r2d2rogersYay i'm not late03:22
r2d2rogerschat Night starts at 9:30 :D03:23
Ahmuckding ding03:26
Ahmuckhow's it going03:26
r2d2rogersgood, looking for a different job, but good03:27
johndocfound it!03:27
r2d2rogershowdy johndoc03:28
r2d2rogersAhmuck: we're two party crashers from Louisiana who each used to live in AR03:28
johndocwhoa...what happened to everyone?03:29
* Ahmuck is a party crasher from Kansas03:30
Ahmuckr2d2rogers: same here03:30
Ahmuckwell, sorta.  i'm not really looking for a new job, i've got to many already03:31
DoubleBHello all03:31
r2d2rogershowdy DoubleB03:31
johndochiya DoubleB03:31
r2d2rogersAhmuck: funny, the guy I report to now is in Gardner03:32
r2d2rogershey startrekker03:32
johndocso what do we talk about on these chat nights on tuesdays and 9:30?03:34
Ahmuckgardner ks ?03:35
r2d2rogersMy job changed from web programming and database work to something completly different03:37
r2d2rogersI'd love to get back to sysadmin or more IT type work.03:37
zillahhello all03:38
johndoc...i got nothing to follow that with03:38
DoubleBthere that worked03:39
johndocthere you go03:39
zillahbusy night?03:39
DoubleBseems to be03:40
johndocsince we haven't started a tech convo yet i have to tell an interesting story03:40
johndocwe have an intern at my job who i am training. while driving to a service call the subject of 4chan comes up and he tells me "i have /b folder on my hard drive"03:40
DoubleBcool so you are helping Anon.03:41
r2d2rogersI might just speaking from too much reddit here, but that's somewhat disturbing.....03:42
johndocvery disturbing03:44
zillahDoubleB: do you much about grub?03:44
DoubleBwhat happened?03:45
Ahmucki like grub03:47
zillahi have a friend that messed up his bootloader and brought jis computer to the store03:47
zillahi cant get grub reinstalled03:47
Ahmucknormally i like it fresh, not fried :)03:48
DoubleBfrom disc?03:48
Ahmuckorganic even03:48
zillahlol Ahmuck03:48
r2d2rogerslive CD, Chroot, and sudo grub install ?03:48
zillahwhy chroot?03:48
zillahmaybe thats what im missing03:48
johndocchroot...the word burns my ears03:49
johndoc...and in this instance my eyes03:49
Ahmuckgrub or grub203:49
Ahmuckgrub can be self healing03:49
r2d2rogerszillah: I might be misremembering from working on a tablet hand held03:50
zillahi think it would make sense i'll definitely try03:51
zillahok my problem is when i use find /boot/grub/stage1 is get file not found03:53
DoubleBis the hard drive fucked?03:54
DoubleBthat should return where grub was installed right?03:55
zillahit should.  i can mount the drive and everything looks normal from what i can tell03:56
DoubleBif you scroll on down in that forum post you will find this Mine was a slightly different story. I couldn't get grub to find the stage1 file or even recognize my drive. So I borrowed some knowledge I picked up while using Gentoo:03:59
zillahah ok04:00
DoubleBhe used sudo grub04:01
zillahill try his method tomorrow04:05
DoubleBit looks like a winner to me04:06
johndocwinner winner chicken dinner04:06
johndocfyi, i rarely give content...just useless filler04:07
DoubleBthank the gods for the community04:07
zillahok i have another question too if anybody can suggest something04:08
zillahi need a caldav client that can display calendars in seperate columns outlook style04:08
DoubleBwow who needs that!04:09
zillahriffel & bowlin04:10
DoubleBwhat server os do they have?04:10
zillahwindows server but im trying to get them on google apps but they insist on the outlook style calendars04:12
DoubleBturned up anything on searching google?04:13
zillahjust a bunch of forum posts about outlook04:14
DoubleBI guess they are stuck with outlook unless they grow a pair and accept a little change04:15
zillahthats what jennifer said too04:16
DoubleBdamn now I sound like her. #FML04:17
DoubleBdammit like I am on twitter or something04:17
zillahlmfao loser04:18
r2d2rogersI do my tweeting in an Irssi window ;)04:19
zillahhmmm ive never used that04:21
DoubleByou know I have never had a fear of using new interfaces. so wtf?04:22
DoubleBI cna't understand how some folks insist in the same crap.04:22
Ahmuckanybody using eikga?04:23
startrekkercan it interface with skype?04:25
DoubleBnot me04:25
zillahme either04:26
zillahi forgot my ubuntu laptop at work :(04:35
Ahmuckzillah: move to evolution04:36
Ahmuckfor outlook style calenders04:37
Ahmuckthere is also some very good open source options out there.  don't know how google works, as i've never liked their privacy issues04:37
zillahits *nix only though right?04:37
Ahmucker, sorry.  yes, some are *nix only, but many have Oss windows clients as well04:38
Ahmuckah, sorry, no there is a windows fork, though i'm not sure how well it was supported04:39
zillahcool thanks04:41
zillahthe issue i've run into with them is that they want each calendar in daily view to have its own seperate column04:44
zillahim looking at that now04:47
Ahmuckwell, it's lte for me.  so /me neeeeeds some real sleep04:49
zillahthanks for the help04:49
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zillahummm...i just now typed in google.com and got redirected to encrypted.google.com04:54
DoubleBare they going all https on our asses?05:00
zillahlooks like it05:00
zillahkinda cool i suppose05:00
DoubleBi didn't get it05:00
zillahi'm using safari, i wonder if that makes a difference05:05
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=== Ahmuck-Sr is now known as Ahmuck

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