BiosElementI really really hate idiots who fail to understand Flash is not a legal threat while H.264 is00:23
BiosElementFunny how everyone uses that to call google evil for dumping H.264 though00:24
BiosElementSo basically the only two folks not supporting WebM are Microsoft which isn't suprising and apple, which isn'r suprising00:27
BiosElementCommon pattern? Both of them make money off their patents on H.264. :)00:27
dmcglonehey all00:38
* dmcglone is watching the bluejackets00:58
dmcgloneCheri703: Can I PM you?01:17
BiosElementThis Chrome Codec war is gonna be awesome03:08
BiosElementTrolls are out in full force03:08
BiosElement"Google is using its monopoly position* in online video market to shove an inferior codec down the public's throat, and are screwing over members of the H.264 patent pool that would otherwise receive patent royalties."03:08
Cheri703...no one has any obligation to use someone else's patent...in fact, that's kind of the point...they don't exist for the purpose of making money for the holders...03:10
BiosElementBut come on, think of the poor small business patent holders who make all their money from software patents!03:10
BiosElementThink of them! ;)03:10
BiosElementI mean come on, you're starving them! It's theft! >.>03:10
* BiosElement trys not to laugh03:10
Cheri703you can see how people have been drinking the kool-aid :/03:11
BiosElementIf anything, I'd say H.264 is the monopoly03:11
BiosElementAnd I don't see why a service provider can't choose the best codec for their service03:11
BiosElementGranted I think this ranter is from the EU where they went to war over packaged browsers for stupid anti trust cases03:12
BiosElementPlus people seem to think the H264 codec is free forever03:12
BiosElementOnly till 2015 >.>03:12
BiosElementSure you can 'watch' videos forever now using their codec03:12
BiosElementBut you can't encode them03:13
Cheri703I don't follow all of that much03:13
BiosElementEh, only reason I do is because if I didn't the trolls would spread their FUD all over the place.03:13
BiosElementAnd in this case, the F/OSS folks are getting a huge amount of flack over this03:13
BiosElementGets better03:14
BiosElement"Those companies that will be denied patent royalties as a result of Google's actions are in a position to file suit in the EU."03:14
BiosElementSo not only are software patents a good thing, but you're required to use them? Even better.03:14
* BiosElement thinks MPEG LA is sharing lawayers with the RIAA/MPAA03:14
Cheri703so...hmm...why...I don't even...what?03:17
Cheri703how could they sue for not using them?!03:17
BiosElementIn the EU they might have a chance03:18
BiosElementHell, they sued microsoft with antitrust for packaging IE which personally I still find idiotic.03:18
BiosElementEU laws are silly enough that they could probably get 'something' to stick. But that'd be funny since I don't know if the EU backs US software patents03:19
canthus13BiosElement: That suit at least made some sense.03:19
Cheri703well, I don't know, I see that as at least somewhat different03:19
Cheri703+1 canthus1303:19
BiosElementcanthus13: Some sense maybe, but not much.03:19
canthus13I understand the stance that MS has an unfair monopoly by being able to include their browser, and ONLY their browser.03:20
Cheri703if they included 4 and not a 5th, then no, they shouldn't be sued03:20
BiosElementAnd see I'd disagree.03:20
BiosElementI'd say it's their bloody product and they can do what they want.03:20
BiosElementDoesn't make it good, but still.03:21
paultagcanthus13: duh blackmail03:21
canthus13Right, but since they control most of the market, and they're well known for abusing their position, they deserved it.03:21
BiosElementcanthus13: I don't entirely disagree, but that's an extreme case03:22
paultagcanthus13: you never know when you need to stash some docs03:22
BiosElementAnd as for EU Software patents03:22
BiosElementThe EU doesn't allow software patents generally03:22
BiosElementSo yeah03:22
canthus13paultag: Right...?03:22
BiosElementI'd love to see them try to take their software patents to the EU to attack google over avoiding patents that the EU doesn't consider patentable03:22
paultagcanthus13: left/03:23
BiosElementH.264 is so dead for the web anyway03:24
BiosElementMozilla, Opera and Google all hate it. Leaving just Microsoft (Which isn't a fan of any of them) and Apple03:25
BiosElement"Ubuntu tried to encourage use of Ogg Vorbis by removing MP3 support from the stock installation, and I'm not aware that it's done anything but inconvenience people."03:27
BiosElement^Or actually Ubuntu can't legally ship MP3 support03:27
BiosElementGoogle really needs to make an "Idiots guide to software patents"...03:28
BiosElementI really need to make a wall of shame for some of these comments...03:39
BiosElementi give up, I can't read any more of these or I'm gonna have to destroy something. >.>03:48
* BiosElement goes to put a block on ars technica since their posts are now inaccurate and their moderators non-existent03:49
Unit193Are the comments really what the people think?? maybe they are just trolling?? I hope!04:24
BiosElementEh, they're legit commits04:32
BiosElementUnless you think 8 pages with 30 per page are all trolls :P04:32
Unit193With comments like that......04:32
BiosElementYeah I know04:32
BiosElementI'm  hoping Google sticks to their guns04:32
BiosElementThis is the best chance we'll ever have04:34
Unit193BiosElement: You still/use Kubuntu?04:53
BiosElementBest release ever too heh04:54
Unit193I take it you use the default menu style?04:55
BiosElementEh usually, but I've used hmm...now I can't remember the name of the other one...but used it too >.>04:56
Unit193getdeb and medibuntu? (or what the real name is)05:01
Unit193This about right? http://jokes4all.net/joke_264.html06:41
BiosElementHmm, disqus is again crying about how they're so sorry that their service has downtime every few days. >.> Am I really supposed to feel sorry for them seeing as they have at least two  rather large datacenters and counting yet they can't keep the lights on? >.>20:31
BiosElementHmm, we still having Ubuntu Hour in Columbus today?21:11
BiosElementSeems so, I'll see if I can get down there.21:13
* BiosElement-gOS waves22:58
BiosElement-gOSClaimed the lone free center table. >.>22:59
Unit193All alone?23:15
dmcgloneHiya Pals!23:29
dmcgloneCheri703: listen up!!!!23:30
Cheri703dmcglone: ?23:41
Unit193Hello dmcglone23:56

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