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stasnewz2000: i need you :)18:50
newz2000hey stas, what's up?19:48
stashey newz200019:48
stasremember you game me two plugins to look at for wp+lp integration19:49
staswell, I checked the lp-groups19:49
stasbut something isn't working and i have some questions19:49
stascan you tell me whom should I ping to get some input?19:49
newz2000Let me ask19:50
newz2000stas: if you join #canonical-isd then achuni in there is one of the people who has worked on it. lukasz and stuartm (who are not online) are also people who have contributed to that19:52
stasok, thanks19:52
stasbtw newz2000, did i show you the work I've done on wordpress on our loco website?19:58
* newz2000 looks19:58
newz2000looks sharp19:59
newz2000I like your small buttons in the middle19:59
stascheck the downloads page http://ubuntu.ro/obtine/ :)19:59
newz2000ah, cool20:00
stasglad you like it :)20:00

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