wrstXpistos: you are making a rare night time appearance00:50
wrstor are you?00:50
cyberangerhard to say, considering the join follows a quit by 67 seconds00:51
wrstha ha yes00:52
wrstprobably not cyberanger00:52
wrstwell cyberanger i got natty to boot , woo hoo00:53
wrsthmm Kubuntu is still slow and silly it seems01:18
cyberangeris that kubuntu, or kde01:31
cyberangercause that's kinda how I thought kde was01:32
chris4585cyberanger, kubuntu probably, worst installment of KDE there is01:56
cyberangerchris4585: I wasn't much of a fan of knoppix either, after ubuntu came out02:29
cyberangerkubuntu is bad, but is kde great02:29
chris4585kde can be decent if its installed on the right distro02:30
chris4585opensuse, or arch are the best IMO02:30
cyberangerugh, opensuse, ugh02:30
cyberangeras for arch, idk02:31
chris4585cyberanger, have you tried arch?02:31
cyberangerarch is a cmd line distro, really02:31
chris4585its a command line junkies wet dream02:31
cyberangerthrow on openbox, ldxe, gnome so on02:31
chris4585well.. arch can be setup really beautiful because its you who gets to configure it02:31
chris4585usually though the defaults at smexy02:32
cyberangerwell, that applies to debian too02:32
chris4585yes but arch has something debian doesn't02:32
cyberangerthe difference is defaults02:32
chris4585aur <302:32
chris4585its pretty much a huge community repository02:33
cyberangerah, so a hughe community repo, vs debian's huge repo, and smaller community and project repo's02:33
chris4585as to where in ubuntu you usually have to add ppa's then install the packages, its already there for you in arch's aur02:33
* chris4585 pokes wrst 02:34
cyberangerdebian seems to have it all already in02:35
chris4585cyberanger, well let me rephrase, in arch if you want something (given you have aur setup) its a tiny command away, in debian thats not always the case02:36
chris4585its really something to experience02:36
cyberangersudo apt-get install X Y Z isn't simple03:17
cyberangerI mean, for what I needed in both, aur or an external debian repo was unneeded03:18
chris4585cyberanger, ah04:04
chris4585well for a desktop user its pretty awesome04:04
chibihogoshinoheh ..04:27
=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
wrstmorning chibihogoshino12:41
chibihogoshinobrisbain is gone12:50
wrstwhat i heard on the radio this morning :\12:57
Xpistosmorning all14:08
wrstmorning Xpistos, snowy there?14:12
Xpistosand it is cold and dry so ... coverage14:13
wrstlooks like we got an inch last night and close to that again this morning on top of the rest14:21
vychunehello? anyone home15:36
wrstwell vychune i was kinda home :)15:45
netritiousgood morning locotn16:00
wrsthey netritious what's up?16:16
netritiousnot much wrst...just fixed my broken package mirror16:25
wrstsounds fun ? :)16:25
wrstnetritious: i have a vista fix project at home, i may have to seek advice :)16:25
netritiouseek vista16:33
netritiousvista is worse than windows 98 IMHO16:34
netritiousinstall ubuntu...should solve all vista problems16:34
netritiouswrst: I accidentally booted a thumb drive with lucid NBR LiveCD and have to say I like it on my 23" screen lol16:36
wrstha ha16:36
netritiousneeds drag and drop for the icons though...at least in favorites16:36
wrstyeah netritious vista is horrible, but its what they got and they want it fixed... so... here i go :)16:36
wrsti think unity is going to be fairly nice not near refined though in the upcoming release16:37
netritiousit's not so bad in 10.04..i think that's what they are using for UNR? (not NBR)16:38
* netritious recalls "Ubuntu Netbook Remix" and not "Net Book Remix," the latter not existing :P16:39
netritiouswrst: I guess 10.04 UNR is not using Unity according to http://tinyurl.com/4oybey916:53
wrstno i don't think so that is correct16:56
wrsti get confused with all the versions, almost as bad as vista :)16:56
netritioushi pace_t_zulu17:07
pace_t_zuluhi netritious17:07
netritioushappy belated b-day :)17:08
netritiousI've been using screen a lot more lately17:08
netritious^A S ^A TAB ^A c then ^A TAB to switch back and forth between regions...17:11
netritiousthe only problem seems to be detaching the screen and coming back....regions are no longer defined17:11
pace_t_zuluthanks netritious17:14
netritiousfeel any older yet pace_t_zulu?17:14
pace_t_zulufeel bout the same17:36
pace_t_zuluinteresting blogpost regarding how ubuntu got started: http://netsplit.com/2011/01/11/leaving-canonical/17:38
netritiousnice...good luck to him...google has always sounded like a great place to work18:20
wrstnetritious: i think working at google sounds like a lot more fun than working for microsoft18:34
netritiousyou're probably right wrst :)18:34
wrstand probably just a hair more free to be inventive i'm sure :)18:35
netritiousupdated WordPress on ubuntu-tennessee.org to latest (3.0.4)...21:18
netritiousSSL finally works properly for Login, Register, and wp-admin21:18
cyberangernext trip out I've gotta get my Crampons out of storage23:00
cyberangerand I hope they work23:00
cyberangernetritious: great23:01
* starsprout brrrr!23:09
cyberangerstarsprout: tennessee all your life, and never in the mountains I take it23:10
cyberangerthis is routine, snow and ice is the troublesome bit though23:10
starsproutI've only lived in Memphis for 5 years. Colorado was easier winters than here for me23:17
* starsprout likes the snow23:17
starsproutanybody: in ubuntu 10.10, any idea why when I go to install tweetdeck and click the install button it says it's installing but hangs continuously and doesn't install?23:19
starsproutdoes the same in firefox and chrome23:19
starsproutworked fine in 10.0423:19
cyberangerstarsprout: really, that seems counter intutive to me (the weather)23:27
cyberangeras for the tweetdeck issue, not that I'm aware of23:27
* cyberanger takes quick look for a bug report23:28
chris4585starsprout, I suggest trying to install it via the command line23:35
chris4585if  you haven't already23:35
cyberangerstarsprout: mutiple issues come up in a google search23:36
cyberangerbut they all seem to be related to adobe air and chris4585's suggestion is the fix23:37
chris4585cyberanger, ah23:37
cyberangerjust an issue of updating everything relating to adobe air, then installing it, then tweetdeck23:38
cyberangerchris4585: thus why I like the cli, xmpp and ping.fm23:39
cyberangerirssi + bitlbee + too much free time ;-)23:39
cyberangeroh, wait, the free time isn't here, that's why I suck at twitter23:39
chris4585I don't use twitter, I get all my updates through facebook's newsfeed23:40
cyberangerit's the same joke for facebook23:41
wrstcyberanger: got a suggestion for best windows antivirus other than a linux distro?23:55
chris4585um, wrst I use microsoft security essentials (free)23:57
chris4585seems to work well23:57
wrsti was thinking of that one possibly, something about microsoft and security though... you know what i mean? :)23:57
chris4585with a combination of avg free, and ccleaner, PSI, and not to forget adblock and flash block23:57
chris4585so my parents computer is pretty decently protected23:57
wrstluckily my parents use ubuntu23:57
chris4585you lucky person you23:58
wrstyes much much easier no issues ever23:58

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