itnet7anyone around for the meeting tonight? Only really one topic I'd like to bring up01:01
mxwil_Good evening01:02
itnet7Hey there mxwil_ !01:02
itnet7Well, I am at training for Work stuff this week so I have been pretty scarce lately01:02
itnet7but I guess I will send and e-mail to the Mailing list, with an updated schedule for the meeting and to start a discussion on the Agenda item that I had added!01:03
itnet7Okay, Well that's what I will do... Talk with you soon! bbl01:05
mxwil_you leaving now01:06
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PowerTuxhi all anyone has notebook Dell Vostro 3500 with NVidia GT218 GeForce 310M card ? it works ?18:07
mhall119PowerTux: try asking in #ubuntu (I know it gets crazy busy in there)18:13
mhall119or in #ubuntu-beginners-chat18:13
danstonerPowerTux: http://webapps.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201004-5574/18:19
* danstoner wonders why those hardware compat entries do not include detailed reports (like lspci output).18:20
PowerTuxdanstoner: sorry, i mean this card  NVidia GT218 GeForce 310M18:20
PowerTuxi notice that this driver doesnt exist in nvidia drivers GT 21818:21
maxolasersquadPowerTux: Do you have the laptop already, or are you contemplating getting it?18:25
PowerTuxmaxolasersquad:  I have this one, and try to install this card...18:26
RoAkSoAx.win 318:27
maxolasersquadIf you go to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers, does it show you the NVidia driver ready to install?18:27
PowerTuxmaxolasersquad : it doesnt has this option Hardware Drivers 18:35
maxolasersquadWhat version of Ubuntu are you running?18:36
PowerTuxmaxolasersquad: 10.1018:36
PowerTux64 bits18:36
maxolasersquadTry runnong the following from a command-line: jockey-gtk18:38
PowerTuxmaxolasersquad it shows Additional Drivers window 18:40
PowerTuxit exist after lspci18:41
PowerTuxi notice that 310 M driver that i´ve installed dont find this card18:42
PowerTuxand on xorg.0.log shows the drivers supported18:43
PowerTuxand the GT 218 doenst exists18:43
PowerTuxi found in nvidia drivers site and it doesnt exists there18:43
PowerTuxthere is a 310 M but not gt 21818:44
PowerTuxi´ve download and install this 310 M18:44
PowerTuxIm thinking that the correct driver doesnt exists18:46
maxolasersquadjockey-gtk should be able to find whatever drivers are available for your card.18:46
PowerTuxyep but shows Additional Drivers windows because this notebook has 2 proprietary drivers, Broadcom (Wireless) and Nvidia18:49
PowerTuxanyone has NVidia GT218 GeForce 310M working properly on 10.10 64 bits ?18:51
andrewGreetings from the north, how's it feel to be the only state without snow on the ground?18:53
maxolasersquadPowerTux: You should be able to select the Nvidia from jockey-gtk and install the appropriate Nvidia driver for your card.19:02
maxolasersquadandrew: It feels great!19:02
andrewmaxolasersquad: I hear that despite the snow, it's still cold down there.19:02
PowerTuxmaxolasersquad: it has nvidia there, i´ve installed and the problem was the same ! so i uninstalled nvidia from that19:03
PowerTuxand downloaded from the site19:04
maxolasersquadPowerTux: What problem do you have?19:04
PowerTuxmaxolasersquad: after reboot it goes to shell and the error is (EE) device doesnt exists19:08
PowerTuxin xorg.0.log19:09
maxolasersquadSome Googling seems to suggest that the card isn't supported under Linux by NVidia yet.19:10
maxolasersquadYou may want to try posting the details of your problem at ubuntuforums.org19:11
PowerTuxyep i´ll do that, thanks do much19:11
maxolasersquadDoes Intel only make graphics chips that are integrated on mobos?19:25
* MichelleQ consults wikipedia19:28
MichelleQmaxolasersquad: if wikipedia is to be believed (which is sometimes questionable) - yes.19:29
MichelleQ:-/ but I's not an expert19:30
maxolasersquadI wonder what the best "free" card is for a desktop.19:32
MichelleQas in, stand-alone?19:32
MichelleQand I'm going to make the gross assumption that you want it to be ubuntu-compatable, yes?19:35
MichelleQwow these articles I'm finding are the sucksville.  19:36
maxolasersquadFree as in free drivers.19:39
MichelleQmost recent article I can find:  http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/38571.aspx19:39
maxolasersquadBut still fully supported.19:39
MichelleQyeah, I dunno.  :-/19:41
MichelleQthen again, I'm probably setting off looking for the wrong bits.  19:41
maxolasersquadThat article confirms what I feared to be the case.19:42
MichelleQSorry.  :-/19:43
MichelleQI was finding a number of forums/articles/etc, all published in 2002-2005.  Totally not helpful.19:43
maxolasersquadI think that is the story.  You can either buy a mobo with an integrated Intel chip, or use the FOSS drivers available for NVida or ATI.19:49
MichelleQseems to be the deal, yeah19:50
mhall119awesome google rube goldberg video: http://www.fastcompany.com/1715913/syyn-labs-google-science-fair-ruth-goldberg-machine20:01
mhall119featuring Ubuntu at one point20:01
rmcbridere video cards, I've typically used Nvidia with the Nvidia drivers. My main dev box is a laptop with a GTS 360M. I have had far less problems with it in the course of distro testing than the various Intel GMA devices on my netbooks/old laptop.  21:37
rmcbrideeven the best Intel GMA card I've used is totally useless at any of the decent OpenGL games that I've tried... If I was a driver or kernel developer I'd stick to the FOSS drivers and try to improve them, but... there's really nothing I can do and I consider myself an end user for those kinds of devices.21:39
mhall119I don't think that's a linux thing21:45
mhall119from what I hear from windows folks, intel cards are useless for 3d games there too21:45
rmcbrideThey're not SUPPOSED to be useless, but for those and things like compiz + multiple monitors I've had horrible luck 21:58
rmcbridethough they do seem to be working OK with the compiz based Unity for 11.04. I just don't have secondary monitors on those laptops21:59
mhall119my brand new work computer scores 3.9 on the windows metric, because of the intel card21:59
mhall1198 cores, 8GB ram21:59
mhall119only 3.921:59
mhall119so I have a 2-core, 4GB VirtualBox image running Ubuntu21:59
mhall119I use that for everything but Outlook22:00
rmcbrideNIce. back when I was at SYMC I ran Ubuntu and Windows inside seperate sessions under VMWare Fusion on a macbook pro22:00
rmcbridesadly, for some reason they didn't want me taking that laptop with me when I left22:00

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