SamuraiAlbaMutantTurkey, level 9  Just started up13:30
SamuraiAlbafinally figured out strength and defense training... yay15:11
SamuraiAlbaUbuntu 10.10, Fedora 14, Windows 7, and RHEL 6 on the laptop :O15:11
ChinnoDogmm, eg wrap15:23
ChinnoDogIf we had an event in Lebanon, it would be at the Timless Cafe15:23
SamuraiAlbaI heard that plce rocks15:27
ChinnoDogYou did? Do you live near here?15:28
SamuraiAlbaHeard from my father15:28
SamuraiAlbaI live in Sicklerville, NJ15:29
SamuraiAlbaCamden County15:29
ChinnoDogDoes your father live near here?15:30
SamuraiAlbano.  He traveled a lot15:32
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: hey sorry just got back15:40
MutantTurkeyI'd like to see a valid PA license before any new jersey residents start hanging out in here15:40
andrewMutantTurkey: Why?15:41
MutantTurkeyandrew: it was a joke15:42
MutantTurkeythe more the merrier!15:42
InHisNamea license to program ubuntu ?15:42
PennBotSWINE FLU15:43
MutantTurkeyhow do you "program ubuntu"15:43
InHisNameshell scripts, c, c++, etc.15:56
MutantTurkeyubuntu is linux.16:03
SamuraiAlbaMT, attack 12, con 14, str 10 or 11, combat 10 overall16:18
MutantTurkeySamuraiAlba: keep it up!16:34
MutantTurkeyhonestly keep them all levle16:34
MutantTurkeyit wil keep you a balanced player16:34
waltmanwhat game is this?16:34
MutantTurkeyalso are you working on prayer? it helps your combat16:34
MutantTurkeywaltman: hes just getting started with Runescape16:34
MutantTurkeyi am long done with that game, but am offering advice16:34
* waltman confesses he's never even heard of it16:35
waltmanIs it anything like Pacman?16:35
MutantTurkeysay, we should all go sledding!16:35
MutantTurkeybecause no one else wants to go with me ._.16:35
ChinnoDogssweeny: I bet you have some nice sledding hlls in Pitt16:36
ssweenyChinnoDog: you would be correct16:46
ssweenyyet another reason to move out here16:46
MutantTurkeymy sister goes to Pitt, i'm super jelly right now she's probably having a ton of fun sledding16:57
* ssweeny broke his nose sledding at Pitt17:05
ssweenyfun times17:05
ChinnoDogDid you fall off the sled or hit something?17:06
ssweenywe built a ramp in front of the Cathedral of Learning and went over it on a train of stolen lunch trays17:08
ssweenymy roommate was in front of me17:08
ssweenyas we landed my head went forward and his went back17:08
ssweenyit looked like a murder scene17:09
ssweenyit was sweet17:09
ssweenyand my nose is still crooked17:09
ssweenymostly because i went to work instead of the hospital17:09
MutantTurkeythat sounds intense17:13
ChinnoDogIn front of the Cathedral of Learning, eh?  Did you learn anything?17:33
ChinnoDogI mean, besides that lunch trays make awesome sleds.17:34
ssweenywe knew that already17:35
ssweenyi did learn what about a gallon of my blood looks like against a pure white background17:35
ChinnoDogWhy didn't go to the hospital?!  lol17:36
ssweenyi had to be at work at 617:36
ChinnoDogAnd you were how old?17:37
ssweenymaybe 20 or 2117:38
jedijfahh, to be young, broken, and bleeding......good times18:20
JonathanDI greatly enjoy falling over on ice and whacking my head.18:20
JonathanDwe all do, right?18:20
SamuraiAlbajedijf having fun?18:23
jedijfeveryday is a great day at Pechter's18:26
SamuraiAlbaI now have 3 OSes installed on the lappy.  Hoping to hit CHLUG soon18:27
jedijfyou're 2 years too late18:27
jedijfso make it sooner, in another time-dimesion kinda way18:27
jedijfbut the ubuntu hours will be starting soon, and nj is in the radar18:29
jedijfalong with lebanon18:29
jedijfand jthan'ville18:29
jedijfpleia2: release yourself from the firewall and play with us18:30
pleia2I wish :(18:30
jedijffigured you needed a /little/ break18:30
pleia2been taking them, not helping18:31
pleia2ipsec officially hates me18:31
pleia2got the routing problems sorted though18:31
jedijfi just got the memo that they're moving ipv6 next year...take notes18:32
SamuraiAlbaSpeaking of routing.  Anyone wanna buy a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router revision A0 A3 with DD-WRT on it?  Gig, wireless, 4 ports18:33
SamuraiAlba64 Flash, 32 RAM, I think18:33
SamuraiAlbaUSB port, too!18:33
jedijfsave it for an ubuntu hour...demo..sale18:34
SamuraiAlbawhen will that be?18:34
SamuraiAlbaI miss the Ocean County Library18:34
SamuraiAlbaDang net admin couldnt figure out setting up 3 DNS servers...18:34
jedijfi got asked to leave there once18:34
SamuraiAlbaI did get some cat 6 from it :)18:34
SamuraiAlbawhy were u asked to leave?18:35
jedijfi commando'd a pc with singing in/up, in my pre 3g card days18:35
SamuraiAlbaWonder if they would be mad at my running Pentoo or BT4...18:36
jedijfthat they prolly wouldn't notice18:36
SamuraiAlbaI love Pyrit using GPGPU code :)18:37
jedijfyour old neck of the woods was funny back in those days too....i had an unmarked state police car, and when i would find an open wireless i would sit out front on my laptop...peoplewould be running out the back doors, thinking i was serving warrants18:38
jedijfgot rid of that car....too dangerous in philly....no respect for authority18:39
SamuraiAlbaSo.  What is the proposed days of the week for Ubuntu?18:46
jedijfpleia2: all this, and double-booked tonight?  you continue to impress19:07
jedijfSamuraiAlba: different, depending upon venue(s)19:07
pleia2they are back to back and across the street from each other, it's all good19:08
pleia2except for the part where I have an upset stomach, I hope I'm feeling better soon19:09
pleia2not loving this week19:09
andrewoh noes, get well soon19:09
pleia2thanks, probably just ate something my stomach didn't like19:10
ChinnoDogssweeny: Why is it bad to have the product name in the domain?19:10
ssweenyChinnoDog: statistically if you go to "cheapipods.com" to order an ipod you're not going to get a factory-fresh ipod19:14
ChinnoDogBut, there are plenty of sites like http://www.wesellmats.com that are just fine.19:15
PennBotTitle: We Sell Mats (at www.wesellmats.com)19:15
ssweenythose are the exceptions19:15
ssweenyif you average over the whole internets19:15
pleia2and I read that as weasel mats19:15
pleia2mats for weasels?19:15
ssweenyooh, i could use a weasel mat19:15
jedijfyeah, can't remember the last time i got a bad mat.....19:16
jedijfsuckymats.com is probable adequate too19:17
pleia2maybe those are extra absorbent19:18
ChinnoDogI don't think you can use "suck" in a URL without risk it will get caught by pr0n filters19:18
andrewyay, my car is ready to be picked up19:18
SamuraiAlbaSo.  Ubuntu, Fedora, and Win 7 booted successfully.  Time for RHEL and Centos on this lappy, too?19:33
SamuraiAlbaRHEL is in a VM atm19:33
BeckySanderlin`xwhy so many OS's?20:35
andrewWhy not?20:54
SamuraiAlbaJust to learn about them.  My desktop is being used as a media encoding machine, so I cant mess with it21:05
BeckySanderlin`xwhat are you encoding may i ask?21:16
ChinnoDogso hungry21:17
SamuraiAlbaMoving the whole library from DVD to HD for the network21:28
SamuraiAlbaDVD library to HD over net22:04
SamuraiAlbaMKV files.  No compression22:06
SamuraiAlba2TB should do it22:06
MutantTurkeywent sledding: 0 slept all day: 122:19
MutantTurkeyjedijf: hey i managed to get a different cable for my droid, still same errors : | I think i'll have to return to the at&t store and get a new one22:58
BeckySanderlin`xPlaystation 3: Hackers fail0verflow respond to #Sony lawsuit, release all tools to public23:00
BeckySanderlin`xis this good or bad ^23:00
MutantTurkeynice nice23:00
MutantTurkeythis is good23:00
MutantTurkeysony can suck it for taking away our rights23:00
BeckySanderlin`xRelease all tools to public: http://j.mp/elI1pk23:00
PennBotTitle: hermesEOL/fail0verflow - GitHub (at j.mp)23:00
MutantTurkeylets see what github does now :p23:00
MutantTurkeyno i was kidding23:03
MutantTurkeygoogle is so crappy these days. they seriously dont return good results23:04
MutantTurkeythey will get like one or two search terms and ignore the rest unless you make it explicit23:04
BeckySanderlin`xyou want the original link?23:10

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