izinucsIs there a preferred method of getting files downloaded from bazaar.launchpad.net??  other than "right mouse click save as" file after file after directory etc.. ?06:15
jamiemorning california team15:38
MarkDudeHello everyone16:16
pleia2evening MarkDude16:17
pleia2SF ubuntu hour + debian meeting tonight \o/ http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/612/detail/16:17
MarkDudeYou need to go to the next SuperNerdNight pleia216:17
MarkDudejtatum, play along :)16:17
jtatumoh boy16:18
MarkDudeScared me for a second, I have a conference call in a few minutes for CLS16:18
* MarkDude does not want to miss the last one16:18
jledbetterMarkDude, Is there such a thing?17:09
MarkDudejledbetter, what?17:09
jledbetterMarkDude, SuperNerdNight17:09
jledbetterHaha. Great name.17:10
* MarkDude would have invited you had you been on this Coast17:10
MarkDudethere will be one next month17:10
MarkDudeCool, crowd there.17:10
jledbetterI bet :)17:11
MarkDudeAll sorts of video and real games, like the board type17:11
MarkDudeThey had Raskulls as a big game on a projected screen17:17
* MarkDude felt at home when he walked in17:17
* jdeslip totally forgot there was an Ubuntu Hour tonight...17:24
jdeslipwe should set up a shared Google calendar for the team :)17:24
jdeslipSo someone else can update it with all the events, and I can reap the benefits of having it included :)17:25
akkhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ is hard to read -- it would help a lot if it had a "Location" field on it.17:26
akkhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california is better, at least it has locations.17:28
akkBut mailing list notifications would be better, for people who don't remember to check the website periodically.17:29
jdeslipBut none of those can be incorporated into my google calendar :)17:33
jdeslipat least not automatically17:33
jledbetterjdeslip, +117:35
akkIf we had some standard-format listing somewhere, it could be used to generate both mailing list notices and a google calendar.17:36
MarkDudejdeslip, akk you going to CLS?17:37
* MarkDude is going to send a reminder to the list17:37
rwwjdeslip: LD theoretically has iCal exports. You can't point Google Calendar at them?17:38
rww(or did they break again)17:38
jdeslipI just tried to import the iCal feed into one of my google calendars but got error:17:40
jdeslipError at line 561: Expected [VEVENT], read [VCALENDAR]17:40
akkMarkDude: I don't think so ... think I need to rest and/or catch up from being sick most of this week.17:41
rwwjdeslip: ah. must be broken again. I'll take a look at fixing it tonight if I remember.17:41
jdeslipMarkDude: I'm not sure yet.  I registered, but have other engagements as well :/17:41
rwwjdeslip: oh, never mind. someone already did17:41
jdesliprww: sweet.  Let me know if you get working.17:42
rwwshould be fixed next time a new LD version gets pushed out17:42
MarkDudeYour plant has produced 1 ground cherry so far- and like 5 more are on getting ready :)17:42
* MarkDude goes on curse-filled-rant about Cali team flaking on going to CLS17:46
jdeslipIt seems like even if importing the ics file works, it will not automatically update the Google calendar.  Everytime a new event is added you have to re-import the ical file :/17:46
pleia2for wishlist items: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory17:49
pleia2loco.ubuntu.com is in heavy development, they add feature requests often :)17:50
rwwjdeslip: hrm, sure? I vaguely remember being able to set an iCal file on the web as a subscription source17:50
rwwI might be confusing it with my attempts to get Evolution working, though17:50
jdesliprww: Well, it is definitely possible I am not seeing something :/17:51
akk Is there any sort of standard way to have an ical or xml or other machine-readable list of events, and let people add to it easily?17:53
rwwakk: yes, is called "Google Calendar" >.>17:53
* rww hasn't found a better solution17:53
akkCan you show a Google Calendar for a team as a web page everybody can read without their own google account?17:54
akkI've only used it for personal stuff.17:54
rwwiirc, the standardized way of doing it in general is WebDAV + iCalendar format. WebDAV isn't exactly a standard feature of hosting servers, hence the obscurity.17:54
rwwhttp://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar uses Google Calendar, if you're looking for an example. The only major issue I've seen is that it gets confused by UTC sometimes.17:55
jdesliprww: I guess I found a way for google calendar to subscribe to an iCal feed.  However, it fails for the team calendar due to above issue.  I will try again when fix is rolled out.17:56
jdeslipThe setting was hidden under "browse interesting calendars" and then "add by URL"17:58
jdeslipMarkDude: Is there an agenda for CLS somewhere?18:03
jdeslipDoes it have a URL? ;)18:07
pleia2all I see so far is http://www.communityleadershipsummit.com/wiki/index.php/CLS_West_Session_Ideas18:33
pleia2can't find an actual agenda :\18:33
MarkDudeSorry- Im talking to another conference organizer about my talk details18:35
pleia2right, but the agenda?18:36
MarkDudethats as close as you will get18:36
MarkDudeIt *is* an unconference18:37
aadityaIsn't the idea of an unconference to not have an agenda until the event day?18:38
MarkDudeaaditya, well yes18:38
MarkDudeAt this point we have session ideas18:38
pleia2the session ideas page doesn't have any content18:39
* MarkDude is seeign if folks would like to do a session where we learn how to do hackergotchis18:39
MarkDudepleia2, I know18:39
aadityaThe idea is to walk in without ideas :D18:39
MarkDudewe are maybe 2 weeks behind where we were last year as far as spreading info18:39
MarkDudeaaditya, i always have ideas, I cants stop em18:40
aadityaMarkDude: of course, we can never walk in without ideas18:41
aadityaand it's good to have a session ideas page. Even better if it contains some ideas :)18:42
* MarkDude had folks that said they would help with a best of list18:43
MarkDudethey no here now18:43
* MarkDude just got swamped with some potential contracts. Nothing super interesting yet. Enough tho to let me know I will have a few options, even if they are not my ideal18:44
kdubpsh, hackergotchis. totally photoshopped :P18:44
aadityaerr... gimp18:45
* MarkDude has never used photoshop18:45
MarkDudeMaybe once a long time ago18:45
* MarkDude rocks the FOSS stuff18:45
kdubaaditya: jokes all around, eh?18:46
kdubi do my photo editing in vim18:46
kdubMarkDude: i'd like to go to cls west, just from that link, but i think its too far north18:47
MarkDudeffmpeg, who needs to actually *see* the videos they edit?18:47
akkheh, I was talking to the video guy at our toastmasters club about how he edits the videos after the meeting18:47
kdubi was summer of code for ffmpeg 2y ago...18:48
akkand he said he had a script to cut them at specific times, then he reassembles them with cat :)18:48
* MarkDude looks for the large *easy button*18:48
aadityakdub: vim? :O I was hoping you'd say emacs!18:48
akkI had no idea you could splice video together with cat ... obviously it doesn't work with all formats, this is mjpeg or something from the camera.18:48
* MarkDude runs from the holy war18:49
akkI edited an audio file in emacs once!18:49
aadityaakk: was it still audible at the end?18:49
akkJust to cut off a bunch of silence at the end. The resulting file gave errors but sounded fine.18:49
aadityawow, nice18:49
* MarkDude edited a few of the Code Camp videos on my Terra HD, I had to do it without video preview, only audio18:50
kdubcat-ing the files sometimes works, sometimes it can mess up poorly written decoders though18:50
aadityakdub: how far do you live from SF?18:54
kdub20 miles north of mexico18:54
aadityaSan Diego, hmm.18:55
MarkDudeOk thats a bit far :D18:55
MarkDudethat would make nhaines closer than you18:55
jamiei live in valolejo may be 30 mins fro sf18:55
jamieok supposed to be vallejo18:55
MarkDudejamie, I like the 1st way better18:55
MarkDudeYou should make it to this then jamie18:56
jamieok i just walked into this conversation. what are we talking about again18:57
pleia2the community leadership summit in daly city on saturday http://clswest2011.eventbrite.com/18:58
jamiewhat is it and when?18:59
pleia2all the details are in that link18:59
jamiethanks i just found it19:00
MarkDudeLots of great people there19:01
MarkDudeI met some new friends at the last one19:01
MarkDudeAs well as gaining some great contacts19:01
MarkDudeThis year we should have even more Linux folks. We should have a nice critical mass19:02
jamiewithout sounding too lame ill see if my wife will let me go lol19:02
* MarkDude is not judging :)19:02
MarkDudehappiness on the homefront is very important19:03
MarkDudeCatered dinner after it also - we will have some folks to help in a Tea Ceremony also19:03
MarkDudeMiddle east food at night- Indian for the day19:04
jamiedefinitely. whenever i try to go to a tech event i always get that look19:04
MarkDudethis event has one of the most diverse crowds also19:05
MarkDudecool cross section of folks19:05
MarkDudeOSCON # 1, CLSwest #2, other conferences after that, imho19:06
* MarkDude just found out that 2 of his talks are approved for Scale20:16
jdeslipMarkDude: So, there are no pre-arranged speakers for the "unconference" ?20:26
MarkDudeFOSS Mentoring and why and how we should help new users- it is an  UpSCALE talk.20:26
MarkDudejdeslip, no20:26
pleia2congrats MarkDude20:26
MarkDudeKaylia and folks Like Sudha Jamthe are going to do sessions there20:27
MarkDudeYou get choices20:27
MarkDudepleia2,  Ty20:27
MarkDudeI am hella stoked20:27
pleia2mjoseph asked why I am not speaking20:27
pleia2"because I'm shy and didn't submit a talk"20:27
* MarkDude used you as primary source for my responsibilities in FOSS talk20:28
MarkDudeSo you are, just by proxy ;)20:28
pleia2that works20:28
pleia2I should actually do another talk sometime, practice is they key and all20:28
MarkDudeHi, my name is Lyz, and I have good smart stuff written all over the internets :D20:29
MarkDudepleia2, it is the key  for sure20:29
MarkDudethe closer to your passion the easier it will be with practice20:29
MarkDudeThe 2nd talk is My If Tux the Penguin offered you Kool Aid- would you drink it talk - that will be during the day. The FOSS talk is the Upscale thing. 5 minutes- 20 slides- like Ignite talks20:31
MarkDudetOn Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:40 PM, Courtney Draper <courtneybdraper@gmail.com> wrote:21:13
MarkDudeSorry we have different views on they way employees should be handled......I know how much you care for me and my best interest. Thank you again for giving me a great reference and I will put your name down for future references.21:13
MarkDudeBest of Luck to ZaReason21:13
MarkDudeOn Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:36 AM, Cathy Malmrose <cathy@zareason.com> wrote:21:13
MarkDudeOn Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 10:25 AM, Courtney Draper <courtneybdraper@gmail.com> wrote:21:13
MarkDudeOn Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 9:57 PM, Cathy Malmrose <cathy@zareason.com> wrote:21:13
MarkDudeOne last note to make sure you understand that the letting go was done in an extremely gentle and professional manner all things considered. I had a stack of incident reports documenting where actual money was leaking due to mistakes, but the breaking point came right at Christmas.21:13
MarkDude There were a lot of problems going on towards the end and it was too bad that E-mail was our only form of communication.21:13
MarkDude 21:13
MarkDudeIn Nov, NATO had approached us, seeing if they could do long-term contracting for hardware and support through us. In early Dec we sent them a laptop, you shipped it but shipped it as a Letter. It's still in customs in Norway. (You trained for USPS shipping in Feb last year -- it wasn't a new process.) We have even considered flying to Norway to get it out of customs and to the NATO officials, but it's an insane expense and the damag21:13
MarkDudee is done.21:13
MarkDudeThis sounds a little confusing but no need for explaining now....21:13
MarkDudeI understand that you were upset about "how it was handled" but please know that you were well protected from 95% of the pain that was behind it.21:13
pleia2seemed like a mispaste21:13
akknot something that should be on the channel (even though I confess I'm now very curious :)21:14
pleia2yeah, it was a bad mistake21:16
pleia2Mark said he leaned on his mouse21:17
rwwheh. I've had irssi's paste-protection save me more than once ;P21:27
akkxchat seems perfectly happy with pasting big stuff in, but then it won't allow copying from one tab and pasting into another. So weird.21:30
* jdeslip goes to learn about past protection21:30
akkProtection from the past sounds quite useful, jdeslip!21:31
rwwIt's enabled by default (and disabled by one or two scripts, actually, which caused me to flood the heck out of #ubuntu-offtopic once)21:32
rww"21:31:47 -!- Irssi: Pasting 26 lines to ##rww. Press Ctrl-K if you wish to do this or Ctrl-C to cancel."21:32
pleia2yeah, irssi's paste protection rocks :)21:33
jdeslipIs there a minimum # of lines?  I was able to just paste 3 lines in another channel.21:33
rww5 is the default. see /set paste_verify_line_count21:34
jledbetterPoor Mark21:38
akkI expected him to rejoin.21:39
kdubruhroh, bad news bears21:58
kdubit seems to me that a moderately train should be available from san diego to sanfran, guess not22:17
jtatumnot yet22:19
akkNo Amtrack?22:20
kdubthe socal and norcal routes are disjoint, go figure22:23
jtatumheh. priced it out for fun. it's a 14 hour bus + train ride for ~$140 rt. about the same price to fly22:27
akkTrains are usually more expensive than flying, but the bus probably brings it back down.22:28
kduball in all it means no CLS :P22:28
akkI think it might be possible to train via Sacramento ... I'm pretty sure there's a central valley Amtrack route (or at least used to be).22:28
kdubdown to bakersfield22:28
akkThen not past there?22:29
kdubnot on the map i saw22:29
jtatumyeah there's a train-bus-train solution like that22:29
jtatumthe amtrak web site is funny in its awfulness22:29
jtatumit shows you every possible trip, even the ridiculous ones :)22:29
kdubi once looked at detroit to grandrapids (4h by car) was a 12 hour  ordeal through chicago22:30
kduba $50 north/south california link would be phenomenal22:31
akkyep, I see what you mean. No other routes go to bakersfield.22:31
jtatumthe high speed rail would do that… maybe not for $50 though22:31
akkI agree, would love to take a train to burbank sometimes rather than driving.22:31
akkno, if it ever gets built it'll be expensive, I'll bet22:32
akkconsidering regular amtrack is already usually more expensive than flying, at least for long trips22:32
kdubjtatum: is that what might get built? that would be pretty great22:33
akkLooks like they're spending all their money on flash developers instead of just publishing a static map and moving on to building the silly thing. :)22:33
akk(no non-flash map that I can find)22:34
kdubhere's hoping that happens eventually though, high speed rail is great22:37
rwwMartinez to LA is ridiculous. My friend used to do it.22:37
rwwinvolves a bus and I think costs more than Southwest Airlines.22:37
pleia2ooooh, mac launched an app store for OSX23:31
pleia2that's why I keep getting the "when will ubuntu have an app store" question23:31
akkSo, when will ubuntu have an app store? :)23:31
* akk is crossing fingers for all the various conflicting plans to make it easier to get software into ubuntu23:32
rwwI don't want software to be easier to get into Ubuntu. The present difficulty is quality assurance :(23:33
akkIs it?23:33
rwwConsidering the quality of PPA packaging I've seen, yes.23:34
pleia2the software center is an app store23:34
akkThere's been a lot of discussion for how developers/companies could make their apps easily accessible to ubuntu users without going through the maintainer process.23:36
kdubdebian package manage: the original app store23:44

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