely tether... can't stand 3G speed on my netbook15:25
MartijnVdSmy laptop has a built-in 3G bit15:25
davmor2Azelphur: for me I just went to twitter.com logged in and clicked on the rss link it opened in liferea as that is my default setup and works fine :(15:26
Azelphurdavmor2: :P15:26
davmor2Azelphur: are you using an old rss link?15:26
MartijnVdSso I got a pay-as-you-go Vodafone SIM that has a "€2,50/day" charge for internet (but only on days that you actually use it on)15:26
Azelphurdavmor2: nope, clicking the button in my profile15:27
MartijnVdSAzelphur: do you have your tweets protected?15:27
davmor2Azelphur: could just be that you have a busted ass twitter feed?15:27
AzelphurMartijnVdS: no idea what that is :)15:27
Azelphurdavmor2: *shrug*15:27
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you can have public tweets (everyone can read them)15:27
MartijnVdSAzelphur: or private ones (nobody but your followers can read them)15:27
Azelphuryea I believe mines public15:28
popeyLaney: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ubuntu-uk.org/planet15:28
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
Azelphurdavmor2: that twitter tool is prefect :D15:34
AzelphurI just run the "twitter" command to get pretty much what I want on my wallpaper \o/15:34
davmor2Azelphur: Yay!15:35
* davmor2 prods czajkowski as he forgot too earlier, hope you's is better15:39
bigcalmThat bus went past so fast my office shook. Naughty bus15:41
davmor2bigcalm: that's what happens when you use a bus shelter for an office though?15:43
DJonesdavmor2: yeah, but does he work from home15:49
davmor2DJones: are you trying to say that bigcalm lives in a bus shelter?15:49
DJonesdavmor2: You saw through the comment :)15:50
screen-xhmm, I have a vmware disk image that is in 2GB chunks :( can I convert that to a kvm raw image with qemu-img ? it doesn't mention chunked images in the man page15:54
Laneypopey: ta15:58
screen-xthere appears to be a version of vmware converter for linux, will try that15:58
danfishAlanBell: how was your meeting, if I may ask?16:09
Azelphurfreckle: anything from t-mobile yet? :P16:24
freckleno, they don't seem to be very active on twitter today16:25
freckleaha see www.t-mobile.co.uk/datachanges16:27
diploI read up on that a little16:28
diploIt seems they won't charge you for web browsing/emails at all, the tariff is only going to affect file downloading and streaming16:29
freckleand only new customers16:29
Azelphurheh, so that's different again to what I was told on the phone :S16:31
freckleAzelphur: I don't trust anything the droid on the phone says16:32
freckleAzelphur: ask them to put it in writing16:32
AzelphurI've switched anyway, I had a number of reasons16:32
frecklewho did you switch too?16:32
* bigcalm notices the change is only for new customers - time to change 3g watchdog back again16:33
frecklebigcalm: or till your contract period ends16:33
bigcalmContract was renewed in December for another 18 months16:34
freckleso now sitting on a tariff for years to hold the network to ransom16:34
bigcalmI'm happy with the tarrif I have. Though I don't go anywhere near the 1gb monthly allowance16:34
Azelphurat best the 500mb thing is a complete PR disaster and a shambles, then you've got the crappy download speeds (5 bars hsdpa gets me 198/156kbps where as my brother on 3 gets more like 10 times that, they also tried to charge me £15 to unlock my old phone so I could give it to my brother :/16:34
Azelphurand the coverage is crap too, when I go to my cousins in hive I get no signal16:35
frecklethey are obviously targetting the heavy video users.16:35
freckleI read somewhere it will impact ~ 3% of users16:35
bigcalmfreckle: I use wifi where ever I can as the network speed isn't great16:36
Azelphurthat's what they always say :)16:36
MartijnVdShmm 7.2 mbit16:36
frecklebigcalm: me too as most of the time in work or at home16:36
bigcalmOne in the same for me :S16:36
freckleAzelphur: that's how people always respond :)16:37
Azelphurfreckle: they must be loosing people over this though, they've tried really hard to keep me16:37
Azelphurand they keep spouting different stories at me16:37
frecklebigcalm: in that case I get much faster speeds to you when at work :)16:37
bigcalmWhat's your connection at work?16:38
freckleAzelphur: 3 is the only one offering no usage limit... they are desperate for customers16:38
AzelphurI'm on 3's 1GB plan, I'm should be ok in 1GB16:38
frecklebigcalm: we are an ISP . I think we have 2Gbps out of this office16:38
* popey hugs 10GB/mo16:38
AzelphurI like the way they made the decision to not do the fair usage policy crap16:38
Azelphurit's obvious, clearly stated, and that's fine with me16:39
bigcalmfreckle: you bar steward16:39
popeyonly thing i want to get now is sharing 3g over wifi on my iphone and I'm settled16:39
dwatkinspopey: I started off with that, then had to switch to unlimited bandwidth because we use 50 GB/mo16:39
Azelphurpopey: I have that built into the OS ;)16:39
* Azelphur runs16:39
popeyi know16:39
bigcalmfreckle: an ISP in Shropshire?16:39
popeyt-mobile have gone back on their changes16:39
dwatkinsoh wait, you get that with you phone, popey? wow16:39
Azelphurpopey: oh, so they made the changes and then when customers left in waves they stopped?16:39
AzelphurI've been given so many different stories about it so far16:40
popey"There will be no change to the data packages for existing customers  for the duration of their contract and we apologise for any confusion caused. The revision to the Fair Use Policy is designed to ensure an improved quality of service for all mobile internet users.""16:40
dwatkinswhich mobile provider, popey? and have you considered jailbreaking to do tethering?16:40
popeydwatkins: orange16:40
popeydwatkins: i have considered it16:40
Azelphuryea, I saw that too :)16:40
dwatkinsimpressive, I will look into this, as I have an iPhone16:40
Azelphurpopey: yet a mere 20 minutes ago I had a t-mobile rep call me to try and keep me as a customer, she stated that it was only affecting iphone users16:40
freckleAzelphur: she is obviously on commission..16:41
shaunoI don't believe tethering requires jailbreaking.  you can upload a slightly revised carrier settings file to the stock firmware16:41
popeyshauno: not tethering, wifi sharing16:41
Azelphurthen she said you still have your 3GB allowance, and to check the t-mobile website terms and conditions, which say I have 1GB :S16:41
dwatkinswhat is the difference between tethering and wifi sharing, I thought they were the same thing16:41
Azelphurso yea, very confusing and shambles-ish from t-mobile16:42
shaunorumours today that's due in the next point release.  but as always, we won't know until they do a song and a dance on stage :/16:42
popeydwatkins: tether is via a cable16:42
dwatkinsahhhh, thanks popey16:42
freckledwatkins: tethering usually means a cable... but it's a mute point as far as the networks go16:43
popeyshauno: its in the verizon firmware, so i guess unless they keep separate firmwares for cdma and umts phones, it may be16:43
dwatkinsyeah, you're still using the network for data from a separate device16:43
ballOver here I hear a lot of people use "tether" to mean connecting a device (e.g. laptop) through a mobile phone, whether or not that connection is wired.16:44
dwatkinsWhen I still had my Android phone, it was really handy when we were sat waiting for a table at a restaurant or something to be able to turn it on and we'd both get our laptops out and carry on as if we were at home16:44
popeyball: they're wrong :)16:44
shaunotether can be a wire or bluetooth.  it usually just means using your phone as a modem16:44
ballpopey: Also, they spell funny.16:44
MartijnVdSshauno: it can even be wifi :)16:44
shaunothe wifi bit is a bit odd because you can have multiple clients, which isn't usually what people mean by tether16:45
ballMy phone works as a CSD modem, but I can't afford a laptop anyway.16:45
shaunoI can use mine via bt, but I don't, because my little usb modem has a much better data plan16:46
AlanBelldanfish: very encouraging16:46
dwatkinsI have a vodafone USB modem, but it's pay-as-you-go16:46
dwatkinsI'm tempted to get a mifi device, shauno - 5 GB a month might be enough16:46
shauno(which irks me no end.  20Gb on a usb stick is 20eur, 2Gb on a phone is 60eur, yet they're both 3G thru the same telco)16:46
ballI tried a "Cricket" modem, but it didn't work with my OS.16:47
freckleeither way the networks don't like it as it limits their ability to extract cash from you16:47
ball...I wonder if it would have worked with Ubuntu.16:47
dwatkinsthat sounds cheap compared to what I get with vodafone in the uk, shauno16:47
dwatkinsThree do the device for a contract of 16 pounds a month with lets you use 5 GB of data16:48
dwatkinsit's 1 pound per gigabyte if you go up to 1516:48
danfishAlanBell: excellent - lets hope actions follow16:48
dwatkinsno, I lie, 23.03 GBP16:48
dwatkinssilly three16:48
AlanBelldanfish: things are moving at the highest level16:49
AlanBellczajkowski: how was your day?16:49
czajkowskiBETT is however MASSIVE very busy and VERY HOT!16:49
MooDooczajkowski: ayup me suck16:49
czajkowskiMooDoo: lovely16:50
ballMobile broadband here is usually US$ 60/month (UKP 38.20)16:50
MartijnVdSFor the highest speeds that's true here as well (€50ish)16:51
MooDooczajkowski: sorry typo meant to be me duck :)16:51
popeyshauno: oooooo http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/personal_wifi_hotspots_reportedly_coming_to_all_ip.php16:51
MooDooczajkowski: nottingham slang16:51
MartijnVdSBut if you don't care about 7.2mbit, you can get €10 plans16:51
czajkowskiodd ball16:51
shaunoI think my dongle pricing is pretty fantastic.  I just can't get my head around paying the same isp 1eur/GB thru the dongle and 30eur/GB thru the phone.16:51
MartijnVdSball: or even pay-as-you-go "plans"16:51
MooDooczajkowski: thanks :)16:51
ballThat's 38 quid for up to 5 Gbytes16:51
ballMartijnVdS: pay-as-you-go is about the same price, unless you get the 350 Mbyte plan16:52
AlanBelland the typo of the week award goes to ...16:53
MartijnVdShah! 10/10 http://test-ipv6.com/16:54
bigcalm7/10 on ipv4 :S16:55
* ball tries it16:56
ball"We don't quite understand these results."16:56
MartijnVdSball: running noscript, or some proxy/blocking stuff?16:57
ball...clicked reload and got 7/1016:57
shaunounhandled exception: your internet is so broken you can't read this error :p16:57
* ball shrugs16:57
screen-xapologies if this has been mentioned, but the vzw iphone has "wifi sharing" so shouldn't take long to make it into an update.16:57
ball7/10 for IPv416:57
ball0/10 for IPv616:57
* MartijnVdS has 10/10 + 10/10 :)16:57
MartijnVdSshauno: yes16:57
MartijnVdSshauno: meh, I just work there :P16:57
bigcalmVirginMedia have no intention of going with ipv6 that I can see16:58
MartijnVdSbigcalm: most big ISPs don't16:58
ballbigcalm: Perhaps they own a sufficient pool of IPv416:58
shaunothat appears to be UPC's plan too.  wait until it's actually causing problems.16:58
MartijnVdSball: that's all very nice.. until content providers run out of v4 space and start hosting new sites on v6-only16:58
ballThey'll burn that bridge when they come to it ;-)16:59
shaunoI think the overall plan is to ignore it until consumers notice they're being NAT'd.  and then panic.17:01
freckleshauno: most home users don't care if they are double nat'd17:03
* screen-x is not most users17:03
screen-xfreckle: do you have some kind of web interface for customers to setup portforwards?17:03
screen-xI guess there would be fights over port 80..17:04
frecklescreen-x: huh?17:04
freckleoh right... we have not implemented any translation yet17:04
screen-xfreckle: well, if customers are double-natted, they need some way of making connections to there home boxes, so do you have a web interface where they can setup portforwards?17:04
bigcalmThat's only for incoming connections17:05
shaunothat's the problem.  enough people don't need to connect home, that they can safely ignore 'us'17:05
screen-xshauno:  :(17:05
freckleI have no idea how our NOC team are going to do it...but it will probably start off with dual stack17:05
screen-xshauno: tunnel to a VPS then :(17:05
freckleI know the CPE vendors are scratching their heads on how to stop unwanted access on pure IPv6 home users...17:06
screen-xfreckle: ?17:06
screen-xunwanted access?17:07
bigcalmSomewhat surprised that my router doesn't do ipv6 and it's a modern router17:07
freckleso a home user gets only a IPv6 subnet assigned an no IPv4. Who is responsible to firewall/17:07
freckleevery single connected device has a routable address17:07
screen-xfreckle: the CPE should have a default firewall that only allows outgoing connections, easy. Same as NAT17:07
screen-xthen users can add allow rules if they want to.17:08
frecklescreen-x: Netgear don't think it is easy... saw a video with their CTO on the panel17:08
frecklescreen-x: you have a very inflated opinion of the average user...17:08
screen-xfreckle: the average user won't add rules, and won't know the firewall is even there.17:09
frecklethe average user doesn't care about IP4 or IP6 they just want to plug it in and it works17:09
frecklescreen-x: exactly17:09
ballThe average user, sadly, struggles to get the cable in the right hole.17:09
ball(at least, the ones I meet do)17:09
screen-xso security wise ipv6 is no more difficult than ipv4 with nat.17:09
ballSpoke to a lady the other day on the phone who couldn't find the screen on her laptop.17:10
ballUser: "Why does it say 'Owner: Locked'?"17:10
freckleso how do you bring the benefits of IPv6 to a non-technical and apathetic user base?17:10
ballMe: "Have you tried clicking on the icon in the middle of the screen?"17:11
ballUser: "What's an icon?"17:11
frecklescreen-x: until they want to access their fridge remotely17:11
ballMe: "Little square picture"17:11
ballUser: "I can't find the screen though"17:11
shaunoupnp & default drop.  they'll be no worse off than they are now17:11
ballMe: "It's the flat thing you're looking at... the place where it said "Owner: locked"17:11
ballUser: "Is that by the A.L.T. key?"17:12
screen-xshauno: yeah, I was thinking some sort of upnp style thing.17:12
ballMe: "Perhaps you should return the equipment"17:12
screen-xball: I'd be convinced someone was having a laugh, I wouldn't be able to take the call seriously.17:12
ballThis is an honest transcript.17:12
DJonesball: The nearest I've heard ti that was telling somebody to look on their desktop for an icon & they replied that all that was on the desk was a keyboard, monitor & mouse17:12
shaunoscreen-x: it tends to get a bad rap, but it seems to work for me fine17:12
ballscreen-x: Seriously, poor woman was getting genuinely angry>17:13
screen-xshauno: its blinking scary, the gnome vnc server will auto open ports if upnp is available!17:13
ballscreen-x: eww17:13
screen-xshauno: so I turn it off, but I can see something like that being useful for fridge access17:13
shaunomy favourite call lately was a customer who called in with a large peice of equipment  (a large box that draws 1.6 megawatts off the line).  he went all thru the name / contact / serial number capture while neglecting to mention that he was calling because it was on fire17:15
shaunogenuinely threw me that he didn't think that was important enough to mention a little earlier17:16
DJonesshauno: You work for the fire brigade?17:16
DJonesYou'd think 999 would be the number to ring17:17
BigRedSthat is a reasonable point, what sort of an emergency response do you provide?17:17
shaunoit's a really big UPS. dropping the power can be very, very useful in such situations17:17
BigRedS"I'll get a fire extinguisher couriered over to you immediately"17:17
dogmatic69next day express17:18
shaunoif they weren't clever enough to hook up an EPO, turning the things off is overly complex.17:18
ballshauno: Was the load still up? ;-)17:18
shaunoof course :)17:18
ballshauno: win! :-)17:18
shaunoa big red button17:19
screen-xemergency power off?17:20
shaunothat's the one17:20
screen-xso how did this situation end?17:20
shaunogot the power dropped17:20
shaunoit's an oddly normal thing to get called about.  I've had "we need to turn this off before they use an axe to do so" a few times17:21
screen-xso did they put the fire out, and reconnect power before the batteries ran out? or did they have to shut the load down?17:22
shaunothe load would have gone down with the ups.  it's not too graceful when there's firemen waiting17:25
MartijnVdS\o dutchie @ twitter :)17:26
ballshauno: Did you have him hit the EPO?17:26
* dutchie blames issyl0 17:26
shaunoball, there wasn't one fitted.  that's why they had to call17:26
ballshauno: Oopsie.17:26
* dutchie ubuntufies new lappy17:27
issyl0dutchie: ...?17:27
ballshauno: Does the UPS get to notify the load at least that it's pulling the rug out?17:27
popeydutchie: what you get?17:27
shaunoso you get them to pull out the terminal block where the epo is meant to connect to.  it's a normally-closed loop, so you do the same thing17:27
dutchieissyl0: for making me follow MartijnVdS17:27
dutchiepopey: thinkpad t61, exactly the same as the beertop it is replacing :)17:27
issyl0dutchie: ohhhh.17:27
issyl0dutchie: surely that's not a bad thing?17:27
dutchieissyl0: course not17:28
screen-xissyl0: blame is not always negative; see git17:28
dutchieand svn before it17:28
shaunoball: if it's tripped that way, no.  if you shut it down thru software, yes.  depends how long you've got to wait17:28
* dutchie needs to remember to pick up pins 17:28
ballshauno: I suppose fire is an incentive to expedite the shutdown.17:28
screen-xshauno: so do you work for a ups vendor?17:29
shaunoI don't make that call.  lawyers terrify me :)17:29
shaunoscreen-x: sorta17:29
shaunomy employer owns a couple of big brands17:30
ballMy employer brews his own beer.17:31
bigcalmAnybody here put dd-wrt onto a linksys wrt320n ?17:31
KrisDouglasHello, does anyone know of the command you issue which sends out dns and hostname information over the network17:38
KrisDouglasI am no expert, but I ran the command, and the hostnames I had entered into my /etc/hosts worked on other machines on the net.17:38
popey"sends out" ?17:38
KrisDouglasIt's hard to explain17:39
directhexKrisDouglas, on your local network?17:39
KrisDouglasit seems to talk to the DHCP on the router17:39
KrisDouglasyeah, local network17:39
directhexKrisDouglas, okay. you can use mdns to announce your machine's hostname to other mdns-aware kit. or run your own dns server17:39
directhexor use samba to do the equivalent to mdns using microsoft's wins protocol17:39
KrisDouglasoooh, thank you17:40
KrisDouglasthat has jogged my memory17:40
KrisDouglaslets see if this works17:40
KrisDouglasThanks directhex it's all working pefectly now. I remembered I had to install avahi17:52
KrisDouglasI need a personal wiki :P:17:52
directhexyeah, avahi is an mdns server17:52
directhexKrisDouglas, tomboy, zim, gnote17:52
KrisDouglasdirecthex: I use tomboy :)17:53
directhexKrisDouglas, so take notes in it! it has a search function...17:54
KrisDouglasdirecthex: I just like the whole wiki-of-my-brain idea.17:54
mfraz74Glad I got my HP server when I did as everywhere seems to be out of stock now17:57
andylockranps axu shows a program I'm running as STAT = S17:59
andylockranwhat does that mean?17:59
* bigcalm_ sits still18:00
=== bigcalm_ is now known as bigcalm
andylockranhow to poke it to move again?18:00
jpdsman ps, says a lot about STAT.18:00
andylockranProces State Codes18:01
andylockranimplies it's waiting for an event to complete18:01
andylockranany idea how to find out what the event is18:01
andylockranno logs written since 17:3918:02
Azelphurif a computer doesn't display anything, no bios beeps, and I've tried it on 2 different monitors. It's time to replace the graphics card right?18:04
AlanBellKrisDouglas: I use a blog and google, so I search for things, find a useful answer, then realise it was me that wrote it18:04
ballAzelphur: Probably not.18:09
jacobwIs a BIOS beep a function of the graphics card?18:09
KrisDouglasAlanBell: Awesome.18:09
KrisDouglasjacobw: if there is something wrong with the card then it can beep.18:09
Azelphurwhat should I do then?18:09
popeyjacobw: no, the mobo/bios18:09
jacobwYeah :)18:10
ballAzelphur: Does it beep if you boot without the graphics card?18:10
ball(or with a different card fitted?18:10
popeythey usually beep if no VGA card is present18:11
KrisDouglasIt could the the bios chip is off18:11
KrisDouglasusually if the ram is off the system beeps18:11
directhexbeeeeep bibibip18:11
Azelphurball it's integrated18:12
ballAzelphur: Time for a new mainboard (and perhaps microprocessor) then.18:12
ballAzelphur: Have you tried with a different PSU though?18:13
Azelphurlol or not, a 250W PSU is...not going to power my 8800GT18:14
Azelphurball: it powers on, fans and everything18:14
Azelphurjust no display18:14
ballAzelphur: Have you tried with a different PSU?18:14
Azelphurball no18:15
ballAzelphur: Might be worth a shot if you can borrow one, just to rule that out.18:16
Azelphurbut if the PSU was dead wouldn't it be not powering the mobo18:17
ballAzelphur: depends.  You could be getting some of the output Voltages without others, causing odd results.18:19
ballPersonally I think your motherboard's shot.18:19
Azelphuryea, I'm starting to think this is a bit of a throwout machine18:20
Azelphurthe psu is crap (250w) the mobo is probably dead, the CPU is some shitty celeron18:20
Azelphurit's not really worth saving18:20
* danfish starts cooking a rabbit vindaloo18:26
awilkinsSo the T-mobile bandwidth thing only applies to new accounts and upgraders .... Riiiight, nothing to do with UK contact law allowing you to get out of your contract free if the terms change - free smartphone ... Oops.18:49
awilkinsI wonder how many people called up to cancel.18:50
screen-xevening :)18:51
awilkinsEvening. Abusing my Vodafone 3G connection by using it.18:52
screen-xawilkins: sticking it to the man, eh?18:54
awilkinsSometimes I tether.18:54
danfishunless you are a large corporation with lawyers on tap, UK corporate law is a waste of oxygen18:55
screen-xand trees18:56
ali1234awilkins: have you seen the way t-mobile sells bandwidth?18:56
ali1234they sell it as a 1 month booster18:56
ali1234you can choose a different 1 each month18:56
ali1234it's an add on to your contract18:56
ali1234so if they change all the boosters 1 month, it doesn't affect the contract at all18:56
awilkinsooooh. Naughty.18:57
ali1234so they can effectively change it any time they want18:57
kvarleyI have a gigabyte motherboard, what application can I use in ubuntu to control the fan speed of the fans in my case?18:57
ali1234i mean it's good because if i'm going abroad for 1 month i can change the booster to a roaming calls package instead of internet18:57
ali1234but it's bad cos they can change all the boosters any time they want18:57
MooDookvarley: this might help?  might not - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84648018:58
ali1234i'm not bothered at this point anyway - cos i only pay £10 a month - it's still the best value18:58
screen-xI pay that on O2, for my 500mb.18:59
ali1234yeah but O2 sucks18:59
awilkins£15 here, but only becuse I asked for a PAC code.18:59
ali1234also, what free phone did you get for your £10/month?18:59
screen-xali1234: sim only18:59
awilkinsupgrading? Ask for a PAC code.19:00
ali1234i got a 5800 and 1 year of "comes with music"19:00
screen-xI think sim only is better :p19:00
awilkinsSomeone calls you back in 2 days and offers you a sweetheart deal.19:00
ali1234on t-mobile you don't have to go through hoops like that. i always just ask them for the deal and they give it to me19:00
ali1234heh :)19:01
awilkinsOnly ever upgraded phone once.19:01
ali1234but this time around it was cheapest to go with the free phone and new contract, and i doubt you can get cheaper and still have internet included...19:01
awilkinsOnly HAD  a mobile for 6 years and I'm 36.19:01
mfraz74awilkins: Port Authorisation Code Code?19:02
awilkinsoh dang, an agent of the department of redundancy department19:02
Daraelawilkins: That's the Redundant Department of Redundancy Department to you! :P19:03
awilkinsDidn't have a redundant connection though.19:04
awilkinsShoping time!19:04
awilkins/me wants pizza19:04
Darael"o?"?  Scratching your head with a disembodied arm?  Am I thinking about this too much?19:10
suprengrDarael:  a good description in view of...19:11
suprengrfor what it's worth: Three have just up'd my £15/month 'account for VAT increase to £15.99 [anyone else care to do their maths for them?]19:11
suprengr[mobile g£ dongle]19:11
suprengrg£ is my li'l ol' petname for for 3g19:12
* suprengr thinks - time to clean keyboard again!19:13
Darael...what's the increase again?19:14
suprengrDarael: 99p on £1519:14
DaraelYeah, I gathered, my brain wasn't working.19:15
suprengrsimple maths for 2.5% VAT increase... for £100 before increase; £102.10 after increase [the £100 already includes VAT in case of confusiion]19:18
* Darael are to sleepy to do maths. This is saying something.19:19
suprengr...so Three think my £15 contract is actually a £45 [approx] contract?!  ;(19:20
* suprengr considers sending Three a copy of song "If I Only Had a Brain" :)19:22
bigcalmOdd thing: content menus appear just fine, but the submenus take a while to respond and appear19:27
bigcalmThought it was limited to chrome, but it's happening in xchat as well19:27
screen-xbigcalm: context menus?19:29
bigcalmscreen-x: right click on something and you usually get a context menu19:30
screen-xas opposed to content menus..19:30
bigcalmUnless you are using a mac and have no right mouse button19:30
bigcalmAnother name for the same thing :)19:30
screen-xbigcalm: most macs support multiple mouse buttons now..19:31
bigcalmContext as they relate to the thing you are hovering over19:31
screen-xcontext submenus are a little slow in xchat for me.19:31
bigcalmscreen-x: I've seen mac users try to come to terms with a pc mouse; clicking both buttons at the same time19:31
bigcalmThat was a few years ago19:32
bigcalmI'm sure things have moved on by now19:32
screen-xAs the new macs dont really have physical mouse buttons, you have to tell it in software to interpret clicks in a certain area as a secondary click.19:33
awilkinsAh yes, the button is in fact, a touchpad19:33
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DJonesok, who spoke20:47
bigcalmYou did20:48
czajkowski▌▘▌▌ ▌▌ ▌20:49
czajkowski▌ ▌▌ ▌▌ ▌20:49
czajkowski▘ ▘▝▀ ▝▀20:49
screen-xevening cz :)20:49
czajkowskiDJones: oi oi20:50
* bigcalm fishes out an after 8 mint20:50
DJonesEvening czajkowski20:50
czajkowskihow's folks ?20:51
screen-xok thanks czajkowski, how are you?20:51
screen-xyou were ill recently?20:51
daubersFinally beaten OpenVPN into submission20:52
screen-xdaubers: whatya done to it?20:53
czajkowskiscreen-x: grand bit tired from today, so just catching up on mail and an early night me thinks20:53
daubersscreen-x: After mucking around with a load of rubbishy zyxel routers, I ended up bringing the test server home, so can access the work network from home and the home network from work :)20:54
daubersjust need to reconfigure the IPs and the routes and it can go into the DC happily now20:54
* daubers makes some notes20:55
dogmatic69hi all21:02
dogmatic69got me an arduino board today \o/21:02
screen-xevening dogmatic69.. sounds fun :)21:02
dogmatic69cant use it because apt-get has the old version :/21:02
dogmatic69and ppa aint working21:03
dogmatic69sudo add-apt-repository ppa:arduino-ubuntu-team/ppa21:03
dogmatic69look good?21:03
screen-xif that ppa exists..21:03
dogmatic69tut said sudo add-apt-repository ppa:arduino-ubuntu-team but ubuntu says with /ppa at the end21:03
dogmatic69done both21:03
screen-xppa:arduino-ubuntu-team/ppa is correct21:04
screen-xdo you get an error when adding it?21:04
dogmatic69anyhow ppa looks like 0018 which is what i got21:04
dogmatic69can i show the hashes and stuff or is that not good?21:04
dogmatic69Executing: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --secret-keyring /etc/apt/secring.gpg --trustdb-name /etc/apt/trustdb.gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv {hash}21:05
dogmatic69idk if the stuff is security related :D, dont wanna paste some things that will get me hacked21:05
dogmatic69gpg: requesting key 97A63961 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com21:06
dogmatic69gpg: key 97A63961: "Launchpad PPA" not changed21:06
dogmatic69then total 1, unchanged 121:06
dogmatic69sudo apt-get update === 'W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/arduino-ubuntu-team/ppa/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found'21:07
dogmatic69looks like its an old version anyhow21:08
dogmatic69so now ive downloaded http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software21:08
dogmatic69the 0022 32 bit version21:08
dogmatic69got no clue what to do with it, im thinking install 0018 and replace the files with the download21:09
screen-xdogmatic69: looks like they dont have mavereick packages21:09
screen-xcould try the lucid packages21:09
dogmatic69how do i do that?21:09
screen-xedit the file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d that add-apt-repository created, and change it from maverick to lucid21:10
screen-xthen apt-get update.21:10
Azelphuranyone know how to get grep to only print out the captured part of a regex? (the part inside the bracets)21:10
screen-xgrep -o21:10
Azelphurscreen-x: closer, that's captured the whole expression rather than just the stuff in bracets though21:11
AzelphurI want the first regex group returned, rather than the entire area matched21:11
daubersdogmatic69: You can just download it off the arduino website21:11
daubersit's a self contained thing21:11
screen-xAzelphur: adjust your regex so it only matches the stuff in the backets?21:12
dogmatic69daubers: i got that now, but where to put it and how to run it?21:12
daubersdogmatic69: I keep the one from the website in a folder called Apps in my home folder, so just cd /home/matt/Apps/arduino-xx and then ./arduino21:12
dogmatic69ah, let me try21:12
Azelphurscreen-x: that's called "knowing the output of the program before I run it" which would defeat the objective :P21:13
daubersdogmatic69: You may need to install java if it's not already installed21:13
dogmatic69got java, minecraft++21:13
screen-xAzelphur: paste an example string, and describe what you want to match21:13
AzelphurCPU Temperature:    +46.0°C  (high = +60.0°C, crit = +75.0°C)21:13
dogmatic69i can see minecraft and arduino taking about 26h of my day21:13
AzelphurI only want the 46.021:13
dogmatic69if only work would stop bothering me21:14
Azelphur^CPU Temperature:    \+(\d+\.\d+) matches it21:14
Azelphurbut I need grep to return the group rather than the matched line or full string21:14
screen-xAzelphur: resorted to sed sed 's/^.*:\s*\(+[0-9\.]*.\?C\).*$/\1/'21:21
AlanBellczajkowski: going up early tomorrow?21:21
Azelphurscreen-x: huh?21:21
czajkowskiAlanBell: not sure need to look up times21:22
screen-xoops, didnt mean to repeat sed.21:22
czajkowskiwas there a long day today21:22
AlanBellit is an exhausting event21:22
czajkowskiit was boiling hot in there today21:23
AlanBellyeah, always is21:23
AlanBellanyone else in the Earls Court Olympia area tomorrow?21:23
screen-xAzelphur: that sed expression will extract just the +46.0degC from the line.21:23
Azelphurscreen-x: how do I use it? I tried sensors | sed ... and got nothing21:24
czajkowskiAlanBell: queues for lunch today were a lot crazy21:24
Craig_DemReally need to upgrade from the homehub v1 :/21:25
Azelphurscreen-x: actually correction, it truncated some random stuff21:25
Azelphurbut nothing like what I want :s21:25
screen-xAzelphur: this was my test : hugh@hugh-desktop:~$ echo "CPU Temperature: +46.0°C (high = +60.0°C, crit = +75.0°C)" | sed 's/^.*:\s*\(+[0-9\.]*.\?C\).*$/\1/'21:25
screen-xwhich returns "+46.0°C"21:25
AlanBellczajkowski: yeah, hardly ate all week last year21:26
Azelphurscreen-x: http://pastebin.com/bNmcNjwQ21:26
screen-xAzelphur: ah, you are matching the whole output, I was just working on one line..21:27
Azelphursensors | grep "CPU Temperature" | sed 's/^.*:\s*\(+[0-9\.]*.\?C\).*$/\1/'21:27
screen-x| sed '/CPU Temp/s/^.*:\s*\(+[0-9\.]*.\?C\).*$/\1/'21:28
screen-xshould do it21:28
Azelphurscreen-x: it sort of does it, it truncates the correct line21:28
Azelphurbut it leaves all the other output alone21:28
screen-xah yes, would need a command to delete the other lines, grep is probably best.21:29
Azelphurscreen-x: slight mod on the sed, can you remove the + and degrees c too21:36
AzelphurI just want the number :P21:36
screen-xAzelphur: put them outside the capture group21:36
Azelphurah I see, got it :)21:38
Azelphurhmm, vnstat is being weird21:51
Azelphurit says not enough data available yet but it's been running for like 24 hours21:52
ubuntuuk-planet[Alistair McKinlay] Thoughts on the Sony Jailbreak Lawsuit - http://www.10people.co.uk/index.php/2011/01/thoughts-on-the-sony-jailbreak-lawsuit/22:05
YaManicKilldidnt realise i had a hilight on my real name22:06
YaManicKilluseful to know...22:06
gordmy very french manager asked to try my english pg tips, the world has gone insane! (in a good way)22:24
AlanBellgord: boris?22:33
gordAlanBell, boris?22:35
AlanBellnot him then22:35
gordhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5zhcYHazGw this guy22:36
d3ngar_Hi, I have a problem with my DAAP server: the port is open, Rhythmbox is listening on it - yet I can't connect to the server, I don't get a song list23:06
d3ngar_Any ideas?23:06

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